PuckCast, Vol. 2, No. 19 [Podcast]

A special edition of your weekly PuckCast today – Inside/Out’s Pat Hickey, Dave Stubbs, Mike Boone and our resident referee Kevin Mio – who has better hair than Kerry Fraser – are in the studio high atop Montreal Gazette headquarters to discuss Tuesday’s National Hockey League trading deadline and how it affected the Canadiens and other clubs, all of whom now settle in for the stretch run toward the playoffs. Feel free to disagree with us. Which surely would be a first. And forgive our outdated reference to "When will the Senators sack head coach John Paddock?" That happened a few hours after we recorded today’s episode.

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  1. Trashknob says:

    WTF? an answer would be nice – if it ain’t coming just let us know – if it is just let us know … the suspense is killin me

    I got 40 to 1 odds they’d make it to the cup final at the beginning of the season. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW??? KO HABS KO!!

  2. Trashknob says:


    I got 40 to 1 odds they’d make it to the cup final at the beginning of the season. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW??? KO HABS KO!!

  3. habscout says:

    When is the next Puckcast expected to come out ? I thought it would be available on Wednesday March 5th to stick with the current trend.

  4. the_vipah says:

    I find it funny that OTT is anywhere near the top of that list. They are a soft one line team with some of the worst starting goaltending in the league. Anaheim will come out of the west and destroy whoever they face in the finals anyways. There is not one eastern team with the toughness required to handle the Ducks.

    I shudder to think of what the Ducks would do to our team in the playoffs. I wonder if even half of our figure skaters would escape with bones unbroken.

  5. Bill H says:

    Well, as long as we are talking about who will win the Stanley Cup.


    1.) Detroit 7:2
    2.) Anaheim 6:1
    3/4.) Ottawa 7:1
    3/4.) NJD 7:1
    5.) Pittsburg 8:1
    Six teams tied at 15:1 Montreal, Dallas, Rangers, Flames, Sharks, Wild.

    The website doesn’t specify if these numbers are post trading deadline, but betting is a serious business, so I’d guess that they are up to date.

    Personally, I’d give Dallas a bump up from 15:1. They are 8 and 2 in their last 10 games, and that is without Richards in the lineup. I’d also go with Anaheim over Detroit.

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