PuckCast, Vol. 2, No. 18 [Podcast]

Has your heart medicine kicked in since Tuesday’s electrifying 6-5 shootout victory? Yes or no, your Inside/Out PuckCast squad of Hickey, Stubbs, Boone and Mio is back to discuss that, and more: Is the Canadiens habit of late comeback a worrisome sign?; is it time to put to rest the rumours of trading netminder Cristobal Huet?; how about sudden sniper Michael Ryder – keep him or trade him?; Boone says the Canadiens might be a team of destiny, though we might not all agree; Bob Gainey is said to be searching for an impact player – so who wants Mats Sundin?; and let’s discuss Saturday’s retirement of Hall of Famer Gainey’s No. 23.

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  1. bantamcc says:

    Habs fan Since ’54…

    Well I guess lotsa room on Stanley Cup bandwagon this morning ! That wagon’s seating changes like the temperature in this city…

    BTW, not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I received 22 identical emails from HabsInsideOut server this morning. Strange….

    Maybe there is a burp in the time/space continuum and Lord Stanley’s mug will be paraded down it’s usual route sometime in June !

  2. Hockey11 says:

    All signs are pointing to Colin Campbell for Leaf GM

  3. gabe. says:

    Another excellent podcast once again, guys. Great insights. Thanks for taking the time!

  4. Trashknob says:

    This puckcast isn’t working for me – the onine streamer never loads up in my firefox browser (just keeps trying to load).

    When i click to download it, it just takes me back to the main puckcast page.

    In IE i can play the flash streamer, but it plays the first puckcast of the season from back in October ?!?!

    Am i the only one experiencing these issues? Really looking forward to this particular cast too!! :(

    help me (gasping)

    I got 40 to 1 odds they’d make it to the cup final at the beginning of the season. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW??? KO HABS KO!!

  5. yehaken says:

    I have the same problem.

  6. PPQB says:

    Me too. Won’t load up.

  7. Cable Guy says:

    Not working……

  8. Dave Stubbs says:

    Guys, I’m running Firefox on a Mac and the podcast plays fine on the flash player. What are your problems, specifically?

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  9. the_larry says:

    HAHAHA safe sex night??

  10. G-Man says:

    Just listened to it. It ran fine on IE. Perhaps download Quicktime player for Firefox?


  11. chcscs says:

    Last significant Canadiens-buds trade was Russ Courtnall for John Kordic. This deal was just one of the digs we used to use against buds fans over the years.

  12. the_larry says:

    haha I still dont let them forget it 😛

  13. Wencz says:

    A suggestion for next time, Dave.

    Maybe you and Pat could let us know when you’re talking (once anyway). I’m new to PuckCast and not able to put voices to names yet.

  14. Dave Stubbs says:

    Pat’s the guy who knows what he’s talking about, Wencz. In fact, if you listen from the beginning, Pat always is the first to answer Kevin’s first question, I follow and then Mike makes us both look foolish. After one question and no more than 2 minutes into the podcast, you’ll know who’s who.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  15. MikeL says:

    hahaha that Boone drug comment had me laughing out loud

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