PuckCast, Vol. 2, No. 17 [Podcast]

It was a rough week for the Canadiens, who were able to snap a three-game losing streak on Wednesday night with a 2-1 overtime win over the Florida Panthers. That game followed a loss at the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Montreal’s first game since Ryan O’Byrne and Tom Kostopoulos were arrested outside a Tampa bar early Monday morning. 

In this week’s podcast, Gazette sports editor Stu Cowan, Pat Hickey and Mike Boone, as well as moderator Kevin Mio, examine the players’ arrests and the possible implications for each.  We also discuss the return of Carey Price, who appears to have regained his confidence, which can only be good news for the Canadiens.

Also up for discussion is the improved play of Saku Koivu and Christopher Higgins over the last few games, the trade rumous swirling around the team, the importance of getting Roman Hamrlik back in the lineup and much more.

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  1. TommyB says:

    Carbonneau, Muller, and Jarvis……and we need a face-off coach? LMAO

  2. coutNY says:

    I see the trade as more of a wash… both having crappy years, both UFAs, playing similar games, and similar in size.

    Satan is older, more expensive, but is possible showing more upside this year maybe because he’s one of few NYI offensive forwards they can turn to, so he’s been given more leeway in terms of playing time.

    I am not seeing an offensive explosion from Satan paired with a Koivu because Satan’s top attribute is scoring in Transition. Koivu is a puck possession guy that rarely creates break-away situations.

    I also don’t see him as a player that fits Gainey or Carbo’s mold..

    That my opinion anyway….

    Hunter as talked about in a post below would be an asset because he would add grit and size for dealing with goons, while having the ability to actually play hockey. That’s a piece we’re lacking in depth, but I would find it hard to believe NYI would shop him without receiving grand compensation.

  3. coutNY says:

    Yeah why would we need a guy that’s been a healthy scratch for most the year for Chicago, on a team most likely destine for golf in the April month. We already unloaded our problems on them, why would we pick up theirs. Can’t win or lose too many face-offs from the Press-box…

  4. showey47 says:

    i was eyeing him up as well, another good fit from the islanders would be trent hunter.

  5. Stuck_in_To. says:

    I read Cullen’s TSN review of Eastern trade prospects too … what caught my eye was RW Ryder and the fading Islanders’ RW Satan.

    Satan may be aging and on the decline, but maybe he would mesh with Koivu’s puck distribution skills and a straight up Ryder for Satan deal would not be too unrealistic nor overly hurt the club’s assets.

    Then again, maybe the TO smog is killing more of my brain cells than I realized …

  6. jimbo says:

    teasers cresent street yeah good time

  7. Mike says:

    med, time cafe, beunnonote. Players usually go their

  8. Mike Boone says:

    Hurley’s on Crescent St. below Ste. Catherine (about two blocks west of the Bell Centre).

  9. T-Bone says:

    Sorry to go of topic here guys but i am on my way to montreal to go to my first habs game.
    do any of you know a good bar to hit after the game to celebrate the habs win!!!!!

  10. 24 Cups says:

    Update: I don’t know if it’s been mentioned here today but Rod Brind’Amour is gone for the rest of the year with an injured knee.

    The Original 24 Cups

  11. 1010 says:

    Hiring a guy just for faceoffs? As most of you have stated what else is there to this guy. I’d rather hire a guy just to fight and I’m not sure about that either.

    GO HABS.

  12. 24 Cups says:

    The Lousy Leafs traded Brendon Bell and a 2nd round pick in this year’s draft for Perreault last February at the deadline. He played 17 games for them and was a major disappointment. Yes, he wins faceoffs but he doesn’t do anything else and he certainly isn’t gritty – his 185 lbs are all made out of rock candy. And now the Laffs have no second round pick this year as they try and rebuild.

    We definitely must pass on this guy.

    The Original 24 Cups

  13. Mike says:

    Anyone interested in offering perrault a job BEHIND the bench? maybe having him as a face-off specialist and have him teach our players how to take a faceoff properly?

  14. von says:

    According to Scott Cullen of TSN.ca


    RFA: Andrei Kostitsyn, Maxim Lapierre, Josh Gorges, Ryan O’Byrne, Jaroslav Halak.

    UFA: Michael Ryder, Bryan Smolinski, Patrice Brisebois, Mark Streit, Cristobal Huet.

    Top Prospects:
    Ryan McDonagh, D, Wisconsin (WCHA), 18
    5-7-12, plus-9 in 30 GP

    Kyle Chipchura, C, Hamilton (AHL), 21
    3-1-4, minus-2 in 12 GP

    Max Pacioretty, LW, Michigan (CCHA), 18
    10-17-27, plus-16 in 25 GP

    David Fischer, D, Minnesota (WCHA), 19
    2-12-12, even in 32 GP

    Alexei Emelin, D, Ak-Bars Kazan (Russia), 21
    0-3-3 in 48 GP

    Other Players of Interest: Christopher Higgins, Guillaume Latendresse, Mikhail Grabovski

    The Plan: Montreal has surprised with their speed and skill this season and the team is now faced with rising expectations and that puts the Habs in a position to make a significant acquisition in order to bolster the lineup for a playoff charge. With Michael Ryder going through a terrible free agent season, he could be moved out and the Habs should find a capable finisher for Saku Koviu’s wing. With a deep and talented crop of prospects, the Habs should be able to afford the price tag to add a big-time player.

  15. nightmare_49 says:

    I’m 100% behind you on that one but their’s a few posters that think faceoffs are the be all and end all as Gainey sure buffaloed these guys , faceoffs are a great asset but you got to play a competitive game also.

  16. showey47 says:

    i would rather have a true shutdown guy who can win draws, but if we can dump an overpaid 4th liner in the process i would consider it. He can’t be any worse the smolinski.

  17. Jonnyboy says:

    Gratton is who we need.

  18. MICP says:

    He is real good at faceoffs, lets admit we suck at them.

    Last night on the lone goal we lost the faceoff and then could not clear. I dont think he would be out there that often on the pk but we do need help.

  19. RS says:

    Perrault no way. Holik is getting old, but he is the kind of player the Habs need (big centre, good at faceoffs, shut-down guy).

    The Leafs are now last in the conference!

  20. WestHab says:

    No to perrault, where do you guys get this stuff. We had perrault already. I like him but he can’t stand up to anything after the faceoff.

    On another note I’m headed to the big city and Ma’s cooking, I’ll be at the ranger’s game on Tuesday….Shall we take one game for this ex Montrealer and his Flames fan kid??

    Well Hammer should be back by then I hope! My kid misses him in a Flames big C.

  21. Les-Habitants says:

    I’m sorry Mike, Pat, and anyone else who thinks bringing Perrault is anything close to a good idea, or that Gainey is even considering it.

    Perrault is good at faceoffs, but if ANYONE thinks he’s a shutdown centre, please reconsider. Terrible idea, and I would wager with anyone it won’t happen…name your bet!

    IF, however, you want to look at more realistic trade candidates that meet Gainey’s ‘shutdown centre, good at faceoffs’ criteria, look no furthur then Bobby Holik

    Holik’s stats:
    -He ranks 8th in the NHL for faceoff percentage, 58.4%, of players who have played 30 or more games.
    -He takes 31.7% of his team’s faceoffs, which is a larger portion then Koivu’s 30.3% for the Habs.

    He fits the criteria: He’s a huge, strong, defensive centre who will be a UFA next season. He does have a +/- of -12, but consider that he’s on a team with the worst goals for/goals against ratio in the league, and always gets the toughest assignment.

    If Gainey does make a trade with Atlanta, my money is that’ll be most likely Holik, and not Hossa

    Just take a look:

  22. habs12345 says:

    i agree only downside to holik is his salary but hes ufa to my understanding so who cares he wouldnt cost as much as a hossa in terms of trading assets and would be the absolutly perfect guy carbonneau player that the team has not had shockingly even though the coaching staff contains people like gainey, carbo, muller, jarvis i thought they would have a lehtinen. madden, holik type of player now but they dont im very surprised… unless you whant to put smolinski in that catagory………….

  23. stephen says:

    Perreault would definitely be a step (or two) backward, in terms of a “shutdown” man. His skating was labored at best in his Canadiens “prime”, so it most definitely couldn’t be good enough now to keep up with the runners and gunners of opposing teams.

    Holik, on the other hand, is a very attractive option. Given his UFA status, grabbing him with “no strings attached” would be ideal.
    Not only is he a hulking centre who could win faceoffs and create space for his linemates, but he has the considerable playoff experience and the cup ring(s?) to be a steady, and poised player come the spring dance.

  24. Alirio says:

    Just to let you know the file isn’t up on the iTunes feed yet…

    I’ve made a huge mistake…

  25. MikeL says:

    “Ryder, Locke and a 2nd rounder for Perreault” -Pat Hickey

    LOL, is that a joke? Cause I hope so.

  26. showey47 says:

    no kidding, maybe straight up for dandy but i wouldn’t give a pick or prospect. I would only dump some useless 4th line salary in return

  27. Wops says:

    Don’t want no soft players anymore.
    Perreault can stay at home
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  28. habfan53 says:

    With all due respect to the three former captains.
    I was not the rookie dinner that caused the problem. It was after the dinner.
    As for the 20,000.00 that is what 2 games pay now

  29. Cable Guy says:

    Leafs got perrault last year for a 2nd rounder. He’s maybe worth a 3rd rounder this year. I don’t even want him at all.

  30. showey47 says:

    i’d take him if we could dump dandy in return. We would at least have a guy who can take faceoffs and teach it to our other centers. We would also dump dandys 1.75 million dollar contract for next season and have no contractual ties to perreault

  31. Alirio says:

    Please check out this video of Tamba Bay police dumping a handicaped person out of their wheelchair!

    If these are the kinds of officers TK and RO’B had to deal with, I think nothing will come of those charges…


    I’ve made a huge mistake…

  32. MICP says:

    If they did that, my fear is our players would wind up with life in prison.

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