PuckCast, Vol. 2, No. 15 [Podcast]

Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted by the NHL All-Star break. Right. The Canadiens had just rallied for an improbable, impressive come-from-behind victory over the New Jersey Devils last Thursday. So PuckCasters Pat Hickey, Dave Stubbs and Mike Boone, with ringmaster Kevin Mio, weigh in this week on the following, the morning after the Habs blanked the Capitals:

Can the Canadiens catch the Senators? Will Bob Gainey make any moves before next month’s trading deadline? So how about that third line of Bégin-Kostopoulos-Smolinski? When do we see the return of defencemen Patrice Brisebois and Mathieu Dandenault, complicated by the impending return of Ryan O’Byrne? Alex Kovalev – a bruised or, heaven forbid, a broken thumb? And the All-Star Game. What a beauty that was, eh?

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  1. cunningdave says:

    Good comments, guys. Very interesting podcast.

    Some thoughts:

    – I don’t really agree with Pat’s comments about the NHL being boring or not flashy enough near the end of the show. If there’s one thing the NHL is not, it’s boring and slow. I’ve started watching more basketball lately because I’m a big fan of Bill Simmons on ESPN and that’s all he talks about; his enthusiasm for the game is infectious. But the last 3 minutes of almost any NBA game that isn’t a blow-out is almost unbearable. Clock-management, time-outs, commercials, intentional fouls… it’s disgusting to watch, if you’re not used to it. It’s anti-exciting. Hockey moves, right to the end, and we might be all blasé about the speed, the hits, the good passing and a good fight, not to mention the goals themselves, but that stuff is actually impressive for someone who doesn’t know the game well. If anything, I think the biggest mistakes that have been made with regards to marketing in the US is not letting the game sell itself – using HD cameras for EVERY game, showing highlights in HD, using innovative camera angles to show off the speed of the game (I love the widescreen powerplay shot from behind the net… so cool), and finally just putting the game in a place where it can be seen. The NHL needs to be on ESPN in the states, point finale. That has been Bettman’s biggest blunder over the last few years. Adding more scoring and flashy moves is not the key to success in the US.

    – Kovalev is certainly playing very well, speaking of flashy moves, but he’s also playing with a now very mature Tomas Plekanec. This guy has to be the most underrated player in the NHL. He joined the team as a mostly defensive player who wasn’t known for his offense, and now he’s centering the #1 line for the team and is setting up Alex Kovalev. And he never looks out of place this season.

    – Could Streit take the place of Ryder in the lineup when O’Byrne comes back? I guess we’ll see.

  2. Praj12 says:

    Can someone please tell Ryder to cut his stick just a bit shorter.

  3. MikeL says:

    This is last weeks……

  4. MikeL says:

    wait, only on the main page…

  5. J.T. says:

    Nice job guys! It’s always so fun to listen to you riff on the team.

  6. linp says:

    I agree with trading Ryder and throwing in Dandenault. In return, we may get a high draft and an enforcer.

  7. PattyBoy31 says:

    I liked the bit on Kovalev,i didn’t know he was such a hard worker 😀

    password: brandy

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