PuckCast, Vol. 2, No. 11 [Podcast]

Is it time for Canadiens fans to panic, given the team’s skid of late? We’re unanimous in our belief at the Inside/Out PuckCast, but you’ll have to give us a listen to hear what that opinion is. Gazette sportswriter Dave Stubbs, I/O blogger Mike Boone and moderator Kevin Mio are back for the season’s 11th edition; Pat Hickey swears he’ll be back soon, though he might not once he hears Boone’s warm holiday wishes…

This week: Will the Canadiens ever win again at home?; does the team actually have a system?; what’s wrong with the penalty-kill?; has the NHL figured how to beat goalie Carey Price?; are coach Guy Carbonneau and captain Saku Koivu on a collision course?; how long until GM Bob Gainey makes a personnel move?; and then there’s the issue of panic.

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  1. Axeman says:

    As a lifelong Habs fan, I feel the same frustration that you guys were sharing during the Puckcast. Hopefully we get a win tonight against Tampa, and another (especially) against the Laffs. Perhaps Carbo should be shown the door, as his theatrics/attitude/personality is obviously wearing on the players. And, as far as I’m concerned, if we get a bag of pucks and a Tim Horton’s coffee for Mr Ryder, we’ve made a good trade.


  2. Wops says:

    What about the rumor of Koivu for Patrick Marleau? Any truth to that?
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  3. Naila Jinnah says:

    Hahahaha!!! Poor Pat :(

  4. yehaken says:

    If the Habs trade Koivu I will cry. They should trade the rest of the team if they have to.

  5. PattyBoy31 says:

    “Merry Christmas ya quitter” lol I’m assuming Pat Hickey quit? I thought he was stuck in a snowbank last week.

  6. Dave Stubbs says:

    In fact, the Hickster didn’t quit. For reasons best not revealed (but which might have had something to do with misplaced car keys), the PuckCast’s fourth voice didn’t make it downtown for the recording session.

    We’ll be taking a bit of a holiday break now, though we might lob an audio editorial or two up on the site, if any of us feel sufficiently inspired or should circumstances dictate.

    The Hickster will return in 2008, however. That’s a promise.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  7. Fabio D says:

    Hi Dave,

    These POD casts are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

    Any chance of getting Jack Todd on as a guest panel member?

    Keep up the great work!

  8. longtimehabsfan says:

    I heard the latest puckcast [#11] and I don’t agree with the panel on Price. The problem is the rest of the team. You can’t expect any goalie to stand on his head when your defensemen and forwards have no clue where they’re supposed to be. I catch all the Devils games here on Long Island. Even Martin Brodeur looks ordinary when his team is playing lousy. And although it’s true that Huet was instrumental in the Habs run to the playoffs two years ago, the Habs were playing much better in their own end after Gainey took over as coach [remember how awful they were with Julien just before he got canned].

  9. habscout says:

    Dave, your group’s Puckcasts are great to listen to. I look forward to downloading them to my mp3 player and hearing them every week.

    I understand that everyone needs a break, and the holiday season is as good a reason as any for taht. Can you give us a hint when the next Puckcast will be available ?

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