Price will face the Devils

Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau has confirmed rookie goaltender Carey Price will start Friday at New Jersey.

It marks the second time this season Price has played back-to-back games. The last time occurred Oct. 27 and Oct. 30, when he faced Pittsburgh and Atlanta. Price defeated the Penguins but lost to the Thrashers in a shootout.

"I don’t keep track of those things," Carbonneau said. "Before, (Price) was in the net for one and we had to know what he could do. Before we would go back to him, he had to prove he could win. Now, due to the circumstances we’re in, he’s playing back-to-back games."

Cristobal Huet is expected to start in net Saturday, when the Canadiens entertain Nashville.


  1. Will Longlade says:

    If luck is on Montreal’s side, the Kings will be back in the market for a goalie before the trade deadline.

    You can check out the G.A.A.’s, save %’s & W/L records of their goalies at I would like to see L.A.’s Dustin Brown in a Hab’s uniform. He’s a very gritty, hard hitting RW who can score. IMO, he would be the perfect fit for Higgins and Koivu. Sam Pollock made a deal w/the Kings that paid big dividends for the Habs. Perhaps this deal would replicate that magic.

    I think the Hab’s learnt a lesson last year. As a result, they may be more inclined to pull the trigger on a deal involving the team’s pending UFA’s before the trade deadline, that is, if the right deal presents itself. This deal won’t involve picking up a rental player (unless it’s Selanne) because that’s not Montreal’s M.O.

  2. lcpservices says:

    I would’nt count to much on Halak or Denis.

    Also, give Ryder a chance to get his game togeather before you plan on trading him.

    He could start finding his scoring touch when you need him the most – the playoffs.

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  3. habitual says:

    The problem is though, that I don’t think Huet will want to sign a contract that will see him play at best 1/2 the games in the first year of a re-up, and less and less thereafter. He is a starting goalie, will want to be a starter, and will demand the money. At mid-season the Habs must trade Huet or he will walk away as a free agent.

    The Habs are better to get something in return for Huet (him + Ryder for a half decent scorer). They are deep in goal (Halak, Danis) and no team can afford to keep to starting goalies. Price can play the vast majority of games, the same way that Luongo and Brodeur do, so we’ll be covered.

  4. habfan53 says:

    I agree. If Gainey could swing it I would love to see Gainey sign Huet for another 2 years while Price is still working on his rookie contract. I think Price and Huet compliment each other nicely as well and like somebody said Wed. look at the expession on Huets face as he congratulates Price after the win Tuesday in Toronto.

    But Huet wants and deserves to be a number 1 right now.

  5. lcpservices says:

    Hey habsfan53,

    You also need to keep in mind that Price and Huet work well togeather, they get along. They help each other out.

    For the moment, goaltending isn’t a issue in montreal. The media is perceiving it to be a issue.

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  6. habfan53 says:

    Does anybody else think has a point to prove to Sutter for cutting him 2 years ago in favor of Pogge (?)

    As for the first time Carbo “is picking a goalie to win”
    what was Toronto??

    As of right now Huet has both a better GAA and save % than Price.

    I agree with A Berke Huet is smart. A players career is short enough with no guarantees at the end of the year Huet will look for and get the contract he deserves probably 4.5 to 5 million per for 4 years.

    Which brings us to THE dilemma do we package Huet in the new year for a proven goal scorer who IS NOT a UFA at the end of the season and hope to get into the 2nd round of the playoffs OR hang on to him get nothing like Souray last year but have him help thru the playoffs and as insurance incase of injury.

    You know Gainey is going to be damned either way.

  7. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    I agree completely. I hope Huet hangs around for a little while. Price is only 20 for gawdsakes.

  8. Girth says:

    I agree that a trade at this time is unlikely… but stranger things have happened. You’re right, an after Christmas trade is seems a better opportunity to maximize our return.

    I also agree that the decision, as it affects the immediate future, is by no means a big deal. However, I will stick with the suggestion that Huet’s game seems to get tired when he plays too much, which may also increase his risk to injury. (see last year).

    I like the decision for another reason as well. This forces our opposition to make adjustments to their offensive play, as Price presents a different skill set, notably his ability to play the puck effectively.

  9. lcpservices says:

    Trade Huet? You people are nuts.

    Say you trade Huet for a quality player and Price is #1 and plays everyday and wins. Then one day, near or beginning of playoffs he gets injured, then what? You will be stuck with a 2nd string/backup goaltender trying to win you a cup. (I don’t think so)

    Plus, its good to ease Price in the NHL.

    Let him EARN the #1 spot, instead of GIVING IT to him.

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  10. LTHF says:

    I totally agree with Price starting against the devils, he certainly earned it. I feel this is a real test for the team tonight, play well tonight, it could be an indication of what to expect remainder of the season.

  11. yehaken says:

    I think this actually might be the first time Carbo is picking a goalie to win the game and not to manage egos.

  12. Chorske says:

    Exactly! I agree with every word.

    One key thing is that very few teams have managed to pull off balancing two bona fide #1 guys. Goalies tend to have personalities that don’t lend themselves well to that kind of thing. Not so these two: Price knows he’s going to be a #1, he’s a smart kid who is eager enough to want to play at this level and patient enough to listen and learn under guys like Huet and Rollie. Huet is confident, calm and professional enough to play the mentor role, as long as he gets his share of the starts. As far as I’m concerned, the Habs should try to keep up this balancing act for another couple of seasons if they can- but that assumes that Huet is willing to take the right amount of $$$. And that’ll depend on how badly he’s wanted elsewhere, I guess.

    I figure the Habs WON’T shop him unless the wheels fall off a la 06-07.

  13. teamplayer says:

    bryzgalovs high salary? i think it was only 1.6 .. im almost definet it was under 2 million for sure and I wish we could get huet for that price tag lol haha

  14. teamplayer says:

    huet is not kipper, kipper played 74 in each of the past two seasons, most games played in a season by huet is 42, he’s on pace for 50 this season. Guy knows he is the number 1 and does not wanna overwork him, he would surely rather go towards the playoffs and into the playoffs with huet and price instead of price and halak.

    p.s. how bad is markovs injury? first he misses a couple practices and now hes questionable for fridays game. what is the injury exactly?

  15. A. Berke says:

    No need to cry a river for Huet or cussing at Carbo.

    The moment that Price was asked to stay in MTL, Huet knew that Price would be taking over the goalie duties slowly but surely.

    Huet is not stupid, on the contrary, he’s smart and right now by being a strong supporter of Price and by being an excellent team player he’s showing his smarts (no need to burn bridges). It’s also easy to figure out for him that he will not be with the Habs for long, he may be gone possibly as early as February, unless he accepts a low-ball and a short term contract from Gainey. IMO, Huet deserves a good 3-5 years worth lucrative contract from another nhl team before he hangs his pads up.

    As much as most of the fans would like to see Price and Huet being 1a & 1b goalies, in this day and age with the cap et al., it’s not a smart business practice to have two expensive goalies (that’s why Burke unloaded Bryzgalov so that he could make room for Scott N. who’s obviously preparing to come back from his retirement. And the reason why he couldn’t trade Bryzgalov away was Bryz’ high salary, so as an alternative solution, taking the hit made an acceptable business sense.

    So, I say, get used to seeing Price starting more and more games. I’m sure Carbo wants him to be fully ready in case Huet is traded away in a couple of months. If I were him I would take the same approach. Again one more time: This is a Business with a big capital B.

    PS: Besides, Price is a helluva good goalie and at this rate he’ll be a great one pretty soon. ONLY if we were stuck with a mediocre goalie (without Huet), all this noise would have made some sense. Right now it doesn’t.

    Ali B.

  16. Girth says:

    Sending Huet to another team would mean that we received something in return.

    A true #1 center perhaps…?

  17. skoehn says:

    Huet should be playing all along, he does so much better when he plays consistently he has not been giving the chance t do that at all he gets a shut out and then he sits he lets on goal in after standing on his head and back on the bench. and i don’t buy into the back to back stuff most teams let there number one play they show confidence in the goalie look at kipper in calgray he is having a bad start but at least he can count of the support of the coaches to trust him to get his game back… Everyone feeps going on about price is the future well this is the present and hanging your allstar goalie out to dry isn’t fair to huet and not to mention the fact that price is very confident and comortable already so i don;t believe he needs to be eased into the nhl.. Price is a great goalie and i can see he’s the future i just look at the cam ward situation young goalie comes off the bench win the cup and last yr he couldn’t handle the season hence they didn’t make the playoffs. i would hate to see that happen and have huet gone to another team…

  18. Girth says:

    It’s hard for a coach to make a mistake when both are playing well… given the circumstances, I like the choice.

    Just a thought … perhaps Bob is preparing a trade.

  19. linp says:

    After watching the last game against Laff, I start to believe that Price is ready to take on more responsibilities. It was 2 to 1 ratio in games Huet vs Price. We can start looking at a 1 to 1 ratio.

    I don’t think Huet will be upset. He is an established goalie. He doesn’t need to prove his market value. He is certainly smart enough to realize that Price is the future goalie in Montreal.

  20. moser17 says:

    Quite nicely put.

  21. Will Longlade says:

    Good decision. Price has an excellent road record, so Carbo’s going w/what has worked for the team in the recent past and what he thinks will get the team a W, rather than trying not to hurt the feelings of an individual player or Huet’s booster club. For those few posters who are crying a river for Huet, there’s no need to be so melodramatic. Huet is is the consummate team player and by all accounts is taking the competition in stride.

  22. P St. Pierre says:

    I don’t have a problem with this move. While I still think Cristobal Huet is the number 1 goalie in Montreal, the future is Carey Price. He has played very well this season and he’s faced tough opponents almost every game. I know that the Leafs are brutal but Montreal never seems to be able to outplay them, so I would consider them a tough opponent. Huet understands completely that the Montreal Canadiens franchise needs to take care of the Montreal Canadiens franchise. All that means is that they have to be sure Price is ready to be a number 1, and they have to play him to find out. Huet is a free agent and there are no guarantees that he will be here for the rest of the season.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Cristowall. I think he’s a very good goalie, and can still steal alot of games for the Habs. He’s a very good teammate and a class act all the way. I simply think that Carbonneau wants to see what Price can do against a team that Montreal can’t seem to beat. There is no way he is ready right now to be the number 1 netminder. That status will stay with Huet. But if you have a hot goalie, and Price is a hot goalie, then you need to play him.

  23. Björn says:

    @skoehn: Does it make a difference if Huet plays on saturday instead of friday ?

  24. Vecs says:

    So pathetic. So true skoehn. Carbo is a moron. This year and last. Especially last year. Let Cristobal try and get a streak going like 05-06. Is everyone forgetting 7 shutouts in a span of 20 games? Not to mention the Habs were absolutely brutal in front of him that year. Apparently Carbo forgot.

  25. showey47 says:

    i like this move, carey is turning into the laff killer we were all hoping for and now if he can walk into jersey and out duel the devil himself. Then it will be interesting to see how guy uses his goaltending after huet’s start on saturday, especially if cristobal loses or struggles

  26. 24 Cups says:

    It’s a good move. We seem snakebitten against Brodeur and the Devils. It’s just like Huet and the Leafs. Why not shake it up a bit, shuffle the deck of cards, and see if we can change our luck. Price has no history with the Devils which may turn out to be quite beneficial. Huet will play Saturday night so there’s no harm done and nobody will have their feelings hurt. Carbo seems to be making all the right calls on rotating his two goalies. Against all odds I’m predicting a victory for our boys.

  27. teamplayer says:

    nothing wrong with price playing, and its not showing favoritism towards him either, neither of them are gonna play back-to-back games in back-to-back nights

  28. KerryPrice says:

    I like this move. I dont know what the big deal is. Huet will be in goal Saturday night. Huet struggles in the Swamp. Carey Price has nervs of steel. Marty B isn`t playing like the Marty B of old. Lets hope he stays that way.

    What do you guys think? Deal Huet before the deadline? I dont think there`s much of a market right now. But teams will definitly be looking for a goalie b4 the deadline. I don`t figure were gonna resighn him. Hate losing players via U.F.A. ( Sourey). Getting frig all in return. Don`t see us getting a # 1 center for him either ( GIRTH). At least right now, maybey deadline day when G.M`s are desperate. If Huet is dealt i`d say he`s gonna have a partner heading to the airport with him. Then maybey a #1 center.Hate to trade him and not have a veteran down the strech. Desisions desisions. Bryzgalov `s a pretty darn good goalie and Burkey hadda put him on waivers. I don`t think the markets there right now . I`d keep him and see what i could do deadline day.

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