Price will face Ovechkin, Capitals

Carey Price will be back between the pipes on Saturday when the Washington Capitals and Alexander Ovechkin visit the Bell Centre. It will be his first game since a loss to the Dallas Stars on Dec. 23.

That will be the only lineup change made by Guy Carbonneau for the game, which starts at 12:30 p.m.


  1. hhl says:

    plus i doubt that gainey would say such a player on our team really what the hey was i thinking,resigning him know negative press.thats our job.

  2. Chuck says:

    Corey Locke scored two for Hamilton tonight:

    Friday, January 4th, 2008

    HAMILTON, ON – Corey Locke had two goals, including his first-career shorthanded marker and the game-winning tally, to lead the Hamilton Bulldogs to a 4-1 win over the Grand Rapids Griffins on Friday night at Copps Coliseum. The win marks the ‘Dogs third in as many games and improves their record to 13-14-1-5 on the season.

    The Bulldogs took a 2-0 lead with two first-period goals in a span of 2:04. At the 5:27 mark, Corey Locke capitalized on a giveaway by Grand Rapids netminder Jimmy Howard to open the scoring with his ninth goal of the season into an open net. The unassisted goal was Locke’s first-career shorthanded marker and was also the Dogs’ first shorthanded tally of the season. Locke then potted his second tally of the game at 7:31 of the frame from Duncan Milroy and Mathieu Carle.

    Hamilton then scored again just 34 seconds into the middle stanza when Greg Stewart tipped home Eric Manlow’s shot from the point to make the score 3-0. Matt D’Agostini also earned an assist on Stewart’s sixth goal of the campaign.

    Grand Rapids snapped Jaroslav Halak’s shutout bid at 15:12 of the final period when Darren Helm scored to cut Hamilton’s lead to 3-1. Evan McGrath and Jamie Tardif drew assists on Helm’s fourth goal of the season.

    Ajay Baines put the game away for the Bulldogs by scoring into an empty net with just 37 seconds remaining in the contest. Andrew Archer and Manlow picked up helpers on the 4-1 goal.

    The Bulldogs did not have a power-play opportunity in the game but went 2-for-2 on the penalty kill.

    Between the pipes, Halak stopped 24 of 25 shots to earn the win for the Bulldogs and has now allowed only two goals in his last three games. Halak’s counterpart Jimmy Howard allowed three goals on 28 shots in a losing effort for the Griffins.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  3. hhl says:

    ummm not really. the year still has 40 games left plus playoffs.maybe he needed time to adjust. be a more complete player.his problem was not scoring,consistency and defence were his problems. unless a team will prove me wrong,for what hes worth on the market,were better off to keep him. if he starts to mess up, he prbably would sit again.we do have xtra bodies.

  4. hhl says:

    if he gets hot, i would rather keep him if it means making the playoffs. i mean, what would we get for him that would make a big difference.if someone makes a ridiculis offer, fine.but i doubt weed get good immediate help. oh and ryder is capable of scoring 5 in a week.which would make 11 by next so much for 50 in 39 though.

  5. J Haul says:

    You keep harping on the fact that Ryder needs lots of shots to score, well have a look at these couple links:

    Notice anything peculiar? Yes, thats right. Many of the same guys that are scoring a lot are also shooting a lot. The point you’re trying to make really isn’t much of one at all. Its common sense. Guys shoot more, guys score more. It isn’t just Ryder.

    You only other complaint seems to be plus/minus and its painfully obvious that we haven’t had any real standouts in that category for a while now. Again, its not just Ryder. Why is he the only one to feel the wrath then?

    By these standards, one would assume you’d rather have Samsonov here, considering he had a vastly superior plus/minus last year.

    Plus/minus in general, is a pretty silly stat when talking about a players worth to a team. It COULD be important when talking about players whose job it is to keep pucks out (ie defencemen), but aside from that it’s pretty much a “team stat”.

    Example of the +/- silliness: a player getting of the ice while his team gives up a breakaway and is scored on gets what?
    Yes, a minus 1. That player had nothing to do with the GA, yet he’s pegged as a failure along with everyone else that was on the ice at the time.

  6. martin says:

    Hope the guys show up, they haven’t fared well in the past playing afternoon games. It’s time for the real carey to show up and maybe watching team canada will get his motor going.

  7. Ed says:

    Agreed, Ryder & Huet will be gone, & maybe Koivu.

  8. Habs-Kat says:

    Not to mention Montoya could fetch something nice for the Rangers from a team thats in need of a solid number one goalie for the long-term. We’d have the same problem with the guy because we have plenty of goaltending depth. A three-way deal could make for interesting developments though.

  9. yehaken says:

    or how about Ryder gets hot and scores goals for us and the worst of the Staals can stay where he is.

    This is the attitude that wanted to trade Kovalev for a sack of monkey balls last year, or would trade Koivu for Marleau this year. We’re 7 points out of first and 5 points out of 10th. In this league, everyone has all the information.

  10. Ed says:

    Cournoyer, we have not won the cup because you are retired? I have no idea why it is your fault.

  11. Ed says:

    You can’t resist bringing Ryder into any conversation, can you?

  12. Ed says:

    I agree. Latendresse is only 20, & has proven last year & this year that he is a goal scorer. He is very strong, & has a great nose for the net. His future looks good.

  13. Ed says:

    “he needs buckets of goals to score one” – what exactly do you mean by that? It does not make sense to me.

  14. TradeRyder says:

    The Canadians looked pretty good but Mason was amazing. Incredible what the guy went through today and still pulled it off.

    More importantly – your wife watches hockey with you – even AFTER the game’s done. Wow Timo! I’m impressed!

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  15. Ed says:

    Why would I find it frustrating that Gainey thinks Ryder is the real deal. That is music to my ears. Gainey knows that of which he speaks, and he does not speak from animosity. He speaks as a very knowledgeable hockey person.

  16. Mattee. says:

    awesome. I’ll go up there and read it then k. No point hanging around down here. not much going on… kinda lonely…

  17. Ed says:

    You want to trade Ryder for the right reasons. After what’s happened this season, I can’t see him returning to go through that pressure cooker again. A sensible person would not subject themselves to another season of booing, name calling, etc. Let’s get what we can for him before he goes to Boston, or, God forbid, Toronto.

    You like Ryder, but TradeRyder does not. Just a few days ago, he was saying that Ryder was a waste of a sweater. I don’t think I would be able to say that about any NHL player, no matter what team he was with. I imagine that a few of us on HIO were Habs wannabes, but were not close to being good enough. You are only a waste of a sweater if you are not good enough to play in the NHL.

  18. TradeRyder says:

    I’m with you and Ian. How can you pick on Lats? If there’s anyone on the team whose game has picked UP it’s Lats. And on pace for 25 – on a team that needs scoring… and aggressive on the boards and in front of the net. What more could you ask. And I was NOT a Lats fan at the start of the year when he seemed a little lost. Now the guy makes things happen. Period. Can’t argue with that – it’s a fact. Compare that to some millionaires on the team who are on pace for, I dunno, maybe 10-12 goals.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  19. TradeRyder says:

    Because it’s the same-old same-old foolish love fest. Doesn’t make sense.
    And from some reports, Gainey is behind Ryder and thinks he’s “the real deal”. Frustrating as I’m sure that is for you.
    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  20. TradeRyder says:

    Someone else on the reality page! You’re right – he kept his attitude up, tried hard (though I still say he loses the puck and gives up on plays more than most), and didn’t gripe. That’s worth something. But not that much.

    I think that he’s just simply over-rated based on the obvious (past) positives and not on the full picture which includes his plus-minus (slipping again). As for his “laser” shot – again – he needs buckets of goals to score one…. I think this is another significant weakness that really modifies his worth. And, as you suggest, and I’ve said ALL YEAR EVEN BEFORE he was having an “off year”, his style of play is wrong for this fast-skating, finesse team. AGAIN!!! I SAID THIS IN SEPTEMBER!!!! By this I mean I saw a problem that turned out to be proven correct…. not that I jumped on the guy for not scoring. I said trade him even when he was a “30-goal scorer”. It’s not a reflexive thing. Jeesh.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  21. Ed says:

    As Yogi Berra would say, deja vu all over again. Same old, same old. It’s time for you to find a new topic. Ryder will be gone soon, so why not talk about something else.

  22. TradeRyder says:

    I moved mine to follow yours…

  23. Mattee. says:

    Well, I’m about 99% sure i’m going to get crucified for this but here it goes. I’m with the idea of trading Ryder. HUH! ya, I know… weird. But for different reasons… And here’s the thing, I actually like the guy, a lot. How can you not. While he was slumping he continued to work hard and did other things that otherwise went unnoticed, when he was benched he kept his head down and mouth shut. It takes a lot of character not let your tongue run rampant in front of the Montreal Press. Above all, he’s got a laser shot that I will miss should he leave.

    But here’s the bottom line: I’m of the opinion he doesn’t want to come back next year and I’d rather trade him (for the right guy (I never want to see another Ribeiro trade in my life)) and get something in return then lose him to FA. Also, he doesn’t play the (I can’t believe I’m going to say it) “system” Carbonneau is trying (notice the word “trying”) to teach and finally, if he does get hot, we could get something similar or more suited to the teams needs in return for him.

    Do not put me into the corner with the Ryder bashers (I’m actually a Carbo basher)! I have covered for him many a time (especially this season). Otherwise, let the crucifying begin.

    I Heart “System.”

  24. Mattee. says:

    I moved this comment up…

  25. jablonski says:

    Montoya is not playing in the NHL because they have too many goalies on their roster to bring him up and they want Valiquette to have the backup job because they have wanted to give it to him for a long time. Montoya is a top line prospect and should be playing in the NHL which is why the Rangers are looking to trade him.

    Matt J

  26. TradeRyder says:

    Okay folks – reality calling!

    We’re talking about a SIX goal scorer here for this year. A guy who in his two 30-goal scoring years was ALSO the leader on the MINUS side of the ledger one year and one-point off leader the next… and coincidentally, as he starts to score, he is also drifting back down into the MINUS column on the team, in the bottom third now.

    Those years he scored lots of goals he had TONS of shots – he used to take 5-6 shots a game. But his shooting percentage is not good, he needs those tons of shots to score. So do the math – this year, being more defensively accountable he gets way fewer shots and way fewer goals. In short – a defensive minded Ryder doesn’t get so many shots and doesn’t score goals. A defensive-liability Ryder scores more goals. Which do you want? When we see Ryder score more than 25 goals in a season while being at least in the upper half of the team in plus-minus, I’ll be the first to say I was wrong, let’s keep the guy. Until then, jeesh… take a reality pill. See the whole board! Souray set records for goals, and anyone in their right mind knows that Hamrlik is a better player.

    Timo, Cournoyer, help me out here!! This crazy “we love our 30-goal scoring cherry-picker BS is crazy!.

    Yeah, I’m done.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  27. Ian G Cobb says:

    MEL____ you are on the wrong bus ! That is T.O. Rangers, and others Philosophy, trade and buy your way to the top, and they always come up short. We are keeping our draft picks and developing our organisation. Traders are hung by the neck don’t you know !

  28. Ian G Cobb says:

    At a boy ! WE need you on here, to shake some of the bobbel heads that we have on here.

  29. Habs-Kat says:

    Unless the Rangers offer something that we’d be insane to turn down, I’d say stick with Ryder. He’s been one of the centrepieces in the rebuilding process of the Gainey era, and now that we’re on the brink of contendorship we shouldn’t ruin that.

  30. Habs-Kat says:

    Sorry, I don’t want to be mean. I’m just saying that the Leafs haven’t won a cup in over 40 years because they’ve had a history of crucifying their young players with unreal expectations and trading away their long-term assets for short-term boosts (that end up backfiring on them). Lets not be like the Leafs and be a bit more forward-thinking.

  31. MikeL says:

    Maybe it was just because I focused on him throughout the game…but it seemed as if he couldn’t keep up with his linemates. He would get the puck caught in his skates, then just dump it in. Many final decisions based on drafting and scouting is made within a few games during the World Juniors. The World Juniors is a much higher level of hockey than College Hockey. At no time did I say I am giving up on him, all I said was that I wasn’t impressed with him today.

  32. mjames says:

    Aggressiveness and skating – not bad skills in my opinion. Perhaps the ingredients for a power forward. I understand he is playing “lights out” with Michigan. He recently won some rookie honor. I am not ready to toss him just yet.

    I am actually perplexed that you can make such uniformed comment since it is based on one game. I assuming you are kidding us.


  33. Klondike Habs Fan says:

    I always stay at Novotel. Make sure you get the one downtown. It is half a block from the Bell, has a great breakfast included and usually goes for about 100 bucks.
    Have Fun!

    I am going to the LA / Habs match in March. Any suggestions on where to stay in LA?

  34. Higgins21 says:

    It’s booked for that week-end. Thanks anyway.

  35. von says:

    Let Ryder get hot and then trade him? The only guy who has posted 30 goal seasons the last 2 seasons? And had 25 the season before?

    You forget that no else on the team has got that many. I’m glad this attitude of ‘what have you done for me lately’ is held among a minority of fans.

    Ryder has one of the best, if not the best, shot on the team. He is still young and will have many goals too come. Like Kovy said, every guy goes through these slumps.

    I think Bob will stay the course with Ryder because he knows. Riberio is a perfect example.

  36. slamtherimtim says:

    that really hurts

  37. von says:

    … No mention, we can only speculate…

  38. slamtherimtim says:

    and who are they offering

  39. von says:

    Finally! Hope Carey goes down memory lane with a big game as the juniors go for gold again!

    Saw this on

    – “According to the Montreal Gazette, the Rangers have inquired about Canadiens RW Michael Ryder, who has not been performing well in his contract year.”

  40. showey47 says:

    actually there is a small hotel right behind the bell center it was about 80 bucks for the night and included a free breakfast. I think it was called “chateau du nuveau forum”, i’m not sure i was pretty drunk.

  41. HabsInBlood says:

    Yes, periods – and also sentences within paragraph!!

  42. Higgins21 says:

    Don’t worry. The Habs will keep it rolling with Carey between the pipes tomorrow.

    I’m making plans for a trip to Montreal in February. Any suggestions for accomodations fairly close to the Bell Centre? Where did the Summit people stay? and what was the cost? And how far to Hurley’s? Any help is appreciated.

    Go Habs Go!

  43. 24 Cups says:

    Hey Captain – Realistically, don’t you feel that Pleks’ line is now our #1 unit?

    The Original 24 Cups

  44. 24 Cups says:

    Exactly what I was thinking Habs-Kat. Lats is either 20 or 21 at the present moment. We’ve been crying for forwards with size for years now so let’s please support the guys we have!

    The Original 24 Cups

  45. 24 Cups says:

    For a playoff run, maybe. Resign him? Not on your life. Federov has been coasting on his past glory in Detroit for a long time. He’s close to over the hill and gets injured a lot. I’m also not convinced his heart is in it anymore. He’s making $6 mil, that’s right $6 mil a year, so that pretty well ends the discussion. Detroit offered him the big contract years ago and he went to sunny California instead. Big mistake. When Brian Burke arrived, he said the first thing he had to do was clean out the Anaheim barn of horse—-. Federov was traded days later. Enough said.

    The Original 24 Cups

  46. slamtherimtim says:

    sorry everyone i just want a better than average team like you , so i would love for latts and you to prove me wrong

  47. Fer_hab says:

    I wouldn’t be hasty to judge Max just yet. It was TEAM CANADA VS team usa now. How many american players in your opinion today actually did look good in a 4-1 loss.

  48. jablonski says:

    This is off topic but I heard today that some of the russian players on the team may be asking Bob to try and trade for Sergei Fedorov. I know last year he thought about acquiring him and maybe its not a bad move. if this team is gonna make a solid run at the playoffs and with how tight the east is maybe the eastern conference finals then they need leadership, someone who has been there before. If we could give like a Franky Bouillon for Fedorov and then maybe sign him it would be solid because of Sergei`s strength size and scoring touch. (Something the Habs need)

    Matt J

  49. MikeL says:

    After watching Max Pacioretty today at the WJC, I have to be honest…I’m not that impressed. He really was noticibly bad with the puck and didn’t seem comfortable handling it at all. The only thing going for him was his agressiveness and his skating. From watching him today, he seems similar to a high draft pick about 10 years ago, Chad Kilger. I am hoping I am wrong.

    P.S. I bet the USA management is now questioning their decision to leave Ryan McDonough off of the team.

  50. moeman says:

    Nice burn.

    ~ have a powerful day ~

  51. G-Man says:

    Well said!


  52. Habs-Kat says:

    People like you are Leafs fans.

  53. Habs-Kat says:

    People forget that he’s still one of the youngest players on the team. If he was 26, then it’d be a different story.
    Only a season ago, other GMs around the league were saying that Latendresse reminds them of a younger Joe Thornton. Thornton, if you recall, took a few seasons to develop into the MVP-calibre player that he is.

  54. slamtherimtim says:

    people like you are why we haven’t won the cup in over ten years

  55. T-roy West says:

    Hey Sulemaan:

    Does Saku Koivu’s 1995 IIHF World Championship Gold Medal fit in here!!!?

  56. mjames says:

    So you are advocating Gainey making trade for the sake of making a trade. If there is nothing out there that will improve the team, then forget about it.


  57. mjames says:

    Spot on .


  58. cautiousoptimist says:

    I don’t post much anymore, but I thought I’d make an exception, because man, you’re a bit of an ass.

    Lats is going to have his 25 or so goals this season with low icetime, and he’ll score even more if he picks things up with his newfound minutes. At his sophomore salary that’s a steal. What exactly do you want from the guy. Enough with the ragging on people whose jocks you’re not fit to launder.


  59. slamtherimtim says:

    and hes no better than he was then

  60. T-roy West says:

    Ever hear of a period after a sentence? 🙂

  61. ColRouléBleu says:

    And Pleks won it with the Czech Republic

    “We want to play against a team, not a building.” ~ Guy Carbonneau

  62. Erik says:

    Latendresse too.

  63. PattyBoy31 says:

    i hope ottawa getting licked by them twice in a row should be a big enough warning

  64. Sulemaan says:

    Is it me or have we have a few players who have won the gold for Canada in our lineup (Price, Chipchura) at the WJC?

    So it only makes sense that PK Subban continues the tradition and wins gold against Sweden this weekend. Go Canada!

  65. oshawahabsfan says:

    The goalies had better be the only part of the lineup that alternates, don’t mess with what’s working, the lines that can consistently work have finally been put together by the mad scientist Carbo. Inserting those who are injured at the moment will do us no good. The only acceptable change in my opinion would be Begin in place of Kostopolous, I think Begin fits better in the lineup

  66. Jay in PA says:

    You rock, coutNY!


    Don’t take Washington to lightly Habs. The bottom feeding teams can upset the top teams. They already have……

  68. MEL FRIEND says:

    lets call b gainey mr dithers for his lack or interest in makeing a trade to improve the team for the strecth drive towards the playoffs he has got to be the most inactive general manager the habs had ever had do you get the impresssion that he just dose not like to make a trade to improve the habs for the playoffs we need to get bigger and tougher if we are going to compete againts teams like ottawa and philly mark my words he will wants again be inactive come trade deadline and we could possibly loose huet or ryder for nothing all these rumors you here about a big trade involving koivu and ryder to san jose for marleau and bernier is just hot air bob gainey in opinion will never trade koivu and will not make a trade this year so stop with all the rumors as montreal keeps winning bob mr dithers gainey his under no pressure to make a trade

  69. coutNY says:

    Click here…USA vs Canada I need to be quiet since I’ve been watching at work!

    Update:Colton Gilles makes it 3-0 Canada…Marchad makes 4-0 ten seconds later..

  70. Jay in PA says:

    Is it on TV in the States? Doesn’t seem to be on inDemand, VS, or ESPN as far as I can tell.

    Just checked–it’s on the NHL Network. Who the hell gets that?

  71. krob1000 says:

    Maybe in a few years …Ryder is a man and Kostitsyn does have a rocket but he needs to get a lot stronger to be in Ryders league (if he ever gets there….very few do).

  72. showey47 says:

    i definatley think they are comparable but ak46 needs to unleash it more often

  73. Guy21 says:

    I like the way the team is playing but I thought that Huet looked weak on a couple of those goals….I think that AK has a shot that is as good as Ryder’s !!Anyone agree…

  74. Habs_008 says:

    didnt call in sick, but trying to watch it on the net, it keeps on cutting out, should have called in today, oh well. Go Canada.

  75. showey47 says:

    Anyone else call in sick to watch the canada game? 2-0 canada so far in the second. Pacioretty has a great set of wheels and is very physical and fiesty. Good move by carbo to put price back in net and to leave the rest of the lineup alone.

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