Price will face Ovechkin, Capitals

Carey Price will be back between the pipes on Saturday when the Washington Capitals and Alexander Ovechkin visit the Bell Centre. It will be his first game since a loss to the Dallas Stars on Dec. 23.

That will be the only lineup change made by Guy Carbonneau for the game, which starts at 12:30 p.m.


  1. cautiousoptimist says:

    Wow – thanks! 🙂

  2. The Teacher says:

    Those are pretty much what Gainey is considering doing. However, it might be useful to let Price see Huet handle the Montreal playoff pressure (which is a whooole different breed) for one year before having him play full-time.

    i hate to lose Huet for nothing though. It IS a quandary. But I agree, if a trade is made, it should only be for those 3 reasons you mentioned.

  3. idle says:

    No, the reason Huet is playing is because Bob & Guy are NHL team management and not fans. They don’t have love affairs and unrealistic expectations from young developing players. We all agree Price looks like he will have a great career, but there is just no need to throw him into a ‘number one’ position in his first year in the NHL. LET HIM GROW. Feed him, water him, pet him and let him grow. Think of him like a Chiapet.

    Huet is more then capable of giving Price the time he needs to properly develop.

  4. idle says:

    I never understood this concept of ‘we lost a player for nothing’

    You turn around and sign a replacement player. That’s what you got. We used the money we did not give to Souray to sign Hamrlik so that is what we got for Souray. Why does the player have to come from a trade?

  5. idle says:

    Yes but unlike many other GM’s he was able to see his mistake with Samsonov, admit he was wrong, and do something about it quickly.

    And for the money he gave Brisebois I don’t think it has been a bad signing at all. It’s a long season and hopefully a playoffs to follow and it is not going to hurt to have a veteran defencemen around who can move the puck.

  6. Ed says:

    You have brought this up before about Julien. It is simply not true. Why do you always try to muddy the waters by throwing things out there that are not true. I have never seen it mentioned anywhere except by you. Julien coached Ryder in Hull, in Hamilton, & in Montreal. If not for Julien, Ryder might never have gotten a chance to play in Montreal. In Ryder’s rookie season, Ryder played some of his best hockey & was a +10. He was 2nd in points with 63 (Ribeiro had 65); 2nd in goals with 25 (Zednick had 26). Rumour is that Ryder will play for Julien next year, after he signs as a UFA. Then you will know that Julien does not have a problem with Ryder.

  7. TradeRyder says:

    They either need to sign him or trade him. Huet is WAYYYY too valuable to lose him for nothing. Gainey knows this – he would be destroyed in the media and by the fans. I have heard nothing of negotiations so I assume they are trading him – as everyone expects. Without Price, I would crawl across broken glass to have them keep Huet who I think is a little quirky and upsets my buddy Timo too much, but is a fantastic goalie (leading the lead in save percentage counts for something) – and could dominate the league if he can learn to stop those late soft goals.

    That being the case, no play-off bound team is going to give up a top NHL goal scorer that they will need for their run, so here (in order) is what we might get for Huet:

    1. A strong prospect – Gainey will look for a 6’2″ winger (most likely) or center, who’ll add toughness and who stands a shot at being a 35-goal guy. Probably only 6 or 8 like that in the minors.

    2. Failing #1, a pk and face-off specialist who can also chip in 15-20 a year to replace Slowinski.

    3. Failing #1 and #2, Huet will probably go for draft picks and possibly a role player who’ll add toughness.

    My thoughts. Anyone else have a brave prediction?

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  8. nightmare_49 says:

    I’m with you , Ian G.

  9. TradeRyder says:

    In the cap world especially it’s always a question of what are you paying and what’s the gamble. As I said below, regardless of how you feel about Ryder or your opinion on the cause of his slump (let’s not go there!), he is now a statistical gamble. At a couple of million a year or more, if he was resigned and scored only 15 next year, that would be a bad deal when you have players in Hamilton that could do similar on an entry level contract. Simple math says he goes.

    Does anyone know what the truth is about him being hard to coach? I am asking because I don’t know but it has been mentioned here a few times – that both Carbo and Claude Julien have suggested this.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  10. TradeRyder says:

    He was fantastic. I think it was over 100 shots in those three games. Locke also scored two in the last games – maybe the smell of the NHL reminded him he has a chance if he goes for it. Hope he tears it up too.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  11. TradeRyder says:

    I agree with the Soulman. Now is not the time to trade Ryder a) on the chance that he has found his scoring touch and b) because we’re winning and he’s on a line that is working, at least for now. So his worth can’t go down and can only go up. But I also agree with Soulman that it’s smarter to get something for him. He probably isn’t too happy with being in Montreal right now… and I disagree with you about chemistry. If chemistry gets him six goals in 35 games, it’s not the kind of chemistry that you protect. Simply put regardless of the CAUSE of his slupm (and we can all disagree forever on why so let’s not bother), it’s a hard fact that his numbers make him a statistical gamble next year. And (and this part is my opinion, but I think shared by most and makes sound strategic sense) with our depth in young talent, that gamble is not worth a couple million off our cap when we surely have some 15-20 goals scorers in Hamilton ready to come up.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  12. 24 Cups says:

    Agreed. It’s a no brainer. Ryder goes at the deadline for whatever we can get. This is no reflection on the player or the man, it’s just a wise business decision.

    The Original 24 Cups

  13. mrstewart61 says:

    ‘Latron’ is fourth in goals, first in even strength goals.

  14. linp says:

    From morning radio CJAD: Huet has a flu. Price will play in goal.
    I hope this is not another start of the flu season. Or is it just another explanation why Huet is not playing.

  15. mrstewart61 says:

    That doesn’t really makes sense. If somebody wants him, they’ve seen him play for the past 3 seasons, and play well. Again, this is a comment on knowing what others (management) are thinking. None of us are capable of that. We can assume, but we can’t know. Personally, as I and a couple of others have mentioned recently, I’d like to sign Huet to a 2-3 yr deal. Makes it easier to decide on trade or keep.

  16. Robert L says:

    I have dreams of Koivu hugging it, unwilling almost to let it go, and bawling his eyes out.

  17. Robert L says:

    Wow! I appreciate that thought very much. Your kind words Mr. Sulemaan, and those of others here are very motivational to me.

    The Kovalev article was one I found that I thought would be of great interest to English only readers. Often the French press are slagged off as a bunch of manics, but there are many quality writers and thinkers who do not deserve to be lumped in with the more sensationalist press.

    Being from Ontario, I considered myself very fortunate when I was young to be schooled bilingual. My learning of the game came from such sources.

    Another thing to be thankful for, is Mr. Stubbs allowing myself and others to post links here for all Habs fans to enjoy.

    Thanks again for the lift!

  18. madmat411 says:

    The only reason they played Huet, is cuz they wanna trade him. i bet someone wants him, but wanted to see him play so they kept playing him. i hope we do trade him, for a good forward, Price becomes #1 goaltender and Halak comes up.

  19. Sulemaan says:

    Sorry but I disagree. I’d rather get a prospect and/or draft pick and also free up the cap space than lose him altogether to simply ‘gain’ cap space. If we get a decent trade for him I don’t view that as throwing him away.

    At the end of the day, Gainey will need to decide if Ryder is worth keeping and losing him at the end of the year for no compensation.

  20. The Teacher says:

    Good question. Hey timo, i notice that you don’t post often on Boone’s blog. Do you make it a point to stick the the main page articles?

    I did notice your message specifically to me was on both pages though, which was why I was wondering


  21. wild flower says:

    Halak is taking over in Hamilton again this year. Three straight wins and only 2 goals allowed:

    # Goalie GP MINS W L SOL SO GA GAA Svs SV%
    30 Jaroslav Halak 18 1055 9 6 2 2 40 2.28 465 0.921
    35 Yann Danis 16 877 4 8 3 0 44 3.01 439 0.909

  22. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Gainey’s not worried about “losing him for nothing” because if we don’t re-sign him and he walks then we “gain” 3mil in cap space to replace him. …sometimes thats better then trading a player for a player. Gainey can now shop around and/or have room for package deals….

    anyway my postition is to keep RYDER…its always been my position and its not just because of the “potential” 30 goals, it has to do with CHEMISTRY, and thats an indelible asset after 3 years on the squad.

    RYDER is POSITIVE in the face of adversity, RESPECTFUL in the face of authority, and INSPIRATIONAL to the younger guns… do we want to just throw that away?


    take a close look at that picture, you all know where to find it…and tell me what LATRON is doing?

    1. In my picture you’ll find one of the keys to our success…
    2. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    3. Delenda Est Torontium…. Rocket”

  23. Sulemaan says:

    Looking at the posts below I would question trading Ryder for now. We have 3 solid lines capable of scoring that are on a roll. Why mess that up now?

    If Ryder is going to be traded, do so at the trade deadline. My rationale is as follows:

    (1) If he’s finally going to start scoring, let him go on a tear which will help our placement in the standings and increase his trade value just before the trade-deadline.

    (2) If we deal him at the trade-deadline his salary will have less of an impact on teams affected by a high salary amount so they can use him as a rent-a-player.

    (3) He’s only started to score recently so what could we expect to get for him right now? He has a grand total of 6 goals and 8 assists with a +/- rating of -3. If you were a rival GM (like Glen Sather of the Rangers) what would you offer for Ryder? A prospect or a draft pick maybe? I sure wouldn’t deal Montoya or Prucha for Ryder. And we certainly won’t get a big centreman or power-forward for him straight up. So why not wait until the trade deadline?

    (4) Once the trade deadline approaches Bob Gainey will need to determine if he trades Ryder or keeps him and risk losing him for nothing in the off-season like Souray. I guess they will determine if he is worth keeping. Had the Habs beaten the Leafs in the last game of the season last year, keeping Souray would have been worth the gamble if the goal was to make the playoffs.

    Totally un-related, let’s hope for Gold tomorrow by Canada.

  24. Cousin Al says:

    Kovy’s the best. Period. End of story!

  25. Sulemaan says:

    Robert, the are only two Habs-related blogs that I read regularly. Habs I/O and yours sir.

  26. J Haul says:

    Wow, talk about missing the point and ignoring the facts.

    Point WAS that scorers need to shoot to score. So by saying “well Ryder only scores because he shoots a lot” is completely irrelevant. Every scorer, including the tops in the league, shoot more. The more you shoot, the more you score. Sure, Ryder isn’t among the top scorers, but he’s also not among the top shooters. Understand yet? Its all relative, my friend.

    Also, I notice the +/- stuff was ignored completely. So no Samsonov wanted then?

  27. Sulemaan says:

    another one i missed. good point. i think he could be counted as part of the group since he’s only a sophomore player…

  28. Sulemaan says:

    good point. i missed him but he’s more so a veteran now. i was more so referring to the freshmen.

  29. Sulemaan says:

    Hey T-Roy, I was more coming from the fact of our current freshmen prospects coming into the team. I should have elaborated.

    PS> It sounds like your wedding was pretty awesome. My wife would never let me do that!

  30. hhl says:

    we also get players for nothing. i e hamrlik, brisebois kostopoulos smolinski.

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