Price to start, O’Byrne, Darche sit

There were no surprises at the morning skate in Buffalo.

Carey Price will start in goal tonight. Defenceman Alexandre Picard will return to the lineup in place of Ryan O’Byrne and Mathieu Darche will also be a healthy scratch.

Tonight marks the 40th anniversary of the Sabres’ first game – they lost 3-0 to the Canadiens – and Henri Richard and former Sabre Floyd Smith will participate in the ceremonial faceoff prior to the game. 


  1. LA Loyalist says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Carbo, but the line juggling made me insane.

    This isn’t bad compared to that.

  2. LA Loyalist says:

    Actually you’re right Tom, and if he’s hitting well A) that’s worth diamonds on this team and B) it will generate scoring opportunities for him soon enough. 

    It’s what I’m telling my 7 year old for his game tomorrow:

    Go to wherever the puck is.

    Get it.

    Go to the net.

    Good things will happen.


  3. vic says:

    Benching Oburne will sure help him to develope. I thought he was plting well.If Martin doesnt like him which seems to be the case trade him let some othe coach that knows how to handle young players work with him.

    This has been the story with Martin certain players can make mistakes but not Oburn,

  4. habs365 says:

    Talented players is the difference in coaching if the coach ain’t afraid of them and that’s why Tampa is a better team this year they know stevy “y” and Boucher won’t take any BS from them. 60 minutes work every game or else. by the end of the season don’t be surprise if they win the stanley cup they’ll have some loses,not many.

  5. LA Loyalist says:

    1. Gomez, always.

    2. Boucher, i have a bad feeling we really blew this one.

    3. True – but that doesn’t change the answer to #2.

    4. Not sure, we need to watch Price carefully for signs of fatigue – don’t want to do anything to rattle his head.

    5. the field is wide open 🙂

    “insert tagline here”

  6. LA Loyalist says:

    Was. What could we possibly get for him right now?

    if he were a chef he’d be chopping shallots in the back room or filleting anchovies.

    We need to trade from strength, not weakness. That’s how it works. 

    Pouliot was a worthwhile risk, I don’t begrudge it because Latendresse was a head case, but we need to play him in offensive situations enough to really get an idea if he’s progressing or not.

    “insert tagline here”

  7. LA Loyalist says:

    I totally agree with you. We spent the whole tortuous summer with speculation, the last 2 summers, in fact.

    Let’s ride the ponies we have hard and find out the truth.

    Obviously with Price we need to spot Auld, second game in two nights on the road, or those stupid afternoon games. And in reality we need to rotate through our 3rd and 4th line guys building up experience, but in principal, let’s go like the pony express.

    If Poo and AK etc still don’t get it together, well, I’d rather have a team of grinders like Domenic Moore and Glen Metropolit that at least give a crap and leave it on the ice. 

    Crap. I sound like Don Cherry.

  8. TomNickle says:

    He’s easily been one of our best forwards through three games too.

    Much better than his linemates.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing him with Lapierre and Eller if he’s getting the boot from the Gomez line.

  9. LA Loyalist says:

    He was joking? I was excited there for a moment.



    “insert tagline here”

  10. LA Loyalist says:

    I think we need to find out about Pouliot sooner rather than later. Leave him in the fire on the top line for a reasonable number of games.

    if he’s not up to it, cole slaw la vie, but at least we will know and can move on.

    Bouncing him around the 3rd and 4th line with short minutes checking doesn’t tell us much if he’s supposed to be an offensive player.

  11. linp says:

    I guess some tall hockey players have difficulty getting the blood flow to the head during the game. Both O’Byrne and Pouliot experience brain cramp on the ice from time to time.

  12. db says:

    The longer OB takes the cheaper he’ll re-sign for….. uh

  13. db says:

    Moen will start the game on the top line but won’t end it there…

  14. TomNickle says:

    Here’s my problem with Moen on the Gomez line tonight.

    Lindy Ruff is almost certainly going to matchup Myers with Cammalleri and Plekanec.

    That leaves a weaker defensive pairing up against Gomez’s line.  If ever there was a game where the likelihood of Pouliot scoring and gaining confidence is high, this is it.

    Pouliot should stay with Gomez and Gionta tonight.

  15. Matthew says:

    From Rick Moffat at

    Carey Price will start in nets against the Sabres despite.   Coach Jacques Martin made sure his players heard the message during a boisterous gameday skate in Buffalo.   Martin was barking orders and taking no guff from any slackers.
    Henri Richard watched the skate, and will take part in a pre-game ceremony to mark the Sabres’ 40th anniversary.
    Coach Martin jokes he’ll use Richard in the leadoff spot if the game goes to shootout.
  16. solomio says:

    OMG you’re not saying that JM is playing Moen on line 1 i/o Kots are you??

    Say it ain’t so.!!


    There’s no need for this fkg around with the team as of yet. Let em play.

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