Price talks!

To the Tri-City Herald (shout-out to Mark C for finding the story).

He doesn’t sound like a player sweating a holdout:

The Canadiens opted to keep Price and on June 17, traded Halak to the
St. Louis Blues for forwards Lars Eller and Ian Schultz.

had to make a decision and they did,” Price said. “I was just riding it
out. I’m happy to still be there. Montreal is a great place to play and
the fans are great.”

Price, 22, and the Canadiens still were in
contract negotiations as of Monday.

“You know how I am, roll as
you go,” Price said. “I’m a restricted free agent, it’s pretty much wait
and see and come to an agreement that is fair to both sides.”

•  •  •

Two Randys to coach the Bulldogs 

Cunneyworth as head coach, Ladouceur as his assistant. 

Maybe Cunneyworth and Kirk Muller can talk about old times at training camp. 

Check out a long list of Cunneyworth bouts on YouTube. Highly recommended: the KO of Markus Naslund.

Fearless prediction: Not a lot of back-talk from the ‘Dogs this season.

• And Guy Boucher hires his Hamilton assistants for the Lightning.

•  •  •

Gomez and Cammalleri at Camp BioSteel




  1. GrimJim says:

    Danger Will Robinson. Danger.

  2. Jordio-oh says:


  3. RC-51 says:

    Eklund says “According to multiple sources the Canadiens are closing in on a possible trade that would bring Kevin Bieksa to Montreal, and send back a “significant” forward prospect.”

  4. Steve C. says:

    Cunneyworth is a great hiring by the Canadiens organization.  He provided the Sabres with plenty of ready-for-the-NHL players when they were called up from Rochester during the last decade up until the summer of 2008 when he joined the Thrashers.

    I’m looking forward to seeing if he can help to turn around/propel the careers of players such as Pacioretty, Carle, Weber, Desharnais, and Trotter, among others.

  5. Storm Man says:

    How would you know what is old ways of coaching and new…. Your what 17?

  6. TorontoHabsFan says:

    The new model? Methinks you are overstating things my friend.

  7. TripleX says:


    I am in total agreement.  As a charter member of the Cynics Club I need to witness actual results before making a final judgement.

    I can’t help being a fan of his radical approach to coaching and the 1-3-1 system you mentioned yesterday SF09.  I will be curious to see if he uses it in Tampa as I don’t know if it has ever been used in the NHL.


    “And I am really looking forward to watching Michael Cammalleri in the NHL. He had an awesome year in the AHL.” PIERRE McGUIRE

  8. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Here’s a thought:

    Since LA lost out on Kovalchuk, and the market for scoring wingers is pretty dry (and since I’m assuming that Frolov doesn’t want to return). What if we traded them Kostitsyn for a prospect, something like Andrei Loktionov  –  and then we could sign Frolov.


    Is Frolov an upgrade on Kostitsyn? I’d think so. Although to be honest I’d rather try for a Gagne or a Leino next season (if Kostitsyn doesn’t turn it around that is)


  9. Mattyleg says:

    Or just wussing out and admitting defeat, saying “the Montreal/Ottawa goalie.”

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  10. Storm Man says:

    Did you watch a Bulldogs game this year? I see your very good and the copy and paste game. I would like you to add some insight on the state of the Habs from what you see with your own eyes and your own words. Anyone can come on here and copy and paste and try and spin it as if they know what they are taking about. More and more you are like some of the sheep on here.

  11. nightmare_49 says:

     C – Merci.

  12. CanadienBoy says:

    like Bowmen and Toe Blake ?

  13. SeriousFan09 says:

    Derfab had no need to go off on that ridiculous tangent about Boucher, but I am getting tired of everyone freaking out that we lost Boucher like he was going to be our new Bowman. Like some guys can dominate the AHL as a player but never run the board in the NHL, it can also happen with coachs.

    I wish Guy Boucher luck as he gave me and fellow Hammertown folk a great AHL season to watch and I hope if he does well, he’ll come home to Montreal in a few years to take over here. Thing is, I also remember him icing a questionable lineup in Game 7 against the Texas Stars, including a couple guys who had been sitting on the IR list until that critical game they ended up losing. He is not infallible.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  14. HardHabits says:

    you’re like a mouse and I am like a cat

    I decide when I am through with you

    nice try squirming though

  15. TripleX says:

    The only similarity between Anderson and Boucher is that they coached in the AHL.

    Anderson represents the old way of making it to the NHL and Boucher is the new model.

    “And I am really looking forward to watching Michael Cammalleri in the NHL. He had an awesome year in the AHL.” PIERRE McGUIRE

  16. Rugger says:

    Wow, tying the three pillars of Hollywood Science fiction into one sentance: Lost in Space, Star Trek, Star Wars.  Well done Bill!

  17. TripleX says:

    Just responding to the poster who was insulting Boucher unnecessarily in order to prop up the new Hamilton coach.  If you have to insult the former coach to make the new coach look good, I have to wonder how confident one is in his credentials. 

    No need to call Boucher a putz or McGill twit is there?



    “And I am really looking forward to watching Michael Cammalleri in the NHL. He had an awesome year in the AHL.” PIERRE McGUIRE

  18. HabFanSince72 says:

    I don’t think he even read the story in the link.

    The nurse must be late with the afternoon tranquilizer.


  19. TorontoHabsFan says:

    John Anderson – another coach who won everything in the AHL.  Didn’t really work so well in the NHL though.

    How ’bout we wait a tic before we think about renaming the Jack Adams trophy the Guy Boucher shall we?

  20. SeriousFan09 says:

    Yet he has not coached one NHL game to date. How about we wait for him to coach a while before we call this a disaster?


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  21. pmaraw says:

    the only time “how many cups did they win?” is valid, is when we’re talking about the habs vs another team with a fan of that other team and the topic is who is the better team.

  22. nightmare_49 says:

     Engeles – Gagne not a hometown boy, he is from Ste.Foy.

  23. Castor says:

    Apparently my internet connection was excited about no more Brunet. Sorry for the double post.

  24. nightmare_49 says:

    C – Where’s your source on the Brunet firing? ? ?

  25. Mark C says:

    Why are you quoting words I didn’t even write?

  26. TripleX says:

    Take the blinders off  and look at Boucher’s short but brilliant career as a head coach.

    See what the Columbus Dispatch had to say about the man:

    Boucher has three degrees – bachelor’s degrees in history and biosystems engineering from McGill University in Montreal, and a master’s degree in sports psychology from the University of Montreal.

    Blue Jackets center Derick Brassard, who played under Boucher at Drummondville of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League in 2006-07, was wowed by Boucher’s motivational tactics.

    “Every day was a new challenge for the players, and every player was accountable to the team,” Brassard said. “I’ve never played for a guy like him, a guy who is capable of getting the best out of every player. He was always in your head, always keeping you energized and motivated. It was always very motivating.”

    A few of Boucher’s favorite sayings, according to recent articles:

    • “You don’t motivate people; you activate something in them that already exists.”

    • “Let’s get out of the ‘why’ and get into the ‘how.'”

    • “I don’t coach systems, I coach people.”

    Boucher is the poster boy for the NEW coaching style that is tailor made for the mentality of athletes of today.  Martin is a relic whose carrot and stick system was archaic a decade ago and even more so now.


    “And I am really looking forward to watching Michael Cammalleri in the NHL. He had an awesome year in the AHL.” PIERRE McGUIRE

  27. Castor says:

    You’re just constantly negative. Why do you come here?


    His article points out the weaknesses as much as it does the strengths. He’s right for the most part.
    The only way we’re going to compete in a healthy way is if Pouliot, Lapierre and AK play very well. If they stink it up again the team is screwed. (Having Eller and Boyd play marginally well will, of course, help too.

  28. Bob Barker says:

    Worst colour commentator in the history of the franchise. 

  29. Bill J says:

    +1 nicely done :)

    lol @ “young turks”


  30. ManApart says:

    This offense is soft and one-dimensional enough. Kariya is the softest man alive. In theory he’would be right at home here, but it would be a terrible addition. He can’t even score anymore anyway.

  31. Danno says:

    “When you’re getting pelted with shitballs deputy, you gotta get a shit
    bat.” Mr. Lahey.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  32. j2w4habs25 says:

    Carey! Carey! Carey!

    I cant wait to see him in action this season. NO matter what this season brings apon the Canadiens this year I am behind them to the fullest!


  33. likehoy says:

    that was epic…lemieux makes everyone look like a fool by not doing anything! the opposite from what you would expect

  34. Bill J says:

    LMFAO so true.

    Price could have said

    “I’m prepared to bend over at the negotiations, and pay the Habs to play for them”

    And Tony would have said “Do we really want someone who bow’s to these never-has-beens”

    Some things never change.


  35. HardHabits says:

    given the fact that you regurgitate yesterday’s posts you have nothing to say

    when you come up with a new idea then you can speak

    until then pg and bg look like young turks compared to you

  36. ManApart says:

    Like it. As you said below, we have to dump salary, so AK46 instead of Max Pac makes more sense. I’m still hopeful for Pax’s development. He’s a bigger body that can really skate. Montreal has nobody like this outside of AK46, who doesn’t feel like trying most of the time. I think te Habs D is way too soft and old. Bieksa would make a great addition and make that top 6 look very good. It’s also Hammer’s last season.

  37. Bill J says:

    Please stop using Boucher as an argument for your position.

    You make me feel all icky inside when I “partly” agree with you.


  38. likehoy says:

    well i’m more worried for AK and pouliot sucking…who are currently penciled into our top 6…insurance never hurt anyone did it? 

    except those people on the phones…they’re just annoying.

  39. derfab says:

    Babcock bows to Jacques Lemaire. Neither learned anything about hockey at McGill.

    character is derfab destiny.

  40. Bill J says:

    Can’t think of another reason all these “particular” Ex-Habs where mentioned ?

    Not a one eh ?


  41. Bill J says:

    You know what – I perhaps believed the rumour on this one.

    I can’t find anything mentioning it “officially”

    OK back to hoping this becomes reality! lol

  42. LA Loyalist says:

    I was in LA that day, and I was also really upset and angry. I think the team was here or he was here. I wanted to go to the hotel and apologize to him, but it was too weird.

  43. SeriousFan09 says:

    Darcy Tucker is well past his prime as an agitator/enforcer and Richards is often confused by situations that don’t involve him putting an elbow into a check or blindsiding somebody when it comes to physical play.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  44. JD_ says:

    Far as I know, the Brunet thing was merely rumour until now.

    Demers said goodbye at the end of the playoffs.

    Two potential vacancies for Crete’s round table and Mario Tremblay looking for work.

    Lock your windows and hide the kids.

  45. jkirk says:

    That’s a pretty expensive bag of magic beans.

    Good luck with the website.

  46. derfab says:

    Cunneyworth will do a good job.

    This Boucher stuff is sickening.  Boucher has never played pro hockey and, with the exception of Tampa, has had very strong teams handed to him since the beginning of his very short career. Honestly, what putz can do wrong as an assistant with the national junior team?

    The guy is 2 parts political appointee, 1 part hockey coach who Tampa got on the cheap. A rookie McGill twit as opposed to a 20 year nhl vet. … PULEASE!…

    character is derfab destiny.

  47. Bill J says:

    Was already announced a while back

    Demers also not returning if I remember correctly.

  48. HabFanSince72 says:

    Forget Max Pac too.


  49. Bill J says:

    What a confusing post this is.

    1) You seem to love another Captain Kirk… ;)

    2) your reference to Star Wars (Jar Jar) while being a Kirk lover is tantamount to “Does not compute”

    lol ;)

  50. HabFanSince72 says:

    I chuckled at this entry on Bieksa’s wikipedia page:

    A relative unknown in his first couple of seasons in the NHL,[27]
    his last name, which is pronounced phonetically (
    Bee-ek-sa), was
    frequently mispronounced by sports newscasters and hockey broadcasters
    such as Bob Cole and Harry
    Hockey Night in Canada.

    It’s at best 50/50 that those two will either mispronounce a player’s name or mistake him for someone else altogether. I remember Cole calling Lapierre “Laperriere”.


  51. PuckBuddy says:

    It was rumoured to be a top prospect so AK would be out of the running. I’d say Max Pacioretty because his development has taken a bit of a hit in the last year. Personally, I think once he fills out his frame he’ll be able to compete more on a nightly basis but I could see him going the other way. Another name could be Carle or Weber. With Subban cracking the NHL this year, the Habs have a one too many right handed OFD in the system which they could move without breaking a sweat.

    - Matt

  52. TorontoHabsFan says:

    It’s pretty obvious that it wouldn’t matter what Price said, Tony here would slam him for it.

  53. gauver says:

    he’s not a spolied brat, he is easy-going and always has been that way.  as he states, he is rolling with the punches.

  54. HabFanSince72 says:

    Forget O’B.

    Just forget about him.


  55. Bill J says:

    I think your not far off with your Cap hit for Price.

    I think more like 3 years.

    and the Habs certainly have a bad poker face if as you say they “want Price to prove his worth”


  56. HabFanSince72 says:

    Sorry but our D lacks physicality. Bieksa is physical and he was leading scorer among Canuck D-men his two full seasons.


    He missed a lot of games in the last 3 years but both times it was due to freak incidents (skate cuts).


    And he beat the tar out of Darcy Tucker and Mike Richards.


  57. SeriousFan09 says:

    Going by Eklund, Alexander Frolov, Gilbert Brule and Andrew Cogliano have been on the roster for at least a year in MTL already. Guy’s just blowing smoke out of his rear because he can’t dangle BS Kovalchuk rumours anymore.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  58. jkirk says:

    I, too, love Captain Kirk.

    When Martin gets fired or forced out next season for making Jar-Jar Price fight for the #1 goalie spot, I hope they put Kirk in charge of the team. When they fire him for making the same decisions regarding Price as Carbo and Martin, maybe more fans will finally start to understand what all this Price stuff is doing to the franchise.


  59. Bill J says:

    You do have a good point

    counting PK & O’B – the Habs have 7 D…

    Like I said, because Eklund is saying it will happen, means it will not happen.

    No worries :)

  60. PuckBuddy says:

    I think Price will sign for a 2-year $6 million contract. His career stats will be brought into the negotiations which should bump up his salary a little higher than most think. I think anything more than 2-3 years won’t happen because the habs want to see him prove his worth and Price will believe he can get a big pay raise in a few seasons if all goes as planned.

    I’ve started a hockey website recently so feel free to check it out here: or



  61. SeriousFan09 says:

    Oyoyoyoy… How will we cope?


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  62. Bill J says:

    1) the fact that Eklund is reporting it, means it will NOT happen.

    2) IF it where to happen, more likely AK46 is the one shipped. (Cap Hit Vs. Cap Hit)

  63. avatar_58 says:

    NO DAMNIT – I don’t want to see another d-man eat a rookie’s spot on the roster, nor do I want to see another one of our prospect forwards do better on another team. Stick with what we have.

  64. forskis says:

    Um…how is letting management make the decision and letting the chips fall where they may be an example of a bad attitude?  His fate was in management’s hands, there was nothing he could do except wait.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

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