Price, Price and more Price

Pat Hickey’s take:

was never any doubt that Price would sign and my only surprise was
that Gauthier seemed unnecessarily generous, giving Price $2.5 million
in the coming season and $3 million the following season.

“It’s a
bargain if he can surpass the numbers he put up as a rookie. But it
will be wasted money if he doesn’t improve over his performance since
February 2009. Since Price appeared in the 2009 All-Star game in
Montreal, he has looked like anything but an all-star. His record in
that period has been 20-32-10 which means that he has lost more than
twice as many games as he has won”

Interesting analysis from Arpon Basu:

” … a
$2.75 million cap hit over the next two years is a good deal for both
Price and the Canadiens. It gives both sides a good window to see what
will become of this talented young man who clearly lost his way at last
year’s All-Star break, but who hasn’t necessarily lost it altogether.
For Price, he makes a very decent wage and has two years to prove
himself. For the Canadiens, should Price completely flop his contract is
not an albatross and is only on the books for two years.”

Boone rants

• And in La Presse, Richard Labbé writes “with two weeks to go until the opening of training camp, Pierre Gauthier can breathe a bit easier. The most pressing issues have been taken care of, and the club can concentrate on hockey.”

At, Pierre Durocher says the Canadiens were very generous in the amount of money they’ve shelled out for Price.

Bob Hartley predicts Price will be under enormous pressure.

And ticket packages go on sale online tomorrow.


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