Habs practise after Price named Molson Cup Player of the Year

The Canadiens announced on Monday morning that goaltender Carey Price is the Molson Cup Player of the Year for the 2012-13 season based on three-star voting by fans. Rookie forward Alex Galchenyuk is the Molson Cup recipient for the April segment of three-star voting.

Price, who was the Canadiens’ player of the month in February, finished ahead of Brendan Gallagher and Galchenyuk. The netminder played 39 games during the regular season, for a career total of 310, ranking him eighth on the Canadiens’ all-time list for most games played by a goaltender.

Price finished the regular season with a 21-13-4 record with a 2.59 goals-against average and .905 save percentage. He recorded three shutouts this season, giving him 19 for his career to rank ninth in team history.

 Price was voted one of the three stars 15 times this season by fans. He was the first star four times, second star six times and third star five times. Gallagher was selected as a star 13 times (4-5-4) and Galchenyuk was a star eight times (5-1-2).

Price was on the ice with his teammates Monday morning in Brossard as the Canadiens held their first practice since learning they will face the Ottawa Senators in the first round of the playoffs, with Game 1 slated for Thursday night at the Bell Centre and Game 2 on Friday.

“It’s going to be a hard-nosed series … and a tight-checking game,” coach Michel Therrien said after the 50-minute practice. “That’s how we’ve had success.”

The Canadiens had a 2-1-1 record against the Senators this season and this will mark the first playoff meeting between the teams since the Senators returned to the NHL in 1992.

“Rivalries are born in the playoffs,” Therrien said. “There’s about to be one with the Senators and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Therrien said he was confident heading into the playoffs and liked the way Price played in his last two games, saying “he’s our best player.”

The coach added that he appreciates having three days of practice before Game 1, but noted it’s the same for both teams.

The lines at Monday’s practice were: Gallagher-Eller-Galchenyuk; Prust-White-Moen; Desharnais-Bourque-Pacioretty; Gionta-Plekanec-Ryder; Halpern-Armstrong.

Defence pairings were: Gorges-Diaz; Markov-Subban; Bouillon-Tinordi; Kaberle-Weber.

Michael Blunden and Gabriel Dumont weren’t on the ice with the rest of the Canadiens but were expected to practise separately with Greg Pateryn, Nathan Beaulieu, Michael Bournival, Petteri Nokelainen, Dustin Tokarski, Robert Mayer and Louis Leblanc, who were all called up from the Hamilton Bulldogs.

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(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)


  1. Maritime Ron says:

    Specialty teams wins games.
    Team Defense wins Championships.

    The Ottawa Penalty kill ranked #1 in the NHL this year and our Habs PP ranked 3rd in the Eastern Conference.
    The Ottawa PP ranked 20th (without Karlsson for several games) and our PK ranked 23rd ( although much better in the last 2 games with Tinordi)

    The questions:

    1) Who has the better Specialty teams and overall Team Defense?
    2) Understanding the Habs ‘pecking order’ for PP, how long does Therrien wait to play the Eller/Gally/Chuckie line on the PP?
    While they may not have the experience, at this point they have the best collective ‘hands’ and ‘compete’ of any trio.
    Their 5X5 domination of the Leafs last Saturday was incredible. They win puck battles and are not easily pushed off the puck

    • Phil C says:

      One of the few ways I see Ottawa winning games is if Montreal gets into penalty trouble. A component of the game plan should be to stay out of the box, make Ottawa beat you 5-on-5. This will be tough for Ottawa, even with Karlsson.

      Both teams play strong team defense, so that is a push. Ottawa are stronger on D, Montreal have a more balanced attack. In the end, I think Montreal’s greater ability to score should prevail.

    • derfab says:

      Ottawa forecheck is not strong enough to cancel Mtl transition game. But their goaler will frustrate us and steal at least one. Both teams will be rested so stupid penalties shouldn’t be a factor. Specialty teams will be even. Habs in six.

  2. jols101 says:

    Last year’s top 3 prospects – Yakupov, Murray, Galchenyuk

    This years top 3 projected prospects- Jones, Drouin, MacKinnon

    Which, do you guys think, is a better year for top end talent?

    • Loonie says:

      Gotta say this year’s top three. If for no other reason than the Jones/Murray comparison on defense. Ryan Murray is to Seth Jones as Travis Moen is to Max Pacioretty in my opinion.

    • Marc10 says:

      Yeah, it’s night and day… And in the two years following, you’ll get Crosby Mark II in Connor MacDavid and Gretzky Mark II in that other kid everyone is raving about.

      If I’m the Avs. I go on Ultra-tank (my trademark) for the next two years hoping to land an Oiler type dynasty. Lord knows they have it in them to suck for a couple…

      Meanwhile we’ll hopefully find our Lyle Odelein and our Mike McPhee and land a cup before the Avs turn into the Penguins… Mark III!

      • Cal says:

        Oiler type dynasty? You have been seeing what all those #1 picks have been doing in Edmonton, right?

        Avs have plenty of young talent already. Adding Seth Jones will be a big bonus. Avs need veteran help, just like the Oilers. The stunning lack of leadership on the Oilers tells the story. Relying on kids means years and years of futility.

        • Marc10 says:

          Sorry, I meant the Gretzky era Oiler dynasty, a stacked team with a couple of franchise players. Could have used the Pens or the Hawks as better modern day examples of that format… Because that’s absolutely what’s on offer if the Avs happen to suck for the next two seasons while they rebuild around Seth Jones.

          That said, games are won on the ice.

    • Storman says:

      Out of all the players Galchenyuk and Drouin have the most outstanding chance at overall and offensive superstardom and Seth Jones is a lock to be a star and a Number one D man anchoring any teams blueline for many years to come,,

  3. Loonie says:

    The Draft Lottery last night was ideal for us. With the Lightning and Panthers joining our division next season the nightmare scenario would have been them picking #1 and #2 overall. As it happened they pick two and three. This isn’t a huge victory for us because they’re still going to land superstar talents. But my hope is that the Avalanche draft Seth Jones. The elite defenseman is still the straw that stirs the drink.

    • 24 Cups says:

      Jones is a Colorado native so that pretty well has to be the tie-breaker. As well, they have to make up for the Johnson blunder.

      One of the two Florida based teams will get Drouin which could make life painful for the next decade.

      • Loonie says:

        Drouin and Huberdeau will be a lethal combination Steve. But I’m far less worried about the offensive superstar than I am about the team with the elite defenseman.

        Cup Winners have them.

        • ed says:

          it’s too soon to write off Murray. he could come back and be a Markov type, impact defenceman in this league for 15+ years, and team captain.

          • Loonie says:

            I’m not writing him off. But in comparison to Seth Jones he in my opinion is underwhelming. That’s not a knock on Murray so much as an endorsement of Jones.

            I don’t think they’re in the same league.

      • Storman says:

        I would not call Seth Jones a Colorado native, it is where he began his love for Hockey, at 8 years old while his Dad played for the NBA Nuggets, but by the time he was 10-11 he moved back to his native state of Texas and continued to develop in Bantam Major in Dallas before joining the National Development program,, do not see many ties to Colorado,,His Dad is presently coaching the Nets in Brooklyn,,Seth has ties all over the USA.. It would not surprise me to see the Avalanche go off the board and select Jonathon Drouin, in hopes of sparking fan base with a talented offensive superstar.

      • Clay says:

        Don’t worry Steve – I don’t think both Florida teams will still be in Florida for the next decade 😉

        ☞ “And yet not choice but habit rules the unreflecting herd.” ~ William Wordsworth ☜

    • Marc10 says:

      The only downside is the Panthers who are already pretty solid on D are going to add one heck of an offensive weapon to tag team with Huberdeau.

      All they need are another 3 lines and they’ll be there… Oh yeah, and a goalie… 🙂

      Come to think of it, I’m pretty happy with this outcome. I wish Calgary and Nashville had done a little better, but as long as Philly and the Oil didn’t land a can’t miss gem, I’m a happy camper.

  4. Edman says:

    Drafted my playoff pool last night. Here is my team:

    P.K. Subban
    Z.Parise (only Minn player picked…)

    Hoping for a MTL vs DET final haha

    I drafted near the end and all the Pittsburgh/Chicago players went early

    • HabinBurlington says:

      It will be interesting to watch the San Jose vs. Vancouver series. If Schneider isn’t ready, Luongo will be key. His last game was quite the nightmare.

  5. Sportfan says:

    John Liu said we haven’t made the playoffs in two years… He’s wrong right? It hasn’t been that long.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  6. showey47 says:

    For those who don’t have HD and have eastlink they now have a free 6 month promotion.

  7. arrybai says:

    I recorded 24 CH episode 6 on Sunday and when I watched the program it was the same as #5. Anyone have any news as to when they will correct this mistake?

    “A game worth playing is a game worth winning”

    • von says:

      I noticed this too. I set the PVR to record a later date/time. Hopefully it’ll be the right one.


      “Obviously it would be great, but they don’t really hang conference titles in this rink. They raise Stanley Cup banners.” – Carey Price

    • Marc10 says:

      I watched the Hebdo Version online (shorter weekly wrapup).

      Bergervin had an interesting observation… He hates to lose and prefers players who hate to lose more than a player who likes to win.

      Damn straight. Everyone likes to win, but show me someone who hates to lose and I’ll show you effort even when you think it doesn’t matter anymore. (It always matters.)

  8. timothy13 says:

    This is not intended to be a blame game rant but come on people, Carey Price?, ‘player of the year.’ No way! The people who make these decisions @ Molson must look @ the past when the goalie has been rewarded. He has often replied with a stinker of a game. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, guess it proves he is not what the reward says he is! Anyway, before the series starts we can all be hopeful of four wins by the Habs which I dearly pray for but it will only happen if Carey Price acts and plays like a number one goalie. The bookies and media mostly predict the Sens in 7 and that says the belief is Price could or may have another meltdown. If he can sustain a brilliant record of goals against and not go down so much then the Habs can move past the first round. Yes the team had confidence in their last two games. The spanking of the Leafs was without Carey….I rest my case. Lets hope the Habs GM is watching and taking notes.

    • Cal says:

      Fans vote for the 3 stars. Price is the fans’ choice. Nothing to do with anything else.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Oddschecker lists 13 bookmakers all favoring the Habs with a consensus 2:3 odds for a Habs series win, and the Sens 17:10 to win.

      But not to take away from a good point you make that it’s difficult to predict which team will get the stronger goaltending at this juncture.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

      • 24 Cups says:

        When you add up all the hockey pundits predictions it basically comes out as a dead heat. Home ice could be the tie breaker but as Hard Habits points out Ottawa fans are quite supportive of the Habs.

        I think it’s imperative that Montreal wins the first two games. That could be enough to get Price on a major roll. Ryder is the other guy who needs to really step up.

    • Mustang says:

      13, most predictions I have seen favor Montreal. As Cal has already said, the player of the year choice is based on the 3 star selection which are picked by the fans.

      The Habs will do just fine if Price regains his game and they have a very good back up if he stumbles.

    • punkster says:

      How many times does this have to be explained before it sinks in…3 stars, voted by the fans, after each game of the season, cumulative results.

      ***SUBBANGIN’ NOW BABY!!!***

  9. Lafleurguy says:

    The 1,000th post should arrive around 9:13 AM edt, using one of the HIO measuring sticks I found in a trashpile after someone tossed it aside.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  10. AndyF says:

    Wow, 7 games in 11 days is bound to leave a mark! The Habs better rest up these next couple of days — the load will become quite heavy.

  11. jeffhabfan says:

    My buddy feels Sens in 7 Games. If we take 2010s game plan we might beat the Pens again. But first things first we have to beat the Sens.I do not see the Kings winning again.GO HABS GO.

    • Ozmodiar says:

      You’re buddy?? Bah, who cares!

      We want to know what Jeff thinks! C’mon, man.

      I’ll even help you out by getting you started…
      Habs in ___


      Edit: Just saw your post below!
      Habs in 6!

    • Phil C says:

      2010’s game plan? Uuugghhh. I think I’d rather watch them go down swinging with MT’s system than watch anymore JM hockey. 😉

      I don’t think the Kings get out of the West this year either. They won’t surprise anyone anymore, teams have made adjustments against them.

  12. JF says:

    The unexpected extra few days before their playoffs begin could be the Habs’ biggest advantage. Not only do these days allow a bit of rest to players like Markov, who is obviously tired, Prust, who seems not to be 100%, and Plekanec, who always gets worn down in the post-season; but they allow valuable practice time, a commodity that was in short supply with the compressed schedule, especially late in the season. This will benefit Jarred Tinordi, who seems to be slotting in as the sixth defenceman. He’s done very well since coming back up, but he’s a rookie and will almost inevitably be prone to lapses. The extra practice time should help prevent the most glaring errors. It should also help the penalty kill, an area the Habs absolutely have to improve in. Killing penalties is mainly a matter of hard work, focus, and attention to detail, all of which were in abeyance during the late-season tailspin. We had a good stretch with the penalty kill after acquiring Jeff Halpern, so hopefully we can get back to that.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Insightful. JF. Of greater uncertainty is the Habs’ PK proficiency, moreso than the play of Carey P. Hopefully, the extended practice time allows improvement in this important area.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

  13. Clay says:

    Wow, I missed so much on this thread, just caught up…good on so many of you for giving that fool some perspective – and Tom (Loonie), great post. I share your difficulties sometimes at restraining myself, so I think I appreciate your restraint even more than most.

    ☞ “And yet not choice but habit rules the unreflecting herd.” ~ William Wordsworth ☜

  14. jeffhabfan says:

    I do not like the back to backs but still feel like we can still win in 6 games. Also Pittsburgh will be the team to beat in the East.

  15. Marc10 says:

    I just rewatched the Habs-Leafs game…

    Props to PG for moving down and allowing Timmins to draft Tinordi. Wow! He is going to be a solid, solid Dman. Wow!

    Think of the next 15-odd years with this guy back there puts a spring in my step. Picture this in a couple of years… PK and JT shutting powerplays down as PK logs 30 mins and Tinordi 25+. It’s going to be beautiful… Beautiful for us Habs fans!!!

    Awwww yeah! The future ain’t so bad and the present can still go our way. As much as I wanted the Leafs, I think the kids will benefit from playing the Sens, a well coached, playoff tested opponent.

    It will come down to our best and their best.

    PK vs Karlsson
    Price vs Anderson
    Max vs Alfredsson
    Pleks vs Turris
    Prust vs Neil
    Chucky vs Conacher
    Markov vs Gonchar
    Eller vs Silfverberg
    Ryder vs Michalek
    Tinordi vs Cowen (big ask!)

    Oh yeah and we still have Gally and Bourque in the tank…

    But let’s not look at the Ds too closely…

    Our special teams vs Their special teams
    Our coach of the year candidate vs Their coach of the year candidiate

    It’s going to be fun. This is a tough match up.
    I really think we would have smoked the Leafs. But the Sens are a different beast all together. They’re big and fast and skilled. Their goalies have been outstanding. Their coach is great.

    The only thing us fans can control is the decibel level. If you’re an HIO member and lucky enough to be at the game, it’s up to you to break the sound barrier. Let’s carry this team to the second round and beyond!

    Go Habs Go!

  16. Old Bald Bird says:

    I understand the Molson Cup and know that it is not an MVP award, but I see many pumping Price as the MVP. I disagree because I don’t see that he has done more than what you expect a starting goalie to do. OTOH, I think Subban has done much more than what you expect a typical D-man to do. A true MVP award should be no contest IMO.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      I am in complete agreement Bird. PK has been the best player on the ice nearly every game. He has become a STAR in this league. We are really lucky to have him on our team.

  17. 24 Cups says:

    Now that Joe Sacco has been fired I wonder if the Avs will bring in Patrick Roy as coach to help ignite the franchise along with Seth Jones. It would certainly be a double-whammy for the local Colorado fans.

  18. Lark says:

    It is kinda interesting that the player with the most goals and most points basically gets zero votes in the HIO poll for best Hab this season.

  19. HabFanSince72 says:

    If Brian Burke wanted to put all this rumors back in the public eye, he went about it the right way.

  20. John Q Public says:


  21. JF says:

    Last night on L’Antichambre, Patrick Roy blasted the Habs-Sens playoff schedule, saying that back-to-back games is a terrible way to start the series. The teams will be concentrated and focused for the first game, but there will be an immediate letdown or relaxation after it, which they won’t have time to get over for game two because they won’t have gotten into their playoff rhythm. So if the Habs lose game one, they could be in big trouble. Roy might be right, but the Habs have done extremely well in back-to-backs this season, so hope it won’t be an issue. But I agree that the schedule is terrible.

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      It´s not only back-to-back games to start the series. Playing three games in three days and three hours after four whole days off is just bs.

    • Phil C says:

      It is back-to-back for both teams. If one team lets down more than the other, they deserve to lose. Not sure what Roy’s point is there, but he should read the slogan on the dressing room wall – no excuses. It may make for some bad hockey if both teams are tired, but it is equally tough for both teams, so it is fair.

      MT will have to make some adjustments and manage the ice-time for his older players if he can. The 4th line could be very important as well, it will be advantageous if they can roll four lines and all six D for the first three games.

  22. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    Interesting series. I pick the Habs, as a homer but also from watching both teams all season. I don’t expect it to be quick, and I expect a few major HIO rant and gloom evenings to come.

    If Anderson is hot, the Sens have a slight advantage in net. If Price steps up, that could even out. Could. He won’t steal any games, but he may allow the forwards to.
    Both backups are good goalies, if needs be. Neither carries you far though. Strong first line goaltending will be needed.

    Karlsson is still injured and is playing it – lots of shots but clearly some difficulties. Their D is big and nondescript, but good. Advantage Sens, due to the loss of Emelin.

    I think the Habs have a much better offence, and a stronger set of forwards. That’s what will decide it. That and over all team organization. The Habs, if they are on their game, are a stronger unit.

  23. Habfan10912 says:

    Good morning all. I don’t know about you guys but I found it somewhat comforting that PJ Stock picked the Sens to win the series. 🙂

    • jols101 says:

      But Glenn Healy picked the Habs in 5, we could be in trouble. lol

      • Habfan10912 says:

        Dang, offsetting Bozo’s neutralize each other, eh?

        • jols101 says:

          Yep, that is what I figure; 2 bozo’s canceling each other out.

          A guy I do like is Ray Ferraro and he picked the Sens in 6. Disappointed in him. Then again, before the season started he was adamant that Galchenyuk needed to be sent back to Junior. So he has been dead wrong before.

          • otter649 says:

            Also Ferrarro is not the greatest Habs lover as his teams eliminated in 86-89-93 by Montreal as he felt his teams were close those years especially 93…..

    • Maritime Ron says:

      Good morning

      And people complain about Don Cherry.
      I just don’t get how Stock survives.

      1) Does he have pictures?
      2) Is he married to a relative of a CBC exec?
      3) Did he, family, and friends make huge political contributions
      4) Is there a CBC hiring practise that mandates the hiring of the intellectually challenged?

      • Habfan10912 says:

        Morning Ron. Maybe all of the above. Truth be told I stopped watching CBC pre game, post game and between periods some time ago. I get all my information on happening from all you folks here. I just couldn’t take it anymore. CHeers.

  24. HabinBurlington says:

    As a tribute for all the conversation Cherry sparked here yesterday, here is the Toronto Stars top 7 Don Cherry controversial moments.


    • Habfan10912 says:

      There is a saying here in the States when we see something bizarre. It is, “Only in America”. Well, this one could best be described as “Only in Canada”.
      Multiple fire-able offences? Yep but he’s now a legend. Go figure.

  25. Maritime Ron says:

    McHab4Life says:
    Here’s a trade I hope MB can pull off at the draft:
    To Calgary : Habs 1st RD Pick, 34th Overall Pick (NSH 2nd), 36th overall pick (Cgy 2nd) + Louis Leblanc
    To MTL : Calgary’s 6th Overall pick
    As poster Fransaskois points out, Calgary already has 2 other 1st round picks from St. Louis and Pittsburgh that will be in the 25-30 zone. That eases the pain somewhat after giving the 2nd rounder in the rather Calgary dumb Cammalleri/Bourque trade.

    One team to watch may be Columbus.
    They have 3 first round picks -their own at 14th and as long as the Rangers or LA kings don’t get to the Conference finals, the other picks would be 19th and 23rd. ( Stanley Cup finalists pick 29-30, losers of the Conference finals 28-27, then Division winners by points, then the rest of the playoff teams)

    • aHabGrowsInBrooklyn says:

      Well, Jay Feaster has proven himself to be a bit of a dupe and a dope. So, while 3 picks in the 30s plus Louis Leblanc for the #6 pick might seem like a crazy deal to make, Bergevin may just be able to pull it off. “Jay, when I was with Chicago, building their STANLEY CUP WINNING TEAM, we did this kind of thing all the time. You don’t want just one pick, you want LOTS of picks. That’s what rebuilding’s all about! See what has happened with the Oilers? Three consecutive #1 picks, and they still can’t get into the post-season.”

      • Maritime Ron says:

        I hear you loud and clear, but I was leaving out ‘dysfunctional ownership/management’ out of the equation and Calgary-Edmonton certainly lead the class in that area closely followed by Colorado. This year, you have to give the Islanders a pass as they made the playoffs.

    • 24 Cups says:

      I still think that it will be New Jersey who will need to make a dead during the draft. They have to acquire a low end pick so they can forfeit that pick for the Kovy trade. If they wait until next year it could be a gamble that really backfires.

      If I’m MB, I would offer a deal for Matteau, Merrill or Urbom for the Habs’ first rounder (depending on where that pick eventually lands).

      • aHabGrowsInBrooklyn says:

        Would the Devils not have to relinquish their own pick? Or can they use a pick acquired via trade?

        Urbom is a big kid. I like that deal. I have no opinion on Matteau or Merrill, but didn’t the Matteux recently get in some trouble in junior hockey?

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I believe they have to relinquish their own pick.

        • 24 Cups says:

          I’m not totally sure but I believe they have to give up a 1st round pick regardless of how it’s acquired. Stand corrected to be sure. I checked on Google and can’t really get a definitive answer.

          Even if they have to give up their own pick, they still might want to trade for another one seeing the draft is in their barn.

        • Maritime Ron says:

          GM LL may wait to see if he can sign his own UFAs in Clarkson, Elias, Zubrus, Zidlicky…..that may dictate how he will move forward.

      • Habfan10912 says:

        You sir, have your GM hat on this morning.

    • otter649 says:

      Four assets for one pick no thank you as The Habs will not hopefully have the opp for several years to have 3 picks in the top 36 so take advantage of the picks this draft season…….

  26. HabinBurlington says:

    The blindness of some Toronto sports writers is crazy. While Damien Cox does admit Boston is the favourite, he claims that in net the two teams are even. Rask to me is a far more proven commodity than Reimer.

    • Maritime Ron says:

      Good morning,

      Just a thought here, yet when you are a home town writer, you need access to the home team players.
      No access-no job.
      Cox may not be the smartest pencil in the box, but he isn’t stupid either.
      If he told the real truth, he may never get an interview again.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I understand that, but I don’t think he is barred from dressing room if he says at virtually every position the Leafs are underdogs. I just find it somewhat comical, as I have to listen to him on the radio quite a bit here in T.O. and he does drive me nuts.

        Have a good day Ron!

        • Maritime Ron says:

          I believe the guys on TSN had it nailed. They showed a few weakness points with Reimer along with terrible rebound control and gave the nod to Rask.

          As for the radio show, just treat it as The Morning Comedy Show.

    • aHabGrowsInBrooklyn says:

      When you live in the center of the universe, and have a legendary and consistently successful team in each of the North American leagues — remember when toronto turned down the NFL, with the argument that the CFL would be pointless without the Argos? — you don’t have to be objective. You can be assured that your team will win it all. Once again. Like they do every year.

  27. HabinBurlington says:

    Winner of Ott/Mtl series will have not endured much travel in 1st round, a bit of an advantage for later rounds I would think.

  28. Heading to the airport, see you on TV 😆



    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures

  29. gmur says:

    Who do you think was the Habs’ Player of the Year this season?

    Let’s look at it another way: If one of the players on the list had suffered a bad injury this season and been out for an extended period of time, which player absence would have hurt the Canadiens more?

    The Habs won without Subban…. won without Prust… I think that in this stage of his career we can safely say that, while he played great, Gallagher isn’t yet a cornerstone for the team.

    If you don’t answer Price, then play coach and put Budaj in for the Ottawa series… all of it. No changes allowed… good call. Call Bergevin and send in your CV now.

    Price won the Molson cup and he deserves it. The Habs would not be in first place without him. He gave up a bad goal or two in some games… what goalie doesn’t? Serge Savard the other day saying Roy never gave up a bad goal… bullspit. I can remember quite a few… and last night on Antichambre, Roy talked about playoff games against Quebec where he stunk up the Colisée. Bad goals let in, but the coach stuck with him. (Don’t remind me that the other choice was André ‘Red light’ Racicot…) If the team and coach had lost faith in Roy, they’re sunk… they didn’t and came back to win the series. Goalies change, but how you treat them doesn’t. Habs fans are a nasty lot when a goalie goes through a slump. Slump? One bad goal and suddenly it’s time to trade Price for Bobrovsky… (if you agree with that trade, kindly update your CVs for Bergevin with that information …)

    I’ll put Price in nets for all 7 games against Ottawa. A stinker or two? That just goes with the game…

    Imagine Price out for the first half of this past season with an injury. Where are the Canadiens then?

  30. keithmacv says:

    I don’t hate that trade but why are you thinking we need another center? Galchenyuk and Eller will be our top 2 centres for a long time.

    • McHab4Life says:

      Just because one of those guys could turn out to be a superstar #1 centre that we have been missing for a long time. Adding that with Larry and Chucky and we’d be set in the middle for a long long time… just my thoughts

  31. McHab4Life says:

    Here’s a trade I hope MB can pull off at the draft:
    To Calgary : Habs 1st RD Pick, 34th Overall Pick (NSH 2nd), 36th overall pick (Cgy 2nd) + Louis Leblanc
    To MTL : Calgary’s 6th Overall pick

    Why Cgy makes this deal? Because Cgy really needs to stock the bare cupboards and build depth in their organization. I believe this helps Cgy more than picking 1 player albeit a real star player.

    Why MTL makes this deal? Well we have alot more depth in our prospects pool now and this can really help us NOW as oppose to Cgy. At number 6, we could have a shot at Monahan or Barkov. Both Centres who would look awesome in our lineup.

    Discuss Guys…. What you think

    • JUST ME says:

      You do not trade a 1st round choice for a maybe we can get…You do not trade 3 draft choices and an active player for a maybe.

      Why would Montreal empty that so called bank of prospects and give it to Calgary ? And by the way where are those prospects ? Have you seen how weak the farm team is? The number one problem of the organization is the bank of prospects. Up until last season it was full of career AHLers and now that we have a few promissing youngsters you want to waste them away for a maybe ?

      Don`t be fooled by the results of the Habs cause down in the minor system it is far from being solid enough to think that the future is bright. Still need a few years of sacrifices and hard work to build something decent. In that regard a garanteed 36 th overall choice is as good as a 6 th maybe…

    • NO thanks, nothing is guaranteed in the draft. Take the odds on picking a number of times and looking super smart when one of those three early picks is a gem.

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures

    • Fransaskois says:

      Calgary has three first round picks. They’ll be stocking their cupboards just fine without us. 🙂 They have the chance to pick a blue-chip prospect and two more around 25-30, not much interest from their side I’d say.

  32. HardHabits says:

    Habs Picking 34th and 36th.

    In Timmins we Trust.

    Nevermind. Teams revert back for the 2nd round.

  33. Marc10 says:

    There’s a lot riding on this playoff series. It’s really audition time for a lot of guys to prove that they can take the next step and be part of MB’s rebuild.

    I would imagine these are some of the questions that will be answered (at least in part):

    1) Is Carey the real deal or will we need to get busy on the UFA market to replace him?
    2) Will the real Travis Moen or DD show up? Or is it time to ship their contract to nowhere ville for a bag of pucks?
    3) Can Ryan White contribute without crapping the bed?
    4) Will Pleks be a force when it counts?
    5) Is Max going to take his game to another level and play like a true power forward?
    6) How will the kids perform when asked to take another gigantic step?

    Tough match-up for this one. It’s going to be a real test to beat the Sens, a team that very nearly took out the Rangers last year… Questions will be answered.

    • Seps says:

      If Price does shit the bed, which nothing is showing he will, he’ll get moreso Fleury treatment where they’ll give him another shot.

      Travis Moen will show up… to the pressbox

    • GrosBill says:

      1. Yes, he is. No way he gets moved this summer.
      2. Moen not likely (too bad he could have been a helpful role player). DD, depends on your expectations. I think (hope) we will see 0.4 ppg ish.
      3. Yes, but we will likely see a couple boneheaded penalties.
      4. A force in one way, shutting down other top centres. He will be near top of our scoring leaders.
      5. Max had a good year. True power forward? Well he will be productive but not a physical Lucic style power forward
      6. From what I saw of Gallagher pre NHL, I expect him to get some points at crucial moment. Feel good about Eller, Chucky and Gally heading into the playoffs.

  34. Clay says:

    You know your team had a good season when that many players can even be considered for team MVP.

    ☞ “And yet not choice but habit rules the unreflecting herd.” ~ William Wordsworth ☜

    • Marc10 says:

      True dat. I was torn between the kids, Prust and PK. All full value IMO.

      Honorable mention to Pleks and Eller who were also outstanding.

    • Seps says:

      I know you think I’m very pro-Price which I am, I like to consider myself more pro-goalie where I don’t blame them instantly on a loss, but I don’t agree with him being MVP, definitely Subban this year.

  35. ffenliv says:

    Caught my first glimpse of the road in front of my building in the last 12 hours. Wicked blizzard. a good 7 or 8 feet of snow has piled up in the road. Definitely won’t be going to work in the morning.

    Sadly, there won’t be a Habs game tomorrow night to celebrate the end of my 4-day weekend with.

  36. Bripro says:

    Coming in late, I’m just watching Stanley Cup Countdown on CBC.
    You know, I’ve never really liked Glenn Healey as an announcer, but he’s picking the Habs in 5. My respect for him just went up dramatically. Elliott Friedman and PJ Stock however…..

    • Lafleurguy says:

      There are magic words to gaining respect from us Hab fans.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • JohnBellyful says:

      I think your estimation of PJ will go up after reading this article found on the Internet.

      TORONTO – A prominent Canadian sports personality has come out and said he’s a member of a persecuted minority.
      “I’m dumb, and proud of it,” pseudo- hockey analyst PJ Stock told reporters over drinks at a bar today.
      Stock said he decided to publicly declare his limited intelligence to end rumours he’s a half-wit.
      “Don’t I wish,” he said.
      Stock admitted he’s never liked being made “the bum of jokes” by hockey fans across Canada.
      “They think I want to draw attention to myself by saying controversial stuff,” he said. “Unhh unhh. I really believe what I’m saying. But if people thought I was doing it for the headlines, I wasn’t going to tell them they were wrong. I just hoped and prayed no one would ever find out I was stupid. Then when I saw that basketball player tell the world he was gay, I decided it was time for me to do the same. No, no, not say I’m gay, say I’m a dimwit.”
      Stock said he knows of hundreds of hockey players and sports writers who are just as dumb as he is – “their belt skips a few loops” – but are reluctant to say they’re stupid in public.
      “They’re only kidding themselves if they think people don’t know their butter isn’t churned, just like I used to fool myself,” Stock said.
      The National Association of Dumb as Doorknobs Canadians, the Royal Society of Imbeciles and the National Hockey League Officials Association all praised the retired hockey player for daring to put his reputation and livelihood on the line with his candor.
      “He’s an idiot,” said one spokesman. “Well done.”
      Stock there have been many times when he has wanted to say something but held back because he feared people would think he’s “a quarter shy of a penny.”
      The Depends shill expressed hope that his example will empower the mentally enfeebled to shrug off the shackles of self-loathing – or, as he put it, “get a grip” – and become more involved in society, such as running for office.
      “A lot of dumb things happen in Canada, but try getting anyone to admit to being dumb,” Stock said. “I hope others follow my lead. Especially my Hockey Night colleagues.”

      • Bripro says:

        That’s great John! Thanks for finding that.
        Is there a hard copy I can add to my collection?
        “Marois takes on a horse and chariot and wins!” Jan. 1932
        “Levesque found guilty of blood storage in Transilvania.” Feb. 1932
        “Young Bettman found stowed away in a storage locker within CIA’s drug experimental program building.” December, 1963
        “Harper committed to suicide prevention.” April, 2013
        …. among others.
        Collecting controversy. It’s key to a corrupt mind.

      • ZepFan2 says:

        In the words of Montgomery Burns…”Exxxcellllent!”

        Oh, and…

        Don Cherry shed a tear.

        Ka is a wheel.

        “On we sweep, with threshing oar.
        Our only goal will be the Stanley Cup!” – Danno

        For Your Life

      • HabinBurlington says:

        LOL, that is tremendous, especially love the endorsement from the NHL Officials. Bravo JB

      • Cal says:

        And there I was thinking all this time that Healy keeps hitting PJ in the back of the head with a rubber mallet. Boy, was I wrong.
        Thanks, JB. 😆

      • otter649 says:

        Being dumb/an idiot in Canada’s two offical languages is something Stock can be the poster person for…..

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I am not surprised some people are picking Ottawa. They hung in there with a depleted line up and now they are getting healthy. The sens are not a bad team and Anderson is a heck of a goalie.

      the habs will be in trouble if they play like they had in the last 10 games.

      I think the habs will win but it will be a long series

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  37. Lafleurguy says:

    Opening Thursday at the Bell Centre, the 2013 playoff edition of “The Price is Right.” Starring that calf-roping cowboy who likes to chill out in goalie garb, Carey P. Also starring, the cast of veteran smurfs joined by a rookie Everyready Bunny donning no. 11; the Norris candidate who butt-ends opponents without a stick, no. 76; Montreal’s next “ordinary superstar,” no. 81 (Humble is my middle-name); the Golden Rookie who can say “I am an American citizen” in three languages, no. 27; the courageous no. 8 who said to a lady reporter in the locker room, “if I was any bigger I would be over-qualified to be an enforcer on this team”; no. 67 who’s seeking answers to why the RDS reporters tell him he reminds them of Frank Mahovlich; no. 73 who resembles no. 73 of 5 years ago; no. 79 the venerable star who’s been repeating “don’t make me laugh, seriously, don’t make me laugh” in Russian for twelve years; and the rest who are like Russell Johnson and Dawn Wells on “Gilligan’s Island.”

    Appearing as guests for a limited time (first round only),
    “Paul McLean and His Three Sons.*”

    “May you live in interesting times.”
    *Alfreds, Karls, Ander

  38. JF says:

    All the Antichambre guys are picking the Habs in six or seven. That much positivity worries me. However, one of the sites that rates the teams from week to week dropped the Habs to 13th, which is reassuring.

    I refuse to predict the series. The Sens have had scary good goaltending all season, their defence is excellent, and, while they don’t score much, they have a way of scoring timely goals. Habs’ defence, which looked to have found new life on Saturday, will have to continue in the same vein. But the series may come down to goaltending, and that worries me. If it hadn’t been for Price’s meltdown the last couple of weeks, I would have had full confidence in him, but it’s a little hard to do that now. He has to be at his best; I just hope we don’t lose the series because of him.

    • showey47

      April 29, 2013 at 9:45 pm
      Habs Stats‏@Habs_Stats8m
      In his 11 last games vs OTT, Carey Price’s record is:
      8-0-3, .952, 1.49.
      His last regulation loss was on November 6th 2010

      Don’t worry about Price, worry about being bored to death with the Sens system.

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures

  39. Prairienewf says:

    TSN/Ferrero pick Sens in 6….hmmm

  40. 24 Cups says:

    So Seth Jones goes to Colorado while Drouin moves to Florida and MacKinnon lands in Tampa.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Hey Steve, were your ears burning? We were wondering where you’ve been.

      • 24 Cups says:

        LOL. I work at a golf course during the summer so my daily routine changes quite a bit once the links open up. The course opened last Monday.

        I’m still here and fully on board. Having said that, I’m a bit worried about Ottawa. If Anderson outshines Price we could be in a world of trouble.

        People will laugh at me but this series could come down to the play of guys like Ryder, DD and Bourque in terms of forwards. They needs to show up big time to help overcome Ottawa’s advantage on the D and in the net. Our biggest advantage could be the four days of rest for players such as Markov and Pleks.

  41. Sportfan says:

    those darn flames why couldn’t they get first pick 😛

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • Storman says:

      Picks in 2nd round revert back to order in which teams finished, so Calgary winning the lottery would not have helped the Habs 2nd round picks in anyway..

  42. Sportfan says:

    So the Avs stole the draft pick from the Panthers haha oh well second spot right?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  43. punkster says:

    The talking sports heads tonight got me wondering…what if Habs management had listened to the media and blog experts this season?

    – PK was allowed to walk or sit out the season
    – Gally and Chucky were sent down after 9 games to gain experience
    – Pleaks, Gionta, Max, Markov, Eller, Diaz and Budaj were traded
    – Gomez or Kaberle were allowed to play and Markov bought out instead

    From our own HI/O polls…
    – 30% of posters in the Jan 10 poll did not think they’d make it to the playoffs
    – 61% of posters in the Feb 5 poll thought the Br00nz would finish ahead of the Habs
    – 31% of posters in the Feb 12 poll thought the st00pidhead Loafs would finish ahead of the Habs

    Where would we be now?

    ***SUBBANGIN’ NOW BABY!!!***

  44. twilighthours says:

    Tom Nickle with the post of the year on the previous page. Thank you, sir.

  45. showey47 says:

    Habs Stats‏@Habs_Stats8m
    In his 11 last games vs OTT, Carey Price’s record is:
    8-0-3, .952, 1.49.
    His last regulation loss was on November 6th 2010

  46. Lafleurguy says:

    Newbie le but articulated very, very well ideas about healthy respectful posting behavior such that I join many others in thanking him for putting it out in the open, and in such a persuasive manner.

    However,……..pennies are no longer being minted in Canada, so it is more fitting that his humbly delivered message be valued at two bits instead of two cents. That is all. Peace/out.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  47. HabinBurlington says:

    This not having a hockey game to watch sucks. Couldn’t bear to watch the talking heads. 3 more sleeps!

    Go Habs Go!

  48. 306Hab says:

    that hangover bit on tsn was pretty good. Aaron Ward is a terrible actor though haha.

  49. habs1992 says:

    But really how many so called experts even picked the habs to be here, not to many so really they know nothing.

    I support Carey Price

  50. showey47 says:

    Had to laugh when tsn acts like the leafs leading the league in both blocked shots and hits is a good thing. Adding to this the leafs are close to the worst in the league in shots against.When you lead the league in all those categories it means you give up alot of scoring chances and the opposition has the puck more often they you do.

  51. habs1992 says:

    So i guess we are the underdogs, i have watched every preview show and i would say around 70% experts like Ottawa out of TSN Sportsnet and CBC

    I support Carey Price

  52. frontenac1 says:

    Oh No! CBC pre playoff show. PJ. Stock picks Sens in 6! What a Dork!

  53. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    RE: Jack Todd article…the picture of Gallagher looking up at McLaren is hilarious…even the ref can’t keep a straight face.

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  54. habs1992 says:

    WOW Glen Healy says Montreal wins it easily, I am starting to like Glen more and more
    I support Carey Price

  55. deuce6 says:

    Geez, Sportsnet, why call it Hockey Central playoff preview? Just cut to the chase and call it the Leafs playoff preview…lol

    Brandon Prust doesn’t have hair on his testicles, because hair does not grow on steel….

  56. Et le but says:

    My 2 cents on posts (and their authors) that generate a lot of reaction from the commentariat…

    Be clear on your motivation for posting and choice of words before hitting the send button.

    Comments and responses that include personal attacks or derogatory remarks on an individuals’ or groups’ beliefs, values and ideology, whether or not it is different from our own, are simply not constructive and should not be confused with opinions.

    I’d like to believe that we share a space here where everyone’s opinions, however diverse and potentially oppositional, are welcome.

    Let’s bring our A game here and agree to disagree with respect and a higher degree of personal responsibility and ownership for our words and their potential impact on others.

    It can be done…

  57. Storman says:

    Colorado could try and find their next Joe Sakic,, and draft Jonathon Drouin, would not surprise me in the least..

    • Bill says:

      Anyone of the top five guys could turn out to be the best player, I don’t think it’s clear cut this year at all.

      Drouin is a great player.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Storman says:

        Drouin is so fff, good, been very close to his progress, watching him since Midget AAA days in Lac St Louis,, kid is amazing talent and work ethic second to none, total arena rat, eats and breathes hockey..If I was picking Drouin would be my first pick hands down, unless i was Edmonton’s GM in which case it would be Seth Jones…

    • Habilis says:

      I think Jones to the Avs is pretty much a lock. I agree though, Drouin is special.

      There were a couple of tweets earlier about how MB is already on the phone with Florida and Tampa to try and land a pick to snag Drouin. Obviously jokes but I wonder what it would take?

      I figure it would be something like our 1st, Nashville’s or Calgary’s 2nd and someone like Tinordi. Drouin’s good, but I’d have to say no thanks at that price.

  58. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Rather win a draft beer lottery…

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  59. Storman says:

    Holy crap Jonathon Drouin probably going to Tampa Bay to play with Stamkos,

  60. Bill says:

    I am not sure Seth Jones is that much better of a pick than MacKinnon, Drouin, or Barkov.

    That said, Jones’s old man played for the Nuggets … there is a connection to Denver there.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  61. habs1992 says:

    Seth Jones to AVS
    I support Carey Price

  62. HabinBurlington says:

    COlorado gets 1st pick

  63. habs1992 says:

    lol the look on rutherford’s face

    I support Carey Price

  64. habs1992 says:

    lol they have a good looking woman putting the teams on the board

    I support Carey Price

  65. Bill says:

    LOL at the card falling off the board after the cute (EDIT extremely hot) girl put it up on the draft lottery.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  66. HabinBurlington says:

    Okay, this draft lottery seems hokey, was it this bad last year?

  67. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Hello and good night all.
    Mavid, please take Timo!
    LOL at Danno and the Leafs/Bruins 7 x triple OT games!
    Good responses to Disagree-with-being-gay guy (esp Loonie), but can we ease up now? If he has an open mind he may be chewing over some of what he read, and otherwise I think he wants to return to talking about hockey.
    Bill, the guitar puns you attracted were sublime!
    I want the Leafs to win so that there’s the chance of Leafs-Habs in R2, but am afraid Rask is hot and the Bruins, even though they dipped like we did, will find their playoff form. I’m afraid Toronto will find that they don’t have any playoff form.
    Travis Moen — the thing that can’t be named: post-concussion. Players like him, when it happens, now read up on what it actually means and what the possible long-term consequences are. If those are scaring him, it puts him in a difficult, unenviable spot: lost a bit of recklessness, can’t play the game he’s built for, can’t become a different kind of player…. should he quit? Would any of us?
    Very JEALOUS of those of you planning to go to games!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Good night Mike. We’ll talk again soon I hope. CHeers.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Good post. Good night Mike!

    • Bill says:

      Ciao Mike, wish I had seen those guitar puns! I’ll have to scroll.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • L Elle says:

      Your theory may well be correct re Moen. Vincent Damphousse says Moen was promised he would be on the 3rd line, but lost his job to Prust.

      Vinny is quoting Moen, in saying, he has to think about his family, and life after hockey, and doesn’t want to be concussed again.

      IDK if I would quit, but going through the motions would be worse, at least for me.

      • otter649 says:

        Moen got concussed last season when he got jumped by Bruins Thornton as he did not have a chance to protect himself as Thornton just started punching him in a scrum- Remember people stating Moen was just hanging on in that fight…..

  68. Habfan10912 says:

    Completely off topic and not relevant to anything but my Kindle autocorrect changes “Nuna” into “Nuns”. 🙂

  69. The Teacher says:

    Apparently only the first pick is open. All other picks are in order of finish in reverse order from what I understood also.

  70. Lafleurguy says:

    @Jackal, greetings Amadeus. Be careful with comparative/superlative predictions (Subbie/Karlsson). Back in ’80 Richard Sevigny predicted Lafleur would put the kid Gretzky in his back pocket whatever that means. Oilers proceeded to sweep the Habs 3-0 in a best-of-five series.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  71. Habfan10912 says:

    Remember just one year ago we were all glued to our TV’s watching the NHL Draft Lottery. I like this much better.

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