Price more like Roy than Dryden: Bowman

From a New York Times blog Q&A with former Canadiens coach Scotty Bowman. Read the full piece here.

Q: I was thrilled when a rookie netminder named Ken Dryden led the Canadiens to the Cup in 1971. Could you please compare Dryden with Carey Price, and comment on the prospects that history might repeat itself in 2008 for the Habs and their rookie goalie? — Steve Valley

SB: I think a more favorable comparison for Price was Patrick Roy, who also won the Stanley Cup as a rookie for the Canadiens. Both Roy and Price joined the farm team when the junior career was over, they both won the Calder Cup for the farm team of the Canadiens, Roy in Sherbrooke when he just came out of junior and Price in Hamilton. The difference between them and Dryden is that when Dryden went in against Boston in the ’71 playoffs he’d only had a half dozen NHL games, although he’d played minor pro with the Montreal Voyageurs. Price has played half a season now in the NHL, so he has more NHL experience than Dryden, although not as much minor pro. Dryden was 22 or 23 — he was older because he had played for Cornell — and Price is 20 and so was Roy. So the dynamics are more favorable for a comparison with Roy.

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