Price gets start in Toronto vs. Maple Leafs

Look for Carey Price to get the start in goal tomorrow night in Toronto vs. the Maple Leafs. Cristobal Huet, who has lost each of the five starts he’s made in Toronto, will be in goal Friday vs. Buffalo, and Price is expected to be in goal at the Bell Centre on Saturday vs. Boston.

The Canadiens have recalled Garth Murray from the Hamilton Bulldogs, but he must clear waivers again. If he’s claimed by another team, the Habs are on the hook for half of his $625,000 salary.

Steve Bégin is back from the charleyhorse that sidelined him vs. Ottawa, so forward Mikhail Grabovski and defenceman Josh Gorges will be healthy scratches tomorrow.


  1. ClaytonM says:

    I’d like to see a replay on alfredson’s goal. Looked like he got his stick under Koivu’s skate just before he got the shot off.

  2. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Stay away from the Aqua Valva. By the way, Raycroft is starting tomorrow.

  3. Chuck says:

    In anticipation of the return ot the Karma Scale: -3!

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  4. Chorske says:

    I’m not sure how that would work. From a player’s perspective, it would smack of collusion among the owners. The whole point of waivers is to create a situation where owners must use their players or lose them- and to create some competition for good players that may be going unused. It creates an interesting dynamic in addition to trades and such. You lose a Hainsey, you gain a Begin, that kind of thing.

    It’s also a way to guage the relative value of a player- if the player goes unclaimed, the team gains the advantage in salary negotiations. So imagine if the owners/GMs have a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ about not picking up players- this would be horribly unfair to those players.

    I’d love to hear from someone who knows about these things about whether such unspoken agreements exist?

  5. xeonus says:

    It’s great news that Price gets his first start in this rivalry vs the leafs. Let’s hope he starts it off on the right foot.

    We need to start winning some of these games. If only to stop Cole and Neale from their post game rant about how the Canadiens were “Checked to the ground!” in a 3-2 game where the winner was scored late in the third and all the leaf goals were either somewhat weak or fluky. Oh wait, CBC isn’t televising this game. Now that’s music to my ears.

    Go Habs Go!

  6. krob1000 says:

    Just a thought on the Murray recall.

    Gainey is perhaps just attempting to clear cap space. There may have been no takers at the 600,000 price tag but if he can free up another 300,000 (if someone wants him at a discount) then why wouldn’t he. I could be completely wrong but I don’t think Murray is in the teams short or long term plans. There will be a significant deal made by this team this year and any extra cap space can only help improve that quality of player we can obtain. I see this move as an attempted salary dump. I think Garth Murray has more heart than 95 percent of the league I just believe he is a about ten years too late and the game has outgrown him. Again….just a thought.

  7. Woah_Dana says:

    This is great, but not surprising if you’ve seen the last couple of Montreal vs Laffs games.
    Time to try something new so that we don’t have to hide our faces upon entering the workplace Wednesday morning in hopes to dogde the “Leafs beat the Habs” remarks.

    Huet is great, but there is some kind of spooky coincedence with the Leafs. It really is a mystery as to how we can cream the Canes 7-1 one night then surrender to the black sheep of the Canadian hockey teams later on.

    It kills me!

    GO HABS!

  8. A_Habs_Blazer says:

    Marc I think you’ve had a little too many double rums b/c you are sounding like a drunken laffs fan, the obnoxious kind that comes to the Bell Centre and pumps their biceps thinking we are scared in our own city. You drunken fool.

  9. blnieder says:

    The Habs are learning that it is a sixty minute game. Taking off 5 minutes cost the club 2 points and allowed other teams to close the gap in the standings.

    The Habs must learn to continue their offensive prowess during the latter stages of games instead of going into a defensive shell. They say play your game, and kitty bar the door is not Les Canadiens forte. So maybe we should be a little more creative and play alot more offsenively in the oppositions zone. That way make the other team worry, not our Habs.

    The laffs are poor defensively, therefore, exploit their weakness and we will win. Throw in two players deep and fore-check. Bring the defensemen forward and cover the middle of the rink. Lets use our speed effectively.

    Get the two points, we are better than they are.

    Bon Chance.

  10. krob1000 says:

    Considering the site’s newly stated and blatantly obvious guidelines does Marc True’s comment not qualify as offensive profanity !! I think maybe he sees a little too much blue on the site…..feels a little too comfortable.

    Seriously though I do notice that at the bottom of the page (where you post) there is no red. I am not certain if you have future plans for the blue space on the right hand side but a little more Canadiens flavour near the bottom would be nice. I understand considering the amount of effort that has been put forth if this can’t be done …..would be nice though.

  11. krob1000 says:

    Hello Rightfully Righteous Hab Fans,

    I actually missed the first 55 minutes of the game on Saturday (little guy had a hockey game) and got home in time to see Ottawa’s late game surge…….Newman. Thanks for the overviews as usual and thanks to the site administrators who seem to be going to great lengths to improve things. I see the print no longer bleeds to the right. I was a little scared today though as I kept getting a weird error message and couldn’t access the site………check that….I was a lot scared. I was afraid that our corporate filtering system was blocking out my favourite site….I see now it weasn’t just my computer.

    The decision to start Price against the Leafs makes sense. Huet was a wall on Saturday by every account I have read but he does seem to have some kind of problem with the Leafs. The Saturday game is a back to back situation and ideal circumstance to play your backup. I am certain people will overhype the fact that he is starting two of three games but Huet is still the man so I am trying to take preventative action here.

    That loss really was a heartbreaker as I have read that we played very well for two periods. It will be very interesting to see how the team bounces back from something like that. I personally feel as though the game was still a positive and a great lesson as to the focus and attention to detail (for the entire 60 min’s) required to compete with the Sens and Red Wings (who I believe to be in a class of their own this year). I saw the look of frustration on Carbo’s face at the end of the game and I couldn’t help wondering what his attitude was when he walked into that dressing room immediately following the loss.

    The Neil goal was just a bouncing puck finding it’s way to Neil but to leave Alfredsson alone in the slot ……I dunno what happened there. I hope Guy did the smart thing (or what I wopuld have considered the smart thing) and remained calm and let the guys absorb what just happened. The lesson taught itself and any great blow ups or chewouts would not have been necessary. There were a lot of heads hanging and that is the last thing this team needs. They need confidence. To twice lose to the best team in hockey by one goal in their building is nothing to be ashamed of.

    To blow a coverage assignment late in a one goal game is something that needs correction not reflection. It is a long season and the ability to remember details but forget results is going to be pivotal in the teams success. I still say we are one superstar/above average forward from being a legitimate contender this year….definitely next year but I still feel we have the ability to do some damage now….serious damage.

  12. Habs_008 says:

    Cant wait to see Price in Person, I have been to 3 hab games in my life, I have never seen Huet get a start in any of them,(only seen Theo) its exciting to see Price get it. I will be at the game 2morrow nite! I cant wait, the habs better show up, for some reason he havent played well against them this year. Lets hope the Price is right.

  13. ZepFan2 says:

    Great news.

    Now we’ll see if Huet’s snake bit against the laffs, or is it the whole team.

    Go Habs Go!

  14. A. Berke says:

    good to see Price starting tomorrow.

    how about Ryder? is he still in the first line?

    Ali B.

  15. Naila Jinnah says:

    Thanks for the clarification!!

  16. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Good to see Price get a shot at the Laffs. Hopefully he will indeed play against Boston on Saturday. I’ll be back home for holiday from California (:

  17. JF says:

    No surprise that Price is getting the start against Toronto. For whatever reason, Huet does not play his best against them; he seems to have let them get into his head. We may not win with Price, but we certainly have nothing to lose.

    I’m glad to see Garth Murray being called up in place of Grabovski. We need his grit and hard physical play against the Leafs. He’s not a talented player, but he gives everything he’s got.

  18. saskhab says:

    Nalia, re-entry waivers are at a 1/2 price discount. We lost Hainsey to re-entry to Columbus a couple years back, and were on the books for half his salary as a result. Last year when we got Leighton, we were only on the hook for half his salary… Anaheim had lost him earlier in the year due to re-entry waivers.

    Murray was waived last week on “normal” waivers, and it would’ve cost a team that claimed him full price.

    If someone thinks Murray can be a regular for them, they’d be dumb not to claim him now. He’d be on the books to their team at less than the league minimum. The Habs have cap space to lose him in this manner, but I do think it’s a case of Bégin’s charley horse.

  19. kevin m says:

    About waivers…

    I’m sure that the general managers around the league have some sort of unwritten rule that applies to the practice of claiming players that have been sent down to the minors for conditioning after recovering from injuries.

    I would think that they would communicate their intentions to the waiving team before acting, just to be sure that there was no other ulterior motive to the waiving than a conditioning stint.

    If stabbing other teams in the back was a common practice, there would likely be many more relationships like the one between Burke & Lowe.

    I suspect that Murray will be back in the lineup shortly. They could have used him against the Sens last Saturday.

    Go Habs Go!!!!!

  20. saskhab says:

    How’s Bégin doing with that charley horse? Curious because of the Murray callup, which could just be a case of giving him a job with a different NHL team.

  21. Naila Jinnah says:

    I am so excited for Price to be in nets that I’m looking for tickets to Saturday’s game. That’s right, I’m considering spending an exorbitant sum of money just to see him kick ass – live! And while that probably won’t happen, it’s a nice thought 😛

    As for Murray, I wonder why he’s back up, especially since Begin is “healthy”. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy… And I understand the decision to keep Lapierre in Hamilton, since he’s been mostly invisible lately and the ‘Dogs need all the help they can get right now. Still, if Murray doesn’t get picked up on waivers (and if he didn’t on the way down, why would someone claim him on the way up? Unless this is a perfect scheme and Gainey knows of a team that wants Murray and therefore decided to call him up), then I hope he at least gets to play a few games.

  22. moeman says:

    Great news.

    Go Carey.

    Go Habs!

    ~ have a powerful day ~

  23. CHsam says:

    May the Leafs rot in the compost where they belong for another 40 years

  24. Jay_in_PA says:

    This is possibly the least surprising bit of news. What will be interesting is how Carbo will explain the start. Will it be We want to keep Price playing regularly so he doesn’t get stale or will it be I love Huet to bits, but he can’t beat the leafs?

  25. WindsorHab-10 says:

    All you have to do is look at Huet’s performance against the Leafs the last 3 games including the last meeting in Toronto last year that would’ve put us in the playoffs. It’s obvious that Huet struggles against Toronto. I’m not saying that Price is going to go in tomorrow and win the game but starting him is not a bad idea.

  26. Keith says:

    FINALLY able to log in. I kept getting the account invalid screen whenever I tried to log into my account. I hope it’s fixed now. Are these accounts permanent or will we have to sign up again at a later time?

  27. manorrd says:

    There’s no doubt that Huet has been snakebit against Toronto. Let’s hope Price can turn the tide against our division rivals.

    Go Habs Go.

  28. Jay_in_PA says:

    Looks like the karma’s gone, at least on my screen.

    I wonder if that means anything…

  29. von says:

    Thank you Carbo!!!! Very glad to see Carey getting the start against the Laughs as Huet (as great as he played after that loss) has had a tough time handling them for some reason.

    If the rest of the team shows up tomorrow and play against they did like Ottawa for those 55 minutes, this will no doubt be a W.

  30. Dave Stubbs says:

    Folks, we had a major system meltdown for a time this morning. Long story short: the popularity of the site caught our computers with their pants down. Some features likely will be disabled for 48 hours or so, but we’ll endeavour to have everything back on line as quickly as possible.

    Thanks for your patience, and our apologies.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  31. Naila Jinnah says:

    Thanks for the update!!! I know a fair share of us had a mini-freakout moment when we realized we wouldn’t be able to procrastinate (too much) with HIO.

  32. Chorske says:

    Haha, my error message said something about someone not paying their bills. You boys might wanna have a chat with your accountants! 😉

  33. Lee_D says:

    Sweet! Looking forward to a big WIN!

  34. My Habs says:

    I am not sure why the Habs and everyone around them keeps saying they lost against the Sens because they didn’t play the entire 60mins.

    The real question to ask is : why didn’t they score more goals?!?!?!

    You are not going to beat the Sens with a 1-0 lead going into the 3rd period. Everyone knows that. Had they scored just 2 more goals, the game would have been ours. We cannot keep relying on super goaltending and great defense to win – you have to score! Great goalies will give up one or two bad goals here and there…it’s the offense that has to make up for that!

    What is going on with the 1st line?? We need to put pressure on them and stop blaming goalies and defense. Ottawa gives up goals all the time – their goalies and defensemen have breakdowns all the time, but they have the scoring power to help them win! We need Habs’ first line to score..period!

    BTW: Excellent decision to put in Price tomorrow…

  35. kevin m says:

    I thoroughly agree with you that this team needs a bonafide 90+ point player to break open these tight team battles. I stated earlier that I thought there were but a few untouchables on this team… Markov, Hamrlik & Price.

    If this current edition of the Habs wants to be considered on a level with the best teams in the NHL then they’re going to have to get a “game-breaker” and the price is going to be high.

    Maybe some talented players who are playing regularly right now are going to go. The good news is that we have players in the wings who can probably fill these spots. Finally, we’ll get that elusive superstar.

    As I mentioned before, it may cost us a few bars of GOLD to finally get that DIAMOND!!!!

  36. NYhabster says:

    AMEN! My sentiments exactly.

    The opportunities were there Saturday and they should have had at least 3 goals by the end of the second. Was it just dumb luck?

    I like both of our goaltenders but I’m happy to see Price get the nod for tomorrow night.


  37. kevin m says:

    I’m sorry to say but Perozhogin’s stats in the NHL would be only half of what they are in the Russian Super League.

    Gainey will send him an offer sheet later this season to retain his services in the event he decides to return to the NHL.

  38. Da Hema says:

    There is no mystery why the Leaves beat Huet: they run at him all game long and it bothers him. I have a tactical suggestion for the Habs’s defencemen tomorrow night. When Tucker (or whomever) runs Price, wait until he gets in the crease later in the game and just drill him as hard as is humanly possible. Take the two-minute interference penalty. It is worth it, especially if Tucker lies on the ice afterwards. That will send a message to the Leaves forwards to leave our goalies some space.
    “All hockey players are bilingual. They know English and profanity.”
    –Gordie Howe

    “You wouldn’t have won if we’d beaten you.”
    –Yogi Berra

  39. krob1000 says:

    The Perezhogin talk got me curious so I looked at the stats and he is doing fairly well in a league that doesn’t produce many point per game players. I then went to the penalty minutes leaders……WOW. Check out the penalty minutes on this guy named Darsi Vero. It is eye popping…look at the games played……you must go for yourself. How is that possible??

  40. sidhu says:

    I’m confident that the Habs will win with Price in goal — he’s shown he can play well on the road against good teams and isn’t affected by high-pressure situations.

    Regarding Lats, seems as if he’s suffering from the proverbial sophomore jinx, just like Jordan Staal (1 goal, 1 assist, -7) and Steve Bernier (5 points, -2, low minutes).

  41. showey47 says:

    Great news for us and price. We need to find a tender who is gonna be a laff-killer and i think carey will be the guy. Murray recalled? hmmmm……..hopefully he gets claimed by another team, with our teams depth garth clearly has no future on this team. If he gets claimed i wish him luck.

    Let’s stick it to them in their own barn.

  42. gmd says:

    Did anyone else read the article in this past weekend’s Globe and Mail sports section? It was about the way Gainey and Ferguson Jr. have gone about building their teams through trades and the draft. Basically the writer’s conclusion along with some people in the hockey world (who wanted to remain nameless) is that the Habs are on their way up for the forseable future and the Maple Loafs will be left behind

  43. A. Berke says:

    It’s good that I haven’t seen too many game predictions so far, esp the kind that predicts by how much we’ll beat the laffs.

    I prefer to boast (a lot) after we beat them for a change. No need to jinx it please! 😉

    Go Price and Go Habs! (remember 60 minutes is the game).

    Ali B.

  44. RudeMood19 says:

    I did. It made me feel good to be a Habs fan living in Toronto, seeing as I feel I am always the only one to notice the Leafs’ shortcomings. LMAO, my friends think Simon Gamache, Jiri Tlusty, and Johan Stralman are going to be stars. AND, they think Toskala is better than HUET. It’s sooooooo sad lol.

    And the article is right tho, no one can justify giving McCabe 5.5 million/year, which is more than Kaberle, who is their best Defenseman. And, the Leafs made a colossal error in their goaltending for the future. They brought up Pogge too fast (to the Marlies from Junior), and they traded Rask for Raycroft…Big errors…

    I hope Gainey’s future for this team continues to develop. As a side not, Komisarek is sure looking good this year ain’t he?

    The only thing with regards to playing the Leafs, I want to have a year where we beat the living sh** out of them. Like to the point, where when we play them we are the confident team, and we are the team that isn’t timid.

    Leafs are sh**, and to finish my rant, I think it’s amazing Leaf fans think their team is the centre of the hockey universe when they haven’t even won a cup in 40 years.

    Habs are still the centre. 24 cups baby!

    Score tomorrow:

    Habs 6
    Leafs 1

    Probably not, but I think i speak for all Habs fans wen I say I hope so.

  45. RetroMikey says:

    Great to see positive feedback on this site with the majority of the Habs fans including moi! Great news for Garth Murray to be called up! Let’s kick butt against TO!

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  46. A. Berke says:

    if detroit is interested in Ryder, who, in return are they offering? The way he has been playing this year, it may be difficult to get a good player in return.

    for a decent price I’m sure Lats would be available also.

    IMHO, these two are the weak points in the team right now. Their so-called slumps have been going on for a month and a half (20% of the season already) and I find it interesting that most posters are rushing to find an excuse for them.

    Frankly I don’t really care how many goals Ryder has scored in the past years, as far as I’m concerned, one is as good as the last game they’ve played. He is getting paid a princely sum this year to score goals NOW and not for the goals he scored in previous years.

    He’s a decent but one dimensional player and he’s too slow and struggling to catch-up to Koivu and Higgins, and as a result he’s dragging them down.

    With “a wheel missing” from the equation, may be the one major reason we’re not getting goals on 5-on-5 especially from the first line.

    I would like to know when this supposed slump will be over?

    Ali B.

  47. says:

    About time Carey gets to plays these losers. Someone has to be able to beat them!
    God Bless Our Infantry

  48. JF says:

    Dave Stubbs

    I would like to see comments numbered as on the old site. The numbers are helpful if one wants to comment on a particular post or refer back to it. In my opinion anyway.

  49. McHabby says:

    Avatars! Awesome!

    This was a no brainer. They had to start Price vs Toronto. Huet seems to save his worst games for them.

    What’s the deal with this game NOT being shown on national english TV? No CBC. No TSN. It’s on Sportsnet Ontario, regional coverage. This has got to be a historic first.

  50. JF says:

    About Garth Murray being called up: RDS is taking the line that this is a move to clear cap space rather than a plan to include him in the line-up. No one wanted him at $600,000, but there might be takers at half that. If that happens, it would free up cap space for the Habs to look more closely at some of the Hamilton players, maybe bring Lapierre up if they need a big, gritty player.

  51. Woah_Dana says:

    That’s an awesome avatar!
    Look out Superman..

    GO HABS!

  52. A. Berke says:

    The game is on RDS as usual.

    Ali B.

  53. linp says:

    We should play Carey more often. He is our future. Same for Josh. He improves the more he plays.

  54. Fontaine says:

    Good move by Carbo, Leafs seem to have the number of Huet.

  55. Erik says:

    So you guys goin to the game

  56. habsfan2442 says:

    Love the new site

    Love the fact price is in net tommorow night.

    I live in NH and becasue the bruins stink on ice.. Becuase of me most if not all my co-workers are now laugh fans..

    Just so they can shut me up…

    We need a big victory with price..

    Looking forward to it.. anyone in the merrimack NH area tommorow send me a line.. all welcome.. House will be packed..
    Ole Ole Ole

  57. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    Hey all, my HTML skills are weak. Anyone care to fill me in on how to italisize and bold?

  58. 24 and Counting says:

    This is perfect strategy on the Carbonneau’s part.Put Price in nets & the Laffs (thats a good not only have to deal w/our speed but also w/a goalie that they’ve never seen before,I have a funny feeling folks, I might be wrong but of all the games he’s played this is a statement game and if he pulls it off..look out.If not well..damn Leafs..GOHABSGO.

  59. Samushka says:

    w00t avatars !

    First Post, Love the new site!

  60. J.T. says:

    I think the Murray recall is either to clear him out of the organization through recall waivers, or to include him as a throw-in in a trade. I’d lean towards the former right now, just because I can’t see Gainey making a trade until he can afford the player he wants. That player is a bona fide, consistent goalscorer, and the Habs don’t have the disposable currency to afford one yet.

    Price against TO is a good move. I don’t believe Huet is any weaker against the leafs than he is against any other team generally, since he tends to allow a weak goal once in a while anyway, especially on long shots. He may be more unlucky against the leafs, although that’s tough to measure. But I think the *perception* that he plays badly or has bad luck against the leafs is certainly there, and it might help the team mentally to have a new goalie in there to “break the spell,” as it were.

    I hope Ryder picks tomorrow to get himself on the scoreboard again. He’s out of time.

  61. ClaytonM says:

    or you can just do this :)

  62. twitch says:

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    The other codes allowed aren’t used often, and require a bit more detail on how to use them. besides < strong> and < em> which are bold and italics again, respectively.

    For the record, the others are:
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  63. sidhu says:

    Rather than trading Lats for Avery, I would recommend trading for Raffi Torres, a guy who can hit, fight, and score (he scored 20+ goals three years in a row):

    Torres: 6’0″ 216lbs
    Avery: 5’10” 195lbs
    Tucker: 5’10” 178lbs
    Neil: 6’1″ 209lbs

  64. Chorske says:

    Let’s not forget Avery’s disparaging comments about the french from a couple years back. I don’t think la foule would warm up to Avery. I think I’d almost rather see Tucker in a Habs uniform again. Uh, no, cancel that. I’d rather inject flesh-eating bacteria into my own eyeballs than ever see Tucker in a Habs uniform.

    On the other hand, I would pay good money to see him get force-fed a big piece of Kovalev’s forearm again, though. That’s never gettin’ old.

    Your daily dose of Tough Tucker Love:

  65. Chuck says:

    I’ll be there!

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  66. Woah_Dana says:

    If I can find a nice scalper.. maybe? lol

    GO HABS!

  67. showey47 says:

    i just may burn a sick day and go,i wounldn’t mind getting out of sudbury for a weekend. Anyone else up for a trip to buffalo friday and to montreal saturday? lol

  68. LizardKing1967 says:

    No way Ryder gets out of funk. He’s in doghouse big time. Any bets we see him on fourth line?? Either he continues to play like he’s in midget ‘A’ or he breaks out big time. Carbo called him out Saturday night when he said that no player should leave Alfredsson alone in the slot. That “player” was Ryder. If that does not wake him up, nothing will. There must be a reason why we only give him one year contracts all the time. Gainey does everything for a reason.

    Good luck tomorrow against the Laffs boys. Great to see Price in there, maybe to break the jinx.


  69. LizardKing1967 says:

    By the way, all this recent talk of Richards is crap. He has a NO-TRADE clause, and unless he’s in his last year of existing contract, don’t expect him to wave it.

  70. TradeRyder says:

    Great to see Price in action! Always intersting…

    How about that Murray call-up. Etrange… Sumthin’s up.

    Trade Ryder! Hope makes a good breakfast, but a bad supper!

  71. linp says:

    Dumping Ryder is not going to help the team. The couch should analyse his problem and help him out. He can shoot. How to set him up is the problem. As a start, he has to work harder.

  72. Maffu says:

    I’d hate to think that Begin playing Saturday could have won that game for the Habs. Glad he’s back.

  73. Shiloh says:

    I think you can guess what I have to say. Why oh why is Latendresse still playing. Send him down and bring up Lapierre. How can Grabowski sit while this plodding Junior B gets every fourth shift?

  74. Jay_in_PA says:

    The puzzle with Ryder is that he’s working really hard. Demoting him or sitting him isn’t going to change much. I think Boone, despite his obvious view of Ryder as one-dimensional, was onto something in today’s PuckCast. Ryder’s working like crazy, but he’s not getting shots and therefore not getting goals. That suggests there’s something wrong with his approach on the ice. If he and the coaching staff can figure out why he’s not in position to shoot and/or not getting the opportunities, at least they’d know what to work on.

    For now, I don’t see sitting Ryder or demoting him to the third line as real solutions–he’s not going to start scoring with less ice time and/or a role that’s not focused on scoring. Trading him for an equally-struggling shooter? Maybe, but that feels like a last resort, and we might get another Samsonov. Trades are a chancy way to try to solve problems.

    As for Lats, I’m inclined to go easy on him in general–Guy Lafleur was a disappointment in his first three years on the team, and he had a much more illustrious junior background than Lats. Let the kid develop at his own pace. That said, if Lats has known deficiencies in technique, work ethic, or adaptation to his role, by all means those should be worked on, and his ice time adjusted accordingly with his progress or lack thereof. We just have to remember that he’s very young and needs to find his NHL game. I think he’ll get there, but we’ll need to be patient.

  75. OldGrover says:

    I think Lats has looked good on the third line – Kosty sure has taken that second line spot, but Lats hustled hard and did some good things on the third line when he’s been there. I say keep him there – he’s a player that if he turns into what he COULD is going to be a gamebreaker in a few years. Let’s be patient – we’re good this year but not a serious cup contender, so let’s take the time to give some ice time to a young guy who might turn into something great. He’s big, he has good hands and he can make some decent moves. Yeah, he skates like an oil tanker, but he’s just as hard to stop as one, too – I’ve seen several times where the d-man has tried to stop him and he just skates on through him. That’s the sort of unstoppable force he has potential to turn into – give him time to see if he will. If he goes down to the A, the log jam of players there will make it hard for him to come back up. We NEED the big, skilled forward, let’s see if we can’t grow our own.

  76. OldGrover says:

    Some players take longer then others – there are countless examples of players not maturing till their 3rd or 4th year. I see flashes from Lats that indicate he has potential – I think he’s worth the time. Obviously, the powers that be agree with me.

    On the other hand, I’d love to have Lapierre back up, too. It isn’t a bad situation we’re in – to have more players that deserve icetime then we have spots to put them.

  77. OldGrover says:

    If we trade him, we’ll get nothing for him. If we demote him, he may not develop as he should. The coaches obviously see something in him. I see flashes of what could be, too. He played some good shifts against the Sens.

  78. GTC says:

    Whoever said Another good example would be Kessell
    is spot on

    Another good example would be Mike Richards another would be Jeff Carter another would be Nathan Horton. another would be Vanek. or Staal. or Stuart. or Parise. or meszaros. Or Patrice Bergeron. or Campoli. or Little. or Stafford. or Zajac. or Olesz. Or many many many other kids who were drafted since Gainey took over. Oh wait thats just the east. Another good example would be Getzlaf. Another good example would be…..

  79. linp says:

    Unlike Ryder, Latendresse has to improve on his skill of receiving a pass. So many times the puck bounces off his stick. He has size and heart, but he still has a lot to learn.

  80. OldGrover says:

    Wasn’t me who did that! I’m not expecting Lats to be a superstar, but I do think he’ll be a legit star. And a damn big body who can make a difference when the going gets tough. I think we’ll be glad to have him in a few years and I’m willing to suffer through the occasional lapse this year. I have no problem with him being demoted down to third or fourth line – I just really think he needs to be in the NHL where he can learn. We’ve given up too early on too many players, let’s be patient and trust that the scouting and coaching staff aren’t morons. Guy and Bob are seeing the same games we are – and he’s still out there. I don’t believe it is because he’s French (because they could swap him for Lapierre and make up the difference) or that it is because Guy and Bob are idiots. I think it is because they legitimately think he needs to be here to develop and that his potential is worth it. I’m hoping they are right – because we need the big, physical star.

  81. Sulemaan says:

    I have to agree with Jay in PA about Latendresse. We need to take it easy on the kid. This kid is a power forward and those take time to develop. Remember Cam Neely? I hated him when he played for Boston but he was a damn good player. He was drafted by Vancouver and didn’t do much in his first few seasons and then they traded him to Boston and look what happened.

    Brendan Shanahan was ok in his first few years in New Jersey but once he went to St.Louis and then Detroit, his stock really started to rise.

    If you look at Todd Bertuzzi, he was very slow developing in New York and then the Islanders shipped him off to Vancouver and he became a great power-forward. (Granted it went down-hill after the Steve Moore incident which I do NOT condone.) My point is that some players take longer to develop. Defencemen and power-forward take even longer.

    If Latendresse is lazy and isn’t working hard, make him ride the pine or eat pop-corn in the stands. Carbonneau, Muller and the rest of the coaching staff won’t hesitate to do that. Remember what kind of players they were.

    Latendresse does have a lot to learn but let’s give him a chance to learn. I mean how productive were you at 20 years old?

  82. Robert L says:

    Putting Price in nets makes sense for lots of reasons. Carbonneau will not have to rationalize the move once the game is done.

    Here’s what I think about:

  83. The Ian Cobb says:

    Ian Cobb – Robert L here. If you are seeing this, it is because I have created a new account for you to use if you wish. It is very simple. I sent the details to you in your e-mail – give it a read and call me if you need to. I figured this was the photo you might choose as you mentioned how you liked it over the phone 2 weeks back.

  84. Chuck says:

    Robert, what a wonderful photo of Ian!

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  85. The Ian Cobb says:

    Hey Robert L. Andree here,
    Thanks for organizing Ian on this site. He likes to keep up with the likes of you on this hockey site, but he just does not have the computer background that you guys have. He is out on his school bus right now.
    What a game that was last night, we managed to squeeze by after all the mistakes, whew!!

  86. The Ian Cobb says:

    Hi Chuck, Does Robert ever make me look good. I,m a little lost now that they have changed things around. I really don,t know where everybody is posting, i,ll catch up with you all soon i hope. I have not posted in a couple of days now, but i,ll keep looking for todays dates. They are using 24 hr clock now ,ihave to count using my fingers. Hope you see this, don,t know where it will show up?

  87. 23 Cups says:

    Perezhogin signed for huge coin in Russia. If we had made a similar offer it would have thrown our whole salary structure out of whack for our young players. Basically,under the cap we couldn’t afford to give a talented but inconsistent player over $2 mil a year. Who knows though, he may come back in a few years and be a final piece of the puzzle as we win the Cup. He could replace Kovalev’s goals and cap space once Kov’s time is up in Montreal.

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