Price faces the music


Carey Price not only showed up in the room after a loss but admitted he was weak on three goals. (Gazette photo by Allen McInnis)

There will be video of Price, Brian Gionta, Travis Moen and Max Pacioretty.

Jacques Martin credited his team with “a good effort” but said the Canadiens beat themselves with mistakes.

It’s part of a learning process,” Martin said. “Scoring five goals is a good sign.”

While conceding Price had played better games, Martin said his goaltender was “young and learning … we know he’ll be better next time.”

Martin declined to criticize aspects of his team’s game or individuals. But he stressed “you win as a tea, you lose as a team … the team has to first.”

AUDIO of Jacques Martin

Carey Price:

Max Pacioretty:

Brian Gionta:

Travis Moen:


  1. Neutral says:

    Defence and goaltending was the problem last night. anytime you score 5 goals nothing wrong up front. the next game the problem could be up front and good on the back end that’s the way it goes sometimes. when they get it together this is gonna be a very good team. half the defence is new give them time and see how things work out, who knows we may be in 1st place by christmas gotta have patience when rebuilding. look at some of the other teams been in the league for 20-25 years still trying to win a cup, with the good young players we have in our system I don’t think we’ll have to wait that long.

  2. Goderichab says:

    Confirm Price off..butterfly not tight..hand – eye co ord. off.
    glove(left) too low on pads..
    Practice and more drills…
    You are only as good as your last game..
    Now we know you can score, can you set up a PK that works?
    No one blocking shots, lots blocking Price’s vision!!
    PK. your bantam coach probably told you long ago, last man doesn”t try carrying it, you pass it!!!
    I’ll keep hopin..what else do I have!

    I remember the dynasties…

    • monsieurx says:

      Where were you when the habs were looking for a new coach??? Get over it. You are praising our weakness which is consistently lack of scoring punch, we score 5 in one game and all of a sudden we are the washington capitals, then you dump on the pk which has been our strength over the past 2 seasons. PK doesnt need to listen to his bantam coach, he made it into the NHL, he messed up because he is trying to hard, you have to take the good and the bad with PK. Had he gone for an end to end drive, put the puck on net passed for a goal, or even scored, would it even be an issue??? Now what really got me going is your comment on Price, as a goalie myself when you look at price you wish that you were 1/20th the goalie he is, and in the modern butterfly when making butterfly saves over reaction saves, your glove needs to be low in order to seal off as much of the net to the shooter as possible. Carey is a thorough bred I will have none of that.

  3. lyndo62 says:

    Yaa its a loss… But it was a exciting game to watch. Also it looks like price and max both know they made mistakes and are humble enough to admit it.

    “Things that hurt, instruct.”

    ~Benjamin Franklin~

  4. careyprice31 says:

    i guess the pink mask didn’t work


  5. 123456 says:

    there were some positives. 5 goals is huge. we all know price was off and he is better 99% of the time.

  6. smiler2729 says:

    “Part of the process” lol

    “If the Bruins played the Taliban, I’d root for the Taliban”

  7. theflower says:

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  8. LTHF says:

    Every one keep talking about the mistakes of the young defence, how about the old defence. Wasnt Gill on the ice for 3 if not 4 of the Avs goals. And goal # 5 by the Avs was a thing of beauty on Gill’s part, all 6’6′ of him horizontal on the ice 10-12 feet left of the net, which basically left the team 5 on 3. The speedy Avs were going around him all game, and just waving his stick as they were going by. With minutes Martin gives him and mistakes he makes, this team aint going anywhere with that kind of defence. O’Byrne would have been much better back there>

  9. sampson12 says:

    cammy – pleks – lars
    erikkk – scotty g – gio
    max pac – dd – ak46
    sivart – AE – Mathieu W. Darche III
    Ryan LeBlanc will get healthy eventually and start crappin on the doorstep, getting ready to FSU, as he likes to do. We got options on call ups after that such as current fellas playing up on the big squad (Erin Pallooshay) and Angus Webber can jump up to FWD and fill the void. I like this team. They got a solid dressing room. That counts for something. When you’re held accountable, that really makes the difference. If you screw up with this team, someones gonna tell you about it and make sure you don’t do it again. I loved the talk after the loss against Calgary last week. Players (pleks, skillzey, Moen) were identifying where they went wrong and vowing to fix it. I believe they will. BTW, Pigale’s, sweetest strip club in the Ottawa area, another reason to love Quebec, other than the cheap beer at costco (which helps a student out). and heres the potential defensive pairings.. for some reason I left out campoli.. he doesnt really feel a part of the team yet, but he could be a great asset, lets assume he could take Yemelin or Diaz’s spot:

    Harold Priestly Gill II – Pernell Karl Subban MCXII
    Andrei Jared Markov – Alexei ‘what thats mean’ Yemelin
    Joshua Gorgeous Gorges – Raphael ‘sexy and you know it’ Diaz
    -‘Space cake’ and Websauce as reserves.

  10. sampson12 says:

    It’s nice to imagine a healthy team. How would we be with Cammalleri in the lineup? How would be we be with Markov, Campoli, and Spacek? Probably quite a bit better. Yep. Especially Cammy and Markov. When those guys get back, it’s a trickle effect. Moen goes back to his 4th line role. We really have a good top 9 when we’re healthy. I wish we could play Desharnais and Eller at center, but they’re too talented for one of them to be playing less than 10 minutes a game. I think we can have a good balanced top 3 who scored opportunistic goals while allowing a solid defensive system do its job. We have good depth at defense, clearly, since were 3 men down and were not suffering too bad. We all know the record with and without markov. We all want him back ASAP, but nothing would make me happier than for him to come back and stay back and remaining in our lineup deep into the playoffs. I love this team and I believe in them. You gotta hope that the law of probabilities will prevail and our injuries will be behind us.

  11. HABZ24 says:

    habs played a great game, competed hard, skated hard, hit, moved the puck, scored alot of goals, but price was sub par. wake up carey we need these pts now to avoid needing two points to make the playoffs in our last game. stop the puck price,period.
    ps: there should be a way of pressing comment at the top of page and it goes DIRECTLY to comment box at bottom without having to scan thru loads of other comments.


  12. hirky says:

    As a true Habs fan how can you be upset about this game?? The team was skating well, hitting, creating chances left and right. Also, for a team that doesnt score well they got 5 tonight. I myself was very optimistic. We were 1 bad pass(thanks Emelin) away from a win. Or even 1 bad bounce(its ok Carey) away from a 5-3 win and CP31’s 100th W.

    A couple months from now when we are fully healthy and firing on all cylinders this team could be looking good.

    The GOOD:

    Gomez, Eller, MaxPac, DD, Moen, Cole and Pleks were all giving it 100% tonight. Give Cole a little bit more time and he is going to start clicking with his linemates. This guy is EXACTLY what we need speed/size/skill. DD and MaxPac can only get better playing together more and rekindling their Bulldog magic. As for Gomez, his battles on the boards tonight were marvelous. If he is our 3rd line center then so be it. He will face lesser opponents and thrive. Gomez, AK46 and Moen(when Cammy is back) will make one hell of a energy/grit line that can bang in the odd goal or two.

    The BAD:

    The Habs still take too many dumb penalties, JM needs to teach them some discipline. They arent going anywhere if they keep giving teams PP time. As for Carey performance i have to classify it as bad, but hey its an 82 game season and no goalie is stellar for all their starts. I will go on record as saying he will play MANY more good games this season then bad. So ‘just chill’, the kid(is he still a kid now) will take us where we want to go on his shoulders and that is a proven fact. All he needs is some renewed focus and some confidence, and A LITTLE HELP FROM THE D…and the wins will come. We will talking about wins 100, and 150 soon enough
    All we are missing right now is some experienced Dmen, and if/when Markov returns this team will only be getting better. I may be looking through ‘bleu blanc et rouge’ glasses but hey at least we arent the winless/depressing Jets right now. The Habs will make the playoffs and we are only 78 games away, excellence takes time.

    • habsonly says:

      Tonight we showed good character battling back and taking the lead late in the 3rd only to be phuked by a questionable slash marginable call, on diaz, other wise we would all be happy with the outcome. But the new nhl wants OT and shootouts and 1 point outcomes to ensure that there is parody in todays NHL. I was frustrated by PK and Price’s game but our effort was there and the outcome was predetermined by a questionable call that cost us 1 point.
      The end is not near, yet, and its becoming evident that Gomez is irrevelent and getting worse, hopefully the count will see the light and demote him to 3rd or 4th line duty. Eller or DD should be given the chance to succeed.

    • habsonly says:

      emelin’s one bad pass, wow you listen to the play by play morons to much, how about PK’s give away, and how about 3 weak goals by Price, ya its Emelins fault……….whatever………

      Oh how about that penalty on Diaz in the 3rd that was the tns turning point in the game…………just saying…………sweet dreams..

  13. j2w4habs25 says:

    we need our full Dman back…

    Carey Price #31

  14. Marc10 says:

    So Price had an off night… and our D being what it is at the moment the result isn’t surprising. Frankly without the D miscues and Pricey letting in softies, this one is in the bag.

    At least the effort was there. I liked Moen, MaxPac, DD and AK. When DD scored off that nice MaxPac feed, I thought that was it. The flood gates would open and we’d put the boot finally in for good. Next time… At least people got their money’s worth this time out.

    “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
    Andy Warhol

    Go PK Go!

  15. caladin says:

    The good news IMHO is to see DD centering an effective line. Gomez may find himself on the third line sooner rather than later.

    Keep Hope Alive

  16. BKAK72 says:

    I believe there are two roster options when you are at/near the top of the salary cap: (a) make the playoffs, and (b) compete for the Cup.

    This roster isn’t built for (b) and (a) may be a stretch if this keeps up.


    • NightRyder says:

      Still too early to panic. Our two best players were dogshyte tonight and we still should have won a game against a team with some good young talent. Cup contender? Nope. Playoffs? Why not? We’re in the mix from 7-13, just like every other year.

      • Clay says:

        Our 2 best players weren’t even in the lineup tonight, IMO.
        Markov and Cammy are arguably our best players (with due respect to others)…I hope they will be this season as well.

        Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.

        Winston Churchill

  17. durocher says:

    When healthy:


    D Rankings:

    • BKAK72 says:

      Thanks for reminding me/us that the HABS have four midgets up front and a guy that’s big in size but plays small (Eller).

      It’s also a good reminder that the midget experiment makes its way further down the roster: DD and Darche.

      Geez…this isn’t a roster that offers any threat to ‘Cup Ready’ teams like Boston, Philly, Pittsburgh, Washington and to an extent TB and Buffalo.

      — HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. —

      • NightRyder says:

        Way too early to panic. Pittsburgh won 49 games last year without their top three centres for most of the year. As the season wears on and other teams get dinged up, it will be harder to play against a smaller, skilled team. Habs should again be in the mix for the No. 8 playoff spot, which is apparently where the bar is now set.

        • Timo says:

          If last couple of years were any indication… as other teams get dinged up, we dinged up twice as much. It won’t be hard to play against smaller, “skilled” Hamilton Bulldogs.

      • caladin says:

        Darche is a midget??? 6’1″, 210lbs.
        And no, he doesn’t play small either.

        Keep Hope Alive

      • MTLForever says:

        not sure what you are watching but eller does not play small

  18. Timo says:

    I have a few questions:

    1. We pay Cole how much?
    2. Have Habs successfully killed a penalty yet this season?
    3. The Lars Eller love fest is why? Maybe I just don’t see it so perhaps someone could do a quick overview of his greatness for me.
    4. When is new and improved Gomez going to make an appearance?
    5. Since when did we become the sad version of Ottawa Senators?

    That’s all the questions. As a statement, this team sucks.

    • NightRyder says:

      1. Too much. It’s called “oh shit, we better make the people think we’re doing something with this money.”
      2. Not that I can recall.
      3. He could score 12 goals one year, so that’s something.
      4. Pfft.
      5. We’re still better than the Sens. I think.

    • BKAK72 says:

      1. Cole. Easy to be great when you are centered by a Team Canada CTR in Eric Staal. He cashed in on another’s skill.
      2. PK. Isn’t Gomez out there? Enough said.
      3. If the team doesn’t hype Lars Eller then we will remember Halak was traded for him.
      4. My guess…January?
      5. My question…how can you lose both home games to two of the weaker West teams…???

      — HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. —

    • Traf27 says:

      1. 4.5 million, definitely overpaid, but we always overpay here. He fits what we needed. If his goals are still in the single digits by the All-Star break then there’s a problem
      2. Gill isn’t playing great atm and D is severly depleted.
      3. Lars Eller is a talented young hockey player. Will he be a regular 30 goal scorer… no… does he look a lot like a young Pleks… yes.
      4. when another player with the last name Gomez makes the NHL.
      5. This team beat the Sens 7-1, we lost in a shootout in a game where our best player (Price) admittedly had a off night. Your comparison is WAY off. I think you only had 4 questions and added that to get to 5 :P.

      The struggles of today will make the victories of tomorrow that much sweeter.

    • caladin says:

      1. Cole’s looking better every game to me. that line was dominant at times tonight. He’s not Nash or Ovie, but he’ll earn his check.
      2. Yes
      3. He was fantastic tonight. If you can’t see that maybe you should watch HIO less and the game more. One thing that has people excited is that he’s looking great on the wing which he was unable to do last year.
      4. Don’t expect too much. At best we’re going to get a year like 2 years ago from him. He’s on pace for that, given that he’s always been a slow starter. I think he’s gone from Montreal after this year. If he plays fairly well then he’ll get traded. (for a 7th round pick?) If not then he’ll get sent to hamilton.
      5. Lmao. The av’s just beats the sens 7-1. We may be in trouble but we’re a whole lot better off than the Senators!
      OH and
      6. Did you watch the game? How is it you seem to blame Cole, Gomez and Eller, but not PK or Price?

      As for a statement, this is the year. 25 in 2012.


      Keep Hope Alive

    • Jordio-oh says:

      Habs are 13 for 15 on the PK this season. Not as terrible as you think.

      The pp is the problem. 7.7% won’t put them in the playoffs.

    • 1. who cares…he played well enough with big hits
      2. no pk is lacking….subban the same…just getting warmed up it seems.
      3. Eller is determined and has heart. He is getting better each game…
      4. Gomez showed some light…but not yet…remarkable
      5. Senators….we are better than that….regardless of the points. Give us a week or two…

      This team has the makings of something good….need some polish and a buff or two.

    • habstrinifan says:

      PG is an Infallible Vegetarian! He has no time for Red Meat or Questions!

  19. Rainrocket16 says:

    It was a game we should have won but what can you do..Boys played well and was very proud of the youthful effort. I really like Meons’ hustle. Price let a couple softies in but no one is perfect. We got a point out of a game we may have been favored to lose..Drink up move on and get ready for the next one! Go Habs Go!!

  20. BKAK72 says:

    Gomez…aren’t we all happy he learned a thing or two from last season’s pathetic display of professional hockey? Boy, he sure is lighting it up this year!

    What a waste of roster space. A complete joke.


    • NightRyder says:

      We really are spinning our wheels hanging onto this guy.

      I can’t imagine he’s completely finished at 32 but for all concerned, a change of scenery is a must. All the “intangibles” in the world can’t make up for no goals in 36 games. If it could, we can just bring Brian Skrudland out of mothballs.

    • SmartDog says:

      I said it last year while Boone was heaping praise on him for “manning up”. We heard Gomez apologize ALL YEAR LONG. Remember this: “I’m a veteran..I can be better.. I know people look up to me.” Yah, right. No-one looks up to you Scott. No-one watches you and thinks “I need to play like that”. NO-ONE. Not even kids in the street let alone your teammates.

      Gomez’s compete level this game TOTALLY sucked. He beat a guy to the puck behind the net along the boards, had a great opportunity, but made no effort to keep it. Five minutes later was in the same area with the team pressing and he dished it up again. I think he’s just afraid to get hurt. He’s always either floating or hiding behind the net. Useless.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

      • NightRyder says:

        Doggie, how long have you and I been leading this crusade?

        • SmartDog says:

          For me it was since the day he was traded. At that time a lot of people thought he was going to be at least a decent addition. Man, were they wrong.

          It sucks being right about something so shi**y though, don’ it? I’d rather be wrong and have a guy who could actually contribute a solid effort. Gomez really is worse than even I thought he could be.

          Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

          • NightRyder says:

            Every day he is on the roster is a wasted day of development for someone else.

          • SmartDog says:

            Elegantly put.
            Not to mention he makes me want to punch him in the face. I’m wondering if there aren’t a few Habs that feel the same way.

            Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

          • Hockey says:

            So you want to physically assault him because he is not meeting your expectations? Don’t bother saying how you are just being figurative. You hate him because he is a smartass who makes a lot of money that he isn’t really earning. And it makes you want to hurt him. You are messed up, dude. In a big way. But I think quite a few people around here already knew that.

    • j2w4habs25 says:

      Jacques Martin should send him home for a few days and maybe let him find himself but then again he had all summer.. This guy is starting to get very bad attention.

      Carey Price #31

  21. durocher says:

    Good on Carey and Max Power for admitting they could have done some things better. Can’t say there’s a lack of character on this team. We’ll get ’em next time, boys!

  22. NightRyder says:

    On the plus side, Gomez did extend his impressive goalless streak to 36 games.

    • BKAK72 says:

      36 games…? Are you serious…??


      — HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. —

      • NightRyder says:

        RNH at age 18 has four goals in three games for the Oilers. Gomez has four in 66 games. I know I sound like a broken record but I would trade the guy for Andre Racicot straight up, just to get his stink off the franchise.

        • BKAK72 says:

          Never liked his stupid grin when he was an opponent; hate watching him at the Bell Ctr. chirp at the refs instead of playing the game!

          Realistically Gomez s/b in Hamilton and available for trade at the deadline for a team that’s going places in the playoffs and needs a 4th line filler (damn it).

          — HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. —

      • NightRyder says:

        Last goal, Feb. 2. To be fair, he does have 16 assists and a very solid -13 in those 36 games, so I’d say he’s turning it around.

  23. BKAK72 says:

    What is amazing about tonight’s game is that the two cornerstones of the HABS (Price and PK) messed up a win. Any reasonable HABS fan (if we exist?) must surely know by now these two guys will be the difference 99% of the time in our favour.


    • SmartDog says:

      Yeah but is “amazing” the right word. Or freakin’ scary. PK seems to have lost maturity, Price seems to have lost focus. I have faith in these two guys, I know they’ll sort it out. But if they take some time to do it, we’re gonna lose a lot of games. Without Price (especially) and PK on top of their games, the Habs are sunk. Not a good place to be, but there we are.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  24. Jdub1985 says:

    One thing we learn year in and year out … Price is not a SO goalie. Just look at the stats … Habs need to start winning it in OT.

  25. Propwash says:

    How about that crossbar shot from Pleky, can’t even aim his shot right. Waste of cap space.

  26. HardHabits says:

    Relax. Chill-out. It’s only pre-draft pick lottery selection.

  27. Jdub1985 says:

    good boy, I’m glad he didn’t hide in the dressing room … 5 GA and 0/2 in the SO, the game’s on your goaltender.

    4 GA followed by 5 GA … wake up Price

  28. habsfan0 says:

    Q: What do Roberto Luongo, Curtis Joseph, and Carey Price ALL have in common?

    A:All sensational REGULAR SEASON goalies.

  29. dre1744 says:

    It doesn’t get easier the next 2 games we play are vs Buffalo and Pittsburge!!!!!

  30. Just finished watching the game. Glad it was on PVR because that was horrible. I’ll take a 2-1 win any day.

    Lord I can’t wait for October to be over. Gets some bodies back on the bench.

    Carey, Carey, Carey. Shake your head man. If you go down, they’re done for sure.

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  31. Propwash says:

    Price has bad games, Halak has bad games, Brodeur has bad games, Roy has bad games, Miller has bad games, Thomas has bad games, Dryden has bad games, Gump Worsley has bad games, so on and so forth.

  32. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Man, just watched the highlights. Price looked terrible & especially in the shootout. Hope he snaps out of it.

    “Hate Bruins like a sickness”

  33. HardHabits says:

    I’d say the game was lost on PK’s adventurous coughing up of the puck at centre ice and the slide by poke check to nothing from Price. The goal that went glove side under the mitten was weak but that one could be partially forgiven.

    Like some people have noted. At least they are scoring.

    Emelin made some sweet cross ice passes. He’s a keeper.

  34. marcuis says:

    Didn’t Price say that he also sucked after the playoffs the last couple of years?, he’s getting boring

  35. Hab-Q says:

    At least we’re scoring some goals for a change and got contributions from 5 different scorers including DD and Travis Moen- Hands of Stoen

    “I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out”

    ~Rodney Dangerfield

  36. habsfan0 says:

    An overtime game + Carey Price= guaranteed loss.

  37. Nina76 says:

    I think these points lost are going to count BIG TIME at the end of the season….we need every point we can get….always playing catchup hockey games…..enough is enough…I BELIEVE!!!!!

  38. habstrinifan says:

    Kudos to Price for standing up and facing the music!

    This may be the modern-day version of the 1939-40 habs.
    Dont look good!

    Our veteran D is Gill!
    Our top salaried player is Gomez!
    Our saviour is Subban!(not ready for prime time this year).
    Our wheeler and dealer administrator is PG.!
    Our braintrust is JM!
    Our play-by-play guy is John Bartlett… (who did the talent search on this one)!
    Our tough guy is White!
    Our Moses is Markov!
    Our biggest off-season correction was a STANCHION.

    • JayBee says:

      lol…well done!

    • nova scotia vees says:

      Oh Pricey is a stand-up guy for facing the media! All “professional” athletes are “required” to face the media. It’s their job. Where was he the other night? And I wish he were a “stand-up” goalie. On his knees…on his back…on his butt…can’t find the puck most of the time…doesn’t challenge the shooter during shoot-outs or anytime really. I hate the Bruins, but admire the play of Thomas. Active all the time and rarely loses sight of the puck. A real battler. Patrick Roy was another battler…score on him and he got mad. Score on Price and he gets rattled. And why is J.M. apologizing for him based on his age? If he is too young (isn’t this year 4), then why is he our only goalie? Lordy we can’t even find a decent back-up to push him. You get one and Pricey pouts.

  39. rogieshan says:

    Try Subban with Spacek when the latter returns, and reunite Gill with Gorges as the shutdown pair. Let Markov ease back in with Weber.

    I thought the fourth line finally played with some jam tonight, but did they even see the ice after the second period?

  40. JayBee says:

    So the only players missing on D are Markov and Spacek. Even with them back, the D is very weak. Where’s the sandpaper/size?

    • Kooch7800 says:

      that is where PG gambled a bit too much this year but there has also been some bad luck. We should have another experienced D back there. Emelin, Diaz and weber is a lot to add to a D core at one time. So really no one is used to playing with each other and we are seeing that in the play. Campoli would have helped but now with his injury is completely useless. I would sign Mara to a contract at 650,000 and bring him in to help the D out.

  41. SnowManHabs85 says:

    We all said it’ll depend if the team is healthy, it’ll be a team with a force but so far this early in the season, we’ve lost alot of players in injuries. So I’m guessing we’ll suck in the first 3 weeks and once everyone gets back, we’ll be a playoff team.

    Thats just my guess. 😛

    “Responding to the media , or playing to the media, or listening to the fans is the quickest way to start losing” – Sam Pollock

  42. habsfan0 says:

    Losses to Toronto,Calgary,Colorado with a lone victory over Winnipeg(Atlanta). All non playoff teams from last year. Not good.

  43. Danno says:

    Okay we lost.

    But with Camalleri, Markov, White, Campoli, and Spacek the outcome would have been different


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  44. axxerd says:

    “” It’s part of a learning process,” Martin said. “Scoring five goals is a good sign.” “”

    I sure wish the ‘learning process’ was able to take place in the pre-season, and not when it counts. I think Martin’s pre-season setup was detrimental.

    Newfoundland’s biggest Habs fan. Hands down.

  45. Mikey_39 says:

    At least it was an exciting game. As much as I hate to lose, they did play a pretty good game. I can’t really say anyone wasn’t giving it their all.

    And props to Cole. Aside from a couple of nice moves, amazing speed and grit, what really stood out for me was how he jumped on two guys who were shoving Plecky around. I love seeing that

  46. zak says:

    It’s going to be a looooong time before the habs score 5 again

  47. I don’t like pissing away five goals on a loss. No way, no how!

  48. Neutral says:

    Habs did alright tonight, just couldn’t put the av’s away.

  49. DEANDALLEY says:

    I love Carey Price BUT I do feel that he will move on from Montreal when his contract expires.

    “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”

  50. Exit716 says:

    11th place or bust!
    If the US government needs another bail out, just call Gauthier and Molson.
    Look at the money the Habs are paying for useless Americans.

  51. gK_HabsFan says:

    So far we’ve played 4 games, and we’ve outplayed the opposition the majority of the time!

    I feel it’s just a matter of players clicking, and eventually the W’s will come, and they’ll come in bunches!

  52. Danno says:

    Price admits he was weak.

    Cherry admits he had a brain fart.

    There is hope for world peace.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  53. Tony McLean says:

    Why do so many people keep giving Price a bye? Three weak goals (again) is “not great???” And these same people are gloating about Halak’s alleged difficulties? Double standard. Carey’s philanthropy is getting REALLY old. Time for him to live up to the hype. PAST time.
    What does it say on Bob Gainey’s office door?
    “Larry Robinson not welcome.”

  54. DEANDALLEY says:

    Ataboy Pricey. It takes a big man to admit his mistakes.

    He was not great tonight but he will get better. He has to. He got to.

    “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”

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