Press review

Canadiens’ Maxim Lapierre celebrates with Robert Lang after scoring during first Thursday night. THE GAZETTE Pierre

Here’s what’s being said about Thursday night’s thumping of the Maple Leafs:

• Pat Hickey on the crushing win
• Red Fisher writes that the Original Six rivalry dies a lonely death
• Dave Stubbs: Legendary Bower left mark on Leafs and Habs
• The Toronto Star says the Leafs were KO’d
Leafs Mauled in Montreal, says the Toronto Sun
• Sean Gordon of the Globe and Mail: Three and easy
Just like the good old days, says the Journal de Montréal
• Maxim Lapierre says the team’s confidence is really high righ now
• In La Presse: A win, some fighting, but no biting!
Grabovski wants a street fight, writes La Presse
•  Winning despite the injuries: La Presse

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Press review

• Pat Hickey on Matt D’Agostini

• Dave Stubbs feature on Ed Giacomin 

Guillaume Latendresse is not happy 

Carbo and the media 

• Trevor Timmins on Danny Kristo 

• In the Globe and Mail, Sean Gordon and Paul Waldie report George Gillett has taken out a $75 million high-interest loan 

• Scott Burnside on Alex Kovalev 

• Is Sean Avery finished?

Pat Hickey, Michael Farber, Damien Cox and Bob McKenzie on Avery 

Avery timeline 

Hockey viewership up on all networks

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Press Review

• Pat Hickey on the Canadiens breakdown vs. Thrashers

• Red Fisher forgives Andrei Kostitsyn, Tomas Plekanec – well, almost

• Boone: Oh to be immortalized as the butt of pigeon poop

This date in Canadiens history

• François Gagnon’s on 59 worrying seconds

• Andrei Kostitsyn says he doesn’t think of his brother while playing

• Pierre Durocher on Tuesday’s crazy game

Matt D’Agostini breaks the ice, Koivu now 11th scorer in team history

Andrei K on the line juggling

Carbonneau is happy with the win, but … 

"It breaks your heart," Thrashers coach says

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Press Review

• Pat Hickey sets up the game vs. Capitals

• Hickey on José Theodore facing his former team

• Bob Duff on the importance of Mike Komisarek to the Canadiens

This date in Canadiens history

• François Gagnon’s preview of the Caps game

Theodore wants his revenge

Halak out to stop Ovechkin

Boudreau’s banner year

• Simple formula helps Caps’ Alzner adjust to NHL

• Tim Wharnsby on Brian Burke 

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Press review

Red Fisher on Patrick Roy

Carey Price is looking forward to the ceremony 


Life without Komisarek

Patrice Brisebois praises Roy

• A fan breaks down Roy’s greatness 

Stephen Brunt on the ceremonies for Roy and Wendel Clark 

• Tim Wharsnby of the Globe and Mail talks to Mike Van Ryn :

And where did Van Ryn leave it off with Kostopoulos, who used to play in Van Ryn’s hometown for the London Knights on the OHL?

"The unfortunate thing is I’ve known him for a long time," Van Ryn said. "He’s not that type of player. It was a big rivalry, there was a big [Hockey Hall of Fame] ceremony before the game and everybody was excited.

"We have texted back to each other. I told him that I was okay and know how bad he felt. I don’t know what else I can say. I know I have made hits that I have regretted, too."


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Press review

• Pat Hickey on the struggles of the Koivu line and on the sinking Senators 

The unshakable confidence of Patrick Roy 

Sean Gordon of the Globe and Mail on Saint Patrick 

• In La Presse, Richard L’abbee wonders is Canadiens fans’ expectations were too elevated 

• Carbo looks for leaders 

• Sinking economy will hit salary cap 

• Pierre LeBrun’s quarterly report 

• The season’s best quotes so far 

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Press review

Courtesy of Cory Kornelsen, editor of McKeen’s Hockey, a scouting report on Ryan McDonagh:

Robust two-way defenseman .. commanding all-access skater that is strong on his edges with sharp acceleration .. has become more productive this season because he’s anticipating the play incisively and is asserting himself more offensively with the puck .. has underrated hand skill and a quick shot that he is beginning to get on net with more frequency, as he’s already surpassed his career high with four goals on the year .. his on-ice vision and creativity with the puck are mediocre, although he makes calculated decisions and doesn’t rush into many mistakes .. suffocating one-on-one defender that is a pillar of strength on the backend and is one of the most physically imposing defenders in college hockey .. lacks prototypical height but it doesn’t matter because he boasts tremendous strength and has a mean streak .. his influential backwards and lateral mobility allows him to maintain tight gaps before angling off his man to the wall .. fiercely covers his net and clears his crease area with conviction .. a safe bet to play in the NHL sooner rather than later.  

 • Ryan O’Byrne and the sophomore jinx

Jarkko Ruutu pleads innocence 

Steve Bégin talks to his coach

• Canadiens fans voting for all-Hab All-Star lineup 

Damien Cox and Ken Campbell of the Hockey News on the Kostopoulos hit

• Mathias Brunet on Brian Burke

• Bruins in Burke hunt?

Scott Burnside weighs in on Burke 


  1. Jay in PA says:

    one of the most physically imposing defenders in college hockey .. lacks prototypical height but it doesn’t matter because he boasts tremendous strength and has a mean streak .. fiercely covers his net and clears his crease area with conviction

    This is all music to my ears, especially the bit about clearing the crease area. I still remember that last game against toronto in ’06-07, when the leafs were on the power play and two of their forwards casually skated in and screened Huet without a Canadiens D-man in sight. Huet never saw McCabe’s shot from the point that made it 4-3. It sickened me because we were just so helpless against that kind of tactic, and I knew that it’s that kind of thing that dominates playoff hockey–screening the goalie, scoring goals off of goalmouth scrambles, etc.

    I like my D-men big, mean, and remorseless, and I think you can’t have enough of these guys. Pair them with puck movers who make good decisions (e.g., Komi/Markov), and you have the prototype tandem for the future.

    It now occurs to me that someone should open a hockey-themed restaurant. Goalmouth Scramble sounds like the making of a tasty breakfast skillet, or possibly a dinnertime option involving salisbury steak.

  2. Mike Boone says:

    It can be next to a strip bar caled the High Slot.

  3. Jay in PA says:

    I’m trying to make something work with a brothel upstairs called the Dirty Elbow but it’s just not coming together.

  4. J.T. says:

    This is how the next Hockeyville should be decided: Every business in town changes its name to something hockey-related. The photo place would be “Head Shot,” the bank “Blue Chip Prospect” and the escort service would be “Juicy Rebound.” The bar would be “The Dirty Hit,” known locally as “Club Ruutu.”

  5. Jay in PA says:

    I assumed the escort service would be Two Minutes for Hooking, but most towns have at least two such services, anyway. Not that I’d have any reason to know that.

  6. Mike Boone says:

    And couples night at the local rink is called Bag Skating.
    (Don’t hit me, Leigh Ann!)

  7. J.T. says:

    If you don’t watch it, you’ll end up at the hospital, henceforth known as “The Trainer’s Room,” with a condition commonly called a Broken Stick.

  8. Mike Boone says:

    Is the hospital near the XXX video store called Pulling the Goalie?

  9. J.T. says:

    No, the theatre called Squeezing the Stick.

  10. Mike Boone says:

    Near the massage parlour called Lower Body Inquiry

  11. jimbo says:

    Change the name to stick handling

  12. Chorske says:

    I’ve been there. They’ll throw you out if you get your stick up.

  13. Chorske says:

    That’s across the street from the singles bar for recently divorced people, called “dump and chase”

  14. HugeHabsFan says:

    I think I’m laughing a little too loudly. Everyone around me just peeked at me over the top of the cubicles. LOL!


    “To you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high.”


  15. Jay in PA says:

    I’ve actually been there for the 2-on-1 special.

  16. jimbo says:

    It’s actually called”shoot and score five hole”

  17. J.T. says:

    Did you play for the full sixty minutes?

  18. Jay in PA says:

    Naw. I was riding the bench most of the night.

  19. J.T. says:

    I heard there’s a lot of man-on-man defence in that place anyway.

  20. Jay in PA says:

    I dunno. I was talking to a woman about going down to block a shot, but she said that she had to check with BG if that was in the rules anymore.

  21. Chorske says:

    I thought that was why they wore shin guards.

    And visors

  22. Jay in PA says:

    Remember that Avery bit about Don Cherry wearing Sears catalogs as knee pads?

  23. xaverian001 says:

    LMAO … hilarious thread!

  24. cautiousoptimist says:

    You guys got me laughing out loud at the office!

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  25. Chorske says:

    “…his influential backwards and lateral mobility…”

    Influential? Fluid, maybe?

  26. Mike Boone says:

    Everyone on this thread gets two minutes for high shticking

  27. nightmare_49 says:

    Sarah Palin is going to outlaw this site as soon as she gets back to Alaska. BTW that was a nice article by Mr. Hickey today.

  28. Jay in PA says:

    So what do I win for vermetting this post?

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Press review

Kostopoulos is contrite but Wilson isn’t buying it

• And neither is François Gagnon 

Eric Engels sends this interesting photo sequence (see below) he found on Habfans. com It seems to support TK’s case.

Sergei K unloads on former friend Grabovski 

• Thanks to poster dwgs for this Cherry rant about Grabovski butt-ending Price.

• Canadiens suffer through video session 

• Canadiens slip to fourth in ESPN power rankings


  1. pdunph says:

    In between periods in tonights game, Benoit Brunet showed a similar hit in the Philadelphia game where the guy didn’t get injured and got right back up after. The guy most likely won’t be suspended. I think Kostopolous deserved to be tossed from the game, but a 3 game suspension seems to be related to the extent of the injury and not the hit itself.

  2. Number31 says:

    Wilson is full of hot air and WOW is the press vilifying Kostopoulos or what? How long will Wilson hide his hired headhunter too, I wonder? Where was this mass outrage when Bergeron’s face got driven in the boards from behing and he was pulled off the rink in a stretcher? I think I only heard of it on RDS, before a Bruins/Habs game…

    You know when Andrei’s head was slammed into the glass and the league nary did a thing, a few of us were asking what it would take for the NHL to make some kind of move… Most of us thought it would take a major hit on someone like Crosby. But nope, I guess all that has to happen is a play gone wrong on some unknown Leafs defenseman. No one wants to see players hurt, but it happens. TK gets his suspension, he takes the pay cut from his already rather low salary, he is taking his responsibilities (unlike other players) and the other guy goes to the hospital. What can you do other than find yourself a Tardis to fix it right?

  3. Number31 says:

    Um…actually according to that thing on RDS, Sergei and Grabs haven’t been too kind with each other since before the “incident”. (I put up a translation in the Hab’s forum in Grab’s thread).

  4. yathehabsrule says:

    I mentioned this Sat. night too. You are right. Schenn was already on his way to the ice and Kostitsyn merely makes contact at the end to avoid running into him and injuring himself or Schenn. It’s a natural instinct that any player does..

  5. yathehabsrule says:

    I was looking at one of the original video clips again and it looked to me that TK was actually trying to get over to Van Ryn’s left and avoid a direct hit and his arms were up to protect himself from hitting the glass.

    And Van Ryn saw him coming and NEVER should have turned his back.

  6. yathehabsrule says:

    Cherry pronuncing names wrong is new to you? lol

  7. mjames says:

    A few comments:

    (1) Regardless whether Kost’s hit was intentional or not, he got off lightly. If that had happened to Markov, we would be screaming bloody murder. If someone is hit in the head the suspension should be an automatic 10 games. The same should apply to the hit that AK46 took. Also when Commodore made a run at AK46, Commodore should have been suspended 10 game because he went for the head.
    (2) With respect to the dust up between SK74 and Grabs, SK47 is blowing smoke. He is pissed with Grabs because Grabs showed us up big time. No other reason.
    (3) The Hab fans using Phoenix escapade as reason for hating Grabs is pure BS. We hate Grabs because he is off to a hell of start and he whipped us big time. We are plain and simple jealous of his good play. As they say “deal with it”. We lost a good player. I hope he does well , just not when he plays us.


  8. Mr.Hazard says:

    Cherry is completely lost. “Kosteagin”, calling Saku “Sergei”, while Ron is quietly mumbling corrections.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  9. The M says:

    Ron Wilson’s idea is that when a player hits someone from behind he should be suspended as well as his team loses the right to dress a full roster, so 17 skaters instead of 18. In that case he wouldn’t have had a full roster this season due to that numbnut Ryan Hollweg. He can cry all he wants about hitting from behind when he has the league’s biggest cheap shot artist on his bench.

  10. Nahlsy says:

    Ron Wilson has an awful lot to say against hits from behind and how dirty Montreal is for employing Kostopolous considering he’s got mr Hitfrombehind Hollweg on his own team. STFU Wilson, take your hypocritical crud and cram it.

  11. New says:

    I think the word around the league is that Cary Price is too good, so you have to crowd him and get him off his game. The opposing players are then gonna say “Yeah, and have Komosaurus or O’Byrne, or Hammer, or Georges, or Brisbois, or Boullion, or Higgins, or… on top of me. Yeah Right coach!” And the opposing coaches just pat them on the back and say “Doesn’t happen son, go watch the videos.”

    And they do, then they smile, and the opposition has a game plan.

    I never do line fantasies or crud like that, but man, could I see sitting the fourth and dressing three more big D. Usually all you get is an extra two, unless the other guy turtles, but then even his team looks at him funny for months. It’s not like the fourth line is doing anything anyway while TK is out. Might as well put on the foil. (Kidding)

  12. Chorske says:

    Is Cherry blind? Schenn is already falling over when Kostitsin catches up to him. I agree with his point re icing but damn, the dude is BLIND.

  13. Barts says:

    Grabovski wasn’t traded in the off season, he was traded last March when he refused to get on a plane out of Phoenix to L.A. with the rest of his teammates. Guys don’t forget that stuff, and I would imagine Koivu was reminding him of that. Grabovski belongs in Toronto. He fits right in with the operating mentality of that team. Good riddance. See you on January 8th.

  14. CHsam says:

    Loved Cherrys comments on buttending. Its just so unsportsmanlike.

  15. 24 Cups says:

    For me, the problem is that we always try and analyze the individual incident, instead of the issue as a whole. I feel that these verbal tug of wars are a basic waste of time that just take us away from finding a solution that will benefit the safety of the players. The concussion crisis in the NHL is totally out of control. THe NHL and the NHLPA have to join together to find a permanent resolution to this crisis.

    From where I’m sitting, it appears that neither party truly really wants to address the situation. Their responses and tirades are more cliche ridden than the rants of Don Cherry, the “it’s all part of the game” chieftain, himself. Next month we will be discussing this al over again. Different player, different incident, different circumstance, but still the SOS.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  16. HabsInBlood says:

    Wow – that’s excellent video. The real question that needs to be asked is: based on frames 5 & 6 should TK have let up? The guy has his head down and TK is coming at him from the side. The real dangerous part of that hit is that MVR is 3-4 feet from the boards – he definitely put himself in a dangerous position. After that presumably, he turns his back to TK and gets clocked. Even if TK tries to let up at that point, Newton’s laws of physics teach us that guy may very well be toast anyways.

    If I’m a D going back to play that puck I’m right up against the boards so a check bounces off of me, or I’m not turning my back to the oncoming forechecker.

  17. HABZ24 says:

    an idea thats time has come is : the suspended players players forfitted salary should go to the injured player.only fair.

  18. HabsInBlood says:

    I haven’t trolled all the posts, but why haven’t I seen any discussion of a review of Grabs butt-end into Price’s gut/groin? IMO, that was an order of magnitude dirtier a hockey play than TK’s hit. I’m probably using flawed math there, because I don’t think TK’s hit was dirty in the first place, so there’s no basis for what an order of magnitude greater is, but I think you get the idea.

    Not only did that pansy butt-end Price, he deliberately choked up before hand to make sure his glove was well out of the way. All I hear is that dork Wilson ranting in the press on how violent/dirty a hit TK’s was. Hall of fame night and all, what did all the “kids across Canada” think when they saw the pansy butt-end Price with no punishment? For all the bias that comes out of Grapes’ mouth, I have to thank him for pointing this out after the game … otherwise, I wouldn’t have realized it had happened.

  19. Robert L says:

    Thanks guys…I got a thing with mistruths emanating from TO!

  20. Chorske says:

    I guess I wasn’t thinking in terms of the value of the player to his team- I was strictly thinking in terms of suffering consequences for one player’s action against another. I think once you start penalizing guys more if they go after “marquee” players, THAT is the can of worms for me. A guy’s career and health are all he really has, regardless of whether he’s a Patrice Bergeron… or a Steve Moore. If your deliberate actions cause that player to be significantly injured or (God forbid) end his career, I think you should be answerable. I think you should miss as much time as he does.

    And on a different but related topic. Everyone’s kvetching about mutual respect on the ice- but then everyone says that the players will sort it all out by FIGHTING. Um, scuse me, but that doesn’t even pass the test of kindergarten schoolyard logic. I like fights as much as the next guy, but let’s at least not kid ourselves about what fighting can or cannot accomplish.

  21. Jim M says:

    I think there are some easy answers, but not with the braintrust that runs the NHL right now.

    No-touch icing, glass flush with the boards, reduction of the size and strength of the padded equipment, a full 2-minute penalty like it used to be(regardless of how many goals are scored), elimination of the instigator rule, get rid of the second ref, added responsibilities to the linesmen, and competent referees are a start. And get rid of candy-ass penalties of which there are many. Example, simultaneous penalties of a tripping call to one player and a dive to an other on the same play. The player either dove or was tripped, not both.

    Not all of these suggestions will be agreed upon, but the NHL should have an open mind at all times to improving the quality and safety of the game. That is what they are paid for in my humble opinion.

  22. Gr8stFranchizEvr says:

    I’m not encouraging fighting, but I think it has it’s place – or at least it used to. I don’t think it plays the same role anymore because the game’s rules don’t allow it to do so.

    As I recall, every team had an enforcer back in the day. His purpose was to deter targeting of elite players and send a message that dirty plays wouldn’t be tolerated. Call it a kind of player imposed justice system. Funny thing is that the enforcers did, in a strange way, respect each other. Sometimes the whole team had to come to the rescue of another player as witnessed in some very memorable games (Montreal – Philly; Montreal – Quebec come to mind). but that was the exception (and, who didn’t enjoy watching those bench-clearing brawls!).

    Maybe I’m dreaming here, but I think the level of ‘goonery’ has increased dramatically in the last 10-15 years, and I find it suspicious that over that time span the NHL has imposed a number of rules intended to stop fighting/enforcers (I really hate sounding like Cherry on this one…). The Chris Nilan – Bob Probert days are long over, but the game seems to have deteriorated since then alongside the rule-book (I’m not saying all the newer rules are lame, just some regarding fighting and instigating).

    I think the ‘kindergarten school yard logic’ you speak of is more akin to bullying, not defending your teammates. Who, when being picked on at recess, wouldn’t want a bigger, stronger kid to come to their rescue? Just another way of looking at it, I guess.

  23. krob1000 says:

    Someone out here with a knowledge of simple physics explain to me if the impact would be lessened if the glass were angled back gradually…. “about 12:30 or 1p.m” as the angle if you know what I mean. I know the result would be sometimes the puck bouncing out of play but if it saved the injuries it may be worth it. They could also create some sort of “lip” if that was an issue. If the angle were slight enough I don’t think it would hamper anyone’s view …again I don’t know but to me it sounds like it would lessen impact. No touch icing would help too but guys will still get hit from behind on shorter sprints as well….not all hits from behind are on icing plays. Angling the glass back sounds good to me….so someone out there who knows about this stuff tell me if it is that simple.

  24. SlySil says:

    I COMPLETELY agree with Ron Wilson’s solution to deduct players from the roster of the suspended player’s team. So Ron, When are you going to sit YOUR roster player for that Holloweg hit on Pietrangelo (who still has not returned to action)?

    Coaches can be such hypocrites….

  25. Habhopeful says:

    Wilson should have 3 players short on his roster seeing as how Hollweg did it 3 times, all to the St. Louis Blues, Backes, Pietrangelo & i cant remember the other one…

    “We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don’t even have to go to the hospital.”
    ~Brad Park.

  26. Chorske says:

    Good analogy re recess- although ideally the system would be set up to discourage bullying from the start, which would remove the need for the ‘bigger kid’ in the first place.

    I like to think the level of goonery has decreased- you don’t see as many brawls, for one. And it seems to me you hear fewer stories of people kicking with skates or sucker-punching or sticking out the knees.

    And again, I find myself wondering why Koivu and Sergei- not our biggest guys- are having discussions with Grabs when there is a larger guy who was specifically hired for that purpose.

  27. likehoy says:

    incidental contact, dangerous contact nonetheless.

  28. TommyB says:

    My comment was more about Cherry’s “coloring” of the play, than it was about the “incidental” contact.

  29. moser17 says:

    You’re right dwgs. From 2:00 to 3:05 is about the smartest and fairest I’ve ever seen Cherry. Everyone on the site should check this out, since they probably were watching RDS the other night.

    … although it’s beyond annoying to hear Cherry try to pronounce ‘Kostitsyn’.

  30. TommyB says:

    Cherry’s explanation as to why everyone was running after Grabovski is actually quite stunning coming from that leaf-loving blabbermouth. You wonder why he would do that…maybe because Grabovski is not a “good old Kingston boy”.

    The real Don Cherry that many of us know and despise shows through earlier in the video where he shows Kostitsyn “pulling the feet out from under Schenn”, pronounced “Shane” by Cherry. Anyone not wearing blue-tinted glasses can see that Schenn was already off-balance and falling down and into the boards on the play, while Kostitsyn’s stick was simply near Schenn’s skate in pursuit of a loose puck. There was no “pulling” motion of any kind. No poking motion of any kind. Simply a stick held with one hand in search of the loose puck in an effort to nullify an icing call….Meanwhile, the whole time Cherry rants, suck-boy Maclean looks and listens with a seriously concerned “you got that right, Don” look on his face. HNIC is a joke anywhere outside of leafland.

  31. Chorske says:

    I’ll bet my shiny Pull My Finger Maple Losers t-shirt that Carbo has TK sitting in the press box that game.

  32. the_larry says:

    On the bright side, this incident is gonna make the rest of the season-series very exciting, especially the next game.

  33. Topham says:

    I wish I had the video to prove it, but NHL players can stop if they want to. A few games ago Kovalev stopped on a dime before he would have rammed into an opposition goalie.

    The Kostopoulos hit was rightly punished, as we will all be better off when players don’t let hits like this even cross their minds. And Habs fans, we’ll be better off than most as our players will be able to play clean hockey using their skill without worrying about being assaulted.

    I am pleased to see TK is sorry and accepts his punishment. I hope it makes an impression him and that he can pass his wisdom on…

  34. HabsInBlood says:

    I’m sorry, but you cannot always stop on a dime … it depends on where you weight is and where your edges are. When you are starting to lean forward to deliver a body check, it’s hard to “stop on a dime” at the last minute. I guarantee you if VanRyn hadn’t hit his face into the boards, there wouldn’t have been a major and maybe not even a penalty. The only reason he was punished was because the guy was injured. I hope TK doesn’t change his game at all.

  35. Morenz7 says:

    Great piece, great pictures, great timing.

  36. Keith says:

    Bravo Robert L, and a great read! It’s nice to read the truth instead of some bitter old crank (long since dead) like Smythe spreading lies.

  37. moser17 says:

    Excellent piece, Robert L. A lot of research and time went into that, and it reads very, very well. No wonder your talents have been recognized by the blogging bigwigs.

  38. Habhopeful says:

    I cant wait till the Habs play the Leafs again in our house to see Skoz lay into him and teach this kid a lesson but im also hoping Skoz doesn’t take it too far by doing something stupid…

    “We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don’t even have to go to the hospital.”
    ~Brad Park.

  39. Keith says:

    Ron Wilson can go F&^% himself! How the Hell does he know how Tom the Bomb feels? What a freekin jerk-off!!!

  40. Gr8stFranchizEvr says:

    A few thoughts to consider:

    1. Ron Wilson’s thinking process on the matter is illogical and he should be embarrassed. Open ice hits were always part of the game and players have always had to keep their heads up to avoid a crushing blow while carrying the puck. Checks along the boards also have been an exciting defensive strategy – skating along the boards always brings an element of risk. But, to say the player with the puck should take no responsibility to prepare for a hard hit is ignorant. This doesn’t excuse injuries, but it could prevent some. Every player at the NHL level knows where the ‘danger zones’ are located and have to adjust their game when playing pucks in those zones: the player giving chase should relent a little and the player trying to play the puck should brace for the check – it’s called mutual respect.

    2. I wonder how Van Ryn feels about things. Is he thinking ‘man, that Kostop is a dirty player’ or ‘I wish I’d have played that one differently’ or little of both? I’m sure we’ll hear his perspective in due time. He will have had a lot of time to sort out his perspective on the incident. I’m really curious about what he will say.

    3. I don’t like how TK is being labeled a ‘repeat offender’ by the league’s officials. It gives the impression that he has been a dirty player, which is untrue. The league lumping a fighting suspension into the same category as a hit from behind on a fast moving play lacks wisdom and fairness.

  41. Keith says:

    Well spoken and I agree with you wholeheartedly. This whole episode should have been over and done with a few days ago and the matter closed, but because it is a Maple Laff that got hurt then TSN, Sportsnet and all the other laff homer networks are having a field day with this and it makes me want to puke. As you say about the NHL labelling Tom the Bomb a repeat offender is a crock of shit IMHO!! He was suspended last year for having accumulated fighting majors I believe, NOT from hitting from behind. I don’t think the Habs will EVER get a fair shake from the league when it comes between us and the laffs. Things will ALWAYS go in favor of the laffs, and that goes back to the beginning with Conn Smythe. God how I hate that team and everything it stand for.

  42. moser17 says:

    “”I saw Kostopoulos (after the hit). I read his lips on TV. He was really concerned about Rhino,” Wilson added.”

    I don’t think Wilson doubts that Tom is contrite. I think he wants different regulations for injury-causing plays resulting from carelessness. These are very murky-gray areas, and he lost his top D-man for a month, so what else is he gonna say?

  43. moser17 says:

    «Il m’a donné quelques conseils, a laissé savoir Grabovski aux journalistes de Toronto. Il m’a dit que ça pouvait m’être utile pour l’avenir. Je l’ai écouté attentivement parce que je respecte Koivu.»

    What did Koivu say?!

  44. j2c says:

    I would like to know as well…but I cannot read french.

  45. tony d says:

    Grabovski said that “koivu gave him some advice that might be useful in the future and he listened because he respects Koivu”….but we still don’t know what that advice is

  46. dwgs says:

    I don’t know exactly what Koivu said but I’d bet good money it had something to do with what is shown around the 2 minute mark here,

  47. Chorske says:

    Actually, as much as it pains me to agree with anyone associated with MLSE, I think Wilson has a point.

    There is no real punishment to the goons who go out and injure guys on purpose (I really dont think this was the case with TK, see below). But I would go further than Wilson in terms of punishing dirty players. So how about this: if the league makes a determination of deliberate attempt to injure, the offending player stays out as many games as the injured player. Seems fair to me. Bertuzzi would still be sitting. Samuelsson would’ve sat down earlier. Etc.

    I think Kosto is a clean, straight up hard working guy who finished a hit on a guy who was bending over. He could have eased up, Van Ryn could have stood up, but the league didn’t see it that way and suspended him. But Wilson is right: if the league is sure that TK deliberately tried to injure Van Ryn, than according to my sense of right, he should sit until Van Ryn gets back.

  48. Gr8stFranchizEvr says:

    That kind of ruling (suspended until injured player returns) opens a big can of worms!

    What happens in the case where the injured player is a call-up or an occasional fill-in on the roster? His value to the team is low, and the loss of him to injury doesn’t really affect the team much. Now in the same scenario the ‘offender’ is a pretty valuable player who just happened to make a poor judgment in the heat of the moment.

    So, the kind of justice you are suggesting (and Wilson) takes out a high value player for the same extent that the low value player is in recovery. That seems biased and unjust. The league cannot base penalties/judgments on injuries incurred. Honestly, some players are hurt more easily than others: Grabovski would sustain injury much easier than Laraque! There are simply too many variables involved and too much at stake for this kind of ruling!

    The league, IMHO, needs to sit down and rethink it’s rulebook and disciplinary system (if you can call it that) and start from ground zero in the case of ‘dirty’ hits or gestures (eg., spearing, sticking out a knee, etc…) and questionable plays, whether they involve injuries or not. For example, no-touch icing would be a good consideration that could have prevented many past collisions & injuries.

    Suffice to say, there are no easy answers!

  49. moser17 says:

    “He gave me a bit of advice, and told me some things that might help me in the future. I listened to him because I respect Koivu.”
    That’s a translation, but the actual advice, like tony d says, is what we need to know.

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Press review

The hit on YouTube and Milan Lucic belting Van Ryn.

• In the Globe and Mail, David Shoalts says Tom Kostopoulos should be punished for carelessness

• Mike Van Ryn will be examined by former Montrealer Karen Johnston, a concussion expert 

• In the Toronto Star, Damien Cox writes both players were doing their jobs 

•  In La Presse, François Gagnon on the Canadiens’ lack of discipline and poor work ethic

• In the Journal de Montréal, Marc De Foy looks at the season to date 

• Scott Burnside on the underachieving Canadiens

• SI’s Allan Muir on the league’s best bargains, including Mike Komisarek: For $1.7 million, the Canadiens have a top pairing defender in Komisarek, who leads league in blocks, is seventh in hits and is a solid presence in his own zone. 

•  Marc-Antoine Godin on $4.9 million worth of fourth-liners

• A great Stephen Brunt column (that’s redundant) on Ron Wilson 


  1. Chorske says:

    Yikes, aren’t we usually the OVERACHIEVING Canadiens?

    What a difference a year makes.

  2. 24 Cups says:

    LMAO – you know our crusty Carbo critic all too well!

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  3. twocents says:

    Can that be arranged from a rocking chair?

  4. nightmare_49 says:

    Steve – Sundin will be centering Higgins and Kovy before xmas and Lang will be on RW with Saku and Tanguay while Pleks is with the brother act. Shanny hasn’t played with the same edge since his concussion.

  5. gmd says:

    Totally agree with you. I’m still wondering why nothing was said about Commodore’s total intent to injure A. Kost with his cheap elbow shot in the Columbus game.

  6. 24 Cups says:

    Bryan – For the first time in his career, it would appear that Sundin has held on to his cards too long, even after initially being dealt a great hand.

    As for Shanahan, it would appear that there is very little left in his gas tank – in fact, the red warning light has been on since last spring. Might be time to retire with a sense of grace, while he still can.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  7. Hoegarden says:

    Nice to see HIO mentioned a couple of times in the NY Times article.

  8. jabber39 says:

    I keep looking at TK’s TKO on Mike Van Ryn…People in the media are making Kostopoulos seem like an axe murdered…I’m thinking it’s gotta be because it happened against a Leaf…I’m not saying TK was not at fault…it was a clear hit from behind…Van Ryn lost God knows how many teeth and got concussed…No way you can let TK off scot free and he does deserve atleast 1 game…All I’m saying is…the media (mainly in Toronto including the Toronto Sports Network (TSN) are making the hit worse than it was…the hit…the intent to injure…they’re making a Sean Avery out of Tom Kostopoulos…

    I’ve looked at the hit many times…In TK’s defence he finished his check…he didn’t drive his elbows into the back of Van Ryn’s neck…He didn’t lift his feet while hitting…Van Ryn did absolutely nothing to protect himself…he had time to elude the hit instead he turtled with his face towards the boards…He made the hit worse than it was and caused himself more damage…damage alone is causing the controversy here…wanna know why? Here’s Proof!!!

    Why the hell isn’t anyone talking about what Grabovski pulled in the crease on Price? Was there no intent to injure? The guy tries to 6 inch a future star player…injure the future face of the habs…What the hell was that? NO CALL…CBC doesn’t even show it…Don Cherry did though which surprises me that he would make a Leaf look bad…That was clearly premeditated…there was clear intent to injure…Wanna talk about careless? That’s was ludacris!! You wanna tell me that gets no suspension? Hey you’re honor…I blew up my neighbor’s car but unfortunately he wasn’t in it so what i did was fine…BS!! The league has a lot of reviewing to do on its rules…If they let guys go around and 6 inch anyone they please as long as they miss…No one is talking about Grabovski cause he intended to injure but didn’t…and Kostopoulos looks worse cause he didn’t intend to injure but did…Luck of the Irish…no…Luck of the Leaf (doesn’t apply to Championships though)

    Knowing is Half the Battle…

  9. nightmare_49 says:

    The NHL Morning Papers (Monday Edition) : Journalist Mark Zwolinski – Is he Accusing the Habs of Bullying his Beloved laffs, Olaf Kolzig faces his Ex Mates and Bruins survibe a Difficult Early Schedule .. by Ari ….. ………………………………………….. Spector on Whose Getting Sundin and Shanahan …..,-Shanahan-is-tricky-business ………………………… The New York Times Morning Skate : Unruly Habs, Rashomon Rangers and Roberto-O .. by Stu Hackel …..

  10. jabber39 says:

    Even better example in Mike Commodore on Friday night…You’re right!…

    Knowing is Half the Battle…

  11. Bahamut-Prime says:

    Gotta go with Damien Cox on this one if Van Ryn had grabbed the puck and continued skating forward he would’ve been hit hard but most likely not injured. As it was he reversed and made a back pass and at the speed those players are going it’s hard to pull back at the last second because Van Ryn turned. A lot of hits from behind I’ve seen are because the player getting hit tries to do something a little fancy and turns his back right as he’s about to get hit.
    A game misconduct and a short suspension are requisite and probably won’t hurt the habs to much but I don’t think there was anything wrong with that play.

  12. Robert L says:

    Nothing Wrong With Kostopoulos Hit

    Includes video of hit and the Milac Lucic smashing of Van Ryn one week prior.

  13. HABZ24 says:

    true van ryan did turn at the last split second.tom.k. drove thru and finished his check, didnt pull back.tom.k will prob get 3 games or so. habs better wake up and get it together. all the habs d need to play stronger, and as a team stop taking dumb penaltys which end up killing us.go habs go.

  14. Exit716 says:

    They need the forwards to come back into the zone for the outlet pass.
    It’s fairly simple really.

  15. Bash says:

    Like everyone else I was shocked at Saturday’s debacle! I am now rethinking our record and wondering if it’s inflated.

    What is going on?

    Are the LAFFS better than everyone thought? Has Wilson played the “no expectations of glory” card to perfection?

    What about our “star studded” lineup? Are we worse than everyone thought? Does Carbo hold any cards?

    Cetainly there are a few jokers in our deck. Bring on some Hamilton hustle and bench Mr.Was (Bris), Mr.Never Was (Dand) and Mr. Never Will Be (Lats).

    Put Pleks with the brothers Kosti. Welcome the bros to the NHL and remind them that they belong.

    Put Kovalev with Lang and Higgins.

    Put Koivu with Tanguay and D’Agos or Pac.

    Tell George to beat someone up on his next shift if our goalie gets run.
    Tell everyone that someone must pay immediately if our goalie gets run.
    Accept that a few lost PP opps are worth the message sent.

    Tell O’Byrne to get nasty or sit out. Trade a good prospect and draft pick
    for a top 4 D.

    Put someone else in the right point shooter position on the PP. (Tanguay?)

    Play Begin.

    Okay…I’ve vented…

  16. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Look -it,I love my Habs and watching good hard hitting N.H.L. hockey,”wish all our players would hit,lol” and I know Tom the Bomb was doing his thing,but if the players are injured ,in Hospital,CRIPPLED or worst case DEAD then game over.I don’t know Van Ryn or like Van Ryn”LAFF’S” but brain injury,broken hand ,7 missing teeth and broken nose,man the GUY NEEDS A PRIEST.If that hit was any harder from behind,at the very least it would of blown his skates off his feet or???????I would like the Habs to hit real hard,but don’t play ignorant like the Fliers ,Laff’s etc.It’s the 100 year of Les Canadiens ,don’t kill that too!

  17. Vid says:

    Interesting article on our millionaire 4th liners. I was at first excited at the signing of Georges Laraques but so far he hasn’t really delivered for the amount of money we’re paying him. There probably isn’t much we can do about it this year but I suspect we’ll let go of a lot of our current 4th liners or sign them for less than a million each. I’d like to see Dandenault back on D just to see what he can do there for a game or two.

    Whether our team can push themselves to the next level will depend strongly on the younger players particularly the performance of the Kostitsyn bros. It seems that when they don’t put up points in a game our overall team play is poor. Guys like Koivu, Kovy & Tanguay are veterans that are playing at high levels so you can’t expect much more from them. After being best in the West last season, Lang’s been struggling in faceoffs, any ideas why?

    Markov has been a beast offensively but defensively he’s been awful. I don’t know why the only thing I’m sure of is that sometimes he looks a bit slow. Hamrlik is certainly the key to our D but Markov has to play much better defensively. He’s shown he can do it so he just needs to get back to that level. OB was pretty good for us last season, so what’s changed this season that has him struggling?

    As for our coveted right point trigger man. I think we need to have a bit of patience. Players who occupy that position will need to practice getting hard slappers on net. Before Souray’s 26 goal season, he was notorious for missing the net with his canon slapshot. It took him multiple seasons before he managed to learn how to direct it on net. Still our pp has relied on that play way too much. It’s so predictable that teams have learned how to nullify it. We need more variety in our pp options.

  18. habs haven says:

    Kovalev is playing at top level??????????????????????????????
    you need glasses buddy!

  19. Hoegarden says:

    Carbo made a strong and clear statement the other day the “Our top players must deliver”. The kids on the team are not to blame IMO.
    EA; everyone likes to dump on Lats for coughing up the puck but when Lang,Kovy or Koivu do the same it is quickly forgotten. I could go on but leadership must come from the top guns not 84, 74 and so on. The team we saw on Saturday is a flashback to the Habs of 06-07.
    Having the team watch the fiasco of Saturday, prior to the team practice this morning, will hopefully awaken the spirit of winning back instead of being “opportunists” instead of “hard workers” like they were last year. Talent alone won’t cut it and they know it. Most teams show up prepared for the Habs this year and consequently the Habs are playing the opponent’s style instead of dictating theirs.
    Let’s hope for a better performance tomorrow.
    Go Habs…!

  20. Hockey11 says:

    Blame 1.7 million on Carbo for forcing his ex roomate on the team. Dandy has proven on THIS team he is a more effective player than Breezer and apparently OB yet we won’t play him at the position we signed him because of Carbo’s selfishness. Dandenault has over 900 games played, I don’t hear him asking for special treatment toward his milestone.

  21. Exit716 says:

    There’s a stinging review of Bouwmeester in the SI column, from an anonymous NHL scout saying he’s got a weak point shot and hasn’t developed as much as hoped.

  22. gmd says:

    Yeah for all the complaining people do about Brisebois and Ryan O’Byrne, Bouwmeester isn’t much better:

    Bouwmeester- 15 games 0 goals, 3 assists, minus 3
    Brisbois- 10 games 1 goal, 1 assist, plus 1
    O’Byrne- 9 games 0 goals, 2 assists, plus 2

  23. 24 Cups says:

    Speaking of redundant, let me say that Stephen Brunt’s article is a great read. Redundancy squared, if I don’t say so myself:-)

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  24. Vid says:

    I’m not blaming the kids. I do feel they are the key to the Habs becoming a better overall team. When I look at the most consistent point producers up to today I see Markov, Tanguay, Koivu & Kovalev. At least offensively, our top players are doing the job.

    What was the turning point last season? One could make a good argument that it was when Sergei was called up. We started to win a lot more games and it got Andrei fired up as well. When I look at last year’s playoffs, the Boston series in particular, the games that we won often coincided with games in which the Kostitsyns scored.

    Obviously if any of our veterans falter or slump it will affect our team drastically. What I’m saying is that how well the Kostitsyns play will be the difference between a good team and a great team.

  25. Vid says:

    12 points in 12 games, 5 goals.

    Granted his defensive play hasn’t been the greatest of late. And he could benefit from simplifying his game with less dipsy doodling and low % cross-ice passes but if a point per game pace isn’t a high level to you…

  26. gauvinator says:

    Kovy’s one of those “Would you just pass or shoot already” to the “Holy crap I can’t believe what I just saw!!!” kinda guys….I’ll take it.

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Press review

• Front-page news in La Presse: Jim Balsillie says the Canadiens are for sale. Story vehemently denied by George Gillett, Gary Bettman. Fearless prediction: by noon at the latest, Balsillie will say either he was misquoted or misunderstood by a French-speaking journalist.

• What’s up with Sergei Kostitsyn?

• Canadiens keen to get back in action

• Réjean Tremblay talks to Georges Laraque

Alex Tanguay‘s hot start

McKeen’s has scouting reports on Ben Maxwell, Max Pacioretty and Yannick Weber

Jakub "Jake" Voracek, a hot rookie the Canadiens will see in Columbus tonight

Darcy Tucker: Syill dirty after all these years 

• The incomparably great Bobby Orr


  1. JD_ says:

    So, I read about Darcy’s latest attempt to end someone’s career, start to feel my blood pressure rising, then do what I always do when this clown’s lowlife behaviour starts to grate: watch the classic Kovy smackdown.

    It is a moment of such utter beauty, encompassing all that is good and righteous about hockey: instantaneous payback for a cheap shot, albeit delivered in a manner that only a player of Kovy’s skills can muster.

    Like the protagonist in Frederick Forsyth’s ‘Day of the Jackal’, Kovy meticulously plans his on-ice assasination, although successfully delivers the blow. He does it with the aid of misdirection that would be the envy of any Vegas magician.

    Keep your eyes on the puck, Darce…closer…closer…closer…

    Very therapeutic.

    Of course, it also provides the viewer with the opportunity to regale in some of Bob Cole’s awesome and breathtaking hockey insights:

    “I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that this is the eighth and final meeting of the season for these two teams.”

    …a short pause as Bob’s wunderwit starts to gather steam…

    “Some people will say ‘Darn it'”

    …another pause to allow the viewer to digest that staggeringly rich chunk of hockey nougat…

    “And others will say ‘Thank heavens.'”

    Such commentatorial bliss.

    And me, I say thank heavens for you Bob Cole; thank you for being Bob Cole.


  2. Batalla says:

    I suppose you’re right; it’s kinda silly to call a billionaire stupid… But RIM’s new phone is reactionary. Apple has a massive hold on a very important demographic (15-30). So will the new Thunder be enough to gain back some ground? Only time will tell. But this is the wrong forum for this discussion.

    What we can all agree on is that NOBODY wants him as the owner of the Canadiens. Let’s keep our riots to a minimum.

  3. HKisses says:

    I dont know if you guys know…But blackberry is comming out with a touch screen phone themselves Called “Thunder” with RIm technology….dont call him stupid or dumb,call his comments stupid. The actual guy behind RIM is as smart as can be…Look where u r, and look where he is…. But his comments r just stupid

  4. Batalla says:

    You didn’t finish the story… This is why he’s in LA right now:

  5. Batalla says:

    Trust me… It’s only gonna get worse. But I suppose if the guy has invested well, he’ll be okay to go home and cry in his billions of dollars. But does he have enough to buy the Canadiens?


    Plus, that guy would be the worst thing that could happen to this franchise.

  6. Komi For Captain says:

    Going to start losing ground… I guess Jim shouldn’t read this ( Blackberry already lost all the ground it could to Apple

  7. B says:

    Voracek may be hot, but Latendresse’s old centre from Drummondville, Derick Brassard, is the leading all rookies in scoring. I look forward to watching him play tonight as well.

    Another nitpick: Stubb’s wrote that the Ducks are the NHL’s busiest team as they play their 16th game tonight, the Rangers have already played 16 games.

  8. 24 Cups says:

    Bryan – We have lots of kids but realistically not all of them will make it – history proves that in all sports. So what is realistic for the next two or three years?

    – Maxwell or Chipchura make it at centre
    – MaxPac makes it at LW
    – Weber or Subban makes it on RD
    – McDonagh, Fischer, or Carle makes it on LD
    – D’Agostini or Stewart makes it as a sub winger

    I’ll be happy if five of these kids make the big club in the next few years.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  9. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    of course its him…out of position as usual….

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  10. Batalla says:

    Balsillie is an idiot. This guy wants a team so bad, but he doesn’t realize that in a few years he won’t be able to afford it. First, the Blackberry is going to start losing ground to the iPhone, second, the economy is slowing up. And to say the Canadiens are for sale?!? Well, that’s just icing on the cake.

    As for SK74, it looks like the hit to his brother hurt *him* more. But give him time, he’ll wake up again. No need to panic yet… ESPECIALLY since Kovy woke up a bit and Price is playing the way he’s been playing (

  11. nightmare_49 says:

    The Empty Netters : Blake Wheeler has 1st Hat Trick, Goddard wins Tilt with McIntyre,good scrap but Voros vs Malone Tilt was even Better .. by Seth Rorabaugh ….. ………….. A Look at laffs Coach Ron Wilson .. by Stephen Brunt ….. ……………………………………… Seminal Moment .. ESPN …..

  12. Bill H says:

    Thanks JD. I enjoyed the video clip as well as your commentary on the commentary. To think CBC let that guy slip away.

  13. Ian Cobb says:

    Keith– No, Cherry did not show, so I kept it for another occasion.


  14. krob1000 says:

    Not devlining since the AK incidence….not getting his nose dirty and playing like a Belarussian Dale Hunter. He is feisty by nature and hasn’t been since that game. He has NOT done anything to hurt us but he is like OHIO in the US election…he is a “swing” player…..a third line guy with top 6 skills already and when he is rolling it makes us that much better. I have no doubt he will again and soon but there is no mistaking that he has not been as edgy/feisty since that game…..edgy is what he needs to be again…I have no doubt he will be. HE also took a couple bad penalties taht may also have made him think twice as I am sure he heard about them. If someone knows Dale Hunters phone number…call him and tell him to drop Sergei a line. This nonsense about Sergei not being ready is nonsense…that we can agree upon…but he has BNOT been the same palyer he was before. If he were wee would be seeing him in more after the whistle scrums….staring back up at guys who would likely eat him…..that is why we like him so much. IT would be awesome id he could get going along with that line……let’s also not forget Lang is leading the league in misseed open nets this year and Sergei could easily have a few more assists is some chances were converted.

  15. Corio says:

    Without Sundin we still have our pride, he is a Leaf Lifer! No matter where he goes..

    “He knows, like, unnecessary facts about putting Sears catalogs on your shin pads.” Sean Avery on Don Cherry

  16. Batalla says:

    In the end, I’m happy he didn’t come. The chemistry is there for this team. They’ve gelled nicely as a unit over the last few years and the additions compliment rather than dominate.

    Plus, without Sundin, we have *some* cap-space to make a move if/when we identify an area that needs some “tweaking” later in the season.

  17. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    excellent post, and one of the greatest moments in HAB HISTORY. (and that says alot!)

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  18. HKisses says:

    That ill agree with u, i wouldn’ want him as our owner….Gillete did good for this organization, ill take him over Mr.balls

  19. Andrew says:

    correct me if i’m wrong.

    Is that Brisebois on the left?!?!
    damn he’s in grey lol!

  20. Ian Cobb says:

    Thats him, good enough to be around a long time in this league.

  21. nightmare_49 says:

    McKeen’s Scouting Report on our prospects is a necessary read for any Habs fan and the analysis of Maxwell is what i was looking for as it stressed that Ben was strong on the puck and had good balance which we have lacked recently down the middle and have improved with Lang to some extend and during pre-season i was aware that Maxwell was fine defensively so i can rest easier now. Weber had an ankle injury in the Memorial Cup run and should have been given a little slack for his performance and i see him as playing a similar role to Breezer next year on the Habs blue line as he developed. Pacioretty summary was also spot on and this report was done very professionally. Lots of good reads today and the article on Sergei doesn’t worry me as he has been playing against the oppositions top lines lately and has held his own and will have to continue as he has a new partner on his line. His offence will come and though he is off to a slow start pointwise he’s been far from a hindrance to the team and this talk about him declining since the AK46 incidence is what it is, just talk.

  22. Will Longlade says:

    SK74 is at his best when he plays with an edge. He hasn’t done that this year. If he wants to get out of his funk he needs to get more physically involved in games. Once he does this, his confidence will return and he’ll get back on track.

  23. Chorske says:

    Jim Balsillie is to the NHL as Jennifer Aniston is to John Mayer.

  24. mrhabby says:

    Balsillie is looking for ways to bump up his RIM stock in a crappy economy. I actually like his approach with Bettman before , but seems to be turning into a right a-hole with his comments about HABS.

  25. nightmare_49 says:

    Great Read, Must Read : Bobby Orr at Peace with Leaving the Game at 31 .. by Shawn Roarke …..

  26. Jim M says:


    Thank you very much for this link. It would have been nice to see what Orr could have done playing on two good legs. As it is, he was the best I ever saw.

  27. Corporate says:

    nice read..

    Koivu for Prime Minister…

  28. 24 Cups says:

    NM49 – Tucker=Downie=Hollweg=Thornton=Cote=Colton Orr
    Laraque’s role on our team isn’t just to fight but rather put the fear of God in these guys so they don’t touch/blindside/injure our best players. So far he hasn’t done that. In fact, I’m not sure he understands what is really needed here. Fighting the other team’s heavyweights is only half of his job. To be continued.

    Goaltending injuries to stars such as Brodeur and Nabokov just point out the importance of having a player like Halak on the team. In his own way, Halak (and his continued development)is just as important as other young players usch as Gorges, Lats, and SK74. My good friend Krob would tell you that Halak is an excellent insurance policy.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  29. nightmare_49 says:

    Last Night : Darcy Tucker Attempts to Injure – Goes After Schultz’s Knees .. by Michael Russo ….. …………………… Ross McKeon Reports : Shark’s Evgeni Nabokov(G) appeared to sustain a left knee injury on the final play of Thursday night’s shootout, a 5-4 win over the very game St. Louis Blues. After remaining face down on the ice as teammates started to celebrate around him, the goalie eventually got to his feet with assistance and hobbled off the ice, finally walking alone down the narrow hallway to the locker room with a noticeable limp.

    Minutes later, all that remained where Nabokov usually conducts his postgame interview was a trail of gear spread over a 10-foot swatch of the carpet, not assembled in its usual organized manner. No, this looked more like the act of someone tossing aside the gear as quickly as possible.

    Nabokov was out of sight, obviously being tended to in the trainer’s room, and San Jose head coach Todd McLellan really was in no mood for speculation.

  30. Dennis says: Geez, I was hoping to buy the Canadiens. Looks like I’ve been sniped.

  31. Skotbot says:

    Same here, but I guess not buying lotto tickets snipes my chances..

    Do I listen to pop music because I am miserable?
    Or am I miserable because I listen to pop music?

  32. nightmare_49 says:

    Last Night’s Puck Daddy’s Three Stars : #1 – Chris Drury/Rangers #2 – Blake Wheeler/Bruins #3 – Ryane Clowe/Sharks .. Honorable Mention – Alexander Semin. ……………………………………………… Will Mats Sundin Leave Money on the Table – Ducks, Rangers and Habs are Frontrunners and Shy on Cap Room .. by Kevin Allen USA Today ….. …………………………………………. SURVEY : Where Will Sundin Land .. by KK Hockey …..

  33. Bill H says:

    That USA Today article is just plain stupid. Any article that lists Canadiens as a likely destination is stupid. Its a slow news day and the guy decided to write something about Sundin wanting to win the Stanley Cup. Okay…then he’ll play for Ducks, Canadiens or Rangers. Its just a silly oversimplification. I don’t believe Gainey would let him in the building.

  34. 24 Cups says:

    Some things are more important than a Hab hockey game and tonight’s AC/DC concert in Toronto is one of them (maybe I’ll see you there Chuck!). Although the Jackets and laffs have been playing better hockey this year, you still have to feel that these games are four points for the taking. Any team with Stanley Cup aspirations should be salivating over games like these. Columbus has been giving up a lot of goals and both their regular goaltenders have been injured (not sure who is starting tonight, could even be junior star Steve Mason). I’m not saying we should take them lightly, but all logic dictates that we should steam roll over these guys – especially in light of the fact that we are so well rested. (the notion that we have difficulty getting out of the gate after a long layoff is a lamentable excuse in my eyes) Umberger and Brassard may have finally given Columbus the strength up the middle that have have been lacking for so many years now. Once Voracek and Filatov blossom, this team may be finally ready to turn the corner and make the playoffs.

    The Rock and Roll Train is at the station and getting ready to depart. For those about to rock…..

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  35. secretdragonfly says:

    Is it just me or did the web gurus forget to set their clocks back an hour last weekend?

    Hope to see you guys at the concert tonight….”all my friends are gonna be there too, I’m on the highway to hell 😉 “

  36. Habsrule1 says:

    I agreed with you right up until you said some things are more important than a Habs hockey game.

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  37. nightmare_49 says:

    Steve – IMO Laraque’s code must be broken and it’s got to come from behind the bench and also isn’t it funny that these key goalie injuries happen this year and not last year when we had Huet dangling and only got a dismal late 2nd round pick.

  38. HabsWatcher says:

    Laraque does have a role on this team – he’s the self-satisfied former heavyweight terror resting on his laurels.

  39. Fant-HAB-ulous says:

    Don’t forget to add Dalla’s Steve Ott to your list.

  40. 24 Cups says:

    Paul – I just knew someone would take the bait! AC/DC on Friday and a Hab/laff game on Saturday – not bad at all.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  41. Skotbot says:

    Good “old timer tours”
    Leonard Cohen
    The Pixies
    Neil Young
    Sly & the Family Stone
    Iggy Pop & the Stooges

    Bad “old timer tours”
    Rolling Stones
    Brian Wilson (beach boys)
    Led Zepplin (no Robert Plant)
    All the stupid Pink Floyd “spectacular light shows”

    Unfortunatly I am leaning towards the second category for AC/DC..

    Do I listen to pop music because I am miserable?
    Or am I miserable because I listen to pop music?

  42. Habsrule1 says:

    Don’t blame you one bit, truth be told! If ya gotta miss a game, I can’t think of too many better reasons!

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  43. HNS says:

    The NHL should sell Bettman!

  44. cautiousoptimist says:

    Quote of the day, from Sergei:

    “Kostitsyn, 21, will line up tonight with centre Robert Lang and winger Guillaume Latendresse, and he’ll happily settle for a goal no matter how ugly.

    “Off your leg or your head, it doesn’t matter,” Kostitsyn said.”

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  45. Corporate says:

    Wow.. What a load of crock… I don’t agree with betteman often but this time I believe he was right not to let him urchase any NHL team. Although I just can’t see Grandpa Gillett Pissed… He always has a smile… lol

    Koivu for Prime Minister…

  46. habscout says:

    I thought the La Presse article was indicative of a slow news day for their office.

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• All Star ballots: East and West

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Top 50 draft prospects 

• Michael Farber on Stealth MVPs, including Canadiens goaltending coach Roland Melanson:

Melanson has no system that can be attached to him like tin cans on the bride and groom’s car. He simply gets results.

Melanson, who had a middling NHL career, helped José Théodore win the Hart Trophy in 2002. (Théodore then took a victory lap, wasting his time and talent; Melanson’s failure to rebuild him back into a Vézina Trophy after the goalie wandered away is the one blemish on his record.) Melanson also helped turn Cristobal Huet, a former backup in Los Angeles, into a legitimate NHL No. 1, which led to the four-year, $22.5 million contract that Huet signed in Chicago after a fabulous late-season stretch last spring with Washington.

Now Melanson is molding a prodigy, Carey Price, while also developing another young goaltender, Jaroslav Halak, who is capable of pushing the preternaturally calm Price. Unlike the big-name Allaire brothers, Melanson’s work with goalies has gone unnoticed everywhere, of course, but Montreal.

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Habs can’t rely on luck

One of their best starts 

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Jacques Demers’ column
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  1. gincognito says:

    Simple, short solution: let your cursor hover over the link for a second or two. Look at the bottom of your screen to see what language the link is in. (hint: if you see “cyberpresse” or “nouvelles” in there, it’s probably a french article).

    Longer, more complicated solution: learn french.

    You’re welcome.

  2. nightmare_49 says:

    New York Times : The Morning Skate : Day to Day Brodeur, OV’s Back, Valentenko Contract and Award Winning David Stubbs and more .. by Stu Hackel ….. ………………………………… More Morning Skate – Discord in Dallas ….. ……………………………….. BTW: Mathias Ohlund has a No-Trade Clause in his Contract .. Waiting for Stanley …..

  3. nightmare_49 says:

    Hockey Night in Blogdom ; Northeast .. NY Times ….. ………………………………ESPN’s Scott Burnsides : The 5 Tidbits ….. ………………………………………… Monday Afternoon Required Reading .. by Sean Leahy ….. ……………………….. Steve Ott is a Douche .. Two Line Pass …..

  4. 24 Cups says:

    Bryan – not only is the illustrious Dave Stubbs mentioned, but also Sly Stone – the SF psychedelic, funk master of soul. He was way ahead of the curve in that regard. Dance to the music.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  5. Peter Young says:

    Yeah, great things happen when you learn both languages. Look at those two bilingual guys from Montreal who pranked Sarah Palin. Nothing but good coming from Montreal these days.

  6. HABZ24 says:

    i wish someone would put a (f) beside the articles that are in french so we unilingual people dont have to waste time checking them.
    great to see plek break out of his slump finally.pedal to the metal plekky.lang needs a goal now.
    latts should be a forth liner,higgy belongs with saku and tanguay.
    our special teams suck this year,still stuff to work on but you cant argue with the winning results so far.
    go habs go!!

  7. Lafrich says:

    Habs #1 in TSN.CA’s power rankings. I think that is a first!

  8. georgesd says:

    BTW, Habs I/O

    you’re not on time. We moved the clock back two days ago.

    Merci, Georges D

  9. TC says:

    As much as Gainey want’s to win this year I don’t think it is an all-or-nothing quest.

    I think that Gainey’s main task when he took over the job was to build a team that could compete for a cup every year. A large part of this strategy is predicated on having a bounty of prospects who will eventually inherit the starting positions in Montreal, players like Pacioretty and McDonagh.


  10. 24 Cups says:

    Eric – I agree with your thoughts on Bouwmeester. I also wonder if the Habs might be better served by shopping for a Dman who can come and play here next year as well as this spring. That would certainly open up the market although the price would be higher for a signed player. We will still be in the same boat next year with Gorges and O’Byrne being our 3rd defensive pairing (assuming Bouillon leaves for UFA). We would require a guy to play with Hamrlik until people like McDonagh, Weber, anc Carle are ready to make a significant contribution. This train of thought is based on the notion that we will be able to challenge for the Cup next year as well as this season.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  11. TC says:

    Well written and well said.

    Personally, I would be shocked if Gainey made an early season move. Traditionally, Gainey has been amongst the most conservative of general managers; a trend I don’t see changing anytime soon.

    A good example of this is the Tanguay deal, where trade rumours were rampant for almost a year leading up to the deal. Gainey patiently waited for the Flames to be in an untenuable position, and only then did he pull the trigger.

    Furthermore with only ten games played this season, I think that Gainey as well as his staff would like more time to establish where this team is heading, what’s going good, what’s going bad etc…

    As the season drags on I think Gainey can get a better handle on the team. This is true for the other team’s as well. For example, if at the halfway point Tampa Bay is way out of the playoff chase it only stands to reason that there might be some players available at that point, who may be safe this early in the season.

    Also, don’t discount that this could all change if an injury takes place. Again, hypothetically, say an injury happened to Hamrlik that was serious in nature. I think it’s understood that the Habs would probably make gettng a defenseman a priority.

    Interestingly, Bouwmeester seem’s to have regressed a little this year from the reports out of Florida, and while he is still an attractive option, I don’t think you would see Gainey plop down some of the names that people are mentioning, especially for a potential UFA at the end of the season.

    I see the name Max Pacioretty popping up in potential deals and have to disagree. In order to trade, Pacioretty, I think that Gainey would have to be blown away. Pacioretty represents potentially something the Canadiens have been lacking for a long time; a true power forward with scoring touch. I think his position in the Habs future is very safe.


  12. twocents says:

    TC, I agree with everything you stated above. Especially when it comes to Pacioretty and for that matter McDonagh would be hard to pry away too. I consider them to be the organizations top prospects and as you state Gainey is not exactly cavalier with the future.

  13. twocents says:

    Steve, I agree that other options might present themselves that offer a little more flexibility and don’t just represent a win it now approach. Time will tell as we get deeper into the season. I mainly just wanted to make the point that the Bouwmeester thing is not as far fetched or potentially unappealing as some think.

    Btw, it was a pleasure getting to meet you in Montreal and it’s a shame I didn’t get the opportunity to talk to you more, perhaps next time.

  14. Big Bird says:

    Thanks for the feedback Eric. I didn’t suggest that Bouwmeester would cost that much but that any General Manager worth their salt would ask for a lot. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing their job.

    As much as it would stand to reason that General Managers learn from the mistakes of others they don’t. We have seem that time and time again and I suspect it will continue to occur.

    If a GM is under the gun to make the playoffs or shake things up they will do so regardless of the ramnifications or stiff price that is paid.

    I just find when trades are discussed, fans often think they can give away the least for the most in return. If Boumeester was a Montreal Canadien how much would we depend in return?

    I appreciate you taking the time to respond and the kind words.

  15. DD says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I willing to bet that there is some latent hostility directed towards Shero by the owners in Pittsburgh for rolling the dice too soon. I wouldn’t doubt if his job is on the line. He has basically changed the whole make up of that team. They don’t seem to have grit anymore. As much as I hated the hit Armstrong threw at our Captain, he is one of those players you would love to have on your team. You have to believe the other GM’s are now going to be real leery about trading away their youth to acquire an UFA superstar, whose only allegiance is to himself, for a kick at the can.

    As for Bouwmeester, he would sure look good beside Hamrlik and would make us practically invincible, but as you said, Bob Gainey’s too smart to sell the farm to acquire him as a loaner. In my opinion, Martin will hold out for as long as he can, to get as much as he can, but the Pittsburgh saga will limit his options. I also think that the owners in Florida will be keeping an eye on any moves Martin plans to make, especially after Keenan gave away the 2nd best goalie (call me a homer, I don’t care) in the league.

    As you say, goal scorers seem to get all the press and attention (see the top ten Henri Richard story) but I would argue that Bouwmeester’s value would be ranked right up there amongst them. Simply because he spends more minutes on the ice, and he has for the last 3 years, than any other player, and he has to be one of the top 10 D-man in the league. Imagine the numbers the kid would have if he wasn’t stuck in Jimmy Buffet Land.

    From everything I hear, Bouwmeester has made it abundantly clear that he’s sick of being a perennial loser and he has told Martin, in no uncertain terms, that he will not re-sign with Florida and I don’t blame the kid. It just shows me that he is a winner, unlike Mattsy.

    Which leaves me wondering how Christopher Higgins feels about all this. His name is always the name that comes up during these fantasy trade talks and unlike Bouwmeester, I’m pretty sure he’s happy where he is.

    Great read, Eric, and thanks for making me think on this dull, dreary Monday.

  16. twocents says:

    Big Bird, It’s great to see that another one of our fine posters will have their observations available to more readers, Congratulations!

    I agree with you that some fans have a tendency of suggesting rather dubious scenarios when it comes to acquiring a significant player. It certainly takes more than fourth liners, third pair Dmen and/or prospects whose upside is the same. Time will tell what a ‘UFA to be’ Bouwmeester will be worth, in the meantime, keep up the good work.

  17. twocents says:

    Whatever happens with Bouwmeester, and if he doesn’t make it to Montreal, I hope he isn’t added to a top flight competitor of ours. Unfortunately, that just might happen because as you say, he is not staying in Sunrise.

  18. nightmare_49 says:

    The Empty Netters : Sens Prospect Nikulin Demands a Trade, Auld was Only Good Move by Sens GM Bryan Murray this Summer and Kotalik Strong .. by Seth Rorabaugh ….. ……………………………………. Brodeur Undergoing Tests Today .. by Rich Chere ….. ……………………………………. Ott Doesn’t Answer the Bell .. by Fluto Shinzawa …..

  19. twocents says:

    I am all for balance and keeping a level head when discussing trade scenarios, or anything else for that matter, but, before we dismiss possibilities by jumping to ridiculous assumptions about the asking price for a player like Bouwmeester, lets take a sober look at a few things.

    Firstly, let’s establish that considering how things worked out, many people would agree that Pittsburg overpaid for Hossa last year, essentially too many elements for a player who had the option to walk. If most fans can see the folly in that gamble why is there this pervasive assumption that this trade has set a new template for deadline deals? Most GM’s around the league see the aftermath as well as most of us and if anything, that deal may hamper the value of future deadline deals for impending free agents of the star variety.

    Secondly and closer to home, we are in the enviable position of having a GM that saw the unwarranted risk for what it was even before the termination of the Cup finals and refused to sweeten his own pot. Remember that the common speculation was that Gainey nearly had a deal done with Atlanta that would have cost Higgins and a first round choice, a low first rounder in a relatively shallow draft.

    Lastly let’s establish that Bouwmeester is not considered at quite the level of value that Hossa was. While this is debatable from the aspect of impact on a team, given the choice between the two I would likely choose the young defenceman myself, it is fairly well accepted that, in most hockey organizations, prolific goal scorers command the biggest salaries and ransom the largest packages in trade scenarios. Somewhere on this site a couple of articles that examined Jay Bo’s future refereed to the likelihood of a mini-Hossa type deal being needed to land Florida’s unsignable asset. Essentially arguing that while his value is very high he doesn’t have quite the cachet that Hossa had.

    Taking these three points into consideration I think it is a fairly immense leap to speculate that landing Bouwmeester would cost something in the range of “Chris Higgins or Max Pacioretty AND Ryan McDonough AND Jaroslav Halak AND a 1st or 2nd round pick”. Quite honestly this is preposterous. Higgins is way more established and has far more upside than either current NHlers that were exchanged in the Hossa deal(Christenson and Armstrong) Both Pacioretty and McDonagh, at this point, are considered far better prospects than an Esposito, that had taken two steps backwards in his Q career and Halak, despite the sounds of it is not some eastern European name for chopped liver.

    The league has just been schooled on the risks of giving up too much for a star who could end up being a rental, Bouwmeester will not command in salary or assets the price Hossa did and Gainey has already shown enough sense not to get caught up in a ridiculous bidding war. When I suggest Bouwmeester might be both an important addition and an attainable one these factors are all kept in mind. Of course it won’t be for Dandy, Denis a bag of pucks but if Bob could have almost got Hossa for Higgins and a pick, I am sure he can have a reasonable conversation with Martin and offer something that is digestible for both sides. If some fool presents themselves in the 11th hour so be it. No much has been achieved chasing in the footsteps of fools.

    Overall, I really liked the article. Which should be evidenced by the length of reply it inspired. Good job!

  20. nightmare_49 says:

    Dallas has Two GM’s and One Hot Seat : Stars GMs’ Trying to Get it Together .. by Mike Heika ….. ……………………………………. Mike Modano Doesn’t Hold Back .. by NHL FanHouse .. (an excerpt) ….. Tonight, it was idiotic and stupid,” Stars center Mike Modano said when asked what the team identity was. “It was one of the most embarrassing things I’ve seen. If that’s what we’re going for, then they need to find me an off-ice job.”
    “It was dumb penalties, dumb situations, that’s kind of been the trend all season,” Modano said. “There’s no mental toughness. We’re allowing the refs to get involved in the game with and spending more energy on them than the details of winning the game.” …………… and the rest of the story …..

  21. Habhopeful says:

    I dont know if this has been posted here before…

    “We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don’t even have to go to the hospital.”
    ~Brad Park.

  22. Tom S. says:

    There seems to be a discrepancy between what has already been reported and what Valentenko was claimed to have said. I say claimed because truth is hard to come by in Russia. We were led to believe that Pavel had signed a 3-year contract yet, he himself said he could be back next here next season. Someone in the Habs organization should get this cleared up.
    I don’t blame Valentenko for wanting to make more money to support his family – things are different in that part of the world. I also don’t blame our organization for not having him up with the big club if he’s not yet ready. I’m just really frustrated that this is our 3rd Russian prospect to opt to return home. This situation needs to be resolved soon.

  23. j2c says:

    I wish someone from the Habs organization would clear this up…its so confusing Pavel said he is there for only the year and then could come back to Montreal, but the owner of the russian club said they signed him for 3 years… so confusing.

  24. georgesd says:

    Is it my imagination or what?

    It seems that a number of The Gazette or CanWest News articles about the Habs are appearing more frequently without any journalist or columnist taking ownership. The style of writing sometimes resembles a Hickey, Boone or Stubbs but no way of knowing. I didn’t see this earlier on this year, maybe I didn’t take notice, but since a petition appeared on another Habs blog asking our ‘vote of protest’ for the “going west” nature of Gazette sports journalism, et all.

    Just wondering what to make of this?

    Georges D

  25. J.T. says:

    It’s not your imagination. The Gazette’s journalists are involved in contract negotiations that haven’t been going well. They are participating in a byline strike as a form of protest. It’s not uncommon in the newspaper business.

  26. j2c says:

    apparently if you go to and listen to the post game interview on the Isles and Canadiens Carbo mentions or comes close to mentioning Gaborik. I could not confirm this because I do not understand french, so if anyone could check that out and let us know.

  27. georgesd says:

    Glad to help j2c. Went to post-game video wrap-up and interview with Carbo. There was no mention of Gaborik.

    Regards, GD

  28. styleofthetiger says:

    I heard it.

    With about 40 seconds to go in the video, Carbo starts talking about the PP. He says that “we did well this season without Gabo-.. success on the powerplay” (loose translation)

  29. georgesd says:

    Thanks JT, didn’t see it as such. Good to have you shed some light on the subject.

    Regards, Georges D

  30. nightmare_49 says:

    The NHL Morning Papers (Monday Edition) : Coach Boudreau Skates Caps into Ground, Jack Who talks about Magic Habs and Toews Still Looking for First .. By Richard Pollock ….. ……………………………… Sizing Up the Habs Next Prey – Getting to Know You .. Columbus Dispatch ….. ……………………………. Hockey Fight of the Week (Cote vs McIntyre) .. by NHL FanHouse …..

  31. gincognito says:

    Needs to be resolved for who? You? Me? All the fans? No. It really doesn’t.

  32. Tom S. says:

    My team, the fans that think as I do…not you, no, from my point of view, you don’t really figure into the analysis.

  33. Gr8stFranchizEvr says:

    Where are the ‘by lines’ on the stories? Who’s writing the columns?

    What’s the deal with that?

    Is what J.T. posted below true about the writers’ contract negotiations?

  34. TC says:

    Scroll down about five or six for J.T.’s answer to your question.


  35. twocents says:

    Yes, what J.T. says below is true, as it usually is. Dave Stubbs posted about it a few weeks ago too.

  36. georgesd says:

    Excellent comments over-all. Here’s my two cents. We are currently in overload when it comes to forwards in Hamilton. There will be a congestion problem for sure by next summer. There could significant interest for a Bouwmeester if Jacques Martin were open to the following:

    1. We all agree, I believe, that Maxwell, Pacioretty, McDonaugh, PK are ‘almost’ untoucheable.

    2. On the Habs current roster players like Begin and Dandenault are expendable in that they will not be resigned once their current contract expires by June 09;

    3. On the Bulldogs roster, we have a number of players that represent good, if not, very good trade bait: Aubin, Chipchura, D’Agostini and Lehoux for example;

    4. If Bouwmeester is worth what people are saying he is and if he is willing to sign a long-term deal, then it could be a good deal to make with a Bouillon, D’Agostini or Chipchura with a Bégin and/or Dandenault plus a first rounder–no more;

    5. Bouillon could be replaced by a Weber, Bégin by a Stewart, Dandenault by a Lapierre while putting a Desharnais at C on the 4th line and switching Lapierre to the wing. Not to forget a Pacioretty;

    6. Then it’s a question of chemistry. Are the likes of Komi and Markov ready to admit into their fold a top 2-top 4 defenseman?

    Regards, Georges D

  37. 24 Cups says:

    gd – I think you vastly over rate some of the guys we have in the minors. Other teams are going to want assets, not bits and pieces in a trade for one of their top players. We also can’t trade away our role players and then expect kids to help win us a Cup in the spring. We need tons of experience come playoff time. Desharnais isn’t even on the Habs’ rader screen – sorry, but he will never be a Canadien.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  38. the Maritimer says:


    If I may, it’s going to take a lot more than what you are mentioning to pry Bouwmeester out of South Florida. If we can believe what was offered for Marian Hossa last year, you can kiss at least one or two good young roster players goodbye, plus a d-man in return and a high pick. After all, J-bo was projected to go 1st overall his draft year until Doug McLean maneuvered his way up to No. 1 and took Rick Nash. Franchise defensemen are considered more valuable than equivalent forwards, so look for GM Martin to hold out for a king’s ransom this March.

  39. cautiousoptimist says:

    Good points, but UFAs like Bouwmeester tend to be dealt for a lot more than they’re worth, especially around the deadline. If I were Jacques Martin, I’d be asking for Sergei, Gorges and a 1st-rounder, and if I didn’t get it I’d likely get something equivalent elsewhere.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  40. georgesd says:

    Call it thinking out loud. Desharnais will surprise though. Beyond that some of our future role players are in the minors. It’s really about assessing the real value of a Bowmeester and then seeing if a package deal can be made. I also don’t think a Bégin or Dandenault are absolute essentials for a Cup run. Maybe a Bouillon, what w the chemistry w Gorges.

    Good to read u. Thanks, Georges D

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  1. Bugs says:

    The Gorges/Price thing getting out of hand.
    Peace Out
    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

  2. Greg says:

    Grapes cracks me up. Ron MacLean is a saint.

  3. petemoss says:

    I can’t wait for the koivu feature!
    Although it’s kind of funny, because didnt he say in his recent interview with Dave Stubbs, that he tries to avoid having interviews in his house….
    I could have swore he said that.
    Anyways, i was excited to hear the game is on cbc, but i

  4. Big Bird says:

    VP-Elect Palin has even become VP yet and already people are getting injured in her wake. That looks promising indeed!

    All kidding aside, I think it’s absolutely stupid for the NHL or the NHL teams to associate themselves with one candidate/party versus the other. And yes, I would say the same thing if Joe Biden went to do a ceremonial puck-drop at a Flyer or Blues game. This US election is extremely divisive and polarizing, keep politics out of the game as much as possible. Invite them after Nov.4 as we are only a few weeks away.

  5. Mr.Hazard says:

    I agree. It’s retarded.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  6. tony d says:

    Manny learned the hard way….’ anyone that goes near Sara Palin’s carpet is just asking for trouble’

  7. nightmare_49 says:

    Summit Day : Ducks-Canadiens : How They Match Up .. Ducks Blog …..… ……………………………………….. Ducks take Out Sens .. by Dan Woods …..… …………………….. Getzlaf’s Timing Just Right for Brian Burke’s Ducks .. ass. press …..

  8. Mr.Hazard says:

    Friends, let’s all take a moment and appreciate the fact that we can all enjoy ad-free articles on our beloved site.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  9. Yeats says:

    It seems to me that the press in Canada is running about two days behind J.T. on average this week. First, she explores the Habs/religion issue only to be followed by the National Post. Then, she covers the potential impact of a diving Loonie on the League and “presto bingo” an article appears this morning dealing with essentially the same issue. Is anyone else getting the impression that the mainstream press might be scanning HIO for ideas?

  10. Exit716 says:

    Seeing how few Americans follow hockey what difference does it make?
    I was surprised that McGuire was so vocal about Gainey’s proposal on Melnick yesterday calling it the “r” word. I’m surprised that given how people attack Cherry for his various statements, no one has come after him yet for using that phrase. Someone that just won a second Gemini in a row should know better than to use that phrase, really.

  11. tony d says:

    Politicians do not belong in Hockey arenas… they should go where they can feel accepted and cavort with like minded individuals, a place that’s seeped in tradition and feels familiar, a place that welcomes them with open, albeit naked arms… BROTHELS!! (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

  12. Wencz says:

    I don’t really like this angle of getting a Saw advertisment on the goalie masks. Aren’t there rules about advertising on the gear? Seems like Oren is trying to push it and I don’t like where it’s going. I think some owners/players were pushing for some ads on the jerseys sometime in the past year or two.

  13. Habhopeful says:

    Hahaha, i dont know if you meant that sentence the way i think you did, but if you did…Thats funny, nicely put…

    “We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don’t even have to go to the hospital.”
    ~Brad Park.

  14. xaverian001 says:

    LMAO … you should sell that line to the makers of the film Naylin’ Paylin!!

  15. merch says:

    When will this madness end? We don’t need more retarded rule changes and we don’t need more scoring. To anyone that knows anything about hockey a 1-0 game can certainly be as or more exciting than a 7-6 game ending in a shootout. Hey, ties are even fine! The neutral zone trap is boring, but barring that, low scoring doesn’t equal unexciting.

    All of the executives talk about how Sean Avery is the devil and how they want to maintain the “respect for the game” (read: monotone, cliché-spouting bores), but if they want the silly NBA, NFL, MMA loving Americans to follow hockey, a little personality would go further than 60 minutes of 5-on-3s. I’m not saying the entire NHLPA should be like Sean Avery, far from it; but maybe a bit of Jeremy Roenick, Brett Hull, Chris Chelios… people that actually speak their minds. That might give the NHL a bit of personality and more appeal. Please leave the on-ice product the way it is!

    I still remember an interview with Darren Langdon in 2004 after he scored what I believe was a game winning goal in the playoffs and he referred to himself as a “natural goal scorer”. It was hilarious and has stuck with me because it stood out. More of this please.

    One other thing, shouldn’t Guy Carbonneau have something to say against this proposed rule change? He was a shot blocking machine and frequently left his feet.

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Press review

 Big news on a no-news day for the Canadiens: Jaroslav Halk starts against the Ducks tomorrow.

 • Update on Christopher Higgins, itching to play

Kim St. Pierre’s excellent adventure 

• Jaro gets second straight start 

 Josh Gorges says Canadiens have to tighten their defensive play

ESPN Power Rankings: Canadiens second 

• Pierre LeBrun on the GMs meeting and Bob Gainey’s idea about a new shot-blocking rule 




  1. HabFab says:

    Check out NHL Stats/Plus Minus and you will find that he is right.

  2. likehoy says:

    no controversy, we have two excellent goalies…what’s there to argue about?

    nothing’s sweeter than winning, so no ones going to complain.

  3. ebk says:

    don’t need to…. if you got something to that shows I’m wrong go for it…

  4. Mr.Hazard says:

    Only if Price would play badly in his next start…

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  5. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Breeze has been on the ice for goals against – re-check your facts.

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  6. Mr.Hazard says:


    I heard someone on the street say Havlat to Montreal was a done deal.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  7. Fant-HAB-ulous says:

    I agree with you.

    I can see where Gainey is coming from, but the practicality of enforcing such a rule would cause far too many problems.

    Also, what woudl be considered “one skate on the ice?” Would it have to be the blade? Or would the boot count? Because technically, a guy sprawled along the ice still has “one skate on the ice”, just not the blade.

    ‘Cause you will get hungry while watching hockey.

  8. likehoy says:

    i think the general idea is that it doesn’t count if the defensive team shoots the puck into the empty net…otherwise it’d defeat the purpose of pulling the goalie…it’s probably once it crosses the blue line in result of a defensive play…

    shooting into the empty net on a situation like that would only mean more bad blood. If someone fired on net in a situation like that where they have no means of scoring…I would take exception to it, like shooting the puck after the whistle.

    but on your point of not negating the power play afterward, it is actually a good idea…doubles the offensive opportunities…but I doubt it would roll well with the GMs/coaches to be put into a defensive situation two sequences in a row…with the odds of scoring on the PP being 1 in 5…with extended 6 on 5 play on delayed penalties, the odds would increase to maybe 1 in 4 in terms of scoring in direct result of taking a penalty (but not necessarily on the power play).

  9. likehoy says:

    beauchemin, robidas, hainsey, brett clark…Dmen that are/were successful in the west coast that never made our roster even when our top 4 was brisebois, quintal, souray, and rivet/ulanov/popovic/traverse…we even let bouillon go to nashville for like 2 games! but then we got him back…except the aforementioned players have much greater value than bouillon at this point.

  10. likehoy says:

    too bad we let him go years ago.

  11. likehoy says:

    start the rumours! elias and havlat to montreal for a couple of hookers!

    i hear all the habs hang out at Med…Sheldon Souray being a former regular

  12. sidhu says:

    I agree with you there – PPs are often broken up by subsequent penalties, but the team is still charged with having played a full PP. Doesn’t seem right. PP goals measured against PP time (rather than # of PPs) seems like a better measure of PP proficiency.

  13. xaverian001 says:

    Besides Bouwmeester, I think Foote would be tops on my list followed by Schneider and Beauchemin. Foote would be an incredible infusion of leadership and grit for the Stanley Cup run.

  14. ebk says:

    I’d be really, really interested in Francois Beauchemin. He is a bigger version of Frankie the Bull and he can help out on the PP.

  15. nightmare_49 says:

    X – Being realistic and not wanting to pay to much and get into a bidding war i’ll go for O’Donnell,Foote and McKee to fill our needs and have ‘no’ interest in Morris, Backman, Gauthier, Bergeron and Sydor. Nice post.

  16. captaink4life says:

    I actually saw Martin Havlat this past summer standing outside Med (the supper club) on St Laurent and Sherbrooke with Patrik Elias.

    Koivu for Prime Minister :)
    Drive for 25!!

  17. ebk says:


    it was a boring day here on the praires.

    Hope you people all have a great time at the Summit.

  18. nightmare_49 says:

    Earl – Those are great tidbits.

  19. dysonsphere says:

    Aha, didn’t think about it in such terms before. Oh that BG is so sneaky.

  20. dysonsphere says:

    Agree 100%. During delaed penalty the teams are still 5 on 5. Never understood why it should negate the call.

  21. dysonsphere says:

    Sorry, can’t see how a skate on the ice will prevent injuries. I just see how more shots will be blocked with ankles, reesulting in more foot injuries. A neck guard might have helped in the Cleary case, and in Zednik’s too (funny how players are keen to wear the protection after the injury). Anyway, koodo’s to RZ for coming back to play after such a scare.

    I think my point is that this is a dangeous sport and I dont see forbidding diving blocked shots is going to make it safer. All I see it doing is complicating the rules and causing more stopages in play.

  22. Habsrule1 says:

    Yes…more like 4 decades. Was it the 50’s or 60’s?
    I would not be opposed to changing it back.
    While on the PP subject, anyone else ever think PP sucess should be measured by blocks of 2 minutes? If you get ten 30 second PP’s, it doesn’t seem right that you get an o for 10 in the stats.

    I don’t know….something I never really liked. t’s probably just me.

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  23. ebk says:

    found a couple of things that interested me

    Sergei Kostitsyn has yet to be on the ice when the Montreal Canadiens are scored on. He has been on the ice for 93 minutes this season.

    Andrei Markov was on the ice for 15 of the Habs 23 goals scored this season. Koivu and Tanguay lead the forwards with 13 each.

    Maxim Lapierre has yet to be on the ice for an even-strength goal scored by the Montreal Canadiens. He has scored one short-handed goal.

    Patrice Brisebois is regarded as a offensive defenseman and a defensive liability. However, Breezer has yet to be on the ice for a goal scored against the Habs but also has been on the ice for only two goals scored by the Habs.

  24. JF says:

    Renaud Lavoie at RDS is reporting that Gainey said after the General Managers’ meeting yesterday that the Canadiens are not interested in Marian Gaborik. A player they might be interested in, according to him, is Martin Havlat (who apparently loves Montreal and has spent his last three summers here).

  25. sidhu says:

    BG’s concern isn’t the safety of the players, in which case your point about Cleary would be well-taken. His concern is that pucks aren’t getting through to the net. Excuse my sarcasm, but God forbid a defensive player trying to block a shot before it gets to the net :)

    Tell me there’s someone else who agrees with me – I feel like Don Cherry out here!

  26. sidhu says:

    Over two decades ago….

  27. sidhu says:

    So are we to defer to everything that BG says without critical examination? I respect BG a great deal, but on this point I think he’s wrong.

    BG is asking for players to flamingo (at least one foot on the ice) to avoid a penalty instead of make that sacrifice that Carbo, Muller, and many others have done.

    To be sure, I think shot blocking by going down on the ice is diminishing in its use; players want to remain in position and would rather stand up. But I just don’t see the upside in removing that skill from the game entirely.

    The enforcement issue is something else to consider – how refs are to ascertain whether someone has wrongfully blocked a shot. What are we going to call this penalty, delay of shot? Improper stoppage of puck?

    BG is a man who deserves a lot of praise and whose words we should listen to carefully. But on this point, I think he’s off base.

  28. xaverian001 says:

    Some D-men to consider at the deadline or earlier (most will be UFAs at the end of the year):
    Derek Morris – $3.9
    F. Beauchemin – $1.6
    M. Schneider – $5.6
    A. Foote – $3.0 for 2 years
    C. Backman – $2.3
    P. Boucher – $2.5
    J. Bouwmeester – $4.8
    N. Boynton – $2.9
    D. Gauthier – $2.1
    S. O’Donnell – $1.2
    M. Skoula – $1.8
    MA. Bergeron – $1.25
    G. de Vries – $2.5
    D. Sydor – $2.5
    J. McKee – $4.0 for 2 years
    M. Ohlund – $3.5

    Of course, some of these guys might not be available or appealing, but interesting nonetheless. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Atlanta deal Schneider at the deadline and if/when Vancouver is out of the playoff hunt Ohlund may be available. Boucher is intriguing, but I would be surprised if Dallas let him go.

  29. Kaptain K says:

    Not sure to be excited or sad to know that im going to the game where Jaro is in net…its both cool and sad (cuz i dont see Jesus) oh well, Jaro is cool too, as long as he wears his Helmet with Roy on it, its all good


  30. REB says:

    I have to disagree with you here. You are right that there is a skill in blocking the shot and getting back up quickly, but what about the player who isn’t veru skilled at it, but will do it ‘for the team’ (we have several of those, including Lats)? Ask the ex-Hab (Trent Cleary?) who had his larynx crushed on just such an incident…keeping at least one skate blade on the ice might have prolonged his careeer.

  31. Drive_For_25 says:

    Another brilliant idea by Gainey. Not for the rule itself, I could care less if guys were flopping everywhere to block shots, purely a genius suggestion because he knows Komi is usually standing up when he blocks shots so this will make everybody else adjust and not us. Brilliant!! haha

  32. Dintrox says:

    Halak… he has a .967 save percentage … that is tops in the league :)His Goals against average is tops too (ahead of Marty Brodeur).. With more games played he will appear on stats pages…

  33. HabsProf says:

    Regarding the proposed rule for delayed penalties – when exactly does the ref blow the whistle? If I gain control in my end and then fire the puck down the ice (not carry it out of the zone, but shoot it out of the zone), does the whistle get blown the moment it clears my zone? If so, then the rule could work. Otherwise, the opposing team will never pull their goalie on a delayed penalty for fear of an empty net goal.

    If the league wants to increase offense, try this one: if I score on a delayed penalty, why does that cancel the penalty? Technically, the penalized team was scored on at even-strength, not short-handed (unless I’m mistaken, the power-play and plus-minus statistics reflect this). But the other team gets to pull its goalie for an extra attacker you say? True, but it is still even strength and the other team still risks getting scored on. If I recall, the first goal credited to a goaltender in the NHL went to Billy Smith on such a play – delayed penalty with the other net empty. He didn’t shoot the puck – he made a pad save that went to the corner where an opposing player gathered it and passed back to the point. The pass missed the defenseman and went all the way down the ice and into the empty net. Smith was credited since he was the last Islander to touch the puck.

    I have seen other situations where the puck went into the empty net without the defending team having gained control of the puck. Since the offensive team still risks getting scored on, their extra attacker is a calculated risk, not a true man advantage.

    I think that a goal scored on a delayed penalty should still require the penalty be served. Opinions?

    “Deserves” got nothin’ to do with it.

  34. HABZ24 says:

    bobs idea of one skate on the ice to block shots is not good.big mike is our best and the leagues best shot blocker, no bob that idea sux.
    hope they keep price away from the team, dont need the flu spreading in the dressing room. wonder what the best record to start the season is for the habs.

  35. Dintrox says:

    I think Gainey knows a thing or two about blocking shots. They created a trophy called the Selke to honour his defensive play…

    Bob Gainey was described as the world’s best all-around player by legendary Soviet national team coach Anatoli Tarasov.

  36. Habsrule1 says:

    But that rule was changed due to our Habs!

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  37. sidhu says:

    Going back to full two minute penalties is an idea I like. A team isn’t so dominant on the PP (like the 80’s Oilers) that it would be unfair to reinstitute this rule.

  38. Zaskar says:

    So if Jaro gets a shutout does that a controversy ignite???

  39. Chorske says:

    I think anything that makes a penalty more costly is a good idea. Heck, I’d like to see offending team have to play the full two minutes short-handed, regardless of whether the other team scores.

    Just throwing that out there.

    Halak’s helmet is EVIL.

  40. Fer_hab says:

    Booner. Whats with the articles on the gazette only showing a paragraph of each story?

  41. sidhu says:

    Don’t like BG’s suggestion – there’s skill in being able to block shots by laying your body on the line. Just ask Carbo. I don’t see players flopping around or a number of bodies on the ice like a battlefield – it’s usually one player going down, quickly, to block a shot and then getting back up.

    I also don’t like the present rule of having a faceoff automatically in the offensive zone following a penalty. There is skill in being able to advance the puck to the offensive zone so that you get an offensive zone faceoff.

    Just my two cents….

  42. Bugs says:

    More to the Gorges/Priceberg helmet thing than meets the eye.
    When Habs Go Bad.
    Peace Out
    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

  43. wmv_81 says:

    I don’t like Mickey Ribs…I never liked him, such a baby…yet, great game last night.

  44. Iceberg84 says:

    I know people have varying opinions on Ribeiro but this hurts me…

  45. Mr.Hazard says:


    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  46. dysonsphere says:

    Interesting shot blocking idea.
    A thought though:
    Would this increase the risk of injury? I think that having to keep one skate on the ice might limit the ablity of the shot-blocker to avoid getting hit by the puck in a compromising area of the body. But I may be wrong. Just a discussion point.

  47. Mike Boone says:

    Don’t worry. It’s never gonna happen.

  48. Kristopher7 says:

    It sounds like a cool idea but when you take the time to think about it… it sorta hurts the brain to see how it can actually go live in the league and during games.

  49. J.T. says:

    Price has an “inner body injury?” You’ve GOT to be kidding me!

  50. j2c says:

    I thought it was the flu he had…

  51. xaverian001 says:

    Well that kind of sucks for the summit. No AK46 and no Price. Hopefully you guys get to see BGL take on Parros though!

  52. Habsrule1 says:

    I would not say Halak playing “sucks” for the summit. I’m just as pumped as ever. Halak’s one of the best back-ups in the league!

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  53. SlovakHab says:

    Will Desjardins or Denis be called up as a backup, or will Carey be sneezing around on the bench?
    What will the lines be?

  54. Kristopher7 says:

    “We think he’ll be okay to be the backup, but it looks like we’ll start (Jaroslav Halak),” Carbonneau said.

    So looks like sneezing on the bench.

  55. Skotbot says:

    Price should be back-up

    Do I listen to pop music because I am miserable?
    Or am I miserable because I listen to pop music?

  56. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Gainey’s idea is a tad dumb and I wonder if he’s serious. Referees and linesmen can’t seem to see high sticks and high hits and he wants them to judge if the shotblocker had a skate on the ice? What happens if he doesn’t? Another whistle.
    Here’s my idea to hurry up the game. Team penalties for calls that do not directly take away a scoring chance. All the interference, pathetic little sweater pulls and slight hooks in the neutral zone that they are calling should be added up and a penalty given after five. It works in basketball and is the only answer to calling penalties that amount to almost nothing and only delay the game.

  57. xaverian001 says:

    Hey maybe they can award a penalty shot after a team has a certain number of minors. More penalty shots = more scoring = happy Bettman = p!ssed off fans for too much tinkering with the game.

  58. j2c says:

    Oh I see lol “inner body injury” …I also think we will win this game, but it will be hard fought, and Halak will be great.I’m going to the Roy game on the 22nd of November hopefully Price will be in net!

  59. Habhopeful says:

    Wow, I thought you were having a convo with yourself…

    I agree about Gainey’s suggestion at having no diving to block shots, That is ridiculous, I hope he wasn’t serious, when i first heard it, i was surprised to here it came from Gainey…I doubt they would ever let that rule come into play…

    “We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don’t even have to go to the hospital.”
    ~Brad Park.

  60. Kristopher7 says:

    I have a feeling the Ducks are underestimated. They’ve been failing pretty hard so far this season but I wouldn’t be surprised if they surprise us. If Halak can hold the fort against Anaheim I think he’ll prove to many he’s really serious about what he does (not that he already is).

  61. Kristopher7 says:

    lol wow that was amazing/hilarious!

  62. RGM says:

    “Inner body injury.” Is there no end to the fun that NHL teams come up with to describe injuries? They should have had that one around a few years ago when Patrick Roy had appendicitis.
    Go Habs Go!

  63. Mr.Hazard says:

    Oh Boone. Never say never!

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  64. Thomas Le Fan says:

    I’d oppose the free-shot idea. Just a 2 minute minor after accumulating five neutral zone penalties that do not directly affect or take away scoring chances. They’ve already tinkered and messed up the flow of the game by calling nearly invisible penalties. What I offer is an antidote.

  65. Chorske says:

    Well, I don’t think those neutral zone penalties are harmless. I think they do more to stifle the game than what the refs are doing these days. It’s true that sometimes they go nuts, but for the most part I feel like the game has been improved by the leagues zero-tolerance of hooking and holding.

    Your objective could better be achieved by making penalties more costly, not less.

  66. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Never said that neutral zone penalties are harmless. A trip is a trip. However a tug on the sweater is … not a trip.
    I suppose you could argue that under my idea, you could have a situation where no penalty would be uncalled. Not opposed to the penalties or their effects, merely to the delay of the game that has arisen from calling 20 penalties (some invisible) and stopping the play for each one. The referee would need discretion to decide whether the call required immediate stoppage and a trip to the box or a team penalty. The only requirement would be a penalty clock that counted these team fouls and new arm signal to indicate the team foul without delaying the game.
    Of course, if you all think the situation, as is, has actually improved the game, I guess I give up.
    Of course, part of the problem is that you get the same two minutes for nearly taking someone’s head off as you do tugging on their sweater. Maybe thirty second and/or one minute penalties would be more the cure. 😉

  67. Chorske says:

    LOL, don’t give up so easy, I’m sure a lot of folks on the board would agree wholeheartedly with you!

    And I definitely agree that its ridiculous that a neutral zone jersey tug and a slash should be penalized with the same two minutes.

    I guess I’m opposed to anything that furthers the “basketballization” of hockey… mostly cos I think basketball is friggin boring until the last three minutes.

  68. Thomas Le Fan says:

    There we agree totally. However, I keep seeing penalties being called that amount to “touching with your stick”, “taking one hand off your stick” and even “skating too close to a player when he falls”. It seems the NHL decided to call basketball style penalties and perhaps we need the equivalent of basketball style offensive and defensive fouls, shooting and non shooting fouls to make up for it. How does a defenceman control Ovechkin, Crosby or Kovalev when they are around the net? With both hands on his stick and a prayer? Then Sauer nearly takes AK’s head off with the Scott Stevens’ forearm shiver and it’s a good hit. What am I missing here?

  69. SlovakHab says:

    Hope he will be okay soon and hope Jaro has another great game.
    He better do! I have to stay up until 4am to watch the game in Europe. I always do.

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Press review

• Tomas Plekanec in search of his MIA scoring touch (read below)

• On Page 1 of the National Post, Are the Canadiens a religion?

• Canadiens have to allow fewer shots

• Pierre Durocher of the Journal de Montréal on Marian Gaborik

Ryan O’Byrne inspired by Mike Komisarek

Pierre LeBrun on Gaborik, GMs meeting 

Scott Burnside on the NHL’s best (including Koivu-Tanguay-Latendresse) and worst lines in the early going 

Highest payrolls (Canadiens are 10th) 

• Second Toronto team would be good for hockey 

Mats Sundin prepping for a comeback 

• George Gillett and Tom Hicks  ready to sell Liverpool?

Goaltender controversy in Philadelphia 

James Myrtle on the move 


Gazette online captured only half the Plekanec story. Here it is:

Late last season, the vacated Florida Panthers net would have
looked as large as the ocean to Canadiens centreman Tomas
Plekanec. On Monday, it probably seemed the size of a raindrop.

"I was thinking of passing," Plekanec said of his two-on-one break
with winger Alex Kovalev in the waning seconds of Monday’s 3-1
victory over the Panthers.

"But with the confidence I have and the bad game I’d had, I just
skated in as close as I could to hit the net."

Plekanec did indeed find the empty Florida net with a 55-footer
for his first goal of the season, perhaps the ice-breaker he needed
after five games that had produced two assists.

(For those stressing over Plekanec’s start this season, he is
exactly where he was offensively after six games last year, when
he went on to score 29 goals and record 40 assists, both career

It’s not that the 25-year-old fourth-year Canadien is wanting for
confidence in the usual sense of the word.

"I’m not thinking that I’m not a good player, not at all," Plekanec
said yesterday, his team back at practice after having enjoyed a
day off.

"It’s just that the puck sometimes doesn’t go for you. It doesn’t
bounce or go the way you want. Sometimes you make bad
decisions with the puck.

"It’s not going to come easy or just with one bounce. You have to
work hard for it. I’m working hard, but I have to work even
harder to get that bounce. I’m sure it’s going to come."

The Canadiens resumed their work in Verdun, something named
Madonna having literally taken over the Bell Centre with
mountains of equipment, security and linger-at-your-own-risk
warnings to all in the building.

Goalie Carey Price was under the weather – the word flu wasn’t
officially used – which left Jaroslav Halak to face every puck.
Defenceman Andrei Markov also didn’t skate, taking a so-called
therapy day, nor did Plekanec-line winger Andrei Kostitsyn, still
recovering from having had his bell loudly run against Phoenix
on Saturday.

Forward Christopher Higgins (groin) skated alone with strength
and conditioning coordinator Scott Livingston, while Georges
Laraque (groin) and Steve Bégin (flu) returned to the ice with
their teammates.

Sergei Kostitsyn skated with Plekanec and Kovalev, as he did in
Monday’s game, while Saku Koivu remained between Guillaume
Latendresse and Alex Tanguay.

Bégin practised with Robert Lang and Tom Kostopoulos, with
Maxim Lapierre skating between Mathieu Dandenault and

"Same name, same face … almost," Plekanec joked of the
interchangeable Kostitsyns. "No, not really. They’re both great
players. It’s not a big, big change for me."

Of course, Plekanec’s value to the Canadiens isn’t calculated solely
by his offensive output. He’s a strong two-way player who brings
other qualities to the rink.

"We have plenty of players who can score," he said. "My job is to
win the faceoff in the (defensive) zone and be good on the penalty-
kill. I’m not thinking just about scoring goals, or getting points.
It’s the overall game for me. I know I’m doing some good things,
but there are plenty of things I can do better.

"I’m just trying to play my two-way game. It’s going to come."

Head coach Guy Carbonneau knows he needs to work on neutral-
and defensive-zone coverage, and hone that in practices leading to
Saturday’s home game against the Anaheim Ducks.

The Canadiens have been giving up blizzard of shots – 192 to
date, an average of 32 per game. That was third-highest among
the 14 clubs having played six games heading into last night’s

It’s been the superb goaltending of Price, with a .939. save
percentage in his four games, and Halak, a sizzling .967 in his
two, that’s allowed the club to earn 11 of 12 possible points. The
pair’s combined .948 leads the league.

"It’s details, the little things," defenceman Josh Gorges said of
the necessary repairs. "Being in the shooting lanes, taking away a
little more time and space, and not being hesitant.

"Sometimes we’re second-guessing if we should jump in or stay,
then we get caught. We get too excited, try to do somebody else’s
job, then start running around and they get momentum and time
in the (Canadiens’) zone.

"We have to help our goalies a lot more," Gorges added. "They’ve
been holding us in the games. They’ve shut the door. If it wasn’t
for them, our record could be different right now."

Strangely, the steadiness of Price and Halak is what often leaves
them on their own.

"We feel comfortable when they’re in the net," Bégin said, joking
that it’s "good for them, we make sure they’re ready" when the
goalies faces pucks early and often.

"We don’t try to (take chances), because that’s dangerous.
They’ve been playing very well since the beginning of the season.
We know if they make a mistake, they’re going to be there."


  1. Geoff F says:

    I’ve never seen Mickey on skates but if he can play i’m interested! lol

    so are you saying you don’t think Sundin would be a good addition?

  2. tony d says:

    you’ll do just fine here

  3. georgesd says:

    Ditto. Georges D

  4. Habhopeful says:

    Tanguays’ A Winger…:P

    “We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don’t even have to go to the hospital.”
    ~Brad Park.

  5. MikeMcLaren says:

    Are the Rangers better with or without Jagr?

    In fact, aren’t the Rangers sort of the poster boy for the importance of team chemistry?

    Back when there was no cap, they sort of wrote the book on an “all-star” team being unable to win the Cup. You need lots of different pieces and they do need to work together.


  6. Ian Cobb says:

    Not to worry we will all be sitting up in heaven, the flu can not fly that high at the Bell Center

  7. Ian Cobb says:

    Welcome aboard 81

  8. tony d says:

    didn’t mean no harm….just thought it was a great lead into something….
    I would’ve preferred if you said he got in his car after the concert and drove to Pheonix with Patrice Brisebois in the back seat…..then I would’ve been happy

  9. nightmare_49 says:

    B H – Google ‘james mirtle’ and there’s a link on the right of his page that works.

  10. nightmare_49 says:

    G – Don’t worry, it could of been the Labatt flu.

  11. nightmare_49 says:

    Bill H – No offence to you, Hab Fan and others that are using this word but what did it get us. When Gainey laid an egg at the trade deadline it was used and its been used all summer, it’s an excuse. Chemistry is only good when you use the right ingredients and last years experiment brought us the perimeter boys and the boot. This year we might alter the ingredients to come up with a playoff winner and it hasn’t hurt to bring on Langer and the Rock, did they upset the precious chemistry. These players have all been potty trained and are professionals and to worry about what it would do to their chemistry is beyond me.

  12. Montreal_Mort says:

    I live in Minneapolis. Gaborik is exactly the wrong kind of guy to get. First of all, he is a winger – spend for another center. And he is ridiculously self absorbed, injury prone and a whiner.

    Get more Tanguays

    Go Habs go

  13. mp says:

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

  14. Jay in PA says:

    I still can’t believe you had me going on that ankle bracelet thing.

  15. wmv_81 says:

    hey what’s up everyone, I just signed up to Habsinsideout. Habs fan since the first day I was born. Love the site, love the Habs, hate the Leafs.

  16. HABZ24 says:

    sundin should be banned from playing this year.after what selanne and neidermayer pulled last year a rule should be put in preventing players from playing if they are not on an nhl roster by say nov.1st. oh im so valuable, i can sit out as long as i wish, come back half way thru a season,while all others bust there crack all year. not right gary bettman,not right.if this does happen and the team sundin plays for wins the cup, he SHOULD NOT get his name on the cup, or get the playoff money.

  17. wd40 says:

    oh look, the Flyers are dead last in the league, Biron’s got the league’s highest GAA, and Downie’s been reassigned to the AHL.

    Anyone else broken up over this?

  18. nightmare_49 says:

    Looking to buy your dream house in the GTA area then check with Peter Pan’s son – Peter Mahovlich jr Markets Dream Homes .. …..

  19. Kristopher7 says:

    concessions will be more than $20 😡 unless you’re planning on buying 1 hotdog and nothing else.

  20. nightmare_49 says:

    krob – Scared of competition, toot.

  21. sam says:

    yep. be nice Tony.
    just an FYI for Habs fans. not a comment on Dandy. i was expecting a couple of Habs players to be there and we were lucky enough to run across one. simple as that. :)

  22. nightmare_49 says:

    Jay – Another first, lol. First to wear an ankle bracelet ……. First to…

  23. Big Bird says:

    How hilarious is that Bill? We’re on the same train. Ping me via email as we can get our seats together if one of us calls and gives their reservation number and the others reservation number as well.

    (And anyone else too please advise as the more the merrier!)

  24. Bill H says:

    I’d really be concerned about chemistry to bring someone in for the top line at this point. In that regard, Sundin would be worse than Gaborik, although I don’t think there is much chance of either coming to Montreal at this point. I was all for welcoming Sundin during the summer. And I’m all for winning the Cup in ’09 centennial year. But I’d be concerned with how Sundin’s presence affects the play of other players that have their ice time reduced significantly. And the younger players who are starting to take a leadership role in the dressing room who would move back down the so-called pecking order to make room for some guy that couldn’t get his act together for training camp. And I wonder how Sundin’s apparent attitude would affect the chemistry of the team.

    No thanks. I like our chances as they stand. With one qualification. If the right deal came along, I’d look at adding strength to our blueline. A top 4 dman provided we can ship some of those extra bodies out. Like Bouillon and Dandy.

  25. Bill H says:

    Hey Sulemaan, I’m going by train too. Departing 11:35 on Friday. Anyone else on the same train by any chance?

  26. Habsrule1 says:

    I’d bet they have a better sense of humour than you.

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  27. Jay in PA says:

    Geoff, maybe I don’t know Mats as well as you do, and if he’s happy to take the role of a mere cog in the wheel (albeit a first- or second-line cog), that’s a vote in his favor. But on a team that is so clearly in the right place mentally, he would still have a lot of questions to answer regarding his commitment to the team in view of his maddening dithering.

    I agree that he’s a helluva player and would boost our prospects in the playoffs, at least on paper. But in my mind, he now comes with questions that could have been easily answered a few months ago.

  28. Ton says:

    Is there some type of chance we might land Sundin. How could it be made possible.

  29. Moey says:

    Tell me about it, if Mickey Mouse was UFA some of these posters would be proposing trades etc.

  30. Big Bird says:

    Tickets to Habs vs. Ducks: $120
    Train Tickets to Montreal: $300
    Dinner at Baton Rouge: $50
    Concessions at the Game: $20
    Hotel Accomodations: $100
    Taking ‘Little Bird’ to her 1st Habs game & meeting friends at Centennial Summit: Priceless

  31. gauvinator says:

    Why does the word “flu” when associated with the Habs scare the crap out of me? Am I that scarred from, what, 2yrs ago??

  32. nightmare_49 says:

    kreob – Yes , i get very nervous when he gets like that. Poise is coming slowly for Komo but if he had it he’d be dynamite, maybe he should take a look at Lidstrom tapes and learn from them. The first thing that impressed me about Higgy in the his early days was that he won most of the battles on the boards but last year it wasn’t his forte and his whole game changed into trying to be a skilled player, i rather see him battling and grinding it out for sure, pass up the fancy crap and leave that to Kovy.

  33. Jay in PA says:

    “I must be blackballed and you must never read any of mine.”

    That’s not true–their length is perfect for bathroom reading. I have to print them out,though, because I don’t have an iLoo.

    Maybe I have missed some, but it seems to me that your posts have grown shorter with the passage of time.

  34. Bill H says:

    Firefox can’t find the server at
    The browser could not find the host server for the provided address.

    * Did you make a mistake when typing the domain? (e.g. “” instead of “”)
    * Are you certain this domain address exists? Its registration may have expired.
    * Are you unable to browse other sites? Check your network connection and DNS server settings.
    * Is your computer or network protected by a firewall or proxy? Incorrect settings can interfere with Web browsing.

    Maybe I need to check my firewall settings or something. I don’t seem to have this problem with any other sites.

    Nope, I just adjusted firewall settings from medium high to medium and I still can’t log on. Any other suggestions? If it was Eklund’s site, I wouldn’t be worried, but I miss Spector.

  35. gauvinator says:

    Trying to figure out the different coloured jerseys…am I right to think they colour coordinate the different lines as well as the D during practice?

  36. Kristopher7 says:

    That link works for me.

  37. nightmare_49 says:

    sidhu – Here is how i look at it a) we have a top four now with O’Bey the weakest link due to inexperience b) then we have the bottom four which are either small, not strong enough or soft to back up an injury to our top four on a long term basis so thinking towards the playoffs it would be nice to pick up a big experienced ‘D’ for depth for our top 4 or be our 4th. To be frugel i’d be looking to obtain a Sean O’Donnell(UFA) , Jay McKee , Kyle McLaren or possibly a Rhett Warrener(UFA,longshot) as all have been there , they been successful and have experience and have been shut down ‘D’. If your looking for a 4th thats small and can move the puck then i’d rather go with Breezer and save the pick cuz it just doesn’t fit and is not worth it. Remember how valuable Brooks Orpik was in the playoffs, thats the style we need though Stuart played well and had important points that was a gamble that paid off but he’s back to normal right now and struggling.

  38. habs domain says:

    I think it’s imperative to get Kovalev playing hard again, not by himself. Sometimes he forgets he has 2 linemates, who right now are being ignored. We need that line to get going, or else getting Sundin might become a necessity, and reality. I could see Sundin, Kovalev and AK on the same line. Would be great, and bring us credibility as a power house team. So should we go after Sundin or Gaborik? I say Sundin, because he’s much more durable and a team player and bigger than Gaborik. Any comments?

  39. Bill H says:

    I can’t seem to log onto Spector’s webpage. Do I have the url right? I’ve tried with 2 different web browsers and I haven’t been able to log on since mid summer.

  40. Bill H says:

    I prefer AK47 and SK74 myself. And my intention was not to offend anyone, least of all the Kostitsyn Bros.

  41. habsguy says:

    I wonder if the Kostitsyn brothers know if they are refered to as little or big tits. I think it’s degrading and I would bet they wouldn’t like it either….it’s sooooo leaf…….If it’s the length or spelling of their names, I bet they would love AK47 or SK74 as most people here use…

  42. krob1000 says:

    I resent that as I like to pride myself on being HIO’s most grammatically incorrect and longest winded poster who never takes the time to read through my posts and sends them through as if I were talking, not giving any consideration to the translation to print and the difficulty that may arise when others attempt to read them without knowing where the pauses and breaks would have been had I been talking instead of typing(takes deep breath). Thank you I think that ensures my title is safe….back off Nightmare …you are a minor leaguer….and you Jay …. I must be blackballed and you must never read any of mine.

  43. Big Bird says:

    Be nice Tony D.

  44. Jay in PA says:

    Bryan, I just want to congratulate you on the longest run-on sentence in HIO history!

  45. Geoff F says:

    Agreed however options are always good. You never know Sundin between Kovalev and Kost could be a killer line too. Never hurts to be able to substitute, you never know when you find something even better.

  46. Steiner says:

    Not much news, but both Higgins and AK46 weren’t on the ice at practice yesterday.
    BGL was there though, playing on a line with Dandy and Lapierre.

  47. Kristopher7 says:

    Nice pics, always cool to see the Habs in a more relaxed environment like at a practice.

  48. nightmare_49 says:

    The NHL Morning Papers (Thursday Edition) – Aaron Voros wrote Jacques Lemaire a letter of Thanks and much more (tidbits) .. by Richard Pollock …..

  49. sam says:

    i’d do it only if Lapierre was pushed out.
    no idea about tinkering with our top 3 lines, though.

  50. Steiner says:

    Hey guys,
    check this out… some pictures I took yesterday at the Habs practice.

  51. Geoff F says:

    I agree. I’m hopeful.

    What i would give to be a fly on the wall of Gainey’s brain! LOL

  52. Bill H says:

    Yes, a top 4 Dman would be a great addition and your analysis clarifies some of the options.

    One thing to consider when bringing in high priced talent at this stage is not only the UFAs that we want to resign at end of season, but also that with the shrinking Canadian dollar, the salary cap will probably not increase again next season. So all those players that deserve a raise for having a great season (yes, and hopefully winning a Stanley Cup), it will be especially difficult to accommodate them. Of course the flip side is that other teams will be dealing with their own cap problems, so the offers to lure our players away will not be as generous.

  53. Geoff F says:

    I disagree slightly on this. I don’t think Sundin is a vocal leader, i believe his attitude and actions are how he leads (by example). Can’t have enough guys like that in the room. Sundin doesn’t scream he doesn’t do any of that so i can’t see him having an issue with deferring to Koivu and Kovalev. Also if he only wants to play for a year i can’t see why he’d want the added pressure of that kind of leadership. I say he would flourish if he was a role player within a team of talented players and individuals. He’s always wanted to play for a winning/talented team. You can’t find much better than the Habs in the east right now. Add to that the fact that he’s always liked the Habs it’s close to home i think it could be a match made in heaven. Also with the money crunch coming next year they wouldn’t have to worry about Sundin if he decides to retire, so to me i see it as a win win. Although i do say NY could be a good alternative for him.

    I’m still hoping that he comes to Mtl though.

  54. nightmare_49 says:

    G F – I don’t see any reason why we are not interested as he was exactly what we needed this summer and it will be tight cap wise but very possible with the obvious moves and his salary being pro-rated , Langer can play RW and there’s other options and we’re playing for keeps and not to be runner up this year and i’ve never given up hope on a healthy fit Sundin to join the perimeter boys and as for a 4th D we’ll have to dump the Breezer and his 1.5 million salary and pick up a rental. Everything is possible and it won’t be till sometime in December anyway and who knows how our roster stands then. The french press will be in tears.

  55. Skotbot says:

    Yea, I bet that would be an attractive package…….

    I have a hard time believing GMs will be knocking on Gaineys door for those 2…

    Do I listen to pop music because I am miserable?
    Or am I miserable because I listen to pop music?

  56. tony d says:

    and this is relevant how?
    that he has a social life?

  57. Jay in PA says:

    Matso would be a big addition in terms of size and grit–things that no one thinks about in terms of Lang–but I don’t know that he’d otherwise be a good fit with the team. The team has great cohesion now, especially compared to the dark days a few years ago when the dressing room was riven by the Ribeiro/Theodore/Dagenais cabal. Everybody on the team is happy to be there today, even the very bench-able Dandy, and they have the feel of a real team.

    Sundin would need to go a long way to reassure the team that he wants to be a part of it after all the overtures Gainey made over the course of months. And then there would be the question of his role as a leader: He’d be subordinate to Saku and Kovy by default, and I don’t know that he’d react well to not being the main guy in the room. And then you’d have to wonder how the up-and-coming leaders like Komi and Higgy would react.

    I like what he could add on the ice, but I say we pass. He’s going to go to the Rangers, anyway, so the point is all but moot.

  58. Geoff F says:

    I agree that it is doable. If the Gainey was so hot on him earlier on i can’t see why he wouldn’t consider it if he thinks he can land him for cheap. Shuffling Maxim would be easy to do. I think it is interesting…would be curious to know if Gainey remains interested or not.

  59. sidhu says:

    I’m intrigued by Boone’s suggestion that the Habs need to get a top 4 defenseman (much like Detroit acquired Brad Stuart last season). Here are some lingering questions from that suggestion:

    1) we already have seven defensemen (eight if you count Dandy): Komo, Markov, OB, Hammer, JG, Cube, Breezer. If we acquire another D, who goes? Cube is a UFA at year’s end, as is Breezer

    2) do we get a top 4 D who will be a UFA at year’s end as well – a rental player? In that case, next year, we would have to choose from the following:
    Also, if we do get a rental, that means that we would have five D locked up for 09-10: Komo (assuming he resigns), Markov, OB, Hammer, JG. Cube may be resigned, Breezer in all likelihood won’t be. If Cube resigns, that leaves one slot for a FA or for someone to step up (perhaps Weber); it leaves two slots if Cube does not resign.

    3) do we get a top 4 D who is locked up past this season? In that case, we would have six D locked up for 09-10: Komo (assuming he resigns), Markov, OB, Hammer, JG, and the new acquisition. Cube may be resigned, Breezer in all likelihood won’t be. If Cube resigns, that leaves no slots open; if he does not resign, that leaves one slot for a FA or for someone to step up (perhaps Weber).

    4) does Komo become this year’s Streit or Souray? He will command a great amount of money and we have other UFAs to sign (e.g., Koivu, Kovalev, Tang) and RFAs (e.g., Higgy). If we let him go, that frees up considerable space to sign others. If we let him go, perhaps the top 4 D we acquire this year will help fill the void left by a Komo loss.

    5) if we do acquire a top 4 D, who goes the other way? Chipchura? Higgins? a pick or picks? Whoever we acquire, we will likely have to offset with a comparable amount of salary in return.

    I’m still contemplating some possible options in response to the alleged need for a top 4 D. But it seems to me that any viable option should consider most if not all of these questions.

  60. habs domain says:

    time to trade Dandenault and Breezer.

  61. habs domain says:

    Since Sundin’s salary would be prorated, and he says money is not a factor in his return, I feel confident Gainey could do a little tinkering to fit Sundin under the cap. Move Lang to the 4th line, put Lapierre as a winger, move Plekanec and Koivu down a notch, to 2nd and 3rd centers, and put Sundin on the 1st line with Higgins and S. Kostistyn. Get it done Bob. Sundin and another D man would most certainly vault us into a true cup contender.

  62. Geoff F says:


    Why is that….what do you know?

    I don’t believe the Gaborik stuff but i mean if they were entertaining that Idea i would surely consider Sundin over him. You’d have to move some people around but hardly a monumental effort.

  63. Ian G Cobb says:

    No thinking necessary, this horse has been beaten to death!

    Habs !!never happen!

  64. secretdragonfly says:

    I wish Craig nothing but the best (except when playing against us).

  65. krob1000 says:

    I think Carbo needs to tell him to slow down/relax a bit too (like he did LAps). He needs to pick his spots better. Sometimes Komo appears to get into this other gear or mode where he just starts swiping, pushing, and moving at another speed and when he does this it appears as though he isalmost panicked. Last game there was a sequence where he was swiping at the puck still along the boards behind our net and he must have taken three good swipes meanwhile the puck had been gone for a good 2 seconds. He just had his head down and kept digging. His intensity is his greatest asset but picking and choosing when to maximize the benefits of his fiery play will come with time. You notice him doing this at all Nightmare? KInd of reminds me of Higgins with his head down in scrums and the corners at times ….Higgy was far better by the end of last year but for a while he operated at too high of a speed to think in traffic and along the boards.

  66. Geoff F says:

    What does anyone think about the Mats Sundin situation? Most articles seem to be stressing that MONEY is NOT a factor. I’m wondering if that means the Habs might still want to take a shot at him and if any interest remains.

    What are your thoughts on this? Despite some of the detractors his skillset and size is undeniable. I know he would be a big addition to the team literally and figuratively!

    I know some of you don’t want to go down this road again but i know i would love to see him playing for the Habs. I believe we have just over 1 Mill in cap space left not including moving any players….

    Anyone have any thoughts on the chances…

  67. sam says:

    just a little FYI.
    went to the Madonna show last night (am-a-zing; and i was going for the gf who’s a huge fan) and we spotted Dandy going to his car after the show :)

  68. Hockey11 says:

    Sabres lose Rivet
    The Buffalo Sabres have done the smart thing with veteran defenseman Craig Rivet, who is undergoing arthroscopic surgery today. No point in Rivet risking further injury throughout the season and then not being available come playoff time.

    The Sabres’ captain is expected back in two weeks.

    “It’s bothered him for a while,” Sabres GM Darcy Regier told on Wednesday. “So the decision was, get it done and get him back. He was almost playing on one leg out there and he’s played well for us, but it bothered him increasingly more from day to day. So, we’ll get it taken care of and [get him] back on the ice.”

  69. Ed says:

    I join with you in wishing him a speedy recovery. It’s not his fault that so many people complain about his rumours, but still go and read them on a constant basis. He has figured out human nature, and is preying on the weaknesses of some hockey fans. Get well soon Eklund.

  70. nightmare_49 says:

    Sidhu – The opposition is catching on , their dumping it in to his corner which they did before but now they are also keying on Markov , his outlet , so he has to move the puck more on his own and he is learning slowly to adapt and he was off to a shaky start and has made some bad decisions like being caught but i’m sure he’ll straighten that out and i found he was moving better the last two games, no worries.

  71. Ed says:

    Thanks for that nm. The Boomer had a sense of humour, and it is a great beer commercial. There is a lot of laughter in the background, as Boomer walks right into it.

    By the way, are they still allowed to show the beer bottle in beer commercials?

  72. nightmare_49 says:

    Nostalgia – Remember This? – Boomer and The Pocket .. Dennis Kane’s Canadiens blog …..

  73. sidhu says:

    Anyone else think that Komo is not playing as well as expected, given that it’s a contract year?

  74. Hoegarden says:

    Looks like the horseshoe finally fell out !

    Marty Biron, whose superb goaltending carried the Flyers into the conference finals last season, entered this campaign as the clear No. 1. But Biron has been shaky – he’s 0-3 with a 5.74 goals-against average and a dismal .824 save percentage – and coach John Stevens chose to give Niittymaki his third start in six games.

  75. nightmare_49 says:

    Spector Reports .. from Sources .. Best Wishes to Eklund ….. Hockey blogger “Eklund” was hospitalized Tuesday with a burst appendix. According to a post Tuesday evening from his wife he’s currently on antibiotics to reduce his infection prior to removing his appendix which should take place on Wednesday, October 22.

    I realize “Eklund” has his share of detractors as well as supporters but whether you love him or hate him (or love to hate him) I hope those on both sides will join me in wishing him a speedy recovery and in sending along our best wishes to his family.

  76. Blitzen says:

    Political post of the morning…

    If there was any doubt remaining as to just how bad Palin and her handlers are, there isn’t anymore. This has to be the dumbest political fashion statements in the history of fashion statements:

    McCain must feel like gouging his own eyes out when he sees stuff like that.
    Mad Pax…Beyond Powerdome

  77. Robert L says:

    The link to Plekanec’s MIA scoring touch is MIA.

  78. HAB-a-dabba says:

    Only half the story is here, but if you click on press review, you can scroll down, and read it :)
    “The drive for 25 won’t be a cake walk, but the team is up to the challenge.
    Let’s GO-HABS-GO!!!”

  79. Habhopeful says:

    The O’byrne Article is going straight towards a gaborik article in french…Also, I dont know if the Plekanec thing is an article or not but theres no link…Thanks!

    “We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don’t even have to go to the hospital.”
    ~Brad Park.

  80. TommyB says:

    Flyer’s coach on Marty Biron:

    “Marty’s going to get back in net this weekend, and I expect him to carry a lot of the load this year and do good things for us.”

    That’s a far cry from ‘Marty is our number one guy and I expect him to play the majority of our games. Nitty is a very reliable backup we can use to give Marty a rest now and then.’

    Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Was last year’s playoff performance just horseshoes?

  81. Kristopher7 says:

    Those were some pretty big horseshoes were up his you know what during round two if that’s the case… the guy was a wall against us :(

  82. J.T. says:

    Giant horseshoes, to go along with his four-leaf clover underwear and his rabbit’s foot jock.

  83. Hoegarden says:

    There is something about goalies from Quebec when they play here.
    If I recall correctly (too early in the morning), 4 of them (Biron,Leclair,Sabourin,Giguere)had shutouts against the Habs in 07-08.

  84. nightmare_49 says:

    NHL Fanhouse – The lesson here? Your cell phone isn’t a video camera, and if it is, make sure it doesn’t get stolen .. Swedish Star caught with his Pants Down – Fans won’t let you Forget your Sex Scandals .. (an excerpt) ….. But back in June, Huokko’s reputation for “scoring” took on a different twist when a sexually-charged video clip featuring the 34-year-old blueliner and his girlfriend ended up on the internet. Huokko had recorded the clip on his mobile phone, and wasn’t surprised to find it spreading like wildfire on the internet after the phone was stolen. “It was a private thing between me and my girl,” he said at the time .. and here’s the rest of the story ….. ………………. Empty Netters .. by Seth Rorabaugh …..

  85. TommyB says:

    On Sundin:

    What can Mats know now that he didn’t know two months ago? Can you spell “p-r-e-d-i-c-t-a-b-l-e”!!!

    I feel Sundin knew all along what his plans were, and those plans included an extended summer vacation…taking his cue from the likes of Forsberg and Selanne. It is not now, and never has been, about winning when it comes to Mats Sundin. Don’t be surprised if he ends up back in Loserville with the Laffs.

  86. 100HABS says:

    I just looked at a post of suggested rule changes and there’s one I really like:
    biester79: Change the rule about putting the puck over the glass from the defensive zone to be the same as an icing — no one on the ice from the defense can change, but not have it be a penalty. I would enforce it the same on a penalty kill — none of the penalty killers could change. Too many hockey games are decided because a puck rolled on edge and a player knocked it over the glass — that’s always struck me as the stupidest rule ever since it went in.

    I’ve always hated this rule because it’s never done on purpose and does not deserve 2 minutes – particularly in OT or when already short-handed. Often a defenseman is nudged just as he goes to clear and he gets 2 minutes. I like this compromise – face-off in your zone, no changing players.

    ’tis the season to be jolly

  87. 24 Cups says:

    I was wondering where the best place would be be purchase a Habs’ jersey during the Summit this weekend in Montreal. Price and proximity to the hotel and/or Bell Centre are my main considerations. BTW, what should I expect to pay for a sweater that has a number and name on it?

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  88. Robert L says:

    Check this out. You can have the team’s official catalogue sent to your e-mail.

  89. Kristopher7 says:

    Hmmm you can probably pick one up at Canadian Tire for $40.. but it’s unofficial.

    I bought my official one at the Habs store in the Bell Centre… was $140 with no name.. If I recall correctly jerseys with names can be $180-$250++? All I know is that it was expensive enough for me to just get the jersey with no name on it 😡

  90. luxie says:

    there’s a Canadiens shop at the bell center on De la Gauchetière street.
    or you could probably find one at the Eaton Center at the Capsule sportive.

  91. ice_queen says:

    The Canadiens boutique at the Bell Centre, Edition Limité at Eaton Centre (Tunnel level) or Capsule Sportive at Eaton Centre (Metro level).
    Sports Experts (Ste Catherine facing Simons, corner Metcalfe or Mansfield, I can’t remember which) has some stuff, but I don’t think they are official.

  92. sidhu says:

    For what it’s worth, I bought a Habs jersey (RBK, Higgins) from the Bell Centre shop, and it’s fantastic in terms of quality, look, and feel. I have several jerseys and the one I got there is by far the best.

  93. Jay in PA says:

    If you are getting your ticket through the Summit group purchase, show your ticket at the Bell Centre shop and you will get a percentage off whatever you buy. I believe it’s 10%–not inconsiderable for the price of a sweater with a name and number on it.

  94. Kristopher7 says:

    Anyone else not really care for Gaborik? The way people are performing all I can really see us needing atm is a 4th Dman.

    Do all these people spreading rumors even know how well the Habs are doing? It confuses me. The most ridiculous I’ve heard so far was Gaborik for Higgins, Halak and draft picks…. wtf? Halak is solid so far this year, Higgins will do well when he gets back in the line up and for god’s sake save the draft picks or spend them for a worthy cause… lolGaborik.

  95. Hoegarden says:

    I was at the Ott/Fla game last night and could watch without worrying about winning/losing so I focussed on Bowemeester’s play and he’s convinced me that he’s the answer to our #4D (like I didn’t already know).

    I also don’t know if F.Beauchemin is going to be a UFA at the end of the year, but he’s the one that got away for nothing and I sure would not mind having him back.

  96. xaverian001 says:

    Bouwmeester would likely become our #2 not our #4 if we were ever actually able to land him. Beauchemin would be a nice fit if Burkey would let him go … never hurts to have a Stanley Cup winner on your blue line.

  97. nightmare_49 says:

    Jay – That discount may come in handy for Steve after the game, with that keg of beer being 12 cents an ounce i wonder how many ounces that would buy him with that discount, could you figure that out for him.

  98. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Interesting article…Canadiens and Religion.

    That is not to say the Canadiens don’t occasionally go into battle. Last Saturday, after a cheap shot by a visiting member of the Phoenix Coyotes knocked Montreal’s Andrei Kostitsyn out of the game, the crowd began howling for Georges Laraque, the team enforcer, to settle accounts. Even in an apparent animal reaction, Mr. Bauer spots a religious side.

    “Is it Georges Laraque who is sacrificing himself for the others, because he will receive a penalty? Or has he come as the avenging angel with a sword in his hand?” he wondered. “Maybe, symbolically, one is ready to kill or to die for one’s club, and for one’s hockey team. It remains symbolic, thank God.”

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  99. coachdoug says:

    Pleks makes so many good plays each game he is invaluable. He is always in the right position and passes the puck well. I feel this Saturday the breakout is coming for this line. Does suck to have to wait all week for a game though…the NHL does some crazy scheduling moves.

  100. sidhu says:

    Arguably the Ducks signing Hedican makes Beauchemin more expendable. He will be a UFA at season’s end and makes only 1.65 per year.

    Is he a possible 4th D for us?

  101. Bugs says:

    Well, I gotta say,
    If this guy plans to give a course on Habitant Religion, he better get his facts straight.
    “People” don’t call the Priceberg “Jesus Price”. Not French people anyway. Cuz Christ then DOESN’T rhyme with Price in French. I’m surprised that a SWISS didn’t know that.
    These “people” he’s referring to is the ONE or TWO baseball fans he overheard saying it. Not the “people”.
    The people call the Priceberg: “The Priceberg”. Or “Le Priceberg”, if it’s French you fancy.
    Not that “Jesus Price” isn’t good. It’s very good. So was “Priceless”, “Price is Right” and all those other ones…which you could only say in English.
    Le Club de Hockey Canadien. CanadiEn. Not iAn. FRENCH as well as English nicknames take precedence.
    Can’t say “Jesus Price” in French. Sounds like Jézu Pree. Dunnit work.
    “Le Priceberg.” That’s what it is. Until someone tops it.
    End of rant.
    Peace Out.
    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

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Press review

I Know: your sides are aching from that Toronto-bashing hilarity. But catch your breath and check out:

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Saving Face, a new coffee table book on the history of hockey masks 

• The underrated Andrei Markov 

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• Jean-François Bégin on the perception of the Q as a soft league 

• Marc De Foy on the Canadiens two No. 1 goaltenders

Stephen Brunt on a second team in T.O. 

Damien Cox on Things We Know So Far (including the rise of the Habs) and on Ron Wilson breaking down the Leafs


  1. Sakus Evil Twin says:

    I did notice that Saku has faded in the 3rd… he’s still by a long margin my favourite Hab, and given time and space the most influential player on the ice… I for one am glad to know there’s more horsepower to be had, but knowing that I don’t think we can expect him to change his game… more extend it…

    Markov’s financial time will come… there are a few anomalies on that list of higher earners – McCabe(? Really?) and Brian Campbells heinously overrated contract… The way I see it, a defenceman’s +/- is their bread and butter – how they go about maintaining it is up to them… The fact that he adds to the offense is the gravy that will elevate him above that fact – and will, I suspect, be the difference make between a Markov and a Komisarek contract.


    …and yes – adding Bowmeester would be something else.. but… um… Whoa Nelly ($$$)

    Finally – I’m glad that Pat Hickey has stated what almost anyone who knows our team has been thinking… I have no doubt that BG knows this too and am sure that he understands team chemistry at a deeper level than most of us can even fathom. (Forgetting a certain Samsonov…)

    A Hab is a Hab is a Hab, you see…

  2. 24 Cups says:

    New Math

    I think most of us would agree that the Habs have evolved from a rebuilding franchise into a team that is going for the Cup this year, come hell or high water. With that in mind….

    24=23 > The NHL only permits a 23 man roster but we are able to basically carry a 24 man unit due to the fact that Chipchura doesn’t have to clear waivers. It may not be fair to the young guy, but it certainly will help out as the year progresses. Once the roster limit is lifted in March, he will be with the Habs for the Cup run. What a great bonus.

    1+1=1 > Goaltending wins Cups, plain and simple. Carey Price seems to be off to a great start and isn’t displaying any repercussions from last year’s playoff meltdown. AND we have Halak to boot. Not only does this guy provide a valuable backup to Price, but he can carry the load by himself, if need be. I can’t think of another Eastern Conference backup goalie that I would rather have than Halak. It would be insane to trade him this year.

    9+6=4 > Our top nine forwards are set and we have three well balanced lines. I’m perfectly willing to go into the playoffs with these guys as my top guns. Including Chipchura, we have 6 players who fill out the 4th line. On one hand, that can lead to some discontent, but it also allows great depth and a sense of keen competitiveness for jobs. As well, most of these 6 guys can play more than one position which gives Carbo greater flexibility when he’s filling out the lineup card. Every team loads up with guys like these at the trade deadline – we already have them on our roster and they fit under the cap. In my view, they can all stay right through the playoff run.

    3+4=5 > We have 7 defensemen who really don’t even add up to 6. Markov, Komi, and Hamrlik are golden. Brisebois is what he is – a spare part who is there for emergencies. (Note: I personally find Brisebois bashing to be such a waste of time for HIO posters) On any given night, the other three guys may perform well but usually you only really have two of them firing on all cylinders. Five defensemen won’t win us a Cup. None of them are suited (presently) to be that solid go to guy who can handle the 4th D spot. (Gorges is almost there) All the kids in Hamilton need more time. Therefore, we need to add another solid, experienced defenseman who can log some quality time and hold his own. Right now, if we lose one of the big three, I’m afraid the gig will be up.

    Gainey added another offensive weapon, a policeman, and a 3rd line centre during the summer. He also brought back all the other players from last year that he wanted for the Cup run. These were all needs that had to be addressed after last year’s early exit. One more piece to the puzzle should have all the numbers adding up perfectly for our centennial run for the roses.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  3. twocents says:

    Very clever and very true.

  4. The Professor says:

    That’s one of the better posts I’ve read here in a long time, not only for its originality but mainly because you’re spot-on in everything you just said.

  5. HabFab says:

    Steve ,as usual very well thought out .I agree with your 3+4 comments but am a little stuck with the logistics of making this happen in terms of players,cap and team chemistry.Have come to console myself with while we are missing a top-4 defenseman and lacking more offense from them.That as a group ,they are as defensive sound as any other team, if you follow my train of thought.Although O’Brien especially has been a little off at times,has not hurt us yet and remember he only has about half a season of experience.Bottom line ,it would be nice and has been something that I have voiced also but not sure how Bo can make this happen.

  6. Lee Hayes says:

    The need for a top 4 defenseman is without a doubt Mr. Gainey’s top priority. I would imagine that Bob is positioning himself to be ready to pull the trigger around Christmas time, but the WHO, and for WHAT eludes me. One name that comes to mind is Fedor Tyutin, from the Bluejackets. I’m not sure what Columbus would need to make the trade happen….any thoughts?

    Go Habs Go

  7. The Teacher says:


    You, Nightmare and I have pretty much been pointing out our need for a defenceman for the better part of 6 months now. We knew coming into the season that we did not have a #4 guy, a guy you don’t have to worry about, who can do a bit of this, a bit of that, but be solid at it. I personally think we need another Dman who can put a little bit of the body on people as well as able to get the puck out of the zone effectively.

    Numinenn as NM has pointed out for awhile could have been a good choice, but I doubt he will be available unless the Sabres tank. Exelby is a name that sounds decent because to my knowledge he is a tough customer back there.

    As for Halak, I agree in that we shouldn’t trade him, an injury to Price could just crush us if he’s not around. With him back there I have more confidence in him that pretty much any backup out there.

    When do we start to see some people being signed to contracts during the year? I’d like to not have as many FA as we are projected for at the end of the year.

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  8. ebk says:

    nice post, Steve

  9. twocents says:

    Saku’s still trying to find his game legs? Sheesh! look out league when he does.

    I had a feeling about Markov this year, he has been Mr. incremental his whole career and he just keeps blossoming both in play and confidence. As I said this summer, he is the type of person who waits for his play’s evolution to warrant increased confidence.

  10. says:

    If we were to go get another D man…. I would look to florida for bowmeester who would complete to perfection our top 4 …. AT the deadline his salary cap hit will be minimal and he’s UFA so he wont cost that much to get him ( and he wants out to boot) . OF course this is all conditional on florida missing the playoffs. I could see mtl do something like this

    D’agostini or Maxell for J bowmeester

  11. twocents says:

    Lee, Tyutin would be very nice. But, are the any reasons to think that the Blue Jackets would move a good young and affordable one like him? Not to mention they just acquired him.

    All signs point to Bouwmeester being moved by the deadline, what do you think?

  12. xaverian001 says:

    A guy like Brad Stuart in Detroit would be perfect … unfortunately he’s locked up. What about Adam Foote in Colorado once they’re out of the playoff picture? Jovanovski?? Exelby? Tomas Kaberle??? … too soft in my opinion. Staios? McKee?? Kyle McLaren who is in the minors right now??

  13. xaverian001 says:

    Bouwmeester will be too pricey, but maybe Keith Ballard? He was pretty solid the other night.

  14. Lee Hayes says:

    I think I’d cream my silk boxers with the embroidered CH on the front!! Jay would be an incredible long term upgrade, is he RFA, or UFA this season? And what would the Panthers be looking for in compensation?

    Go Habs Go

  15. twocents says:

    Ballard did look good, but they just got him too and they are going to lose Jay B., so I can’t see them losing two of their top D.

    At the deadline the remaining part of Bouwmesster’s salary would only be around 2 million. I also think that Florida would be open to a deal based mostly on prospects as they are unlikely to be going to the post season. Who knows?

  16. twocents says:

    He will be UFA. Florida was unable to sign him to a long term contact this summer, despite very much wanting to. The nice thing about compensation is BG would be dealing with Jacques Martin, not exactly Sam Pollock that one.

  17. 24 Cups says:

    x – Brad Stuart is the perfect example. I don’t mean in terms of us getting him this year (he’s signed long term), but rather as an example of the type of player we need to pick up at the deadline. Fits our needs perfectly and doesn’t break the bank. If he walks at the end of the playoffs, then so be it.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  18. xaverian001 says:

    Maybe it would be OK to let McDonagh go if we can get Bouwmeester on a long term deal.

  19. twocents says:

    With Komi needing a new deal, I am not sure we could sign Bouwmeester long term. I am ok with him being a rental. But, if that’s the case no McDonagh. Maybe a Webber, Subban, or Fisher plus a roster player…. Lapierre or Chips?

  20. nightmare_49 says:

    Lee – Early word out of Columbus is that their very happy with him and so is Hitchcock and you know how he hoards his favourites.

  21. twocents says:

    No, the three I was referring to are Webber, Subban, Fisher, which I mentioned in a comment further up. McDonagh no way, he’s the keeper. I mentioned the other three to illustrate our depth and the fact that we can’t fit them all in, some will go anyway, might as well go for something like this. Above you will also find my comments on his salary.

  22. The Teacher says:

    Ah, I see. Most likely it would be either Weber or Subban IMO. That deal sounds more realistic lol, it also sounds more painful. Time will tell though, and at this point I’m sure there is no rush.

    I saw that Bou’s salary would be 2 mil at the deadline, what would be our cap hit at that time as I’m not too familiar with the exact details right now.

    I agree that we won’t be able to hold on to all of them and for a solid shot at a Cup, it might be worth giving one of them up for a guy like Bou, especially if we can try to retain him somehow although 20 million tied up in D sounds a tad high if the cap goes down.

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  23. The Teacher says:

    I think I would be against paying the price for Boumeester if he would be just a rental. He’s a top 2 defenceman in any case, do we need that? (Although yeah it WOULD be nice hehe)

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  24. twocents says:

    I know the price could be seen as steep but, if you think about a run for the Cup. How much more prepared would we be with player like him? Think of the insurance it would provide in the event of a late injury to one of our big three. Then consider, when you look at all those young D plus Yemelin and Valentenko and Carle, you just know we won’t be able to keep them all so… for an enhanced shot at the Cup, do you do it?

    I know it goes against our instincts, after years of having meager prospects and meager Cup hopes but, I’ll go on record and say that I would package one of the three I mentioned and a Lapierre or Chips for a Bouwmeester through the spring and summer.

    Besides, if a few of our current players choose to test the market this summer maybe we could accommodate him for an extended period. But, that’s a long shot for sure.

    Aside from him though I agree with the inclinations of you, 24 cups and nightmare_49, in going after someone who is a little less valuable but who is entirely reliable. Of that sort there should be several to chose from, post Christmas.

  25. The Teacher says:

    So let me get this right, a trade you would be comfortable with would be either one of

    Valentenko (so far has not lived up to billing)
    Yemelin (will he ever come? Will he be worth it? )
    Carle (Will he ever be a serviceable NHL defenceman? a top 4?)


    Lapierre (seems to be feeling the pinch this year)


    Chips (for so long widely touted but is hitting a ceiling that he hasn’t yet broken through, although trading Lapierre WOULD open up a spot for him)

    for Jay Boumeester.

    Now, does his salary even fit with that kind of trade?

    Well, I have a hard time believing that would be enough? I would not give up McDonagh or Weber as it seems they are on the fast track. N o doubt he would be a great addition, and would definitely ease our minds as well.

    and My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  26. HabFab says:

    Eric ,my math said you would have to lose an additional million cap from trade deadline time and 1 roster player.You would also be salary capped with no call up options.It would be sweet but…

  27. 24 Cups says:

    All of the above posts are great discussion items. All I would add is that the circumstance we face today could be quite different from the world we face in February. This not only applies to us, but to our foes. Down the road, we can re-examine our situation and then decide just what is needed to make a serious Cup run. Not to mention what the price may be. The conditions that we face will dictate just how much we will have to gamble in the trade market. Regardless, this is going to be a hell of a year.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  28. HabFab says:

    One of my most firm beliefs (and I believe Lombardi said it first)is that on a GREAT Team , the SUM of the WHOLE is greater then the SUM of the INDIVIDUALS. I believe that Gainey shares this philosophy as we constantly draft players with greater emphasis on their character then their skills …ie;Angelo Esposito.Once heard that a major factor in the decision to take Price with the 5th pick was that Price in the World U18 tournament had after a bad period walked into the dressing room ,apologized to his teammates and said “No more goals were going into his net and for them to go put pucks in the competitions net” .He never ,they did and we won the Gold.It is for these same reasons that I wouldn’t even consider a one for one trade with Higgins and Gaborik,it’s all about the parts that make GREATNESS.

  29. twocents says:

    Frank, At some point this becomes ridiculous since were not the GM but, for arguments’sake. Bouwmeester’s salary is 4.875.At the deadline there wll be 19 games left, if I have the date right. 19 games represents 23% of a season. The remaining portion of his salary would then be 1.13 million. If it were Lapiere going the other way with either Subban or Weber we could subtract .13 representing the the remaining amount for Lapierre. Therefore, at the deadline we would only add 1 million. I think that might be possible by that time depnding if anyone, like Dandy is moved before then and the injury situation is reasonable this year. I also think the chemistry aspect would not be too upset since we’re only talking about one roster player. Just a thought.

  30. twocents says:

    I completely agree with you Frank. Thanks for sharing the Price story. Great post.

  31. HabFab says:

    Yeah,we do go on about things totally out of our control.I concede however wouldn’t be too quick unloading Subban ,he may turn out to be the best of our D prospects and it is as much hunch as anything.

  32. 24 Cups says:

    Frank – good point. We can dream all we want about big names, but in the end we might land up acquiring a serviceable journeyman who is going to be an UFA for his present team. He doesn’t have to be a Hamrlik, just someone who can play second or third pairing minutes without hurting us. We also need the insurance in case of injury. Ability to move the puck being the #1 prequisite. In this scenario, we would only be giving up a 3rd or 4th pick or one of the young guys in Hamilton. The price might be higher or a combination of the two. Someone might even want to take Emelin in return, with the idea that they could sign him for next year. I don’t want to lose him but with McDonagh and Weber on the way, it’s a sacrifice we can afford to make. It really depends on who is being offered to us. History proves that a team that thought it was going to make the playoffs (not a bottom feeder) will stumble and fall out of the race, much to their surprise and chagrin. They will then think about a youth movement and cutting salary. That is when we show up on their door step, aka The Godfather.

    The only thing wrong with this line of thinking is the the realtionship between Brisebois and Gainey/Carbo. I’m not sure they would be able to make him the 8th Dman who sits in the pressbox, or even worse, is placed on waivers.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  33. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Regarding Pat Hickey’s article on Toronto may be getting a second NHL team, I believe the fine people of Toronto deserve a professional team. So why not.

  34. nightmare_49 says:

    The NHL Morning Papers (Wednesday Edition) : Vigneault Calls Out Canucks Leaders and Lightning make more Moves, we better get use to it. .. by Richard Pollock ….. ………………….. Ex Hab Out ….. Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier announced that defenseman Craig Rivet had arthroscopic surgery on his knee today. His recovery is expected to be a minimum of two weeks ………………………. Empty Netters : Nice Videos on Tyler Sloans Clean Hit and George Parros catches Kaberle Asleep (hiccup) .. by Seth Rorabaugh …..

  35. thomashefe says:

    How about a self-interview from the kid himself, SK74 from that great medium,

    I am going to answer some questions that I seem to be recieving a lot:

    1. Can i have your cell phone number?
    No, sorry.

    2. You seem to be on this often, why?
    I seem to be on this a lot, because i use facebook on my cell phone.

    3. Do you have a girlfriend? If so who?
    I try to keep my personal life personal, i don’t like everyone knowing about it, so no comment.

    4. Does that mean that you are denying rumors that you are engaged?
    Again, no comment.

    5. Are you the real Sergei Kostitsyn?
    Yes I am, if you do not believe me than please don’t add me. My facebook is for my fans and friends.

    6. How is Andrei? When will he be playing next?
    Andrei is getting better, but still needs a lot of rest. We are not sure when he is playing next, and we don’t want to rush is return just in case.

    7. What is your e-mail/MSN address?
    My e-mail is

    Thanks to all of my loyal fans
    (if i didn’t answer your question, ask me by commenting or by message).

    Sincerely, Sergei Kostitsyn

  36. nightmare_49 says:

    New York Times – The Morning Skate : Hard Times Hit NHL, Avery Hits NJ and Who Floated T.O. Trial Balloon? .. by Stu Hackel ….. ……….. Scot Burnside ESPN – Lines That Work & Some That Don’t .. (an excerpt) In Montreal, the Canadiens are the only other team in the Eastern Conference that hasn’t lost in regulation time (as of Wednesday morning) and much of the heavy lifting has been done by the line of Saku Koivu, newcomer Alex Tanguay and a slimmed-down Guillaume Latendresse. The trio has combined for 21 points, while last season’s most important player, Alexei Kovalev, is off to a relatively slow start with four points in six games and read more ….. Headlines

  37. nightmare_49 says:

    SUMMIT PRE GAME DINNER : OCT 25. SUMMIT PRE GAME DINNER : OCT 25. Summiteers : Just got off the phone with the Baton Rouge as i gave them the approximate head count for the pre game meal and the manager Mr. Michel Leclerc will be taking care of us that afternoon. Everything is taken care of at this end and enjoy and Bon Appetit. A little heads up, when you enter the Baton Rouge just mention the summit at the receptionist’s desk and she will direct you downstairs to our special section in the back, there’s also a bar downstairs …………… ps: a special note to Ian, the manager still has your thunder sticks they took off of you during the dinner last year and will gladly give them back to you when your leaving Saturday.

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  1. sidhu says:

    If they had computers on the bench, my guess is they’d be looking at Tlusty’s pics and making similar pics of their own.

  2. Chorske says:

    True enough. Talk about the ghosts of seasons past. Our dudes always find a way to keep things interesting.

  3. usversusthem says:

    It’s so brave of you two to come out in public on HI/O like this! God knows for all our strengths (we’re Habs fans) we’re not always the most tolerant of communities… Anyway I wish you all the best together.

    (Special note for Ian: This was sarcasm.)

  4. showey47 says:

    Who do i talk to about the pre-game meal ? The 4 of us would like to attend.

  5. georgesd says:

    Quick question Ian. I won’t be attending the game. As a Hab I/O logger, am I invited to the tour, dinner and/or after game activity?

    txs Georges D.

  6. Chuck says:

    “I can’t imagine how they’ll handle three-four solid lines that can score.”

    I fear that they will if the Habs don’t play three solid periods.


  7. Le.Bon.Serge. says:

    Hello everyone,

    Id like to know something….

    Where can we get the information on the Habs practices outside the Bell Center? Like at Verdun and other places…The day, the time,ect…

    Thank you very much! Go Habs Go vs Coyotes!

    “No way! Thats unbelievable! Thats the save of the year and its not even the year yet!”
    (on Carey Price stick save against Detroit)

  8. Chorske says:

    Looking ahead to tonights game: I don’t think we’ll have too much trouble with Phoenix- I thought they were tentative last night against Ottawa, and what offense they did generate was mostly because Ottawa defensemen can’t stay within the same time zone as opposing players. Phoenix barely handled the first and certainly couldn’t deal with depth, struggling big time against the other lines. I can’t imagine how they’ll handle three-four solid lines that can score.

    That said, Jokinen had an awesome play passing to Lisin, who absolutely lasered it, roofing it, I think Gerber might have heard a mini sonic boom as it went past him. But the other Phoenix goals were the result of defensive slacking-off.

  9. huge_polar_bear says:

    Ok they now changed the article to say that Higgins will be on the 3rd line… sorry about the earlier.
    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois”
    Mike Boone (PuckCast Vol 3, No 2)

  10. Chuck says:

    Hehe… yeah. I couldn’t resist a BASIC joke at the expense of the laffs offense.

    I’m comfortable with the shades of grey that are making their way into my goatee. :)


  11. georgesd says:

    François Gagnon looks at the Phoenix Coyotes. Kyle Turris played US university hockey last year and this year is a regular with the Coyotes, ave about 10-11 min per game.

    Some would like to see Pacioretty, former university player also, in the Habs line-up. The comparisons end here however. Not because Pacioretty isn’t good enough. He’d probably be playing IF he were with the Coyotes. But he isn’t! He’s with the Hamilton Bulldogs.

    The Habs are a Conference Championship team. The Coyotes didn’t qualify for the playoffs last year. The Canadiens’ players average a full 3 years more than the Coyotes. Rewind to two years ago. The Canadiens barely made the playoffs, were not a contending team and had a roster spot for a player such as Latendresse.

    In today’s Gazette, we read:

    “As for Latendresse, Carbonneau said he wasn’t surprised by the young man’s fast start this season.

    “What he did the last two years is pretty nice,” said Carbonneau. “He has 32 goals at his age. he’s only 21 years old and we tend to forget that. He’s only averaged about eight minutes a game with very little power-play time. We know he has good hands and all he needed was a chance to play with better players. His chance is there and he’s taking advantage of it.”

    In my book it means that Latendresse filled a spot, answered a need and had the capacity to perform UP TO EXPECTATIONS with the Canadiens BETTER than he would have had with the Bulldogs—–over the same two year period of time. The beauty of all this is that Lats GOT THE MESSAGE late last season when he began under-performing, adjusted himself in the off-season (weight, speed, physicality and aerobic capacity) in order to SUCCEED this year.

    It really has nothing to do with Higgins’ injury. 2nd or 3rd line doesn’t make any difference whatsoever. It has to do with Carbo knowing when a player is ready to have more ice time, play with MUCH better players and get the points to stay in the line-up.

    Lats has performed very much up to expectations. However, I see Lats as a diamond in the rough: a player who will continue to surprise all of us with a series of very productive seasons in the future. I believe Carbo and BG knew this all along.

    When you look at and listen to Lats, there’s a certain cockyness and assurance that he exhudes. He’s a player who KNOWS he has the attributes to be one of the most successful wingers for the Habs for the next 5-6 years.

    The Canadiens TODAY have a way of bringing up players and making sure they are successful when with the big club–more often than not.

    The two Ks, Lapierre and Latendresse are FOUR prime examples. AND they didn’t come up the same way. BUT they are all showing signs of significant progress. Clearly the Habs know what they are doing. Don’t you agree?

    Pacioretty, D’Agostini, Desharnais, Weber, Valentenko, Carle, Maxwell, Desjardins, among a few others are in their respective “progressions”. It is not a question of saying one or the other is better, more ready or whatever than another. It is rather a question of making sure they arrive and succeed when they do.

    Georges Drouin.

  12. Chuck says:

    I’ll be heading up on Friday, too. No train for me this time around, as I’m making a side trip out to my old stomping grounds in the Eastern Townships on Sunday.

    I should be at the hotel mid-afternoon Friday. I look forward to seeing you all again!


  13. Big Bird says:

    You realize we’re dating ourselves Chuck.

  14. Chuck says:

    The program that runs their offence:

    10: GOTO 20
    20: GOTO 10


  15. Chorske says:

    Seriously awesome idea.

    Or maybe just get Bob Gainey to record another cranky message about showing some class. Seemed to work last time.

  16. Big Bird says:

    Judging by their performance they must be using Vic20s, Commodore64s and Apple IIes.

  17. Ian Cobb says:

    Showey- Chuck is right, 10:30am. Look for Stephen Herron, aka Connecticut man who will direct you once your there.

  18. Chorske says:

    LOL, maybe they’ve digitized Guy Lafleur’s album.

  19. Big Bird says:

    I get in on Friday with my daughter via train. Looking forward to seeing you and Andree old friend.

  20. Habs fan in SF says:

    maybe during the anthem the scoreboard was showing a picture of Tucker Carlson? remember him? referring to canada as american’s retarded cousin you see once a year at thanksgiving …

    but yeah, very lame to boo any anthem. it’s poor taste. gotta know how to keep your sh*t in check.

  21. showey47 says:

    ok cool, thanks.

  22. Chuck says:

    11am, though I believe that we’re going to start meeting outside the Bell at 10:30.


  23. Chuck says:

    Or maybe, “Anthem-Haters Suck”.

    Donate my royalties to the Gainey Foundation or the the Canadien’s Childrens Foundation.


  24. showey47 says:

    Ian do you know what time the bell center tour is scheduled for?

  25. nightmare_49 says:

    Georgesd – I’ll take that for Ian. Of course you are. If you want to go to both or either let me know , we need a count, thanks.

  26. Ian G Cobb says:

    Great read Sulemann,

    We will be at the hotel on Friday.

  27. Chuck says:



  28. Ian G Cobb says:

    Pride in country as well as pride in oneself is one thing.

    The other is respect in the other point of view or opposition.

    Bully’s boo and are negative people that have never discovered the magic within.


  29. Number31 says:

    So the Leafs have computers on the bench so they can google “How to play hockey”?

  30. Chuck says:

    I haven’t found it slower on my end… just been noticing that warning popping up every now and then.


  31. twocents says:

    nightmare_49, your not going to let things lie where they are on the previous thread are you? Man, I have been checking for some kind of response back there.

    (If we keep this up, I might finally get my typing up to par.)

  32. HabFab says:

    Have you found the site slower with a lot of loading time,downloading ,etc.

  33. huge_polar_bear says:

    Hey that’s a cool idea, I would buy one. Someone sell the idea to the Habs… (Just remember to give Chuck royalties).
    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois” Mike Boone

  34. huge_polar_bear says:

    I second that. I have no love for or hatred against Americans in general. I do have a huge problem with their foreign affairs and their current leader. But booing the anthem is wrong and it needs to stop. Singing to drown it out is not any better. It’s disrespectful and as Canadians we should know better.

    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois” Mike Boone

  35. Ian G Cobb says:

    Hi Chuck,
    I asked about it twice on here and we are not sure what it is. HIO Teck guys should be able to tell us if they see this.

  36. nightmare_49 says:

    SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT A Summit Reminder : The pre game dinner on Oct-25 – 3:30pm will be at the Baton Rouge a football toss away from the Bell Center , 1050 rue de la Montagne ….. ……………………… Check it out ….. ……….. After the game will be held at The Sports Station – La Station des Sports – Resto Bar .. 2051 St. Catherine St. (corner Fort) and across the street from Hotel du Fort …..

  37. Chuck says:

    New in the Bell Centre kiosks: “Don’t Be An Anthem Boo-er” t-shirts.


  38. Chuck says:

    Here’s on for the site techies.

    Every now and again a pink box appears below the post headline containing these words:

    warning: preg_match_all() [function.preg-match-all]: Unknown modifier ‘/’ in /home/main/drupal/sites/all/modules/spam/spam.module on line 1275.

    Any ideas about what’s up?


  39. huge_polar_bear says:

    Chorske, I would like to stand and applaud your post (ok it looks a little silly in my computer room… but non the less). I agree 100% and this booing of the anthem is just plain stupid. I went to the opening night game in Buffalo this year and there was no booing of the Canadian anthem, there was lots of verbal sparing between the Habs fans in the crowd and the Sabres fans but they respected the anthem. This is a black eye for Montreal and reflects badly on the team… And most frustrating of all it’s just a few bad apples that make Habs fans look like idiots. It needs to stop.

    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois” Mike Boone

  40. Chuck says:

    Chips was great. Pacioretty really impressed me with his hustle, too.


  41. nightmare_49 says:

    Frank – Thanks for tuning 24 in, i was getting tired of it. BTW Chips was the workhouse of the game last night.

  42. huge_polar_bear says:

    RDS is now reporting that there will be no change in the line up from last game. So Cube and Higgins sit one more as does Begin.

    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois” Mike Boone

  43. Xtrahabsfan says:

    95% is pretty good…this is going to get that putz Eklund started on trade rumors for Gaberik,great….

  44. Hockey11 says:

    There are many brave young men and women that are in harms way in the US military. They deserve better. We share the longest unprotected border in the world. There are US born players on the Habs.

    If you attend any event where people are booing the anthem, do something about it in a positive way.

    They are disgusting people.

  45. Chuck says:

    It’s just as disrespectful to ignore the anthem, or to try to drown it out with some sort of cheer. You have two choices: either sing along, or choose to remain silent while the anthems are being played. Any other course of action is to show disrespect to the country and the players and spectators who the anthem represents.


  46. Mike Boone says:

    You The Man!!!!

  47. nightmare_49 says:

    NHL Morning Skate (Saturday Edition) – Steve Valiquette was awesome in Shutout but Toskala was terrific .. by Richard Pollock ….. …………………………………………. (repeat but worthy) Canucks put Kyle Wellwood on waivers – That didn’t take long, did it? – But the cruelest insult of all came in this CBC release : Never the most toned player even at full health – Check out the picture and article .. Two Line Pass …..

  48. HABZ24 says:

    I agree leave the koivu,lats,tanguay line as is, dont mess with something thats working.higgy on lang,baby koz line should be exciting to watch.

  49. Chuck says:

    It doesn’t matter if your boos aren’t directed at Higgins or Komisarek as individuals. You’re booing THEIR NATIONAL ANTHEM.

    Would you appreciate it if the Canadian anthem was booed? Of course not… so what makes you think that it ok to disrespect their anthem?

    It’s time for you to stop being part of the problem.


  50. Le.Bon.Serge. says:

    Hello everyone,

    Id like to know something….

    Where can we get the information on the Habs practices outside the Bell Center? Like at Verdun and other places…The day, the time,ect…

    Thank you very much! Go Habs Go vs Coyotes!

    “No way! Thats unbelievable! Thats the save of the year and its not even the year yet!”
    (on Carey Price stick save against Detroit)

  51. Xtrahabsfan says:

    I’ll say one more lil tidbit on the anthem thang,I see little difference between the U.S. and Canada and would let them join Canada”the Greatest Hockey Nation in the WORLD” BUT WOULD NOT LET THEM VOTE,LOL

  52. komo8 says:

    Guy Carbonneau says Chris Higgins and Francis Bouillon are about 95 per cent in their respective recoveries so he is hesitant to rush them back into action. The Canadiens have a game on Monday and then four days off, so it seems like Carboneau is leaning toward giving his two injured players an extra week of recovery time. – TSN

  53. boy from school says:

    aside from when the captain scored on that 1 on 3 against boston, i think souray sticking up for saku that night was the highlight of 06/07

  54. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Souray got run over from a freight train named BERTUZZI,who is having a great start and scored one of the nicest goals I’ve seen in a while.

  55. 24 Cups says:

    Any word yet on who the Habs will be facing in net tonight? Bryzgalov has played all four games, including last night in Ottawa. Maybe we will get to see Tellqvist between the pipes for Phoenix. On the other hand, the Coyotes will be off for the next 4 days so they may just start Bryzgalov in back to back games. It’s Phoenix’s 3rd game in 4 nights so it’s a great opportunity for Montreal to skate the Desert Dogs’ defense into the ground. Keep an eye on Boedker (#89) – this guy can fly and is the real deal, even though he is still only 18. Usually plays with Jokinen and Mueller, so you know he will be getting some quality icetime.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  56. Drive_For_25 says:

    Don’t be worried about insulting the leafs, do it and think of another insult right after!

  57. mjames says:

    As a former republican who will vote for Obama, G-Man should be put in the same sand box as George Bush and his crowd. They surely have something common – their hateful clouded thinking. If G-man was an American he would be a Bush cronie. I can assure we have a lot of losers in this country but as the G-Man so aptly demonstrates, so does Canada. Maybe we could ship G-man and his crowd up to Alaska. I understand there is a nice island off coast where you can see Russia, a country closer to his heart.



  58. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Come on now,you know and so do those players that the boo’s arn’t directed at them.And ANY NATION WHO COULD GIVE GEORGE W. ANOTHER 4 YEAR TERM……

  59. P St. Pierre says:

    Nice to see Sheldon Souray doing well in Edmonton so far this season (although I heard he may have been injured last night). Say what you want about how he left for the same money on a different team, I still like the guy. He was a good interview and a good teammate. I’ll never forget that night in Pittsburgh when Colby Armstrong took that huge run at Saku Koivu and Souray immediately forgot all else and beat the daylights out of him.

    Let me be clear, however. While I really liked Souray as a person, I liked him less as a hockey player. Roman Hamerlik is a major upgrade in my opinion. He’s a much more cerebral player, knowing when to jump up in the rush, when to make that risky pass and when to make the big hit. He’s the complete package on defense and I always feel confident when he’s on the ice.

  60. Xtrahabsfan says:

    One of the founding principals of politics in North America is the word “FREEDOM” and in Canada we back it with a charter,with in that anything goes,so LET’S NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF eh,it’s all good,peace out.

  61. Chorske says:

    OK, with all due respect to Gman, I’m calling bullfeces.

    Last year I worked in Oswego NY, and here are some myths I’d like to debunk.

    1) Americans don’t like Canada.
    Some of them don’t. Most of them don’t notice us, which is fine. But a good many ofthem LOVE us and respect us (and spend considerable money visiting us).

    2) Americans disrespect Canada
    I have NEVER heard the Canadian anthem booed at a sporting event in the USA. On the contrary, in Oswego, they play our friggin national anthem BEFORE EVERY GAME. Why? Because a lot of the college players come from Quebec and Ontario. They stand for it, some even sing it, and clap at the end. The Canadian flag flies at the north end of the arena. The ONE incident I can think of was during the world series, 10000 years ago, when they mistakenly flew the flag upside down. They apologized profusely and the problem never recurred.

    3) America ignores us.
    Ok, we’re less than 10% of their size in population- but we are their number one trading partner. And we have diplomatic ties that extend pretty deep, considering we’re this skinny band of population clinging to their northern borders. As far as I’m concerned, we have every reason to be grateful we have the kind of neighbours that we do. Imagine if it were China next door? Or Russia?

    4) General
    America’s current foreign policy has been drafted by an idiot president who has the LOWEST PUBLIC APPROVAL RATINGS in history. Meaning that most Americans don’t like the job he’s doing. Why on God’s green Earth would we boo their flag?

    And don’t make the argument you’re booing the other team. Boo them as they’re being introduced if you must, but booing the anthem is shite. It’s no better than the losers in Brockville who stomped the Quebec flag, or the morons who used to boo the Canadian anthem at Expos games- remember that, and how pissed off we all were?

    Come on. Booing? We’re better than this.

  62. twocents says:

    HabFab, That would be hilarious.

  63. HabFab says:

    24; White played but Wyman had to seat out for Chipchura.Bulldogs have the same problem as the Habs,too many good players.Not to insult the Leafs but after Xmas,would be real interested in seeing a 7 game series for SW Ontario bragging rights.You have got to love our “problem”.

  64. twocents says:

    That’s a solid idea. Manipulative, and some players might not be comfortable with it, but solid.

    I don’t know… is it’s a toss up between your idea and the punch the boors in the face approach. :)

    (pardon the levity in light of the current tone)(not really but, you get the idea right?)

  65. Big Bird says:

    Me too. I’ll be attending with my daughter.

  66. Chorske says:

    Not to mention several other dudes from, say, Connecticut or Minnesota.

  67. 24 Cups says:

    I noticed in the Bulldog article that Wyman and White were scrathes in last night’s game. Are they hurt, or are they being benched or sat out as subs? These guys need to play if they are going to improve and have any chance of eventually making the big club.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  68. spirit of the Habs says:

    Although I wouldnt boo the anthem maybe yell GO HABS GO!

    Canadas Team, Gods Team You name it The Habs are it

  69. Phil_T says:

    good article mike. like they said in the simpsons once: Well, animals are not like people, Mrs. Simpson. Some of them act badly because they’ve had a hard life, or have been mistreated. But, like people, some of them are just jerks

  70. stephen says:

    Those who boo the anthem at this point, after all of the publicized backlash in recent years, are not doing it to make a pointed political statement.

    They are simply doing it because they know it will get people’s backs up. There is no politics in it, whatsoever.

    It is hooliganism, plain and simple, and in that respect, should get no more press than any other idiotic thing often seen in the nosebleeds.

    I do not condone the behaviour, but I suspect that the more ink these idiots get in the papers, the more likely they are to continue.

  71. Ian G Cobb says:


    This is a message to Dave Stubbs, Mike Boone, Kevin Mio, Pat Hickey and the rest of the leadership on HIO.

    You do know that we expect to see you all at our 2008 Summit events. Meaning that you are all very welcome to join us for dinner or after the game. ETC.

  72. Big Bird says:

    My few cents from the peanut gallery. So get your favorite beverage, get comfortable as this is a long bird-dropping (as Robert L coined the phrase):

    (1) Timo’s earlier post that politics have no place on a hockey blog is bang-on. It polarizes things as opposed to uniting us as Canadiens fans. Indeed, as other posters have noted there are other venues to voice displeasure or bring up politics without an issue.

    (2) Having said that, the topic of booing the US anthem was opened by Mike Boone in a fairly balanced article. But once you open up Pandora’s box you can’t raise this issue without discussing the reasons why the US anthem was booed. It’s cause and effect. And Mike lists causes, one of them being US foreign policy and its impact during the past 8 years. To tell other posters who have a differing opinion such as G-Man to clam it is not fair. He raises some valid points.

    (3) I agree that most of the people booing are being drunken louts who are not doing it out of political beliefs but just because they are jerks. They hate the Bruins and the US anthem represents them as other posters have aptly noted.

    (4) Whether some American fans have booed our national anthem for decades is irrelevant. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard of dignity and respect. There can be no debate on that.

    (5) One cannot be a hypocrite. If someone booed the Canadian national anthem, I’d be pissed as a proud Canadian. So why wouldn’t Americans feel the same? I have dear friends and family who are Americans not mention fellow posters on here (Doug, Conneticut-Man and others) who views I respect. Booing their anthem would be like booing them. I can’t do it. Now if a picture of George Bush, Dick Cheney were plastered on the giant scoreboard at the Bell Centre as opposed to the Star Spangled banner that is a completely different matter…

    (5) From a personal perspective, I will share something with you. I saw a Habs game shortly after the US proceeded with the illegal invasion of Iraq where Jean Beliveau has a televised message that asked us not to boo. Many fans still chose to boo but I chose a different form of protest. I stayed seated during the US anthem. Chastize me if you will but that was my form of protest. I also took part in the huge peace marches against the Iraq invasion in Montreal (which made me proud to be a Canadian/Montrealer). I believe that if you talk the talk you better walk the walk.

    (6) Lastly, whatever you views are (political or pucks) please keep them respectful and civil. It amazes me how the media does not allow for proper debate and exchange of ideas anymore. It becomes a shouting match. I’ve disagreed with VancouverHab on things before but it’s always been civil and I’ll gladly share a soda pop (or five) with him if we get to meet at Summit.

  73. SlovakHab says:

    3 main reasons not to boo American Anthem at the Bell Centre:

    -Mike Komisarek
    -Chris Higgins
    -George Gillett

  74. bidds55 says:

    You may be on to something here….given the chronic and persistent booing of the american anthem, what about showing images on the big screen of American players in the Habs system? As the anthem is being sung, we see Higgins, Komi, Gillett, Max Pac, etc., interspersed with the standard US imagery? I think it’s may be one way to quiet the boos.

    For anyone interested, there is an awesome hockey card show at Centre Pierre Charbonneau in Montreal Oct 24, 25, 26 (the weekend of the HIO summit). I have no affiliation with it, but I’ll be there, as will Carey Price, Andrei & Sergei Kostitsyn and more!

  75. Dave Stubbs says:

    The Gazette and many of its unionized workers are in contract talks. The removal of bylines is at the discretion of writers in the Guild. Columns and analysis must carry the name and logo of the writer. News stories need not carry a byline.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  76. twocents says:

    Thank you for the clarification Dave.

  77. HabsFanInTampa says:

    “I am not surprised that the nation of warmongers’ anthem gets booed”. I have to disagree with you on that G-Man. I was born at St. Mary’s Hospital on Cote-Des-Neiges and lived the first 23 years of my life in beautiful Montreal. Unfortunately, because of the language laws and stifling political atmosphere in Quebec, I decided to move to the USA where I’ve lived here for the last 21 years. I consider myself lucky to have experienced both cultures. I became a citizen of the USA back in 1996. My question to you is; Why am I a warmonger? Do yourself a favor, G-Man. Get an education!

  78. Mike Boone says:

    Right, you have gauged the level of political sophistication at the 400 level of the Bell Centre.
    Gimme a break!

  79. G-Man says:

    For Mr. Boone: it’s all about the way the American government has treated its “friends” north of the border the last few years. While a million a year walk over their border from the south unmolested and stay illegally, their “greatest friend and partner” needs passports. It’s also about the lack of respect for other sovereign nations, what with the Americans’ “regime change” policies.
    I am not surprised that the nation of warmongers’ anthem gets booed.

    2008/09 is the season of the Habs

  80. HabFab says:

    G-man ,it is all about respect and the GOLDEN RULE…treat others the way “you” want to be treated.No eye for an eye in that sir.

  81. spirit of the Habs says:

    I personally dont see the big deal. Its got nothing to do with the country and all about animosity to the other team.

    Canadas Team, Gods Team You name it The Habs are it

  82. 24 Cups says:

    After all this time, and all the advances that out society has made, we must never forget that the village idiot mentality is always bubbling under the preceived level of sophistication that we all take for granted. Unfortunately, the lowest common denominator sometimes reflects just where we are at as a people, and how far we have truly advanced. Can you imagine how a Canadian would feel if they were in a foreign country and had to listen to their national anthem being booed by a large crowd?

    Personally, I marvelled at the superb performance Joseph Kaiser put on that night, especially in light of the fact that he did it without musical accompaniment.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  83. coachdoug says:

    Great article on the anthem booing! There are plenty of other venues to show your political displeasure. It really does just kill a good atmosphere. The game of hockey does truly bring America and Canada together. I guess the other amazing thing is that nobody hauls you off if you want to boo like in many of the countries I have visited where they do not have the freedom to do that.

  84. filincal says:

    I prefer to think they’re booing the Bruins(or any adversary) on any given night. If the Oilers came with their own anthem it would be booed aswell. I really don’t think that it’s hatred towards americans; moreas dislike of your opponent. Then again I’ve never been to the Bell Centre to observe it in person.


  85. Chorske says:

    Then boo them during the effing game (actually, I’d prefer if you didn’t). But booing the anthem is crap.

  86. Moey says:

    Hey Mike,

    Good article, I totally agree with you, but the Einstein’s booing our biggest ally will continue to do so, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    Hey Dave,

    Uncle George chartered a Lear? Was his Challenger in being washed?

  87. Mike Boone says:

    Actually, a Jack. And it’s 9 a.m. Reading the g-man’s insights will do that.

  88. Moey says:

    g-man should’ve had a V8.

  89. Chuck says:

    I’d prefer that he receive something administered rectally.


  90. Moey says:

    Not enough room, his head’s already up there.

  91. G-Man says:

    Talk about horse hockey!

    2008/09 is the season of the Habs

  92. Kristopher7 says:

    Nice article on the Booing Mr. Boone, I agree with everything you had to say wholeheartedly.

  93. nightmare_49 says:

    Empty Netters – Patrick Kane really took Savard’s firing Hard – Marc Bergevin who suggested the hiring of Joel Quenneville as a scout, now Quenneville hires Bergevin as an assistant coach, great teamwork boys and more tidbits and a few tilts and more .. by Seth Rorabaugh …..… ……………………………………….. Bulldogs on a roll .. by Garry McKay .. the ….. ……………………… Rangers ‘So’ Good .. by Larry Brooks .. NY Post …..

  94. G-Man says:

    It’s part of the “no credit for what you do movement” launched by Canwest Global’s Multinational dweebs in suits. That means the producers of the newspaper
    are more important than the writer of the article. Kind of like how the NHL took the names off the refs’ backs.
    2008/09 is the season of the Habs

  95. twocents says:

    Mike, Nice job on the anthem issue this morning.
    (I guess it was probably a good idea leaving out the part about punching the boors.:D)

    I have been meaning to ask, why are there so many article in the Gazette sports page these days that are just credited to ‘The Gazette’?

  96. Batalla says:

    I heard Higgins is in. Sad to see that he’s on the 3rd line, but they should do alright anyways. In my opinion, it’s Gui! that should be benched to fit him in though. Gui! may have 4 points, but the guy has hands of stone. Had it been Higgins in that spot, Higgins would have 8 points by now!

    Anyways, here’s some interesting news on Sundin’s career:

  97. Chuck says:

    I’m not sure where everyone gets the “Gui has hands of stone” point of view from. Just about every scouting report that I’ve read, as well as the astute observance of misters Boone and Stubbs, point to Latendresse having a soft touch around the goal.


  98. usversusthem says:

    Man I love Higgy but to suggest that he has great hands is… kinda silly? My main memory of Chris Higgins will forever be blown opportunities on great chances.

  99. bidds55 says:

    Have you ever watched a Habs game? Seriously? Higgins has been by far the most post-hitting, empty net missing, snake bit player on the ice for the last season and a half. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s awesome, and eventually he’ll probably even be back with Koivu, but to say he has better hands than Gui! suggests that maybe you aren’t actually watching the games. At all. Ever.

    Oh, and Gui! has 5 points not 4 points as you noted.


    For anyone interested, there is an awesome hockey card show at Centre Pierre Charbonneau in Montreal Oct 24, 25, 26 (the weekend of the HIO summit). I have no affiliation with it, but I’ll be there, as will Carey Price, Andrei & Sergei Kostitsyn and more!

  100. Lafrich says:

    First of all, it is not really a “third” line. They have about as much ice time as the Koivu line, and maybe a minute or two less than Kovalev’s.
    Second of all, Gui has 5 points IN 4 GAMES!
    Third of all, Gui has very good hands – he is a good passer and has a goal-scorer’s nose for the net to boot.
    Fourth of all and most importantly: Higgins is a great 2-way player with upside that could bring his yearly totals to 35-40 goals, but to suggest that he has better hands than Gui, and that he would have 8 points on that line is absolutely insane. He may improve his finishing ability, but up to now he has blown more scoring chance in his career than anyone I have ever seen. True that he creates those opportunities, but he does not finish.

  101. t1tan5 says:

    I think G-man was taking a shot at the US government. I agree with him there. I HATE the US government. They are the most arrogant s.o.b’s in the world. That being said, I have NOTHING against the American people. They have been nothing but friendly to me. The US gov’t couldn’t care less about drunken hockey fans booing the anthem, but American fans and players would. It is for this reason I never boo the anthem.

  102. Chuck says:

    Agreed. If the bloody Bell Centre beer wasn’t so expensive, the losers booing the anthem would be receiving an early shower.


  103. habs R my team says:

    sao is Higgins in the lineup or not?????????????????

  104. Chuck says:

    C’mon, Higgins has great hands! It’s not everyone that can hit a two-inch pipe so consistently.


  105. sidhu says:

    For what it’s worth, John Liu of TSN is saying Higgins and Cube are both out for tonight’s game.

    But elsewhere on TSN it only says that Carbo is “hesitant” to bring them back tonight and that he’s “leaning” towards giving them additional recovery time.

    I hope they play tonight! I’d really like to see how Higgy would play with Lang and SK74

  106. LeGrosBill says:

    The Canadian Press is backing you up re. Higgins be out tonight.

    Canadian Press

    October 18, 2008 at 12:30 PM EDT

    MONTREAL — Christopher Higgins and Francis Bouillon will have to wait another game before getting back into the Montreal Canadiens lineup.

    Coach Guy Carbonneau said the two injured players have not been cleared by the team doctor and will not play Saturday night against the visiting Phoenix Coyotes.

    Higgins, who has a sore groin, and Bouillon, who has a knee injury, have yet to play this season. Both are expected back for a game Monday night against the Florida Panthers.

    “Our club is healthy, we’re playing well and I just felt that if they weren’t 100 per cent sure how they felt, we didn’t have to change anything,” said Carbonneau. “We have a game on Monday and then four days off, so we don’t have to push it.”

    Carbonneau said he would go with the same lineup that won 4-3 in a shootout over the Boston Bruins in Montreal’s home opener on Wednesday night.

    Forward Georges Laraque returned from a groin injury for that game, which put Steve Begin out of the lineup.


  107. showey47 says:

    I have to agree, i love his work ethic but i’ve never seen a guy miss so many great scoring chances.

  108. Batalla says:

    Geez, sorry I got the game count wrong. He’s still a dud. On a line with Koivu and Tanguay, Higgins’d have more points for sure. But as for luck, you nailed that one. But then again, wasn’t he playing with Ryder for a while last year too? And wasn’t HE having a bad year? The fact is that that whole line had a bad year.

    Higgins is good. Better than Gui!.

    And it’s because I watch the games that I know that. Gui! had a GREAT pass for a goal that ONE night that he got points. It was BEAUTIFUL. But how many times this year (and the last) was he shown an empty net and POOCHED it. I’m not saying Higgins is great, just that he wouldn’t miss those opportunities.

  109. The Teacher says:

    No point rushing them back this early and with the good start to the season it’s better to get them back at 100%.

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  110. LeGrosBill says:

    Exactly, depth is a valuable asset. Besides the tam has 7 out of 8 points, so there’s no need to rush anyone.


  111. sidhu says:

    Teach, I had a dream last night that Koivu scored two goals in a 7-0 first period for the Habs, but we ended up losing 41-40.

    True story, and yes I am seeking therapy.

  112. sidhu says:

    Yep, plus Kosto has acquitted himself well playing with Lang and SK74.

  113. LeGrosBill says:

    I think he’s been adequate, but I’ll be happy to see him back on the 4th line. No one questions his energy, but there were a few times where I noticed he turned over the puck at the opposing blue line or was in a situation where a player with more natural skills might have done more.


  114. The Teacher says:

    LMAO, you sure you didn’t mix up sports somewhere lol?

    But I’ll take the positive news concerning Koivu from you anyway I can get it 😉

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  115. bidds55 says:

    No. RDS, or Centre Ice are your only options, other than online tonight

    For anyone interested, there is an awesome hockey card show at Centre Pierre Charbonneau in Montreal Oct 24, 25, 26 (the weekend of the HIO summit). I have no affiliation with it, but I’ll be there, as will Carey Price, Andrei & Sergei Kostitsyn and more!

  116. showey47 says:

    I’m pretty sure one of the cbc channels on bell is showing it.

  117. georgesd says:

    7:00 pm ET
    Hockey Night in Canada

    Tonight at 7 p.m. ET, Toronto battles Pittsburgh. (In Ottawa, watch the Senators vs. the Boston Bruins. In Quebec, see Phoenix vs. Montreal.) Then, the Edmonton Oilers face the Calgary Flames at 10 p.m. ET.

    Georges D.

  118. stephen says:

    Still with the booing theme…

    With Shane Doan in town, will he be the night’s recipient of the 400’s ire? (not to suggest that everyone in the 400 sections are twits, mind you)

    I don’t recall if he has been back to Montreal since the game in which he was alleged to have made the anti-francophone remark.

  119. The Teacher says:

    I hope not, because that would just be pathetic.

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  120. The Teacher says:

    Ah, well thanks. It’s RDS for me. You think they would show the Habs on CBC since Wayne is behind the bench? wouldn’t that normally be their reasons for televising a laffs-coyotes game?

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  121. Harani says:

    on the montreal canadiens website…it says that CBC would be showing the game…i dunno…but i still prefer RDS..

  122. The Teacher says:

    Thanks Harani, but I have a reason for starting games off on CBC, and once I’m there I don’t usually switch.

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  123. stephen says:

    You can just about imagine these yahoos scanning the opposing team’s roster, desperately seeking some player whom they can “justifiably” boo because of some perceived (oft imagined) slight against the team.

  124. LeGrosBill says:

    I hope the layout of the following is not too messed up…

    Stats from regarding Higgins vs Latendress scoring ability:

    Player GP G A P +/- PP SH GW OT S S% TOI/G Sft/G
    Christopher Higgins 82 27 25 52 0 12 0 5 1 241 11.2 17:57 21.0
    Guillaume Latendresse 73 16 11 27 -2 2 0 3 1 116 13.8 12:15 15.1

    So then if Gui! had taken as many shots as ‘Iggy and kept the same scoring percentage, he would have scored 33 goals last year. Both conditions are big ifs, but I think its safe to say for all ‘Iggy’s qualities, he’s not as good a goal scorer as Gui! Before I get flamed for making that comment, please note that I’m not saying Gui! is a better all around player.


  125. bidds55 says:

    While he shooting percentage stat is an appropriate point to make, I think the more telling stat is Time on Ice per goal (TOI/G), which shows that for every 12 minutes and 15 seconds Lats is on the ice, he scored a goal, whereas Higgins needed almost 50% more time at just shy of 18 minutes of ice time for a goal. And that doesn’t factor in the quality of their respective linemates.


    For anyone interested, there is an awesome hockey card show at Centre Pierre Charbonneau in Montreal Oct 24, 25, 26 (the weekend of the HIO summit). I have no affiliation with it, but I’ll be there, as will Carey Price, Andrei & Sergei Kostitsyn and more!

  126. georgesd says:

    Good points LGB.

    Not to forget playing w more quality players as Higgins has had the chance to play with last season. Also it’s not a question of whether one is better than the other, but rather to see where Lats will be when he’s the same age as Higgins.

    Regards, Georges D.

  127. Wamsley01 says:

    There was a time I thought Higgins would score 40+ goals, but I have serious doubts about his finishing ability. If Lats had an extended run on the first line like Higgins, I am convinced he would score 30+ easily.

    Join the Fantasy Sense Revolution @

  128. linp says:

    People like to compare players one on one. Unless you are a super star and you can decide the game all by yourself, for most players, it is the line chemistry that is more important to the team success. Our 2nd line is looking good. Let’s keep it as is for now.

  129. cautiousoptimist says:

    I feel a little bad for Theo, but you have to wonder why Washington would sign him as their #1 goalie for two years at $4.5M per. Could they not have re-signed Huet?

    Maybe they’d send us a third-rounder for Denis? He’s apparently tearing it up in Hamilton.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  130. LeGrosBill says:

    I guess $9M for 2 years for a 31 year old goalie made more sense to them than $22M for 4 years for a 32 year old goalie.


  131. arcosenate says:

    is there a link to the hockey pool here somewhere?

  132. The Teacher says:

    Niiice, thanks.

    RDS starts me off on a bad foot by not showing the anthems and usually only showAmerican anthem in US cities. pisses me right off.

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  133. Harani says:

    First, Higgins will be absent tonite…no changes in the lineup!

    Next, RDS has come up with another article that negociations between the Habs and Wild are increasing…It also states that potentially Wild would like to have Christopher Higgins, Jaroslav Halak and a 1st round pick.

    The comments on the articles are mixed. Some feel that we should do the trade because there are plenty of Canadiens players developing in Hamilton. So why not?

    And the rest really think that we don’t need injury-prone Gaborik and anywayz…we hav a solid team.

    What do you think? Is the price too high for Gaborik?

    Btw…do you think that we should ever trade Halak…I think we should. but at the moment, our puzzle seems complete…no missing pieces!


  134. huge_polar_bear says:

    I think it’s a steep price to pay if Gaborik does not sign a long term deal. But I’m sure Bob has contacted Gaborik’s agent and has already felt out the possibility. This is a tough one cause I really like Higgins.

    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois”
    Mike Boone (PuckCast Vol 3, No 2)

  135. bidds55 says:

    Wih Gaborik a UFA at the end of the season, I think the price is too high. Perhaps Higgins, with a first round pic, and a kid off of the farm (Not a top tier kid though) would suffice.Halak is too valuable to this team to move him imo.
    Either way, I don’t think we’re going to see Gabby as a Hab though.

    For anyone interested, there is an awesome hockey card show at Centre Pierre Charbonneau in Montreal Oct 24, 25, 26 (the weekend of the HIO summit). I have no affiliation with it, but I’ll be there, as will Carey Price, Andrei & Sergei Kostitsyn and more!

  136. super-saku says:

    Mixed feelings on this potential trade/rumour whatever. I have been hearing about this trade for the past two weeks. First from and now from RDS. I don’t think it will happen, but why is Higgins sitting out tonight if he is ready to go….trade maybe….mmmmm…no.

    Habs would be giving up too much for a possible rent a player.

  137. super-saku says:

    A nice article singing the praises of two potential habs stars of the future by Turris. Good read. MAD MAX and McDonagh.

  138. sam says:

    Eklund rumour picked up by RDS. i don’t know why this is getting so much buzz (no pun) right now.
    leave it alone, media.

  139. huge_polar_bear says:

    It’s rare that RDS starts writing articles about potential trades. This one’s getting a life of it’s own. On one hand it’s no longer just an Eklund rumor any more and on the other hand BG never seems to do anything that makes it to the internet as a rumor.

    Imagine for a minute:
    Tanguay Koivu Gaborik
    AK Plecs Kovalev
    Tender Lang SK
    About 7 other players fighting for the 4th line

    I would miss Higgins and Halak if this rumor goes down the way it’s reported right now. The first round pick matters not that much as I expect it will be a low number pick anyway and we have a log jam of young talent so one more or one less won’t change much.

    I’m on the fence on this one… In Bob we trust.

    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois”
    Mike Boone (PuckCast Vol 3, No 2)

  140. Willy the bum says:

    “Potential trades”… “potential”… peut-être

    Gotta stop wondering for once and just enjoy what the team has, for now.

  141. the Maritimer says:

    May I interrupt all the Gaborik speculation? For those interested in such things, I attended a QMJHL game last night between the Saint John Sea Dogs featuring Habs goalie prospect Robert Mayer and the Acadie-Bathurst Titan. Sea Dogs win a hard fought 2-1 victory, Mayer played a solid if unspectacular game, i.e., he gave his team a chance to win, which is what you want. Perhaps something else in the pipeline? Now, back to your regularly scheduled trade rumor discussions.

  142. Batalla says:

    To early in the year for a trade of such magnitude. We don’t even know what the team needs are yet… What if you get Gaborik and then Price goes down? Is Denis gonna lead us to glory? And if you don’t make the trade and Price goes down… Is Halak going to lead us to glory?

    Too early…

  143. habsgod says:

    HEY EVERYONE! I’M GLAD TO BE BACK AND I’M ALSO GLAD HOCKEY IS BACK AND MORE SPECIFICALLY OUR HABS! i was reading and hearing alll the talk and speculation about us trying to acquire gaborik,i say don’t do it we don’t need him as we kovalev and tangauy who are better players than him and the kostitsyns could be! if we are going to make a trade we should pry jay bouwmeester out of florida imagine him on our defence with markov,komisarek,hamrlik and bouwmeester there wouldn’t a better top4 in the league on defence and that includes detroit. as for tonights game we will wn 5-1 and kovalev will get 4 points tonight!

  144. vaya_ says:

    hmmm… tanguay was often cited as a target, and laraque was also named a couple days before he was signed – both from various sources ranging from eklund to tv analysts. hossa too, there was no denying he would be gainey’s main target at the deadline last year. so i certainly believe that there’s truth to these rumors. whether or not gainey will act this early in the year is the real interesting part…

  145. habs R my team says:

    Shane Doan is Price’s cousin.

  146. vaya_ says:

    and we all know that despite signing for another year in florida, jay bo will probably get traded somewhere before the deadline. i think florida has a great d core in mccabe, ballard, boynton, allen, etc. the mccabe deal was surprising at first, but it’s probable that he’ll be a replacement for jay bo, who probably doesn’t wanna resign in florida… get on it bob…

  147. huge_polar_bear says:

    The other interesting part for me is where does Gainey find the cap room? With Gaborik’s 6 million we just don’t have the room with Halak an Higgins being subtracted. So look for some salary shedding moves (once again if this comes to fruition…. no guarantees) Begin/Dandeneault/Tom K I’m not sure where the numbers are but it has to work cap wise, although they can keep Gaborik on the injury list until they shed the money.

    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois”
    Mike Boone (PuckCast Vol 3, No 2)

  148. HabFab says:

    Okay Hab Fans – let us do the math on this deal;

    presently $2.009 ml below cap – $79 k for Chips 3 games + Carle’s 4 games (24 days yesterday)
    =$1.93 ml + Higgies $1.7 + Halaks $.775 – $.15(first 5 games)
    =$4.305 ml – Gaborik’s $6.333 ml + ($.4 ml first 5 games)
    = -$1.628 +$.560 (Denis – first 5 games)
    = -$2.188….Basically we need to clear up almost $3 ml in order meet Cap and have spare for players being brought up.
    Obvious solution here would be to trade Lang for prospects or draft picks only and bring Chipchura up.That would put us under the Cap and leave us about $750,000.

    So are we a better team with ;
    Gaborik replacing Higgins
    Denis replacing Halak
    Chipchura replacing Lang

    I, for one don’t bloody think so!!!!

  149. spirit of the Habs says:

    this is bs I get the gamecentre thing on the internet and i live in ontario get pens laffs and now they say the habs game is blacked out I have to watch this crappy blurry version on BULLSHIT

    Canadas Team, Gods Team You name it The Habs are it

  150. huge_polar_bear says:

    Why Lang? That does not work; we have been looking for years for a big right handed center, we get one and then 5 games into the season trade him away? Just trade Dandeneault @ 1.7 mil and either Tom K @ 0.9 mil or Begin @ 1.057 mil (both are UFA at the end of the season anyway).

    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois”
    Mike Boone (PuckCast Vol 3, No 2)

  151. HabFab says:

    We have to dump $3 ml and still replace the player…that is my point .The math doesn’t make it worth it, let alone I would rather have all three of our present players for a CUP run thank you!In your proposal we would have to get rid of Dandy and Begin AND not replace them,it just doesn’t add up.

  152. habs R my team says:

    Is it just me, or has Plekanec been invisible on the ice? he has no goals, and the only one on that line visible is Kovalev. well, 2 years ago our best line was the Koivu line. Last year it was the Kovalev line, and maybe this year it will not be the Kovalev line!

  153. huge_polar_bear says:

    I don’t want to loose Dandy or Begin, but with the interviews before the game with Dandy you can tell that this revolving door on the 4th line between Begin, Laps, BGL, Dandy and Tom K (once he is demoted from the 3rd with Higgins coming back or Lats taking his place if they go out and get Gaborik) just can’t last it’s going to cause friction sooner than later. He mentions in the interview that Begin does not deserve to sit but what choice does Carbo have there are too many players.

    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois”
    Mike Boone (PuckCast Vol 3, No 2)

  154. HabFab says:

    They were the best in preseason so sure they will get it together yet, but this year we won’t have one line having to carry us.

  155. HabFab says:

    Every team has it’s spares ,just this year ours will be guys who were regulars last year .Hard on them but part of our strength this year.Expect come trade deadline, then Gainey will take a look and make some decisions.

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  1. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    good post

  2. Habs_008 says:

    mine too!

  3. Chorske says:

    Seriously, you have MADE my DAY.

    I want this picture as my desktop.

  4. Habs_008 says:

    Thats too funny…my buddy has a leaf wellwood jersey. When i bought my Lats jersey he would make fun of me, Lattendresse sucks! haha…now who sucks…stupid leaf fans. I need new friends.

  5. Chorske says:

    Oh my GAWD, this is the best news ever. A friend of mine thinks Swellwood is the player of the FUTURE, always goes on about what a short stick he got in hogtown. Wah wah. Welcome to the waiver wire, Brando.

  6. nightmare_49 says:

    Canucks put Kyle Wellwood on waivers – That didn’t take long, did it? – But the cruelest insult of all came in this CBC release : Never the most toned player even at full health – Check out the picture and article .. Two Line Pass …..