Pouliot in for ailing Moen on stormy L.I.

You might need the fingers of only one hand to count the fans at tonight’s Canadiens-Islanders game. Conditions are worsening by the minute on Long Island, though it seems the NHL overruled the home team’s request to postpone the game, the Isles expressing concern for fans’ safety getting to and from the rink. With both teams in town, the NHL apparently has said, the game goes on.

(Is it wrong to hope it absolutely p—es rain on the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh next Saturday, as long-range forecasts say might happen?)

Tonight, look for Benoit Pouliot to in fact be in the lineup, replacing Travis Moen, who’s nursing the flu.


  1. SmartDog says:

    Benny, go out and show why it’s good that you’re in this freakin’ game!  No floating – throw some hits and make sh$t happen!


  2. MTLForever says:

    Can we hit the net? Can we stay out of the box? Holy smokes has that ever cost us this year.

  3. jimmy shaker says:

    Hate to slag on Price……but he’s very very very below average when it comes to breakaways.  I know it’s not his fault that the breakaways are coming his way, but all year he’s been really weak when it comes down to a one on one showdown.  Hammer is sucking once again and I think Auld has to start getting some more games or Sanford because although Price ISN’T at fault for the losses lately the goals against are really starting to creep up at a high rate.  5 vs philly, 3 vs detroit, 3 vs Boston, 3 vs colorado, 4 vs Dallas and another 4 tonight.  JM should’ve pulled him after the fourth but he’s a jabroni so what can you do.  Get Auld or Sanford in next JM!


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