Post-mortems on Canadiens

PK Subban by Rupasboy Old Montreal

As Brooklyn Dodgers fans used to say: “Wait’ll next year!”

(Street art, from Old Montreal, by RupasBoy)

• Red Fisher: Back to the drawing board

• Hickey: Gauthier is proud of his team

• Stubbs: Sore winners in Beantown

• Sean Gordon on Carey Price as cornerstone

• Marc Antoine Godin on the D

• Yvon Pedneault on Scott Gomez


  1. topher5468 says:

    So Benny refused to face the Media, I hope he’s gone next year, biggest waste of space next to Nomez.

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

    • ManApart says:

      There’s another trade we won.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        And Guimauve played how much this season? Showed up for camp out of shape, the coach called him out of shape and he took an injury that is common to poorly conditioned players. Oh and blew up like Kyle Wellwood during recovery.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

        • topher5468 says:

          Benny’s no prize either, a complete playoff no show 2 years in a row, Dump his arse

          “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

          • Mark C says:

            Benny was 4th in goals and 1st in 1st assisits per 60/minutes 5-on-5, if he can stop taking bad penalties he becomes a great 3rd liner, at least.

          • topher5468 says:

            Mark C, I don’t think Benny works hard enough to be a 3rd liner, Tons of skill but cant put it together with what it takes to be a solid player, 3rd liners IMO need to be good both ways, Benny, to me doesn’t compete consistantly enough to be a 3rd liner. Of course this is all just my Opinion

            “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

          • Mark C says:

            Topher – I agree, there are some other issues with him, but his production given his low minutes is too good to give up on, yet. I sense his value is much lower than his likely floor as a player, he’s still only 24. If Benny can be traded for something good, I’d be on board with that. However, moving him for a weak return most likely will end in Tony whining about another player that got away for nothing.

          • topher5468 says:

            All solid points Mark, I would love to keep benny and have him develop into a decent player, lord knows he has unlimited skill and potential.I guess will find out if PG agrees with you

            “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

    • observer says:

      And after Gauthier gave him an un-needed almost double raise.

  2. namgel says:

    One last shot at the Laffs and their new Rapper Goalie

    Mark in Da Park.

    Soon to be on Billboard

    We ain’t won squat in over 40 Years

    But our stupid fans show up and buy our beerz

    At the ACC there are no cheers

    All the home games are light on the ears

    We ain’t no good we always fail

    But that’s OK cause our fans will pay our bail

    Its been a long time since 1967

    A lot of our fans are dead in heaven

    But that OK cause we gots the teachers

    Our loyal fans fill up the bleachers

    From coast to coast we run this land

    Glass tiger is our favourite band

    I’m Out

    GO HABS GO !!

    • observer says:

      But 3 years ago they decided to clean house and by July 1 thee will be a huge difference. Something Molson will have to do and his stalling of letting the old GMs Gainey and Gauthier keep blundering their way along had better come to an end. Only certain thing next year Leafs are better tan Habs because Burke knows how to build a team. Knows he sometimes makes mistakes himself and CORRECTS them even if he brought the player in himself.

      Something neither Gainey or Gauthier 2 ignorant old men would never admit they did – a mistake.

      • drivefor25 says:

        Let’s deal with facts instead of predictions. Just how many playoff games have Burke’s Leafs played the past two years? None, zero, zilch, nada. And how many playoff games did “ignorant” Gainey/Gauthier’s team play over the past two years? TWENTY-SIX. Tony/Observer: Please go to Leafs Inside/Out if you intend to continue to post your drivel.

        Fan since ’71

  3. krob1000 says:

    Scott Gomez…

    overpaid, overplayed, overrated, perhaps even overhated ……..

    wake me up when it’s all over

  4. Danno says:

    I have 100 per cent confidence that Habs will have an awesome season next year. Look how well they did in spite of it all.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  5. ManApart says:

    In Hickey’s article, he mentioned Muller going to Dallas was a done deal. Surprised nobody is talking about that. Muller was a huge part of this team’s coaching. It’s hard to say, but with his communication skills, maybe he was the best part of Montreal’s coaching. With him gone, how will that affect things? It can’t be a good thing.

    • Timo says:

      Players will have to read JM’s notepad.

    • shiram says:

      It’s definately annoying to see him go, but he deserves a chance at head coach, and it was not happening here.
      Maybe he comes back in a few years.
      As for the situation in Montreal it is difficult to predict, but maybe some new blood will help keep improving things.

    • observer says:

      I hope Molson watches Boucher beat Washington on the way to the Cup.

      • Propwash says:

        Will never happen. Tampa is gonna get smoked against a well rested Washington team.

        • habsfan0 says:

          I disagree. Boucher was in Habs organization last year and knows exactly how Habs defeated the Caps. He’ll employ the same system to stymie the Capitals. And unlike the Habs,the Bolts have players who can score…St. Louis,Stamkos,Lecavalier.

          Tampa wins in 7…and Habs ownership squirms as they realize what they let get away.

          • J_P says:

            Roloson can steal games, but I dont think he can steal a series like halak did for us last year. Tampa wont fold over, but they dont have the size and grit of the capitals, nor do they have the defense. They dont have the shot blockers on the back end like we had last year.

            Arnott and Hannan were enormous additions of the caps, and even if Neuvirth falters, Varlamov is more than capable.

            The capitals new-found ability to win tight games will serve them well I think.

  6. Canadiens12 says:

    All I have to say is I hope the league looks at all the missed calls the refs and linesmen did not see in this years playoffs. They are paid a good salary to see infractions. They even added a extra ref. But Tues night they disallowed a goal because the ref lost sight of it. Then last night they didn’t call a high stick resulted in a goal. These are just 2 of many missed calls in the playoffs this year that may have resulted in different outcomes. They league must get the honesty back in the game. Even video replay if only in playoff would greatly improve the game I love…

    • Praj12 says:

      What needs to happen in the NHL is to give authority to the head ref who is sitting in the boxes above the game watching the play unfold. The refs on the ice could be miked to him and if he sees a dirty play behind the play ( Ference) he could call down to the refs on the ice to make the call. This would make all the players on the ice take notice of the fact that someone is watching and will get you. There has also been discussions regarding the coaches have a challenge flag like in football. If you are wrong then the team gets assessed a 2 minute bench penalty. This would be an improvement to the overall flow of the game. I would also eliminate the need for two refs on the ice. Of course there would have to be rules aroun challenges and ho much power the ref in the box has over the game but it would definitley improve the overall experience. Plus it would eliminate the cheap shots the opposing player.

    • Chuck says:

      I’d like to see them institute a coach’s challenge, just as they can with checking an illegal stick. If you can challenge the curve on a stick, then you should also be able to challenge the other aspects of the stick… such as whether or not it’s jammed in an opposing players’ throat.

      It’s simple: each team gets one challenge to use at their discretion over the course of the game. If you use it, and there’s not enough video evidence to overturn the original ruling on the ice, you’re assessed a 2-minute delay of game penalty.

    • yupperI truly believe that the leading candidate so far for the conn smythe is colin campbell. Without colin’s patience and willingness to keep gooning a big part of hockey the bruins would not be where they are. Way to come through for your boy. Gregory must be so proud of his daddy. Even the flyers with all their offence and toughness may not be able to stop the father son duo. Never mind the sedin twins, this pair brings it to another level. Colin, maybe it’s time you start thinking about getting your finger measured for that championship ring, I know ferrence already has.


  7. LL says:

    The one time Gomez was producing this year was when he was paired with Max. I’d still wait to see what that trio does before pulling the plug on Gomez.

    • J_P says:

      Gomez seemed sincere in his criticism of himself. I’ve been sick and tired of him all season, but next season he gets a clean slate. If he can deliver 65-70 points, like he is more than capable of, and stay on the plus side of things, Ill forgive him.

  8. NightRyder says:

    I’m proud to say I showed enough restraint not to offer a single post during the playoffs. Since I was genuinely interested in each and every player doing well, it served no purpose to go through old rants.
    If anything, I feel better about the team and its future after this loss than I did after last year’s semifinal run.
    A franchise goalie in Price (and the right choice)? Check. Franchise d-man in Subban? Check. Budding power forward in Pacioretty? Check. Those are some formidable building blocks, generally parts of any championship team.
    Sadly, most of the things I’d like to see happy for next year won’t come to fruition, but hey, it’s the off-season, hope springs eternal.

    My off-season thoughts:
    1. What this teams continues to lack, and it’s going to be that way for the forseeable future it would appear, is a No. 1 centre.
    I understand the Pollyannas still get their backs up regarding Gomez, but I am pleased to see that more and more of you are finally jumping aboard the bandwagon that previously held just myself and a view other voices in the wilderness.
    Priority No. 1 for this team moving forward is to cut out the festering bag of useless pus that is Scott Gomez. He is terrible. I’ve said it from minute one upon his arrival and I’ll say it until he’s gone. He was more of a passenger than a driver during the playoff runs in New Jersey. He is remarkably easy to defend with his mindless forays through the neutral zone and into non-dangerous attacking-zone areas. He is below average in the faceoff circle and, for someone taught by Jacques Lemaire, remarkably unaware defensively. His obscene cap hit is merely the fetid cherry on top of a monkey-dung sundae.
    Giving him 20 minutes a game is borderline criminal. He stunts the development of all around him and must be buried in Hamilton until the new CBA offers a better way to buy him out.
    If this team ever wants to truly move forward, that is step No. 1.
    Of course, I think he’ll be given “one final shot” next year to prove himself to be the 12-goal, 48-point stallion we all know he can be.

    2. Coaching. Martin’s stupefyingly boring system has produced results likely beyond what many of us have expected. I am among those who would rather see stupefyingly boring wins than exciting losses but I honestly don’t see us going four rounds with this system. I’d like to see Martin given an advisory role, with Muller given a shot as head man, with Larry Robinson running the defence. Ain’t going to happen though.

    3. Free agency. We’d all love Brad Richards replacing Gomez’s cap hit, but that’s not happening either. Bringing back all of our FA d-man will be tough, given that there’s always a fool out there willing to give big bucks and term. But I’d offer two-year deals and similar current salaries to Markov and Wisniewski; waffling on Gill who is mighty old. Hamrlik makes too much, and even though he gave a yeoman effort, his odometer is way, way to high. So long Hammer. I’d also love to see Spacek moved. What he brings to the table can easily be replaced by a $1.5M guy, or even giving a kid or two a shot. Guys I’d target from other teams: Bieksa. A top four of Markov-Subban and Gorges-Bieksa would be among the league’s best. Toss in Gill/random kid-Wisniewski as a third-pairing (Spacek goes), and that’s as solid as they come.
    Up front, the depth must be improved. Realistically, we have one legitimate first-line NHLer in Cammalleri. But first-liners don’t grow on trees and we’re already paying giant dollars to two second-liners (Gionta and Plekanec) and an epic pud (Gomez). A big centre to play behind Plekanec (say, Jason Arnott on a one-year deal) would allow him not to be turned into a checker (who loses 24 of 30 faceoffs) by Martin. One forward I’d target (but he’ll likely get too much cash) would be Brooks Laich in Washington. Big, strong character guy with some actual skill. Below the radar guys who could give us a lot at a cheaper price would be Zenon Konopka (excellent on faceoffs and will fight anyone), Ben Eager and Max Talbot. While the current group has team toughness and doesn’t back down, more size is a must. Travis Moen has outlived his usefulness as well.

    Given the parity throughout the league, we’re in the same boat as a handful of other teams. A few tweaks and a few breaks away from an extended run. I’m OK with that in today’s NHL.

    As long as the Gomez problem is dealt with, I’ll consider it a successful off-season.

    • higginrs says:

      Praise for Pacioretty, Price and Subban is a good place to start.

      I think many Habs fans share your disappointment with Gomez. He’s probably not leaving and is likely not going to have a role change. So, as I’ve argued earlier, he needs serious reforming. Someone in management/coaching/players has to get down to whatever the problem is with him.

      As for coaching, wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a “better coach” kind of talk makes me wonder how it works behind the scenes at Habs management. But if it were done the way some people suggest, then what coach would really want to come to a city that hires and fires coaches at whim? Reputation matters and Mtl seems to have a very good reputation to me anyway.

      Guessing at who’s gonna get re-signed and who we can get through FA is like looking into a crystal-ball. So, it’s nice to dream about, but reality is change happens slowly more often than not, so I wouldn’t expect anything huge to go down. On a side-note, I wonder if players really do have an avoidance for hockey in Montreal because of higher taxes? Surely these guys are aware of loop-holes and have good lawyers to horde their money.

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Hmm, its not the fact Martin’s system is boring thats the problem, the problem is Martin CANT adapt to the players and CANT adapt to anything really.

      The team played their best hockey when pulling from behind, BECAUSE they actually went into the offensive zone…
      Martin system is, stay all next to price and Hang ON for DEAR LIFE!

      Muller was traded from montreal for the dumbest reason, Habs couldnt handle having a non quebecer captain, great shit that ever did the team.

      To put it in perspective, Muller loved montreal so much, he didnt want to go to his new team, AND NEVER PLAYED THE SAME.
      Yet losers like Damphouse get set on a pedestral, the same loser that couldnt handle it a kid 5’10 was outdoing him in his junior year, don’t worry Dumbo, they chased him out of town also…

      when all think alike, no one is thinking very much

  9. observer says:

    WORST stretch in Canadiens great FORMER history! And it now has become an 18 year stretch of winning just ONE paltry series AFTER Round one since 1993 or 18 long years ago.

    And the joke is the 2 old incompetants under the cap system Gauthier and Gainey keep popping up into the media and stating how satisfied they are AND these 2 fraud con-artists keep their jobs!

    Maybe if Gauthier had tried to bolster (I said BOLSTER not react too late to injuries) maybe if he had tried in this very equal NHL of today, a forward who could score on 5 on 5 as this has been Habs problem all year, maybe that guy would have scored a single goal in any of those 3 overtime losses and Habs would still be playing today.

    Washington, first overall Vancouver, Boston, Tampa Bay all BOLSTERED their teams at the trade deadline.

    Gauthier let Habs lose 3 starting defensemen before he added the first one. Markov who he immediately should have replaced, then gives away Obyrnne and then only AFTER Gorges is lost, Gauthier starts mortgaging the future away AGAIN sending a #2 and more for Wisniewski.

    3 players scored 70 goals between them this year. Grabovski, Dagostini and S Kostitsyn. Maybe Habs would have gotten one single goal from one of them in just ONE of those 3 overtime losses. 3 players Gauthier/Gainey got NOTHING FOR IN RETURN.

    No change in the front office means 18 years become 19 years. Maybe Molson doesn’t really care as much as a Jerry Jones type owner?

    • punkster says:

      Incompetents, Tony. You should know how to spell THAT word, surely?
      (with apologies to all the good people out there who will castigate me for pointing out a spelling mistake)

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • observer says:

        i dont claim to type well – any point i stated is wrong? tyhen please correct me IF YOU CAN!

        • punkster says:

          PS…your comment regarding PG mortgaging the future to get Wiz is just wrong, Tony. He made a trade.
          ***Subbang Baby!!!***

          • punkster says:

            Wow…just wow!

            ***Subbang Baby!!!***

          • punkster says:

            So Tony, how about we just leave this between us and about hockey. No need to stoop to personal insults. I believe that for all the responses I have made to you in the past under your various aliases I have never once personally insulted you, your intelligence or your family. I have many times pointed out your factual errors, scoffed at your wacky theories and, yes, slagged your opinions and viewpoints. But I have never made it personal.

            Back the F up Tony. Keep it about hockey.

            ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • higginrs says:

      The Mtl fans are accepting this long drought just as much as management and players. We keep packing out the Bell Center and buying the merchandise. This is the same thing we keep criticizing stupid Leafs fans for. The Leafs have done squat in such a long time, but are well-known for their on-going love affair with the team. How many times have you heard it said, “If the Leafs fans would stop buying tickets….”?

      Anyway, don’t you think Wiz was a good contribution to the team?

      As for Grabs, Dags, and little Kost, it’s hard to say they would produce the same way in JM’s system. If anything, it’s JM’s system that is tough to swallow.

      Boston got Kaberle… lol! That was a great move 🙂

      • observer says:

        YOURE 100% RIGHT.

        jm’s system? but it is from before martin these problems happened and the only thing in common is gainey with all of tem

        whether ribeiro or samsonov or graovski was here and gone before martin ever was here

        a good coach gets the best out of his players by running a system that gets the best out 0of EACH of them.

        he makes his system fit his players best skills.

        not the opposite where he changes his players stylves to play his system

        martin is a survivor nothing else, plays conservative hockey, plays to not l0ose while a coach who wins titles plays the game to win the game.

        gainey was martins perfect type of player. they are like peas in a pod. 2 boring old guys in a n exciting hard hitting nhl of today.

        thats why the only d-men they bring in here are pacifists like hamrlik, or spacek who dont want to throw their body weight around.

        this team just needs a bright mind to run it.

        3 or 4 great young players here right now

        subban, price, pacioretty and eller – get a gm and this team will be fighting for titles. gauthier does not have a clue and cant get that job done – 31 years proves it.

    • 123456 says:

      the arguements for grabs, d’ags and s kots get old. 2/3 did not play in the post season… and s kots (whom i believe is a very good player) IMO looked terrible last night. he does not move a lot without the puck.

      i’m just not sure how having grabs as the habs #1 center and s kots on his wing and halak in goal and . .. . would make the habs a better team.

      also let us not forget – at the time of the players moves – grabs and s kots were addition by subtraction. IMO i’d rather have paches and deharnais then these guys

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      These rants are becoming so disconnected with reality and the general course of time they’re becoming quite confusing.

      We were supposed to replace defencemen of Andrei Markov and Josh Gorges calibre before they were injured? What world do you live in where you can replace a Top-7 NHL defencemen or a defensive defencemen who routinely plays shutdown against the league’s best forwards? Ryan O’Byrne at the end of the day, was a lesser Mike Komisarek in the fact that he only looked really good when he had Andrei Markov playing next him and Komisarek at least had the decency to avoid routine delay of game penalties.

      The Kings wish to hell they could have a mulligan on that joker Penner and the Bruins management slam their heads into the wall at the concept right now that they paid Toronto for Kaberle. WSH is in a Cup window and so is VAN so of course they paid out for extra bodies for their run, WSH did this last year but it didn’t help them. Tampa Bay getting Eric Brewer isn’t significantly boosting their lineup, more like covering up a mistake for sending away Meszaros when their D was paper-thin.

      Mortgaging the future for Wisniewski is only mortgaging if they don’t retain him and they may choose to, he’s a mid-20s defencemen with jam in his game and had 50 points this season and can take on big minutes.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

      • Chuck says:

        I’d certainly be happy if they could make keeping Wiz work.

      • observer says:

        disconnected? who you or me or him?

        habs were lowest scoring team of the 16 playoff teams and where they are even worse is scoring on 5 on 5. which is why boston won the series. those are 3 players and add ribeiro to them and latendresse if he wasnt injured – those 5 can fill the net and all habs needed was one lousy goal in one of those 3 overtime losses by just one of them and theyd still be playing.

        all 5 of them as soon as they leave here drastically improve into scorers. BUT YOU SAY I AM OUT OF TOUCH?

        I know i keep repeating it but ive followed hockey a long time and you must first have top management – these guys here are not and ONE SERIES WIN IN 18 YEARS AFTER THE FIRST ROUND PROVES IT.

        2011 year 8 in gainey/gauthier’s 5 year plan! how gullible can you be?

    • Lazarus_taxa says:

      Wow, NONE of the million rants you have posted today make any sense. How about you become the GM of EVERY team, and there are 30 Stanley Cups and everyone wins because it is just that easy!!!! How stupid must every GM be not to win a Stanley Cup??? I mean this Douchebag poster says all it takes is Matt D’agostini!! WAKE UP EVERYONE!!! All you have to do to win a Cup is look back on the past and criticize all major decisions (defined by the media) after the fact, using faulty logic, horrendous spelling and ZERO context! How could we all have been so stupid!

      That being said, Bob Gainey is a legend. For you to criticize his hockey knowledge AND EDUCATION LEVEL in your pathetically simple-minded posts shows you for what you are. A F**KING PEICE OF S**T!

      Peace…. I’m Out

  10. 24 Cups says:

    There’s been some discussion today about which UFAs the Habs might try and sign. Here’s a list (based on points per season). It also includes the player’s ages which is important seeing that anyone 35 and over goes against the cap no matter what.

    You have to marvel at Temmu Selanne!

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      I’d suggest Leino, but I have a feeling at his age, he’ll be looking for best possible contract and MTL can’t offer him that. Have to be economical to maintain space to resign our two franchise players next year. Upshall’s a nice possibility if we shed Pouliot and the salary cap bump is big enough.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

    • ManApart says:

      I just don’t see Montreal doing too much UFA wise. There won’t be a much money around after signing Markov, Wiz, Gorges etc. MAybe a cheaper player that can play on the third line, with potential for top 6 duty, if AK goes away. I really like Erik Cole. He’s still only 32, and he is just what the doctor would order for this team. Get rid of AK, then you have Cole on the 1st line and Patches on the 2nd. Now we’re starting to cook here. Leino could be a secondary option. Pascal Dupuis would be perfect for the third line. In the end I don’t expect much, however. The big contracts are just anchors.

      • Cole is a massive risk, look at his numbers whenever he isn’t on a line with Eric Staal, basically 4th line numbers.

        • ManApart says:

          I don’t see it as too risky. His game would really suit this team. Very good speed, goes to the net, not afraid of physical contact. Cup winner. A clutch player also. Put him with Pleks and Cammy and he’ll be all right. I’m just a big fan of his game. It’s not all that different than what Patches brings.

      • J_P says:

        I don’t mind eric cole, but i definitely dont want him in my top-6 nor do i want him making top-6 money. As a third line winger, I think he’d be great.

        If were talking top-6 role, I definitely want leino before cole.

    • As far as UFA’s go, Markov and Wiz should be signed for sure, the rest (even Gill) are replaceable.

      Of the guys on that list, but #1 want would be Brook Laich. Great defensive winger who can take draws and score 20+ goals a season on a scoring line. If he’s not available for a good price I’d take a look at Simon Gagne if he’s willing to take a large pay cut, like <3M/yr. He would fit into JM's system will as he's solid defensively, and I don't think his career is done yet, he had an off year but he has more in the tank.

      Chad Larose is a worthwhile bottom 6 guy if salary is moved in the offseason, and he can play top 6 minutes a lot more effectively than Moen can if/when injuries happen.

      • observer says:

        and how much does markov get coming off 3 serious injuries? he is a gamble in another way now. how high will other teams be willing to pay him.

        to me first you take care of gorges so you know what kind of room you have. thats another blunder of last year. price should have been signed BEFORE halak was traded – ended up they couldnt sign anyone until sept when price signed. but gauthier and gainey cannot lear5n from their mistakes. because they never thought they ever made one.

        i repeat again – good management wins – that is why this team will never win with them running this show.

        for me 31 years of gauthiers record is enough proof.

        • An RFA is NEVER more important than a pending UFA. Markov and Wiz are both bigger priorities than Gorges.

          Price being signed before trading Halak would make Halak have less value. You’ve been told this for a year now, it’s beyond obvious, now shut up about it.

          • observer says:

            it is because it affects what they have left for all other signings. and gorges definately will be resigned so you get it done as of now even because it is part of the picture. what you say i understand but it is not the point here.

            halak would not have been less value. in fact if you remember gauthier said we liie both goalies and are going to keep both. and they could have signed him as well then or later if they wanted too – it was only june.

          • I don’t know what I need to say to get my point across, so I’ll just go with: I AM IGNORING YOU.

    • ManApart says:

      Just noticed Samsonov is a UFA. Now getting him would be where the smart money is! His stock is down, do it Pierre.

  11. shiram says:

    So as far as I know we are drafting #17, anyone fearless enough to make prediction on who we draft? Or do we try to move into a better drafting spot.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      I think the Habs will stay where they are, this isn’t a 2003 or a 2008 class of talent, more like an ’07, There will be some big-time players coming out of the draft but not many and some will take years to make an impact. Unless someone drops a couple spots and Habs figure moving up 3 spots is worth it.

      Mark Scheifele of the Barrie Colts (OHL) would make a good choice for drafting to the “Big Centre” need. LW JT Miller (US NTDP, University of North Dakota-boundfor 11-12) and LW Nicklas Jensen (OHL Oshawa Generals) look good for the Top-4 Wingers with powerful offence, C Mark McNeill (Prince Albert Raiders) is a potential Power Forward and C Boone Jenner (OHL Oshawa Generals) is considered a potential riser, pure competitor and with LW Alain Berger being signed out of OSH, likely that MTL was watching both Jenner and Jensen, Generals teammates very closely.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

      • shiram says:

        No D uh? I guess they are not as popular at the first draft round.
        And our needs are more on O as well.

        And center’s galore, but with Eller, and hopefully Leblanc in 2 seasons are so, are we still in needs of a center? I heard some talk about Leblanc moving to the wing, so that might be why.

        From the little info, they all look like they could help out the team in the future.

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          Habs took on Tinordi last year as well as Morgan Ellis. with Brendon Nash signed as well and no solid puck-movers available IMO in the 2nd half of the first round those are my choices.

          I don’t think Leblanc is going to end up a C, I think more likely he’s a winger as some are projecting and while I like Eller, Scheifele could be even better and we’re drafting for players we will need in 3+ years, who knows what could happen by then?

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

      • observer says:

        excellent prediction. you “think” they will stay where they are like 80-90% or whatever % always does. but yuou say think because if you are wrong and you or anyone doesnt have a clue – in your little brain you have covered yourself.

        • shiram says:

          Ah please edit your post, it’s difficult to read. And Seriousfan is very kind in providing information on the draft, and also why and how we might move in the draft, I don’t think he’s trying to cover himself, nothing is on the line for his prediction.

        • HalifaxHabs says:

          observer, you are a joke… seriousfan is an actual contributor to this site, you are the exact opposite.

          he says “i think” because he is not arrogant enough to think he knows everything… again, the exact opposite of you.

  12. ManApart says:

    I did all my Gomez bitching 2 years ago when most people still thought acquiring him was a good idea. We’re stuck with him for at least one more season. I’m more focused, as everyone knows, on the bigger issue. Expunging the guys who actually thought it was a good idea to bring him in, in the first place. I don’t get why people are not talking about that more. Everyone is claiming Gomez is the black plague, yet not many are identifying why he is here.

    • At no point in history did the majority of people ever think acquiring Gomez was a good move, however the majority of people were willing to give him a chance to prove his worth, he’s failed.

      • ManApart says:

        Really? I’m not so sure about that. It seems to me people were pretty supportive of the deal up until halfway through this year. In the beginning, there were only a few of us, who were very vocal on how bad a move it was, especially considering how it would handcuff us, Cap wise.

        • I think you’re revising history. Almost no one liked that deal from the moment it was made, specifically because McDonagh was included in it for no reason. It was Gainey’s biggest blunder as a GM.

          • observer says:

            I THOUGHT RIBEIRO WAS HIS BIGGEST BLUNDER OR WAS IT HAINSEY FOR incompetance and low brainpower or was it not trading ryder then benching ryder and lose him for nothing or letting beachemin go for zilch or grabovski – the list is endless.

          • You’re an idiot, please stop responding to me, Tony, because I’m not interested in your stupid rants.

        • I’m one of them. I expect him to have a huge year next season. I really really do. I also expected Ferrence to get a suspension as well, but…

          In all seriousness, I think he got the message from the rest of the league and the people who are involved in it at any capacity. If Scott Gomez has ONE SINGLE shred of dignity, next season is going to shut a lot of critics up.

          I frakin’ HOPE.

    • higginrs says:

      Ok, good question, especially when you look at his stats (

      So, if he really only had one season that was absolutely stellar, in terms of goals and assists (2005), then why did management do it?
      To repeat what I’ve read from HIO: First, free agency never panned out the way Gainey and others hoped it would. After the lockout players were being signed to longer contracts. Many analysts said this wasn’t supposed to happen. So, Gainey gets stuck with a thin FA pool. Second, there is talk that Gionta (and others) wouldn’t have come to Mtl without Gomez. If this whole story is true, then I am left wondering what other package of player Gainey could have brought in otherwise (and we can only speculate).

      So, we get rid of BG and PG, who do you bring in?

    • observer says:

      Did you ever hear Gainey or Gauthier say about any move they ever made – “you know i should not have made that move?”

      remember these 2 gms were so stupid to lose a #1 pick hainsey who the team had invested in by not noticing the young player could be claimed from them as they had used up all exemptions he had.


      What other GM ever lost a similar #1 young player for that reason of low brainpower.

      NOTE- Gainey dropped out of high school!

  13. Everyone remember to vote for Price in TSN’s play of the year.

    • ManApart says:

      Why, So we can all say Price won play of the year? I guess if it’s any consolation for being on the golf course, go ahead.

      • Well the team is done for the summer, so why not focus on the little things? It’s not like bitching on HIO about Gomez and how he’s a useless piece of crap accomplishes anything either.

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        remember ManApart, Price and Subban have a very good shot of being on this team for the rest of their careers, or at least a looong looong time.

        So since we know how much you hate them, and how they are such “divers”, there’s lots of other teams out there you could cheer for, that would have the kind of players you like, that are up to your standards.
        You should get going while the going is good. Time to change favorite teams. Then you won’t get into these debates on this site anymore… wait a minute… that is unless you like coming on here and talking sh1t…. no, you wouldn’t do that would you?

        • Chuck says:

          *places finger on tip of nose*

        • ManApart says:

          I don’t know why you are so sensitive all the time. I told you yesterday, just because I said Subban and Price are divers, which they are, doesn’t mean I don’t like them. Subban is as awesome a Dman as we’ve had since Chelios. After this season, it’s starting to look like Price will be the backbone of this team in goal for years to come and be among the leagues best.

          You see, just because you are honest about maybe the negativities of a player, it doesn’t mean you betrayed them or something. It just means you are an objective person, whether you are talking about your favourite, player, team or a player or team you despise.

          If you call trying to be objective, or bringing the other point of view to the table, talking shit, then I’m sorry. I think it would be pretty boring around here, if everyone just talked about how great the Habs are, and how everything they do is right and how everything any other team or the league, or the refs do is wrong and against us.

    • shiram says:

      Very similar saves if not for the context of the play at that point. I think Howard might have had a better bead on it.
      Voted for Price.

    • LL says:

      Thanks for the link Andrew!

  14. Chuck says:

    What is sure to be the next in a long line of Leaf goalie failures. May I present… Mark In Da Park:–leafs-sign-swedish-rapping-goalie

  15. habs365 says:

    Couldn’t care who wins the Habs are no longer there and I for one have no interest…….

  16. Danno says:

    Why can’t I post any messages?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  17. habs365 says:

    Not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings the team did their best with the players they had, how ever there has to be changes and it’s only my opinion here’s a list of forwards Gauthier and his staff have to take a long look at this summer if they want to improve the team. when it comes to putting up points these players are all under.500 players
    Eller-Halpern-Moen-Pouliot-Pyatt-white-Gomez-Darche. understandable you have to have a few to play in a special role but common sense tells me we have too many, and that was the difference of winning or losing to Boston. if we’d had two more .500 players Boston would be out, Habs in. so for all you fans who’s not sold on Kostitsyn don’t be in a big rush to get rid of him. he’s a .500 plus player and they’re not that easy to get, we are trying to make this team stronger not weaker. depending on what you have to spend with the salary cap. some of the under .500 players has to go and be replaced with .500 players, this team would have a good chance at going the distance, but not the way it’s set up right now, sure they’re good enough to make the playoff’s if that’s what you want to see every year, but a 25th cup we need better scoring that was our downfall. couldn’t get the extra goal when we needed it………

    • petefleet says:

      Huh? What does .500 even mean?

      ***Habs Forever***

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        I’ve seen him use that before “a .500 player”… I had no idea what it meant, but I didn’t even bother asking based on the quality of his posts.

      • I think he/she is saying those players were all under 1/2 point per game.

        • HalifaxHabs says:

          ahhh, so it’s a matter of points/game…. interesting… well news flash for him…. the same players in another more agressive system could easily be “.500 players”. But then the Habs wouldn’t be one of the top defensive teams.

          if only dissecting how good players were actually came down to pts/game.

          • You’re right of course, and several of those players are young and possibly ready for a big leap forward.

          • habs365 says:

            HalifaxHabs–you’ll never figure it out and I’ll never tell ya. .500 is for people whom know and understand Hockey and you’re not one. The top defensive team didn’t make it out of the first round, you and JM would work well together but you’ll never be a winner. I’ll bet JM don’t know what a .500 player is either that’s why he’s still trying to win a cup, like you when he figures it out the stanley cup will be his…..

    • Chorske says:

      Possible meanings of .500 player:
      – wins half his face offs
      – gets a half point per game
      – earns a half million per

      None of which make any sense in ANY context.

      This is right up there with NAG, and smurfs, and size. I think this post is NOT .500 plus. I’ll let you decide what that means, cos I sure as feck don’t know.

  18. nek25plus says:

    I think you people need to give the Gomez thing a rest. The whole team did not score the way it should. Did Plekanec’s have percent increase or a percentage decrease in his numbers? Anyone care to answer?

    • habs03 says:

      I don’t know what people expected when we got Gomez. At the end of the day, he is going to retire as a Calder winner and a 2 tiem Stanley Cup champ, I think he has a feeling of I’ve done it all before. But I’m not a big fan, my major issue with Gomez is how bad he plays defensivly. If your not going to score, play good D!!

    • higginrs says:

      I can see how the Gomez conversation can be frustrating and annoying to the point of not wanting to talk about it anymore, but the there are a couple of reasons why people are talking about it here.

      1. The post before this one is called “Gomez Cops to Bad Season” and this post is called “Post-Mortems on Canadiens”, so the focus is on what went wrong, with a emphasis on Gomez in particular.

      2. The season is over and we’re all a bit pissed that one goal more in a few more games (specifically the OT games) takes us into the next round. Had Gomez popped even just one goal in, the team would probably not be golfing right now. I don’t think it’s too much to ask your 2nd line centerman to pop one in, is it?

      3. People have only suggested a few other reasons why things didn’t work out this year.
      -AK is inconsistent
      -Price isn’t Halak (this one is really stupid)
      -Hammer and Spach are old
      -Max, Markov, and Georges were injured (and too many injuries overall)
      -our forwards are too small (I think this one is way overused and overlooks how well we actually competed, but has truth to it)

      I think I covered the major lines of reasoning here. So what do you think? Where do the Habs go to improve next year?

      Here’s where I think the saying, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link” comes into play. And that’s where I look at the differences between guys like DD and Gomez, White and Pouliot. I think Gomez and Pouliot are the weakest links in the chain and if the team doesn’t dump them (which they likely won’t), then these players MUST be improved. That’s where my question about player improvement comes in.

  19. higginrs says:

    Here’s a question: was anyone else totally disappointed with the reffing this year? I’m not just talking about Habs games, but league-wide it seems like the reffing in the league is just out of whack (not to mention supplementary discipline as administered by Colin Campbell). In years gone by, I found the quality of reffing at least somewhat more understandable – and I’ve been watching since 1986. Honestly, I think it’s hurting the product that the NHL is trying to present.

    Now, I have to admit, some controversy is good for publicity. But when does a sport become so over-arched by controversy that the game itself is no longer why people watch? Is the next generation of hockey watchers really going to be vastly interested in watching a game for the controversy?

    I remember watching WWF as a kid and enjoying the fights between big names. As far as controversy went, there was mostly trash-talk and the odd miscount on a pin or something, but then came the match where “The Big Boss Man” got beaten with his own night stick and all the controversy began to swirl. Before that, I think the biggest controversy had to do with who could lift Andre the Giant. Anyway, the WWF went through a major shift and suddenly it was no longer about wrestlers wrestling, but about the controversy. Weird things started going on and as you know, we have a totally different WWF/E now.

    Is the NHL going through a similar transformation? And I don’t mean to compare a staged entertainment sport (wrestling) with an actual competitive sport (hockey) as if the NHL is suddenly going to have entire games decided and scripted (although some could argue that there are things that are predetermined to affect the outcome of a game, such as ref assignments). But, all the controversy as of late, especially around head-shots, seems to be generating unusually amounts of media attention, and thus the kind of publicity the league could use to attract more fans and better broadcasting contracts.

    So, who else is finding harder and harder to enjoy watching the games lately because of poor officiating/disciplinary action? And, how could it ever get better?

    • petefleet says:

      First of all, I agree with you about the reffing. It’s worse than ever. I said that last year too, but it was true then as well. My big problem is that the NHL is a league of contradiction. There is absolutely no one, analyst, GM, or player who could accurately predict the outcome of any given event on any given night; that is in terms of penalty calls, dissallowed goals, suspensions. That being said, the one thing that could easily make everything better is going back to one referee. One ref and get rid of the “I blew the play dead, no goal” rule. And that’s not because of the goal in the last series. And why is there a goal judge? Does the league think the light are pretty? Use video review on every questionable goal. It’s what the players play for. It’s not fair to let some blind joker in stripes determine the outcome of a game…regular season or playoff.
      Fire Colin Campbell and all the bums who work for him. Give the discipline stick to someone who actually can make a dceision based on what is on the film, not what he thinks the player meant or didn’t mean to do. That’s infuriating.

      ***Habs Forever***

      • higginrs says:

        My wife asked that very question: why don’t they just rely on video replay for the goals?

        So, why don’t they? What’s the big deal?

        Here are my thoughts on why video replay should be used (more from a cultural perspective):

        -people can now see the plays on the video-tron screens and are able to see when a goal is a goal
        -people can watch replays on iPhones while sitting at the game
        -use of such technology suggests a savvy approach to officiating, and a desire for accuracy (think about when Phelps won gold in the relay by a fingernail)

        I wonder how hard it would be to get rid of Campbell?

        Here’s my conspiracy theory:
        -Max gets injured by a cheap shot from Chara
        -Colin Campbell tells Murphy to leave it alone for the sake of his precious Bruins (his son’s team)
        -Molson gets right pissed at Bettman and friends and threatens havoc (he has the influence and power to cause some crap)
        -as a result of Molson’s pressure Chara is told to sit out of one 1st round game, thus the story about dehydration

        I know it’s far-fetched, but here’s why that happens in my mind, because I don’t trust Colin Campbell. And that is the main problem. He is not trustworthy. What the league needs is someone respectable, consistent, and trustworthy to take care of discipline.

  20. petefleet says:

    Here is my jaded view of the Habs next year and it does not include Scott Gomez. It does however include the players who I feel come to “work” every night and care about the team. The list includes AK46 because I don’t feel he purposely takes games off.

    Line 1 : 13 / 14/ 46
    Line 2 : 67 / 58 / 21
    Line 3 : 52 / 81 / 53
    Line 4 : 94 / 15 / 32
    +Leblanc (depending on training camp)

    75 / 76
    79 / 26
    20 / 6
    68 extra man

    ***Habs Forever***

  21. pepe says:

    With all this I mean that aggression is in the Hookey do not like it, because it is a sport that is based on the strength of the players and not your personal strategy for each.

    regalo original

  22. Danno says:

    How do I find out if I’m being blocked from this site and why?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  23. OverseasFan2 says:

    I don’t know what personal issues could have caused such a slide in Gomez. And I don’t want to sound cruel, but when you’re getting that salary, you figure a way around it.

    Remember Stephane Richer? (OK, I’m really dating myself here). He suffered from depression almost his whole career. He was constantly getting ragged on by the press for being lazy — and that’s when he was pulling off 30-50 goals a season! Somehow, on the ice at least, he worked through his problems.

    Sigh. Remember the days when Habs who only scored 40 goals a season got ragged on?

    • LA Loyalist says:

      G*d Richer drove us crazy. It’s really too bad he had personal problems like that. He could score almost at will when the spirit moved him. The only shooter comparable we’ve had since was Kovalev. Just sad, sad, sad to see talent wasted when it is so hard to come by.

  24. Timo says:

    I say Go Flyers and may both teams end up with many career ending injuries.

  25. pepe says:

    I think you’re right, but the lesson was not fair had very aggressive, so it’s normal to have lessons

  26. Timo says:

    So… why do people say Markov OR Wiz? Why can’t we keep both?

    • 24 Cups says:

      Timo – If the Habs re-sign Markov, they will have two top PP guys. One on each side of the ice.

      There really wouldn’t be a need for a 3rd, especially seeing that the Wiz shoots right just like Subban (and Weber). That’s his main asset seeing he’s no great wiz in his own end. You would also have to figure that he’s going after $4M a season on a four year deal.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        We’re kind of short on guys under the age of 30 who can skate with the puck and shoot it while reliable when playing over 2o minutes a night. Why not load up on the back end a bit? Play Markov-Subban, Wiz-Gorges in the Top-4, defensively responsible and it gives the Habs a lot of options. If we had Mark Streit today, he’d be getting around that payday.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          I agree with Serious. And Weber can play a bit up front, and he’s not expensive yet. And I think we’ve learned the hard way there is no such thing as too much depth on D, especially the way JM works.

      • Timo says:

        Yeah, but what’s wrong with that? And having rid off Hammer and Sopel and Mara and maybe even Gill (although I wouldn’t) can still make room.

        Although, I would rather get a couple of dman who are just mean SOBs who like to crash forwards into the boards and beat them into a bloody pulp should they try anything funny.

        • 24 Cups says:

          Exactly. We need some size and muscle on the back end. Subban is the only one that fits the bill right now.

          I think another issue will be the contract length for Markov and/or The Wiz. Gorges played for years on a bum leg so you gotta figure he’ll be fine after an operation. You might be rolling the dice (long-term) by re-signing two additional guys who are injury prone Dmen.

          It might be worth it to double check the UFA list to see who else is available. Regardless, we’re going to have to spend most of our extra cash on the defense. Robert is right when he states we also need to look at the age of the guys we are bringing in. I’m not sure I want to sign any +35 greybeards. One is enough.

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            UFA list? Old men and 3rd-pair types when it comes to defence. The crop is quite, quite thin. I think Wisniewski can be an investment of sorts, we can deal him later if necessary as teams will always look to land a 50-point defencemen who doesn’t let the rough stuff slow him down.

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

          • LA Loyalist says:

            I’m sold on Wiz base on his French lesson. Not sure if he’s keeping it up 🙂

    • PeterStone says:

      I agree with you. I think you can get the Wiz for Spacek money … so … move Spacek. The guy has 1 yr left on the deal … you can definitely move him to a contender who is looking for a veteran, whos been to the cup and you only have to commit 1 season to.

      I like the edge that the Wiz plays with … ask Seabrook ( or was it Keith ? )

      Lets see if Canadiens management can think outside the box

  27. LA Loyalist says:

    Guys, on the previous thread (Gomez Cops) there are some serious allegations of Gomez being a documented pot smoker, even during the season. I would hate for this to be a false accusation. Actually, I would also hate for it to be true.

    Do any of our journalists who are with the team know anything about this? To me, even though minor possession per se may not be a particular crime (I don’t know Quebec law) for a hockey player to be using during the season? While we are paying him god knows how much and he is not performing? Do you guys know anything? I’m really upset about this.

  28. handyg says:

    The person that I will be watching for all summer will be Geoff Molson. When Mr. Gillet decided to sell the Canadiens, I was hoping and praying that Serge Savard would buy the team. I felt (and still do) that he was the man who would have made real changes to take this team back to the top 5 of the league. Mr. Molson has made changes – but to the business side of the organization. I guess I can live with that – he is a business man after all and wants to maximize his investments. Let’s see what he will do on the hockey operations side now – I think it needs to start with P. Gauthier. This organization needs some new, fresh ideas at the top otherwise nothing will ever change. I thought the best opportunity for a fresh start was once Gainey announced he was leaving – it was the perfect opportunity to do a real search for a new “breed” of GM but instead they decided to give the reins to another copy of the same type of GM who was already in place.

    • ManApart says:

      Agree with you 100%. If you want things to change, it only makes sense you replace the guy(s) who make the decisions. It’s pretty doubtful, because in this town 3 playoff home dates equals a successful season, but if Molson was smart, he’d replace management before July 1st.

  29. Chuck says:

    As much as I despise the Flyers, they’ve got my vote against Boston.

    Philly’s first line could be comprised of Hitler, Satan, and Fran Drescher’s laugh, and I’d still hate the Bruins more.

    • Alexandra says:

      Stubbs – sounds like sour grapes. Your article could have just as easily been entitled: “Sore losers in Montreal”. And please tell me you’re not defending the actions of Subban, which are well-known and disliked, by the way, around the league. Great player…better actor.

      • Chuck says:

        ‘Sour Grapes’… wasn’t that Don Cherry back in ’79 after getting caught with too many men on the ice?

      • secretdragonfly says:

        “the actions of Subban, which is well known and disliked, by the way, around the league”

        I’m going to leave a response to that statement to some of the more articulate and knowledgable posters on this site but thanks for the laugh.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        Disliked by who, Mike Richards? He’ll live with the disappointment of a guy who shows respect via his elbows. Don Cherry, a senile zealot who never forgave the Canadiens for beating him in the 70s? Joffrey Lupul who just lost a fight with him? Brad Marchand, a rat of a player who was suspended for a head shot who he made look bad with one of the Top Hits of the season? Everyone who’s attacked him is either a punk or has an axe to grind.

        Subban plays his game, leaves it on the ice. He’s never targeted anyone with intent to injure or moaned in post-game, a lesson guys like Marchand and Richards could learn. He’s had compliments from Nicklas Lidstrom, the Gentleman amongst NHL defencemen.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        Question: What do you call a Boston fan who comes on Habs sites to talk smack

        Answer: A pathetic loser with nothing better to do with their day. Enjoy your first round win you fat hag, Boston will get elimanted quickly, and you’ll still be 19 Stanley Cups behind the Canadiens.

      • CHsam says:

        Don’t you worry Alexandra, you’re going to remember Subban’s name for a long time to come and it’s going to bother you.

      • PeterStone says:

        its cuz he’s black. Thats how they roll in boston. As Manny … thats what he said and why he wanted outta there

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Well you need a left wing, that could be Stalin, a right wing, that could be Hitler, and put Fran in the middle?

  30. secretdragonfly says:

    The guys I feel sorry for are Messrs. Stubbs, Boone, Hickey et al – page views on this site are going to tank once all the “fire Martin and send Gomez to Hamilton” rhetoric dies down. Looks like you guys will be drinking the cheap stuff until the lead up to July 1.

  31. GregMeakin says:

    “Sore Winners” — what a great piece by Dave Stubbs. This is as edgy as it gets from Monsieur Stubbs! Nice job.

    The typing with pom-poms line was one for the ages!

    Go Flyers! (I can’t believe I said that, but what the heck — take no Bruin prisoners!)

    — Greg

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Absolutely go Flyers!

      I’m seriously looking forward to Pronger, since nobody on the Habs could do it, delivering cross checks to the back of Horton’s and Lucic’s head in front of the net!

  32. Bugs says:

    I wonder what Soobie’s “sophomore slump”‘ll look like?

    Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

  33. zozotheclown says:

    I think management has a very interesting choice when it comes to next year, there’s really only 2 options, and unless we magically free up a Gomezian amount of cap space, we can only pick one of them. The first option is to use our cap space to stack up the D, while the 2nd is to adress our lack of forwards who can score, and add that 1 or maybe 2 players who could give us the depth and skill we need up front.

    My bet is, with JM still as head coach, PG will be persuaded to go with option 1. It’s a perfectly valid and easy option, and for only slightly more money (plus cap increase) then we payed last year, we could end up with a D looking like for example.

    Spacek (on the right side!) – Wiz

    Who exactly stays isn’t that important, but the idea is no matter who we chose we could really stack up the D if we wanted.

    Option 2 is a little more adventurous, and basically means we’d have to use some youth on D and the cap room to get us those 1 or 2 top6 forwards we want. AK had a decent playoff, and he shows potential once in a while, but I just don’t think he can eat top6 minutes like he does, we NEED someone who will go to the net and produce at a top6 lvl, and he just can’t seem to do that consistently. MaxPac could easily fill one of those two empty top 6 spots, much as he did this year, but im also worried that it will involve a bit of a gamble, as we dont know what kind of form/abilities he’ll have upon his return. My suggestion is to start him on the 3rd line, ready to jump up to the 2nd if he gets hot, meaning we’d have to sign a legit top3 for our first line, and a mediocre top6, someone who could play top6 but also be just fine on the third line, and start that person with G&G. Basically, I think it would be cool to see us try to set up something like

    MaxPac-DD-Darche (I’m really liking this third line)

    In any case, I’m more then sure we’ll go the defensive root anyway, and then end up with AK/Max in the top 6 spots, which don’t get me wrong could work, but I don’t think it adresses our need for a solid top3 player.

  34. Marc10 says:

    What if we did this. We ship Gomez down, walk away from AK46 and perhaps Markov and sent an offer sheet to Stamkos or Parise. Down the road we’d have an interesting time fitting Price or PK under the cap, but for a year or so, we’d have a sick powerplay and maybe turn ourselves into some kind of contender. Surround the talent with cheap role players like Darche, White and a few we gritty pick ups like an Aaron Asham or a Max Talbot (back when he could still play) and we’re cooking. Maybe it’s completely insane, but I see Tampa and NJ struggling to match a compelling offer sheet. And anyway, we find our best players (Price excepted) in later rounds it seems… Why let Brian Burke have all the fun?

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      Montreal can only attract Class B free agents. Canadian cities except for perhaps (and perhaps not) for Toronto and Vancouver are simply not as attractive to most of the players who can take their choice. We have many examples to prove this. Even the French guys seem to want to avoid Montreal if possible — which I find highly regrettable. I really hope this changes as the Habs continue to improve and are seen as legitimate contenders, but I am not holding my breath.

      PS: I would amend the above to say that Cammy is close to a Class A guy — maybe B+.

      — formerly notbigbird —

      • fofe84 says:

        I think Montreal is an unattractive destination for a couple of reasons. The exchange rate used to be a big deal, but US and Canadian dollars are currently equal, roughly, so that’s not a problem for the time being (although most players probably assume the US dollar will return to supremacy). I believe taxes are higher in Quebec than elsewhere, so that’s an issue.

        Additionally, I think a key reason a lot of players want to avoid Montreal is that we treat players like crap. Effort doesn’t impress us; we’re like a bunch of Yodas saying, “Do or do not. There is no try.” We boo our guys routinely and demand more of them than other cities. It’s just a lot less pressure to play in other cities.

        • G-Man says:

          Yeah, it’s easier for a player to be a no-pressure loser than try to play in Montreal. Come close to a Cup win and that will change the right player’s minds.

        • Old Bald Bird says:

          I’m not sold that it’s a matter of pressure. Would most “footlose” millionaires prefer to live in Edmonton or Montreal as opposed to San Jose or Tampa Bay, do you think?

          — formerly notbigbird —

      • 24 Cups says:

        OBB – “Montreal can only attract Class B free agents.”

        You think that’s bad, wait until Quebec City and Winnipeg get teams. The only UFAs they will get are the dregs.

        • Old Bald Bird says:

          I can’t see either of those places being any more attractive. It’s about the lure of the sun belt. Phoenix players don’t want the franchise to move, I’ve heard.

          — formerly notbigbird —

    • zozotheclown says:

      If we could ship Gomez, to say a team wanting to reach the cap floor, I think going for Parise would be an amazing option. Problem is, offer sheets for a man of his price woudl cost us a MASSIVE amount of high draft picks, I’m not sure on the exact amount, but are we willing to part with around 3 first rounders? We could also try trading for rights, but I don’t think they’d even entertain the idea unless it included Subban/Leblanc and other picks/prospects.

      • 24 Cups says:

        $994,443 or below – None

        Over $994,433 to $1,506,716 – Third-round choice

        Over $1,506,716 to $3,013,434 – Second-round choice

        Over $3,013,434 to $4,520,150 – First- and third-round choices

        Over $4,520,150 to $6,026,867 – First-, second- and third-round choices

        Over $6,016,867 to $7,533,584 – Two first- , one second- and one third-round choices

        Over $7,533,584 – Four first-round choices

        (as of 2009)

        You gotta figure it would take $7.54M to get Parise.

    • J_P says:

      Most teams will match an offer sheet unless its absolutely ludicrous, and if ludicrous contracts dont usually turn out well for your organization. Sure, the ducks didnt match the offer sheet to dustin penner, but do you think edmonton got good value for the 4.25 million they paid him for 4 years? Not to mention the compensatory draft picks they had to give up.

    • higginrs says:

      What if, what if?? I know it’s fun to imagine, but given the pattern of our management to stand pat with the same cast, with only some tweaks here and there, I think it’s safe to assume Gomez is staying right where he’s at. By the way, as an aside, the reason why trades (or total reworking of club rosters) are so exciting is because they are surprising and out of the ordinary, thus not very common. I mean, look how long the Devils hung on to John Mclean as coach (even with all the evidence pointing to him as being a disaster). Anyway, my point is, change comes slow sometimes in Montreal, as in other places around the league. So, Gomez is likely to stay.

      What if (and this is what I think is a more reasonable “what if”) the coaches and management get down to what Gomez’s problem is and help him turn it around. See my and others’ post below for a discussion on that.

  35. Old Bald Bird says:

    Oddly enough, I chose to read every one of Boone’s linked articles except for Red’s. What does that tell ya?

    I don’t watch other teams all that much. From the saner posters like HH (and many others — 24Cups etc etc), I would like your opinion on this embellishing thing. Are we really worse than other teams? If so, it needs to be addressed because Canadiens hockey needs to be classy hockey — as we are in every other way. Whatever the case, I don’t think it can be argued that the two most thuggish teams (you know who they are) are the two whiniest teams. I find that very paradoxical and is a main reason why I dislike both so much. They are typical bullies who can dish but go whining to Mommy or Colin or whomever at the slightest provocation. It should be an interesting series replete with blood and hankies.

    A challenge to the younger YouTubing folk: put together a montage of Bruins and other teams diving — especially Bruins.

    — formerly notbigbird —

    • J_P says:

      Your point is very valid.

      The habs are no worse than any other team in the league when it comes to diving, and I watch a lot of hockey. Heck, even Chara took a dive on the eller cross-check in the first period of game 7. There isnt a player in the league who wont embellish a call if they have the opportunity. Just like Metallica and Dr Dre (two of the wealthiest recording artists at the time) were the ones whining about napster, as opposed to the up and coming artists who havent made a dime yet, boston and philly whine when they are the biggest goons in the league!

      There’s one thing you have to understand about the montreal canadiens, we are the New York Yankees of professional hockey. Just like people hate the yankees because they have been so dominant over the years, people hate on the montreal canadiens. Most hockey fans who aren’t habs fans are hab haters, just the way it is.

      No one from boston should be talking about anything because they get away with absolute murder every game because the league disciplinarians son plays for them, and the chairman of the NHL board of governors (the man who quietly extended bettmans contract back in november) owns them.

      • fofe84 says:

        I think the Chairman position is kind of a figurehead position. Someone has to chair the meetings, and the chair rotates between owners. I don’t think the Chairman has any extra power than the other owners. All decisions are made by committee. And since the chair rotates, it is always the owner of one team that heads the board.

        But Colin Campbell is definitely in a position of extreme, unacceptable conflict of interest.

    • fofe84 says:

      The truth is that almost every player in history tries to sell calls from time to time. Even Gretzky said this. Small players tend to get accused of diving more often because they are easier to knock down. Goons tend to accuse everyone of diving, believing that they are capable of doing no wrong.

      I mean, seriously, when the Bruins accused Pacioretty of faking his injury, they took their insanity to new heights. Even after Mark Recchi admitted he was just talking sh*t to take the heat off Chara, Bruins fans and commentators continue to invoke his (admitted) nonsensical opinion that going to the movies means you’re healthy enough to play hockey. They’re just not bright people.

      And the truth is, now that Max Lapierre is gone, there is no one on the Habs that dives as often as Zdeno Chara. For the biggest player in league history, he sure is easy to knock over!

      For decades, this is what the Bruins have essentially argued: Every penalty is a dive and every referee is a Habs fan. They have always tried to build big, physically intimidating teams but refuse to acknowledge that a natural consequence of having such a team is that they commit more penalties than teams that pursue a more skilled strategy. You can’t have a bunch of bullies on your team without taking more penalties too.

    • G-Man says:

      Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it. The Habs do not embellish more than any other teams.
      However, this off-season the league must rid itself of their goons who occupy rungs near or at the top of the NHL’s ladder.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      Thanks folks below (oops above in this system). I think the consensus is that it’s nonsensical Boston hysteria.

      — formerly notbigbird —

  36. HabFanSince72 says:

    Gomez is not the problem.

    Yes he had a bad season, but he is not the main reason we lost to Boston. I would put him at number three on the list.

    Our offensively challenged style of play, resulting in part from Martin’s system, which itself results from our immobile D (#1), and the lack of goal scorers on the team (#2). Attackers always have to go back deep in their zone, meaning no sustained offense at 5 on 5.

    It’s OK to have one Hal Gill. But we also have Hamr, Sopel, Spatch and Mara.

    Then there’s the fact that most of our forwards can’t score. Gomez is a play-maker. What’s he going to do with Moen on his wing?

    And while everyone is praising Eller and DD, they had three assists combined.

    So Gomez is #3, tied with Carey Price letting them back in the series in game 3 and back in the game in game 4.

    • KenD29 says:

      Do not forget, Markov was lost to the team for most of the season and Gorges for half. Had they been in the lineup, Sopel and Mara would not have been in the blue blanc et rouge colors.
      Those two will not be back next year. Hamr… time will tell. And Spacek we will have to endure him for one more season.

      Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Gomez is not the sole problem but is a big part of it. On a defensive team you should not be minus 16 as the top centre. When you do the same things every game you are pretty easy to defend against. Eller and DD were not getting the same ice time in the playoffs. When DD played with gomez they looked great but unfortunately the injury took him out. DD is good and he puts the effort in. Eller showed sings but he needs to produce more if not he will be a bottom 2 line guy for his carreer. Both DD and Eller kicked the snot out of our top two centres in face offs though.
      Our Defense was too thin was the main reason we lost but our offense is just embarrasing.
      JM’s system though is what Gomez is used to playing with NJ. He also didn’t flourish in NY with a different system either.

      • J_P says:

        Please don’t compare JM’s system to the system Gomez played with the devils. The devils did not play “hang on for dear life” hockey. In 2003, Jerseys last cup win, Brodeur had more games where he faced less than 20 shots than games where he faced over 30. Under Martin, the canadiens strive to block the shooting lanes in the defensive zone and clog up the middle of the ice in front of the net, the devils didnt even let you get past the neutral zone. The devils controlled the play and controlled the puck, where the habs are very often behind on the time on attack front. Very very different.

        • G-Man says:

          The devils didn’t allow other teams through the neutral zone because they were allowed to clutch and grab. Look at the Devils playoff record since 2003. Still impressed?

        • Kooch7800 says:

          The point I was making is that he is familiar with a defensive style and not a run and gun.

          I agree that JM’s system does hurt our offense but the habs guns underperformed this year.

          I am personally more of a fan of watching an offensive game instead of defensive. Problem is you end up like Washington (getting better now and might go to the conf finals).

    • shiram says:

      Thomas let in more softie than Price did, but Thomas had more offence to cover his errors.
      I’ll agree that one slow D is enough, and if I could pick it would not be Spacek, but he is the most likely to be back, as he is signed for the next one.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      You’ve really been on Carey’s case. Do you seriously think that in allowing the same number of goals as Thomas, that he was a weak link? I have regarded you as one of the more astute posters, but I can hardly believe how you brought up Carey’s weakness so many times.

      — formerly notbigbird —

    • J_P says:

      Im not martin’s biggest fan (a fact well documented in this space over the year), but there’s no two ways about that his “system” does not compliment our roster. He’s had success with the habs, but most of that success has come from a “hang on for dear life” system that relies heavily on out-of-this-world goaltending.

      For a coach who preaches defense-first, most of bostons key goals were scored on defensive breakdowns and blown coverage. 2 of the three overtime games were lost on blown coverage in the defensive zone.

      • G-Man says:

        The system involves 3 players near to the puck in a triangle with the closest player checking and the other 2 to support. It is how teams win. that is, if you actually watch to see what successful teams do.

        The Habs do not have a roster of 40 goal + players on it. They must emphasize D to win. It’s not all that complicated, really.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        A good coach adjusts to the players he has, not the imaginary team of robots he has in his head. Which is why Pat Burns, for example, was able to be coach of the year with 3 different teams. If JM got to pick our entire team, maybe his system would be successful, but guess what, we got the horses we got. That’s all. And for being a defensive genius, how come we had so many defensive breakdowns?

        Unfortunately, I remember when Montreal hockey was played in the other team’s end of the rink.

  37. bigjames says:

    thank you mr. stubbs for calling out the bruins hypocracy and their retarded group of press flunkies (including those like MM on CBC). the bruins were out to hurt from start to finish… don’t get me wrong, i like and approve of strong physical play, but they are just dirty. if all they can come up with is a few comments on PK’s antics then it is even more sad.

    i have been a member here fro longer than stats would indicate but i am convinced that my posts here bring bad luck to the team so i refrain. yes i am deeply superstitious.

    one poster that always makes me laugh is bugs. i remembersome time ago, bugs said, something to the effect of “don’t hate the beaners, they are our bitches and we always beat them. you need to hate the caners cause they injured our guys en route to a playoff series victory.”

    now as someone who lived in boston in the mid to late 80s and went to the old garden whenever i could get habs game tickets, i know deep down how sick that fan base is and how retarded the bruins press corps is.

    well that is my opinion that others are free to share or not. but bugs, please think about the analysis of the bruins and carolina. yeah the saku eye thing sucked but the teams are all different now. carolina are worthy opponents, boston are just major goons.

    let’s analyse the statement that PK is a “punk, a whiner and a diver.”

    now what does punk mean? someone who listens to punk rock? PK is a hip hop guy, so no luck there. whiner? when has he ever whined? if someone can give me an example, i will gladly stand corrected. diver? ok, maybe he embellished his fall on some hits. not good, and work in progress. young guy gets frustrated by all the crap that goes down and tries too hard to sell something. would not be the first or last. agree it needs to be improved though.

    but when i hear chara described as a clean player, then see him pinning plecks behind the play in game one late third period (penalized) and then again in game 4 (i was on hand at the bell to see it myself but not penalized) then all the regurgitated horse manure about him being a clean player just don’t work for me. he is DIRTY! and likes it.

    that loss is going to take a long time for me to get over. losses are part of sports but to lose in such a close fashion to the anti habs is as bad as it gets.

    • Propwash says:

      The most redonkulous thing is the Boston media keeps feeding the idiocy around there.
      Plus their fans like to call Habs fans frogs, I wonder how many players are on their team that are French?
      I can’t wait to read their boards after Philly does them in.

    • KenD29 says:

      agreed. The comments and whining from Boston should prove interesting once Pronger or Hartnell and company take down Marchand, Bergeron, Horton, Ference …

      Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  38. HardHabits says:

    Gomez has one more year minimum with the Habs. So we better get used to it and stop fantasizing about his trade, his being waived or sent down to Hamilton. None of that will happen.

    We all remember Plekanec’ bad year and how he rebounded after that. Sadly, Gomez deserves the same chance at redemption.

    Gomez admitted his play sucked so half the battle is won in terms of his potential rehabilitation.

    Below higginrs states the same thing and has kick started a discussion on what Gomez needs to do to redeem his play. I stated a few games ago that Gomez has physical tools like good conditioning, is fast at skating, generally stays on his skates, has good peripheral vision which makes him very good at passing or at least finding that open player, etc, but he lacks in few areas as well, he plays peripherally, doesn’t have good aim when shooting, doesn’t shoot enough, not great in face-offs, misses checking assignments because he’s floating up ice a la SergeiK, etc, however I view his problems to be mental.

    He’s gotten complacent thinking he doesn’t need to evolve and adapt with the game. In a way it’s over confidence and arrogance. His inability to turn it up a notch is tied into his mental errors. His issues stem from bad decisions as well as lack of effort. Together they added to his dismal numbers and contribution.

    One thing I noticed in these play-offs is that when Gomez challenged a player directly and physically in open ice he more often than not caused a turn over. Yet he rarely does plays like that.

    Bottom line IMO is for Gomez to improve he needs to rethink his game and attitude. Wipe the slate clean and start the season guns blazing. No more floating at the beginning of the season pacing himself for the play-offs. He needs to wake up from the starting gates and he needs to burst out when they open.

    Otherwise he’s in the minors or gone in 12/13. That’s your window Scott. You have 1 year to prove yourself. Bob Gainey will be watching closely.

    Hopefully with enough pressure this lump of coal will turn out to be a diamond. My fear is that we’ll end up will coal bits and dust instead.

    • CHsam says:

      HAhaha Bobby the Tormentor. Love it.
      Agree with you. The guy needs to take his play head-on. He needs to figure out how to shoot…. i can’t believe I’m saying that. He’s an NHLer for crissakes! Maybe its a technique / strength thing but he needs to work on shooting. And like you said, the mental game.

      My feeling is that the team is going to trade AK and give Pouliot another shot. Could be wrong… maybe this guy is done as a Hab

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I 100% agree that it is a mental/attitude issue. He makes the same mistakes over and over and over. That is the sign of a player who doesn’t want to put in the effort to get better.

      I would say if Gomez shows up in training camp and really doesn’t show some improvement he should be gone. The cap is too crucial now and he really isn’t worth having in the line up. It would be better to have a kid developing than someone who scores under 40 points and is terrible defensively.

      Gomez admitted after the first 6 weeks of the season he wasn’t playing well…..what did he change with his game? nothing.

      Action speaks louder than words so him saying it won’t happen again I really don’t believe him.

    • higginrs says:

      Man, when I read your post it makes me think about what it takes to be an elite athlete. And that’s what Gomez is. The NHL is the highest level of hockey in the world (supposedly). Only a group of people are strong, fast, skilled, and mentally tough, but only those who go a cut above all of those things are truly elite.

      So here’s my problem… I’ve watched clips of Gomez while he was in NJ and he is FAST! Like, red-hot fast. And he makes good decisions. He was impressive. So, I don’t doubt that he is an elite player. But, how in the heck does a player go from elite to mediocre. Something has gone wrong; and I agree with you that it could be and likely is mental. BUT (and this is a big BUT) what in the world shook him (or is shaking him) to lose the mental edge it takes to be an elite??? I mean, it’s not just a bad game or two, or even a bad season that shakes an athlete. Remember, he’s been at this his whole life – skating, passing, shooting, etc.

      I personally think, and this is totally just a guess, that Gomez has had some personal issues outside of the game that are distracting him. And I don’t mean something scandalous. I just mean, I think he’s going through crap – like we all do. I know it’s just a guess, but his head seams somewhere else and I wonder what else could pull an elite hockey player off his game so much.

  39. CHsam says:

    Anyone else thought that guy in the Bell commercial putting up that banner looked like Gomez ?

    What’s the scoop with Emelin? If we’re interested in this guy, sounds to me like one year deals for him and Markov. I like Markov, but I think Subban and Wiz have made it a difficult case for him. I’d like to see Sopel and Gill back, but hey i’m no GM…. trade Spacek.. hmmmm lots of options for PG to think about.

    • habsindepth says:

      and Karri Ramo. Auld was great, but wouldn’t it be time to get Ramo here now? Looked at the season he played with the Avangard Omsk in KHL? 44 Games, 21 wins, 2.11 GAA and .913 SV% .. not bad at all! It was a bit tougher in the playoffs for him, but I’m sure we could use him as the backup.

      Web: – For the Fanatics
      Twitter: @habsindepth

      • shiram says:

        I think I heard Ramo would only come over for a #1 job.
        But that would be hard to do untill he proves himself with at least a few games in the NHL after his break from that same league.

        • habsindepth says:

          He has played 48 games with Tampa so far, nothing stellar in terms of numbers worth mentioning, but it would be nice for the Habs to convince him to come here and spend a bit of time with the Bulldogs.

          Web: – For the Fanatics
          Twitter: @habsindepth

          • shiram says:

            I really doubt he would come on a 2-way contract.
            And yeah he played for Tampa, but was a while ago.
            SO a #2 spot seems right for him, but he might want to challenge for a #1 spot.

  40. Sped says:

    I live in Massachusetts and am a die hard Habs fan……

    I arrived at my office door yesterday morning to find it plastered with newspaper pics of B’s players running over our guys, Habs suck and Ole Ole etc. Ive taken a reasonable amout of crap from pretty much everyone. It has also been quite rational.

    Most B’s fans have a very firm grasp on the fact that while their team did win, they are not a very good.

    The one issue I have great difficulty defending is PK Subban. Beside Price or Cammalleri, he was right up there as Montreal’s most valuable during the series. He is certainly the future of the team. However………he does need to stop flopping. You all saw the the latest incendent. He got “pulled down”, fell back,and rolled legs over head. It was just too much to swallow and just looked silly. The fact is, he does dive….and flop.

    It is critical that he combine his incredible skills and talents with a different attitude regarding this issue to truly become a great player.

    It is, at times, embarrassing……..

    Jack Edwards is the aniti-Christ……. Sped

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      Give me a break. The guy is a rokkie for crying out loud. Look at that ape Chara falling on all 4’s from a check by Eller. Subban is the new face of the nhl. Deal with it, love it & learn to live with it.
      Sick & tired of all PK bashers. Kiss his Deriere.

    • Malreg says:

      If they want to bug you about that, then just show them the video of Chara diving to the ice after Eller taps him on the back to draw a penalty. Of course the karma on that play was Plekanec scoring shorthanded.

      Unfortunately diving is part of the game, and EVERY team does it. Anybody who thinks otherwise is just naive. There are several videos on Youtube of star players diving, but people only seem to react if it’s Crosby or if it’s a Canadien. Ovechkin, Crosby, Sedin, Dustin Brown, Chara, Luongo, Turco, Burrows… There’s also plenty of videos from the greats (Gretzky, Messier…) in the 80’s doing it as well, so it’s not some sort of new phenomenon.

    • nick says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much bitching and crying coming from the winning side of a playoff series. That said…

      BOS players don’t like Subban diving all over the place.
      MTL players weren’t big fans of the crap that Chara or Ferrence have pulled this season.

      In both cases, the officials haven’t stepped up to do away with either. Until they do so theres going to be much of the same.

      Last time I checked, wasn’t it Colin Campbell complaining about a certain Bruins player diving all over the place?

      • WindsorHab-10 says:

        Nothing but crap coming out of Boston. Fans, media, players & so on. Once a loser, always a loser. Losers.

        • habsindepth says:

          and ^This
          You are on a roll buddy.
          Web: – For the Fanatics
          Twitter: @habsindepth

        • st smart says:

          You do not know what your talking about as usual. You are just a low life mean spirited undereducated nothing…Oh by way, what is going on Boston; Celtics in NBA playoffs, Patriots and the NFL Draft, Red Sox moving up the AL East. Oh and the Bruins in next round of the NHL Playoffs. What’s going on in Montreal today? Snowing. Talk about losers, look in the mirror.

          • Sped says:

            Chara dove too…….and so do many others…….and that’s also lame and I don’t approve. But Subban does it more often than any Hab……..and he’s not really good at it…. he looks silly…..and he’d be better off without it in his bag of tricks.

            Don’t confuse my negativity towards him in this ONE area a me being a Subban hater……I love the guy…….but he needs to make an adjustment.

            Nuff said…..Sped

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      The one issue I have with you is coming on this site pretending to be a Habs fan.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Unfortunately…you’re right.

      It’s not only Subban and it’s not always just the Canadiens. The Bruins did their share of embellishing but the Canadiens far outweighed any team in the NHL.

      The problem is Montreal is so tiny that they can’t score even strength goals so they have to get them on the PP. So the only way to get on the PP when the other team is behaving is to dive.

      Gauthier has to find a way to get some bigger forwards on the top six that can battle for loose pucks in the offensive zone and score some even strength goals.

      If not we’ll have to dive all over the place and look like tools in order to get on the PP.

  41. RGM says:

    Playing around a little bit this morning with Capgeek and re-tooling the roster for 2011-12. I’m not attached to any of the particulars or anything, but there’s not too many names available on the market so I went with a couple FA additions and let Kostitsyn & Pouliot walk. I like the D, and re-upping with Markov is pretty much like adding a UFA since he wasn’t around for virtually any of last year. Bear in mind that these are the cap hits, not necessarily the same as the annual salaries.

    Player 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18

    FORWARDS (14)
    Gomez, Scott » $7,357,143 $7,357,143 $7,357,143 UFA
    Cammalleri, Mike » $6,000,000 $6,000,000 $6,000,000 UFA
    Plekanec, Tomas » $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000 UFA
    Gionta, Brian » $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000 UFA
    Upshall, Scottie $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $3,500,000
    Gagne, Simon $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $3,500,000
    Moen, Travis » $1,500,000 UFA
    Talbot, Maxime $1,500,000 $1,500,000
    Pacioretty, Max » $1,500,000 $1,500,000 $1,500,000
    Eller, Lars » $1,270,833 RFA
    Darche, Mathieu » $750,000 750,000
    White, Ryan » $605,000 $605,000
    Desharnais, David » $605,000 $605,000
    Pyatt, Tom » $550,000 $550,000
    Kostitsyn, Andrei » RFA
    Pouliot, Benoit » RFA
    Halpern, Jeff » UFA
    TOTAL SALARY $38,637,976

    Markov, Andrei » $4,500,000
    Wisniewski, James » $4,250,000 $4,250,000 $4,250,000
    Spacek, Jaroslav » $3,833,333 UFA
    Gorges, Josh » $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $3,500,000
    Gill, Hal » $1,250,000
    Subban, P.K. » $875,000 RFA
    Weber, Yannick » $750,000 $750,000
    Picard, Alexandre » RFA
    Hamrlik, Roman » UFA
    Sopel, Brent » UFA
    Mara, Paul » UFA
    TOTAL SALARY $18,958,333

    Price, Carey » $2,750,000 RFA
    Turco, Marty $1,100,000
    Auld, Alex » UFA
    TOTAL SALARY $3,850,000

    Laraque, Georges » $500,000
    SALARY CAP $62,200,000

    Carey Price is All Hart!
    Go Habs Go!
    Support my playoff beard:

    • christophor says:

      Those FAs will fetch way more than this, including Markov and Wiz.

    • Goderichab says:

      I must commend you on your research and the estimates made re the salaries for next season.
      Can not say I agree on all the retentions mentioned. Spacek is not worth the investment. Markov, if re-signed, short term to check future injury likelyhood. Let Sopel play the best he can get on free agency but no renewal as for Hamrlik, sorry but last legs.
      Mara is good for improvement, longer shelve life.
      AK and Benny, gone, try to keep Halpern, good defensive forward and face off man…
      The one mil plus for marty is a total waste…
      Having said that, I think your analyses is valid, just differences of opinion on certain players and their value.

      As for Gomez here is a burden that we unfortunately have to bear. Even his so called apology is resonating as a PR sound bite.

      There is an adage that says, if you keep doin what you’re doin, you’ll keep getting what you are getting.
      In his case, I personally believe he is resting on his laurels from NJ and is not willing to adapt to new duties as an elder statesman..
      May be great in the dressing room but the fans, and I hope management wants to see production on the ice!

      I think the players who showed up during the season deserve all the accolades for taking the team as far as they went. Some baggage needs to be shed.

      Management has been rebuilding this team for years, (not quite as long as Toronto) by plugging holes as they come up with rentals, to at least struggle to the play offs.
      It is time to bring up youth, suffer their growing pains but get to the Cup sooner. Re build the Bulldogs so we have the youth here to perform.
      Sure, the media and some fans/(see the Price/Havlat fiasco) will have a field day but in the long run, they’ll come around. Again, see the above quatation marks!

      This team, according to Hockey News, Gazette, TSN, and so called experts had the Habs missing the play offs at the on set of the season! That was before we lost Markov and Gorjes…. and the word on Price was he couldn’t hack it!!
      Look where they ended up and still these “experts” were on the band wagon…

      You survive the heat, don’t beleive anything they write about you and get out their and play the best game you have in you…
      Be teachable and you will survive, think you’ve made and you’re done!
      Thanks again for the summary of what lies in the future..let us hope management can bite the bullet and come up with some valid improvement and not reactions to the media.

    • MikeMcLaren says:

      I bet you $5 Turco won’t sign with the Canadiens.

      GO HABS GO!

  42. SeriousFan09 says:

    Sabres extend Ruff on a multi-year deal. Guess we’ll have to put up with the combover job’s crying to the refs a little longer.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

    • HardHabits says:

      Can you imagine anybody else coaching in Buffalo? Once Ruff is gone the Sabres will no doubt tank, and hard.

      If it wasn’t for Canadians crossing the border to watch games there that team would have folded ages ago.

      Say what you want about Ruff’s theatrics, he’s a damn good coach. One of the tops from the old school, along with Martin and Lemaire.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        What annoys me is the refs actually put up with his crap rather than slap him with a bench minor.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

        • HardHabits says:

          The refs could have slapped Gomez and Plex with misconducts for yapping at the refs. Only Gionta is supposed to talk to them.

          The difference is that Ruff yaps at the refs whereas JM doesn’t even engage them.

          Ruff my be over statement but Martin is understatement. I’d like to see a healthy balance.

          It was a perception that I had that at one point the players were getting tired of the system, because it’s:

          a) boring to play
          b) physically demanding
          c) stifles offensive creativity at the expense of defensive stodginess
          d) is difficult to execute game in and game out as it requires a lot of skating back and forth and requires much attention to detail

          I am losing patience with JM. He said this year the team, after having gotten his defensive system down would now start working on developing the offense. Well. The Habs were 24th over all in goals for, 8th over-all in goals against and 15th in terms of goals differential.

          Basically, I am tethering JM to Gomez. The two are one. JM coaches like Gomez plays.

  43. lenny says:

    is wiz comming back…i hope so

    I hate the Bruins, really I do!

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I have a bad feeling Wiz won’t be back for monetary reasons. With Markov, Gorges, coming back for bigger dollars their won’t be as much room for him. My question is why didn’t we let Webber play D when we had all the injuries. He is better than Sopel and Mara. Mara wasn’t that bad for us when he played but Webber has a great shot and wasn’t that bad on D. Let the kid play and develop instead of wasting pics on slow old d men who had zero impact

  44. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Gomez needs to man up and renegotiate his contract … downward. Take five or six million of the top each year. That would impress me. They always want to renegotiate when they have good years, don’t they?

  45. higginrs says:

    The Gomez Situation

    As a regular reader of HIO and the comment section, I have noticed an ongoing theme on Gomez all year. It goes a little something like this, to simplify:

    a) at one time Gomez was a great skater and creative play-maker, who contributed a fair share in goals

    b) since his time in NJ, Gomez has had diminishing seasons of effectiveness in his role as a centerman and he is overpaid for the kind of work he does

    c) many hoped that Gomez would “show-up” in the 2010-11 playoffs, as he somehow managed to do in 2009-10

    d) this year Gomez continued to diminish as an effective centerman, showed up for a couple of assists in the first game of the 2010-11 playoffs then for the remainder of the series “showed a lot of effort” (to use an oft repeated description of Gomez’s play throughout the year

    e) most would agree, including Gomez, it has been a very bad year

    f) a lot of us talk about seeing him traded, demoted to lesser minutes, or put into the Hamilton line-up, but most of us seem to believe he will remain in much the same role as this year

    My final point is what I think needs to be the basis of our discussion of Gomez from here on in. It is likely that he isn’t going anywhere and that his role will not change much. So, what does Gomez need to do to improve? I think Arpon Basu has written at least one great article on how Gomez can change his style of play to become a better centerman, but I’d like to hear more about that. What can Gomez do to improve? Really, if he’s going to remain on the team in the same role as this past year, what should he do to get better? He’s an “older” guy, but there are some older players who still play great (see Red Wings roster). What does an “older guy” need to do to compete with the younger guys?

    Having raised these questions, I propose that attitude is a big thing when you get to an “older” age. What I mean by that is, does Gomez think he’s “all that” and has forgotten to keep an open mind when dealing with coaches and teammates? As an older player, could it be easy to stop learning? Some players put it this way “if I keep doing what I’m doing, eventually things will come around.”

    I know there are some good thinkers on this forum who post thoughtful ideas, and I’d love to hear from them about what Gomez realistically needs to do to improve. I’m tired of hearing the same old yap about “Gomez sucks” and “he’s over-paid”, which even the media seems to get caught up in. Time for some fresh discussion on Gomez.

    • kakey says:

      The thing that he needs to stop doing too often is that little cute drop pass to nobody after having that great rush to the offensive zone, when in many cases he could have the option of going at the net WITH the puck instead of without it. This will create more chances around the net, which his buddy Gionta is very good at, instead of the mostly unsuccessful peripheral play.

      He just have to reprogram his hockey part of his brain. But most players are hard to change at his age.

      • higginrs says:

        Fair observation. Essentially, I hear you saying that he needs to go to the net.

        So why isn’t Gomez going to the net?
        -mentally, he thinks he is going to the net? (but really isn’t)
        -mentally, he’s afraid to go to the net and get a beating?
        -mentally, he’s lazy and figures he’s put in his due in the NHL and now he just collects his paycheque?
        mentally, he just doesn’t “remember” how to go to the net. He looks into the crowd of defense and can’t figure a route to the area he needs to be or even where that area is?

        There are some ideas around the “go to the net” problem. I wonder what you all think about it. And, so what? How can he solve the issue?

        • CHsam says:

          I think he’s afraid to go to the net and get a beating.

          • higginrs says:

            CBC showed a pile of replays of Gomez rushing to the net, then breaking away from it and floating in the corner.

        • kakey says:

          He is in fact going to the net most of the time, only after leaving the puck near the blue line to a startled teammate, or worst, to nobody.

          Subban does the same rush coast to coast except that he goes deep with the puck, tries some play and returns immediately to his defensive position. If Gomez can to the same, the team doubles their scoring chances everytime one of them is on the ice. He does not even need to shot or pass, just take the puck deep and start from there.

          • higginrs says:

            Ha ha! I love picturing Subban going coast-to-coast!! As much as I love seeing it, because of the way it causes havoc in the defensive coverage of our opponents, I get nervous cause I am always wondering if our forwards are covering his spot.

            Your point is well-taken, though. If Gomez attacks the net, and not just the blue line, he creates more trouble for the opposition and gives his teammates something to jump on.

    • huge_polar_bear says:

      I think he just needs to spend more time with a player like Darche. Habs can hire Chelios as a fitness coach and give him Gomez and Pouliot as “special projects” both players need to be reminded that your talent will help you get to the NHL but to have a good career you need to work you a$$ off. Look at Crosby he is always tweaking something in his game (ok when he’s playing). Look at Ovechkin his personal stats are the worst of his career but he is slowly learning to play a 2 way game. The harder you work the more succesful you will be… simple as that…

      Now if I could only convince myself to follow my own words of wisdom, ah hell let’s fix the Habs first…

      • higginrs says:

        I love this reply because it recognizes the efforts of a guy like Darche. When I saw the CBC footage of his career, I was surprised to see Darche at 228lbs (I think that’s what they said he was)! But now he’s a trim and strong 180lbs (roughly). He worked hard to improve his athleticism.

        Good idea lumping Pouliot in there. I think he’s another guy who needs to improve his athleticism. To me, I think his core strength is the problem. His frequent blow-outs have to do with being weak. Think about the strength it takes to skate hard, at sharp angles, while controlling your arms to maintain puck control, all the while fending off opponents who check. Pouliot’s legs give out without even being touched cause he’s tired.

        So Gomez could benefit from getting his strength back up. With improved strength comes confidence to go to the “dirty” areas.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I think the real reson why everyone rags on gomez is not just his lack of production he just plain looks lazy out there. He always skates in just past the blue line and makes a blind pass to no one giving the puck away or takes a shot (rarely) from way to the outside. Honestly watch a game and count how many times he does it. It will make you pull your hair out. He also makes a ton of mental mistakes on his defensive plays by not taking his man. Game in and game out that is all he did all season long.

      I really find it hard to believe the coaching staff were not giving him tips on how to play better and watching old game tape for examples.

      The answer should be simple, play simple and drive to the net. Get into the dirty spots on the ice and good things will happen. Gomez has shown he isn’t willing to do that. I really think the problem must be between the ears. Players do have off years but Gomez seems to be on a steady decline. He should be putting up a minimum of 65 points a season.

      Maybe DD can give him some tips on effort. If DD can get into the dirty areas why can’t Gomez?

      • higginrs says:

        This post here makes me think of one word PREDICTABLE.

        So how do players like Gomez relearn what it takes to “mix it up”?

        Just a thought, I wonder what the stats say about Gomez’s production when he was on the line with Max Pac? Here’s why I think it matters: because if Max was creative (which I think he was), then Gomez was forced to have to play difference, and therefore less predictably.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          Simple, change your game plan. Gomez didn’t change anything all year. If you play the same style every game then people can defend against you quickly. Go to the net. Watch old clips of Gomez goals he was in the dirty areas around the net. Watch his goals now and you will see a difference.
          No offense but Max P brought that line up cause of Max P not Gomez. Max would go to the dirty areas and grind out the goals and he has wiked speed. Not to mention he actually looked better with DD on the powerplay and I think could score more playing with him or pleks than with gomez.
          I agree Gomez didn’t always have the best line mates but he sure made Cammy, Gio and AK look bad when he played with them. JM tried to get him going with numerous line combo’s (sometimes way to short) but nothing worked. Make all the excuses you want, Gomez needs to put the effort in to change his play.The only person who can get Gomez going is Gomez.


          Pay attention wo where he was on the majority of the goals. He was driving the net not the perimeter getting in the dirty areas.

  46. avatar_58 says:

    Anyone else just not give a rats fanny about the rest of the post season? I’m not even going to watch it. I may *gasp*…..go outside

    • shiram says:

      I love hockey, but after a whole season, watching nearly 90 games, I think a break will do me a ton of good.

    • huge_polar_bear says:

      I may tune in for a game or two here and there mostly in the cup final especially if Vancouver makes it cause the cup may as well come back to a Canadian team if it can’t come back to Montreal. But outside, that’s a interesting concept…

    • higginrs says:

      I only missed 4 regular season games and watched the full 7 games of the Habs playoffs. I don’t intend on watching a single bit more of the post-season. I can catch the highlights to see how the rest of the finals go.

      I live in Hamilton and it has been rainy and generally cold. I go out jogging 6 times a week, and I am desperate for some sun.

    • JF says:

      I love the post-season and plan to watch as much of it as possible. I especially plan to enjoy watching the Flyers pound the crap out of the dirty Bs.

  47. Danno says:



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  48. lenny says:

    Still going through withdrawal, we should be talking about the Caps right now!
    Can’t wait for next year, but it usually takes a couple of weeks to get into it….
    There is nothing like the playoffs, especially if you’re lucky enough to go to a game at the bell center

    I hope they resign Wiz, 2nd point getter on the team wicked shot and tough, not to mention a good Defenseman….

    I hate the Bruins, really I do!

  49. Grumpyoldhab says:

    For a team of cheap-shot-artists, the Broons are sure a bunch of cry-babies. What a bunch of classless imbeciles.

  50. arcosenate says:

    Oh by the way, I forgot to mention what a big, fat disgusting slob Cam Neely is. I wonder how many hotdogs he goes through every game, 25-30? Surprised he’s not covered in mustard and ketchup 24 hours a day. His constant outrage must make it a real treat for Chiarelli to watch the game with him. Food particles and beer and whole chicken wings flying out of his big fat lips all over the booth must be a joy to experience. Too bad Ulfie didn’t calcify his head, it would have been an improvement.

    • huge_polar_bear says:

      I understand your frustration but your comment is classless and reminds me of the ones we are all complaining about from Bruin fans and their sportscasters… We are better then that…

      • arcosenate says:

        Speak for yourself.

        You may be better than that but I ain’t.

        Cam Neely eats 4,000 hotdogs, 200 whole chickens per game and he’d eat you too if you were close by.

        And if Ulfie had calcified his head the world would be a better place with more hotdogs and whole chickens to go around.

        That classy enough for you?

        • huge_polar_bear says:

          Classy, well no… but you did make me chuckle. Although “he’d eat you too if you were close by” Not sure… us Polar Bears are pretty big. Those 4000 hotdogs and 200 chicken sound like a breakfast up here in the arctic.

  51. shiram says:

    Markov and Gill will be back, Wiz most likely not. Weber will be signed as well. Don’t see Mara, Picard or Sopel as coming back either. Try to shop Spacek in the off season, but if not diminish his role greatly.
    Markov, Gill, Spacek bring a good veteran presence, while Subban and Weber are the young quick Dman with a scoring touch. That leaves 2 spot to fill up in free agents, to hopefully toughen up our D and make sure we have good puck moving defence.

    On offence, it gets trickier, and if the team is committed to the cup, they might have to pull some surprising moves. One of the small forwards should be moved even if they plays very well, if only so we can “enbiggen” the 2 top lines.
    I thought AK46 might come back, but the more I think about it, the more I have my doubts about him, and how the team would want to retain him.
    If they want to build a cup contender, alot of moves needs to be done, and some are going to be surprising.
    Luckily we have a good core of players, and a solid goalie to rely on, and plenty of young players that can definately keep on improving.

    • bel33 says:

      Are you forgetting about Georges???

      • shiram says:

        No, no I did not but I did forget about Gorges, and I felt like I was missing someone when posting that. Thanx.

        So that’s one spot to fill on D. Again moving Spacek would help alot, even thougn I like the guy, he seems to be in the way of the Habs being a top contending team.

        • ths says:

          get rid of Hammer and Spacek dats it dats all

          Ooh Aah Habs on the war path

          • shiram says:

            I like both of them actually, and I think where the skills and ability they have has fallen, their experience kinda makes up for it, but we need better than half-measures, and it’s easier to change the D around this time, as only 2 defenceman are signed.

    • Timo says:

      sure… and here is your pushover D all over again. No thank you.

      • shiram says:

        That’s my prediction, not really what I would want.
        But getting rid of Spacek and Hamr is a step in the right direction, and Gorges is no pushover if not an overly physical player.

  52. arcosenate says:

    There’s no getting around the fact that Gomez is done as an impact player, he does not have what it takes anymore, the only choice is to eat his salary and send him to Hamilton. It hurts but there it is, we need a top centre to take the pressure off Pleks. Gomez cannot do the job, go out and get Richards if at all possible.

    The 5 on 5 play was terrible, we need a supporting cast that can provide a bit of offence once in a while. What a shame Pouliot has such a 10 cent head, he could have been a big help.

    Maybe Desharnais will be able to help but we really need a bit of size to deal with teams like the Bruins, smack them around a bit.

    Anyway, pleased with the effort but do not want to see Gomez back at all.

  53. lenny says:

    I hope Wiz is back

    I hate the Bruins, really I do!

  54. habs03 says:

    You sign Markov or Wiz, go with Markov. Then its Gill or Hamrlik, easy choice in Gill. That gives us Markov-Gorges,Gill-Subban, Spacek(Try to trade Spacek)-UFA, extra Weber and Picard. Upfront, not much change, look for Pouliot and Kost to be used as trade bait, I say we trade for Eric Fehr, had an offseason so we can get him somewhat cheap. Max-Gomez-Gio- Cammy-Pleck-Fehr, mix of speed,size and scoring.

    • observer says:


      Pouliot as trade bait!


      • Mr. Biter says:

        Love the Pouliot comment, Regarding AM I really don’t think we should and if our recent history dealing with injured players going into UFA I don’t think it should change. SS , Komo, Schneider Tanguay,etc all older and skilled players who ended their playing time with the Habs with serious injuries and were signed by others for large contracts and for the most have been busts since they left (Tanguay rebounded this year). AM and his agent are going to want a long term contract at before injury $$$$$ as they want to make sure if he gets hurt he still gets paid for 3 more years and you can see their point. However if PG signs him and he is a shadow of his former self we’ve wasted a lot of cap money. I’m happy with a 1 year deal to see how he plays then prehaps a long term to finish his career here but no way a long term deal. Georges is a different type of player and even if a bit slower is bigger and tougher so sign him and the Wiz for Am’s salary and there probably be money to go around.
        Also Eller is going to be GREAT. Seperate your sholder pop it in yourself and contiune. Lots of toughness here. Put on a few pounds and he will be a force to reckon with.

        Mr. Biter

  55. observer says:

    Gauthier – ”
    “Once the season starts, it becomes more reactive as we saw this season with the injuries. It doesn’t stop. It never ends. You’re always trying to improve your club 365 days a year. There’s an old saying: ‘When you snooze, you lose.’ We can’t afford to snooze.”

    “We were a goal away”.

    “We thought we had a good chance.(para.)”


    Well Wakey! Wakey! Old man all the teams in the playoffs were this seaon as there are no great or superior teams anymore. And that is why though you say it, you don’t do it. You and that high school dropout Gainey who was the previous brain of this team, your advisor now, you never at any trade deadline really bolstered the team except in 2004 with Kovalev – it worked then.

    And what kind of delayed reaction is it when “as the season starts” when you almost immediately lose your very best defenseman and you don’t replace him or even add a defenseman of any or in this case – far less quality – add him only after you also lose Gorges for the season. Also getting rid of Obyrnne making it down 3 defensemen before acquiring Wisniewski.

    Habs obviously were competitive to win it all this year despite your bungling, despite you not as usual doing anything to remedy the Habs main problem this year – scoring on 5 on 5. You did nothing. Habs fell a goal short in 3 nights. Just 1 of those nights one goal and they’re still playing – but you claim success with a first round elimination.

    The stupidos here all defendred your real non-action – I am not talking reaction to injuries- I am talking of adding a Penner or some scorer that Habs needed – these geniuses said ” well Gauthier sees we can’t win a title this year so he isn’t willing to MORTGAGE the future.”

    Well I say they were close and you try to get your team over the hump , to win another series or more. BTW – Gauthier already mortgaged the future trading away a #1 and #2 for Tanguay, #2s for Schneider, Lang,Moore, Wisniewski, other top picks traded away Higgins scored last night as he alone outscored Gomez, McDonagh, Latendresse , Ribeiro, Ryder pplays pretty good, Obyrnne, Grabovski, S Kostitsyn, Dagostini, etc. ——— yes this old 31 year loser in this league has ALREADY MORTGAGED THE FUTURE FOR NOTHING.

    Read te story as i said almost the entire free cap room will be used on a bare defense. Those forwards who are too small are 90% of next years forwards.

    Gauthier has never taken a NHL team as far as the Stanley Cup Finals series let alone win the Cup.



    • joshua94k says:

      “Well Wakey! Wakey! Old man all the teams in the playoffs were this seaon as there are no great or superior teams anymore. And that is why though you say it, you don’t do it. You and that high school dropout Gainey who was the previous brain of this team, your advisor now, you never at any trade deadline really bolstered the team except in 2004 with Kovalev – it worked then.”

      The high school drop-out was the GM that won a Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars in 1999. He is also a five time Stanley Cup winner, Selke winner, Conn Smythe winner, he jersey is retired by the Canadiens. They don’t teach that in high school.

      “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

      • observer says:

        yes the dropout won the cup BEFORE there was a cap. and he played on teams that had super stars on it. lafleur, robinson, dryden, shutt, etc, etc. he was a checker an excellent checker but had he played for kansas city or whoever you never would have heard of him. i think he had one 20 goal season his entire career. tallon a player built tat chicago team that won the cup but everyone here calls him stupid.

        his sweater was retired by habs WHEN HE BECAME GM 2 days before NOT after the trade deadline when everyone here was being told habs were going to get hossa – obvious gillett/gainey move and there was no intention to get hossa then.

        gauthier is now the PROGRAM GM he is 0 for 31 years in the league.

        would the prestigious yankees ever let a guy with such a record be their GM?


        • joshua94k says:

          “yes the dropout won the cup BEFORE there was a cap. and he played on teams that had super stars on it. lafleur, robinson, dryden, shutt, etc, etc. he was a checker an excellent checker but had he played for kansas city or whoever you never would have heard of him. i think he had one 20 goal season his entire career. tallon a player built tat chicago team that won the cup but everyone here calls him stupid.”

          How many GMs won a CUP during the Cap era? As a GM your are dealing with other GMs who don’t have a CAP issue either.

          The legendary Russian hockey coach Anatoly Tarasov called Bob Gainey the best player in the world during the late 70s. He was on Team Canada in 1976, 1981, 1982, 1983, Team NHL 1979. to question his abilities as a player is ridiculous. He is a Hall of Famer for a reason and The Hockey News ranked him 86 in their top 100 players of all time. He would be a talent anywhere. Teams would always look to acquire a player like him and he would eventually end up on a winner if he didn’t play for the Habs. Remember Butch Goring and John Tonelli who were acquired by the Islanders.

          His jersey was retired in honour of his playing career. It had nothing to do with him geing a GM.

          The Yankees had Steinbrenner, Martin (with their hiring and firing circus) and a huge bank vault supplying their payroll. Gauthier has only been with the Canadiens for less than two years and the Canadiens made the play-offs both years.

          Despite playing with a depleted line-up they made the play-offs and Gauthier has right to be proud of this team, unlike teams that promise being a contender year after year and never make the play-offs. Remember what Burke said after the 2010 season.

          “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

        • avatar_58 says:

          Look I like me some Hossa, but he’s not a “build a team around him” superstar.

    • mdp2011 says:

      “The stupidos here all defendred your real non-action – I am not talking reaction to injuries- I am talking of adding a Penner…”
      Wow, you really are an idoit, why don’t you ask L.A. how Penner worked out for them??? I am sure L.A. would take a mulligan on that trade if they could.

      • observer says:

        i said penner or any forward who could solve the habs worst proble. kings won 2 games over a far superior team san jose and nearly won more because at least they TRIED TO BOLSTER THEIR TEAM. They like habs suffered a huge injury AFTER the deadline but adding penner still helped their kopitar-less team. yes – they too or pittsburgh can claim satisfaction with first round losses – no way! only the montreal dimwits claim some moral victory in losing again.

        this is not the la kings or the atlanta thrashers

        the habs used to have tradition.

        now everyone laughs at their idiot fans happy with a team led by bad management for the last 18 years. habs have won ONE sing series AFTER the first round in 18 years. have not won a 3rd round series in 18 years.

        dont worry be happy!

    • kempie says:

      Notice how nobody bothers to reply to your posts anymore?

  56. lenny says:

    I hope we sign Wiz

    I hate the Bruins, really I do!

  57. Max_a_million says:

    Interesting how I got bashed by so many for being crazy, dumb, boneheaded, etc saying that Pacioretty would be ready by the end of the first round, and now he was cleared to have played for the next game.

    So many ‘experts’ on here who talk without knowing what they are talking about.

  58. joshua94k says:

    It is sad to read Red Fisher’s article. He seems to have a short memory. He reflects back to the 84 play-offs with the Canadiens leading ther series against the the Islanders 2-0 but has it wrong when he says the Habs opened the series on the road. They won the first two games at home.

    He praises the Bruins for their grit for winning game 7 and two others in overtime but fails to see the Bruins escape this series by the skin of their teeth. He has no compliments for a Canadiens team that came back from a 3-0 deficit in Game 3 and nearly sent the game in overtime. This is a team that supposedly cannot come from behind, they don’t have the offence to do that, say the experts. In Game 6 despite a disheartning disallowed goal, they had to fight to get the lead twice and tie the series. In game 7 a tired and injured team was down 2-0, the building in Boston was rocking, the team looked dejected on the bench. With the weak offence they have, many felt that it is game over. But the leadership on this team and on the bench never let the team feel it had no chance. Price was resilient, the Canandiens showed grit and came back to tie the game. The Bruins got the lead again by scoring a goal with two infractions that were missed by two referees, a speering on Hamrlik and a high stick prior to that. Again the Canadiens did not quit, despite the thuggery by the Bruins with hits from behind and crosss checks etc, they scored a goal late in the game to tie it. THis was an amazing effort by as team that was severly battered (Eller, Halpern, Wisnieski, Subban etc) but didn’t quit.

    They didn’t quit all season. Red Fisher questioned Carey Price ‘s ability to lead this team, he called the trade of Halak the biggest blunder of all time. Till now he has not given credit to Price for his excellent play this season.

    He hasn’t given credit to this team with its numerous key injuries and didn’t pick them to make the play-offs. He picked the Leafs, Devils, Sabres, to finish ahead of them.

    It seems he has a grudge against this team. He only wrote his random articles when he found something negative to say about the Canadiens.

    IT is sad to read from a legendary writer.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

    • PeterStone says:

      “It is sad to read Red Fisher’s article. He seems to have a short memory. He reflects back to the 84 play-offs with the Canadiens leading ther series against the the Islanders 2-0 but has it wrong when he says the Habs opened the series on the road. They won the first two games at home. ”

      No they didnt. They opened in Long Island.

      • joshua94k says:

        The series opened in Montreal. Check the Gazette archives. I clearly remember watching that series. It opened in Montreal and fans were heckling Al Arbour, the Islanders coach after one of the wins. It was a rare sight to see the restrained coach losing it and trying to get at the crowds and being held back by the police or security. The Canadiens lost in game six on Long Island. It was Danny Gallivan’s last game on HNIC. The series turning point was when Brian Trottier hit Bob Gainey from behind and Gainey was out for the series. Till that point the Islanders top line was shut down by Montreal.

        “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

        • PeterStone says:

          you sure ? I went to a game, and quite sure we had lost it.

          • joshua94k says:

            The Canadiens lost game 5 at the Forum. A shorthanded goal by Clark Gilles, I believe, turned the tide in a close game.

            “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

        • G-Man says:

          Gainey had both shoulders separated by that cheap shot. He played anyway.

    • observer says:



      When habs win in 7 on a late goal – they are great – the other team is garbage.

      ill tell you one thing most of todays sports fans are effing idiots.

      starting with the sweater wearers, the face painters, the ole ole singers, the na na na goodbye singers up 2 goals in the first period of a december game.

      habs fans have become such a joke that the habs FANS are mocked in other arenas.

      habs used to they used to be the greatest nhl team and their fans were the smartest and best and unbiased fans in hockey.

  59. HabinBurlington says:

    PG won’t send Gomez to Hamilton, but he should at least be able to convince ownership to buyout Spacek if he doesnt’ get picked up on waivers.

    Great Effort Boys, PG get to work this Summer!

  60. G-Man says:

    After reading those articles on the Bruins and their comments after the series, I hope it goes 7 games and is complete smash-mouth hockey. Neither of these 2 goon shows will have anything left for Washington, which will kill Tampa in 5.
    I hope to see some long-term injuries to players like Mike Richards, Chara, and middle-finger Ference. I’d love to see Marchand’s mouth sewn shut because a Flyer breaks his jaw.
    Why all this? Well, hockey is a physical game, isn’t it? Why not cater to the knuckledraggers here and in those 2 cities we love to hate.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Don’t worry Philly will give Boston more than they can handle. We had zero offense in this series and Philly has lots of it. Our Faceoffs were bad. As much as we can say we battle, the habs blew this series. When you are up 2 games and have a 2 goal lead in Game four and you lose you have shot yourself in the foot. These mistakes were from definsive mishaps as we were too thin on the back end. If Markov and Gorges were in the line up we would have one there is no doubt. We could have traded for an offensive forward instead of Sopel or Mara.

      But Don’t worry about Boston. They will crumble. They proved they are not good enough to win. They didn’t have a single pp goal and their top lines are not scoring.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Love it, full out roman gladiators being fed to the lions. Pronger will be allowed to stick/elbow/kick any bruin in sight. Only to then find out Thornton will be allowed to do the same back along with Chara.

      Great Effort Boys, PG get to work this Summer!

    • HabsFanInTampa says:

      “Washington will kill Tampa in 5”. Hmm G-Man, I don’t know about that. Their regular season series went 2-3-1 in favor of Washington and the games were always close.

  61. Ali says:

    No audio of Gauthier’s press conference?

    Oh Captain my Captain…

  62. JF says:

    You would think the Bruins organization, their fans, and the Boston media could show some class after their win. Is it so difficult to be gracious in victory? I can’t imagine the Habs organization speaking less than respectfully about any of their opponents. Gauthier absolutely refused to be drawn on the question of whether the hit on Pacioretty made the defeat any more bitter; he simply said the Bruins are a very good team, there’s always been a strong rivalry with them, and any defeat in a situation like that is bitter. He spoke with eloquence, dignity, and class.

    • onlychineseguy says:

      Boston Bruins’ last Cup win: 1972. Almost as pathetic as the Leafs. I rest my case.

      • Mullie01 says:

        This is the same city that wouldn’t stop bashing the Yankees even though they lost every time it mattered for 86 years against them. Guys, you won, get over it and focus on Philly. They won’t be as easily pushed around.

        It is funny how they accuse Montreal of being whiners, yet they can’t stop complaining about our rookie defenseman or the refs. I am sure we all have a few words about Marchand, but the guy can play and we respect that. They have no respect and won’t win anything until they do.

    • RGM says:

      You would think that, but then you take a look at the person that is the voice of the Bruins and it all becomes clear as to why their fans have so little class.

      Carey Price is All Hart!
      Go Habs Go!
      Support my playoff beard:

  63. huge_polar_bear says:

    I am always worried when after a first round outing the GM says he is proud of his team. Yes there has been a lot of adversity this year but the ultimate prize is no where close yet.

    Here is the problem as I see it:
    “top six forward” Cammalleri, Plecanec, Gionta, maybe Pach depending if he is affraid to go into the corners or not and Gomez (yes I know, but look at it from the management side, they will give him a chance to bounce back no matter how frustrated we the fans are with him) We are missing one more and hopefully he comes with some size and a scoring touch.

    Your “bottom six” become Eller, Moen, DD, Pyatt, White, Pouliot, AK, Darche, Halpern… So for cap issues let’s say we loose AK and Pouliot like suggested by HIO staff in their articles today. With the scoring touch that Webber showed in the playoffs why not try him as a more permanent forward then defence since we have a logjam on the back end. We still have 1 centerman too many and if all where over 6′ that would be great depth but they aren’t. Eller showed some promise in the playoffs, Halpern is the best faceoff guy we have and DD was the best player in Hamilton. What to do?

    Our defence well you all know the situation there… no need to re-hash it Georges and Markov will probably get another chance this year to see how they responded to surgeries (it’s not like Gauthier to just trade Markov now as some are suggesting) Gill may be gone if Georges can fill the mentorship role with PK but I would like to keep him a while longer. Sopel, Mara are gone. Gauthier will probably resign Hammer for way less money because of once again the services rendered this year where Hammer was asked to play way too much hockey for his age. We’re stuck with Spacek and same situation as Hammer Gauthier will show loyalty and not trade him because of the workload this year. So bye bye Wiz (too bad I thought he was a good fit, and no not a Markov replacement and not as bad as Sourray was either). The only surprise that I see is if Gauthier keeps Wiz and thanks Hammer for his long time service… but I doubt it.

    In nets, we’re set. Once again Gauthier will show loyalty and re-sign Auld because he knows his place, doesn’t cost much, and had decent back-up numbers this year.

    So what does all the above tell you, the team will look remarkably similar to the one we iced this year. Maybe addition of some scoring if we can land that 1 missing top 6 forward… maybe…

    Or maybe I’m way off and Gauthier makes some serious moves… Doesn’t sound like him does it? Nope, I doubt it…

    • PeterStone says:

      I agree .. Markov should be back. All elite teams have a great Defense. Ideally you could sign Markov for 2 years at 5-5.5M per. Gorges 4yrs- 2.5M$ per. If I am PG .. i am trying to move Spacek. With 1 yr left on his deal, I think his contract is movable, especially considering the CBA is coming to an end. Many teams wont want to commit to FAs beyond this season. If we can deal him than I think Wiz is worth 3 yrs @ 3.5M per. Add Gill to that, and you have a very solid 7 Dee. The one thing about this, is how much ice time does Weber get …

      Up front, if Gomez is back next season, its going to be another long one. It would be nice to add some toughness .. Max Talbot is UFA … or trade for a guy like JBoll in Columbus … but please .. get some toughness on this team.

      • G-Man says:

        I sign Markov for 1 season and see if he is now too brittle to play. Gorges is RFA so he’s due a decent raise, even though he completely pi$$ed me off with a 6 year old injury that should have been repaired that long ago (what an idiot). Gill for 2 seasons for a total of $5 mil.
        Re-sign AK for his requisite raise (only forward we have with any size at all) of 10% more. If he falters again, trade him away. Speaking of faltering, Pouliot must take skating lessons as well as strengthening his upper body and core. If he keeps falling down all by his lonesome, send him to Hamilton.
        Love to see Talbot in Montreal- he is a heart and soul guy.
        Wiz for $3.5mil with his numbers- he will be offered $5mil for 2 easily so I think he is out of Montreal’s price range.

        • PeterStone says:

          ideally, yea, but you wont get Markov for 1 year …

          I am not so sure Wiz will get much more than 4M$. Everyone said that Komisarek was going to get 6M$ and he got overpaid at 4.5M$. Wiz has some things I like ( toughness ), but his defense is average. Having said that I bet he doesnt get more than 4M$ .. i see him like a Francois Beauchemin type DMan … he signed for under 4M$.

        • huge_polar_bear says:

          I like the Max Talbot idea, hometown boy as well and that is always appreciated in Montreal.

  64. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I called Tim Thomas a class act in one of my posts yesterday. I had not heard his comment about Subban. It’s really sad making comments like this when you are surrounded with a team that excells on cheap shots, hits to the head & disrespect to hockey in general such as Ferrence’s middle finger salute to 21,000 fans that went practically unpunished. What goes around comes around and I have no doubt that those goons/idiots from Boston will pay.

  65. zedder81 says:

    The part that stings is that the Booins insulted us with their verbal jabs and dirty play all year. We didn’t respond in the media and couldn’t respond on the ice. I hate those guys for so many reasons including they caused me to lose a bet at work for a coffee.

    In my life the Habs have won 8 Stanley Cups and the Leafs 0. How can you put a value on that?

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      That’s why you have classy organizations around the league like Montreal and bottom feeders like Boston. Boston Bruins, fans, management, players etc.., are so jealous of the Montreal Canadiens because we have schooled & owned those suckers for years. Yes they beat us this year (barely) but small & injured as we are, we exposed them for what they really are. Big for nothing with zero skills.

  66. PeterStone says:

    I think its pretty clear … Boston is a city with a major complex. Lets look at the facts … the Yankees are the class team in MLB and the Habs in the NHL, the Lakers in the NBA and the Cowboys in the NFL …Boston is like the class bully, needs constant attention. Its the ADD city of America.

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  68. Hobie Hansen says:

    36hrs later it doesn’t hurt any less. The thing that hurts the most is not the fact that we lost on the scoreboard but the disrespectful comments coming from the Boston fans and media. What hurts the most is they actually have a valid point.

    Mitch Melnick and Chris Nilan were hosting their live radio show yesterday and a handful of callers from Boston called in to razz the Canadiens a bit. Melnick and Nilan did their best to stick up for the Canadiens as all the Bruins fans accused the Habs of being divers, show boaters and over all a pussy team. However, you could sense it in their voices, Melnick and Nilan, that deep inside they knew it was true.

    I know we were a goal away from knocking off the Bruins and its possible I wouldn’t be thinking this was had they won but Pierre Gauthier and company better damn well get some physical players on the ice for next year. I’ve tried to buy into the fact that this is the new NHL and violence and fighting is slowly phased out but as Wayne Gretzky would say; that’s a crock of crap!

    Look at Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Pittsburgh and the list could go on and on…They’ve all got a handful of guys that would drop their gloves to defend a teammate or answer the bell in a heart beat.

    There’s toughness in terms of fighting and hitting, which I was just speaking of and then there’s toughness as in digging in the corners, coming up with puck and scoring while on 5-5.

    The Canadiens are so small that it’s impossible for them to score even strength. They know they’re only going to score on the PP so they have to dive and try and draw penalties.

    So over the summer I want to see somebody brought in to help Pacioretty dig for pucks and add some size that can play on the top two lines. I also want to see two real mean and nasty players come in that will smash any opposing player in the face the second they take liberties against the Habs.

    This is still the National Hockey League and not professional soccer. Fighting and violence is still a major part of the game, like it or not! If I have to sit through another season of watching other teams take shots at the Canadiens on and off the ice, without so much as someone raising an eyebrow, I’ll be sick to my stomach. It’s not the Canadian way what so ever!!!

  69. adam76 says:

    Wow – B’s vs the Flyers. Its like Aids vs Cancer – who do you pull for?

  70. bel33 says:

    Tim ThomaSS… and his ridiculous floppy style will be crushed by the Flyers and the way they attack the net. Just like Patches did when he was healthy. The real travesty is that a horrible style like that can be made to look good over a season and that chump gets a nod for the Vezina. When’s the schedule come out? I’m trying my best for Habs Bruins tickets next year… and making the drive to Mtl from Toronto.

  71. Propwash says:

    Eff the Broonz and their ignorance and hypocracy. I don’t like Philly either, but I hope they destroy the B’s physically and on the scoreboard.

  72. Laramy87 says:

    So let me get this straight, Thomas is calling the Habs a travesty to the game for diving. So when Halpern gets blindsided, Spacek hit from behind and bloodied, Max drivin into a stanchion, Habs are divers? A high stick to the face etc EVERY player goes down and so they should it hurts if it has ever happened to you.
    I wish i could walk up to Thomas and just say you play for the Bruins and your goons are a travesty to the league. I guess Thomas though Ferences deliberant headshot to Halpern was okay and believed the middle finger was a “equipment malfunction”. I dont know if it is possible but ihate the Bruins even more than i did.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      NHL hockey is Bruins hockey now. That’s why it sucks.

    • DarthWade says:

      On a message board I visit there’s a guy (a Boston fan) who went on a big rant about PK Subban and how disgusting a player he is because he’s a “dirty rotten player and I don’t understand why anyone would want him.”

      Meanwhile he completely ignores his own team with their class acts.

      You’d think they’d be happy with the series win but no, they still have to bitch about us. That’s one positive about this: I love how we get under their skin this much.

      • Laramy87 says:

        PK is dirty rotten player????? HOW

        This guy is 22 and is going to be a huge star in this league. I seriously beleive alot of ppl (outside out MTL) look at his skin colour and automatically think he is a goon. Its sad but probably true.

        I love PK i would never give up anything for hime. He just loves to play the game and thats a fresh thing in this league.

      • Propwash says:

        Pfft, he’d say the opposite if PK was playing for them.

  73. 24 Cups says:

    Pat Hickey states that AK46, Pouliot and Hamrlik probably won’t be back next year. That may make some people happy but just remember that there is no one in the system who is ready to replace them. That means we will be dipping into the UFA market or making some kind of NHL trade.

    It should be interesting seeing that you usually have to overpay when signing UFAs. Not to mention Montreal’s poor track record when trading for NHL roster players.

    • Laramy87 says:

      I have a feeling they will bring back AK for one year to bring him to UFA and then it will be done for him, unless he has a superb year

    • JF says:

      Steve – I listened to Gauthier’s press conference and didn’t get the impression Kostitsyn, Pouliot, and Hamrlik wouldn’t be back. Gauthier did not give any direct answers about any player. He insisted the organization needs to get a bit of distance from the emotional end to the season before weighing all options and making decisions. I don’t remember his answering any questions about Kostitsyn; about Pouliot, he simply said he had contributed to the team’s successes. On defence, he didn’t mention Hamrlik particularly; he just said paying 11 defencemen didn’t work well against the cap, he would look at the cases of Markov and Gorges, and he was glad to have a lot of options.

      I think Kostitsyn will be back. He had a bad Game 7 but was one of our better forwards down the stretch, and his combination of skill, size, and toughness is hard to replace at a comparable price. I’m not sure about Pouliot; he’s still young enough that he could get it all together, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get one more year, unless JM has had it with him. And I hope they bring Hamrlik back at a reduced salary and with less ice-time.

      • Bob_Sacamano says:

        I don´t know why Hamrlik would be back but Pouliot and especially Kostitsyn? Pouliot is not that expensive and still has the potential to become at least he decent 3rd liner who can score 15 goals. Kostitsyn on the other hand, yes we get it, he is inconsistent but overall still worth 3.5 million.

        Remember how much we are paying Cammalleri and Gionta and they were hardly better than him during the regular season? Remember that he and Pacioretty are our only top 6 wingers who have some size…?

      • 24 Cups says:

        I agree, Jane. I think there’s room for all three next year. Just as long as they are all one year deals. The only question is will we want to have three older guys on the D. Spacek’s back for sure so that means it might be a toss-up between Gill and Hammer.

        Markov, Subban, Gorges, Weber and Spacek seem likely (Markov means no Wiz). That leaves just two spots and we have no real physical presence on the back end. Assuming you see that as a real need, it would mean there is only room for one of Gill or Hamrlik as we bring in a new Dman via trade or free agency.

        • Bob_Sacamano says:

          Physical presence: Alexei Emelin

          We really need him and as most here don´t seem to know how good he is, watch the ice hockey world championships starting today. He´ll play for Russia of course.

        • JF says:

          Steve – I just don’t know who they could replace Hamrlik with, but I agree that three older defencemen are a problem. J.T. wrote a great piece about that a couple of months ago, arguing that Gainey’s defence signings a couple of years ago were a mistake; he should have signed one of Spacek or Gill, not both. But I agree that Wiz won’t be back, much as I like him. He’ll be too expensive and, with Markov healthy, his attributes will be less necessary. I’d actually keep Paul Mara as a seventh defenceman. He’s pretty solid and has some size and toughness. I was sorry he didn’t play in Game 7.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      If Hamrlik played for another team would we be asking that he be considered as a free agent signing this summer?

      He’s 38 and has slowed down to the point where he has difficulty in back to back games.

      Sorry but we need to move on.

  74. CalgaryHabsFan says:

    Great article by Stubbs.

    You would think the Bruins and their supporters would act like gracious winners.

    Edwards is so bad he makes Cherry look intelligent.

    Absolutely no class in that organization from the players on down to the media cheerleaders, and the lowlifes they call fans.

    Never thought I would say these words but GO FLYERS!!!

  75. HabFanSince72 says:

    Why is no one in the Habs brass saying the obvious? Namely, that finishing in the middle of the pack and losing in the first round is 180 degrees from acceptable. They all seem happy about the season!

    Changes are needed.

    First, can we get a coach who promotes attacking hockey? We lost to the Bruins because Martin prefers defensive players to goal scorers. In the series only Gionta and Cammi were consistent threats to score. Your Moens and Pyatts may play with heart, but they will never ever put the puck in the net.

    If we’re going to have another season of Jacques Martin hockey, let’s hope Fehr and Bettman can orchestrate a strike / lockout.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Because no GM takes a public dump on their team and their players right before they’re in the business of resigning them or negotiating with them. They don’t tip their hands at what they’re going to be looking for in trades and UFA deals. Good lord why are people finding this so hard to comprehend?

      We lost to the Bruins because we had only 1 Top-6 C who was effective and our team just kept losing bodies, sooner or later, having all our younger, better defencemen injured and only the old men left was going to kill us.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

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