Post-game reaction from Bulldogs to 4-1 loss


The Syracuse Crunch took their second game in a row from the Hamilton Bulldogs with a 4-1 victory Saturday at the Bell Centre.

The crowd of 18,582 was a record turn-out for a Bulldogs game at the Bell Centre.

Forward Steve Quailer scored the Bulldogs’ lone goal–his first as a pro hockey player. You can hear him talk about the milestone here:


“They’re the type of team that’s always in your face,” said goalie Robert Mayer who faced 31 shots.

 “It’s hard on our ‘d’,” Mayer added, noting he felt the Bulldogs did a good job with most of the shots coming from the outside, which he could see.

You can also hear Bulldogs’ forward Brendan Gallagher talking about their skilled opponents here:


  1. SmartDog says:

    Gallagher dude, you’re an awesome guy. And the Movember cause is an important one. But unless you’re gonna take up selling used cars, at least grow a beard or something to go with that stash!

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  2. Ozmodiar says:

    Gally with the winner!!

    Overall, a good performance from #94 last night. He didn’t dominate like he did against Brampton a couple weeks back where he had eye-popping dangles, but he made the most of his chances.

    Surprisingly, he lined up mostly at left wing. He took the draws on the PP/PK/EN, where my half-assed stat collecting had him ahead 3-2.

    Sarnia seemed to have a bit of trouble getting him the puck in transition. On several occasions, he seemed to be waiting for the puck on the left while the play went up the right side. Similarly, on the PP, he didn’t seem to be the focal point as you might expect. Mind you, with few opportunities, the sample size was small. He seemed be frustrated at times. On time in particular, while on the PP, his teammate took a shot from the high slot while he was alone at the side of the net ready for a tap in. He rolled his head back in frustration. I followed suit.

    – There were two 2 on 1’s where he made beautiful saucer passes that weren’t converted. Yakupov would have buried both. 😉
    – His hands are lightning quick. He’ll make a quick little move before passing to a teammate. It makes the pass less predictable and gives the recipient more time/space.
    – His assist was almost an accident. He failed to control the puck in the neutral zone, but couldn’t. It went to Basso who went up the right side and scored. The defenseman (Finn) might have overplayed Gally who was heading up the left side, giving Basso the space he needed. Who drafted that bum Finn, anyway?
    – The winner: He overpowered the defenseman when he jumped on a loose puck coming from behind the net. In almost the same sweeping motion, he beat the goalie blocker side. It was a man vs boys on that play. 🙂

  3. Haborama says:

    Very pleased to hear that Tinordi gutted some dude in a fight, good on him, I hope that he picks his spots very carefully and fights when the situation demands it.

    In the OHL, he only seemed to loose fights when he took on established enforcers. When he limits his pugilistic activity to standing up for teammates the results are usually impressive.

    He seems to be improving his game, I for one would like to see a bit of a nasty streak but ces’t levis.

    It may take a few years but hopefully he will be a beast at the NHL level.

    • frontenac1 says:

      Agreed. He did alright in that tilt for a rookie. He will need to do a few more to learn “the trade” before the big league. It will come amigos.

      • Ian Cobb says:

        Fronts have a better team this year my friend. But I think the Bulls do as well .
        Losing Subban our goal tender with Team OHL against the Russians is an excuse,? But we could not score against you guys anyways last night.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      My guess is Tinordi’s weight will catch up to his 6’6″ frame in his mid 20s and that’s when he’ll be an absolute beast and you’ll really see him work people over.

      • Haborama says:

        I’m patient, no rush, after what happened with O’Byrne we should never rush the development of huge D prospects

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          I only saw the first period, and like I always do, I stayed focused on Tinordi. I saw he ended up a minus -1 on the night but he played well in the first.

          He wasn’t doing as much chasing and seemed to be in the right position. On one play he looked tempted to chase the puck carrier behind the net but instead met him in front with a stiff should on the wraparound attempt.

          He was also getting the elbows up in the corner and making it tough on the opposing forwards. He looked good.

    • Phil C says:

      I agree with you that I hope the Habs can develop a big, mean, nasty defensemen.

      But I would be hesitant to force Tinordi into that role just because it is an organizational need. I think it’s important to let a player develop naturally. Forcing a player into a style of play that may not suit them usually ends in failure. I think of the failed attempts to turn Penner into a power forward in Edmonton as an example of how that can go badly. Penner had the size and speed of a power forward so MacTavish would nearly tear his hair out when he didn’t play like one. Once MacTavish left and Penner was allowed to play his own game, he found some success in Edmonton.

      When Tinordi becomes old enough to have to shave every day, I’ll start worrying about his development. 😉

      Now this Thrower kid seems to naturally have a nasty/crazy streak. It will be interesting to see if he can develop into an NHLer.

  4. Hobie Hansen says:

    Damn, missed Tinordi’s first scrap in the AHL last night, wonder how he did?

    1st period of the game was entertaining but unfortunately watching the AHL in french for more than an hour didn’t go over too well with the better half…

    And the entire CBA situation, Fehr is just holding out for as long as possible because he knows the NHL is agonizing about how bad this situation looks to the fans and the impact it’s having on current and future revenues. Time is still Fehr’s and the NHLPA’s best weapon. I suspect the NHL will offer one more slightly better deal to the PA and Fehr will finally put ink to paper.

    • shiram says:

      Tinordi got the better of his opponent in his scrap, I think his reach played alot in that scrap. But he was firing punches rapidly and the other guy could not defend well, but after a while got a few in too.

  5. AntoineSabourin says:

    Sitting up close and personal at the Guelph Storm game last night some positives I noticed about Galchenyuk:

    He has the desire in his eye and mental focus every shift. He is a bulldog and forechecks fiercely until he regains the puck. It was a pleasure to watch. His positioning on the ice was great. Sarrault was catering to his vision and switching to LW most of the night. But when Alex was playing LW along the boards he is stronger than most OHLer’s. Being 6′-2″ helps. He does create all the offense on that line and Sarault and Reid Boucher complement him. It was a great time watching him and seeing him get the first star and scoring the GWG at the end.

    • Chris says:

      I’m still fuming about McGinn’s penalty. There is no way that was boarding.

      But Galchenyuk was great.

      • AntoineSabourin says:

        I like what I see from Brock McGinn. He has confidence and never gives up. A bit Pesky. The wife grew up with all three brothers and knows them well. She says they are all similar in personality. Confident and almost cocky.

        I would love to have Jamie McGinn a Hab.

  6. icky pop says:

    All I’m saying is that they report on fake games, and they had a real game with many future habs to report on. I read many of your guys comments, and its you guys that I learn about tinordi, gallagher, and others. I don’t post often cuz many times what I have to say has already been said. If the stories are published for us to have a thread, perhaps they should just have a chat room for us to join in. I’d be down for that. But to sit here and make fake news so we have a place to talk about the cab, like on every other thread? How many times do I got to read the same comments on different threads. Beating a dead horse really. My apologies. I just think they could do some bios, relive big games, tell us how our prospects are holding up. How our boys are fairing over seas. I mean, there is news out there I find else where that I keep hoping they will post here. Can you not have a discussion on the cba after reading about markov, plekanec, emelin, tinordi, bealieau and many others. There are so many things they can report, but have elected to make stuff up. Sorry, but its kind of a slap in the face.

    • New says:

      I think it is nice of HIO to keep the pages open. I really don’t care if they publish anything right now because there is no Canadiens news. But for links within the comments to interesting hockey news this place is great. I always check HIO to see what is going on with the NHL. If they ever play again I will check to see what is going on with the Canadiens. If the Canadiens lose a lot I will rant and rave in frustration. If they win a lot I will go away well read and contented. But in the interim I don’t expect Stu or anyone to be phoning up Hudon and asking him what he thinks about a game. He doesn’t. He gets on the bus and gets off the bus.

  7. icky pop says:

    Hmm. So they can give me a fake report on a fake game with fake comments and a fake temper tantrum from the coach (effectively insulting the man) cuz they think we are so hockey starved. But here they have a real game they can report, and all I know is the score, and how many shots the goalie faced. HIO is officially a joke. I have to admit I was getting frustrated with the fact that I got all my news on tsn two hours before getting the same story here to begin with. Seems the people at HIO would rather steal or make up news rather than earning a pay check. I think it’s time for this cowboy to mosey into the sunset, and find another place to get my news. It’s a shame, cuz they struck gold with me when they started reliving the 92-93 season. Lyle Odelein is a part of my family. A distant member, and nothing to be proud of at the age of thirty one. But I found out he was a family member in 92 at the age of Eleven effectively seeing me abandoning the flames for the habs. I watched the habs win the cup in 93, and I swear that it felt like I won the cup myself. This lead to me being a die hard fan for life. With all the crap I have to deal with in this league, if it wasn’t for my love affair with the habs, I would quit watching hockey. So being able to relive that season has been pretty great for me. But that’s about all this site seems to be good for any more. So sad. Almost as sad as the fantasy season.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Derek, this is our site to make it what we want, so when you dump on the site you are really dumping on all of us. Each new page is just to create comment among us.

      Put up some of your well thought out opinions and get involved with all of us. That is what this site is all about my friend.

  8. Ian Cobb says:

    Good morning HIO,
    Well they only agreed to meet for 4 days straight, and they did that! but they are so far apart yet, it will take the whole year, before the players realize that their Representative Fehr did not come out of retirement to lose and he will stay the course.

    Knowing all along the owners are together and are in this fight to get a long term contract that they like and will not move before getting it.

    The players will feel a large squeeze by spring and start to crack by putting pressure on Fuhr to get a deal.
    This is the owners once and for all settlement or there will be no hockey for a very long time!! So sad!!

  9. Cal says:

    Here’s one thing BOTH sides should agree on:
    100% of 0 = $0.
    They must stop being idiots and realize that they must move toward the other side’s proposals and not further away.
    Then again, we are dealing with Beavis and Butthead, who obviously need more tp for their bung holes.

  10. wjc says:

    If people were being honest. I mean really honest. They would admit:

    1. This is not personal, they actually have no “skin” in this game.

    2. They would admit, they do not have access to all information, do not understand totally what is being reported, stated, projected, opined.

    3. They would admit they are totally confused about who is right who is wrong, who is partially right or wrong, who is right on certain points and who is wrong on some points.

    4. They would admit they don’t know when they are being lied to, tricked, or manipulated. They take the opinion of the uninformed, misinformed, biased or other wise comprimised fan.

    5. Some will admit they do not have the attention span or intellect to understand much more then a sound bite.

    6. Some will admit all this talk makes them comatose and bores them to tears, but venture an opinion anyways.

    7. Why do people take sides, is it because they are fans first and are used to taking sides and then being loyal to that side.

    8.Why not just find something else to do. Why not just let it go. You/we have no control anyways, what will happen, will happen.

    9. If you want to come back and watch again, good. If you are really through, why not sooner rather than later.

    10. One thing I am sure of apathy scares the hell out of owners, players, sports stations, newspapers. Once they realize people really don’t care and have really moved on….then and only then can you have control and maybe even win. However, you will be off doing something else and NOT CARE for real.


    • JohnBellyful says:

      WJC, regarding your response below, I’m flattered you would take the time to dissect my post but fail to find in its entrails a light heart. In other words, it was written with a comedic purpose in mind and the fact that you weren’t able to detect one tells me I failed miserably.
      Still, I have questions:
      First of all, did you honestly believe I conducted any research?
      And do you really think that I think the principal negotiators will be removed from the talks to achieve a deal? Of course not, the statement was born out of frustration with the whole sorry lot — and to continue the theme that I was thought was apparent, having to do with wholeness.
      I do find it odd that the owners, who ‘won’ the last deal, now want to radically change the agreement that produced record revenues. That not everyone is sharing equally in the bounty is not the doing of the union, the owners have it within their power to address such imbalances, and not entirely at the expense of the players. Choosing not to sign players for outrageous amounts for extraordinarily long terms that drives up the costs for everyone in the league, would be a good first step, and can easily be accomplished without trying to achieve the same end by way of a CBA. It’s called exercising common sense and fiscal responsibility individually.
      That I have to repeat the post was intended to be humourous, and as such, given to the use of exaggeration and the exercise of imagination not necessarily rooted in fact, is very much deflating to the ego. To essay wit and fall flat is one thing, but to not have the attempt recognized for what it was is mortifying.
      Why, I’m so embarrassed, I wrote a song parody (sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I do that when I’m feeling low, dejected, and increasingly upset with a lockout that to many makes little sense):

      I’ve got egg on my face
      I am such a disgrace
      wjc the poster
      Has put me in place

      Here’s the tune in case it wasn’t obvious

    • New says:

      Well you’re right. You can’t possibly understand what two sides are negotiating if you don’t have the material and aren’t party to the discussions. I find it encouraging they are a few hundred million apart on some deal to honor contracts they have already agreed to under the last CBA.

      I think what angers most fans is the posturing and posing. All Bettman has to do is open his mouth. He can’t help himself. Then fans get angry at both sides again. I like it better when they just hunker down and argue behind closed doors. Walking away may cool tempers but frankly temper has no place in negotiations anyway. That is why adversaries hire lawyers. They aren’t supposed to throw tantrums. (Yeah, but…I said aren’t supposed to…)

  11. JohnBellyful says:

    I was a bit confused by this “make whole” talk that’s cropped up which has become a major sticking point to a CBA being signed so I did some research on the subject. Here’s what I’ve found:
    Team owners dug themselves a hole by making a mockery of negotiations at the outset, which now means that even if a deal is reached in the weeks to come, the result will be an abbreviated schedule, not a whole season.
    The response of fans, naturally, has been: “Holy crap, how could those jerks allow such a thing to happen?”
    It’s because team owners are, in the parlance of economists surveying the capitalist landscape, amazingly stupid sinkholes, or assholes, in that they invest heavily in sporting enterprises only to let their profits drain away by behaving illogically (see Lockout).
    It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
    This is a league whose whole is not greater than the sum of its parts. Thirty zeroes still add up to zero. In fact, given their obstinacy in choosing to forfeit revenues that have reached record levels, these non-entities, in total, are less than zero, which makes them less than whole sum.
    A holistic approach, then, is not likely to produce a resolution.
    So how do these geniuses extricate themselves from the rabbit hole they’re in?
    My suggestion would be to remove Bettman, Daly and the two Fehrs – the whole kit and caboodle – from the negotiating process, and have the matter decided by an independent arbitrator with nothing to gain by what he decides.
    I’m sure the fans would agree.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more!
      Was worried sick about you. We thought you and Burly wete down at that sectet location in NYC. Hope all is well.


      • JohnBellyful says:

        I’ve been lying low because, by nature, I’m a low life.
        Burl’ and I tried to insert ourselves into the negotiating process — wannabe CBA crashers — but there was a buffet table at the secret location and we got sidetracked. We did slip a few pages of suggestions underneath the door of the suite where the talks were being held. Not holding my breath.
        How’s things down your way, Jim? Coping well with the aftermath of the storm? The election?

    • Cal says:

      Welcome back, JB. Hope you didn’t get sunburn. 😉

      You are quite right. Show them all the door, and make sure it hits their butts on the way out.

    • habstrinifan says:

      “from the negotiating process, and have the matter decided by an independent arbitrator with nothing to gain by what he decides.”

      A sane proposal. But wont happen this time around…. too late!

      Maybe if the season is scrapped the sort of upheval which removes Bettman (particularly) and Fehr will occur and we will see this sort of arbitration committee for future CBA’s.

      • JohnBellyful says:

        Before the ink is dry on any new agreement, the two sides should already be at work crafting a process that will prevent this sort of thing happening ever again, such as making it mandatory that talks, serious talks, begin well in advance of a CBA’s expiry date, with consequences for both sides if the deadline for a deal isn’t met.

      • Dust says:

        why bettman more than fehr? they both need to go equally

    • wjc says:

      John Bellyfull….you were a bit confused, how about a whole lot confused.

      You did some research???? Where did this research take place?
      But anyways this is what you found……an opinion, that owners “dug themselves a hole, and made a mockery of negotiations.

      Sorry John….that is an opinion, nothing more. The owners are “assholes” your words. Some research, sounds like an opinion to me.

      Owners behave “illogically” an opinion…and let profits slip away…an opinion not based on anything.

      Apparently they should just sign on the dotted line for 6 more years of the same deal, that does not work for them….

      Now you think they should remove both Fehr’s, Bettman, Daley as a solution. Never mind that this riduculous solution could never happen in the real world…Because now you are saying they are all equally wrong. So according to you they are both sides are wrong.

      Maybe you are more then a bit confused.

      Now the arbitrator who has nothing to lose…..but think about it John, the players, the owners have everything to lose.

      Do you think that either side would allow this to take place.

      Try to live in the real world….fantasies are nice…. but just stick to what you know best…… comedy.

  12. Cal says:

    Well, it’s Saturday and yesterday’s “negotiating session” wasn’t exactly the news I wanted to hear. No worries, here’s another tune:

  13. 24 Cups says:

    “The City of Markham, meanwhile, would borrow the entire $325 million for the project, with Roustan’s half being paid back over a period of 20 years.”
    Hold on a minute here….

    • Dust says:

      cant wait til they get an nhl team.

    • Cal says:

      Roustan is all flimflam. Where the hell is HIS money for the project? It’s in his imagination. The city of Markham would be extremely foolish to put their taxpayers’ money into what should be a private enterprise.

      • 24 Cups says:

        Totally agree. If Markham ever gets an NHL team (and the Toronto GTA is eventually going to get one) then it will be a goldmine. Surely the private ownership group should have to put up or shut up when it comes to financing.

        Building the arena is only part of the equation. Part 2 will be the expansion fee for a NHL team. Not to mention cost overrides and territorial rights to the laffs. The final price tag for this whole adventure is going to be more like $750M, not the “estimated” $325M.

  14. Habfan10912 says:

    Good morning all! Another Saturday with no hockey. Not sure what to read about the negotiations from yesterday. I think it’s possible some players are putting pressure on the NHLPA to get a deal done. The owners know this and have stepped up the pressure on Fehr it seems. I think it all hinges on the conference call Fehr had with his executive committee last night. If he loses the hard line support of the committee he will have no choice but to concede to the leagues demands or resign. If he still has the hard line support of the committee, I can see the owners taking their toys and going home. No season. That’s just my opinion but I think we can all agree that THIS is a critical stage in the negotiations.


    • HabFab says:

      I read on twitter last night the NHLPA was demanding to get paid for the lock out days also this season. Probably only a negotiation ploy but the owners are never going to accept that and will only get their backs up even more.

      • Mike D says:

        I heard the same thing last night on TSN. The players point is that since it was an owner-imposed work-stoppage, the players shouldn’t lose any money as a result.

        And I agree with you that it’s probably just a negotiating ploy and not a real demand. It’s that old bargaining philosophy that you’re not going to get everything you ask for, so ask for everything in hopes you will get what you were actually seeking.

        – Honestly yours
        Twitter: @de_benny

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Thanks for posting. Do you think the player may have asked more then they bargained for with this guy (Fehr)?


      • 24 Cups says:

        There’s still lots of posturing going on here as well as end runs with the fans and media.

        Both parites have had enough time this week to workout the framework for a new CBA. They then could turn it over to the lawyers to fine tune the language and fine print so a deal could be consumated by Sunday night.

        If Fehr thinks he can keep shuffling the deck to get better terms he just might be in for a rude awakening. There’s lots of middle ground here and he should take it. The 50/50 split was a given even before the negotiations began. If the players can get full pay for existing contracts then they get the carrot they need. The rest is just a game of give and take or fill in the blanks.Many of these items have probably been discussed in great detail with the concessions and agreements already worked out (by Daly and Steve F.)

        If you live in Ontario, you are seeing the same thing play out with the government (aka Bettman) and the teacher unions (NHLPA).

      • commandant says:

        I think if you read the puck daddy post, the point of it is that the NHL is making wild accusations and its all part of a PR game here.

        The NHLPA isn’t looking for 100% of salaries if there is less than 82 games this year.

        Fehr isn’t misresepresenting the offer, there is still some 300 million difference between the league’s make whole provision and the players actual contracts.

        And this is coming from Players who actually attended the meeting.

        If Fehr was hiding things from the union, you’d think that the players who were at the meeting would tell the rest of the union about it.

        Go Habs Go!
        Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

        • 24 Cups says:

          My point about the players getting full value on their existing contracts was in general terms of the six year agreement.

          No one would expect to get paid for duties that were not performed. That never happens in any strike/lockout situation.

          As for where the real truth lies, that’s an impossible task right now. Propaganda and posturing still rules the day, whether it be Bettman and the owners or Fehr and the NHLPA.

          Having said that, this appears to be a real attempt on the part of both parites to hammer out a deal. Something could still happen this weekend. The old ‘darkest before dawn’ analogy rings true in so many labour disputes.

      • habstrinifan says:

        Thanks for the link 24CUPS. It was difficult to determine which side was being less truthful about the nuts and bolts of the various ‘offers’. I agree with the final sentiment of the article… we should shelve all the optimism that developed last week. A final agreement seems farther away.

        Chief reasons: Confusion! Diminishing returns! Toe the line inevitability.

        Confusion: There have been so many half-baked and poorly crafted and thought out proposals from either side that I think both sides are now thoroughly confused as to a comprehensive objective for a new CBA. It seems that in order to retain a solid front, the chief players have focussed on responding to ‘tag’ lines in the offers. If you have ever been in on a negotiation where, as a backroom person, you have spent a 24 sleepless hours studiously drawing up a balanced proposal/response only to see the head honcho walk in and say “show me what we got or what we are givin up” and toss all reasoning out, you will know what I mean by confusion. I dont think any of the players or owners has a sound concept of where they are now. They will only come up with a half-baked solution once they are all angered out.

        Diminishing returns. Especially so for the owners. Even the ‘doves’ are beginning to be forced to the point where they must accept that any revived hockey season will be marginally useful. Not worth the bother really. They are basically ready to ‘pack it in’ until Bettman and the bullies around him say “We got something!”.

        Toe the line: The more confusion; the less useful and attractive the thought of resuming the season… the safer/easier it will be for everyone on both sides to shut up and toe the line.

        Lets love our Bulldogs folks. Looks like that’s gonna have to do for hockey fare this year.

  15. slamtherimtim says:

    did I miss a whole day of the week or something

  16. otter649 says:

    Bulldogs played like the parent club less than 20 shots on goal badly outshot & relying on their goalie to give the team a chance for a win just like last season in The NHL. Disappointing display for the fans who showed up at The Bell Centre although The Crunch at this time are one of the best teams in The AHL so a good learning lesson for The young Bdogs team…….

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Otter, Louie would help but I think you”re dead on about a young Bulldog team learning the pro game. I think the team will look a lot different by the end of the season.


  17. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I missed the game …I know They lost 4-1
    …would like to hear from those that got to watch what positives They saw in Our young studs
    …young and learning I know, but what level of potential individual talent did We identify at this time from this game ?

    • habstrinifan says:

      Me too! Would appreciate a report on who looked good/bad. I am particularl keen on hearing re Tinordi. So far he seems to be having a very hard time adjusting.

      • Bill J says:

        Anyone saying Tinordi (a rookie) is having a hard time adjusting, has not seen him play.

        Frankly I’m very impressed with him, Tinordi logs big minutes against the opponents top lines. Not something a Head Coach unless the player can handle it.

        Last night we saw him use his big body many times to break up the Syracuse play. Also I really liked him standing up for Bournival, I felt Tinordi won that fight handily.

        Go Habs Go!

        • habstrinifan says:

          Because of my schedule I have only been able to catch 1 full game. I have read several recaps, one or two here on HIO, which indicates less than stellar play by Tinordi. And his plus minus stats were atrocious last time I looked. But you seem to have been able to catch many of the games and seem impressed. I therefore accept your appraisal, especially after the newer posts re last night’s game.

          • Bill J says:

            Perhaps others have not looked at him as an AHL rookie. 9-10 games into the season. But I will certainly maintain Tinordi was not a 1st rounder wasted. Soon we will have our own Chara/Pronger. Something this team has missed since Big Bird policed the Forum ice.

            Go Habs Go!

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