Habs practise again while Beaulieu makes untimely off-ice news

The Canadiens practised again Tuesday morning in Brossard, preparing for the start of their first-round playoff series against the Ottawa Senators that kicks off Thursday night at the Bell Centre (7 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

“They’re a good defensive team so we’ve got to be ready for a tight-checking game,” Canadiens forward Tomas Plekanec said after practice.

The Habs and Sens split their four-game series during the regular season.

There was some untimely off-ice news Tuesday with The Canadian Press reporting that Habs prospect Nathan Beaulieu and his father, Ontario Hockey League coach Jacques Beaulieu, are facing assault charges in London, Ont. Strathroy-Caradoc police told CP the father and son have each been charged with two counts of assault, stemming from an altercation Saturday at a house party that followed a charity golf tournament. Two people suffered minor injuries, police added. A June 11 court date has been set.

“We’ve been made aware of the situation,” Donald Beauchamp, the Canadiens’ senior vice-president, communications and community relations, told The Gazette. “The organization spoke with Nathan Beaulieu. Since it’s a legal situation for that reason we can’t comment any further.”

Beaulieu, a first-round draft pick in 2011 who played six games with the Canadiens this season, is one of the players the Canadiens called up from the AHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs to practise as part of the “Black Aces” during the playoffs.

Jacques Beaulieu was nominated for OHL coach of the year this season after leading the Sarnia Sting to a 35-28-5 record.  

After practice Tuesday, Josh Gorges said the Senators are a team that “waits for you to make mistakes, waits for you to get frustrated.”

“We’ve got to be smart. We’ve got to be patient.  We’ve got to – no matter what happens – stick to our game plan,” Gorges added. “It’s going to be one of those long, hard, drawn-out series (where) you’ve got to stay resilient.”

Coach Michel Therrien wasn’t made available to the media on Tuesday after practice. However, the players were asked about Senators players, including defenceman Erik Karlsson, who has made a remarkable return to play ahead of schedule from a sliced Achilles tendon injury.

“His ability to skate, to make plays, to read situations it’s unbelievable,” Gorges said. “He’s a guy that we’re going to have to focus on.

“He’s a tough guy to play against because you want to finish your checks on him because you don’t want him jumping into the play. But he’s pretty elusive out there.”

While some Habs fans were hankering for the team to meet the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round of the playoffs, Plekanec predicted the Habs-Sens series will be a compelling one.

“It’s a Canadian matchup,” he said. “We’re two hours away from each other. It’s going to be bus rides there. A lot of fans on both sides are going to be at the games.

“It’s going to be an exciting series.”

The lines at practice Tuesday were: Gionta-Plekanec-Ryder; Desharnais-Bourque-Pacioretty; Gallagher-Eller-Galchenyuk; Prust-White-Moen; Halpern-Armstrong.

The defensive pairings were: Gorges-Diaz; Markov-Subban; Bouillon-Tinordi; Kaberle-Drewiske; Weber.

(Photo by Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press)

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  1. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …sooo, …have I missed anything juicy today ?

  2. D Man says:

    I started watching televised hockey in the late 50’s. It’s always been Leafs, Leafs and more Leafs. It’s why I hate all Toronto teams and always have. On the plus side if it`s still all Leafs all the time here in southern Ontario it gives me a reason to watch their games with a passion, if you know what I mean. These last several years of Leaf futility have brought me great joy. Bruins in 5!

    You can’t be both a Habs and a Leafs fan

  3. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    Gotta run to a meeting, but since it’s an off day, just want to throw this thought out there…

    Isn’t it great to be in the f@#kin’ playoffs again???

  4. HabinBurlington says:

    New Thread Folks!

  5. Bripro says:

    Our cruise leaves in 16 days.
    Even though my wife is deathly afraid of water, she’s as raring to go as I am. We desperately need a vacation, and some time alone (what’s that, “time alone…”?)
    The problem? The Habs will be in the second round by then.
    I need to be able to stream it live, otherwise the ship, Bermuda, the shops, the ocean…it will be so anti-climactic.
    I need a live-stream link!!!

    • Chuck says:

      I know that it won’t help you now, but I hear that the NHL is going to stage an outdoor game on a cruise shim next season.

      Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

    • HabsFanInTampa says:

      I hope it’s not a Carnival Cruise ship.

    • Fansincebirth says:

      We’re (DW & DK’s) are on the Allure in 18 days 🙂

      Two weekends ago I saw someone with a Habs flag draped over the side on the sail away 🙂

  6. mark-ID says:

    Chris Lee reffing the Bruins Leafs game tonight…….this should be awsome.

    Does anyone know if the same referees stick to the same series?

    “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

  7. Chuck says:

    I know it’s just the Leafs and Bruins, but how on earth does Chris Lee draw a refereeing assignment for the playoffs? With 8 playoff series in the first round, is the NHL telling us that Lee is one of the 16 best referees in the league?


    Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

  8. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    Was going to say I thought Game 1 of the Habs-Sens series would have a good chance at being the first OT game of the playoffs…

    Man, after watching the Kings – Blues is whoever wins that series going to have anything in the tank for the second round?? What a heavy, bruising series.

    • Bripro says:

      What a great game though.
      That first period was one of the best on TV this year.

      • Ghosts of the Forum says:

        Totally — that’s going to be the other series I watch. And St. Louis’ fans are really into it. Great to see that town back in hockey again. Though, I did pick the Kings to win it in my pool, definitely pulling for the Blues

  9. HabinBurlington says:

    Some great discussions on here today, Kudos to all you excellent posters!

    Now bring us Thursday night so we can watch our beloved Habs!!!!

  10. otter649 says:

    Defenceman Ryan Suter of Minnesota had just over 41 minutes of icetime last night with his partner just over 31 minutes – Guess Suter is earning his pay check…..lol

  11. SteverenO says:

    As promised, here is the regular season breakdown of our teams PP efficiency: To make it easier to follow, I turned the numbers into “batting averages”. The “averages” equal the number of powerplay goals scored by the team per slice of 2 minutes of PP TOI.

    Ryder .335 (includes time with Dallas)
    Plek: .314
    Eller: 312 (limited action)
    Gionta: .309
    Bourque: .270
    MaxPac: .235 *
    DD: .231 *
    bGall11: .174
    aGall27: .160 *

    I put an asterik * next to MaxPAc, aGal 27, and DD because, they all had one thing in common which, in my opinion, has led to their numbers being as low as they are. The huge majority of their PP time was playing on a line with bGAll- 11 .

    Prust played only 16 minutes of PP time (mostly early in the season on a line with the two Gally’s) and the team did not score any goals during that time. personally Iwould have given him some opportunities with DD and MaxPac, but again that was not to be because the coached insisted on sticking with bGal-11 despite the lack of results.


    Subban: .292
    Markov: .288
    Diaz: .256
    Bouillon: .216
    Gorges: .045

    As we all know anything can happen in a short series, however in my opinion, our chances of winning are greatly increased if the coaches give the most playing time (especially in the special teams) to the players who have been most productive.

    Again, in my opinion, (and supported by the numbers) bGall11 was our MOST productive forward at even strength all season long.
    he deserved, and received, every opportunity to get a chance to show what he could do on the PP. After 103 minutes of PP TOI, and the team scoring only 9 goals the time is long overdue to put an end to this experiment.

    It would have been nice had the coaching staff been paying attention to this during the season, and taken the opportunity to try other combinations in game situations, but unfortunately that did not happen. I would have ;loved to have seen bGAll-11 given a chance to “spark” our penalty kill unit which has been less than stellar all season long, but again, that was another opportunity wasted.

    So going into the playoffs, I wish we could say that we are ready and have TWO successful PP lines to go with, but we will have to improvise.

    Penalty kill breakdown to follow.


    Steve O.

  12. Mavid says:

    Nothing to do with hockey..27 days till my granddaughter is due to arrive…

  13. habs001 says:

    Attention Attention…The Habs are not playing to Leafs the first round…What is this fasination with the Leafs and the Leafs media on this site?…More importantly the Habs vs Senators matchup is good for the Habs as it will provide good solid games that will prepare the Habs for the next round but will not drain them…Watching the 6 teams yesterday….the biggest problem i see the Habs having is the forecheck that these teams can generate…size of the d will be a problem…lot of our d will have major problems stopping some of these forwards when they are cutting in from the wing…Good news the Habs will only have to worry about this if they play Pitts or the final…

  14. Kooch7800 says:

    On a side note…Chara is 36. Boston’s D is going to take a major hit in the next few years!

    “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  15. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    Beaulieu and his Dad better smarten up. The Habs are a classy organization. They don’t tolerate bad behaviour in public no matter the talent you possess. Ask Corson, Leclair, Kordic and Theodore to name a few. This kid has a tone of arrogance and conceit in his interviews; he may have some behavioural issues or he may be just immature like PK was. However PK comes from a great family. His Dad is a very well-loved school principal in the TO area and by all accounts did a great job raising his kids, 3 of whom could be playing in the NHL soon.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I agree. The habs don’t like trouble. He better be careful or he will be part of a trade. He is a darn good d prospect though.

      I don’t want to see him leave

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

    • habs001 says:

      The above situation may be very minor…My question is was he given permission to be away on Sat?.. Hewas called up prior to Sat ..should he not be with the team or at worst be watching the game with the other call ups…

  16. Bripro says:

    I noticed below, the various posts on the Toronto-based media, and how it affects our local reading.
    I have a question for the Toronto locals (you’ll notice I didn’t say supporters or fans).
    Are there as many articles on other Canadian teams, like the Habs, in the Toronto area papers as are Leaf profiles shoved down our throats in our local papers?

    • mrhabby says:

      yes..articles of other teams…habs and sens mostly.

    • The Jackal says:

      Nope, it’s all leafs 24/7

      Even the Globe and Mail, a supposedly unparalleled publication is biased in its hockey coverage.

      Sometimes there are a few things on the Sens.
      I figure since most media HQ are in TO, the employees tend to focus on those teams as they are probably fans, it’s pretty unprofessional in the end.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Strummer says:

      In the Toronto papers Star, Sun and local sports radio it’s mostly Leafs.
      When there is a visiting team there will be a brief article on the visitors.

      I have to add that the local reporting on the Leafs has been mostly realistic. Though they would love the Leafs to beat Boston they all acknowledge they haven’t got a chance.

      I think after 9 years out of the playoffs expectations have been minimized. Kessel is the biggest brunt of jokes these days.
      Kadri is a good story though he takes a beating on this site (undeservedly so in my opinion)

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I find the papers limited on other teams, the Globe provides some regular insight on the Habs (thanks to Sean Gordon) but the Star and Sun do virtually nothing on other teams unless Leafs playing them.

  17. Maritime Ron says:

    leehammer says: I am I’m really confused why our PK isn’t better.
    Lots of ways to look at it.
    Most will tell you that your goalie has to be the best PK man, followed by a 2 D man unit that can clear the site lanes, then a center that can win some faceoffs.

    This year, Anderson was tops, allowing Ottawa to post the best PK percentage in the NHL. When he was injured, Lehner was there posting a .936SP for 12 games, and Bishop was in the same area code before the trade.

    As for our Habs, when Emelin went down, unfortunately that also coincided with Carey’s problems in nets. It was a recipe for disaster.

    In the 8 games from the Emelin injury and before the last 2 games when Tinordi had PK time, the Habs allowed 10 goals in 30 PK chances.
    That 66.6% would make it the worst PK percentage in the NHL over a season.

    Looking at the last 2 games where both Price and Budaj played extremely well and Tinordi was a force, the Habs only gave up 1 goal on 9 PK chances.
    That 88.8% PK rate would be #1 in the NHL over a season.
    If we can Carey that through the playoffs, we will be more than fine.

    • commandant says:

      There are bigger issues on the PK than just the goaltending.

      1) the system allows to many cross ice passes…. the Habs do not do a good job of cutting down these passing lanes.

      2) The personal choices have been baffling. The lack of PK time for P.K. is inexplicable. The use of guys like Markov and Weber (when dressed) heavily on the PK is an issue.

      3) Zone entry, we give up the line too easily

      4) Faceoffs

      Go Habs Go!
      Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

      • Maritime Ron says:

        The Subban PK time is a bit of a head scratcher, but he can’t be on the ice all the time.

        Take last game as an example.
        He was on the ice for 3 seconds short of 25 minutes with only 48 seconds of PK time.
        Every shift is an ‘energy shift’ for Subban and he will need to learn to conserve that energy and set the pace as a Pronger did in his prime.

        Perhaps the other thing is possibly Coach Therrien wanted to know exactly who was capable of playing the back end. We may also see an increase in Subban PK time starting tomorrow night.
        No more need for experiments

      • habs001 says:

        After Plecks who is our best pk forward despite the fact he gets beat a lot on faceoffs in our zone(but it rarely results in a goal)…the other forwards are just not mobile enough to handle the other teams forwards…Letting the other team set up will result in very good scoring chances….

  18. Lafleurguy says:

    Gentlemen and Seven Ladies (did I forget someone?), the Bruins are evil, we have a fierce rivalry with them, unlike the need to have an intellectual debate as to whether a real rivalry exists with the Leafs in reality or is just a sublimation of inter-city rivalry between Montreal and Toronto. Therefore, I would enjoy it immensely if the Leafs humiliated the Bruins (won’t happen). Was happy that Joel Ward scored the series winning goal last year and I mildly dislike the Capitals. So to pull for the Leafs draws from the dislike of the Bruins, and no affinity whatsoever for the Leafs. By the way, Toronto is a great city to visit and to live. It has almost as many non-English speaking people as New York, and Montreal, proving that it is cosmospolitan.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

    • The way I see it is that we hate the Bruins, so I want to be the team to knock them out. Thus I want the Bruins to beat the Leafs.

      I want to take on the Bruins head to head and remind them who owns whom.

      Why do the Bruins hate us so much? If y9ougot your ass kicked for 5 decades by one team, y9ou tend to not like them much. 😆

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Often said, careful what you wish for Shane!

      • Lafleurguy says:

        I admire your confidence. Myself, seeing failure by any means for the Bruins is enough satisfaction. I don’t think anything can match the upset in 1971 that the third place Habs pulled off against the defending champion Bruins who were a runaway regular season champions too (don’t know if that was the year Esposito scored 76, and Orr 48 goals), but I do wish for the younger fans for them to experience such exhilaration. Cheers Sarge.

        “May you live in interesting times.”

        • I wish there was video of that 71 series, I’ve heard people say it was the Best ever! People talk about the Russian game but I watched that and it didn’t impress me much. But the come backs of 71 sound amazing.

          Shane Oliver
          Twitter @Sholi2000
          Custom Sports Figures

          • Bripro says:

            The Russian game?
            You mean New Years Eve game.
            I guess you had to live the moment.
            For me, it was the best game I’ve ever seen. Better than the Summit series. And yes, that ’71 series was pretty special.
            We haven’t had a team loaded with that much talent in a long time.
            The problem was the coach (Al “I’m much better than people think” MacNeil).
            I can think of 9 Hall-of-famers on the team.
            And one day, when J C Tremblay’s efforts are recognize, that will mean at least 10.

          • One of those “you had to be there” moments for sure.

            Shane Oliver
            Twitter @Sholi2000
            Custom Sports Figures

          • melski says:

            I remember someone posting a link that had video of the 7-5 comeback win over the Bruins. I think it was somewheres on EOTP. Checking there may find it and more?

          • otter649 says:

            I saw on youtube the highlights of the 71 game done by Boston commentators on a highlight (lowlight) show but not a complete game – Try a search……

  19. Bripro says:

    I have to confess that I don’t follow the western conference much. Of course, everyone knows of the fiascos which are the Calgary Flames burn-up, or the Luongo boondoggle.
    But watching the Blues last night (I watched -flicking back and forth – all 3 games), all I could say to myself was WOW!
    I had to Capgeek Alex Steen after the first period… long before his OT goal. This guy is truly in-your-face! And at $3.6MM, what a bargain!
    Even though they were playing in separate games, I flicked from Steen to Parise, and I have to say that Steen offered much more bang for the buck.
    One more year on his contract. I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the Habs roster.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Morning Bri. Steen was the best player on the ice last night. He’d look good in a Habs uni, for sure.

      • Bripro says:

        Morning Jim. Hope all is well.
        So are your worms that size of Boas yet?

      • frontenac1 says:

        Hey Amigo! How”s the worm ranch going? Do you know they are selling worms for $3.50 a dozen up in my neck of the woods? Maybe I should be your Northern Agent!

        • Bripro says:

          You charge too much Front!
          I don’t think Jim can afford to subsidize your drinking. 😉

          • frontenac1 says:

            Yeah, but Quality costs more. Hey, speaking of the Blues, How about Chris Stewart? Loved that kid since he played junior here in Kingston. He would look Really good in a Habs Jersey.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      They are big, fast, physical and play great D. They will be a force.

      Their match up against LA will be tough though cause they are very similar. How good is Quick for LA (minus the gaff). He was amazing in net. The cup is going west again this year i think

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

      • Bripro says:

        I’m not sure the cup will go west, given the Pens’ run this year.
        Anyone can surprise anyone in the new season.
        But agreed, Quick was stand-on-your-head amazing.
        Except of course for the only play that mattered.
        I felt sorry for him, even though I was rooting for the Blues…by far the better team last night.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          The reason I feel it will go west is the Pens haven’t had a lot of time to play together with the Injuries and new additions. The teams in the west are all big fast, physical and have great team D. LA and St louis would pound the pens. Will be fun to see who comes out on top!

          “Keep your stick on the Ice”

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Steen and Matt Stajan were the Leafs best young forwards prospects at the time Sundin was about to fly the cuckoo’s nest.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • Psycho29 says:

      And you might remember his Dad; played for the old Jets, Thomas Steen

      • Lafleurguy says:

        Great player, second favorite Jet after Hawerchuk.

        “May you live in interesting times.”

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Ditto, however, my two favourite Jets of all time were Ulf Nilsson and Anders Hedberg. WHA version.

          Honourable Mentions go to Doug Smail, friend of the family and was really nice to my brother when he was in the Hospital as a kid with brain surgery. Smail visited him on numerous occasions giving him Jerseys, Sticks etc… My brother never figured out what happened to all the sticks, maybe his brother (me) used them for road hockey and destroyed them. 🙂

          • bwoar says:

            Just came by to grin at the mention of Dougie Smail. Absolutely loved him when I was a little kid. Fastest skater until the Finnish Flash landed in the Peg. I still do have one of his sticks, from 1982. Few remember that Doug played in an All-star game!


          • Bripro says:

            What about Selanne?

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Think he still has record for the Jets for fastest goal to start the game as well. Remember when Jimmy Mann stuck up for him, after he had his jaw broken, Boutette maybe did it? I think it was a Whaler, and Mann just destroyed the Whaler in question, sucker punch granted.

            Good UND alum!

          • bwoar says:

            Burly – 5 seconds – I was there with my Dad & it’s one of his favourite Jets memories. And I think you’re right about Pat Boutette. You’re going back to my earliest memories of hockey here… Dad had 2 season tickets since the WHA days and my brother and I used to fight over who would get to go. I don’t remember Mann so much as I cheered for Jim Kyte a whole lot.


  20. frontenac1 says:

    Anybody else think the Hawks were lucky to get the win last night? How about that back up goalie Harding. Wow.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I am rooting for Harding and Minny now. I was cheering for Chicago but when Harding got put in I switched who i was cheering for in that series.

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  21. frontenac1 says:

    Leafs/Bruins? The only thing that interests me will be the fights because I like hockey fights,especially heavyweights. If there are no fights I will flip it over to watch the Islanders upset the Pens.Saludos!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      For some reason, I am doubtful there will be much fighting. Seems when these two teams play each other, neither wants to fight, as they are afraid of losing.

      Hope I am wrong, and they beat the living snot out of each other.

      A McLaren/Chara tilt would be epic!

    • leehammer says:

      I really don’t see that the Leafs have any chance at all in this series. The Bruins are built as a shut down your top line type of team, and all Toronto has is one line (maybe 1.5 lines). Kessel had 0 pts against Bruins this year. Chara, Bergeron and co will shut down Kessel/Bozak/Lupul line so it will really be up to Kadri/JVR to get it done and they will not be able to because they suck. Only way Leafs have a chance is if Reimer plays absolutely out of his head which I doubt will happen.

      • mrhabby says:

        however , bruins 5 on 5 play is not that great and there PP and PK suck so there kidnda floundering a bit. If Reimer plays lights out for the laffs they may have a chance. could be closer series than some expect..

        still like to see them whip each other.

    • Mavid says:

      I am with you there..love a good scrap.. 👿

    • Timo says:

      I love to see leafs and bruins hurt. Badly. Terribly.

  22. SteverenO says:

    Playoff hockey— a different game;

    its all about special teams- 3 games last night 2 went to overtime. a a total of 9 goals scored (excluding the emptynetter).

    3 goals even strength
    5 Powerplay goal.
    1 short handed goal.

    Are we “ready for the playoffs”?

    what are our 2 powerplay lines. which is number 1 (starts most PPs and plays most minutes).

    What are our Penalty Kill assignments. forwards top 4 and 2 alternates and defenseman top 2, and second pairing?

    If we are truly “ready” everyone should know the answers to those questions.

    Will the units be comprised of those that were most productive, and efficient during the regular season?

    season stats to follow.


    Steve O.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      You’re right Steve. Special teams play a vital role in playoff hockey. One only needs to review last nights games for confirmation. I like our PP. Our PK? Kind if scared.

    • leehammer says:

      Everyone always says that Eller/Galchenyuk should get more pp time. I’m not sure I agree. They have been awesome, but it seems to me that most of the goals they score are off the rush where they are unbelievable. The key for the PP is more about being able to dig out pucks and keep possession in the offensive zone, which is less their strength. Maybe I’m wrong…

  23. jo_maka says:

    I love Karlsson but I still think that he’s not as impressive as his trophy makes him appear on the defensive end. He’s the most gifted offensively in the whole league though. It’s funny to think that most of his points he got on even strength and not on PP.

    I’ll still take Subban, thank you very much.
    Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

    • Maritime Ron says:

      I used to think the same way, yet after a few discussions with some hockey folks, they explained that in today’s hockey world puck possession is as good if not better than that old style shut down D man.

      It’s is kind of like when Karlsson has the puck all the time, dictates tempo, then finds his 5 man unit in the O zone, you can’t have better D than that.
      The opposition can’t score when they don’t have the puck.

      That is somewhat similar to the “Total Hits” statistic.
      Chicago had the fewest hits in the NHL this year, because they always have the puck and aren’t chasing it

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Agree, while he may not clear a crease or throw big hits, what he does do, he does so well it matters not what he can’t do. (okay that came out a lot more wordier than I expected)

      • jo_maka says:

        You’re right. I’ve never been a fan of fights, but however there is something to be said about a Dman that can punish opponents and bruise them if need be.

        Lidstrom is in a class of his own, but you can’t dismiss Kronwall’s impact, so to speak, in Detroit. When Niedermayer got the cup in Anaheim, there was THE Pronger. So when faced with the potential mix of both style in a player as charismatic as Subban, I’ll still give him the edge. He just has to stop chasing the hit at all costs. Karlsson is an eel, he’s probably the most elusive skater in the league, but he can’t punish anybody. You get the mix of the two in one thoroughbred and watch out.
        Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

  24. Mustang says:

    I stated a couple of days ago that I couldn’t care less about the Toronto – Boston series except that I wanted them to kick the crap out of each other in a long, bitter series. I have since changed my mind but not about kicking the crap out of each other, I now want Boston to win.

    I am absolutely fed up with all of the Toronto articles in the Montreal Gazette just about every day. I never thought that I would say this but I will be pulling for the (hated) Bruins just to shut up the Toronto media. The HNIC crew will be falling all over themselves if the Laffs do anything properly but hopefully they will have to eat crow once the Laffs are eliminated.

    Unfortunately, “the coach” will have his two favorite teams playing against each other so he will go on and on as to how great these two teams are. Maybe the Habs will meet the Brooins at which time it would be so nice to see Boston go down.

    • leehammer says:

      totally with you on this one. The Canadian media almost forces everybody outside of Toronto to hate the Leafs by the way that they cover them.

    • Bripro says:

      Agreed 100% as well.
      When a well-respected local paper (The Gazoo) covers more of the Leafs than the Canadiens, I take exception to it.
      I don’t mind when TSN, CBC or Sportsnet go over the top coverning the Leafs, because I can always change the channel.
      But when I open my paper in the morning with coffee in hand, and the most coverage I see is for a team that I cannot stand, I have a problem with that.
      I’ve received my Gazette renewal, which is going up $12/month.
      I told my wife that I’m thinking of cancelling because there’s not enough local sports content (specifically our Habs).

  25. HabinBurlington says:

    Re: Anti Toronto/Leaf Rhetoric

    I really think this is a media driven thing. I have many Maple Leafs friends and most of them are very intelligent hockey fans who are just as passionate about their Leafs and many of us here. I talk to these guys constantly and they do recognize all of Phaneuf’s shortcomings, they realize Kadri has to learn how to back check or keep his ego in check.

    It is the fricking media in this town, who cater to the lowest level Leaf fans and drum up all the rhetoric which we hear about on a constant basis.

    One guy however, I think gets a bad rap from the Media here and many ignorant fans is Phil Kessel. The guy was traded to Toronto by Burke, not by Kessel himself. He has put together back to back top 10 scoring in NHL seasons, and he carries this team offensively. Boston is able to completely shut him down, as he is the only person they really need to shut down, until Kadri etc.. prove themselves on a consistent basis.

    Not sure why I wrote such a long thing defending Leafs, but their are some good Leaf fans out there, like us, except they were born with the wrong coloured soother.

    • mrhabby says:

      agree on the media thing 100%.

    • Mustang says:

      Hey Burl, look at my post which I was putting together before I saw your comments. I guess that we are both more or less saying the same thing in that the Toronto media is driving us nuts. HNIC is going to be an absolute circus for each Laff’s game.

      • Habfan10912 says:

        You know what they say about great minds, eh? 🙂

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I hear ya bud. But by that same token, can you imagine being a Hab fan living in Boston listening that media coverage? I dare say, it could be worse than T.O. except they don’t have a national network pushing their agenda quite the same. Granted Milbury is on the NBC network.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      I feel for ya bud. In my trips to GTA I witnessed examples of both good fan and bad fan. I’m not subjected to the same media pounding as my friends up there but I share your discomfort through the brotherhood of Hab fandom. I think the discomfort will be over quickly.

    • Cal says:

      You okay, Burly? You were going on about the laffs for a minute there.

    • jon514 says:

      Kessel has a lot more in common with Saku Koivu than most habs fans are willing to admit. Cancer aside, they were both undersized players who consistently contribute points. Kessel has more upside than Saku, and it’s not his fault he was traded for Seguin and Hamilton.

      If he would only refuse to put on that ugly Blue and White sweater he would have my complete respect and admiration…

    • Kooch7800 says:

      We have some very bad habs fans out there who are clueless as well. We all know some!

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  26. habsfan0 says:

    Laffs play their first playoff game in 9 years tonight.

    To give you an idea how long it’s been..
    The last time the Leafs played a playoff game..
    The Montreal Expos were still playing.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      And the Bills stiil sucked.

      • habsfan0 says:

        The more things change…

      • Lafleurguy says:

        Seems like a different universe from the era when they made four Superbowls in a row. Cranky Guy sniped again but didn’t even make a dent. I sense he’s aiming for sarcastic humor and would succeed more if he didn’t keep forgetting to put in some humor.

        “May you live in interesting times.”

        • Habfan10912 says:

          Didn’t know you were a Bills fan Guy. Can’t win in this league without a QB. I think the Bills may have that figured out now. I hope so. Great fan support in Western NY.
          I try to oveook peoples shortcomings. I have a few of my own, bud.

          • Lafleurguy says:

            After cheering for Fran Tarkenton with the Giants (not so much with the Vikings), it was Steve Grogan and Russ Francis for the Pats (post-Darryl Stingley). Then small doses of Dan Fouts with Air Coryell (Don Coryell). Jim Kelly grew on me, and having coach Marv Levy helped a()lot, a very nice man. I am a huge fan of athletic quarterbacks which weren’t in abundance pre-1990’s. Now Jim Kelly wasn’t a running quarterback, but he was tough as nails, and could take a hit to make a throw better than almost anyone else.

            “May you live in interesting times.”

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Yikes, Lafleurguy, where is your loyalty to a team? Who ya pullin’ for now? 🙂

          • Lafleurguy says:

            Leafs, no just kidding, the Brady Bunch!

            “May you live in interesting times.”

    • Luke says:

      It’s the Leafs’ first playoffs in HD.
      The last time they were int he playoffs, MySpace was the go to network. Facebook was that new thing that probably wasn’t going to catch on.

  27. HFX-HabFan says:

    Happy May 1st!

    Here’s a little something extra special for all the Bruins fans out there, courtesy of the immortal Rick Jeanneret:


    • HabinBurlington says:

      Love it! Rick J. is something else, I have heard him on interviews here and away from the game he is such a mild mannered almost shy guy during interviews. He absolutely gets into character when doing Sabres games, and it is genuine. I think he is great for the Sabres.

      That was one of the great calls, IMO.

    • HabsFanInTampa says:

      That warbling voice brings back memories for when I lived in Rochester, NY and watched the Sabres games on local TV. Ricky J is one of those very rare “homers” that’s hard to dislike. He wore white gloves during games and never knew why.

  28. Mavid says:

    No.. dressing the poor dog and cat up in Sens jerseys does not constitute calling them fans..stupid Turd fans….gawd I hope we kick there ass’s…

    • HabinBurlington says:

      The two weeks I thought I would experience with a Leafs/Habs series has shifted to you Mavid. I and many others will be thinking of you and our other Ottawa residing Habs fans during this series.

      All the best, keep your chin up!


      Go Habs Go

      • Haberoooo13 says:

        Yep…My habfan buddy in GTA is not being sympathetic to my plight here.

        Na Na Na Les Canadiens Les Canadiens

        • Habfan10912 says:

          At least you’ll have a lot of Habs support up there you two. Speaking of support, I received an Email late last week from the Sens wanting me to purchase tickets. There will be plenty of Habs fans in that building games 3 and 4 I bet.
          Mavid and 13, I echo Burly’s good wishes. We are with you in spirit. CHeers.

          • Haberoooo13 says:

            Thx man

            Na Na Na Les Canadiens Les Canadiens

          • Mavid says:

            Ha that is funny that they are asking you to buy tickets..just yesterday they were talking to the Sens pres and he was going on about how there would not be as many Habs fans as people think because we did not know until Sunday night that we were playing Ottawa..and the games are sold out..so full of shit..and besides has he not ever heard of stub hub..goofs
            Thanks Habfan10912 thank god for this place were I can come and vent..and feel the love

  29. Lafrich says:

    By game 3, the defence pairings will be:
    PK – Markov
    Diaz – Tinordi
    Bouillon – Gorges

    It would be nice to have Beaulieu and Diaz on the second wave for the PP. Anyone want to chip in and bail Beaulieu out?

  30. Maritime Ron,

    The Bruins will use there energy line to sart the game against the Leafs. This line seems to get the crowd into the game early and set the tone for rest.

    Paille – Campbell – Thornton

    Leafs has to put there starting lineup in play first. So it does not matter to the Bruins who the Leafs decide to start the game.

    Hope for a Habs and Leafs second rounder. Would be a great series for sure!!!

    Go Habs Go

    • Maritime Ron says:

      Understood, yet if Carlyle does start his goons, I wonder if Julien puts Lucic on the wing (maybe that gets him going) and instead of Chara on the back end, go with Boychuck and McQuaid.

  31. Lafrich says:

    Right now Carey Price = Billy Beane.

    This is the time for Carey to change everything.

  32. jmsheehy19 says:

    Leafs Bruins is the only series I have zero interest in watching. If I can’t at least pull a little bit for one team, I have trouble caring.

  33. RetroMikey says:

    As always,our Montreal Canadiens do not allow us fans to download in the Playoff media guide in PDF format for this year.
    Other teams allow it if you go on their websites.
    For once I’d like the team to give back to the fans by doing this and other giveaways online!

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  34. Maritime Ron says:

    My anti-Toronto rant.
    Once upon a time this year I was feeling sorry for Toronto sports fans.
    They have a supposed NBA franchise that’s won 1 playoff series in 18 years.
    They haven’t had a baseball team for 20 years – tried to buy one this year, and find themselves in the basement which is familiar territory for all their pro sports franchises.
    Toronto FC? Another joke.

    As for the hockey team, the last time they made the playoffs was when Facebook was launched and George W. Bush was campaigning for a 2nd term. Since then, kind of like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football and NHL Lucy holding it.

    Now all of a sudden, after a freaky and shortened year, they almost fluke into the playoffs and their obnoxious fans pull the Smug Act as if they are on their way to the Cup!
    They pretend to know hockey like calling Phaneuf a Norris candidate. The guy can’t even skate for god’s sake!

    I “Hockey hate” the Bruins and their fans, yet have a grudging respect for the team.
    Toronto? The wannabee American city?
    Please Bruins make it a quick 4 and out….that is only after you all have beaten up each other. I won’t be mad with 5 games.

    • mrhabby says:

      Iam ex-Haligonian and moved to TO in the late 80’s. You have some bitterness about TO teams or Ontario in general..correct me if Iam wrong.
      While iam no Leaf fan and have supported the Habs since i was a kid ..whats your problem with the other teams up here.
      Have you actually ever attended a Jays game/FC…sounds like typical maritime hatred/jealousy.

      • Maritime Ron says:

        So it becomes personal? No surprise after 30 years of lost roots.
        Hatred and jealousy? Too funny! If you would see what I see every morning, your mouth would be wide open and a retraction would follow. It sounds as if you have been in Toronto too long and perhaps that yellow-orange-brownish thing you call ‘air’ is starting to show some side effects.

        • mrhabby says:

          I know Halifax very well as i grew up there Maritime Ron …tell me why so many young people leave..hmmm. We have smog but at least we have jobs and make good money and i live right beside Lake Ontario and love it.

          ps..have you ever been up this way??

          • Ozmodiar says:

            These “my city is better” arguments never accomplish much.

            Kinda like saying “my apple tastes better than your orange”.

          • Maritime Ron says:

            Over the years I have done a great deal of business in your adopted province/city as well as many US states, a few S.A countries, and a few countries in Europe. So yes, I know your GTA quite well.

            As for why young people leave, you should know best.
            The population doesn’t hit 1 million people, and if you subtract government/banking jobs and their spin-offs, there is little remaining. If you really do come from here, then you would also be aware of the history.

            As for the rest, we have a lot of ‘quiet’ old time Euro people and their money arriving here over the past several years – and just because it doesn’t make the headlines of the Toronto Globe and Mail doesn’t mean it is not so.
            Enjoy Lake Ontario.

          • mrhabby says:

            i know Halifax very well its history and people. I have relatives in HFX.

            enjoy ur view of the atlantic..where do you live bedford, halifax, spryfield , south shore , dartmouth etc,etc.

          • Maritime Ron says:

            South shore…and I apologise for the other stuff
            Peace brother

      • AllHailTheFlower says:

        Actually, as one who also lives in the GTA, I found Ron’s rant fairly amusing and on point. Although he was a little harsh in regards to the Jays, the MLSE-run franchises are abysmal disasters.

    • Ozmodiar says:

      > like calling Phaneuf a Norris candidate

      I keep hearing Jay McClement for the Selke!

      Do they have any idea about the type of player that’s been winning this trophy over the last 10 years?!

      Make it stop!!

      • Maritime Ron says:

        I rest my case, and don’t forget about Kadri being the next Gretzky, Lupul the next Messier, and Kessel the reincarnation of the Rocket!

  35. Strummer says:

    Question: if the top 4 seeds win the first round does Washington still retain the 3rd seed in the second round even though Boston had more points?

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  36. Habs needs to play same type of game as last game of season. Stayout of penalty box and there chances are very good. Its going to be a great series. Its a new season.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  37. HabinBurlington says:

    Did anyone else see the clip of Paul MacLean talking about what underdogs the Senators are? Was quite entertaining watching him build up the Habs, he plays the sarcasm card well in disguise. I think it is that monster mustache that allows him to do so.

  38. Luke says:

    Good Morning Folks!

    Hope all is well. Beautiful weather… 20 degrees and the sun is shining! Perfect hockey weather (sigh).

    The problem with playoffs is that it really starts to mess with the real life’s plans. And that’s not cool… not cool at all.
    I may actually miss the first period and a half tomorrow… unless I can record and avoid it entirely, and that will be difficult.

  39. Habfan10912 says:

    @Cat. See what we mean?

  40. Skeptical - 25 says:

    Only way ottawa beats Habs Anderson outplays Price.

    • wjc says:

      I think that Montreal wins in 4, unless Ottawa win one, then I would change my prediction to 5. If however, Ottawa were to win two games then I would be forced to predict a 6 game series.

      If it goes to a 7th game then, it does not matter where you play and it would be a toss up, who would win.


      • mark-ID says:

        couldn’t have said it better myself!

        “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

    • derfab says:

      He probably will as his game is really on, but Price will be solid enough to get us through to round 2 (Boston). The Habs are a better club and will wear the Ottawa D down.again.

  41. Skeptical - 25 says:

    If Pittsburgh and Chicago were to get knocked out in the 1st round leaves the door wide open for the Habs if they can beat ottawa.

  42. mark-ID says:


    Check out this article. As much as I think Karlsson is a fantastic player, this article pisses me off. Hopefully PK continues to prove people wrong.
    Can’t believe how confident the Sens fans are that they are going to beat Habs.

    “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

  43. RobertLefebvre says:

    It is nice to get the big thumbs up from a fellow author. Here is Joe Pelletier’s review of my book Tales from the Montreal Canadiens. In La Belle Province, it can be found at Wal Mart and Archambault stores, among others.

    • Cal says:

      A BIG CONGRATS, Robert- Well done!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      A great read! It is also available on Kindle at Amazon.com. I’ve said this before and its worth repeating, i thought I knew a lot about the Canadiens. After reading this book i discovered I didn’t know much at all.

      • wjc says:

        Finally you admit, “you don’t know much at all”, takes a big man to admit that.


        • Luke says:

          You seem cranky today.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I suspect he is a bigger man indeed than others here…..

          I fail to understand your need to admonish most any posters. Why don’t we start all over? We’ll forget your past posts, you forget ours and we just get back to yammering all things Habs, but we will continue to yammer about the media coverage as well.

          • Cal says:

            Somewhere in cyberspace, a lonely person is looking up “yammering”.

            @Luke- Bazinga! 😆

          • Luke says:


            The process of raising and harvesting Yams (AKA Sweet Potatoes).

  44. Ozmodiar says:

    Go Brui …

    I can’t do it. I just can’t type it. However, I will be rooting for the team in black tonight.

    Why the Bruins?

    – a leaf loss would silence the leaf media hype machine.
    – I’ve weathered a Bruin Stanley Cup victory. I can handle a mere 1st round win.
    – I hate Kadri more than any player on either team. “Hate” is a strong word, you say. Not strong enough, I say.
    – A leaf loss would sting the “Leaf Nation” more than the Bruin faithful.
    – I think we’d have an easier time in round 2 vs the B’s.

  45. ABHabsfan says:

    I’m sure this has been asked earlier on this thread but, why in the world was Beaulieu in London at a golf tournament when he was brought up to the Habs and should be in Mtl?
    Nothing like teaming up with dad for a good ‘ol beat-down, eh?

    “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
    Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

  46. Ian Cobb says:

    BOY! We are sure hard up for news! 20 year old comes to the aid of his father.

  47. derfab says:

    The Western teams look good. I don’t see anybody but the Penguins beating whoever makes it out of there. Their 8 are as goodas our best 4. But we are in the mix to get there and it would be nice to have a chance! I also don’t get Ryder playing left wing. Not a good fit for Pleks.

    • The Cat says:

      As unbelievable as it may sound, the habs had more 3+ goal margin victories than Pittsburgh. Everybody’s beatable. I dislike the Pittsburgh franchise more than any other.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • derfab says:

        The free post-Lemieux rebuild they got via a rigged draft pisses me off too. But they are clearly a different team since the trade deadline. Morrow and Iginla are top 6 on any team and they already had 2 of the top 3 centers in the league. The deadline was too late and it really screws everyone else, again.

  48. wjc says:

    Friendly suggestion:

    Do not watch ‘coaches corner’, turn the channel, its easy

    Do not watch any intermission talk, turn the channel, for 15 minutes.

    When game is on mute the T.V. It is easy just push the mute button and sound will go off. You probably have a big television and know all the players so you do not need play by play.

    I FORBID you to watch any intermission stuff, turn it for 15 minutes, your mental health is on the line.

    I FORBID you to listen to the play by play, I demand you hit the mute button. You are hockey experts anyways, so what can they say that you cannot analyze and see for yourself.

    You constant whining is making me whine about your constant whining.

    Further I FORBID you to read any Toronto papers, listen to any hockey related sports shows on radio or watch TSN.

    When you watch the second game I want you to be unaware of what is happening in Toronto or CBC.

    Your mental health depends on it, if you disregard my warnings, you do so at your own risks. You also lose the right to whine about it, because you have BEEN TOLD!


  49. The Cat says:

    Is it illegal to drive with headphones listening to music?

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  50. HardHabits says:

    If Gainey was still GM you can be sure that Beaulieu would be traded over the summer for a bag of pucks and a few hockey sticks.

  51. Maritime Ron says:

    It will be interesting to see if Carlyle starts the game with Orr and McLaren on the 1st shift? If so, who does Julien the put out?

    I was looking at the Bruins roster to see who Phaneuf will hit, but they don’t have any 5′ 7″-8″ players, so he’ll be pretty quiet.
    If he decides to pull one of his coward acts of cross checking from behind, he’ll be sure none of the big boys will be on the ice.
    See Lucic-Thornton-Horton-Campbell-Chara-McQuaid-Boychuck

    Is there an Over/Under bet as to when Kessel goes MIA, or has Vegas even bothered knowing the outcome in advance?

    • BrianSkrudland says:

      The ‘C’ on Phaneuf’s sweater stands for ‘ Coward’.

      Daily recommendations for May 1
      Song of the Day: Off He Goes (Pearl Jam)
      Movie of the Day: Last of the Mohicans

      • The Cat says:

        Man thats coincidence, I was on the road for hours yesterday in a truck without a radio and for the first time in years the song Pocahontas came into my head.

        [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

        • BrianSkrudland says:

          Did you sing it aloud? I have a horrible singing voice, but I feel pretty confident singing alongside Mr. Young.

          Daily recommendations for April 29
          Song of the Day: Pocahontas (Neil Young)
          Movie of the Day: Hoosiers

          • The Cat says:

            Yes I did lol I’m worse than Neil at singing, Im worse than anyone really.

            [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • Habitforming says:

      Kessel has NEVER scored a 5 on 5 goal vs the Bruins. Picking him to disappear is as likely as the sun coming up tomorrow.

  52. mfDx says:

    I think there should be a dedicated thread tonight called Live Comment, where Habs fans can gather and enjoy the carnage in the Gahden together.

    Sent from my CHphone

  53. Maksimir says:

    Leafs or Bruins…

    I am going Bruins all the way, oh I hate them… but living an hour outside of Toronto makes it unbearable to listen to Leafs media/fans… already saw several cars decked out in flags… trying to contain my road rage.

    Also – if Habs move on, I think their chances are better against the Bruins, not that the Leafs are great but there would be soo much emotion mixed into a series with them, I’d just as soon stay away.

    Next, who’s coming with me to bust Beaulieu out of jail in London. What a dummy.

  54. Lafleurguy says:

    Re: Dave Stubbs’ tweet, is Alfred a good restaurant?

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  55. Chilly Willy says:

    Let me see here, the consensus @ HIO is that Quick gets a free pass for his major brain fart last night because he has won a cup and a Conn Smythe? Would Price get the same?

  56. Lafleurguy says:

    Noticed the key goals were scored by depth players except Teemu’s and possibly Steen’s two. I like the Habs’ depth. Notice how the successful part of the season coincided with the defence scoring? Subban rose to prominence and went from about 16 minutes a game to around 24. There was was that one game that Josh Gorges looked like a fleet-footed goal-scoring defenseman, but alas, the other 47 games showed it was a Komisarek phenomenon.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Secondary scoring is often the key in playoff, huh Guy? If history is an indication I think we’ll see a different Travis Moen out there. Gorges? I hope so.

      • Lafleurguy says:

        Did you notice the wisecrack I posted after your other post? We trolls stick together! Nostalgia gives me great enjoyment, and while Halak’s play was jaw-dropping, and Camalleri’s prolific scoring stellar, I really enjoyed Dominic Moore’s and Maxim Lapierre’s goals during that playoff. When P.K. scored with about 3 minutes left to tie game 7 against the Bruins, the joy-meter hit 10 (and then the deflating outcome). I have to say I agree with you Gentleman Jim, that the intensity of thrills and other emotions are at their maximum during a NHL playoffs when your team is in.

        “May you live in interesting times.”

        • Habfan10912 says:

          LOL Is there a Troll Club with a special initiation? 🙂
          I actually had my heart attack after we lost the series to the Bolts in OT in 2004. Boy was I upset. That’s why it’s so important not to lose this year. My life depends on it! 🙂

          • Lafleurguy says:

            I want you to take extra precautions, good buddy. Over-do the fishing my friend.

            “May you live in interesting times.”

  57. keithmacv says:

    I actually just seen the replay of the STL ot winner…that is not all on quick. Number 8 on the kings could have hustled a little more to give quick a passing option. Steen was aggressive enough to force quick to make that play…

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Doughty and Carter showed little interest in coming back to help Quick. TSN broke it down pretty good, I think Quick gets the majority of the blame, but if I am the coach I am ripping Doughty and Carter for not coming back hard to help.

      Perhaps the only weakness in Quick’s game is his puckhandling.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Alex served his dad’s strong legacy well. Too bad the Leafs traded him and Carlo Coliaccavo for Lee Stempniak, or for Leaf-detractors, not too bad.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

  58. rhino514 says:

    I agree with the comments regarding how a goalie´s rare mistakes are magnified.
    against Boston two years ago, Price had a great playoff. He played as well as Thomas, but made one mistake I think it was in game three or four on a clearing attempt. Without that mistake, the habs win the series. It´s unfortunate, yet at the same time unfair to say that Price cost them the series. It´s just that the habs had no margin for error during that series; the bruins did (Thomas let in a couple of questionable goals)
    There is always the chance Anderson will get hot, but all things being equal, Price just has to be good, not great, for us to win this series. He doesn´t have to be quite as good as he was against the bruins (but probably close). There is room for a miscue or two. just not room for more.
    If the defence, seemingly stabilized by Diaz and Tinordi eating up much needed minutes, can play as it did against Toronto, Price will not be bombarded. If he isn´t, he can gain some confidence and make the saves he is capable of making, as well as the occasional brilliant save (like the one on Wheeler)
    This is what I hope happens and what I think represents a realistic positive view of things.
    If Price and the team have a bad first game, though, I think we are in trouble.

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