Playoffs, baby!


Your Montreal Canadiens are striding manfully through the front door into the postseason, rather than backing in like a big puss.

Pat Hickey’s game story

Quotes from the room

Quick Hits and About last night …

Will defending champs miss the dance?

Red Fisher’s take

• What? Marty Turco betting during the game?

Pierre Ladouceur’s game analysis


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  6. Bash says:

    What is the likely date of our first game at home in the playoffs?

    “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” (anon)

  7. Jdub1985 says:

    PKs celebration was like a big FU

    to the NHL, to Cherry, to JM and to Gomez … I dare one of them to say something now – Gomez only wishes he could have the choice to celebrate these days.

    • VancouverHab says:

      Dude, what’s wrong with you? We have a great team win, and all you want to do is stir division and disharmony. Highly-skilled rookies with natural exuberence and tendency to showboat have been brought into line by their elders and betters SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME–for the universally-recognised reason that success requires focus and discipline for the common good.

      Based on last night, P.K. can thank rather than ridicule JM, Don Cherry and Scott Gomez (and add Hal Gill to that list) for helping focus his abilities.

      And, by the way, except for the terminally rancid anti-Gomez writers, everyone will allow that Scott Gomez’s main interest in P.K. Subban is not at the level of petty personal rivarly that you are stuck at, but solely on how Subban can best contribute to THE TEAM win.

      And finally, P.K.’s celebration was was simply what he said it was — natural happiness and a desire to bond with his best friend at the other end of the ice.

  8. Timo says:

    So how long has it been since we didn’t have to sweat getting into the playoffs during the last week of the season? Since the first place in the east 3 years back? Sweet man… I am so happy I won’t have to stock up on liquor and (additional) meds before this week is over. It was a great game last night… one of the handful this year that I truly enjoyed watching.

    Go PK, baby!!!

  9. Good Habits says:

    P.K. is the most electrifying player I’ve seen in a Habs jersey since the flower. Try to disagree with me. C’mon. Seriously. Who?

    That’s what I thought.

    not about hockey but still ridiculous

  10. cashbagg says:

    On an unrelated topic, check his video from a local beer league. Simply disgusting. It almost looks fake.

  11. smiler2729 says:

    Did Mathieu Darche’s groin act up again?

    “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

  12. secretdragonfly says:

    I am fortunate enough to be going to Saturday’s game and I am very thankful that the boys stepped up and didn’t make us wait until the 11th hour – I don’t think my nerves could have taken the strain.

  13. icemachine says:

    They’ve got Stockholm Syndrome over in Leafs Nation

    Its time to switch to whiskey, we’ve been drinkin’ beer all night

  14. Shiloh says:

    Really well-deserved win last night. Aside from Price, PK and Cammalleri, AK46 deserves a shout-out as well. In the long term, PK’s development bodes well for the future. It’s good to remember, however, that great rookies sometimes have a difficult sophomore season – Yzerman was so bad his second year that there was lots of talk of shipping him out. Defence is a position that takes at least a few years to learn as well. Two or three years down the road PK should be a permanent all-star.

  15. J_P says:

    The Prospect of a healthy Andrei Markov and a more experienced, more mature PK Subban patrolling the blueline for the habs is a scary proposition. The way subban so effortlessly competes with the leagues top forwards is extremely impressive for a rookie.

    and Carey? I dont think anything else needs to be said about Carey Price…the kid is awesome.

    Very entertaining hockey game last night, even considering the 2-1 score. A real back and forth game. They’d rush up the ice and get a scoring chance, we would rush back up and get a scoring chance. We would score, they come back down and score. Corey Crawford makes a huge save, Carey responds with a huge save.

    Carey against Ottawa, and then I would rest up Carey, Pleks and Cammy against the Laffs. Can’t wait for playoff hockey!

  16. petefleet says:

    First, some real fun stuff.
    “It’s the franchise-record sixth straight season the Maple Leafs will miss out on the playoffs. Only the Florida Panthers are locked in a longer drought.”
    History would reveal that if it wasn’t for being in the weekest division in hockey (Norris) for years and years, the Laffs would only be catching up to a worse record. What the hell, it’s all good.

    As for the Habs, great game last night. Most of the shots were of the perimeter variety. Price looked focussed and that was something I was worried about lately. If he can hold it together, the rest will just fall into place. Not going so far as saying #25 is emminent but we’ll have a shot.
    What was up with Darche last night, is he being punished or something? No sign of him on the Gomez line after 1 or 2 shifts.

    ***Habs Forever***

    • petefleet says:

      I really don’t like the edit portion of this new site along with other “new” features.
      **weekest should have been weakest **

      ***Habs Forever***

  17. careyprice31 says:

    we’re going all the way


  18. 24 Cups says:

    Chicago should make the playoffs except for one scary thought – Dallas finishes the season with a home and away series with Colorado while Chicago has the same situation against Detroit. I think they will still make it, but they will have to take it to the limit (Eagles)

    I understand why Turco is making some bets – he needs the coin. Especially seeing that he turned down a three year, six million dollar contract with Philly this summer. His one year, 1.3M deal with Chicago could be his last. This guy is very close to being done.

    Glad to see Nashville win last night with the help of SK74’s two goals and an assist. This franchise seems pretty solid right now.

    The only question left for Coach Martin is what to do with Carey Price for the rest of the week. It would be great if the Habs finished 6th but the playoff picture may not fall into place until Saturday night. It may be difficult to try and strategically line up against a certain opponent (or dodge one). I’d go with Price agaisnt Ottawa and then re-visit the situation on Saturday morning. Auld playing against the laffs gives Price a five day rest before Wednesday’s playoffs. Martin could also sit out Pleks, Gill and Hamrlik.

    • TommyB says:

      Agree with sitting some guys out on Saturday night. Habs shouldn’t concern themselves with who the opponent will be opening night of the playoffs. Regardless, it will be a tough opponent. Rest some guys and stay healthy. The Leafs will play “pickup hockey” their last two games. Pressure is off of them, and they feel satisfied that they ended their season on a good note. All they have left to do is go out and enjoy the game. A good place to be for any hockey player who simply enjoys playing. Of course they would rather be headed to the playoffs, but like I said, they feel they gave it their best shot and all the Leaf fans are in agreement and eagerly looking to next year as being “the one” (as usual). Typically, these Leaf/Habs games can get a bit crazy and, also typically, a Hab gets injured. You’re right 24, Martin should take some precautions.

  19. Cdubya says:

    WOW! Couldnt sleep after that. Spent the next 2 hours flipping between NHL Live, Antichambre, TSN, RIS, Sportsnet…..just to watch the replay again and again and again……

    Hopefully those that use this site to constantly criticize will just enjoy this one and keep the good karma in the air. Proud to be a habs fan today!

  20. derfab says:

    Beautiful to see Subu excited. He makes this team respectable. The Norris within 3 yrs.

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