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  1. Shublips says:

    This will be a tough series for the Habs.  Likely they will get smeared but, if the stars align, it is not out of the realm of possibilites for them to pull off an upset.

    Read the series preview:

    2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Montreal-Washington Series Preview

  2. Norcal Habsfan says:

    Just hearing Danny G in the beginning gets me pumped.

  3. Jbell10 says:

    Playoff hockey is great because anyone cant beat anyone. What happened in the reg. season is done with. All of the controversy and media crap that went on this year means absolutely nothing.

    To all the people who are saying Wash size is gonna be overwelming id like to say the famous quote that rings true in playoff hockey.

    Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog.

    And the Habs r gonna fight hard.

  4. Clay4bc says:

    “if we beat the caps it will the greatest upset in nhl playoff history”

    I seem to recall a time when a heavily favoured Habs team lost to the young, upstart Edmonton Oilers. I believe that’s why they changed the first round from best of five to a best of seven. Now that was a upset. Us beating the Caps would be an upset, but nothing like that.


    Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

  5. bigbighabsfan says:

    I like O’Byrne too. He certainly has assets they lack on the blueline. Seems like right from his own goal last year to his getting burned chipping last week, this guy gets crucified every time he makes a mistake. The toughness that you cite and the wilingness to mix it up are pretty much absent on that corps. In recent years those qualities would seem to mean his days are numbered here. I don’t expect Martin to loosen his chain in the playoffs but I really hope he’s allowed to play a regular shift next year and make some mistakes and grow as a player and get his feet and feel like he belongs out there.

    I’m as excited as everyone else about Subban. This city is starving for a charismatic star player so I understand the anticipation.. I hope the expectations aren’t unrealistic. He doesn’t seem like a kid who’s going to be intimidated by the bright lights but we all know that fair or not, there is going to be so much pressure on him. I prefer to withhold judgment until I see them perform in the NHL. I’ve seen my share of “can’t miss” players. He sure seems to have the makeup to be a good one though. Same thing goes for Leblanc. I’d love to see a home grown kid lighting it up here in a couple of years. He had a great rookie year being just edged for rookie of the year by a player who is much older and has a lot more hockey under his belt. So I’m not pessismistic, just disappointed when I hear year after year about the bumper crop on the farm and don’t see it translating to the big club. If you are talking numbers then Timmons has delivered his share of major-leaguers, that can’t be denied. But I’d like to see him hit a couple more home runs that’s all.

  6. TheMock780 says:

    Michael Farber really doesn’t like Gauthier or the way he got the GM’s job does he?

    Oddest power play: Bob Gainey, ex-Montreal GM. Gainey walked away in early February, just prior to the Olympic break and less than a month from the trade deadline. If he had waited until the summer to resign, he would have given new owner Geoff Molson at least time to consider some other candidates. (Dave Nonis? Steve Yzerman? Spare us team president Pierre Boivin’s piety that a French-speaker is needed for the job. You can debate that necessity of particular linguistic qualification for the Canadiens coach, not the GM.) Given the timing, the Molson group had no choice but an orderly succession, which essentially meant that Gainey was passing the job to assistant GM Pierre Gauthier. Considering Gauthier’s seniority and previous GM experience, it would have been insulting to slap him with an interim tag. Gainey not might have landed the free agents he wanted during his tenure, but this time he got his man.

  7. sidhu says:

    Boone, I suggest you refer to Theodore by one of the nicknames Caps fans in DC have given him:

    Jose Three-or-More


  8. showey47 says:

    A guy who was projected to go in the top 5 could have been had in the 3rd or 4th round?

  9. ed lopaz says:

    ok – BigBigHabsfan – you are one of the few guys on this site who understands the BS we have been chewing on these last few years.

    here are a few of my thoughts regarding your post – which was excellent.

    1) AK and SK are busts; habs just can’t admit it YET – AK And SK MUST be delt while they still have value – these guys are LOST SOULS – drifting in the wilderness – the money has overwhelmed them – SK makes $800,000 and AK makes $3,000,000 + -average salary in Belarus is $139 per month

    2) OB has potential – if we’re patient, he will be a top 4 defenceman; not a #1 or #2, but he could be a #4; and he’s damn big, he fights, and he has alittle mean streak in him

    3) Subban is a stud – hands down, the best pick the habs have made since they picked markov.

    4) Louis Leblanc will be a great player – there is no doubt in my mind. he grew up 15 minutes from where I live – I just bumped into his father yesterday – his brother plays against my son. Future captain of the habs.

    5) Thimens, PG and JM should all be let go….eventually. if they last the 2011 season, the 3 will be gone before 2012

    6) Jeff Molson is a smart, avid hockey fan. He is the real deal, He will be an excellent owner.

    keep the faith – you are clearly an excellent hockey guy and the habs are lucky to count you as a fan.

  10. phillyhab says:

    Great video!  Would love to see more goaltending highlights though:P

  11. likehoy says: theodore gets a laser pointer pointed at him.

    – We’ve gotta beat the beat, and fist pump o2ur way to victory!

  12. Xtrahabsfan says:

    BiGMAN ..Me thinks I loves you,lol !   Can you ever hit  a nail on it’s head,nice read again bro……..

  13. JasonM says:


    They put Jokinen in the shootout.

    What a joke.


  14. jbroderi says:

    hello ovie!!!



    “I’ll take potent potables for 500, Alex” JB

  15. Rob D says:

    Well. they limp into the playoffs and face the Caps..hmmmm..They’ve played well against them. It will take a full on effort from everyone, superb goaltending (heavy on the superb) and great ST’s.. Nothing is impossible. I don’t think Wash. is that good defensively or in goal. My heart says Habs in 7. but my head is leaning towards Caps in 6 if Halak can steal a game by himself.


    Whatever happens, lets’ all get on the bandwagon for this run. Deal?

  16. habs001 says:

    if we beat the caps it will the greatest upset in nhl playoff history…we need the greatest goal tending performance and one of the worst goaltending performances by the caps..we need to score on almost all pp chances and allow almost no pp goals….based on these stats from a couple of days again this task looks unbelievable

              laich         height  6-2    25 goals

                                                             knuble                 6-3    28
                                                         Fleischmann            6-1    23   
                                                              fehr                    6-4    21
                                                           chimera                 6-2    14
                                                             bradley                6-3    10
                                                             steckel                6-5     5     
       plus they have morrison 42 points and belanger  39 points who are also physical players…plus their big 3 forwards all  about 6-2…there is no way we can match up with them if they are playing up to par….in contrast we have secondary forwards pyatt  5 points….darche 10 points….lapps 14 points….sk74 18 points…..moen 18 points 
    pouliot 27 points….moore 27 points….plus a slow footed d and questionable physical abilities


  17. habsfan0 says:

    Habs will beat Washington in 4 straight with Maxim Lapierre series MVP…..


  18. Rugger says:

    Actually I would pick the Habs to lose to Buffalo, NJ and Pitt.

  19. habs001 says:

    we can beat the caps if we survive every game being out shot 2-1…scoring chances 4-1 and physical punishment 5-1…have you looked at the caps forward roster and their size and stats…8 our forwards would not make that team…if we beat the caps in 5 than we must be one of the best teams in hockey…i guess you would pick the habs to beat team canada in 4 …every hab player like in torornto is a superstar..the way we eveluate our talent is a joke ..if we had 16 year olds wearing the hab jersey we would still pick the habs

  20. Exit716 says:

    Habs in seven.


  21. hab lifer says:

    habs willl be demolished in 4.

  22. TheMock780 says:

    The Habs are in for an absolute slaughter. At least we get to watch Washington for 4 games

  23. rut1212 says:

    The fans died down very fast in Philadelphia there, Montreal would still be singing Olé.

  24. rut1212 says:

    Here come the Caps…

  25. Y says:

    Capital slaughter coming up!


    Thanks Olli and Henrik!

  26. Rugger says:

    Excellent, we get the Caps. we will win in 5

  27. crabvader says:

    I nominate Gio for Habs MVP.

    Pleks COULD be up there but he really let up since the Olympic break. He had great numbers this year and I want him back for 20 more but Gio is a guy who never gives up. When you think he’s invisible one game, he comes back and scores.

    He’s got the heart of a lion and he is fearless. He’s always in the dirty areas of the offensive zone and he is ALWAYS trying to get the puck.

    What a warrior and I am proud to have him in a Habs uniform.

    It’s fair to say that Halak could definitely be the MVP aswell…but I don’t know his motives yet. We’ll see when he starts making the big bucks.

  28. crabvader says:

    Laviolette over Torts by a country mile. It’s not his fault he got stuck with inbred goons and crappy goaltending, haha.

    Still, neither belong in 8th.

    Scratch that… Give it to Laviolette because he actually tries to coach, unlike Torts who just cries all the time.

  29. ABHabsfan says:

    I could watch that Lafleur goal every day. Never gets old and never will…

  30. fun police says:

    i could coach the capitals to the record they have.  “ovie, get on the ice”, how hard is that?  in all seriousness, until you win some playoff rounds, the likes of clouston shouldn’t be that high on the list.  i’d have jm ahead of boudreau and clouston.  torts won the cup so he knows what it takes, but i still think jm is a better coach.  the habs don’t score five on five, but they don’t give up goals either.  jm did what he was brought in to do, make us better defensively.

  31. ooder says:

    pronger up to his old antics… see’s shelley trying to get the puck so he takes a run at him, leaving his feet and shoulder to the head.

    but can’t give a penalty to pronger


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  32. bigbighabsfan says:

    The depressing thing is that he still represents the best forward drafted by Gainey/Timmins and that is unlikely to change for a few seasons. Meanwhile on defence there is exactly one product from those years and he is riding the pine these days. Of course there have been a few good picks but I doubt anyone here could have done any worse simply by reading scouting reports. It looks like they got a pretty good goalie in Halak, potentially a number one. Same thing with Price although he is going to need major improvement to justify that pick at 5.

    It’s been great if you are a Bulldog fan because Timmins and Gainey had a special attraction for players who just lack the size or skill for the NHL. They obstinately refused to accept what everyone else has been saying for years…that they need to develop some bigger forwards, especially at center. Last year they drafted 5 centers presumably because they were coming to the realization that the ones they have on the farm arent going to amount to anything. In 2008 they drafted exactly one center. He was 5 foot 9 and weighed 150 pounds. He plays university hockey in Wisconsin. Sound familiar? In ’07 they took one center with 9 picks. The hype coming out of Montreal around the draft that year was insane. You would think no other teams in the league had a shot at Subban, Mcdonaugh, and Pacioretty. It may turn out yet to be a very fruitful draft, we shall see, but the way the reporters were throwing Timmins on their shoulders like it was some sort of coup was ridiculous. Sports journalists aren’t very original thinkers in general. So that gets spread around and they all start repeating each other and the next thing you know it’s established fact that the Habs have the best prospects in the league. And if a magazine declares them number one one year they cant really drop them too far the next or else they lose whatever credibility people see in them in the first place. Look for them to drop several more spots in those bogus polls next year, in spite of the attention paid to the Canadiens.

    I thought Gainey said a couple of very interesting things when he resigned. The first was when he said hed rather leave too early than too late. I almost drove off the road. No worries Bob. It wasn’t too early I assure you. The other thing he said was he was leaving the team with the person he trusted most. I would infer from that, that he was allowed the decision of his successor. That’s pretty unusual and quite frankly, given his record, I don’t trust his judgment. It does suggest that if there isn’t improvement there will be more wholesale changes made from above. They have added a lot of fringe players and not a single star. I’d like to see the whole scouting department held to closer scrutiny and not just the back-slapping they got from The Gazette for one.


  33. Big Ted says:

    1-0 Rangers!

  34. Big Ted says:

    How about ranking the 8 coaches in the East. I’m worried Jacques Martin’s going to be out-coached by just about anyone else:


    1) Lindy Ruff. The guy is a good coach. His teams are competitive and usually out-perform what they should do on paper. He has a ton of experience and he’s been to a Stanley Cup final.

    2) Jacques Lemaire: boring system but effective. He’s a winner. His players buy into his system and he implements it well with the talent he’s got.

    3) Dan Bylsma: yes, you’d think it’d be hard to look bad as a coach with Sid and Malkin. They even made Michel Therrien look decent for a while, but you have to give a guy props for winning a Cup in his first year.

    4) Cory Clouston: look at the turn-around in Ottawa since he took over last year. They played well in the 2nd half last year with him at the helm and they’ve been fairly consistent this year despite new personnel and a new goalie.

    5)Claude Julien: he was a good coach here in Montreal and even though I hate the Bruins and I hate the way Julien sends his guys after our players, I still respect him as a coach. His team has finished strond despite injuries.

    6) Bruce Boudreau: some people might put him higher, but I’ve found some of his decisions a bit questionable in the past and he’s always playing cry-baby in the media. His team has been strong the past 2 years but he’s also working with a ton of talent and depth. His team still doesn’t come off well defensively and in goal and unless they fix tehir system on D, I think someone will knock them out in the first 2 rounds.

    7) Jacques Martin: good regular season track record in Ottawa but never a winner in the playoffs. He has experience but that’s about all he’s got going for him this season. Good personnel management but his system is pretty awful and doesn’t fit well with the players he has this year (aka he hasn’t adapted well).

    8) John Tortorella/ Peter Laviolette: guess we’ll find out whether the NYR or Flyers get in soon. Yes, both these guys have had success in the past but their teams have been extremely inconsistent this year, even more than the Habs. Tortorella thinks too much of himself in my opinion. Whoever sneaks in is going to have a hard time matching up.

  35. Big Ted says:

    Halak is 8th but look how many young goalies have their teams in the playoffs this year: Halak, Rask, Rinne, Quick, Anderson, Elliot, Niemi, Howard. None of these guys has much playoff experience, and you also have guys like Boucher and Bryzgalov who haven’t done much in the playoffs in a while either. Theo and nabokov have been inconsistent, and even guys like Lundgvist and Luongo have struggled at times this year. Other than Miller, there isn’t a guy on that list who scares me.

  36. Bob Barker says:

    Yeah because you have any way of knowing that. Yes AK46 has not developed like Ryan Getzlaf, Parise, Carter, Perry etc, but at the time he was ranked ahead of those guys. He was initially supposedly top 5 but because he had epilepsy when he was younger he was passed over. 

  37. Exit716 says:

    What an epic mistake taking Kostitsyn in that draft.

    He could have been had in the third or fourth round.


  38. petrov14 says:

    THN ranks the playoffs goalies, Halak comes in 8th.

    ______________________________________ Lets name a Captain…..or not….

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