Parros, Murray join Habs teammates for practice

George Parros and Douglas Murray both practised Friday in Brossard as the Canadiens prepared to face the San Jose Sharks Saturday night at the Bell Centre (7 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

Parros, who suffered a concussion in a fight with the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Colton Orr in the season opener on Oct. 1, wore a no-contact jersey, while Murray practised with his teammates for the first time since suffering an upper-body injury on Sept. 29. Murray was not wearing a no-contact jersey.

Ryan White and Andrei Markov both took therapy days, while coach Michel Therrien said Carey Price will start in goal against the Sharks. Price, who has played in nine of the Canadiens’ first 10 games, has a 5-4 record with a 2.13 goals-against average and .936 save percentage.

Defenceman Murray said he’s day to day, but is starting to feel “much better.”

“Mentally, I’m already in the mindset of I can play, but I’ve still got to get cleared by doctors,” he said. “I really wanted to play tomorrow, but that’s not going to happen the way it looks like. But I’m hoping as soon as possible.”

Captain Brian Gionta was asked why his line with Tomas Plekanec and rookie Michael Bournival is clicking so well.

“You go through those ups and downs,” Gionta said. “Right now we have that chemistry. I think it’s three similar type players – guys that work hard at both ends of the ice. Bournival has added a lot of energy to the line as a young kid. He sees the ice extremly well for us and he’s making great plays.”

The Sharks lead the Western Conference with an 8-1-1 record, suffering their first loss Thursday night when they dropped a 2-1 decision to the Bruins in Boston. Canadiens coach Michel Therrien said the Sharks, in his eyes, are presently the best team in the NHL.

“It’s a team that will continually put pressure on their opponent,” he said. “They always finish at the net. They’re solid defensively. They have a good goaltender. And it will be a very big challenge for our team.”

Murray, who played with the Sharks for eight seasons, had this to say about his former team: “You’ve got to be patient and play a good team game. They have a lot of skill and they capitalize on your mistakes. So team defence first and a good defensive game. And if you’re going to win the game, it’s not going to be a high scoring affair.”

Here’s how the lines and defence pairings looked at practice:



Players stuck to the system against Ducks, Gionta says, by Pat Hickey

Koivu takes centre stage at Bell Centre, by Dave Stubbs

Bournival earning his place,

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Habs fans in town for HIO Summit, by Stu Cowan

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(Photo by Allen McInnis/The Gazette)


  1. jols101 says:

    Good night tonight and we didn’t even play. Leafs and Sens both lose. Besides watching the Habs win, seeing the Leafs lose is the next best thing.

    Keep it going LL. I hope we don’t have any more injuries but if he can get on a serious roll maybe it will force Bergevin into a trade to make room for him in the lineup.

  2. Lafleurguy says:

    One game ago, Louis’ OT winner

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  3. christophor says:

    It’s disturbing that it took Hamilton losing several players to call-ups for Lefebvre to put Leblanc with a couple decent line-mates (and not two plugs). But it’s nice to see Leblanc put up three goals and two assists in the two games since.

    Edit: apparently, it’s more about him seeing more ice time and PP time.

    • savethepuck says:

      Trying to tell myself the organization is just trying to challenge him and he has what it takes to succeed, and when he does show he can perform to their expectations, he’ll be rewarded for it. Or at least that’s what I hope.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  4. BigB says:

    Envious of all those attending the summit…Hope all y’all is having a great time.
    Where are the pix being posted?

    Habs forever!

    • savethepuck says:

      Scroll down to 6:20 post by Propwash. I think that’s the only pic that’s been posted from this year so far.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  5. JUST ME says:

    I am really happy for Leblanc and proud of his start of season.

    That`s exactly why the kids need to go in Hamilton to dominate as they alway have in their career. I know it is still early but there is nothing like filling up the opponent`s goal to raise a player`s confidence. That is why Tinordi and Beaulieu also should play with the Bulldogs big minutes this season and work on what they need to improve.

    We have to look a bit further than Montreal and a bit further in time than this season.

  6. DickandDanny says:

    I have to cut DD some slack after Thursday game. Possibly his best game of the season, and definitely in a long, long while. Although they gave him second star one night a couple weeks ago, which I think must have been a jersey number mistake. He went to the dirty areas on Thurs, carried the puck, tried to make plays, and fore checked well. Now if he, and his line can just start clicking offensively things would look a lot brighter for him, but at least he competed and performed out there. It’s a start.

    All four lines seemed to have some good chemistry actually on Thurs. I still feel MT needs to apportion ice time better and roll out four lines. There were long stretches where White’s line didn’t seem to see the paint. I’m sure this gets the player’s on the other three lines a little more tired and perhaps is why we allow teams back into games when were leading.

    Final comment, reserved for Josh Gorges. He is one of the more interviewed and vocal Habs, especially it seems after games we lose. He usually comments on the teams mistakes and how they need to take less chances, and play smarter defensively. Just wondering Josh, were you going to admit after the ‘win’ that you were the direct cause of a horrible giveaway between our blue line and center ice which led directly to Anaheim’s only goal. Maybe stop and think about that before you comment on your team mates lack of discipline on occasion. This is not the first time this has happened with him, but for some reason he never calls himself out. Fortunately, they didn’t get the second one, or the outcome could have been way different.

    “A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur”

    • savethepuck says:

      With a lot of injuries, a team’s depth suffers. When healthy, we have a 4th line that can play over 10 minutes. When your 4th line is White, Blunden and Holland, they get sheltered minimal ice time. Don’t expect that to change.
      Re Josh, when he says we have to get better and we have to make less mistakes, he includes himself in those statements. There is no ‘i’ in team for Josh Gorges. I guarantee you when the game ended and he was the 1st to go to Carey, he apologized for that error to him. Nobody else thinks he said otherwise.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

      • DickandDanny says:

        You missed the point in each response. Maybe you could look a little deeper at things rather than just on the surface. White has been one of our best face off men recently, and Blunden has played almost 100 games in the NHL. That is 2/3 of a bonafide NHL line, 4th line or not. Holland was an excellent junior player and is a great checking forward. There is no need to ‘hide’ him.

        It would be refreshing for Gorges to admit his own mistakes, which are many, for all to hear not just the goalie on occasion. If your one of those who is continually a main causes of turn overs on the ‘team’ it is doubtful you will admit that. Hence my comment. He hides behind the, no “I” in team, concept. Lucky for him.

        “A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur”

  7. Chrisadiens says:

    Retired to the room early, couldn’t shake the hangover. Really awesome to put names to faces. I hope Front returns Burly back in one piece tonight. 🙂

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  8. B says:

    Leblanc’s second goal of the game is the winner in OT for Hamilton (4-3 over Rochester). Tarnasty got it started with his 4th goal of the season (he’s 1 back of Kristo’s 5 with 2 less games played)

    –Go Habs Go!–

    • JohninTruro says:

      Not a stellar night for our young prospects tonight B. Fucale keeps on winning, and Bozon picking up a point in his first game with the Ice. Playing with Reinhart will generate some points.

      • B says:

        Hi John, still another period and a bit to go in Cranbrook, hopefully Bozon isn’t done yet in his 1st game with the Ice.

        I noticed only 2294 reported in attendance at Copps for tonight’s Dogs win. That seems kinda low for a Friday night game. Edit: 2447 showed up in Baie-Comeau tonight to see Jérémy Grégoire held to only an assist in a 2-1 win over Saint John.

        –Go Habs Go!–

        • JohninTruro says:

          Wow, that is strangely low. I would have liked to have seen Tinordi down there tonight if I were local. That being said if I were local I would be at a lot of those games. Yet to go to a Moose game but my work has season tickets so I am going to get to a few. Waiting on when Hudon comes to HFX.

          • B says:

            Perhaps you can get to a Baie-Comeau game too? It would be nice to see a scouting report from you on Grégoire as well as Hudon. I hope you get to see them both this season.

            –Go Habs Go!–

          • JohninTruro says:

            Ya, I would like to as well. I will take a gander at the schedule, you’re right, I should get there.

  9. Habilis says:

    Don’t look now sports fans, but Louis Leblanc is on fire. Two goals tonight, including the OT winner. He had 3 points last game.

    Someone is not happy about being labeled a bust. Good for him, I hope he gets a shot this season.

    Edit: JohninTruro: Obviously I didn’t see you post before writing mine. Great minds and all that. 😉

    • JohninTruro says:

      Haha so true, nice one.

    • savethepuck says:

      I don’t think he’s a bust. I’m pulling for the kid all the way. I think the shoulder injuries before he joined the NHL and the high ankle sprain last year seriously hindered his progress thus far. I think the kid has what it takes to prove the naysayers wrong. I don’t think he looked that out of place in the the 2011-12 season..

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  10. JohninTruro says:

    Don’t look now but Leblanc getting his second of the game and OT winner. 5 points in 6 games after a slow start first couple games.

  11. TheMostCupsPeriod says:

    Clarkson Era begins with 5-2 loss!
    CHeers to the Summiteers
    Go Habs Go

  12. Ferguson-22 says:

    Great to meet some of the folks at Hurley’s tonight! Looking forward to meeting more tomorrow.

    -Scott and Louise.

  13. The Jackal says:

    I’m glad the summitteers are having a great time, but this place sure is slow tonight, us folks who have nothing better to do on a Friday night are suffering 🙁

    I say that for next summit, there are dedicated computers at every venue, signed in to each member’s account, so that all HIO is part of the festivities 😀

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  14. JM says:

    Habs will have their work cut out for them tomorrow night if they want to come away with any points.
    Right now the Sharks are better in every area than the Habs. But! that don’t mean they can’t be beat.
    Boston was proof of that last night. Gotta come out flying Habs if you’re looking to come away with a point or two!!

  15. Mark C says:

    Don’t look now, but young Louis has another goal. 2-0 Bulldogs.

  16. Hobie Hansen says:

    Thank goodness Douglas Murray is getting close! We REALLY need this gentleman to show that he’s got something left in the tank!

    I think we’re all smart enough to realize that the regular season means squat. The defensive shortcomings of a guy like Raph Diaz can be hidden during the regular season but not in the playoffs. Teams are giving it about 85% as a whole until about mid March and thus the Canadiens can survive playing sloppy in their own end. Diaz was awful in the playoffs last year, god awful.

    Come playoff time, people are going to be hammering guys like Josh Gorges and Diaz and they’ll be given even less time to make decisions, which will creates more cough ups by the two.

    A guy like Murray can actually take a hit a retain control of the puck. He won’t cough it up in the corner and have the other team walk it out or pass it out in front of the net.

    Alex Emelin will also be another huge addition, more so than Murray, when he returns.

    Again, really hoping Murray still has some gas left in the tank and can contribute cuz Diaz just won’t cut it. I’m guessing Diaz and Nathan Beaulieu will be subtracted and Emelin and Murray will be added when everyone is healthy. Can’t wait!

    • HabFab says:

      He is big and strong but never have been impressed with his skills and they haven’t got better with age. Hopefully he is a plus.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Hobie, I’ve been one of the patient ones with Raphaël and Yannick last season, saying they need time to develop, they’ve shown some talent and they bring something to the table. The fact that he’s a rightie and able to play the point on the powerplay was a big factor that I’d caution those who want to ‘get rid’ of him.

      Having said that, so far this season he hasn’t taken the big-ish step forward I was expecting/wanting him to take. I thought that in his third season of NHL hockey, having had some time to get over the concussion, and with bigger minutes, more responsibility, and an almost assured spot in the rotation, he’d seize the opportunity, but I’m not sure if he hasn’t even regressed. The points he tallied early last season on the powerplay aren’t coming. Maybe another example of the ‘Andrei Markov’ effect, on which Mike Komisarek could write a book.

      The way Raphaël botched the 2-on-1 last night was startling. I wrote about it in my recap (, but the way to defend those is one of the first things you learn when playing defence. He failed both in the tactic he used, sliding over to the puck carrier instead of positioning to deny the pass, and in the execution, with that weird face-first slide attempt he did. Everyone makes mistakes, you’re going to whiff on a pass once in a while, or miss the net on a shot from the blue line, or choose to cover the wrong guy in a scramble, but on this sequence, he failed to follow standard operating procedure. Is this just a brain cramp, or an indication that he doesn’t get it generally? I don’t mind someone going against plan and being creative on offence, but not on a basic defensive play.

      So he still has 70 games to go to pick up his socks, and if he doesn’t, it will mean one of the Hamilton kids will get an opportunity next training camp. I don’t want him replaced this season however, he should get his chance to sink or swim, even if it costs us a few losses, it’s better than rushing the kids up from the minors. Once Alexei and Douglas Murray are healthy, I’d like to see Nathan and Jarred back in Hamilton logging heavy minutes and polishing their game, rather than treading water here. Besides, the Bulldogs need the help, I don’t want them to have another season of losing.

    • JUST ME says:

      Not sure if he is that close to coming back and starting his first game in a habs jersey. Sure would be usefull but it looks like his injuries were partly due to him being in bad shape when he got to training camp.
      I do not mind waiting a bit more,Parros also will be soon ready and results with what we have are already better than last season after 10 games so i`d rather have those fresh resources gradually then so we can get to the after olympics part of the season in good shape.

      I too think that Emelin`s return will be more influencial on the defensive squad as his being forced to leave definitely left a big hole and changed the whole team last sason.

  17. JF says:

    How can I see the Summit pictures? Do I have to have a Facebook account?

  18. HabFab says:

    I forgot how quiet it gets on here during the Summits… sigh!

    Anybody want to fight??

  19. Un Canadien errant says:

    A lot of posters asking what is the ‘new goal song’ they’re playing at the New Forum, it’s called “Le But” by Loco Locass.

    The song itself is a punchy rap with lots of catchy rhymes, and it does the neat trick (for a rap song) of turning in the end into a mass singalong. Which I guess isn’t that singular, come to think of it, since we’ve all sung along to “Hot in Here” and “Gin and Juice” and “California Love” and …

    Anyway, the song does a good job of speaking to the attachment Quebecers have with the Canadiens, through the generations, as well as the social impact the team has had on our society.

    There are many videos and montages made of this song available on YouTube, you can explore them at will. The one linked below has the lyrics to go along with the song.

    The one below was the absolutely fantastic job done by the Hockey Night in Canada crew for their musical intro to the broadcast of a playoff game in 2010 between the Penguins and the Habs, using “Le But” and their treasure trove of archival footage. I know a lot of people think it will be great if CBC loses the broadcast rights to the NHL, but I fear the clowns at Sportsnet more than I loathe Don Cherry and Bob Cole, and we might lose these magic intros that HNIC does so well.

    So the snippet they use for the ‘goal song’ is obviously the “Allez Montréal” refrain at the end. Whether it works or not I can’t say, although I’m not sure if I hear the crowd get into it and sing along as much as we’d like. Maybe it’s misused, I’d like the New Forum wizards to fashion it into a chant/song the fans can break into, with prodding from the video boards, an alternative to the “Go Habs Go” or “Olé” song, when the team needs a pick-me-up.

    … you know, because there’s no way hundreds of overcompetitive stars with massive egos would ever cheat to gain an edge with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.–Bill Simmons

    • krob1000 says:

      I agree completely…..this song is great. I was one of the ones asking on here…loved it live at the Bell and finally found out what it was. I am already being told to shut up for singing it so often around here as is my youngest boy! I think it is a great song and such a unique thing for a team to have…not sure why it isn’t marketed more. They absolutely should put the lyrics up on the scoreboard so everyone can sing along…it would be awesome if they just played the music and the crowd sang it! It is a really good song. It would be great to play along to a montage of clips before games for or before warm up as well.

    • sprague cleghorn says:

      I’ve loved the song since I first heard it a few years ago. I think it’s great to have a goal song that has a real connection to the team and is not just a generic piece of music. And yes, it would be great if the crowd got into singing “Allez Montreal” at appropriate moments. My only suggestion is that it be played louder. During the ovation for a goal, it’s a little tough to pick up a song that is mostly vocals. At least on TV.

      Maybe the Summiteers can start singing it when the spirit moves them.

      … ‘ow could we forget that?

  20. Ferguson-22 says:

    Hey we’re at Hurley’s!

  21. jols101 says:

    Hey! Holy Smokes! Did you guys know David Clarkson is playing tonight. Man oh man…the excitement is palpable.

    What a joke.

    Listening to TSN and Sportsnet you would think it was the return of Mario Lemieux.

  22. MikeHabs says:

    With Murray close to returning, I don’t want to see a young kid sit to fit him in nor do I want to see him playing every night. His prime has passed and I know he can be a force if he lines the opposition up to get the hit in but he is slow and I think he is going to get blown by a lot.

    Also, here is the most recent habs prospect update:

  23. Psycho29 says:

    Just saw the picture on the FB page, you all look great!
    Glad to see Burly and Ian , at least I won’t be the oldest one !!!!! LOL, just kidding guys!!!

    So see you tomorrow, I should be downtown by around 1PM….Do you expect to be at Hurleys before Baton Rouge tomorrow?

  24. Thomas Le Fan says:

    On Michael Lansberg’s show, perhaps the greatest hockey player of all time, Bobby Orr states he believes there is a place for fighting in hockey. Like most of us, he doesn’t like the so-called staged fight or the fight that starts because someone resents a clean hit but he thinks it’s a deterrent to the would be tough guys who would take advantage of star players. That’s good enough for me. Take it up with him.

    There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk but … there is fighting in hockey.

  25. Bill says:

    For the regular posters here who are real hockey guys (there are about three of you): am I wrong, or does Galchenyuk have a shot release that is seriously elite? And if I am not wrong, how come he only has one goal this year?

  26. Bill says:

    Is the “Timo says you suck” t-shirt a real thing? Because I want one.

  27. Bill says:

    Nice pics guys, keep posting.

  28. Propwash says:

    I put the latest summit photo on Imgur for you guys who can’t see it. If whoever is in it wants it taken down, let me know.


  29. Ron Torkelson says:

    Bournival has convinced me that he belongs on this team. With all forwards healthy, is there really a spot for Briere? Not based on what we’ve seen insofar.

  30. Propwash says:

    I’m on the 107 bus heading to Hurleys. Now I remember why I love my car so much, although I’m firmly against drinking and driving.


  31. Mavid says:

    saw the picture on FB nice to put faces to all the names..keep them coming!

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  32. frontenac1 says:

    Hey Burly! Where the hell is DP? I’m at Chez Pare. What time is the gig at Hurleys?

  33. dhenry1234 says:

    Habs are Looking REALLY good with their forward lines

    Gio Plex Bournival
    Gally Eller Chuckie
    Bourque DD Pacioretty

    Those are three very solid scoring lines. Very tough for other teams to defend against.
    Combine that with a 4th line of
    Paros Prust Moen (white switches with Paros on occasion)
    and you have 3 scoring lines and a line of “Don’t F$(@ with us”/energy

    I like

  34. mr dave says:

    off topic ,does anybody think now that buttman has re-aligned the teams there’s little to no chance of quebec or Hamilton getting a team could he have done this knowingly and on purpose to keep teams out of Canada. just a thought? what say you…….. cheers.

    the habs have 24 cups I have 24 beers

  35. secretdragonfly says:

    What time is everyone rolling into Hurley’s?

  36. oldtimerguy says:

    would love to see a sharks win with pleks and dd getting 5 goals each…lol…

    seriously, go sharks! I want a top 5 pick.

  37. oldtimerguy says:

    murray a better skater than hall gill, and everyone seemed to be ok with gill…sooooooooooooo……he should be fine in the right pairing.

  38. Timo says:

    @Jim – can we get a little taster of the embarrassing pictures? Just a couple? Pleeeeeeeze?!

  39. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Headline: Sharks Lose Second in a Row.

    There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk but … there is fighting in hockey.

  40. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    Does anyone know if Clarkson is playing tonight?

  41. John Q Public says:

    Please do your part for the environment and your livers :
    Go Green today.
    As for Schwartz’s to many owner changes, crap.

  42. Chuck says:

    Hey Matty, nice to see the turnstile story make a comeback! And thanks for forgetting your credit card at Hurley’s. We were able to make good use of it. 🙂

    Anything is possible.

  43. Habfan10912 says:

    For those asking, Chrisadiens is still struggling but him Burly, and Grim Jim are still drinking. Sholli is still singing, L is still picking out great eating places and Bripro has joined us in the festivities.

    I continue to take as embarrassing of pictures of Burly and Chris as I can. I’ll get them on Facebook when I return. CHeers all!

  44. habsfan0 says:

    Tomorrow night, I have a hunch DD will surprise a lot of us.
    Then again, maybe not.

  45. JM says:

    Bournival is a keeper. When Pacioretty returns Put him on the 3rd line with DD and Bourque This could be a good scoring line!! Don’t mess with the first 2-lines good things happening there…

    • Habfan17 says:

      I like that idea! Less pressure and better match ups! More balance to the attack. It would force other teams to decide who to match their better lines against.


    • HabsWin-nipeg says:

      I was going to post the same thing earlier, then thought “Nah – I’ll just get mocked.” Shows what I know. DD seems to play better with two big wingers, so Pacioretty and Bourque might be a good fit for him. Would make it hard for teams to defend against the Habs as there would be 3 strong offensive lines (as opposed to 3 strong defensive lines that we’ve had to live with for years).

  46. Luke says:

    Pretty Close to wrapping this week up.

    Everyone in Montreal for the Summit, enjoy yourselves. Here’s hoping for a win (or at least an entertaining game!).

    Have a good weekend everyone! (Well, for those of us who get weekends… to any in the service & hopsitality trade: Thanks for making my weekend better, you guys & gals have a good Monday!!)

    Icedogs vs Peterborough tonight… and beers that begin in 19 minutes.

    • Mattyleg says:

      Have a crackin’ one, Luke.
      We’ll keep the Facebook page updated with our shenanigans, if you want to check in on us there!

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  47. johnnylarue says:

    @Matty, that was genius bit of writing. A real down-arrow-pusher (for lack of any appropriate pages to turn…)

    Suffice to say, if that wasn’t enough to make your girlfriend want to kick you to the curb (er, figuratively speaking, of course), then it would appear you’ve found a good one.

  48. Fransaskois says:

    I know we here at HIO really enjoy a good political discussion everyone once in a while…. Here’s a video that’s been going viral on the interwebs. I can see it resonating with a lot of people…. especially the young ones.

    Russel Brand and his take on political reformation:

    Happy to see Murray and Parros putting it all back together. I think we’ve really got a need for Murray to step in and contribute. Our GA are more of a tribute to Price’s spectacular play than to how well our defence has played (which has been bad).

  49. Timo says:

    Sharks is exactly the kind of game where David Desharnais will shine. Looking for big things from the little guy tomorrow.

  50. billylove says:

    Hopefully, none of the injured sharks return for this one. Boyle, Burns, Havlat, Torres. Even without these guys, they pretty much controlled the goons with Rask saving the day. Price needs a big game if we’re going to steal this one. They will put a lotta rubber on goal.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Billy, the only Sharks action I’ve seen has been the highlights from that sickener last night, so I don’t know what they’re like.

      Are they a team we can beat with our speed?

      (And if, as Timo forecasts, DD has a monster game).

  51. Timo says:

    Luke, you’re on fire today, bud.

  52. rhino514 says:

    Not a huge fan of Murray but at this point he can probably eat more minutes than Beaulieu. Im curious to see how this pylon does in a habs uniform.
    Wouldn´t mind Pateryn getting a game in.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      I’m interested to see what Murray can do for Price.
      And agree, would like Pateryn to get some ice time.

      • montreal ace says:

        In our 2 recent loses I thought teams were starting to crash Price again.
        I’m hoping Murray can be a deterrent in that department, that we have needed for a few years.

      • Old El Pozzo says:

        While I can agree that Murray has pylonesque attributes in terms of his skating, there is no denying the physicality he brings both along the boards–and, as Mike has noted–in front of Carey Price. Provided he plays in place of Bouillon–who himself is not the most light-footed of defenders–I think his presence can only serve to benefit the team.

        -Fire it up, get ‘er goin’. Grind it up, Travis Moen.

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          (OEP, you sure are an interesting poster. TWO posts since joining in February, nice rhyming sig, enigmatic handle, and your fav player retired decades before you became a fan! Why don’t you post MOAR?!)

          I agree. Goalies in general and Price in particular often look like catchers crouched over the plate as the runner from third and the ball arrive at the same time. I would love it if Murray were able to provide severe punishment to any opposing player who even contemplated crashing Price. I wonder can Emelin offer that as well. I would love for Price’s kitchen to become the Valley of the Shadow of Death for opposing forwards.

          • Man Dingga says:

            I agree with you 100%! The opposition needs to pay for running Price. If Murray clears the net and punishes them, I can over look his slow skating abilities.

    • Stevie.Ray says:

      I would have put Pateryn in against the Sharks but judging by the practice pairings, it won’t happen.

      Once Murray is back, and eventually Emelin and Drewiske, I am personally ok with having Beaulieu, Tinordi and Pateryn sent to the minors to continue developing.

      That said, I maintain my prediction that by seasons end, Beaulieu and Tinordi will be regulars in the top 6.

  53. rhino514 says:

    They better not put Bournival back on the fourth line when Briere is cleared. Put Briere or Desharnais at centre and sit one of the two, or stick one of the smurfs on the fourth line if they absolutely can´t be scratched.

  54. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Divisional standings are very tight.

  55. montreal ace says:

    Quebec Smoked Meat at 1889 Centre street in Pt St Charles, is a must stop for people who would like to bring a treat home when leaving Quebec. They make their own products there, and their smoked brisket is the best in Montreal at a great price. I usually don’t plug a deli but this place is a treasure, of mouth watering delights.

    • J_P says:

      So its better then both Schwartz’s and Smoke meat petes?

      That’s almost blasphemous. I guess I now have no choice but to stop by and try this place.

      • montreal ace says:

        You will not be disappointed JP, I better make sure people know its a deli, not a restaurant, this is about taking their products home. They wholesale manufacture their products, so this is more about buying their old fashioned brisket to bring home and enjoy.

  56. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Luke on Clarkson’s return = top form

  57. Walmyr says:

    @Mattyleg and the summiters

    Thanks man…great story!!!…BTW sorry for your hand

    It’s because of you HIO guys that a I decided to go to Montreal in 2 or 3 years from now…if everything goes well I’ll be in 2015’s summit to be with you and cheer for our beloved Montreal Canadiens…


  58. Sean Bonjovi says:

    “The Sharks are the best team in the NHL right now and it will be a good challenge for us,” Canadiens coach Michel Therrien told reporters after practice Friday.

    What did Lars Eller have to say? ; )

    • Luke says:

      He said:

      They play like and NHL team. If you look at their style and systems, they seem to stick to it. They have a game plan.”

    • TheDagger says:

      Don’t know if you saw the highlights from the EDM game last night… but Larry was bang on with his assessment. Maybe a tad generous even…

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Which is why that ignoramus Eakins was so ticked off and lost any class he still had by calling out Eller. Lars struck a very exposed nerve.

        Would love to see home fans wherever the Oilers visit holding up signs saying “JUNIORS”.

  59. Luke says:

    Good to see Parros and Murray recovering. Soon it’ll news about Emelin… Positive steps.

    I do fear that the first thing Parros is going to do is get in a scrap (probably vs Orr) and possibly concuss himself again.
    He kind of has to. Prove to himself and everyone else in the league he can still take and toss punches. It’s his role. I can sit here and worry for him, and think it’s silly.
    But he has to get back on the horse that bucked him off.

    @Matty – Awesome. Just awesome.

  60. Buzz Lightbeer says:

    Stop the presses!! Clarkson returns tonight! Truly the second coming! Rejoice on the streets our nations savior is back.
    Enough sarcasm?
    Have a great summit fellow fans.

  61. Dunboyne Mike says:

    How did you get on, staying negative? After 2 goals in the first! (which I saw).

    AND. We have competition. Danno believes Montreal wins whenever he doesn’t watch.

  62. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Matty, that was beautiful and I thank you.

  63. sweetmad says:

    I loved the game last night,but now the injured are coming back who goes down and who sits,I would rather see the kids play,than Murry or Parros.I don’t think they add anything to our game,and we have Prust Patches and Emilin should be ready at the end of next month.So Blundon will proberly be sent back down,I liked Beaulau and Bourniville.

    We will make the playoffs this year,how far we can go is anyones guess,but I think I would rather see more of the kids playing,and getting the experience,for next year,when we should be in with a real chance.

    Last night proved how well we can do,when everyone is really working,I know every body says the Ducks were flat,but what I saw was that they just could not keep up with us,I don’t care that there was no fighting( that was not a fight),I just loved the speed and the skill,and our size was definitely,not a factor.

    I wouldn’t mind keeping the team, we had last night for the Sharks,as long as they l work the same way.

    • galchenyuk27 says:

      id rotate bouillion and murray depending on who where facing he just wants to hit something in his press interview and id keep bealieu with the club love that guy

  64. desertman says:

    Anyone watch the Bruins Sharks game? There was one point when Chara through a late hit on Tommy Wingels. It was high and the hit was directed at the head. Wingels did not return….

    No penalty on the play and doesn’t look like the league is looking at it. Apparently the Sharks coaches were furious…

  65. Mavid says:

    Have fun Summiters..keep us updated including pics 🙂

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  66. Sportfan says:

    Getting closer to see Murray hit people lol, I would like to see Pateryn play a few though

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  67. Mattyleg says:


    Here, in commemoration of this year’s HI/O Summit (and at great cost to myself and my impeccable reputation), I reprint, in its entirety:

    My Altercation With A Metro Turnstile After the HI/O Summit
    By Mattyleg

    Strolling down to Lucien L’Allier metro station with my girlfriend after the HI/O Summit on Saturday night, I felt very happy. I’d spent a great couple of days with some great people, seen a great hockey game, and drunk a great deal of beer. My only source of discontent was that I’d only eaten two Bell Centre rot-dogs, and the approximately 27 litres of beer sloshing around in my bloodstream had not been properly filtered through a gutful of food.

    Yardley-yardley, (drunken sound-effects) I tottered down the interminable escalators into the bowels of the Earth, chatting with my g/f, carrying a large shiny red cardboard gift-box, and wearing my brand-new white Habs away jersey, ‘Gomez’ and ’91′ proudly emblazoned on the back.

    At the top of the final descent, I heard the metro coming. Earlier in the day, I’d had the same situation, and had dashed down, making it onto the metro in time. This time, however, it was a different situation. “GO!!” I hollered at my g/f, and bolted down the stairs, two at a time. I hit the ground running, and turned the corner. I started searching for my wallet. Right breast? No. Left breast? No. The turnstile was approaching, and in the distance, the metro ground to a halt. I turned to see Méli brandishing her metro pass, and heading through the turnstile.

    This is where things I can’t quite explain happened. For some reason, at that particular moment, the most important thing in the world for me was to get on that metro. Not just wait for the next one. This one. Now.
    I wasn’t going to be left behind.
    Not me.
    I acted.

    “My metro pass is a monthly one, so I’m not trying to waste tickets,” I calmly thought. “I’ll just hop over the turnstile, and if they catch me, I’ll simply show them that. They’re sure to understand.”

    I leapt onto the turnstile, placing my foot firmly on the metal bar. Success. As I pushed off, expecting to soar through the air, I felt the bar turn underneath me.
    Oh yeah.
    They turn that way to let people out. My legs pinwheeled beneath me for a moment, and then I was down. Crashing face-first into the ground, the lovely red gift-box breaking my fall.

    Méli stopped and gaped. People throughout the metro station burst into laughter. What did I do? I looked up at my girlfriend and yelled, “GO! GO!” like some extra in Saving Private Ryan. She looked at me incredulously as the three-toned tune of the departing metro filled the station.

    As I sat on the platform bench, my left hand, right elbow, left knee, and right shin throbbing in unison, I disconsolately placed the crushed red box next to me, pulled my wallet out of my pants pocket and realized I’d forgotten my credit card at Hurley’s. I’d have to go back.

    The shame.

    ***2013 Post-Script***

    JD_ Found my crushed gift box lying on a bench later that evening, on the platform going in the opposite direction to the one in which I was supposed to be heading. I’d run for the wrong metro.

    My hand was broken. It took me two weeks of humming and hawing before going into the doctor who said that it had broken under the weight of my body landing on it and re-set itself.

    My girlfriend maintains, to this day, that the STM has kept video footage of the incident and replays it at every Christmas party.

    I doubt she’s wrong.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  68. shiram says:

    Cool, I get to see Murray’s first game.
    Hope he brings a steady element to our D.
    Wonder who Markov will push out of the pairings?

    • galchenyuk27 says:

      hes wearing a no contact jersey he wont be playing and I doubt murray will play so most likely him but if not im guessing the bull

      • shiram says:

        Parros is wearing a no contact jersey, both Murray and Markov are healthy.

        • galchenyuk27 says:

          yeah I just watched murray talking to the press he says he wants to play against sj and he says hes mentally healthy but its unlikely the doctors will clear him id love to see him play his old team someone needs to be able to clear thorton out of the way lets hope at least

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