Painful to watch


Did anyone get the licence number of the black-and yellow 18-wheeler that ran over our bleu-blanc-rouge Smart car last night?

Pat Hickey’s game story

Bruins send a message

• Cammalleri: “We have to figure this out in a hurry …”

• Quick Hits and About last night …

• Arpon Basu on the psychology of a blowout

The view from Boston


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  2. FastCentennial says:

    Watch this video give me your reactions on what you think.

    Habsnation is still standing.

    • Fig Newton says:

      Marchand knocked down Go-Go-Gomez.
      Somebody dial 911.

      How about this one of that cheapshot artist Plecanec with an intentional slash to Horton’s face? What do you have to say about this one, Crybaby?

      Maybe instead of whining about it you need to find some MEN who can suck it up and play for your team.

  3. Guy-Guy-Guy says:

    People need to stop freaking out.

    The habs lost the game when it was 3-0 and penalties were drawn. The rest of the game after that was meaningless. Boston is a good hockey team and it’s very hard to catch up when they are 4 goals ahead. No excuses required. We didn’t see Boston making a comeback at the bell center a couple of weeks ago. Were it not for the maxpac incident, that game may have ended 7-0 as well.

    Plekanec is not fully healed, he was invisible last night and had very little icetime. Same with Halpern. They will get better. Obviously not having a healthy Plekanec kills our team. After Price, he may be our most valuable player. He is to the habs as Bergeron is the to bruins.

    The Bruins made a statement last night: they are a solid, well rounded hockey team, and have mortgaged their future at the trade deadline to aquired Peverley, Kelly and to make a run for the cup.

    They need to be taken seriously, and they will be, in the playoffs. Habsland has not taken them that seriously, after all we could have finished the season series at 5-1…

    Bring on the playoffs. We now know we are the underdogs, and we know we can toss them aside in 7 games… again.

  4. HotHabs says:

    MadHatter… Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology. You’ll be 6 feet under long before that ever happens. We are talking about millionaires here… If you need more insight into that fact, just ask for Timo’s thoughts on it!!!

  5. MadHatter says:

    I understand that the players have to “move on” and “think about the next game” and all the other unemotional clichés that we got from the team after this mornings practice. And yes, this may just have been an anomaly, a glitch “something we have to figure out” etcetera etcetera etcetera…

    However as a lifelong habs fan, I can’t remember such a pathetic showing, for such an important game and I truly believe that the team owes its fans at the very least an apology for such crapola last night. I don’t care if they come back and win the cup. That would be nice. But the fans still deserve an apology from the organization for last night’s atrocious spectacle.

    Here’s my suggestion; take the teams salary for last night’s game, coaches et all, and donate it to the Japan/Haiti relief funds. Show some freaking acknowledgement that it was a horrible display and accept the blame. THEN “move on”. But please show some respect for your fans that are embarrassed and extremely disappointed and feel like they’ve been let down.

    Because the habs certainly don’t deserve to be paid for that show last night.

    That’s just my opinion. And I’m glad I waited until this evening to vent, because last night or this morning, it would’ve been more than just an opinion. It would’ve been a diatribe of cursing castigations and downright disgust.

    I now know how a leafs fan feels.

    Now go ahead and rip away at me if you want.

  6. Thomas Le Fan says:

    The Bruins get full credit for the win but the refs made it a terrible game to watch. Down 3-0 we got borderline call after borderline call against us while the B’s seemed immune. I could have enjoyed a 4-2 loss and a good game. This was just ugly all around. Only a Bruin fan could have enjoyed it. Everyone else turned the channel.
    No doubt we got our a$$es handed to us but we could have used a bounce or two and got nothing. I’m not sure how much credence to give our 8-1 wins or 7-0 losses, however. Call it an anomaly and move on.

    • Mad Habber says:

      Really though I only saw the third period, but I really dont think more powerplays would’ve done any good. Actually I think Bawston had more scoring chances (& goals obviously) than the habs did when the habs where on the powerplay.

  7. J Haul says:

    Who invited the dipshits? I can’t recall ever having to read this much nonsense from opponent trolls before.
    I hope the site name change hasn’t made this site more “visible” to morons worldwide. Might have to invest in a moderator or two… And no one really wants that.

  8. Timo says:

    I will ask this again – where is that mic in Gomez’s or Cammalleri’s face with a question “how the F do you explain earning 8 mil a year and doing absolutely nothing on the ice?” Come on, is the media really that toothless?

    • RGM says:

      Pretty certain that such belligerence would see their credentials revoked in very short order. It’s one thing for Larry Brooks to prod a hair-trigger John Tortorella, but do you really think that the organization would permit people like that to speak with their players?

      Carey Price is All Hart!
      Go Habs Go!

    • habsindepth says:

      My question is, the media, for example RDS (probably the only outlet) keeps questioning the use of Gomez, why is it that no body EVER asks Coach Martin about his policies regarding Gomez? I have never heard Jacques Martin explain himself why he uses Scott Gomez for 20+ minutes every game when this so-called veteran does not show up to the game. Why is it that Gomez after taking that idiotic penalty for holding started the third period on the center-ice?

      If this is not favoritism, I don’t’ know what is. I would love to hear Coach Martin give a solid explanation to us fans about what he sees in Gomez that we don’t. Are we that blind that we have no clue why Gomez is so valuable to the team ON THE ICE that he has to spend 20+ minute each time?

      About the game, the team was flat, no soul, no heart, all that hype and all we got was bupkis —

      How many games have we seen now when Price’s net is being crashed constantly, his personal space (that sacred blue crease) is being violated all the time by the opponents? If we can’t do the same to the opposing goal-tender, can we at least not let them rock Price night in night out?

      HiD Game Recap: (read and comment) 🙂

      Web: – For the Fanatics
      Twitter: @habsindepth

    • adam76 says:

      can’t bite the hand that feeds ya, tim.

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      No guts, no glory.

  9. Former Jets Fan says:

    I wonder if these Bruins fans went out trolling the Flyers boards after Game 3 last year. And I wonder if they’d have the faith to do the same if Boston ever has another 3-0 series lead.

  10. habitual says:

    Arpon normally writes a thought provoking column, but talk of psychologically damaging losses is horse poop.

    If that were true, then the reverse would be true: that a huge win would be psychologically enabling. So how come we get shut out by Buffalo the day after we annihilate Minnesota?

    Each game is an independent event. There are enough guys who have been around long enough to compartmentalize losses. Otherwise losing streaks would go on and on.

    There is no question that when Cammy, Gio, and Pleks go into a scoring slump this team is in trouble. DD can’t carry the load and no question that the loss of Max Pac had a multiplier effect, on his line and then on the others.

    Is this team a legit Cup contender. Nope. But they don’t award the Cup based on year end standings. And remember, like last year, anything can happen in the playoffs.

  11. Hab Hater says:

    Public Enemy Number 1’s Stats since The Incident:
    Chara finished with three assists on the night and was a plus-3 in 20:49. Since that last game against the Canadiens in Montreal, Chara has 2-8-10 totals and is a plus-7. (from NESN).
    Call 911 the habs are missing in action !!

    • 123456 says:

      And in those games the bruins TEAM is 3-5. I guess if a 3-5 record is good for you then so be it. Habs fans are different, we do not have a dominating team but as a group we will still try to will them to victory best we can…. and let it be said a sub 500 record for any stretch is not acceptable for us.

      • Fig Newton says:

        Oh, you mean we’re 3-5 since that game, just like Montreal is 3-5 since that game? Is that what you meant? Now I understand what you meant when you said how sub .500 record record for any stretch is not acceptable for you.

        Thanks for clearing that up…

  12. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    He sure looked pretty good to me when he was pounding the snot out of dadies little boy.

  13. Timo says:

    Cammalleri – here is something that will help you to figure it out. Start playing hockey and stop floating, you useless overpaid bum.

  14. SBAH says:

    Did you just say something? I was distracted counting
    the Habs 24 cups 🙂

    • J_P says:

      Didnt the bruins cough up a 3-0 series lead last year and a 3-0 lead in game 7 to top it all off?

      Isnt the last time they won a stanley cup almost 40 years ago?

      You guys won a REGULAR SEASON game. Get over it. When you the bruins win a cup, come back and talk to us.

      EDIT: AND, last I checked, the habs made the eastern conference finals last year while the bruins were busy coughing up 3-0 series leads.

    • KenD29 says:

      nah, counting how many years since the Bruins last won the cup!

      Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

    • Fig Newton says:

      “You glorify the past when the future dries up…”- Bono

  15. Is infiltrating enemy territory and making an ass of yourself really that enjoyable for you? You’re a poor reflection of the great region of New England.

  16. Barts says:

    Just heard someone say that the Habs looked like the Hamilton Bulldogs last night. Nah, that’s not true, the Bulldogs would have competed.

  17. Mattyleg says:

    So now you can go back under the rock you crawled out from.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  18. G-Man says:

    Arpon Baitsyou is at it again, completely reversing what he stated in an earlier commentary. Anything to get us suckers to read his “what I’ve just thought of” commentary. Then, again, we all do that here, don’t we. Shame is, he is getting paid for it.

    2011 is the Year of the Hab (can I still say that?)

  19. HabNut69 says:

    What I saw last night was a tired, scared team that just wanted to get through this game without anyone getting hurt. It was something like a sacrifice. Let’s just close our eyes, get this over with and get the h*ll outta here. Unfortunately that strategy doesn’t go over well with fans who want their team to die for them night in and night out. But you know they’re only human. This team is seriously depleted and in need of some more healthy bodies for the playoffs and hopefully, when they get that, they will change their ‘tude when it’s do or die time.

    • Johnny_Offensive says:

      Team’s healthier than it’s been pretty much all year. Plex and Halphern coming back in this timing was unfortunate though. Not a game to be mixing things up.

      • HabNut69 says:

        True, but I think some of the guys that showed up last night are still nursing some bruises.

      • Fig Newton says:

        What about the mixup on who else they could strap goalie pads to in place of the two sieves they had in there last night? Wouldn’t that count as a mixup?

      • Johnny_Offensive says:

        Isn’t there a Bruins blog somewhere for you trolls to go?

        Oh no….that’s right. That would require a hockey town. And I know – I live in Boston – nobody gives a rat’s ass about the Bruins.

        How your sox doing? They’re about to steal the spotlight.

        • Fig Newton says:

          Yeah, that’s why the B’s sell out every night. Cuz no one cares. Hey, how about them Expos? How do they look this year? Oh, wait…they are long gone…oopsy…

          Ok, let’s see, what’s the name of Montreal’s NBA franchise? Oh, wait…you dont HAVE one. But the Alouettes have a chance at winning the Superbowl this year, right? Oh wait…too bad they’re in the CFL… AKA NFL Lite.

          Such a pity that such a cosmopolitan city as Montreal can muster only one real sports team. Oh, wait…you must have a soccer team, right? Oh wait… no one watches soccer.

          Sorry. Have fun with your hockey club…oh, and I hear the world tiddlywinks championships are coming to Montreal in 2012. So you’ve got THAT going for you too…hahahaha.

  20. Johnny_Offensive says:

    Fact of the matter is, we’ve got nobody to blame for this but ourselves. We had the Bruins on the ropes 2 weeks ago – up 4-0 after 2 periods in a “statement” game that should have been a celebration of our complete domination over a team that manhandled us in Boston.

    We should have basked in the glory of that win much the same way that the Bruins fans/media are this morning.

    Instead we resorted to whining and bitching about the league’s and the Bruins’ mismanagement of a borderline call that was made a lot worse than it actually was because of an unfortunate injury.

    If we had just talked about the game, and not the hit…then the Bruins would have been the ones scratching their heads. Instead, we lit a fire under them.

    If you’re going to play the victim, then you’d better back it up with some revenge…if you’re going to play the victim and NOT back it up with revenge, then you are just that….a victim.

    That said, this is NOT on the Habs. They never called 911 or made issue over the fact that Chara should have sat for a couple games (he should have) – that was the media and the fans’ job. They never called for his arrest or made asses of the entire city. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and look at yourself from a distance. How do you want to be portrayed in the media nationally or internationally?

    The Bruins used all of that as fuel to play the game they did last night.

    Question is….where are the Canadiens going to find their fuel?

    • G-Man says:

      Borderline? WTF?

      2011 is the Year of the Hab (can I still say that?)

      • Johnny_Offensive says:

        There’s a reason why 80% of the hockey world have defended the hit and the ruling. Turnbuckle hits are nothing new.

        Listen, I was as pissed as anybody about the hit – I despise Chara – I think it was intentional and he knew what he was doing…but in the court of law, it’s impossible to determine intent – and without intent, you can’t say that hit was different than what happens 15-20 times a year throughout the league.

        Don’t need to rehatch that here…but sometimes you need to splash some cold water on your face and get out of your own ass – own up to how you’ve contributed to the situation and see things through other people’s eyes.

        • J_P says:

          Well, to whoever watches the actual games, the intent is clearly evident:

          -Paccioretty shoved Chara 2 games prior.
          -Chara hacked paccioretty in the ankle hard in the next game, and went after him while he was already engaged with another player.
          -The bruins were down 4-0 in the game, and there was 20 seconds left in the period when chara hit paccioretty into the stanchion.
          -Chara’s arm was guiding paccioretty’s head into the stanchion.
          -Chara’s played for 13 years and definitely know’s exactly where he is on the ice. He even looked forward the whole time as if to look innocent.

          There’s definitely intent. As for 80% of the league saying it wasnt so bad, give me a break. The habs are like the yankees of hockey. Everyone who isn’t a fan, hates our guts. Obviously, the opinions are biast.

          You are correct though that hits into the stanchion do happen often, but even in the many instances where it happens, the player doing the hitting appears to want to use the stanchion to inflict more damage. Chara, due to his size, just happened to inflict WAY more damage than i’m sure even he intended.

        • G-Man says:

          If 80% of the hockey world keeps repeating the same lie over and over again, it looks like you will believe it.

          2011 is the Year of the Hab (can I still say that?)

          • Johnny_Offensive says:

            Yeah – much smarter to keep “fighting the battle” – it apparently is working so well. Let it go. Luckily, Patch is going to be fine – hopefully back.

  21. MikeMcLaren says:

    You can tell we’re totally screwed for the playoffs…

    This season, think of all the blowouts we’ve suffered! We lost to the Sabres 8-2! We lost to the Rangers 10-5! Double digits! Not only that, we lose 6-2 to the Islanders and 8-3 to the Sabres AGAIN!!!???

    There’s no way we’re doing anything in the playoffs, NO WAY!

    (these results are all from the 1992-93 NHL season, for those who are curious)


  22. SeriousFan09 says:

    Habs have lacked energy, commitment on the road all season. They’re not getting up for the games out of the Bell Centre very often, too easily they’re taken out of a road game with a couple GA.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  23. HalifaxHabs says:

    Wow…. last nights game was pathetic and painful to watch, and I hated it, but doomsday people on here are comical.

    People blaming last night on Price, are living in a dream world. It’s simple, 5 goals were scored on him, 2 were tipped in by his own players (Gill & Eller) and one was a pass to open side, Price is sliding over, and Mara lays down and stops the puck for Horton standing beside an empty net. What do you expect from him?

    Do you think Boston thought their season was over when they were down 4-0 after 2 periods to the Habs 18 days ago?

    No excuses about last night, we got thouroughly outplayed and embarrased… we did have 4 major players coming back off of injury, I think it’s safe to say Pleks wasn’t %100 last night. Either way we got killed, but we have beaten Boston pretty convincingly a few times this year as well.

    The playoffs don’t start for 3 weeks, there’s alot of hockey to be played between now and then. I know the general feeling is they will lose out the season and then get swept 4 straight because they got killed last night, but I don’t think they are going to bust out their golf clubs quite yet.

    Relax, take a deep breath, and we’ll see how the next few games go.

    • KenD29 says:

      guess some figure Price should score goals too! 0 goals against the Sabres two nights ago, 0 goals last night (Gionta missing a wide open net, Camalleri nowhere to be found)…

      Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

    • G-Man says:

      Price had a poor outing, but so did the rest of the team.

      2011 is the Year of the Hab (can I still say that?)

  24. The issue at hand is that they are trying to make a Martin Brodeur out of Carey Price. Problem is that Brody plays 78 games a year and is empty by the playoffs. Which is what we’re starting to see here in MTL. I also believe he is hiding an injury. But whatever. Bruins won, yadda yadda. We all know that the playoffs are where it counts. Ask the Bruins about last spring. As it stands at this exact moment, the Habs don’t have a damn chance in hell in a 7-gamer against just about anyone aside from what, the WILD? But as I have seen a few times this year, it takes a few really bad games to get outta the funk. If Washington beats them Saturday, minus “#8”, then I’m calling shenanigans on these “hosers”.

    At the very least, I’d rather them hit their wall now, than in the post-season. Every team hits a low. I just hope that this is IT.

    Bruins earned the 4-points last night. Big time. The rest of the story for this rivalry has yet to be written. Round one is just around the corner.

  25. mrhabby says:

    The game plan was perfected to a t last night by boston. the bruins won the battle along the boards (bigger players) and down low against the dmen (bigger and hard on the puck). The Habs forwards were not given any room to skate because they were heavily checked and our slower dman were constantly on the defensive due to bruins heavy forechecking resulting in way to many penalties. our players were always steps behind the bruins trying to play catch up.
    Thats how you beat the habs.
    I suppose you could say our players were playing injured but if so..why play them at all. team beat minny hands down.
    as for price a goalie can only do so much when most of the game was played in the canadiens end.
    i for one hope the canadiens do not play boston in the playoffs at all.
    it will be very interesting to see what adjustments the team makes going forward.

  26. HabFanSince72 says:

    Why wasn’t it a statement last game when we led 5-0 after two?

    • RGM says:

      Are the Minnesota Wild on the same level as the Boston Bruins in terms of rivalry, playoffs implications, history (long-term and recent), and competition?

      Carey Price is All Hart!
      Go Habs Go!

    • observer says:

      YOU ASK SUCH A QUESTION? By the way Minnesota had about been eliminated the afternoon before and never showed up. This the game after the Pac incident, 3 points behind for the #3 seed, against the biggest rival of the team. And you ask such a question?

    • Gindan69 says:

      I think you mean 4-0. I guess it’s only a statement game when the Bruins win. We heard the same BS after the 8-6 goonfest. But of course it wasn’t a statement game when the habs rallied in the final minutes to win 3-2 in OT prior to that. And it wasn’t a statement game the 2 wins earlier in the season either. It’s only statement games when the Bruins win. That’s the rule. I suppose, if your 3-9 over 2 years and 2-4 this year against essentially the same cast of characters, every win is a statement.
      Funny, add those numbers up in a playoff series and it looks like the Habs romp.

      • observer says:

        It was an extremely important game and they lost 0-7. END OF STORY!

        Note- had they beaten Buffalo on Tuesday – hell they got 2 points out of the 4, but no instead they have been shutout 2 games in a row, Buffalo beat them 3 times in a row, Bruins now beat them bad 2 of the last 3 games. I don’t care what you call it! It is what it is!

  27. PrimeTime says:

    Perhaps if the score was reveresed and this was a Bruins site the commentary would make sense! If anyone truly believed this was a contending team please check your bags at the Reality Store. All year our team has been a tier 2 team and without Price playing lights-out we are probably a tier 3 team clawing for a playoff position. Sure 7-0 sucks against your rival at an important time of year but so what?? Are we out?? Will the boys quit like many of the attitudes here?? I doubt it…..they haven’t all year and they have had a multitude of times when they could have. Next game is a new game and so is the one after. Playoffs are a different animal. We’ll see which teams will meet or exceed expectations

    • Caballero says:

      Indeed without Price this team is nothing. I am sick of that. I am sick of our “style” of play. Score first and hope Price wins us the game. With our lack of size, this team should be one of the fastest in the league. Instead you have a few tiny players surrounded by pillars that can’t skate backwards and other geezers in defense, overpaid divas like Cammy and Gomer, and enigmatic players who have yet to reach their potential? It is a sad state when your best centre is Eller, a stick figure of a man who is barely old enough to drink beer in Boston.

      • observer says:

        There are 3 excellent players on this team, Subban, Price and Pacioretty , several solid players and a bunch of run of the mill players – a poor job of bungling of 8 years by Gainey and Gauthier assembled this team while allowing decent players to escape and te trading away of many #2s even a #1 draft picks for old players who didnt play here for more than a few months.

      • adam76 says:

        Not that I disagree, but where were you a couple of weeks ago when the team was winning?

  28. J Haul says:

    Yeesh…. Starting to look a lot like then centennial year. Had quite the year-end collapse then as well. No effort out there right now. These guys should be ashamed of themselves, cashing those cheques they aren’t earning,

  29. J_P says:

    Even after some sleep I don’t feel any better about this one.

    -Carey Price was not up for this game. Im never one to bash the goaltender, but he was shaky from the moment the puck was dropped. Personally, I would have pulled him after the 2nd goal. Not that it would have made a difference, but it didnt take long to see that he wasn’t in the zone.

    -In my eyes, the habs didn’t have to win this game. Chasing the division was always a huge long shot, but to not even show up… Character? What character…

    -And what about leadership? Pleks taking a double minor for high sticking, and gomez taking a couple of useless penalties also. Gionta didn’t spark anything last night.

    -The game was well officiated, and the bruins didn’t result to goon tactics. They played a clean game, and completely obliterated the habs.

    -Paccioretty deserved WAY better than the effort his teammates gave him last night.

    -Not one of the injured players played a good game last night. Unless it’s the playoffs, there’s no reason to rush back from injury.

    The only positive I can take away from last night’s game is that at least it’s only a regular season game, but the lack of character was absolutely appauling. Saturday is another big test, hopefully the boys actually show up. Blow-outs happen, but to not even show up in a game like that is both an embarassment and a disgrace.

    Dislike away!

    • RGM says:

      Most of us didn’t see it during the actual game since many switched over to something more competitive, like a snail race, in the third period but this: “The game was well officiated, and the bruins didn’t result to goon tactics. They played a clean game, and completely obliterated the habs.”

      Ask Gomez’s nose about Brad Marchand’s elbow.

      Carey Price is All Hart!
      Go Habs Go!

    • adam76 says:

      Price was not up for both critical games the last week. The rangers on Friday (which is looking more and more important) and last night.

      Price has had a great season, but you have to ask yourself – where was he when we really needed to steal a win? Its the difference between a great goalie and a Hart winner.

      • J_P says:

        That’s quite unfair to Carey Price IMO. Yeah he had bad outings in two critical games, but he’s stolen more than enough games for us this year that he deserves a pass on those games. Without him, the habs would be a cellar dweller, not a playoff team.

        I was just illustrating how he was really off his game last night from the moment the puck dropped, and that I would have pulled him after the second goal to change up the momentum. I wasn’t blaming the loss on him last night at all. Goalie’s have bad games, it happens. Especially when he has started 64 of the habs 75 games. The whole team was bad last night.

        • Fig Newton says:

          He’s a top candidate for Venison…oops, I mean Vezina. Sure he is…

          • Mad Habber says:

            Didnt Timmy and his team get blown out against the Leafs last weekend? I seem to forget…

        • 123456 says:

          He was solid against Buffalo and gave up only a very nice deflection. I did not see that first two periods last night but cjad was saying price was making some great saves. Price is the only reason the habs have almost 90 points. When he does have a bad game I will not question him until 10 or so others are questioned first.

  30. rob_c says:

    Now that I slept on it a few quick things…

    Some hab players refer to Cammalleri as a “ferrari”, I think “neon” is more like it. He sure as hell isn’t winning any races. Actually he’s not doing much of anything.

    Have to admit Mara is growing on me a bit.

    Who is observer and why does he talk about the leafs every other post?

    Its incredible how UGLY the Boston fans in that crowd were

    It’s obnoxious “USA, USA, USA” chants like that, that make me not care when their national anthem gets booed in Montreal. I acknowledge it’s disrespectful, but man does that get my blood boiling.

    I look forward to seeing Ryan White for many years…. a great role/depth player thats coming out of the woodwork.. have to admit, prior to this season I never thought he’d be an affective player for us.

    Sopel, I have NEVER seen a DMAN shy away from contact so much in one game. There was atleast 3 PERFECT examples, they happened to show ONE on TSN. If your not healthy enough to take a hit to make a play, Picard/Weber should have been in.

    I LOVE the way Darche plays. he’s fearless out there.

    And finally, THANK YOU SCOTT GOMEZ! We now know you cant do anything while 5 on 3 either.. Just when I thought my view of you couldn’t get any worse it did.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Cammalleri’s shoulder is not intact, if he needs surgery this summer it wouldn’t surprise me. He can not make any kind of sharp movements with his stickhandling, he loses the puck constantly.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

    • observer says:

      Who is observer and why does he talk about the leafs every other post?

      Not me! Everytime I say and state reasons why this team has been terribly managed by Gainey/Gauthier THE REGULARS start saying Burke blah , blah, blah made a bad trade. Well if they want to compare these 2 incompetants to what Burke has done in Toronto fine. All I did was give them facts why in Burkes 3rd full year next year that team will be in far better shape than the Habs , but I don’t give a damn about him or them, I say these 2 GMs here should both be fired.

      And Leafs? If Habs lose a game all they say here is well “we” are better than Leafs. Who cares! Why not say “we” are better than Islanders? They not me are obsessed with Leafs and I keep saying it.

      S. Kostitsyn 19 goals, Grabovski 28 goals, D’agostini 18 goals, Obyrnne playing solid defense, all at reasonable entry level contracts were traded away for nothing!

      • Mark C says:

        “S. Kostitsyn 19 goals, Grabovski 28 goals, D’agostini 18 goals, Obyrnne playing solid defense, all at reasonable entry level contracts were traded away for nothing!”

        See this is your problem “observer” you always overstate things or just make up outright lies to further your narratives. Those players weren’t traded for nothing.

        D’ago had 4 points in 40 games when he was traded and Montreal got back a prospect, who was a 2nd round pick and who, looks like he’ll soon be an everyday player.

        Grabo skipped a team flight because he was upset over his ice time; he was traded in the offseason for a 2nd round pick and a long-term D prospect with size.

        OB had no role on the team at the time and it seemed he would never pan out in Montreal. He was traded for prospect who has had a really good season in the Q is was one of the last players left off the WJC roster.

        If you really want people here to take you seriously, stop calling players like Palushaj, Bournival, Peteryn and 2nd round draft picks “nothing!” I understand theses returns haven’t fully equaled what talent was lost, yet, but stop minimizing what PG and BG did to the point you are lying about it.

        • 123456 says:

          i am in the same boat as many – this observer guy is just annoying. . . (keep reading) and while i totally agree that there was a reason each of the three trades was made… at some point we can question the outcome. at first i attributed d’ags and little k’s suvvess to a new system, score first play no defense…. but points are points and at least in little k’s case i really wish he could have been kept. obyrne i think the habs just gave up on….. dag’s to me was never anything more than one of many cog’s.

          • Mark C says:

            Yeah, the trades haven’t all worked out well, but the context is important. Maybe something more could have been done to turn around SK74 and Grabo, but I don’t know. Now of us do.

        • AND O’Byrne was a negative influence on Price. He HAD to go.

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