Canadiens make the Grand Prix scene

A few of your Canadiens snapped outside the Ferrari garage and in the Paddock Club during the Grand Prix of Canada on the weekend. We’re betting that they didn’t pay for a ticket.

And here’s

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Yawning, not fawning over The Hockey Song

OK, maybe I'm still foggy from Formula One Grand Prix exhaust fumes, having killed the brain cells I can't afford to lose, but isn't everyone making a little

Max signs for two years

As reported by CKAC on the weekend, the Canadiens have signed Maxim Lapierre to a new two-year contract.

Lapierre will make $575,000 this season and $800,000 in 2009-'10.

These are

The Hockey Song lives!

All together now: Dunt-da-dunt-da-dunt!

CTV has bought the rights to what was, for 40 years, Hockey Night in Canada's theme music.

The familiar theme will be heard next season


The Detroit Red Wings may have been gained glory this past week by winning Lord Stanley’s Cup, but a much greater (albeit less tangible) accolade was seized by

“Boots” broke

William "Boots" Del Biaggio III, one of the owners of the Nashville Predators, has filed for bankruptcy.

Del Biaggio, a Silicon Valley financier, owes $57 million U.S.

Puts your credit

Malkin sick and banged-up

Dave Molinari, hockey beat writer at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, reports that Evgeni Malkin has been suffering from an unusual flu-like affliction that made it hard for him

Quotes, quotes and more quotes

In case you didn't get enough on the CBC post-game show, which included interviews with everyone from Mike Ilitch to the stick boy, here's more from Q.  Nick,

Pre-Game 6 quotes

From Q.  Can you just talk about the atmosphere of the skate this morning?  Did you think the guys looked pretty loose?


Market watch

Carolina has signed Patrick Eaves to a three-year contract that will pay him $1.1 million in 2008-'09, $1.4 million in '09-'10 and $1.7 million in '10-'11.

Eaves made $942,000