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Pavol Demitra to Vancouver: two years, $8 million.

Canucks are $10 million under the cap<

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More on Gorges, etc.

Pat Hickey talks to the man.

Meanwhile, San Jose signs defenceman Christian Ehrhoff to a three year contract for three times what  Gorges is making.

And the Globe's

Josh Gorges

Three-year contract worth a reported $3.3 million.

Boone is delighted.

Gorges made $495,000 last season when he proved he deserved a regular spot on the blue line.

This news was

Emery to Russia

Let's get a pool going on the date of the first off-ice incident.

The Bolshevik revolution began on Oct. 25, which sounds about right.

Tie-breaker will be the actual offence.

Crazy Gary’s hockey league

He's got owners under indictment.

He's got a TV deal with a U.S. cable network that no one watches.

He's got fading defencemen signed to six-year contracts, 14-goal scorers making

How bad is Paul Mara?

One goal, 16 assists, plus-1 on the season, an average of 18 minutes a game.

Not Nicklas Lidstrom, but Paul Mara wasn't totally horsebleep.

Or was he?

Mara, 27, has

Rudyard Kipling on hockey

If you can keep your head while all about you

Are losing theirs and blaming it on Lowe ... you'll be a man in the treacherous world of salary

Halak signs

Two years, a cap-friendly $1.55 million. Halak made $500,000 last season.

Total salary, excluding bonuses, of Montreal Canadiens goaltenders this season: $1.6 million

Total salary of Chicago goalies: $12

Sundin strikes back

Eschewing phone calls or e-mails, Mats Sundin prepares a unique way of conveying his decision on where to play this year.

(Actually, it's Sundin performing in The Nutcracker ...

Potential to the Max

 In his Gazette column, Pat Hickey writes that Max Pacioretty is getting very close to turning pro.

Marc-Antoine Godin of La Presse concurs.

Also in La Presse,