Maybe not so exclusive?

The plot thickens.

Sportsnet reports Cliff Fletcher gave the New York Rangers permission to tal

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Canadiens among SI winners

Alan Muir of Sports Illustrated lists the Canadiens among draft weekend winners.

He likes the Tanguay trade, the potential Sundin signing and  second-round choice Danny Kristo.

Sadly, Muir's list

The Market

TSN reports Nashville has re-signed Shea Weber to a contract that will pay the defenceman $13.5 million over three years.

Weber, who will be 23 in August, would

Sweet Dreams of Sundin

Montreal singer and songwriter Daniel Iorio sends us this timely

Would Habs’ No. 13 fit hulking Leaf Sundin?

Billy Boucher, the last Canadien to wear sweater No. 13, photographed in 1924-25. The Canadiens wore the globe crest instead of a CH that season, celebrating their 1923-24

The future is now

Are your Montreal Canadiens a better team today than they were when the weekend began?

For sure. The acquisition of Alex Tanguay saw to that.

Are your Montreal Canadiens

Kristo could be a keeper for Habs

The Gazette's Pat Hickey reports from Ottawa that the Canadiens were pleased with the players they selected at the entry draft, with Trevor Timmins, the team's director of

Canadiens come away as winners

The Gazette's Pat Hickey writes in Sunday's paper that he considers the Canadiens winners coming away from the 2008 NHL entry draft, but it had little to do

Gainey to Sweden?

The Toronto Star reports Bob Gainey will travel to Sweden, possibly on Wednesday, to talk Mats Sundin into signing with the Canadiens.

Compensation to the Leafs is likely

What a surprise … NOT!

TSN is reporting the Penguins have broken off contract talks with Marian Hossa and he'll become a UFA on July 1.

So all that stuff about Hossa giving Pittsburgh