Pacioretty word seems likely early evening ET

Max Pacioretty

The Canadiens are in the air en route to Anaheim at this hour. It’s anyone’s guess whether NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan has communicated word to Habs GM Pierre Gauthier about his decision on any punishment coming the way of Max Pacioretty for Saturday’s hit on Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang.

The likeliest scenario has word being made official around 7 pm ET, when the Canadiens’ charter is due to set down in California.

We’ll have details here when the announcement is made by the NHL and/or the team.


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  2. Izzy says:

    it took me over an hour to research this bird rumour after reading what somebody outright lied about earlier. He said he listened to Pierre McGuire earlier on the team 990 and that Pierre said the habs were going to make a big trade with a team with a bird logo…….found todays team 990 podcast and listened to the entire thing….24 mins….at the end of the interview, Melnick asks Pierre where will Zack Parise end up?…Pierres answer was…somewhere with a team that has a bird logo that really like ice…….end of interview……no habs….no trade….no rumour, other than that started by the idiot below….and thats how they start….and thats how he waisted over an hour of my time…

    “Peter Mahovolich wouldn’t have taken that crap”

  3. pedro says:

    Gutless Bettman the Hab hater keeps trying to sell hockey as a gladiator sport in the US. don’t ever think the habs will get a break;it would be a mistake.


  4. HabFab says:

    Shanahan’s reasoning;
    2 games for hit on Letang + 1 bonus game for being a Hab = 3 games for surviving Chara’s hit….how do you like that math??

    • bigjames says:

      go over to and listen to shanny’s decision. he says patch “recklessly targeted” pond scum’s head. he says over and over that patches pickd the head. that is just absurd!!

  5. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Be serious…

    Did you really think Pacioretty was not going to be suspended? I am surprised it was only 3, to be honest. I figured 3-5, leaning towards 5.


    Cause Shanahan is just another puppet. Whose strings are being pulled by individuals and corporations south of the border.

    Lucic got a “Get out of jail free card”, wasn’t he penalized on the Miller hit? Chara is penalized and ejected for his “hockey play”. Boston players play the game by the book, until it is deemed too rough, then they get a pass and the rules are changed for everyone else.

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