Pacioretty suspended three games

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Let the anguished howls begin.
This is three games more than Zdeno Chara got for his hit on Pacioretty.
It’s also three games more than Ryan Malone’s hit on Chris Campoli.
And three games more than Milan Lucic got for knocking Ryan Miller out of action.

Gentlemen (and ladies): Start your conspiracy theories.

The league has ruled Pacioretty commited an illegal hit to the head “in which the head was targeted as the principal point of contact.”

Unless he appeals the decision, Max-Pac will miss the Canadiens’ games in AnaheimWednesday, San Jose on Thursday and Los Angeles on Saturday. He will forfeit $ 26,351.34 in salary.

Here’s Brandan Shanhan’s explanation, with video.

“When cutting across the middle on a play like this, all players accept that a full body check may be looming,” Shanahan says. “However, what no player should expect is that his head will become the principal point of contact on a hit.”

Shanahan said the positioning of Kris Letang’s head on the play did not effect the itent of Max Pacioretty’s check.

The onus “was on Pacioretty to make sure he didn’t make Letang’s head the principal point of contact.”

While Pacioretty asserted, in his Monday morning phone conversation with Shanhan, that Letang’s leaninging into his shot changed the angle of the hit, Shanahan ruled “it is still his reponsibility to make principal contact through the core of Letang’s body.”

Instead, the NHL disciplinarian ruled, Pacioretty shifted his weight to his right leg, making Letang’s head the principal point of contact.

In levying a three-game suspension, Shanahan acknowledged Pacioretty has “no history of supplementary discipline”.

Well, until now.

And just for comparison, here’s another three-game suspension – for André Deveaux’s hit on Thomas Fleishmann.


  1. Bill says:

    So when Campoli moved his head, the hit was his fault: no suspension for Malone. When Eakin moved his head, the hit was his fault: no suspension for Bogosian. And when Lucik concussed Miller, he had “committed to the check”, so no suspension.

    But Pacioretty commits to the hit … and Letang moves his head … and all of a sudden this is completely different??

    Shanahan! Make a video explaining the difference! I just don’t get it!

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  2. fosterch says:

    Maybe they should all wear Youppi-sized helmets?

  3. Michael says:

    I still think the best way to prevent head injuries would be to make the players wear softer shoulder/elbow pads. It strikes me as very little comfort that today’s NHLers will have healthy shoulders and elbows while they develop dementia in their late 50s.

  4. arcosenate says:

    That is such a key part of the ice surface for playing defence, it’s very alarming that the NHL would be looking at taking that away, it’s not unlike having DB’s not allowed to hit receivers until they receive the ball. A huge change in the game and I think a very wrong headed approach, it’s OK to go across the middle of the defensive zone for a shot and not expect to get hit? Man, i can’t believe that’s the game we want to watch.

    • Michael says:

      Shanahan was explicit that Letang should have (and probably did) expect to get body-checked. BODY-checked, not head-checked. Patches missed his hit and got Letang’s head. And, as Shanahan noted, immediately before making contact, he shifted his weight from his left leg to his right, indicating intentional targetting of the head.

      Head shots are not cool just because a Hab executed one.

      • Bill says:

        So … Malone? Bogosian?

        Full Breezer 4 Life

        • Michael says:

          They deserved suspensions too.

          • Bill says:

            No they didn’t, not according to the only standard that matters, the NHL rules, which now make no sense, which is the basis of my complaint.

            Full Breezer 4 Life

        • Everlasting1 says:

          Bogosian’s hit resulted in nothing as Eakin got right back up into play. Ya gotta appear hurt to officials if you want the call, it seems. Bush indeed.

          Thus sayeth the Lord, “Destroyed I the Amorite before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars, and he was strong as the oaks.” Amos 2:9

          “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

      • arcosenate says:

        Sorry, you head down the trolley tracks you know what’s coming, and you are taught not to do that. That’s as intrinsic a hockey play as exists, scoring chance, defence tries to stop it. Ask Letang who made the dumb play, there was no intent to go for the head, it wasn’t a meaningless neutral zone play. Come on, that’s right in the middle of the ice and a scoring chance, letang would have done the same thing if Maz was dumb enough to go there. Gimme a break, Max shifted his weight and went after his head?

  5. HardHabits says:

    The only good news is that it was Pacioretty dishing out the hit. So what he got suspended. Let’s get a little swagger going. Let’s hit some more. Cleanly of course, but more physical punishment. I want the Habs to be a physically punishing team. Sure we can have one or two players who are a shorter than 5’11” but not unless there is a contingent of bone crushers and head bangers.

    I want to see the Habs dump Gionta and Cammy as soon as possible. Gomez is gone already in my mind. Let Gallagher and Kristo develop in a culture of toughness instead of a culture of smurfdom and softness.

  6. Big Ted says:

    Habs have been completely mistreated by the league. After last season’s fiasco, where we were the victim of Colin Campbell’s inconsistency, this year it’s Brendan Shanahan who got us. As I said after the Lucic hit on Miller, I had lost respect for Shanny, and this pushes that further. It’s not that Max’s hit was clean, it’s that the ruling is so far out of proportion with what was previously not suspended. And the reasoning behind the call is the exact opposite of the reasoning that was used to clear Lucic and Malone and others. So from the Pens game alone, we had the league rob us of a chance for a win by a blown call on the ice and now potentially a chance at ruining 3 more games because of a blown call off the ice. And meanwhile guys like Malone and Chara are considered to be clean players with no record.

  7. NLhabsfan says:

    Just another Boston league scam decision!!!

  8. Seriously, people, do you think that Shanahan made the decision without a thought towards the future? He is, you must admit, at least self-interested? He got nailed after the Miller-non-call. Go for the Bruins non-call…absolutely. I bet he wishes he could take a mulligan on that one, given the happy photos of him, with his happy employers ex post facto.

    I am inclined to believe that this is the best thing that could happen to the game! We don’t want Cammy or Gio or any of the other smurfs taken out with a casual hit. Give the historical proximity to the Lucic non-call, I’d like to believe that Shanny has woken up, after experiencing early pressure from miscellaneous parties.

    I keep coming back…as a man who has called out head you think that Pax would want anything other than a suspension? We’re not talking points here…we’re talking principle.

    I’m inclined to believe, that when he talks tomorrow, he will speak of the benefits of enforcing headshots.

  9. JERM says:

    Thought I would have some fun. In Shanahan’s explanation I replaced Pacioretty with Malone and Letang with Campoli and I could swear we are talking about the same play.

    “However, what no player should expect is that his head will become the principal point of contact on a hit.”

    Shanahan said the positioning of Chris Campoli’s head on the play did not effect the intent of Ryan Malone’s check.

    The onus “was on Malone to make sure he didn’t make Campoli’s head the principal point of contact.”

    While Malone asserted, in his Monday morning phone conversation with Shanhan, that Campoli’s leaninging … changed the angle of the hit, Shanahan ruled “it is still his responsibility to make principal contact through the core of Campoli’s body.”

    Instead, the NHL disciplinarian ruled, Malone shifted his weight to his right leg, making Campoli’s head the principal point of contact.

    In levying a zero-game suspension, Shanahan acknowledged Malone has “a history of supplementary discipline”.

  10. Dirty Frank says:

    The key part of the video: “The onus was on Max to make sure Letang’s head was not the principal point of contact”.

    Letang knew it was coming. Shannahan said at the end of the video that Pacioretty “recklessly targeted his head”. That’s his opinion, and in mine, being the biased Habs (and Pacioretty fan), to me it just looked like a poorly timed hit.

    I like the word onus.

    The onus should have been on Lucic to be aware that he was chasing down a loose puck for a potential breakaway, and that it’s a fairly common thing for goalies to leave the crease and chase it down. Nope. No suspension.

    The onus should have been on Chara (given the fact that he has on average about 8 inches over most everyone else in the league) not target someone’s head and subsequently push it into a stanchion while skating at top speed. Nope. Not even a FINE.

    The NHBL.

    National Hockey Bush-League.

  11. Le Jadester says:

    I wonder if this upcoming week sans MaxPac is gonna have a serious impact in our attempt to claw back into a playoff position ?

    I guess an optimistic outlook would be 3 out of a possible 6 points ?

    Habs, OLE !

  12. LL says:

    Ok, sorry, but this is how I really feel.


  13. EricMelvin says:

    Screw it, I’m defecting, Go Traktor!

  14. Neutral says:

    it’ll be a good excuse to save JM’s job if he only wins one of the next three – the team is weaker without max-pac.

  15. JF says:

    I was expecting a suspension, but I’m still incandescent with rage over this one. It’s not that Patch didn’t deserve a suspension; he probably did – although not as much as Lucic deserved one for his hit on Ryan Miller. It’s Shanahan’s blatant hypocrisy and the way he twists the facts to fit the punishment he wants to hand out that make me so mad. This hit was not intentional like Malone’s hit on Campoli. Also, Campoli no longer had the puck; Letang did, and was going for the net. Campoli moved his head prior to the hit, “leaned into it,” as Shanahan put it. This somehow made the hit his fault. Letang also moved his head prior to the hit, even though he knew it was coming. But surprize, surprize, in this case, Letang’s moving his head makes the contact Patch’s fault, although it is difficult to see how he could have avoided it, other than by not making the hit at all and letting Letang go right in on goal. Twisted logic? Hypocrisy? Corruption? Sheer incompetence? Any and all of these.

    The Habs can protest, Pacioretty can appeal, but none of this will make any difference. The league is a joke.

    I just hope the team is absolutely lit up by these two events – the blown call and the suspension. Last time Price was furious (after not stopping any of the shots in the shootout against Buffalo), he strung together a pair of shutouts. Maybe something like that will happen now.

  16. BKAK72 says:

    Hockey will forever struggle to expand its fan base when the rules of the game are subject to interpretation at head office.

    A “head shot” should be suspended by (min) three games, regardless of method delivered. That means a fight, an elbow and a high stick are all “head shots” and deserve at a minimum three games.

    This of course means each team will watch their star players fall victim and miss a stretch of play. That has never stopped other sports eg. Soccer from penalizing a “star’ with a red card and subsequent game suspension.

    NHL rules are slightly more legititmate over the WWE. The difference is one entertains the fan while the other pretends do. You decide how to apply that last statement.

  17. j0nHABS says:

    Are we going to see a full healthy roster this year?

    Shanhan is better then Campbell, but there is still no consistency!

  18. .. Right now Chara, and Lucic are laughing their arses off.

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  19. JERM says:

    I wonder if there is any way get Shanahan to explain the difference between the Malone hit on Campoli versus Patches hit on Letang and justify why one gets three games and the other 0.

    Shanahan is worse then Campbell. At least Campbell would set a precedence because he rarely if ever suspended anyone. Shanhan on the other hand id a mess. His rulings are all over the place that setting a precedence no longer has any relevance.

  20. JohnBellyful says:

    What good do suspensions actually serve? Their value as a general and specific deterrent is open to question.
    If the league really wanted to modify the behaviour of offenders, and have them serve as an example for others, it would insist they attend classes designed to show them the error of their ways. The rehabilitation program would include videos, lectures by medical specialists, written assignments and simulations of concussion-like symptoms. Just the prospect of having to do all the work would be enough to dissuade many players from stepping over the line.

  21. Laramy87 says:

    Shannahans reasoning on the Malone – Campoli hit

    “In the end, we felt that Malone had committed to the hit when Campoli was upright. However, when the contact was made, Campoli’s head position significantly changed just prior to the hit.

    “There are elements about the hit that we don’t like – specifically, the principal point of contact being the head and that it was not a full-body check. But the overriding factor in our judgment was that Campoli’s loss of the puck and subsequent bending forward for it just prior contributed significantly, if not entirely, to those elements.”

    How the hell is this any different than his reasoning behind MaxPacs hit… OHHHHHHHHHH Yzermanm yes thats right. This is seariolsy BS

  22. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I just viewed for the first time the Deveaux elbow to the head of Fleishmann …resulting in 3 games
    …if Max received 3 on Letang, Deveaux should receive 6 or more
    …Deveaux made obvious usage of his elbow into Fleishmann’s head, in centre-ice, Fleishmann nowhere close to being in a present scoring opportunity …Max was dealing with a situation if He did not stop the progress of Letang, Letang would have clear sailing to Price and a scoring opportunity late in a 3-3 game, …Max did not raise His arm (in fact, kept it close to his body) and turned His body in such a way for Letang to be slowed/stopped (completely a Hockey Play), but because of difference in height between Letang and Max, the impact was the FRONT of Letang’s face (broken nose) making impact to side of Max’s shoulderpads
    …the ‘intent’ is unquestioned …Max had intent for impact …but it’s also clear that Shanahan’s comment that Max had ‘intent’ to make impact to the HEAD was outrageously incorrect

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  23. I have said it, perhaps inarticulately below…as a woman (middle aged) and as a first time poster… please hear me.

    Propoganda battles are not lost in the action, but rather, the reaction. I hope that Max comes out tomorrow and says that the right decision has been made, and thereby sets both a moral and legalistic precedent.

    Max has power…he was the most visible victim of NHL injustice and stupidity last year. His embrace of this suspension would say to the community…”really, I’m serious about head shots. I made a mistake, but mistakes…intent…do not matter. What matters is the outcome.”

    Isn’t that what we want? Don’t we want jokers like Lucic suspended because in spite of the fact, well, they didn’t really mean it?

    Doesn’t matter what is meant. What matters is what happens.

    I look forward to Max’ comments tomorrow.

  24. habs17 says:

    what pacioretty should have done was not apologize laugh it off and joke about saying he did not see him and had no idea where he was on the ice and it was the visor’s fault not his and say it was a hockey play would have gotten 0 games

  25. HabinBurlington says:

    I am guessing we see Enqvist out West now?

  26. kakey says:

    And this is not suspended:

    Zach Bogosian hit on Cody Eakin

    • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

      Exactly eh? Even more similar that Paccioretty huh? Weird………….

      They lost me 2 quarts of rum, better make it up next year with a cup!

      • kakey says:

        “The NHL’s department of player safety determined said Thursday that although there was contact with the head, Bogosian was targeting Eakin’s shoulder when he committed to the check.

        Eakin’s change of direction and opening up after his dump in just prior to the contact contributed to the decision against supplementary discipline.”

        So both are hits on the head. Eakin’s dump in and Letang’s shot both put them in vulnerable positions. And yet.

    • crazyhabsfan says:

      How the F*&^ did that sneak under the radar???

      • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

        It wasn’t during a hotly contested, widely viewed HNIC broadcast, that ended on an embarrassing late (no) whistle goal………..

        They lost me 2 quarts of rum, better make it up next year with a cup!

  27. j0nHABS says:

    This is really going to hurt. The Habs are digging quite the hole. I have a hard time believing that they Habs are a playoff team this year. With the health of the team so horrible and the half year point coming the hole might get to big to get out of. I hope this is not the case but I am starting to wonder.

    Shanhan is better then Campbell, but there is still no consistency!

  28. habs17 says:

    im ok with the suspension but cmon how could they not suspend malone chara i just dont get it

  29. Mondou6 says:

    Conspiracy, no…But just another example of what a joke the NHL is.

    Shanahan’s “logic”…

    1) Max is 100% responsible for knowing where he is, and where Letang’s head is. Therefore 3 game suspension.

    2) Chara: “I had no idea where I was, or where Pacioretty was, or where the boards were.” Oh ok, no suspension.

    3) Lucic: “I had no idea where I was, or where the goalie was.” Oh ok, no suspension.

    And yeah, Molson, or some higher-up at the Habs needs to publicly state the obvious, that this is a total farce. If nothing else to make it less likely that Shanahan blesses the next Bruin attack, or Montreal casualty.

    • Duracell3 says:

      Somewhat similar.

      But if you remember that game, it was a bloodbath all around, as was their game before it against the Stars. It was the climax of an otherwise very dirty all around game. The hit was also clearly indefensible and speaks for itself. There isn’t really a scoring chance and you can watch as he is looking right at the victim’s head while he does it and hits him about as high as he possibly can. But intent of both events are subjective, while the outcome is similar.

      That said, I think because of the game that was taking place, and the injuries sustained by Sawada, I don’t think the NHL could have gotten away with anything else.

      for reference:

  30. JIMVINNY says:

    It’s seeming more and more that if you’re a fan of the habs, you’re also the enemy of the fans of the other 29 teams. Doesn’t anyone else care that this inconsistency has the potential to destroy any credibility the league had left?

  31. The Kid says:

    Shanahan’s rationale is so brain-rattling, it should be considered an illegal hit to the head.

  32. habs17 says:

    we have not got any breaks from the NHL

  33. habsgod says:

    this is a miscarriage of justice to the habs! if pacioretty was a bruin or a player on his buddy’s team(the lightning) he wouldn’t have got any suspension! shanahan your a joke! where is malone’s suspension? where is lucic’s suspension? tell me how lucic can get away with anything he wants and gets no suspension,and max delivers a clean hit and gets 3 games!! i guess you can expect a nice christmas bonus in your pay from bettman’s de-facto boss jeremy jacobs the bruins owner! geoff molson if you have any testiculiar fortitude you’ll appeal this and confort shanahan on this and ask him why lucic and the bruins can do wahtever they want a get away with it,but when a hab does something he gets a suspension,ask him how much influence jacobs has,and show him proof by using the lucic ,and chara hit on max pac then watch shanahan sqiurm and you’ll see how gutless he really is when it comes to suspending the bruins!

  34. EricMelvin says:

    Meanwhile, here’s what gets you three games in the KHL…

    Anybody know how I can get a satellite package to see KHL games?

  35. SarahMc33 says:

    Seems to me that someone with actual officiating experience should be in Shannahan’s office, not some ex-player who wouldn’t even be qualified to officiate an OHL game….

  36. HabinBurlington says:

    The hardest thing for me to accept is that MaxPac is now going forward a repeat offender and Chara is still as pure as the driven snow (Just so happens my 130lb dog has pissed and shite all over it first)

  37. habfanacrossthed says:

    Andre Deveuax gets three games for his elbow to the head, Ryan Malone 0 games for hit on Campoli, Lucic gets 0 games for a great check on Miller, Max gets three. Never been in trouble before and Shanny gives him 3. Slow Clapp to you sir.

    GHOD – Go Habs Or Die

  38. Duracell3 says:

    No problem with the length or outcome.

    However, I do have a problem with the fact that Shanahan is either stump dumb, or blatantly lying.

    There is no possible way that the head is the principal point of contact on this hit more than say, the hit on Campoli was. That’s not an opinion, you can watch both from a dozen angles and objectively observe it.

  39. Habsolutely says:

    So this hit is zero games:

    and Max Pac gets 3. Keep up the good work NHL.

  40. Lucic levels a goalie and gets nothing……Nice work Shanny…..Joke Number 2 ruling.

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  41. Chris says:

    The problem with the NHL isn’t that they are inconsistent.

    The problem with the NHL is that they are flat out incompetent.

    The league has become such a joke that it is difficult to take it seriously these days.

  42. Big Ted says:

    Habs need to appeal the decision. Get them to send in videos of some of the hits that weren’t suspended and ask the league to justify how they see a difference…

  43. JohnBellyful says:

    Okay, message received: Heads are out. What about genitals?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      uhmmm I am guessing you have a special device for this?

      • JohnBellyful says:

        I was thinking more along the lines of, can Habs declare open season on other players’ groins as a way of showing aggression — at a height most of them can achieve — without risking supplementary discipline?
        I hadn’t really thought about a special device … tell me more.

  44. --Habs-- says:

    I wouldn’t appeal! I would bring up all the AHL team for the west coast trip and send the current roster on a 1 week sabbatical for mental reconditioning after the terrible event on Saturday night!

  45. ogilthorpe says:

    So pathetic, the NHL is so caught up in following all it’s precious new rules that they totally miss out on the bigger picture. Whatever, screw NHL, world junior tournament here I come. Go Canada!!!!!

  46. habs-hampton says:

    I expected 2 games, and have no problem with that. The problem I have is that Max got what he deserved, but the league has no consistency. I just had another look at Malone on Campoli and that is brutal. He TARGETED the head!

    The problem isn’t the suspension, its the free passes than other players get for similar or WORSE hits!

    You can’t tell me anymore that the uniform isn’t a factor.

    Time’s up, JM must go!

    • I don’t wish to reply to anything, and I am frustrated as a long-time viewer and first time poster to have to “reply”.

      As I said, earlier…having literally sobbed over the suspension, just as I sobbed over the non-suspension after last year, I can only hope that, after the last GM meeting, Shanny got a message.

      He should have suspended Lucic.

      Compare Lucic’s reaction to Pacioretty’s.

      I know that many take little comfort in the “classiness” of the organization, but can you imagine Pax, after last year, making the same belligerent comments? This is a game…. it is about, among other things, sportsmanship. And so, as I said earlier, I would expect Max to say, in the spirit of the game moving forward, that the right decision had been made, and that he hopes that future decisions are likewise implememented.

      Max changed the game last March 8. Shame fell upon the Bruins, such that their cup run is overshadowed by their thuggery. I, as a Canadiens fan for several decades now, over several time zones, to not wish that the game stay the same, if such actions as Chara committed go unpunished.

      Just a thought.

  47. NCRhabsfan says:

    The problem Shanahan and league have is that they simply aren’t consistent from one incident to the next. First, they have to live down the Campbell era, perhaps they most irresponsible in the history of professional sports. I get that it is hard for Shanahan to reconcile what the league didn’t do in the aftermath of the Chara hit (easily 50 times worse than anything that happened on Saturday night) and other incidents that Campbell turned a blind eye to, and perhaps it would be unreasonable for him to do so. But Shanahan isn’t consistent with himself. He runs hot and cold. The elbow that concussed Alfredson in Long Island was much worse than this, and yet Shanny gave nothing for that. Lucic on Miller, much, much worse, and yet no suspension. In fact, if you listen to his “explanation” this evening, even he doesn’t believe his BS. How can you allow Lucic to deliver a direct blow to a goalies head with no punishment and then talk your way around Letang putting himseelf in a bad position yada yada yada, so it’s Max-Pac`s fault. If you listen to his talk he mentions Pacioretty shifted his weight to his right leg, which according to Shanahan resulted in Letang’s head being the central point of contact. Interesting. An alternative explanation would be that Max-Pac was trying, at the last instant, to avoid really hard contact, but I digress. Lucic braced and extended his arms into the hit on Miller and somehow that was Miller`s fault.

    I think an strong argument can be made that the NHL cannot and should not be taking care of this themselves. They need to contract a former judge or some similar creature and hand over decisions to them. Then they need to contract a panel of judges or others with a proven track record of judging things to form an appeal body. In any event, Shanahan should resign NOW, before he becomes the greatest villian in the history of hockey. Already I find it difficult to remember that I once cheered for him as a member of team Canada. It is time for him to recognize that taking this on was a fantasically bad idea. C`mon Shanny, get a real job!

  48. habs11s says:

    If only we sat at the ‘cool’ GM tables…..


    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

    • Seriously, folks… do you think, as a human, after last year’s non-suspension of the century, that Max would wish the same? Of course he, in the interest of the game, would want a message to be sent. Late? Of course. But if it takes the celebrity of Max Paciioretty to change to change the culture of the game, I think he might be amenable.

  49. RJ says:

    As ridiculous as the non-suspensions to the Bruins have been, this goes way beyond the Bruins. It is the crazy inconsistency of the discipline levied. The same type of hits receive many different outcomes. FOr example, the Blues’ Stewart gets three games while an identical play by Doughty of the Kings get an $2,500 fine. WTF?

    “My face is my mask,” Gump Worsley

  50. Ian Cobb says:

    I am so very sad and disappointed that our management let another quality person slip away to another organization.

    That is how one gets to keep one’s own job. Get rid of any competition to their own position.

    Kirk Muller was the best coach we have had here in many years. He is gone, and I do not see a young guy on the horizon. So you know what that means! Same old, same old!

  51. jon514 says:

    Hey Guys.

    There’s two separate issues here.

    1) Did Max deserve a suspension?
    2) Does the league seem to be biased when handing out suspensions.

    I know this will make me unpopular, but Pacman DID deserved to get suspended on the play. It was an ugly hit, plain and simple. Max even knew it by the look in his eyes when he sat on the bench.

    This does NOT negate the fact Chara, Malone and Lucic should all have been suspended too, or the fact that Letang probably shouldn’t have been allowed back on the ice, and definitely shouldn’t have been allowed to chop at Price’s hand like it was a piece of firewood.

    Does Shanny need glasses if he thinks this was any different than Malone on Campoli? YES!

    Does the fact that the league get’s it wrong 100% of the time when one of it’s favorite sons is involved mean that they should never get it right? Absolutely not.

    I still remember watching Pacman out cold on the ice, thinking he was dead… and really understanding Maurice Richard’s words for the first time. “Il faut que ca change/Things need to change”.

    “Let’s be clear on the facts…”

    • habs-hampton says:


      Time’s up, JM must go!

    • DearyLeary says:

      I don’t think anyone’s disappointed he got suspended. He deserved it. What we’re frustrated with is that there is absolutely no consistency.

      Whether it be the no-call on Malone; the no call on Lucy; or the fact that Max’s much less violent incident is considered on par with Deveaux’s vicious elbow to the head.

      The lesson here is deny everything and the NHL will let you off the hook. If you own up to your misdeeds they’ll nail you to a cross.

  52. kakey says:

    I kind of fully expected this to happen, as I said yesterday.

    Also to be considered in this trend is the pre-Shanahan non-suspension of the Ference hit on the head on Halpern in the last playoff. And his middle finger.

    • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

      The finger might be the most evidence of they (the league) don’t care what Canadiens fans think. That was something directed at the paying customers, most businesses would crack down on that hard, can you imagine if your waitress flipped you the bird after you dropped a couple hundred bucks? Weird isn’t it?

      They lost me 2 quarts of rum, better make it up next year with a cup!

      • kakey says:

        Of course they don’t care, because you can insult, suspend unjustly, bad-called all they want against us, and the Bell will still be filled to capacity. Whereas in Phoenix, Florida or Uniondale they have to pamper to every need of the few remaining customers who pay next to nothing to attend games there.

        • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

          Didn’t Boone put in his blog of the Islanders game that tickets were going there for 8 bucks 15 rows back from the ice? Crazy eh? If they don’t want the product, get the hell out. That’s what other business do……………..

          They lost me 2 quarts of rum, better make it up next year with a cup!

  53. dano58 says:

    We need to face facts as in the Rocket’s era the NHL bias is against the habs but (not to sound religious) what doesn’t break our spirit can only make us stronger(I know b.s.). So now for our real feelings. The NHL has not differed much from Colin Campbell so to get even I say we get his son on our team next year as he is a UFA. Maybe the B.S. will stop a little. Might be the best 1.1million we ever spent. I hope he appeals the suspension so that all hockey fans can see the bias B.S. we have face. Lucic zero for a concussion( I believe that is a HEAD injury) Sid no phone call for the elbow or butt end and us 3 games. Justice = zero NHL= No Habs League

  54. Neutral says:

    all you guys on her saying the NHL is a joke and you can’t wait for the next game.
    same as the ones knocking the Habs and filling the Bell Center to support the molson’s for the product they put on the ice every game.
    stay away and you’ll get a better Coach, GM and team – keep supporting – quit complaining….

  55. TOP DAWG says:

    If I owned the Habs I would be broke. All my profits would be gone in fines.

    “If you’re not the TOP DAWG, the view never changes”

    • No, indeed.

      Despite the level of the deep disappointment and disenchantment, having rejoiced at the fluttering of Max’s eyelids last March 8, I hope that Max comes forth tomorrow and says, Yes, this is what discipline in the NHL SHOULD look like. Hits to the head, hits that concuss, hits that disable should be punished, regardless of their respective intent.

  56. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …to Me, this should be a moment for Geoff Molson to speak-up

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    • TOP DAWG says:

      Yeah right. HA HA HA

      “If you’re not the TOP DAWG, the view never changes”

    • Habsbill24 says:

      Shanahan bailed on the Hartford Whalers because he could not hack carrying the load himself. He is no better than Daddy Campbell and probably put a call into Jacobs and Bettman. The inconsistency in the NHL is laughable. I have followed the Habs since 1961 and it is becoming very hard to stay interested in this NHL with terrible refs and a front office that is a joke. I wonder how Miller and Campoli feel about the decision?. I guess their brains are not as valuable as Letang’s.

    • HardHabits says:

      He’ll say, “this team can win the Stanley Cup this beer, I mean year.”

  57. slapshot777 says:

    I will say it again. The Molsons have to stop any money going to the League coffers. Bettman can’t make Geoff write the cheque. this seems to be the only thing right now that will make the league and Bettman stand up and take notice. He ain’t getting anything from American Tv. Where is the Leagues main source of revenue coming from. Teams like the Habs and Leafs. They treat the habs like they have some sort of plague and yet when it’s time to fork over some cash, I say Bettman has his nose so far up Molson’s hole it ain’t funny.

    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

    • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

      Canadian teams plus Detroit and Chicago pull out and start over, how long until they have the best 200 players in the world playing in the new league? Seriously.

      They lost me 2 quarts of rum, better make it up next year with a cup!

      • slapshot777 says:

        That’s a great idea, form a new League even if it’s just a Canadian league, let the Scum form the NHL wallow in its own crap. All it takes is just the idea to be thrown out and let it run from there. Seems like the only way to get some respect back in the league.

        Canada is a big enough country to have a ten team League. With a Canadian run only League. If later on some American team wants to join he can with the understanding that this will be a Canadian driven league only and if they don’t like it then stay the hell out.

        Montreal / Quebec / Toronto / Hamilton / Ottawa / Winnipeg / Saskatchewan / Edmonton / Calgary / Vancouver.

        Make a new Cup. The media like TSN, CBC, and local TV will support the League, since their main source of revenue is all Canadian content. Com’on Let’s get this thing rolling.

        To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

    • kakey says:

      If he does that we will be lowering ourselves to their corrupt level, where those who have money and influence (Bruins’ Jacobs) can alter the game’s outcome.

  58. habsfaninboston says:

    Inconsistent bullsh*t. Shanahan must suffer from short term memory loss. Someone should put him on the spot and ask how this hit differs from the Malone hit.

  59. Ian Cobb says:

    I posted this below, this morning. I was wrong on the pass for Max, but then I forgot, he plays for the Hab’s.

    Shanahan better make the same call on the next hit to one of our boys heads, or his head might end up on a pike!!

    We have to get contact to the head out of our game period.!

    If you make contact to the head with the stick, it is automatically now a two, four or a game, depending on the damage and intent.

    Why not the same for an elbow or shoulder armor to the head?

    Yes Max got screwed last year by Chara and the league, and no, I do not think that Max targeted his head, but if you make contact to the head at anytime, I am against it. There must be consequences to every player, even ours.

    I do think Max will get a pass on this one though. But he and all players have to have more respect. And the league has to be much more consistent when dealing with this problem.

    And that is my two cents for what it is worth.

  60. C_exacte says:

    Funny how Shanny brings up the fact that Max should know better since he was a victim of a head shot, so now concussion victims have previous history?? I hope this & the non-whistle light a fire under the team and they plow through the schedule.

  61. JohnBellyful says:

    This could be just the spark the team needs. I can see JM and captain Gionta using this injustice to deliver fiery us-versus-them speeches that inflame the players’ passions, propelling the team all the way to the Stanley Cup final.
    Thank you, Mr. Shanahan, for waking the sleeping giant. Metaphorically speaking.

  62. habs11s says:

    Where’s Shanny’s video on why Crosby should of been suspended for elbowing of Foligno’s head?


    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  63. The Juice says:

    I say we riot like it’s 1955…


    “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

  64. TOP DAWG says:

    And not one Hab from the ice up to the top will say squat.

    “If you’re not the TOP DAWG, the view never changes”

  65. HardHabits says:

    Hahaha. The NHL is a joke. Just tank for a few years dudes. Screw the league. There is revenue sharing. Let them sweat without all the extra cash Montreal throws the league’s way.

    People wonder why I have given up and suggested tanking. The league is a corrupt cesspit and sewer.

    Listening to Ian Pulver talk about Gomez I thought I was hearing Bettman selling the NHL. A bunch of shifty little sleazeballs.

    Tank and draft high. Get some serious mean meat on board. Let’s start cracking heads the good old fashioned way.

    3 games. Hilarious. And Lucic gets sweet FA. Malone another free pass.

    Joke and corrupt league.

  66. j0nHABS says:

    The only problem I have with the verdict on the hit is that you can clearly see Letang look directly at Pacioretty just before the hit and still decides to lean into the shot and not protect himself. What else was Max going to do, not hit him. Shanhan’s description for why Malone didn’t get suspended was that Campoli leaned for the puck and didn’t take the responsibility of protecting himself. So why is this on Max when that was essentially the same thing.

    Shanhan is better then Campbell, but there is still no consistency!

  67. kempie says:

    Conspiracy theory? Is that a joke or something? A conspiracy would require some kind of secrecy or concealment of truth. This amounts to overt, shameful and very obvious, unapologetic bias. If a Canadien gets his brains blown out, regardless of how, it’s a reasonable hockey play and we’re just a bunch of whiners. Same hit involving a Hab on the other end of the hit, automatic suspension. If a Bruin were to be hurt like the Rome/Horton “hockey play” Rome’s gone ’till next September. But when a Bruin takes a 50 foot run at a goaltender and plows him into next week, that’s considered acceptable. A minor penalty will suffice.

    God forbid a Montreal player may burp or fart as he skates past the Boston bench, he’s likely to get 10 or more games for it. The Bruins were absolutely spoonfed their Starley Cup and the whole world saw it. It absolutely should be engraved with an asterisk and, when the Habs win their 25th, it too should have an asterisk. One with an explanation of how they had to beat not only 29 other teams, but also Mr. Bettman, Campbell, Shanahan, Jacobs, Lee, Peel and the rest of these corrupt, bought-off, Las Vegas wagering ass monkeys. It’s a long list and they all can suck it.

  68. habs17 says:

    wierd how we always get the shit end of the stick with the league

  69. Corson27 says:

    Amazing how Shanahan could stand there with a straight face, not because Max does not deserve a game or two but after his ruling on Lucic who steamrolled Miller.

    No use complaining this league is pure bush and the team we support are pushovers on the ice, behind the bench and in the corporate offices.
    I am sick and tired of mediocrity

  70. habs11s says:

    This is definitely a great way of building the game, playing favorites and showing inconsistencies in management…

    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  71. sulibonito says:

    Im okay with the suspension, ill take it as a bad hit. Shanahan should make an example of every bad hit, and suspend everybody. Thats the only way everyone will check the way they hit.
    Really i want to know is what did LUCIC say that got him off the hook, that Pacioretty didnt. I think the NHL needs consistency in these punishments. Leaving it up to subjective evidence is not cutting it.

  72. HabsChris says:

    I dont think this was an unfair suspension, but I feel extremely cheated regardless. Chara breaks a mans neck and gives him a concussion on 15 second late interference hit and its called a hockey play. Letang, who always puts him self in a bad position to get laid out, comes across the middle with his head down leaning and looking at the night, gets clocked by max pac. He only has a broken nose and yet its 3 games. If the league was more consistent this would be fine but its not. Complete garbage

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