Pacioretty speaks to TSN’s McKenzie

The Canadiens Max Pacioretty reached out to Bob McKenzie of TSN Wednesday night from his hospital bed at Montreal General (video and story) and told McKenzie he doesn’t feel concussion symptoms too badly, that he feels surprisingly well in that regard. As for the issues with his cracked vertebrae, they won’t be getting attention until some other medical issues are resolved, but he is doing better than he expected.

He added that he thought Zdeno Chara did target him, did direct his head into the upright by the Bruins’ bench and that he was disappointed the NHL didn’t take some sort of action against Chara, saying it will give players the idea they can do the same thing and not be punished and other players will be hurt as a result.

“I am upset and disgusted that the league didn’t think enough of (the
hit) to suspend him,” Pacioretty told TSN. “I’m not mad for myself, I’m
mad because if other players see a hit like that and think it’s okay,
they won’t be suspended, then other players will get hurt like I got
“It’s been an emotional day. I saw the video for the first
time this morning. You see the hit, I’ve got a fractured vertebrae, I’m
in hospital and I thought the league would do something, a little
something,” said Pacioretty. “I’m not talking a big number, I don’t know, one game, two games, three
games…whatever, but something to show that it’s not right.

“I heard (Chara) said he didn’t mean to do it. I felt he did mean to do
it. I would feel better if he said he made a mistake and that he was
sorry for doing that, I could forgive that, but I guess he’s talking
about how I jumped up or something.”
“I believe he was trying to
guide my head into the turnbuckle. We all know where the turnbuckle is.
It wasn’t a head shot like a lot of head shots we see but I do feel he
targeted my head into the turnbuckle.”

McKenzie said Pacioretty has little memory of the incident. He remembers being wheeled off the ice in the stretcher and he wondered why everyone was making such a big deal of it.

His parents Ray and Anna visited him this morning and Pacioretty told McKenzie they watched the video of the hit for the first time today and Ray cried when he saw it. Ray was at the game but didn’t get a good look at it live.

McKenzie added that Pacioretty is encouraged by the support of the Canadiens fans, which means a lot to him. He feels he’s getting terrific medical care. As for his prognosis, he is not sure if or when he will be able to play hockey again, but it is his goal to come back and play in the NHL.


  1. Ian Johnson says:

    This comment is inappropriate. It has nothing to do with Bettman being Jewish or not. He didn’t even rule on this issue!

  2. observer says:


  3. observer says:

    the 5 foot dirt ball money grabber hadnt already proved to you in all those previous moves that he is a crook of the highest level. despite his lack of height being the dwarf he is! —- c/p-“A league source said several teams were upset Chara wasn’t suspended. The Bruins carry a lot of weight at the league level — owner Jeremy Jacobs is the chairman of the board.” AND he even gave CAMPBELL’S NO TALENT BOY A JOB THAT PAYS NHL DOLLARS. ——————-BETTMAN!!!!!!!!!

  4. kirbhabs says:

    Awesome for them!  I am impressed

  5. Chuck says:

    I think that he’s had a 1 game suspension in the past.

  6. Barts says:

    Ask Mike Milbury, Lyndon Byers, and Jack Edwards a question here:

    In case you didn’t know, Jack Edwards is the NESN play by play guy, who after the Pacioretty OT goal in January, said he was a cocky kid who was going to get his ‘head taken off’.

  7. ABHabsfan says:

    Molsons has to take the same stance as Air Canada. The recent sponsorship agreement between Molsons and the NHL should be pulled.

  8. Barts says:

    I don’t think he has been suspended before actually…

  9. I_SAY_FIGHT says:

    I was reading the online live blog and boone asked how many times chara’s been suspended and the answer was one. i think a more important question would be how many times has he been on a phone call with the disciplinary commity and not been handed a punishment because he’s considered a superstar or whatever they think. I would recommend everyone look at randy jones’ page, particularly the part about what happend to they patrice bergeron , whom he hit and the reason why jones was given a suspension of 2 games. Couldn’t it also apply to Chara? 
     ”Playing goal is like being shot at.” – Jacques Plante

  10. Chuck says:

    Feel free to leave a comment for the Bruins fans, too. But be sure to keep words to two syllables or less.

  11. fuhgawz says:

    All i can say is i hope Max will sue the NHL or Chara in the very least — this should be settled in court. 

  12. aussiehab says:

    very dissapointed by the nhl’s actions of late. i watched the replay at least a dozen times and it looks pretty suspect. he was in a vulnerable position (because of his placement in the rink) and was crushed for it. not fair by any standard. there has been literally no action taken by the “disciplinary watchdogs”. very glad to see corporations like Air Canada put some pressure on the nhl. if only we can rally some more to the cause…

  13. ross says:

    Double-post, mods may delete me.

  14. fuhgawz says:

    +1 hundred zillion

  15. Pudgefan2000 says:

    Sorry to disagree with everyone here, but I agree that the NHL got this one right and it was NOT a dirty hit. Full disclosure, I’m from Boston. Also full disclosure, I could care less about the Bruins and/or Chara. I’m a sports fan and have been watching hockey since the late 60’s/early 70’s. I’m not some homer yahoo who’s new to the sport.

    If Chara had just ridden him against the boards around the corner, it would have been nothing more than slight interference. Both guys were going for the puck, at pretty much full speed, and there’s just no way Chara can know exactly where they both were and what would happen if he continued to ride Pacioretty as he did. If you’re going to argue that, then you could argue that Pacioretty should have angled back inside to center ice instead of going for the puck along the boards…HE should have also known what could happen. I don’t believe you can argue either way and that it was just a horrible accident in a very fast, very violent sport.

    Look, I have no agenda here, I really don’t. I’ve watched it over and over on my dvr and I just don’t see any malicious intent. We in Boston have seen the horrible injuries to Savard and Bergeron and trust me, if it WAS a dirty hit, even Bruins homers would be all over him for it. But this was not a dirty hit by any means. It was just a horrible injury that sometimes happens.

  16. Aybara says:

    Air Canada takes action:

    Email of the representative from air canada:

    I suggest we let Denis know that we are with him and his company in this endeavour. We can show him and hopefully others that by taking this action they are not only helping hockey, but their own companies as consumers will support it.

  17. Rainrocket16 says:

    Not one apology!! straight up Goon…go back to Goonland and eat small children you cocklesucking ape Chara!! The revenge should be sweet and dirty, pick our weakest link and assign him the job of cracking a stick upside Chara’s head and then saying to the media…… was a hockey play..A high stick is a hockey play and so is an elbow! Only two people truly know the truth of the hit. And the victim is usually right! I think the Molson’s should sue the NHL. IMO.

  18. canada4l says:

    Air Canada has the right idea.  Hit the NHL and the Bruins where it counts the most.  In the wallet.  There should be a campagn to boycott all NHL and Bruins sponsors unless something is done. 

  19. Habnofear says:

    How many games did Avery get for the “sloppy seconds statement?”

  20. SeriousFan09 says:

    6 games, mandated counseling and became persona non grata by his organization.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  21. andrewberkshire says:

    6. How ridiculous. And Wiz got 2 for a fake BJ.

  22. NightRyder says:

    McKenzie looks like he has been bobbing for French Fries.

    One argument I find a little daft is the “well, if that happened anywhere else on the ice, nothing would have happened, it’s just a hockey play.” No shyte Sherlock.

    A little push in the back at centre ice might make a guy fall down. No suspension, maybe a minor penalty for cross-checking. That same action (“a hockey play”) against the boards causes a guy to go face-first into the boards and could cause serious injury.

    The NHL’s on-ice officials deemed Chara’s act an illegal hit. One that actually merited a major penalty and an ejection.

    So, we have an illegal hit that caused a serious injury. How does that possibly not merit some type of suspension?


  23. Hammer says:

    There are a few people with dirty hands on this one.

    a) Apeman- only a cromag would think that he was ” innocent’ on this play.

    b) The media who believe he is such a nice guy just perpetuates this BS

    c) The Bell Centre for allowing a turnbuckle to be potentially a foreign object. Havn’t seen one like this since Dynamite used to dive off them in Stampede Wrastling.

    d) Claude Julien- A bitter little man

    e) The other Bruins who were still not satisfied and wanted after #57 and #76 when the game was over.

    To the NHL: Your league is in trouble. The goonery and the Sunshine State policy are nearing a climax. JUst look around at the following arenas, Atlanta, Tampa, NYI, Phoenix, Florida to see more empty seats then full. Your product stinks and so does your admin staff. To Mike Murphy a pathetic example of a leader.


  24. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I don’t give a damn about what the nhl says or what any so called expert says regarding Chara’s “no intention” of hurting Max Pac because they don’t know squat. I’m convinced that after the shove Max Pac gave Chara on January 8 that Max was a marked man. The hit was dirty, illegal and any other name you want to call it. Shame on the league and go straight to hell Collin Campbell, Mike Murphy and the entire Bruins team. Paybacks are a bitch. Chara will get his just dues.

  25. darcy1 says:

    what a great story!
    ”If you’ve only got one day to live, come see the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’ll seem like forever. ” Pat Foley (Blackhawks broadcaster)

  26. Chuck says:

    Cool! More beer for us!

  27. badangel says:

    from my post below:

    Intent or accident or carelessness.. bottom line is this should NEVER have happened because Chara was in the wrong to hit MaxPac in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For Mike Murphy to say “I could not find any evidence …. that Chara targeted the head of his opponent” when there is a PICTURE that clearly shows Chara’s ARM pushing Max’z HEAD into a steel post is effin ABSURD.

  28. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Both guys were going for the puck? Max Pac already passed the puck forward and the puck was no where near him. That’s what makes it a dirty hit. This was payback by your Gorilla from Boston, You want to come on this site, you’re more than welcome but get your facts straight.

  29. Graves says:

    I’ve read that he was supposed to get a suspension for instigating a fight in the last five minutes of a game, but the league rescinded it for whatever reason.

    Whether or not he’s actually been suspended before though, I think anyone who’s seen him play more than a few times would agree that he has a history of grabbing people who don’t want to fight and beating the living hell out of them. He blows his stack when the game isn’t going his way.

  30. The McJuice says:

    Come playoff time I think the Bruins will find that they have created a martyr.

    Burn the bandwagon.

  31. Barts says:

    “If Chara had just ridden him against the boards around the corner, it would have been nothing more than slight interference.”

    Except he didn’t do that, did he? He planted his head into the stanchion. I can’t believe you are on here blaming Pacioretty for what happened, HOLY S**T bro.

  32. HardHabits says:

    I welcome you onboard and I respect your comments but look at it this way. Clean or dirty is no the issue.

    In hockey if you high stick some-one intentional or not, clean or dirty it’s 2 minutes, 4 if you draw blood.

    In hockey if you are in the defensive zone and you shoot the puck over the boards it’s 2 minutes, intentional or not.

    So why not head shots?

    Now let’s take it a step further.

    A person runs a red light and gets caught. It’s a ticket, intentional or not, clean record or not.

    If while running the red light they hit another car that penalty or fine becomes more severe, intentional or not.

    Now, if running the red light they hit another car and injure the other driver or passenger to the tune of a concussion and a cracked vertabrae the penalty becomes even stiffer.

    The NHL is turning a blind eye. You as a Bruin fan should know this because you lost Marc Savard. Don’t you wish that Matt Cooke got 10 games and a fine? I certainly do. Not becuase I love the Bruins but because I love hockey.

  33. Clay4bc says:

    e-mail bettman to show him your ire –

    i have heard a lot of comparisons between this and the Bertuzzi incident. However, I think in actuality (other than the specific type of injury) this is more like the incident that led to the Bertuzzi/Moore incident. A cheap head shot to a player that severely injured him (Naslund went down with a concussion then, Pacioretty now). The league does nothing. revenge ensues.

    I wonder if the same thing will happen here? Will someone take revenge on Chara for this, like Bertuzzi did on Moore?

    And lost in all this – Gomez played the best 2 periods of his entire season. If he had played like that all year, no one would be complaining about his salary, because he would have earned it.


    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  34. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    “If Chara had just ridden him against the boards around the corner, it would have been nothing more than slight interference.”

    So it’s OK to crosscheck a guy from behind when he’s 3 feet away from the boards because it wouldn’t hurt him if you did it at centre ice?

    Strange argument, but to each his own I guess…

  35. deuce6 says:

    Try and kill a guy by ramming him into a stanchion = zero game suspension

    Skipping the All Star game = 2 games suspension..


    —————— Yes, I’m a Hab fan..Wanna fight about it?

  36. Barts says:

    Oh the same goes for the blockhead triumvirate of Edwards, Milbury, and Byers.

  37. ths says:

    I am completley disgusted. The NHL has no concern for its fans/ customers employees and sponsors.

    I hope the interested parties continue to make their voices heard and start hitting these back room boys where it hurts.

    I not be showing my kids hockey again or paying any money to these corrupt back room boys.

    Heartened to see people like Air Canada stepping up and protecting their brand and not letting it go down the gurgler like the NHL.

    Im sure the Montreal fans will step up for Max and his team mates. Some one has to protect them and the integrity of the game.

    As we did for the Rocket many years ago we’ll do for Max.

    The NHL is trying to brush this under the carpet. Don’t let them.

  38. ABHabsfan says:

    Dude, ther is no way you can convince me that Chara, norris trophy winner, does not know where he is on the ice in a building he has played in about 50 times. There was time to let up and he did not. He should be made to watch to watch the clip of what he did; young kid with a broken neck lying unconscious on the ice. Someday Chara, there will be a guy as big as you and you will be the one lying there on the ice while your dad wonders if you are alive. You will get yours.

  39. Barts says:

    “Don’t you wish that Matt Cooke got 10 games and a fine? I certainly do. Not becuase I love the Bruins but because I love hockey.”

    Well stated…

  40. zozotheclown says:

    I think both player knew exactly where they were, these are professional athletes who are used to processing multiple actions per second, especially Chara, a superstar defensemen. Your counter argument that Max should know where he is, is just wrong I think. He did know where he was, he just also knew that with no puck he would be alowed to burn by Chara, he knew it would be illegal for Chara to throw a hit in this case. This incident occured because Chara thew an illegal hit, weather or not it was intentionaly is for Chara to know and us to guess at, but still, it was an illegal act resulting is severe injury, there should have been a suspension.

  41. Rainrocket16 says:

    We are all wasting our breathe..I mean cuticles bitching! Mike Madano tried for a few years to stop head shots…what happened. The NHL is a joke! I say we take Marchands ass out next game,,,Phuck it, he has been running his mouth about P.K. lately he is the target no……………Oh that’s right we are too classy to resort to a toddler level of Hockey… The game is in Boston next..very interesting it will be. Lets keep Cammy and pleks at home for that one…Can’t lose anyone else!

  42. observer says:

    Wakey! Wakey! Gary Bettman is a con artist and slimy crook no different than fellow New York City resident and probable friend Bernie Madoff. Bettman’s biggest supporter of the owners group is Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs. Nudge – nudge – wink – wink – Bettman even got Jacobs to add to his Bruins roster, the absolute no talent Greg Campbell to help his hired help daddy Colin Campbell out.

  43. PureGuava says:

    The most insightful thing you’ve ever written. Good job HH.

    “Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.” – Robert Anton Wilson

  44. observer says:

    bettman likes money! and he makes it the old new yahk city way! he steals it!

  45. ZepFan2 says:

    Unless PK does it to Marchand. Then it’s a dirty hit.

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  46. oshawahabsfan says:

    He should have reached out to Bob, and smacked him upside the head for his defence of Chara. Usually Bob is the only one in the Toronto media who speaks to justice when it comes to NHL discipline matters but he really dropped the ball on this one. I watched a few programs today, Off The Record, Primetime Sports, and was so frustrated to hear how all those interviewed, scoffed at the idea that the history between the two had nothing to do with this, If that was any other player, Chara likely would have either done nothing, or just tried to block his path by simply skating in front of him, when you’re his size that’s all you need to do to block somebody out, Instead he took advantage of a chance to get an extra shot in at Max. It was refreshing to hear Brunt and McKowen not take Chara’s side like the rest of the media, they used simple logic, something the league isn’t aware of:

    If your actions, not matter what the intent is believed to be cause an injury, that is a suspendable offence. Given the numerous circumstances, which in a court of law would be taken into consideration, this is an act deserving of a lengthy suspension to show that the league cares about player safety, this is by far the worst injury since Steve Moore and the league chooses to do nothing. It just shows what ignorance the league has and what a terrible business they run, no regard for the safety of their employees

  47. observer says:

    habs fans had their chance at the nhl draft here to show bettman their displeasure of his THIEVERY but they did little and the slimy rat slithered away untouched.

  48. 134 says:

    A good point was raised by Renaud Lavoie from RDS that the league did not even talk to Pacioretty to hear his side of the story before making the decision- just another of many, many flaws in the league’s supplementary discipline process.

    Personally, I think that the only way for all of us, including Max himself to see some justice done in this case, would be  Pacioretty filing a lawsuit against Chara, because this rotten league has washed its hands off it, and is basically telling the players to deal with it themselves. I wonder if there’s antyhing that the NHL players association could do to force the league to revisit it, but maybe that’s just my wishful thinking.


  49. darcy1 says:

    I think we need to email him and other Companies to let them know we feel the same way. that’s the only way to really be heard!

    ”If you’ve only got one day to live, come see the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’ll seem like forever. ” Pat Foley (Blackhawks broadcaster)

  50. Rainrocket16 says:

    If that is Bettmans email I sure hope he likes computer viruses!

  51. Habnofear says:

    Pudgefan …I seen it live  and in replay over and over  and have had a roller coaster of a time since Old Pro  Chara’a attempt to murder  a 22 year old newbie and have to tell you to go fuck yer-self…of course I didn’t mean it.

  52. Sportfan says:

    So i saw something that made me smile i dont have an article to prove it but Air Canada is threatening to take away sponsorship from the NHL because of this lack of action against Chara. It’s funny because its a big FU to the NHL it would be even better if Molson did the same thing


  53. ZepFan2 says:

    2005, one game mandatory suspension for instigating a fight with less than 5 mins left in the game.

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  54. Fargo Habs Fan says:

    “if it WAS a dirty hit, even Bruins homes would be all over him for it.” 

    Really?  Like they are all over Max on NESN for “Milking it” by spending so much time on the ice?


  55. Thomas says:

    Repost of mine from another forum:


    I feel just sick about this whole thing.  I feel so back for MaxPac, he was finally coming into his own, doing so well.  For the NHL to say there was no intent is an absolute joke, they missed a great opportunity here.  To finally show its players that bullshit like this will not be tolerated.  Instead they turn their heads for reasons only known to them.

    Selfishly, i’m also so upset, because there is nothing I can do about it.  I don’t want to go to Boston an pick a fight or anything, but just to be able to talk to someone in the league about it, to have a dialogue with someone while watching the video at the same time, and having them look me in the eye and say he didn’t guide his head into the stanch with his arm/forearm.  Its just disgusting, and as much as i’d like to do some kind of boycott, i’m addicted to watching this team.

    So my questions for all of you HIO’ers is what can we do?  What can we do to make sure the NHL hears what we are saying, listens, and responds??  

  56. NightRyder says:

    “A league source said several teams were upset Chara wasn’t suspended. The Bruins carry a lot of weight at the league level — owner Jeremy Jacobs is the chairman of the board.”


    You’ve got this mess, plus the Phoenix fiasco. Count Chocula’s days are numbered.

  57. bolder says:

    Bullshit! The kid didn’t have the puck and Chara shoved the kids head and guided it into the partition!! Had it been the other way around, you and all the Bruin fans would be calling for his head! Bruins are a dirty team, that enjoys dishing out hits, but hates receiving them back! When it comes down to playing a fast pace clean brand of hockey, the Bruins suck and can’t keep up. What did the league do about COLON Campbell’s son using his elbow pad as a wepon to beat on a good kid like Pyatt?? Remember, in life what goes around comes around.

  58. Habs4Lyfe says:

    Habs 4 Lyfe



    Players on Twitter

    Current and former NHL players weigh in on Chara/Pacioretty incident

    • GeorgesLaraque After hearing from Max Pacioretty that Chara was holding him down and Max couldn’t get out of the way, it changes everything, bad ruling!

  59. SHUTTemDOWN says:

    Here we go w/this Subban-Richards yap.

    Saying P.K. was being cowardly when u have a “headhunter” like that numbnut Richards heat-seeking your ass, far as I’m concerned, is smart.

    He plays w/ the intent to hurt, exactly what the league does’nt need.

    So if someone feeds him his just desserts…so be it.

    “The sh*t is CHESS!NOT CHECKERS.” Denzel W.(Training Day)

  60. Habfan17 says:

    I respect Bob McKenzie and his hockey knowledge, but he got this wrong. I just hope that he isn’t towing the company line like so many ex NHLers whos lively hoods are connected with the NHL. We all saw first hand when a player speaks the truth about what they really feel, just ask Ferrence, who funny enough, is a Bruin!

    I also have an issue that because we are not NHL players we can’t know what we are talking about. My eyes and brain work just fine, and anyone with half a brain can see Chara directed his head into the post. For those who try to claim it was a hockey play, or Chara was trying to hold him up, well…the puck was deep in the Bruins end when he hit Pacioretty and Pacioretty was no threat to score a goal, especially with so little time on the clock. Chara had slowed him down, being 6’9″ and 265lbs and being about a foot away from the boards would slow anyone down. Chara could have done what 99% of the players would have done, held him! All these factors tell any intelligent person that this was intentional.

     The league needs to Hire a person in charge of discipline who has NO ties to any teams, does not answer to the board of Governors, who have their own interests and agendas, and is not connected to any current players in the league or their families. You would think a lawyer like Bettman would have clued into this a long time ago. The discipline board should be independant of the NHLPA, NHL, and the owners and have a clear mandate. Past transgressions should not be a factor when certain infractions occur for the first time. Nor should the fact that the player is a top star. The league needs to put it in writing that a hit from behind, and head shots will come with automatic suspensions, 10 games plus the possibility of additional games based on severity and intent for a first offence, 20 games for the second, 40 games for the third, and a season or possibly a lifetime ban for the fourth or any other offence. The suspension should apply to playoffs when there aren’t enough games left in the regular season to cover the suspension. If the team will not make the playoffs, the suspension would continue in the next season.  For the simpletons who think this will eliminate hiiting, guess again, there was a time when players like Neely and Robinson knew how to body check, hit hard, but hit with respect and we all enjoyed those good, clean, hard hits!

  61. JVF says:

    Thanks for speaking out, Max. Your courage and your eloquence stand out in a league of goons & serial stutterers.

    Now, let me make one big, bold predicition. If somehow, someway, Max-Pac finds the strength to attend one of our games before the end of the season, then we will go on to win the Cup.

    Plain & simple.

    The ghosts have been awakened!

  62. Josh says:

    I hope McKenzie told Pacioretty to his face that he was wrong like McKenzie tried doing to everyone else on Twitter when it happened.

  63. bigbaehr says:

    I’m glad that someone from the Habs organization finally said that they were disgusted by the fact the NHL didn’t take any action against Chara; essentially saying what he did was within the rules and literally risking the neck of the next player in a similar situation.

    I’m deeply saddened by the fact that it had to be the kid in his hospital bed who said it. I now believe that not only did the NHL fail him but so did the Canadiens as an organization. Is it too much to take the $10,000 fine from the league to speak out against the decision?

    Would it have made a difference? Not to anyone other than Max.

    There’s so much more that could be said but it all comes down to this. Pierre Gauthier, Pierre Boivin, Geoff Molson; you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    Who knows if anyone out there will even read this.  Maybe someone (hopefully someone) already posted similar sentiments.  I just feel that we have to find a way of letting both the NHL and the Habs know that they’ve failed every player in this league.

  64. wd40 says:

    On another note, the league really has to do something about those friggin spin-o-rama shootout attempts. (I’d actually prefer they get rid of the SO altogether, but that’s another issue).  Anyone catch Martin St.Louis last night?  That’s one for Stamkos, one for St.Louis.  Maybe I forget, but didn’t one of them speak out against Omark’s spin? 

  65. Bugs says:

    Did MacKenzie not try to explain to the Pac-Man that in his opinion, he was MISTAKEN in thinking that Chara actually had an intent to put him into the stanchion?

    “You don’t KNOW, Max, ok? I KNOW because from MY angle, it didn’t look like Chara had an INTENT to hurt you. Plus, he’s not that type of guy and it’s not like he had a beef against you or anything. That’s why it’s FAIR that he got NUTHIN, ok? You wouldn’t understand, Max, cuz you don’t have my experience in this field but trust me, you’re wrong to think Chara did it on purpose because from my point of view, it was an accident.”

  66. tony d says:

    Here it is

    I just emailed him, applauding his courage for standing up to the NHL for their latest obscene faux pas.

    Hopefully we can all start some kind of email campaign to all the major sponsors and get some momentum going.

  67. Elephant Man says:

    I always try to see the silver lining, and although it may seem impossible to see in light of the NHLs absurd decision to not impose any additional penalty on the POS in question, I immediately saw one, change. I would have liked to see a minimum 20 game suspension, but failing that (Which we all knew wouldn’t happen) I hoped for no games instead of two or three. This way we have what we have today, moral outrage, the kind of outrage that occurs among the populous when the powers that be go too far. History has shown that people can be pushed only so far as they will tolerate their own apathy, then you have a revolution, (See America vs England or the French peasants vs the aristocracy.) I honestly believe this event is the starting point for a long overdue change in the status quo.

    I am not an animal, I just reproduce that way.

  68. Ton says:

    where can air canada be emailed on this issue commmending them.  what a beautiful kid, what a bush league and when the greatest offensive player of all time wants out that tells you something……….murphy was a nothing players, make him a nhl executive, campbell was a nothing player, make him an nhl executive, jim gregory was a bomb as an nhl gm, make him a nhl executive,  bums all bums

  69. DavidKB says:

    Good points and suggestions.

    Subban ducked Richards last year in one of the late season games against Philly, and at first I thought it was a smart move – Richards didn’t. I could see it as an appropriate response to a suspected shot to the head, but otherwise think it’s a bit cowardly, and probably should be treated the same as a dive. A 2-minute penalty for that, however is enough.

    Send it to the NHLPA first, because if they don’t get on board, there’s no chance of anything happening.

  70. Trakman says:

    NHL Discipline = Joke.  What else more can you say.

    Sorry to say but nothing will change until someone is hit and stops breathing on the ice.  I thought that day was Tuesday – fortunately I was wrong and I hope my kids never have to see that in a hockey game again.

    What disgusts me more is all the Habs haters (idiot Leaf fans and Bruin fans) that say this is a non-issue with no intent to injure.  If this happened to someone on their team – it would be mayhem.  Where is Gauthier in this whole mess – I would take a fine and raise hell.  We have a coach that does not react during the game and now a GM who never takes a stand.

    Even the media morons at the Toronto Sports Network are disgusting,  Dreger and others keep saying that he didn’t mean it.  A – I don’t believe it and B – Who cares – everyone have to be responsible for their actions if it was premeditated or not.

    One day things will change – hope I am around to see it and it doesn’t take 20 years.

  71. Fansincebirth says:

    What a travesty, an absolute joke. They had their chance to send a message, a very clear message that this garbage that has infested the league will stop NOW. However, whether influenced by money (owners) or by association (Colin’s son), the league has decided to do nothing, to let things rest. No further action necessary, it was a part of the game, he was just finishing his check.

    So now, we have a young man lying in a hospital bed with a severe concussion and a broken vertebrae in his neck from someone just finishing the check. No intent, they said, no targeting of the head, they said. They are blinded by their own prejudice and stupidity.

    So, what now, what is going to happen? A very dangerous precedence has been set. The NHL will turn it’s back, look away from nasty, disgusting hits because they are just part of the game.

    Well Mr Campbell, here is my wish….

    I will wish for a hit on YOUR SON, one that is borderline criminal like this was, one that lands YOUR SON in the hospital with very serious injuries and I hope you are at that game and witness it, like Max’s parents did. I also wish it to be done by someone who has no history of doing anything like that, a first timer. I hope your world is rocked so badly that you are forced to take the blinders off and see what is going on in this league. I would wish the same for Bettman but I doubt he has ever been allowed to reproduce. I want to see what happens when the person who crushes your son and potentially ends his career sits on the other end of the phone with his feet up on the coffee table, video game on hold and listens to your fellow henchman Mr Murphy tell him and the rest of the hockey world that he can find no basis with which to suspend him from the game of hockey.

    Then, and only then will justice have been served, Mr Campbell.

    Reap what you have sown you SOB!

    Patches, get well soon…

    Welcome to the new NHL – NASCAR on Ice

  72. Chris says:

    I hate the body check culture in the NHL.  I feel players hit to hurt instead of hitting to separate the player from the puck.  I also have long hated any checks over by the benches because of the risk posed by the stanchions, the perpendicular sheets of glass and the potential for open doors.  If Chara had been suspended for a few games to send a message, I would have been okay with that.  But given how many times I’ve seen hits in that area result in injuries that went unpunished, I didn’t expect this one to result in suspension either.

    I just hope to see the same righteous indignation the next time we see an NHL player duck an oncoming body checker.  Because that is another play that can easily result in a broken neck for the checker, it is considered an extraordinarily dirty play in many circles (ducking a hit is illegal in IIHF rules due to the high risk), yet you see it pretty much every night in the NHL.  I saw Subban do this a couple of weeks ago and was amazed at how the announcers were crediting him with “dodging” the hit. 

    I hope this same righteous indignation and vitriol comes out the next time you see a guy like Andrei Kostitsyn (or the countless other guys in the league that do it) poke their stick into the skates of the defender as they are skating into the boards on an icing play.  Again:  illegal play (tripping), considered very dirty by most players in the NHL, and huge risk of a player breaking his neck, but something that happens on a nightly basis, if not in every game.

    Eminem had it right…  “Now it’s a catastrophe.  Now it’s so sad to see.”  Let’s turn this anger into something constructive.  Let’s clean up ALL the obvious parts of the game that could some day result in a serious injury. 

    • Contrary to the crap spewed yesterday, there IS an issue with the design of the glass near that part of the benches:  Max Pacioretty is not the first player to be injured there, but one in a long line of players.  His injury might be the most serious in a while, but that does not change the fact that this has been a known design flaw for many, many years, and one that opposing players have long taken advantage of 
    • Change the rules so that body checkers MUST be making an attempt on the puck when they make a hit.  You can’t bring your arms up if you are also reaching for the puck.  Taking a 30 foot run at a player (the Colby Armstrong special) would be a useless thing to do if you are required to be making a play on the puck as you try to check a player.
    • Change the rules so that it is a 5-minute major and game misconduct anytime a player makes contact with another player’s head. 
    • Change the rules so that it is a 5-minute major and game misconduct anytime a player ducks to avoid a body check.
    • Change the rules so that is a 5-minute major and game misconduct anytime a player trips a defender on an icing play.
    • Make it a penalty for a player to turn INTO the boards when being checked.  This has to be the most idiotic behaviour I have seen, and it has become the default manoever for many young players now so that they can “shield” the puck.  The intention is probably to draw a penalty, but players should be partially responsible for their own safety.
    • Introduce no-touch icing.
    • Move to international ice, as players today are too big and too fast to play in such a constrained space.

    That would be one selection of rule changes that could help mitigate the rash of injuries that we see in the NHL. 

  73. Grumpyoldhab says:

    It is really quite simple. Chara wasn’t suspended because the league would do anything to avoid another Moore-type lawsuit. It also demonstrates clearly what a couple of sleazes Campbell and Murphy are to go along with this. They, like so many others, will do anything for a buck. It’s all about the money.

  74. jennifer1984 says:

    i think the least Chara could do is pay that fine for them (if they had actually said something) but then again he didnt even apologize.


    Or how about everyone who shows up to the next Mtl game donate $0.50 to cover the fine. could you imagine? only 50 cents. im pretty sure there would  be more than a handful who would be HAPPY to donate that to have SOMEONE in the Habs organization say something

  75. dudurules says:

    I am a long time Habs and hockey fan.  I am also a quadriplegic and have now had to see two serious neck injuries to Habs players.  Brian Savage (who is a friend of mine) and now Max.  I sustained my injury 16 years ago playing hockey.  I wasn’t checked or pushed into boards so I can’t relate in terms of resentment to another player.  What I can relate to is seeing a player hurt and motionless and the ice.  Watching Tuesday’s game and seeing the injury brought back old memories and since then I’ve felt ill thinking about it.  Yesterday’s news that Chara wasn’t suspended made matters worse and reading Max’s comments today was the last straw which prompted this post.

    I am biased because of the team however, what I’m most pissed off about is how the NHL, whom without it’s talented and enigmatic players would be nothing, does nothing to protect it’s best assets and does nothing to punish those who deliberately seek to damage those assets.  This is a young talented and driven player who looked to have a solid and successful career who now is unsure of his status as a hockey player because of the actions of another player.  I can’t imagine what I would do if my accident was the result of another player’s malice. 

    My sincere best wishes go to Max and his family and I hope he will come out of this unscathed physically and mentally.  And shame on you NHL for not disciplining the culprit and shame on you media for your ignorance in assessing the severity of this. 


  76. jennifer1984 says:

    i have done the same.

    just as i sent an email to bettman last night and well wishes for Patches on the Habs site.

    today i think is a little brighter. having Air Canada make a statement like that is huge and it shows its not just the fans, players, etc.


    also i enjoy your name! sounds very strong!

  77. wd40 says:

    you can only shake your head (fist?) at the hypocricy.  sigh.

  78. Nahlsy says:

    You would need only 3 or 4 specific sponsors to cripple the league. Coke, Coors, Ford are all major corporate sponsors of the Leafs and the Habs. Those three could put all the pressure required alone. They’re not exactly going to bend on the request of a couple of fans though, it would take something significant.

  79. matraque says:

    I’m sure this has been said before, but it’s important.

    Another thing you can do to show this bush league that you have enough:

    unfollow @NHL on twitter

    unlike NHL on facebook

    Yeah, it’s very little, but they will see the numbers go down


    Canadien en 5! Never go Full Retard

  80. Strabo says:

    In another thread yesteday I urged everyone to goto and check out all the sponsors and let them know you wouldn’t be supporting them as long as they supported the NHL which condones this kind of behavior. Fellow fan sp00k replied with this link, NHL Marketing Partners:

    Let these companies know how you feel. Money is the only thing Gary Bettman understands. Kudos to Air Canada for speaking up, hopefully they will follow through with their threat.


    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

  81. chuckynorr says:

    air canada to pull NHL sponsership unless something is done regarding this Chara hit on Patches……good on them. Who’s next?

  82. Rad says:


    Bye Bye Miss Canadian Pie


    A long, long time ago
    I can still remember
    How Hockey used to make me smile.
    And, used to, make me, be happy for a while.
    But March 8th made me shiver
    What I saw out there on the Ice;

    A fallen player with a broken neck
    I couldn’t take even one more step.

    I can’t remember if I cried
    When I saw about his lips of blue
    But something touched me deep inside
    The day the Hockey died.

    So bye-bye, Miss Canadian Pie
    Drove my chevy to the Centre Belle
    But that Belle was dry.
    And them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye
    Singin’, “this’ll be the day that my hockey died.
    “this’ll be the day that we all die.”

    I was once a lonely teenage broncin’ buck
    With a pink carnation and a hockey puck,
    But I knew I was out of luck
    The day that Hockey died.


    Helter skelter in a March swelter.
    The puck flew off in a fallout shelter
    Eight miles high and falling fast
    It landed foul on the arena ice.
    The boy tried for a forward pass,
    but came on the sideline in a gurney mass.

    And while he lay in a hospital, down
    The Senior V.P. stole his thorny crown.
    No verdict was returned, the kangaroo was adjourned.
    We all sang dirges in the dark
    The day the Hockey died.

    We were singing,
    “bye-bye, Miss Canadian Pie”
    Drove my loonie to the Centre Belle
    But that Belle was gone.
    And them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye
    Singin’, “this’ll be the day that hockey died,
    “this’ll be the day that we also die.”


  83. Black Snake Moen says:
    sent an e-mail to AirCan.  anyone who’s got 5 minutes and cares about this abomination should give it a go.

    To Whom It May Concern;


    I am writing to you in response to Air Canada’s possible withdrawal as one of the NHL top sponsors.  I must commend Air Canada for these actions, and can say with certainty that many individuals who have been following this story are also very pleased with the leadership the company is exuding.  Violent and reckless behaviour cannot go without reprehension, and by refusing to punish careless acts, intentional or not, the NHL is only condoning these exploits.  This game that we as Canadians, and now many fellow Americans and others all over the world love and care deeply for is being abducted by those who refuse to act while reform is desperately needed.  By choosing NOT to suspend Zdeno Chara for his malicious check on Max Pacioretty, intentional or not, the league is saying to the fans that the game has become admittedly too violent and thus uncontrollable.  The NHL is now a sport where it’s possible an individual could perish while playing within the set of the current rules and conditions, and that there is NOTHING they can do about it.  This apathetic attitude towards easily correctable incidents is disgusting and appalling.  What kind of message is this sending to hockey parents and their young children who watched this terrible event play out, that NOTHING can be done to prevent this, and therefore no punishment is warranted?  Max Pacioretty’s parents were in attendance as he lay motionless on the ice for over 7 minutes.  This is a parents worst nightmare, holding your breath in front of over 21,000 people while wondering if your son is still alive.  The NHL’s refusal to act has severely contradicted public interest; that or their fans as well as respected media.  At this moment, a twenty-two year old lay in a hospital bed with broken vertebrae, and while the on-ice officials deemed this incident vicious enough to hand Mr. Chara a match penalty, the league sees no grounds as to punish an individual who may have accidentally ended a young man’s career.  This corrupt behaviour of an organization that is supposed to set an example as to how to make this game safer for future generations will not be tolerated.  I urge Air Canada to continue with this motion, and to put pressure on the NHL to act responsibly.  The true fans of this league greatly appreciate an airline with so much influence taking a stand and demanding change, as it displays to the people that Air Canada’s interests on the matter exist in the embodiment of it’s valued clientele.  Once again, I fully endorse such a commendable attitude, and only hope that as an industry leader, Air Canada’s moral compass can help guide its peers to come to the same conclusions about sponsoring the NHL. 




    Konrad J. Commisso


  84. habgunner says:

    I wonder if Pax has now fully paid back for the vicious shove he gave chara? Is the wounded inner charo satisfied? Will he need to further punish Pax if and when he returns ? 


    I have no respect for neither charo or the bruins…

  85. Habnofear says:

    I was listening to OTR and ex NHL er Bobby Dollas’WHO LIVES IN MONTREAL” said that he did not think  Chara had intent to injure but he himself has intentionally sent players into the turnbuckles in order to create fear in his opponents. YOU GOT TOO BE KIDDING ME? H e goes on to say he never hurt anybody that what way…how does he truly know? Look ..the facts are in and this league has got its WHITE SOCKS ON …SAY IT AIN’T SO…JOE!


  86. m ross says:

    Who from the NHL spoke to Max after this vicious hit?? Why was he not given the chance to tell the jerks in the league what his version of the hit was. Maybe the big goof Chara said something to him before slamming his head into the stanchion. But then, Max can’t remember the hit. Thanks NHL and thanks Canadiens upper brass for NOT coming to Max’s defense….

  87. Nahlsy says:

    Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will get you in serious doodoo.

    Even worse, calling Grier a monkey was worth 4 games, calling Brisebois a Frog was deemed ok. Calling someone else (I forget) a boy was worth 4 games, calling Simon Chief was deemed ok. They pick and choose which groups you are and aren’t allowed to make despicable racial slurs against as well. The league has it’s head up it behind, always has and sadly, always will.

  88. Danno says:

    Bravo Max!

    It’s a sad state of affairs when virtually the only voice speaking out comes from the victim.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  89. Gormdog says:

    No no, you’ve got it all wrong. It was a hockey play. That’s all it was. A (premeditated, illegal, and malicious) hockey play that doesn’t deserve a(nything but a) suspension.


    I’m glad I’m not the only one still awake and pissed off about this…


    Is is the Hate for the Montreal Canadiens? The desperate need to stay at arms length from any blame involving a broken neck? A sad attempt to exonerate a premier player and team captain? Is this upper management collusion with all the dirty connections betweens the Bruins and the disciplinary committee?


    I’m just tryin’ to figure out how so many people have it so wrong.

  90. rocketsglare says:

    Harness and funnel the anger the team feels by playing inspired team hockey. Do it for Max. Do it for yourselves.

    Do it for all your fans. F the Nutless Hockey League (thanks Dave for spelling out what the NHL truly stands for).

    Go Habs Go!

  91. BeeGee says:

    Make nasty remarks about a rival’s girlfriend? 6 games. Make an obscene gesture? 3 games. Seriously compromise the health and career of a 22 year old kid? Nothing.

    Two words: Bush. League.

  92. Habnofear says:

    Thank god he was there Andrew…..

  93. Rusty says:

    What is disturbing about many of the columnists’ comments is that they can’t tell whether the hit was intentional. That’s not the the point. That’s irrelevent. The point is that the referees assessed it to be a gross violation of the rules – how often do you see a 5-minute penalty for interference, followed by a game misconduct? Now, the whole idea of determining supplemental discipline is that it gives time to assess the consquences of a hit which already warranted a a stiff penalty during the game. The consequences: a broken neck, severe concussion, hospitalization, life and career in jeopardy (see: Steve Moore, the same kind of injury).
    So given all this, the decision not to give Chara supplemental discipline is outright shocking. Chara’s so called clean record is irrelevant as well. So what this Murphy person is saying is that had Chara had a history of suspensions, the hit suddenly would have been viewed differently?
    Those who have followed Chara’s career, not only in the NHL, but also in international play and when he played in Sweden during the lockout, know about him simply losing it when under pressure and he becomes an animal who wants to inflict as much pain as possible. Given his stature, Chara becomes a very dangerous man. A harmless push-out-of-the-way in the game when Max-Pac scored the OT-winner, made Chara vindictive and this was his way of dishing out justice; you push me, I break your neck.
    Cudos to the Canadian politcians, mainly Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to speak out against the NHL in the Parliament, also to NDP MP Glenn Thibeault and Minister of Sport Gary Lunn. It’s about time to say that the NHL can not conduct their cave business separated from society.
    Cudos to Air Canada and its director of marketing and communications Denis Vandal for threatening to pull out of the NHL sponsoring if the league continues doing nothing about violence.
    Cudos to Sports Illustrated hockey columnist Michael Farber for writing that the NHL has lost its moral compass.
    Finally, cudos to Goldwater Institute about which I don’t know anything about, but if this is the group that finally ends the saga of hockey in Phoenix you should have a plaque in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

  94. GhostRider says:

    While I agree with your sentiment….what exactly does any of this have to do with the CBC?  You do realize they’re not responsible for discipline, right?

  95. Rad says:

    Good on Max for speaking out. The kid’s in a hospital bed, on blood thinner, doesn’t know when or if he will play again, and he takes the time to speak out for what he believes is right. And he doesn’t even call for a 10 or 15 game suspension for Chara like I have, but says simply that he would have been happy with 1, or 2, or 3 games….in order to send the right message to the players….so that the same thing doesn’t happen to other players. What a warrior this kid is, I love the guy. I’ll bet even money that he comes back better and stronger than ever.

  96. Shiloh says:

    Just sent an email to CBC indicating that my family and I will boycott all sponsors of Hockey Night in Canada until the mess is cleaned up. Specifically, both Campbell and Murphy must be dismissed and an independent tribunal established to oversee officiating, to preside over suspension hearings and to issue sanctions.

  97. Nahlsy says:

    Imagine the authority held by someone that can say to Bettman that we don’t like what you’re doing, we don’t want your garbage in OUR arena. Tell the Toronto Maple Leafs that they can find someplace else to finish their season.

    If you think the league is terrified of dealing with the Leafs over the threat of another team being within 50 miles of them….

    I would urge Bell and Molson/Coors (and/or Coke) to follow suit. Coors, Coke and Ford are major corporate sponsors of the Leafs and the Habs… if those big hitters joined Air Canada, Bettman would be FORCED to end his games.

  98. ooder says:

    meh i have no problem giving credit to the medical staff of a team.. i never do

    these guys are professionals

    i fully expected that and i would uflly expect our staff to do the same for any player


    GWG = game winning gionta!

  99. ooder says:

    tomorrow we will see how the hockey world views this…

    not the morons on the internet blogs or the idiots behind the NESN panel

    but the fans of teh sabres and the players…

    there is no way a guy like connolly, miller or even bergeron can have any sort of respect for chara or that apologist julien

    i fully expect jeers and boos from the buffalo crowd directed at that giant oaf.

    as for the players… they know the game, they know whats acceptable and what’s not.

    Mike Brown, Brooks Laich and Tanner Glass have already spoken out… itl be intresting to see the reaction of the sabres bench when that goon steps on the ice


    GWG = game winning gionta!

  100. andrewberkshire says:

    I know people here probably don’t want to hear it, but the Boston Bruins’ trainer deserves some credit in being first on the scene to help Pacioretty, and helping Dr. Mulder to keep him stabilized.

  101. ZepFan2 says:

    “In the new NHL, a defender has no right to detain me. So what he did was he forced me with his body on the tape and put his hand on my head.  I could not defend myself.  I could not move. He sent me directly to the post and I lost consciousness thereafter.”- Max Pacioretty

    Case closed!

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  102. Pointystick11 says:

    Just watched Ray Ferrero on Off the Record. What a 2 faced weasel of a man. All he hated about the hit was the end? Are you kidding me? Do you even remember your reaction to Lappierre’s hit on Nichol? Ill use some of your own elequent phrasing Ray. THIS IS GARBAGE! ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!

  103. DD says:

    For all the doubters out there, this should set the record straight. As usual, “JT” hits the nail right on the head.

    The idiots are running the asylum and Gary Bettmen’s NHL is a joke.


  104. Chuck says:
    The ‘B’ stands for ‘Bitches’ said…

    What’s black and yellow and wins twice in 68 years?

    Jon said…

    Thats Black and GOLD B*tch!

    The ‘B’ stands for ‘Bitches’ said in reply to Jon…

    Oh, ok then. What’s black and gold and wins twice in 68 years?


    Gotta love those NESN posters!  :)

  105. Fargo Habs Fan says:

    Colin, Brian.  Any relation?


  106. Les Habitants says:

    Very good point. Failed to catch my attention, thanks for pointing that out.


    The last time the leafs won the cup it was still just a bowl!!

  107. Habnofear says:

    Alot of people have died from Molson products  some of who I’ve known ,so it’s kind of a catch 22?

  108. observer says:

    “If you cause a player to be injured, then you have to be responsible for the play that you’re involved in, if there’s any carelessness or recklessness in it.”
    – Colin Campbell, on decision to suspend Alex Ovechkin for his hit on Brian Campbell. — The lying hired help of thief Bettman.

  109. Storm Man says:

    Good for Air Canada for telling the NHL to WAKE THE FU,K UP. I hope all canadian companys do the same thing with the NHL.

  110. Les Habitants says:

    This really sucks. chara tries to kill one of our best young players and gets off scott free. bruins attack us when they blow us out, bruins attack us when they lose and then talk smack about how dirty the habs are to the media! what a f-bomb joke! on top of all that were on a 5 game winning streak but all of the enjoyment is drained from that(along with what should have been a great time last night). Finding it hard to look forward to the next couple of games, but I really think our boys will rally around this, and they already seem to be a pretty tight group. Really impressed with what air Canada did today, that holds a lot more punch than any petition, and I hope other companys (cough, moulson) follow their example. bettman and the nhl are a big joke and I lost a lot of faith in this league today, but the most important thing is that Max makes a full recovery. Get well soon Patches


    The last time the leafs won the cup it was still just a bowl!!

  111. CanadienFanTrappedinNiagaraFallsNY says:

    To all the people calling on Geoff Molson to have the Molson-Coors company pull or threaten to pull sponsorship, please research… Geoff Molson is not the King Of Beer, and he and his brothers are members of the Board of Molson. None of the Molsons are Chaiman or President. They can’t just up and pull out. And I doubt Pete Coors is looking to jump headfirst into this matter when they just lost several contracts to Labatt’s anyway.

  112. Marc10 says:

    On ya Air Canada. Someone has a clue… and they’re speaking the only language that matters to the NHL.

    Carey, Carey, Carey, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!

  113. Chuck says:

    So what you’re saying is that the Bruin trainer helped Pacioretty to milk his injury?  :)

  114. thebigguy says:

    I’ve grown up watching hockey, somethign I inheritted from my dad.  Today he’s 62 years old. He grew up going to Stanley Cup Parade after parade. When he was a child, he broke through the barrier to meet his heroes, particularly Dickie Moore who grew up in Park X like him. He ran in front of the parade and Maurice Richard (!!) picked him up so he wouldn’t get run over and dragged his 10 year old ass onto the Stanley cup parade. He asked Maurice to put him down because he knew my grandmother would be pissed that he’d left her side. When I was a a teenager and didn’t get along with him, as many teenagers do, no matter how much we argued or fought, we could still talk about the Habs, even if our best player at the time was probably Brian Savage. I’m Jewish and for me, when I think of Passover, I think of the playoffs and the joking argument that would ensue post dinner. We’d still have part of the Seder to finish and we’d decide how much more of the Seder we would do depending on how the Habs were doing. If it was a tight game, my grandparents, my uncle, his family, my parents my brotehr and my sister would wait until an intermission to clean up, andfinish the seder, such was our commitment to the Habs.


    I was born in 1983 and when the Habs won the cup in 1986, my parents decided I was too little to enjoy the Stanley Cup parade so they didn’t take me.In 1993, my dad prepared to bring me to my first Stanley Cup parade. Unfortunately, my school requested that parents not take their kids out of school to go the  parade and with my mom being on the school board, she requested that my dad respect it. She said that with Roy and Muller, she was sure we’d win more Cups and I could go to those parades. Every year when the Habs get eliminated, no matter where I am, I call my mom and make a joke about how she promised me a Stanley Cup parade, one I still haven’t seen.


    I’ve loved hockey since I’ve had memories. Price’s first year, I lived in Korea. It worked out well because with the time difference, the games started around 830 am. Whenever the Canadiens were playing, I made a point to crash at my then girlfriends place, as she had to be at work  early in the morning. I started work at 3 pma and I knew if I didn’t stay at her place, I’d go back to sleep.  I vividly remember waking up excited for Carey Price’s first game. When I was in Turkey, I went to the Canadian embassy in Ankara requesting aid for canadian cultural initatives so that I could watch the Habs play the Bruins during the centenial. I’ve sat over dial up in Azerbaijan getting updates about Habs playoff games. During the Olympics, I was working on a political campaign in the US and I made a deal with my boss. I’d recruit double the amount of expected volunteers providing I could watch the US-Canada game on mute. It was a couple days before an election (that we won by less than 40 votes) and there was no way I could take it off.

    The point is, this game has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve always been proud of it. Unlike basketball, the end of the game isn’t filled with pauses and timeouts. There’s not the excessive scoring of football and unlike baseball, you have to pay attention to every second. What hapened during the last game was not the sport my dad, brother, mom and grandparents taught me to love. It’s not the sport I stayed up all night to watch Habvs vs Leafs while in Korea in the hopes that one of our team made the playoffs. What I saw on Tuesday made me sick. A kid in his early 20’s looked like he may have been killed. The disgust I have with the league, with how they’ve perverted the game I love, is beyond words.

  115. The Cat says:

    Good for Air Canada, maybe theyll be instrumental in the NHL to stop acting like idiots. Is it that hard for the NHL to behave like an entity with integrity? At the very least with the years, youd think theyd be able to put on a facade of competence by now.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  116. shiram says:

    At least some in the Bruins organization shows some decency.

  117. DavidKB says:

    Bravo Max!

  118. CharlottetownHabbies says:

    It’d still be nice to break it down that simply though eh?

  119. danp says:

    Being an American has nothing to do with it. We don’t want him. Stupidity is not bounded by borders. I think he might have a good career waiting for him as a used car salesman.


  120. adam76 says:



    Great avatar

  121. Mr. Habs says:

    That’s what U get when an American is running the show. no ofense to our Yankee players.

  122. CharlottetownHabbies says:

    Who do we lobby to get a federal public commision to find out how the NHL has ruined hockey?  As embarrassing as it was for MLB to have to go through a senate commision on PED’s, wouldn’t putting the NHL through the ringer in the only market where it has an unbreakable foothold be the ultimate embarrassment?  I want those dumbies to suffer


    I don’t know how to express how angry I am, but at the same time I’m .  I don’t have any interest in following the NHL anymore, leaving a pretty god damn big hole in my life.  We’re all just wallets to the NHL at this point, and I’m sick of it.  Paid employees of the league don’t have as much invested in this crap as we do, and we just keep getting pooped on again and again.  I don’t know man.

  123. secretdragonfly says:

    I have two questions, if anyone can help me out:

    1) Will Max be subject to the $10K fine for speaking out against the NHL’s decision?

    2) Has anyone heard or read anything by way of a statement from the NHLPA? I would be very interested to know what their stance is.

  124. nick says:

    Good on Air Canada and Pacioretty for having a pair and standing up for whats right for the game.

    Watch the league suspend Pacioretty for 2 games and give him a fine for speaking his mind. That would be the icing on the cake.

  125. Mr. Habs says:

    I am facing disciplinary suspension at my work. A supervisor was making fun of the hit & he would not let up so I told him to go F himself! He plays hockey in a beer league that is very similar to the NHL. I told him that I will come and play with him & run his head into the steel post!

  126. jbroderi says:

    whats his email?  i’ll let the bastard have it too!!



    “I’ll take potent potables for 500, Alex” JB

  127. Nahlsy says:

    To be a fly on the wall at the GM meetings next week…. (sounds like several owners were NOT pleased that they let Chara off the hook completely)

  128. The Cat says:

    I honestly expected more of a response from the habs organization. I didnt expect anger, but I did expect that theyd voice disappointment of some sort and not just ‘we wont discuss this publically’.

    Black eyes on the league go away but I dont think this one will soon.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  129. 21273 says:


    “To you from failing hands we throw

    The torch, be yours to hold it high” 



    Max – thoughts and prayers remain with you for a full, fast recovery

  130. shadow111 says:

    Good for you Air Canada. At least you showed some intestinal fortitude in pulling your sponsorship to the NHL the bush league. Full of Goons and idiots who run them. The sports personnel for TSN, NHL, and 60 in 30 could not find it amongst themselves to admit there was intent on Charas part to drive his head into the post. LOOK AT THE STILL PICTURE IN THE GAZETTE his hand is cleary on the back of Patches head and driving it into the post . Disgusting hit on a very good player who may never play again. There should be criminal charges looked at as well Patch should consider sueing Chara and the Nhl. What a joke this league has become. The best player in the World taken out by a goon during the out door game and will not be back this year and maybe never and no response from the league and now this ABSOLUTLEY NOT ACCEPTABLE. Take your heads out of your Asses and at least speak your minds not what your being told to say the the executive of the NHL. Patch and his family we have you in our prayers, speedy recovery and always the best. Same to you Sidney Crosby cheap shots are no longer acceptable in hockey or any sport.

  131. Trisomy 21 says:

    Congrats on baby #1

  132. CHsam says:

    Just proves that very few people have real courage. Max does.

  133. Canadiangrrl says:

    How pathetic is it that one of the few public figures addressing what happened last night in a rational, factual manner is the concussed and broken 22 year old victim?

    Hab Baby #1 due 5/19/11…

  134. observer says:

    Re: Gauthier – Bettman got him the Anaheim job and then the job with Bettman’s new owner Gillett. Just like Gauthier never came out to defend Subban when all these racists on the other teams were FOCUSSED ALL OF THEM on him – it was GAINEY NOT Gauthier who came out and told them to STFU.

  135. blueline says:

    Here’s my list of zeros and heroes:


    • Zdeno Chara – He knew damn well what he was doing and where he was on the ice. He’s played enough games in the Bell Centre to be totally familiar with it’s layout. His head was clearly up and he could plainly see the section of side glass coming up.
    • Colin Campbell – Where’s the NHL’s head disciplinarian while all this is going on? Surely a game misconduct call by the referee on the ice warrants his personal attention and especially when a serious injury is involved. He may have made some statement but I haven’t seen him say anything on the news yet.
    • Mike Murphy – This lower level v.p. minion makes the brilliant observation that Pacioretty’s injuries were caused by his head hitting the stanchion and the ice. No….really. And how did that happen? Does he think that Max pushed his own head over the boards so that he couldn’t possibly miss the post? Exactly what video footage was he looking at? I think the rest of the planet saw Chara clearly extending his left arm and pushing the upper part of Pacioretty’s body over the top of the boards a good two feet before the stanchion.
    • Pierre Gauthier – For not being absolutely livid at the league’s whitewash of Chara’s irresponsible actions. He comes up with some lame statement about not seeing fit to say anything on the league’s ruling. Way to back up the Habs and it’s players you’re supposed to be entrusted with. Nitwit.


    • The on-ice officials – They saw an obvious foul that was serious enough to impose the full weight of their authority and they did so. If for no other reason, why didn’t the NHL disciplinarian committee see fit to back up the officials judgment by imposing some sort of suspension on Chara?
    • Carey Price – For calling it as he saw it. He thought it was deliberate and he had the guts to say so in an interview. For that matter, so did Pacioretty. And he ought to know, he was there. 


  136. Chuck says:

    I’m not saying that a Tim Horton’s or McDonald’s should pull funding from kids hockey. But if they were to join with Air Canada, that would be some serious financial clout.

  137. Bradlo says:

    Couldn’t agree more. From a business point of view, I can’t see the Molson’s saying anything publicly on behalf of the company. Just for the sake of future relations they probably want to keep their company and their ownership separate. I would love to see it though

    Tim Hortons and Mcdonalds are great ideas to stand up and take a stand. Both are highly involved in kids hockey and are huuuuge financial backers of the NHL

    I love that this has gained momentum. Maybe the NHL not suspending Chara will ultimately do more than if they had given him a game or two

  138. ABHabsfan says:

    I think it would be unfair for sponsors of kids’ hockey to pull any funding. Molson, on the other hand is in a perfect situation to force action. Both MaxPac and the NHL are paid by Molson/Coors. Come on Geoff! Take a stand here and help make this a better league so this bull-shit never happens again!

  139. observer says:


  140. observer says:

    BECAUSE NO ONE GOES TO THEIR GAMES! When they won the cup the slimy dwarf from new yahk city in presenting the cup he proudly lied again ” and they said hockey would not survive in california.” the DIRTBALL THIEF BETTMAN IS SLIME!

  141. observer says:

     c/p-“A league source said several teams were upset Chara wasn’t suspended. The Bruins carry a lot of weight at the league level — owner Jeremy Jacobs is the chairman of the board.” AND he even gave CAMPBELL’S NO TALENT BOY A JOB THAT PAYS NHL DOLLARS. ——————-BETTMAN!!!!!!

  142. pricefor25 says:

    Air Canada, one of the NHL’s largest financial corporate backers, is threatening to withdraw its sponsorship if the league doesn’t take “immediate” and “serious” action on headshots

  143. vegas_habs_fan says:

    Blame it on Subban?

  144. rocketsglare says:

    The NHL’s failure to crack down on reckless and dangerous behavior will have the effect instead of promoting

    a “Law of the Jungle” mentality. That would be a shame and yes, even a crime.

    Go Habs Go!


  145. observer says:


  146. Chuck says:

    It’d be better if they were giving out free chicken breasts.  :)

  147. showey47 says:

    The ducks score 5 goals and their fans get 5 free wings from hooters. I kinda like their wing promo better then ours.

  148. BeachHabFan says:

    actually, Mark Spector (“Lead Columnist”) of sportsnet made the comment. he also promised a column tomorrow and “habs fans will hate it”. nothing like profiting off the misery of others by promoting a piece that promises to stoke their anger.

  149. Rainrocket16 says:

    The NHL has been screwing us all season long, it is such a tragic shame that it took this for alot of you to all realize it!! Cammy got rocked from behind in the Buffalo game, no penalty at all!! The spacek fight in the last Bruin game. What fight? the one were Spacek got sucker punched at the drop of the puck and we looked like a bunch of nancies out there!! The Bruins are now my most hated team of all time!! I am proud Martin stood up and “you all saw the hit”..oooooo..sweet revenge is coming some day!

  150. oshawahabsfan says:

    If there is a positive out of this ordeal, this is it. People in power, starting to say enough is enough. Geoff Molson, you were in the crowd watching this, your company should follow suit. It’s what any responsible manager would do when he loses an asset in an unjust manner and nothing is done about it.

    Heck I almost fainted when I heard Lance Brown, CTV Toronto sports guy, state that Chara made a dirty play and was totally aware of what he was doing, this coming from a guy who takes frequent shots at the Habs

  151. Chuck says:

    It would be great to see a couple of major sponsors of kids hockey, ie: Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s, take the same kind of stand.

  152. Bradlo says:
    Wow… NHL has dug themselves into a hole:

    Air Canada threatens to pull partnership with NHL after Pacioretty hit

    Canadian sports minister calls bs on the hit

    This has gotten bigger than just a game

  153. Habnofear says:

    I know the league fines players for speaking out but Gomez,Capt Gionta ,Cammie,Markov,Hammer and Spatch ,your salaries range from 8 mill per down too 5 mill per ….say something ffs’s!

  154. BeachHabFan says:

    tough day, tough watching ‘experts’ and reading their tweets about the hit and justifying the whole f—ing thing. @sportsnetspec has a few doozies; the worst of the day, for me: “Chara take: It’s a man’s game. Don’t want to risk injury? Play billiards.”

  155. observer says:

    “mans game”- the idiot comes from eastern europia where for thousands of years the main man’s game is slaughtering and murdering other men, women and children. the mock comes here and gives advice!

  156. Barts says:

    Someone is moderating, cause they took down Slappy’s questions. But seriously, Jack Edwards, Mike Milbury, and Lydon Byers? Someone break out the drool bibs. And they call themselves ‘The Instigators’, that just about says it all really.

  157. Matt_in_TO says:

    He was too busy hiding on the team bus after the game


    – In Price We Trust

  158. bennykchui says:

    Upset about Chara.  Not only to what he did to Max, but I just don’t see any apologies at all.


    Be a man Chara.  A simple word “Sorry” isn’t too hard to say, is it?

  159. Humungosaur says:

    An apology would be admitting guilt, opening himself up to a civil suit, I would guess. Nothing could happen to him on the ice that would be suitable punishment for what he had done.

  160. kmachabs27 says:

    that ****ing goon, i hope someone breaks his legs……poor paciorettty im sick to my ****ing stomach right noww….its patheticc……lets go win the ****inng cup!!!!!!!!!……………excuse my language.

  161. avatar_58 says:

    So what is the 4th line going to do when Pacioretty, on the 2nd line, gets killed like this? Wait till later and “get” Chara, who was ejected?

    Think about that. Reality is goon squads don’t help. If someone wants to fight or goon it up, they will. All it takes is a dirty hit or play and a serious injury is on your hands. No amount of work AFTER the whistle is going to change that. The very fact that we have a 4th line of fighters isn’t going to deter this giant man from slamming Patches into the turnbuckle, now is it?


    The solution is at the league level. THEY are responsible, and they dropped effin ball. That’s the story here. PG cannot do a damned thing about it

  162. Caballero says:

    “I believe he was trying to guide my head into the turnbuckle. We all know where the turnbuckle is. It wasn’t a head shot like a lot of head shots we see but I do feel he targeted my head into the turnbuckle.”

    This says it all. We have seen the picture as well.

    The league has sent a clear message to PG and JM. Take care of your own, if something goes down and you can’t deal with it, tough. Very right wing attitude, reminds me of the Republicans down South.

    I think that the only solution I see to this is to get a real 4th line. Not a bunch of goons, but a real 4th line. I hope the flyers and the bruins destroy each other, or else they can play in Buttman’s dream Exxtreme hockey league.


  163. zaq007 says:

    Tip, don’t sort tsn’s comment page from lowest on that page…it will just make you upset

  164. badangel says:

    Intent or accident or carelessness.. bottom line is this should NEVER have happened because Chara was in the wrong to hit MaxPac in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For Mike Murphy to say “I could not find any evidence …. that Chara targeted the head of his opponent” when there is a PICTURE that clearly shows Chara’s ARM pushing Max’z HEAD into a steel post is effin ABSURD.

    Chara’s after game comments when he was PURSUADED to come out and talk to media (answering 3 questions) he didn’t even sound REMORSEFUL.

    MEANWHILE the NHL suspends the Wiz for 2 games when he gives a vulgar gesture to a twat like Avery.. the league doesn’t suspend (at the  VERY least) what was a penalty and careless action.

    GIVE ME A BREAK (and no not a vertabrae break!)

    My solution to the NHL’s headshot/concussion woes.. really simple: if a player hits another player whether intentional or careless he should be suspended as long as the other player is injured. (eye for an eye) maximum 41 games.

    Players would DEFINETELY think twice about what they do on the ice if their punishment was as long as the grief and injury they cause!


    (side note: I officially hate the Bruins way more than the Leafs now.)

  165. HardHabits says:

    I am very impressed with Pacioretty’s comments and am so glad he spoke out like he did. There is a revolution brewin’ (no pun intended) and this is not over.

    I have divested myself of the emotions I have felt after yesterdays tragic hit and the NHL’s non-response but I am so glad that Air Canada has stepped up and now Max has spoken out against the league. Others will follow suit. The NHL has been caught with it’s pants down and I am sure it is in full damage control mode rather than doing what is right.

    It is time that Bettman step down and a real hockey person be the commissioner. Enough with the lawyers. The league needs a humanist who understands the value of life and what this game means to Canadians.

    The league is a disgrace and corrupt and it is being exposed for the travesty that it is.

    There will be much good that comes of this IMO because too many people are angry and too many people are mobilizing. Thank God!!!!! And I am not a religious person.

  166. shadi says:

    I actually will not be surprised if the NHL fines Pacioretty for these comments. After all, he is undermining the “integrity” of the league. Complete garbage.

    What goes around comes around. I actually think this hit has damaged Boston’s team more than Montreal, for the simple reason that Chara has been exposed as a cheap piece of trash that has to take cheap shots against players that rub him the wrong way. He’s a bastard.

    Get better Max. Even if you never play another game, the important thing is that you get well.


  167. observer says:

    The 5 foot slimeball is in Phoenix Arizona today as he continues to finagle more money for his money grabbing self.


  168. adam76 says:

    The Air Canada story is huge.  The only way to change ANYTHING on this rock, is to threaten the loss of  MONEY.


  169. adam76 says:

    Where would one send an actual “get well soon ” card to Max?  Not an email, but a real physical card?



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