Pacioretty speaks to TSN’s McKenzie

The Canadiens Max Pacioretty reached out to Bob McKenzie of TSN Wednesday night from his hospital bed at Montreal General (video and story) and told McKenzie he doesn’t feel concussion symptoms too badly, that he feels surprisingly well in that regard. As for the issues with his cracked vertebrae, they won’t be getting attention until some other medical issues are resolved, but he is doing better than he expected.

He added that he thought Zdeno Chara did target him, did direct his head into the upright by the Bruins’ bench and that he was disappointed the NHL didn’t take some sort of action against Chara, saying it will give players the idea they can do the same thing and not be punished and other players will be hurt as a result.

“I am upset and disgusted that the league didn’t think enough of (the
hit) to suspend him,” Pacioretty told TSN. “I’m not mad for myself, I’m
mad because if other players see a hit like that and think it’s okay,
they won’t be suspended, then other players will get hurt like I got
“It’s been an emotional day. I saw the video for the first
time this morning. You see the hit, I’ve got a fractured vertebrae, I’m
in hospital and I thought the league would do something, a little
something,” said Pacioretty. “I’m not talking a big number, I don’t know, one game, two games, three
games…whatever, but something to show that it’s not right.

“I heard (Chara) said he didn’t mean to do it. I felt he did mean to do
it. I would feel better if he said he made a mistake and that he was
sorry for doing that, I could forgive that, but I guess he’s talking
about how I jumped up or something.”
“I believe he was trying to
guide my head into the turnbuckle. We all know where the turnbuckle is.
It wasn’t a head shot like a lot of head shots we see but I do feel he
targeted my head into the turnbuckle.”

McKenzie said Pacioretty has little memory of the incident. He remembers being wheeled off the ice in the stretcher and he wondered why everyone was making such a big deal of it.

His parents Ray and Anna visited him this morning and Pacioretty told McKenzie they watched the video of the hit for the first time today and Ray cried when he saw it. Ray was at the game but didn’t get a good look at it live.

McKenzie added that Pacioretty is encouraged by the support of the Canadiens fans, which means a lot to him. He feels he’s getting terrific medical care. As for his prognosis, he is not sure if or when he will be able to play hockey again, but it is his goal to come back and play in the NHL.


  1. Ian Johnson says:

    This comment is inappropriate. It has nothing to do with Bettman being Jewish or not. He didn’t even rule on this issue!

  2. observer says:


  3. observer says:

    the 5 foot dirt ball money grabber hadnt already proved to you in all those previous moves that he is a crook of the highest level. despite his lack of height being the dwarf he is! —- c/p-“A league source said several teams were upset Chara wasn’t suspended. The Bruins carry a lot of weight at the league level — owner Jeremy Jacobs is the chairman of the board.” AND he even gave CAMPBELL’S NO TALENT BOY A JOB THAT PAYS NHL DOLLARS. ——————-BETTMAN!!!!!!!!!

  4. kirbhabs says:

    Awesome for them!  I am impressed

  5. Chuck says:

    I think that he’s had a 1 game suspension in the past.

  6. Barts says:

    Ask Mike Milbury, Lyndon Byers, and Jack Edwards a question here:

    In case you didn’t know, Jack Edwards is the NESN play by play guy, who after the Pacioretty OT goal in January, said he was a cocky kid who was going to get his ‘head taken off’.

  7. ABHabsfan says:

    Molsons has to take the same stance as Air Canada. The recent sponsorship agreement between Molsons and the NHL should be pulled.

  8. Barts says:

    I don’t think he has been suspended before actually…

  9. I_SAY_FIGHT says:

    I was reading the online live blog and boone asked how many times chara’s been suspended and the answer was one. i think a more important question would be how many times has he been on a phone call with the disciplinary commity and not been handed a punishment because he’s considered a superstar or whatever they think. I would recommend everyone look at randy jones’ page, particularly the part about what happend to they patrice bergeron , whom he hit and the reason why jones was given a suspension of 2 games. Couldn’t it also apply to Chara? 
     ”Playing goal is like being shot at.” – Jacques Plante

  10. Chuck says:

    Feel free to leave a comment for the Bruins fans, too. But be sure to keep words to two syllables or less.

  11. fuhgawz says:

    All i can say is i hope Max will sue the NHL or Chara in the very least — this should be settled in court. 

  12. aussiehab says:

    very dissapointed by the nhl’s actions of late. i watched the replay at least a dozen times and it looks pretty suspect. he was in a vulnerable position (because of his placement in the rink) and was crushed for it. not fair by any standard. there has been literally no action taken by the “disciplinary watchdogs”. very glad to see corporations like Air Canada put some pressure on the nhl. if only we can rally some more to the cause…

  13. ross says:

    Double-post, mods may delete me.

  14. fuhgawz says:

    +1 hundred zillion

  15. Pudgefan2000 says:

    Sorry to disagree with everyone here, but I agree that the NHL got this one right and it was NOT a dirty hit. Full disclosure, I’m from Boston. Also full disclosure, I could care less about the Bruins and/or Chara. I’m a sports fan and have been watching hockey since the late 60’s/early 70’s. I’m not some homer yahoo who’s new to the sport.

    If Chara had just ridden him against the boards around the corner, it would have been nothing more than slight interference. Both guys were going for the puck, at pretty much full speed, and there’s just no way Chara can know exactly where they both were and what would happen if he continued to ride Pacioretty as he did. If you’re going to argue that, then you could argue that Pacioretty should have angled back inside to center ice instead of going for the puck along the boards…HE should have also known what could happen. I don’t believe you can argue either way and that it was just a horrible accident in a very fast, very violent sport.

    Look, I have no agenda here, I really don’t. I’ve watched it over and over on my dvr and I just don’t see any malicious intent. We in Boston have seen the horrible injuries to Savard and Bergeron and trust me, if it WAS a dirty hit, even Bruins homers would be all over him for it. But this was not a dirty hit by any means. It was just a horrible injury that sometimes happens.

  16. Aybara says:

    Air Canada takes action:

    Email of the representative from air canada:

    I suggest we let Denis know that we are with him and his company in this endeavour. We can show him and hopefully others that by taking this action they are not only helping hockey, but their own companies as consumers will support it.

  17. Rainrocket16 says:

    Not one apology!! straight up Goon…go back to Goonland and eat small children you cocklesucking ape Chara!! The revenge should be sweet and dirty, pick our weakest link and assign him the job of cracking a stick upside Chara’s head and then saying to the media…… was a hockey play..A high stick is a hockey play and so is an elbow! Only two people truly know the truth of the hit. And the victim is usually right! I think the Molson’s should sue the NHL. IMO.

  18. canada4l says:

    Air Canada has the right idea.  Hit the NHL and the Bruins where it counts the most.  In the wallet.  There should be a campagn to boycott all NHL and Bruins sponsors unless something is done. 

  19. Habnofear says:

    How many games did Avery get for the “sloppy seconds statement?”

  20. SeriousFan09 says:

    6 games, mandated counseling and became persona non grata by his organization.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  21. andrewberkshire says:

    6. How ridiculous. And Wiz got 2 for a fake BJ.

  22. NightRyder says:

    McKenzie looks like he has been bobbing for French Fries.

    One argument I find a little daft is the “well, if that happened anywhere else on the ice, nothing would have happened, it’s just a hockey play.” No shyte Sherlock.

    A little push in the back at centre ice might make a guy fall down. No suspension, maybe a minor penalty for cross-checking. That same action (“a hockey play”) against the boards causes a guy to go face-first into the boards and could cause serious injury.

    The NHL’s on-ice officials deemed Chara’s act an illegal hit. One that actually merited a major penalty and an ejection.

    So, we have an illegal hit that caused a serious injury. How does that possibly not merit some type of suspension?


  23. Hammer says:

    There are a few people with dirty hands on this one.

    a) Apeman- only a cromag would think that he was ” innocent’ on this play.

    b) The media who believe he is such a nice guy just perpetuates this BS

    c) The Bell Centre for allowing a turnbuckle to be potentially a foreign object. Havn’t seen one like this since Dynamite used to dive off them in Stampede Wrastling.

    d) Claude Julien- A bitter little man

    e) The other Bruins who were still not satisfied and wanted after #57 and #76 when the game was over.

    To the NHL: Your league is in trouble. The goonery and the Sunshine State policy are nearing a climax. JUst look around at the following arenas, Atlanta, Tampa, NYI, Phoenix, Florida to see more empty seats then full. Your product stinks and so does your admin staff. To Mike Murphy a pathetic example of a leader.


  24. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I don’t give a damn about what the nhl says or what any so called expert says regarding Chara’s “no intention” of hurting Max Pac because they don’t know squat. I’m convinced that after the shove Max Pac gave Chara on January 8 that Max was a marked man. The hit was dirty, illegal and any other name you want to call it. Shame on the league and go straight to hell Collin Campbell, Mike Murphy and the entire Bruins team. Paybacks are a bitch. Chara will get his just dues.

  25. darcy1 says:

    what a great story!
    ”If you’ve only got one day to live, come see the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’ll seem like forever. ” Pat Foley (Blackhawks broadcaster)

  26. Chuck says:

    Cool! More beer for us!

  27. badangel says:

    from my post below:

    Intent or accident or carelessness.. bottom line is this should NEVER have happened because Chara was in the wrong to hit MaxPac in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For Mike Murphy to say “I could not find any evidence …. that Chara targeted the head of his opponent” when there is a PICTURE that clearly shows Chara’s ARM pushing Max’z HEAD into a steel post is effin ABSURD.

  28. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Both guys were going for the puck? Max Pac already passed the puck forward and the puck was no where near him. That’s what makes it a dirty hit. This was payback by your Gorilla from Boston, You want to come on this site, you’re more than welcome but get your facts straight.

  29. Graves says:

    I’ve read that he was supposed to get a suspension for instigating a fight in the last five minutes of a game, but the league rescinded it for whatever reason.

    Whether or not he’s actually been suspended before though, I think anyone who’s seen him play more than a few times would agree that he has a history of grabbing people who don’t want to fight and beating the living hell out of them. He blows his stack when the game isn’t going his way.

  30. The McJuice says:

    Come playoff time I think the Bruins will find that they have created a martyr.

    Burn the bandwagon.

  31. Barts says:

    “If Chara had just ridden him against the boards around the corner, it would have been nothing more than slight interference.”

    Except he didn’t do that, did he? He planted his head into the stanchion. I can’t believe you are on here blaming Pacioretty for what happened, HOLY S**T bro.

  32. HardHabits says:

    I welcome you onboard and I respect your comments but look at it this way. Clean or dirty is no the issue.

    In hockey if you high stick some-one intentional or not, clean or dirty it’s 2 minutes, 4 if you draw blood.

    In hockey if you are in the defensive zone and you shoot the puck over the boards it’s 2 minutes, intentional or not.

    So why not head shots?

    Now let’s take it a step further.

    A person runs a red light and gets caught. It’s a ticket, intentional or not, clean record or not.

    If while running the red light they hit another car that penalty or fine becomes more severe, intentional or not.

    Now, if running the red light they hit another car and injure the other driver or passenger to the tune of a concussion and a cracked vertabrae the penalty becomes even stiffer.

    The NHL is turning a blind eye. You as a Bruin fan should know this because you lost Marc Savard. Don’t you wish that Matt Cooke got 10 games and a fine? I certainly do. Not becuase I love the Bruins but because I love hockey.

  33. Clay4bc says:

    e-mail bettman to show him your ire –

    i have heard a lot of comparisons between this and the Bertuzzi incident. However, I think in actuality (other than the specific type of injury) this is more like the incident that led to the Bertuzzi/Moore incident. A cheap head shot to a player that severely injured him (Naslund went down with a concussion then, Pacioretty now). The league does nothing. revenge ensues.

    I wonder if the same thing will happen here? Will someone take revenge on Chara for this, like Bertuzzi did on Moore?

    And lost in all this – Gomez played the best 2 periods of his entire season. If he had played like that all year, no one would be complaining about his salary, because he would have earned it.


    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  34. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    “If Chara had just ridden him against the boards around the corner, it would have been nothing more than slight interference.”

    So it’s OK to crosscheck a guy from behind when he’s 3 feet away from the boards because it wouldn’t hurt him if you did it at centre ice?

    Strange argument, but to each his own I guess…

  35. deuce6 says:

    Try and kill a guy by ramming him into a stanchion = zero game suspension

    Skipping the All Star game = 2 games suspension..


    —————— Yes, I’m a Hab fan..Wanna fight about it?

  36. Barts says:

    Oh the same goes for the blockhead triumvirate of Edwards, Milbury, and Byers.

  37. ths says:

    I am completley disgusted. The NHL has no concern for its fans/ customers employees and sponsors.

    I hope the interested parties continue to make their voices heard and start hitting these back room boys where it hurts.

    I not be showing my kids hockey again or paying any money to these corrupt back room boys.

    Heartened to see people like Air Canada stepping up and protecting their brand and not letting it go down the gurgler like the NHL.

    Im sure the Montreal fans will step up for Max and his team mates. Some one has to protect them and the integrity of the game.

    As we did for the Rocket many years ago we’ll do for Max.

    The NHL is trying to brush this under the carpet. Don’t let them.

  38. ABHabsfan says:

    Dude, ther is no way you can convince me that Chara, norris trophy winner, does not know where he is on the ice in a building he has played in about 50 times. There was time to let up and he did not. He should be made to watch to watch the clip of what he did; young kid with a broken neck lying unconscious on the ice. Someday Chara, there will be a guy as big as you and you will be the one lying there on the ice while your dad wonders if you are alive. You will get yours.

  39. Barts says:

    “Don’t you wish that Matt Cooke got 10 games and a fine? I certainly do. Not becuase I love the Bruins but because I love hockey.”

    Well stated…

  40. zozotheclown says:

    I think both player knew exactly where they were, these are professional athletes who are used to processing multiple actions per second, especially Chara, a superstar defensemen. Your counter argument that Max should know where he is, is just wrong I think. He did know where he was, he just also knew that with no puck he would be alowed to burn by Chara, he knew it would be illegal for Chara to throw a hit in this case. This incident occured because Chara thew an illegal hit, weather or not it was intentionaly is for Chara to know and us to guess at, but still, it was an illegal act resulting is severe injury, there should have been a suspension.

  41. Rainrocket16 says:

    We are all wasting our breathe..I mean cuticles bitching! Mike Madano tried for a few years to stop head shots…what happened. The NHL is a joke! I say we take Marchands ass out next game,,,Phuck it, he has been running his mouth about P.K. lately he is the target no……………Oh that’s right we are too classy to resort to a toddler level of Hockey… The game is in Boston next..very interesting it will be. Lets keep Cammy and pleks at home for that one…Can’t lose anyone else!

  42. observer says:

    Wakey! Wakey! Gary Bettman is a con artist and slimy crook no different than fellow New York City resident and probable friend Bernie Madoff. Bettman’s biggest supporter of the owners group is Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs. Nudge – nudge – wink – wink – Bettman even got Jacobs to add to his Bruins roster, the absolute no talent Greg Campbell to help his hired help daddy Colin Campbell out.

  43. PureGuava says:

    The most insightful thing you’ve ever written. Good job HH.

    “Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.” – Robert Anton Wilson

  44. observer says:

    bettman likes money! and he makes it the old new yahk city way! he steals it!

  45. ZepFan2 says:

    Unless PK does it to Marchand. Then it’s a dirty hit.

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  46. oshawahabsfan says:

    He should have reached out to Bob, and smacked him upside the head for his defence of Chara. Usually Bob is the only one in the Toronto media who speaks to justice when it comes to NHL discipline matters but he really dropped the ball on this one. I watched a few programs today, Off The Record, Primetime Sports, and was so frustrated to hear how all those interviewed, scoffed at the idea that the history between the two had nothing to do with this, If that was any other player, Chara likely would have either done nothing, or just tried to block his path by simply skating in front of him, when you’re his size that’s all you need to do to block somebody out, Instead he took advantage of a chance to get an extra shot in at Max. It was refreshing to hear Brunt and McKowen not take Chara’s side like the rest of the media, they used simple logic, something the league isn’t aware of:

    If your actions, not matter what the intent is believed to be cause an injury, that is a suspendable offence. Given the numerous circumstances, which in a court of law would be taken into consideration, this is an act deserving of a lengthy suspension to show that the league cares about player safety, this is by far the worst injury since Steve Moore and the league chooses to do nothing. It just shows what ignorance the league has and what a terrible business they run, no regard for the safety of their employees

  47. observer says:

    habs fans had their chance at the nhl draft here to show bettman their displeasure of his THIEVERY but they did little and the slimy rat slithered away untouched.

  48. 134 says:

    A good point was raised by Renaud Lavoie from RDS that the league did not even talk to Pacioretty to hear his side of the story before making the decision- just another of many, many flaws in the league’s supplementary discipline process.

    Personally, I think that the only way for all of us, including Max himself to see some justice done in this case, would be  Pacioretty filing a lawsuit against Chara, because this rotten league has washed its hands off it, and is basically telling the players to deal with it themselves. I wonder if there’s antyhing that the NHL players association could do to force the league to revisit it, but maybe that’s just my wishful thinking.


  49. darcy1 says:

    I think we need to email him and other Companies to let them know we feel the same way. that’s the only way to really be heard!

    ”If you’ve only got one day to live, come see the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’ll seem like forever. ” Pat Foley (Blackhawks broadcaster)

  50. Rainrocket16 says:

    If that is Bettmans email I sure hope he likes computer viruses!

  51. Habnofear says:

    Pudgefan …I seen it live  and in replay over and over  and have had a roller coaster of a time since Old Pro  Chara’a attempt to murder  a 22 year old newbie and have to tell you to go fuck yer-self…of course I didn’t mean it.

  52. Sportfan says:

    So i saw something that made me smile i dont have an article to prove it but Air Canada is threatening to take away sponsorship from the NHL because of this lack of action against Chara. It’s funny because its a big FU to the NHL it would be even better if Molson did the same thing


  53. ZepFan2 says:

    2005, one game mandatory suspension for instigating a fight with less than 5 mins left in the game.

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  54. Fargo Habs Fan says:

    “if it WAS a dirty hit, even Bruins homes would be all over him for it.” 

    Really?  Like they are all over Max on NESN for “Milking it” by spending so much time on the ice?


  55. Thomas says:

    Repost of mine from another forum:


    I feel just sick about this whole thing.  I feel so back for MaxPac, he was finally coming into his own, doing so well.  For the NHL to say there was no intent is an absolute joke, they missed a great opportunity here.  To finally show its players that bullshit like this will not be tolerated.  Instead they turn their heads for reasons only known to them.

    Selfishly, i’m also so upset, because there is nothing I can do about it.  I don’t want to go to Boston an pick a fight or anything, but just to be able to talk to someone in the league about it, to have a dialogue with someone while watching the video at the same time, and having them look me in the eye and say he didn’t guide his head into the stanch with his arm/forearm.  Its just disgusting, and as much as i’d like to do some kind of boycott, i’m addicted to watching this team.

    So my questions for all of you HIO’ers is what can we do?  What can we do to make sure the NHL hears what we are saying, listens, and responds??  

  56. NightRyder says:

    “A league source said several teams were upset Chara wasn’t suspended. The Bruins carry a lot of weight at the league level — owner Jeremy Jacobs is the chairman of the board.”


    You’ve got this mess, plus the Phoenix fiasco. Count Chocula’s days are numbered.

  57. bolder says:

    Bullshit! The kid didn’t have the puck and Chara shoved the kids head and guided it into the partition!! Had it been the other way around, you and all the Bruin fans would be calling for his head! Bruins are a dirty team, that enjoys dishing out hits, but hates receiving them back! When it comes down to playing a fast pace clean brand of hockey, the Bruins suck and can’t keep up. What did the league do about COLON Campbell’s son using his elbow pad as a wepon to beat on a good kid like Pyatt?? Remember, in life what goes around comes around.

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