P.K. Subban: ‘I never envisioned myself playing for any other team other than the Montreal Canadiens’

P.K. Subban was having dinner in Paris when he learned he had been traded to the Nashville Predators on June 29 in exchange for Shea Weber.

Subban is now back home — actually, make that his old home — in Montreal and the defenceman sat down with Sportsnet’s Eric Engels for a one-on-one interview about the trade.

“The feeling being back in Montreal … it will never change,” Subban told Engels. “It’s always going to be like that for me. Montreal’s going to be home. Because all the relationships that I built here … I love Montreal. I’ve always loved the city. When it really comes down to it I never envisioned myself playing for any other team other than the Montreal Canadiens.

“I was talking to my Dad and many, many Christmases ago I went down the stairs, Christmas tree in the living room. and there’s a gift with my name on it. And I unwrap the present and it’s a Montreal Canadiens jersey with my name on it. Not only was it a gift for me that I loved, but I actually got to wear it and wear it with pride and wear it to work every day. But the reality is that today is Boxing Day, Christmas is over, so you just got to kind of move one, right?

“That’s kind of the approach that I’m taking to this is that it was a dream come true for me to play for the Montreal Canadiens. The sad thing is that my promise to the city of bringing a Stanley Cup back and wanting to win one, I won’t be able to fulfil that promise. This is a business, so we can’t forget that. This is a business and I’ve always looked at it that way that I could very well be traded like anybody else on the team. I just tried to work as hard as I could on the ice to not make that happen.”

Subban added: “Since the day I was drafted I just saw an opportunity to be like other great leaders and captains in this organization. Before anything to raise a Stanley Cup and then to have my opportunity to see my jersey in the rafters with those other great Montreal Canadiens because I just wanted to make my Dad proud and I know that he was a huge Habs fan. I mean my ultimate goal was to win a Stanley Cup here and it’s not going to happen.”

• Full P.K. Subban interview with Sportsnet’s Eric Engels

• Habs GM Bergevin won’t carry burden of Subban trade, nhl.com

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  1. shiram says:

    Montreal Canadiens senior management reached out to clarify they are very committed to analytics. They will be bolstering their department

    Seems like Canadiens senior management reads the media, and is aware how the move was perceived by fans.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      The interviews will be like the accountant joke:
      1st interviewee comes in and MB asks him what did he think of the PK trade. Interviewee says according to analytics it was a bad trade. MB doesn’t hire him.
      2nd interviewee comes in and MB asks him what did he think of the PK trade. Interviewee says according to analytics it was a bad trade. MB doesn’t hire him.
      3rd interviewee comes in and MB asks him what did he think of the PK trade. Interviewee says “what do you want me think of the trade?”. MB hires him and shows him to the foxhole.

    • Saintpatrick33 says:

      Didn’t they fire their analytics guy though? How can they be bolstering the department if the one analytics guy was canned. Can’t really trust anything this management says anymore.

  2. FuzE_gus says:

    I’m not one to jump all over a trade before seeing how it plays out and there is certainly huge merit having a player like Shea Weber on your team. However, I’m still on the fence and not settled on the idea of losing PK. If the goal is to win a cup soon and pace this team with the age of their core there will be only one way to truly rate this trade. Wait up to 3 years and see where these two teams stand.

    1. Shea Weber is NOT over the hill and will be a huge contributor on this team now. He is older than PK, yes, but with all of his achievements he hasn’t won a Cup. I assume he still has a burning desire to win one so hopefully he continues to play at his high level and his proven, focused leadership and desire to finally win it all will elevate the Habs.

    2, Building through the draft is the BEST way to build a high calibre team. Subban was was drafted and developed through the Habs system into a bona fide all-star. He’s young and just reaching his peak with many miles ahead of him. The one knock against him was that his personality may have become bigger than the team. Without being in the room this is all speculation. But the idea of losing a true superstar that your team drafted is a tough pill to swallow.

    I think the determining factor in this trade is time. You could argue Weber has a bigger burning desire to win now because he is older and does know what it takes to win and wants to get it done before his window closes. PK gives you more runway if the goal is to extend your window for winning the Cup. Of course he wants to win now too but being younger he has so much more time to grow and experience all he wants to. I guess time will tell…

    With Regards from FuzE_gus

    • Saintpatrick33 says:

      The whole idea about building through the draft is that you keep your picks and acquire more picks. For the last two drafts now we haven’t had a 2nd round pick. Good players are picked in the 2nd round ie. Subban.

      Bergevin saying he’s building though the draft and just using the picks he has is not necessarily building though the draft it just sounds good.

  3. on2ndthought says:

    PK is not the only one with new threads. HIO has got them, too!

  4. …but Knuckles said the Habs would never win with PK! So who’s right? The stay in the party line true fans who support the team no matter how ridiculous management is or the sad, angry fans who call it like it is but have no faith or hope because Habs history is just that, historical?

    Oh the choices, to be a real fan or a fake fan! To love the unlovable characters like Therrien or the fan favorite entertainer in PK? So many choices, so little time!

  5. HabsWin-nipeg says:

    I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t read any more PK articles. I keep waiting for something with balance – at least the attempt to provide some objectivity. Just yesterday, I saw an article that I thought from the title was going to explore both sides, but ended up as the same old MB bashing blah blah blah.

    I really liked PK, but he wasn’t perfect. He wasn’t a perfect person, a perfect teammate, a perfect fit for the system. The old adage “There’s two sides to every story” seems to be lost in this situation. Anyways, if anyone finds a balanced article please provide the link

  6. krob1000 says:

    Who was the last Stanley Cup Winner to not have a leader who plays, leads and acts like a total team guy? You know the type that HIO seems to hate, says the right things, acts a certain way, gives the cliché answers…which team has had a player like that lead them and win?

    I see the likes of
    Crosby, Toews, Kopitar,Chara,Lidstrom, doing a lot of winning….not seeing much Ovie on the board who I think is the comparable to PK….and even he is starting to come around and appears to have realized what he needed to do…hopefully for his sake it isn’t too late…because he has learned his lesson the hard way time after time….Ovie now is much diff’t then OVie of 6 or 8 years ago….what could have been had he been more of a team guy leading all those years?

    • Phil C says:

      Pittsburgh and Kessel?

      • krob1000 says:

        He was a leader there? No…he wasn’t…PK was teams highest paid player by a country mile, had a letter and sought the publicity and camera out at every opportunity …and he did not use that to continue to pound home the team first mentality as the guys like Crosby, Toews, Kopitar, Lidstrom, Niedermayer do….any of those guys could just as easily go out and try to promote themselves….they didn’t…they understood that being a leader on a team is about behaving in a certain way on the ice, off the ice, in between whistles,etc….they are leaders that lead by example and could easily toot their own horns…but wouldn’t ever even consider doing so.

        • Ozmodiar says:

          Did he have to be?

          The argument that PK was traded to make the Habs a better playoff team is a really weak argument considering he’s been, by far, the team’s best playoff performer over the last several seasons.

          • krob1000 says:

            If PK wanted to fly under the radar and just do his thing then he would have been fine and would still be there…he wanted to be the guy talking to the media, making the most money and drawing all of the attention….if he wants that? then he was to do and say the right things…Kessel NEVER wanted that…should not have had to be that guy…he never sought any attention ….PK wants the attention? then behave appropriately and in teams best interest…not your own…that simple.

        • CanadienBoy says:

          Krob u 100 % right

    • Ozmodiar says:

      Isn’t Max supposed to be that guy?

      It sounds like some people think it’s impossible to both keep their star player AND add toughness or leadership. I guess MB couldn’t find a way to get it done.

      Chicago’s lucky their GM didn’t do the same with Kane when he was hanging out at college campuses. Kane’s been the better playoff performer than the Hawks’ taciturn captain.

      • krob1000 says:

        Pk makes twice as much money, does 5 times more interviews and is the one always making headlines…kind of undermined the leadership opportunity for others ….. he should not have been promoting his own brand on team time, should not have been casting blame at other players or coaches,etc publicly….should not have been comparing himself with Michael Jordan., Kobe Bryant,etc… that is just not how things go in hockey…it is the ultimate team sport and one guy cannot do it…how many PK rushes has ever scored on?

        • Ozmodiar says:

          I see most arguments for trading him aren’t hockey related, or about performance on the ice.

          As i said, it’s a good thing for Chicago they didn’t make the same type of decision with Kane.

          Max does all the things “the right way”, then disappears on the ice when he’s needed.

          • krob1000 says:

            You can have 2 Max’s for the price of one PK…. no drama…no conflicts…nothing but about 70 goals if you had two for one PK price ….easy decision for me.

          • krob1000 says:

            If you do not think leadership, teammwork and individualism are “hockey related” then I truly do not even know where to start…

          • Ozmodiar says:

            Funny how your argument started with talking about Stanley Cups, and zeroes in on Max’s regular season scoring.

            BTW, where is this fictitious 2nd 35 goal scorer that they can sign for 4.5M?

            Edit: I think you missed this: “most arguments”. Please read more carefully. Thanks.

          • krob1000 says:

            Pk has only made it as far as Max so not sure what you mean here? what are you implying here?

          • Ozmodiar says:

            PK has been the better playoff performer.

          • krob1000 says:

            ? extremely marginally

          • Ozmodiar says:

            PK’s numbers go up in the playoffs.
            Max’s go down, by a lot.

            PK raises his game. The opposite happens to Max.

    • Forum Dog says:

      What about Pat Kane? Great leader? Duncan Keith? Both guys with immense skill and some rumoured character issues that a strong leader like Toews makes up for. Pacioretty’s disdain for Subban was evident on several occasions, which does not help repair a fractured room.

      Subban might be hard to take, but the guys that liked him were dealt away and he became a man-on-an-island. Regardless, Weber will come in and be the complete opposite, and may even show Pacioretty what it’s like to grow a set.

  7. The Scrivenator off to the NHL. So what does that say about the quality of that league if he will be a starter? http://thehockeywriters.com/ben-scrivens-signs-in-khl/

  8. The_Rocket_Returns says:

    From Eric Engels over on Sportsnet:

    “A source told Sportsnet that Matt Pfeffer, who was hired as an analytics consultant at the beginning of the 2015-16 season, made an impassioned and elaborate presentation to management to dissuade them from following through on [the PK trade].

    Ignoring Pfeffer’s advice only served to reinforce the notion that Bergevin was following different criteria in his evaluation of both players, said the source, who also suggested Pfeffer’s vehemence on the matter might have ultimately cost him the job (he was told on Wednesday that his contract won’t be renewed). The Canadiens would not comment on why they aren’t renewing his contract, but they did say that they are looking into other analytics solutions.”

    Why are people still talking about PK? Because the trade’s dynamics are so relevant to our team. Disagree with the boss and hit the road. Looks like the Bell Centre’s upper levels are just a warren for Bergevin’s sycophants, yes men, shoe-polishers and water carriers. It’s not performance that matters; it’s getting in line.

    To you from failing hands we throw the torch so that it can be dropped, extinguished, carved into little pieces and sold at $180 a pop.

    … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

    • Ozmodiar says:

      I was just reading that.

      Lends credence to the theory that this wasn’t a hockey trade at all.

      Haha. Oh my, Berge, you don’t know what you’re doing, do you?

    • bwoar says:

      Could it be that analyzing these players based solely on analytics would be a mistake?

      Yes, absolutely – MB’s “different criteria” maybe just trumped the fancy stats. It doesn’t make either man wrong, actually.

      Might it also be possible that a contractor making an impassioned and elaborate presentation to management spoke somewhat out of turn?

      Again, absolutely that may be. I’ve seen it happen firsthand. You just cringe, watching this fool dig their own grave, after you warned them not to. But they just had to chime in, and cc’d one too many people on the meeting invite. Oops, see ya never.

      I think your sycophancy argument holds water too – don’t get me wrong – but there’s more than just that possibility here. Don’t forget, Geoff M was in on this too.

  9. HabinBurlington says:

    Appears Rangers have a crap GM as well as he signed J.T. Miller to a 2 year bridge deal.


  10. Bwoar and Shiram … The avatar does make me giggle and all of his numerous one liners that the TSN crew use as humor fillers like; “That’s second guessing!”, “I don’t like that question!” Banning the triple low five, “We stuck with this System because it works” and I can go on and on.

    Just hard to watch the unravelling of the core Bergevin received from the last disaster of a GM.

    • bwoar says:

      The one-liners are precious indeed.

      For all the hand-wringing over the recent moves, we still have one major problem, and it’s the coach. It’s disconcerting that no matter what, we’ll still have MT behind the bench this year.

      Muller can’t learn French fast enough for me.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Complete agreement in your concern over our present coach. Having said that, in light of the off season that Geoff Molson is presently enduring I find it impossible that discussions did not take place with regards to MT.

        Muller is brought in as an Assoc. Coach as opposed to Asst. This to me is the first sign that communication problems between Coaches and Players has been recognized by folks above MT.

        The changes to the room with the two trades also signifies giving MT another chance. But if the team still struggles I cannot possibly see wherein the next change doesn’t start with Head Coach.

        MT is financially secure, he won’t need to look for another coaching gig after this one (aside I don’t think any team in the NHL looks at him as a viable head coach either). In having Muller added, MT almost has no choice but to endorse moves which Muller sees as better for the team. The better Muller does the better it makes MT look.

        The one concern which is still weighing heavy on me is the relationship between GM and Coach. It just seems a bit to buddy/buddy for me. MB has to recognize he has one big bullet left in his chamber and that is a coaching change. After that he is the next one removed from the equation if results are not seen.

        The coach did a nice job in years 1 and 2, but to me the time to turf him was after the Tampa series two years ago. I saw a team that appeared to quit on him and it also appeared he quit on the team. After wins is games 4 and 5 it seemed MT pulled the reins back in and game 6 was ugly ugly MT hockey.

        MB made some personal changes going into last season and MT immediately cast them aside. Price went down and the sh!t show began.

        He has to be on his last leg, has to be.

        • shiram says:

          Great post.
          I feel the same about the precarious situation of the coaching staff and Bergevin.

          One thing to note though, most said Pierre Gauthier and Jacques Martin would not find work in the NHL after the Habs, and both won a Cup in the following years.
          Maybe Therrien could make a good assitant coach somewhere else…

        • bwoar says:

          That’s as good of a summary as I’ve read. The buddy system they have in place can just as easily sink them both at once. Having endorsed his coach and made moves that can only help him, I’m not sure MB’s even got that last bullet to shoot any more if things go sour by December.

  11. Paz says:

    Every year the game keeps getting faster and more skilled. That’s such an obvious fact, right?

    How important is it to have a number 1 dman who is extremely mobile, quick to the puck, quick to react, getting to loose pucks, transitioning out of harm’s way?

    Well, seems like the successful teams have exactly that. It’s not the Prongers, the Weber’s who are playing number 1 dman minutes on the team’s winning in the Playoffs is it?

    The Penguins have Letang.
    The Sharks have Burns who skates like a quick forward in a tall body.
    The Hawks have Keith.
    The Kings have Doughty
    The Lightning have Hedman who is known for his skating.

    And the list goes on and on.

    So who has as their number 1, shutdown dman, a big body who is tough to play against? A dman who is known for his physical play, not for his mobility, his quickness, his skating?

    Marc Bergevin has acquired an excellent number 2 dman. Weber is the perfect fit next to a number 1 dman who is mobile. Next to a Josi. Next to a Keith. Next to a Hedman.

    But as the number 1? Bergevin has just set the team back.

    And Weber is not getting faster any time soon. He already showed some real weakness in his skating during last year’s playoffs.

    The Canadiens do not get better on defence because Weber makes them tougher.
    The team has gotten worse on defence because there is no longer the number 1 dman who can carry the play with his feet, with his mobility.

    Moving out Subban has left a huge gaping whole to be filled on the top pairing.

    Teams that win in the Playoffs have a Subban style defender leading their back end, not a physical dman.

    • --Habs-- says:

      You name: Letang. Burns, Keith, Doughty, Hedman! As players what is the difference between all of them and PK?
      “Habs” Watch and learn….! Or Not!

    • joeybarrie says:

      The Canadiens absolutely get better on defense because Weber makes them tougher. We have never been able to clear the net and that has been one of our biggest faults in recent years. The intelligence and vision he brings will also help. They way he crunches you into the boards so consistently and easily is why he is successful at gaining control of the puck.
      Everyone has their downside. But Weber is an all around excellent player. He is consistently in the top ten in points, goals, time on ice, power play points, shooting percentage, hits and he is pretty close in shots blocked.
      Bringing leadership and experience to our team is not a bad thing either.
      Go Weber
      Go Habs Go

      • Ozmodiar says:

        Tougher does not necessarily equal better. If it did, the team would be better with Douglas Murray there instead of PK. You have to look at the whole package.

        I think you completely missed Paz’s point about the importance of mobility and puck movement in today’s NHL.

    • krob1000 says:

      PAz…you are acting as though PK is an elite skater speed wise…he is as strong on his edges as anyone in the NHL…but his straight away speed in recent years has become extremely average. I would bet if all of the HAbs blueliners lined up on a goal line and raced to the other end PK would have been middle of the pack and would be comparable to Weber….weber has the reach/strength to compensate in small areas and will not venture as far out of position as PK>..of course he will occasionally get beat…but so did PK…there is no loss in that regard. IF you could put PK’s skillset into Weber’s body and proper playing mindset you would have the greatest Dman ever to live…but instead you have PK, phenomenal skillset to be appreciated…but let’s be honest he has his faults….Weber, phenomenal but different skillset…he too has his faults relative to the perfect player like PK>..but each is an elite defender and they are just different…personally I think it is a better fit given they are not going to change other things..

      don’t get me started on the other thiungs because I was on them for the last year and a half…..and told I was a negative Nellie,etc…if I have to accept those certain things and it appears I do….then this move makes complete sense and is no net loss…it is a wash and a change in philosophy …and I get it. I love PK….but he was ticking me off the last year beyond belief (also one of the few reasons to get out of my seat in a good way)…but the coach and team player in me wee frustrated with PK and the more he talked and the more publicity he sought the more it annoyed me…call me old school, or old boys club or whatever but I had a strong feeling PK would be moved because it had gotten to the point where I believed it was the right thing to do….sad it came to that and hard to believe after years of me defending him and all the money I spend on his memorabilia,etc…but it had to be done at this point….never should have got to this point…but it did…so it had to be done.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        Agreed. The writing was on the wall last year on numerous occasions. Making comments to the media about his job not to score goals was a huge sign. He is the highest paid player and was sitting on the PP for almost 2 minutes every time. It says a lot when your PP is still that bad.
        I wish him well but the team needed to get tougher and they have.

      • boing007 says:

        If that’s the case, then MB should have arranged a speed test between SW and PK to decide who was speedier on the ice before pulling the trigger on a trade.

        Richard R

    • bwoar says:

      I get what you’re saying, but I do think the PP is significantly improved. Playoffs, that won’t help as much, I’ll admit. However I’m gonna take your point with a grain of salt.

      All those teams you named, they also have:

      – High quality leadership
      – solid coaching
      – serious strength at C

      I’ve been reading that somehow Roman Josi was the #1 in NSH and Weber the #2, well, that’s about as ideal as it gets from your point here. They had a great D but never did make a lot of noise in the playoffs. The mobile #1 D may be a piece, but not always the most important.

      The Penguins are a great example of that. Letang played just fine in the playoffs, but having Crosby & Malkin & the RBK line killing it, plus a young ‘tender playing out of his shoes at times – that’s how they won the Cup this time around.

      It wasn’t having a flashy, high-speed, sweet-skating #1D by itself, certainly. I think the org may just be praying for Sergachyov for that role, strange as it may seem. We’ve got a mobile guy in Beaulieu but he’ll be lucky to peak at a #3 D the way he’s going & I’m not sure he’s well-liked in the foxhole.

      Whatever the case, it’s a little moot with the same coach & the same lineup at C.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        Letang was good in the playoffs. Totally agree on the PP as well. Weber’s shot is money and a lot more accurate than PK’s. Pk has a ton of talent but I do think there was a disconnect between his ears sometimes as everyone knew he was going to shoot with that absurd wind up.

        PK was also terrible in the playoffs the previous year. He was outplayed physically and offensively by Karrlson and Headmen in the next series. Both players are paid significantly less than PK.
        PK to me was at his best in the Boston series a couple years ago. He hasn’t shown that same type of play since

        I am really curious to see how PK does in Nashville. I wish him well but I think Weber will excel in the East. The star forwards are really going to dread playing Montreal now. Weber is feared. I don’t think a single team dreaded playing Montreal in recent years or standing in front of the net…..they will now

        • bwoar says:

          You’re last sentence… I’ve been dreaming about being one of those teams since forever. I don’t care if the entire league is getting smurfy, when the games count we’ll need that edge to condense the nonsense.

    • The_Rocket_Returns says:

      Shea Weber is Al Iafrate with less character.

      But, you know, that jaw line! That glare!

      Look the part, be the part, I guess.

      … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

    • on2ndthought says:

      Please. Shea Weber is an elite defenseman. He skates well, and he is very quick, controls a huge chunk of ice. Think of a more mobile Chara, 9 years ago.

    • Phil C says:

      Excellent post. What’s scary is PK still has upside and can be even better.

      What I hope is that it will an opportunity for a guy like Beaulieu or Barberio to step into the top pairing with Weber and replace some of that offense. Beaulieu is very good at retrieving loose pucks and has a great first step to separate himself from the forecheckers. Barberio has great passing skills and plays with his head up. Both will have to raise their defensive game to play against the best players every night, so that’s the uncertainty.

    • CanadienBoy says:

      Markov ,Beaulieu,Barbirio,Petry and that Segachav kid can all skate and pass pretty good , Markov as slow down but not is hockey EQ

  12. Scanning the opposition sites to see their view of the Canadians trades and if they are a threat, it:s clear that Therrien is perceived very poorly and the Habs are not a threat. Without Subban, the Booins are laughing at us. Very sad; http://www.stanleycupofchowder.com/2016/7/13/12130480/the-threat-index-the-atlantic-division-habs-leafs-sens-bolts-lightning-panthers-boston-bruins?_ga=1.59334632.439541676.1468324426

    • shiram says:

      Bruins should probably look to their own defense, before laughing at the Habs.

    • bwoar says:

      Since when does SCOC not laugh at us. We had a laughable season. We have a laughable coach, which is in fact what they are really laughing at. Refer to your avatar, and try to have a chuckle.

    • joeybarrie says:

      “Subban and Eller’s leave means the Habs are VERY worse off defensively.”
      This alone shows me the competence of SB nation and their writers. This is a professional writer? Maybe they submit their articles by text message or twitter…. But SB nation?
      I strive for a medium quality of writing when I click on articles. This wouldn’t pass grade 4 English class…

  13. Marcusman says:

    I for one am thrilled we got Weber. PK wore on his teammates…I won’t miss the way he turtled..dove…or ran his mouth. You could tell his teammates hated the PK pat on the head after wins…he’s a huge personality..must of been hard to live and work with day in..day out. It’s not like we shipped him out for picks…Weber is a monster…I guaranty you our Eastern rivals aren’t happy about the trade…we most certainly got tougher to play against..next season will bring way more W’s ..

    • HabsWin-nipeg says:

      Hey whoa! You can’t be spouting off stuff like this on this site.

    • CalgaryHab says:

      Carey Price’s lower body will determine the amount of wins next season. He’ll probably aggravate the injury in the 2nd game of the World Cup, play through the injury winning the gold medal game, and then side lined for 3-4 months. Not great for Therrriens CH..

  14. lakechamplain says:

    Isn’t it about time this website got a well-deserved name change? I checked; hockeyinsideout has 15 letters and thesubbanchannel would have 16. No one would really notice the extra letter because they would immediately start reading another breathless post on PK Subban.

    I know if Stu Cowan is out of town, perhaps for the British Open and/or the Olympics, that means no one at the Gazette could make this website name change, but maybe that means we can get another thread with over 5,000 posts!

  15. Ian Cobb says:


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    The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation Charity Raffle at the Baton Rouge will start at 2:30 sharp.
    Bring your charity gift early so we can display it. Wear your team colors and name tags to all events.

    We ask everyone to bring a charity gift to be raffled off for the Foundation, “HIO family, giving back to kids.”
    RaffleTickets will be sold to you there, 1 for $20 or 3 for $40. Everyone will go home with a great gift.

    Baton Rouge pre-game dinner. The staff will start taking our dinner orders about 4:pm.

    Then we will head across the street to the Bell Center, to watch this years new look Canadiens clip Detroit’s wings.

    After the game we are off to Hurley” Irish Pub on Crecent St. upstairs 2nd floor.
    This being our last event. We will celebrate the win and say our good-by’s to our wonderful Hockey Inside Out Family.

    Send your (money orders only) to me at, 63 Village Dr. Belleville Ontario. K8P 4K2,

    With a self addressed Stamped envelope so that I can return your tickets. Send to me asap, before game tickets go on sale at regular price to the general public. USA return mail needs a USA stamp.

    Price is $113. You can have as many as you need, but hurry before we are cut off and they are sold to the general public at regular price..

    Looking forward to a great weekend and spending time with all of you again..Ian

  16. punkster says:

    Part 2 – apologize if someone else has linked this


    Say bye-bye MT & MB

  17. AndyF says:

    I just finished listening to the SportsNet interview with PK. Honestly, before I heard it I thought the interview would be a trainwreck.

    But PK comes off very very classy and his praise of Markov’s leadership came across almost like an apology. Not quite, but close.

    Do you think PK’s made himself a list of take-away lessons for Nashville?

  18. --Habs-- says:

    Ok are we all done with the tears now and maybe pull up our knick-ers! Its like you are all 5 years old and lost your pet rock! We didn’t loose Bobby Orr! We didn’t loose Larry Robinson, Guy Lapointe or Serge Savard at 27 years old. Ya ya we lost a fun guy with a colorful personality ok I agree! But frankly PK was over rated as a dman. NOT that he wasn’t good but not quite as good as everyone thought. I do think his personality overshadowed and camouflaged his lack of being a top shelf Dman at a top shelf salary. Hell even Edmonton didn’t pull off the trade for Hall / PK and saw through it! What does that tell you? And ya even Edmonton as dumb a move as I’ve ever seen with Hall may win a cup before the Habs or Nashville!

    “Habs” Watch and learn….! Or Not!

    • Knickers? Pet Rock? What year is this? 😆

      Father & Son
      Stu Cowan is my sports journalist hero!
      “True patriot love in all thy sons Command”
      I’m the only one who hates the Radulov Signing.

    • punkster says:

      Well we haven’t had an Orr or a Robinson, Lapointe or Savard since forever.

      But PK came the closest to these talent wise that we’ve had since those dusty, old, long ago, oft lamented days.

      It’s 2016…the 70s and 80s live on in classic rock radio and VHS highlight reels but will never return to the ice.

      Say bye-bye MT & MB

      • Luke says:

        We’ve had a Robinson, Lapointe or Savard for the past 15 years.
        His name is Andrei. He wears #79.

        And based on him missing only 4 total games the past three years, he should hit #1,000 late this season. I hope he stays healthy and gets that mark.

        • Ingy27 says:

          HAHAHA your funny….hes not that good

          • Luke says:

            Yes. Yes he is (or was). He really was that good.
            He is one of the best defensemen to ever play for the Habs. .

            Too bad he was saddled with babysitting guys like Komisarek, Streit and Souray for so much of it, instead of a Robinson and Savard or LaPointe.
            Too bad he was passing the puck to Plekanec, Kovalev, Kostitsyn, Gionta, Gomez and Cammalleri instead of Shutt, Lemaire, Mahovalich and Lafleur…

            Too bad PK came along so late in his career. Both in their prime, they could have been a magic pairing.

            Markov is one of the best. On a different team, he might have been a Hall of Famer.

          • Dust says:

            he is closer than PK id say

        • chilli says:

          And Markov gets you a 4th round, maybe a 5th rounder in a trade in todays marlet.

        • The_Rocket_Returns says:

          I like Markov a lot. The Canadiens should retire his number.

          But he is simply not near any of those guys. He’s a nice, consistent #2 defenseman who chips in on offense and for the last several years has relied on his partner to compensate for his slowness.

          … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

  19. Cal says:

    When I saw the “new” thread” as the page loaded, I almost spewed my coffee.
    As fans, there is only one option: either keep supporting the team by watching them on tv and going to the games and buying the swag or do the unthinkable. Not give a sh** and tune the Habs out.
    There are teams out there that will play exciting hockey like Dallas, TBay, Washington, the Pens, SJ and Chicago, so there’s lots to choose from. (You notice these team don’t throw away their stars for yesterday’s Dman.)
    I’ve been a fan of the Habs for 50 years. It’s hard to support this management group that believes in “throw the puck away” hockey. It’s hard to support a bleeping stupid head coach that kept throwing PK under the bus. So, bleep this team until changes are made, sweeping out the Two Clowns.
    There. Now you can reply with your “good riddance” posts.

    • habswarrior says:

      You are NOT a Habs fan Cal. You do not show any support for the team or it’s players. You say you have been a Habs fan for 50 years, well I find that hard to believe. If you have followed the team for that long then you must remember Larry Robinson quite well. He was 6’4″ 235 lb beast on defense. Well respected by his teammates and foe’s. Well Weber is the same size, skills, leadership and mutual respect that Robinson had.
      Subban was a good hockey player, not great but good. Weber is an elite player. Other teams would take runs at Price because they knew they could. PK would yap and cry but would never stand up to anyone to support his teammates. The running of players will stop now because every NHL player knows they will have to answer to Mr Weber. I thank MB for the trade. Montreal has a far better defense now than what they had at the end of the last year.

  20. TMan1969 says:

    Nashville will not be able to afford Josi, Jones, PK once their contracts come up…PK loves Montreal and by then his game will have grown…I think its a double gamble by MB (whether he is here to gain from it or not). When PK was playing there were plenty of posts (and media talking heads) harping on his game, how he was selfish and that his ego is too big blah blah…now that he is traded he is Chelios or Roy?? I loved his game and cringed when things went south but he always owned his mistakes and he always tried to make a difference…but in hockey it only takes one mistake, one bad penalty or giveaway to hurt the team (and he couldn’t always score after leaving the penalty box)…so the exchange was for someone who won’t take all the risks and fairly equal to PK (I’ll miss PK’s one armed skate around players…)

    PK will be back and like the Six Million Dollar man…he will be better, stronger, faster…

    Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.

    Henry David Thoreau

    • Dust says:

      Hey man, slight correction. Jones is gone to Columbus now.
      On D nashville has some time til salary becomes an issue. for the next 3 years their top 4 of Subban, Josi, Ekholm, and Ellis are under contract. Where they will get in trouble is at the expansion draft they will have to leave one of those four unprotected and will most likely get taken by Las Vegas

    • Just an FYI

      Josi is signed for four more years at incredible 4 mil/yr.

      Seth Jones plays for Columbus.

      Just killing time 🙂

      Father & Son
      Stu Cowan is my sports journalist hero!
      “True patriot love in all thy sons Command”
      I’m the only one who hates the Radulov Signing.

  21. Mavid says:


    Thanks everyone..we picked out a pretty urn for his ashes it will be ready for pickup next week..hopefully that will help us heal and move on

    º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

    Weed Wacker -and now Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

  22. MissedTheFirst24 says:

    Hello fellow Habs fans. I rarely post anything on this site but having read the comments since The Trade, I feel the need to share something.

    I am only 19 years old and so, unfortunately, i have never had the opportunity to see the Habs win the cup. Every year, growing up in Montreal, my Dad would optimistically tell me that this was the year! I would be permitted to miss class to see the parade to celebrate with the rest of the city.

    My dad emigrated from Denmark to Montreal in the 70’s, knowing nothing about hockey, and after a few years, genuinely believed that the Stanley cup parade was an annual celebration. He has told me many times (too many) that the passion that Montreal has for hockey is something that differentiates it from any other city in the world. It was the reason he fell in love with Montreal.

    So every year I would get excited. My earliest memories are of players like Markov, Koivu, and my all-time personal favorite, Kovalev. As I grew older, I grew disillusioned with the mediocre performance of “Les Canadiens”. Nothing seemed to change, and by the end of the Gainey era, I had almost lost hope. Until, of course, Jaroslav Halak decided to put the team on his back. I was lucky enough to see his historic performance in game 6 versus the capitals. This rekindled my love for the habs, and ever since, I have been as optimistic as my dad during the grueling off seasons.

    Subban became my favorite player as soon as he emerged during those 2010 playoffs. He brought me to my feet and gave me a sense of excitement that I hadn’t felt since the 1/3 games that Kovalev decided to wake up and start playing hockey. Bergevin’s trade hurt me in a way that I had never thought possible. Its only hockey after all…

    That’s where I’m wrong. It’s not just Hockey. It’s the Habs. It’s the hopes of the whole city. It’s the hopes of fans around the world that support this team. It’s the hope of a teenager who is growing impatient and wants to go see the parade with his dad.

    Whatever happens, from a cup drought of 100 years to a decade long dynasty centered on DD (Try to avoid a heart attack Timo), I will love the Habs. Despite the trade, we still have a really good team with a talented core. This team is a lot more promising than the days of Dandenault and Begin, Zednik and Brisebois. Screw the trade, screw Bergevin, screw DD, and find something worse to do to MT. Even then, even with that group of incompetent plebs, we still have a great team. A team to be optimistic about.

    • Cal says:

      Don’t worry, Missed. The way the team is being run, the Habs will never succeed. Oh, they will suckceed, but that’s altogether different. (You can’t win Cups when your genius GM trades away generational talent for a stay at home pylon.)

    • on2ndthought says:

      Great post MTF24. Some of us, like you and I, are optimistic, sunshine and rainbows types. The next shift, the next player is going to get us to the grail.

      Cal, DDO, IceG; they used to be like us, but the heartbreak was too much. Now they spend their time in malodorous invective, in feigned indifference.

      Don’t worry, they’ll be the ones trying to elbow their way in front of us at the parade.

  23. rhino514 says:

    I think the reason keep talking about this is because as more comes out we are still completely at a loss for why this trade took place.
    When Chelios left it was because he was a party animal, when Roy left it was because he openly dissed the organization. Management was between a rock and a hard place in both cases.
    But with P.K, he has not oONCE, in six years failed to laud and praise the organization in his comments.
    We are left once again with MB´s “there are things you don´t know” and P.K.´s “I never envisioned myself playing for another team”.
    What is it that we don´t know?? We are left only with the fact P.K is an extrovert who likes to wear fancy suits and brand himself, but who leaves it all on the ice, no lack of work ethic, no lack of respect for management or teamates.
    I just hope that someday we as fans know what went on, and that it is far more than simply what we know so far about P.K. because if it does not amount to more, than, yes, the habs as an organization are still a very old school outfit that simply believes in toe the company line and shut up or else. I really hope something big does come out one day, so we can see that MB was also between a rock and a hard place and got the best asset he could given the situation.
    I´m open to this possibility, the way P.K negociated during his hold out and prior to his arbitration hearing forcing the habs to overpay are the only things that give me a glimmer that there is something else there. But even that, if it is not part of a larger scheme of conduct, that he was simply looking out for the interests of his short career as an athlete while leaving it all on the ice as he did, it´s not enough.
    I hope that someday we have closure on this subject.

    • docketrocket says:

      He missed the team Christmas party.

    • on2ndthought says:

      Neither Webers nor Subbans grow on trees. Bergevin decided a player like Weber was more valuable to the team for the next 6 years than a player like Subban.

      So looking at the players, you’d have to conclude MB was looking for:
      Toughness (including the ability to intimidate)
      PP goals
      Leadership (the quiet, serious type)
      Contract flexibility

      All these factors favour the trade, and since he made it, must have influenced Beregevin. It doesn’t have to be any kind of mystery.

  24. petemahovlichHOF says:

    If Subban had expended the same effort as a hockey player as a philantrophist then he would have won the Norris Trophy more than once and would have led Montreal to the playoffs last year. Instead he scored 2 powerplay goals last year despite playing almost 2 minutes of every man advantage. All I know Jean Beliveau, Bobby Orr, etc. contributed as much or more than Subban to charity and none of them ever wanted public credit for it. If I had donated money to a hospital I would have made sure they would have named it for my mother, or someone else not me. This selfish individual will not be missed once the regular season starts.

    • jacquesthemonkey says:

      He pledged to raise $10 million for the hospital. Some of that is his own money. The reason you make it public is to encourage others to donate as well. It is a common practice in fundraising and it has nothing to do with ego.

      Regarding his play, if you look at his stats it’s difficult to see how much better he could have done.

    • on2ndthought says:

      I never felt cheated by PK’s effort. I marveled at his preparation. So he spent time doing videos in a hospital instead of playing Call of Duty, like most 26 year olds. There are a few other good defensmen in the league, the Norris is a special trophy. PK could still win it again.

      As far as the naming is concerned, PK wanted to leave a legacy in this city, one that included Stanley Cups; so it was win-win. Not my style either, but I’m not as stylish as PK! I don’t consider a person working as hard for others as PK does selfish, and of course he will be missed. He is a rare talent.

  25. FenceSurfer says:


  26. chesterfield says:

    Ch is as fine as it ever has been. Why don’t people talk of CH ’90-’94 as a system? It is what Devils and Blackhawks did. Mediocre high end talent, supplemented with determined grit of third lines through fourth, and of course a goalie who makes it happen. Because it was was boring to watch, agreed

  27. jimmy shaker says:

    Just like the heart and soul of the team was traded away so many years ago and ultimately came back to Habville, P.K. will make a triumphant return just like Nilan did and M.T. will be long gone by then. Oh and Muller should be taking over for MT in November some time. Can’t wait for the Bergies presser, trying to put that fire out. Everyone knows Muller is more than capable in taking over this team.

    SHaker out!

  28. chesterfield says:

    Done! Let’s see if CH make playoffs. Do they go beyond eastern finals? I think yes. Screw Rangers and Capitols, who is an expert anyways?!

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