Ovie vs the flag kid: Not a scandal, folks

OK, not that Alexander Ovechkin needs my support, but here’s a little background on his pregame kicking of snow on the socks of the young Canadiens flag-bearer that’s got so many folks’ knickers in a twist.

Here’s the YouTube video of it (image at left is from the RDS feed).

When Washington emerges from their room across
the Bell Centre rink, every Capitals player turns a few quick warmup laps. Not Ovechkin. Not
last night, not for Game 3 Monday. Ovie sprints absolute full bore
across the ice to the Caps bench, hits the brakes and immediately takes
his seat at the end, beside where the Habs’ backup goalie sits.

Other players need the fast laps to get pumped. But Ovechkin does this. Game 3,
he came so hard that his stop nearly sliced the stray cable of the
cameraman kneeling on the ice to shoot the Habs coming onto the rink. He’ll do the same for Game 6, if there is one and if he’s not in the
starting six.

The good news is, this flag-waving
kid will live forever on YouTube. Too bad for him the snow from
Ovechkin’s skates melted on his socks, or he could have sold them for a
pile of dough on eBay.

But imagine if Ovie had slipped. They’d
still be taking the kid off the boards with a spatula.


  1. sidhu says:

    I agree 100%. 

  2. sillywalk says:

    Yeah, 41 home games this year and only the Caps managed to NEED to enter that door of the bench while spraying the kid and almost pulling the flag onto the Caps’ bench at the same time. Ovie knew exactly what he was doing.

  3. sprague cleghorn says:

    Sorry, when does the Leafs’ opening round series begin?  I haven’t seen any coverage yet.  I mean, really, people complain about Toronto getting so much media attention in this country, but, to be fair, they’ve had zero playoff coverage for years and years now.

  4. Keith says:

    Good one Frank! laff fans should never be allowed to reproduce. They probably don’t know how to do it anyway.

  5. PattyBoy31 says:

    Crosby had nothing to do with it

  6. cautiousoptimist says:

    Come on guys, this is some serious mountain-molehillery — he probably did it on purpose thinking the kid would love it, and he was probably right.  If Ovie had given the kid a toothless grin and a playful nudge with his glove afterwards, we’d all be talking about what a classy guy he is.  Was it potentially dangerous?  Maybe, in the same way that it’s dumb for dads to toss their kids up in the air and catch them — but there’s a big difference between doing something a little reckless to make the kid smile and being a jerk on purpose.

    Either way, that kid is now the coolest kid in his class, and he’s got a memory he’ll never forget.  He can thank the league’s best player for that.

       1. http://www.flickeringpictures.com – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
       2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

  7. Bob Barker says:

    Marleau? You mean Johnny No-show in the playoffs. He’s big and talented but he obviously doesn’t play well when the pressure is on. 

  8. Caballero says:

    The kid should have impaled him right on the flag.

  9. Storm Man says:

    Like who? This team has no one that could whip him and OV knows it. If he does this in Boston number 17 will make OV his ….. you know the rest

  10. oshawahabsfan says:

    Well we don’t need a goon for one thing. Considering what that guy did in University hockey, it’s embarassing that Hamilton signed this two bit thug. Absolutely useless hockey player

  11. yves_on_habs says:

    Really, I think Ovie’s got all the talent in the world…

    But it was reckless. All it would have taken is one speck of fabric from one of those flags.. or a gum wrapper….etc.

    Alex would have crippled that kid (and himself I suppose) in the process.

    I think it would have been funny if the kid would have draped the Habs flag on him or something for retaliation. 

    Yeah Alex, you’re a big star. But you’re still a human being like the rest of us.

    – Yves –

    Blog – http://yvesonhabs.com

    Twitter – http://twitter.com/yves_on_habs

  12. PattyBoy31 says:

    Does it really matter what he usually does? Just because its Ovechkin and he’s all intense and mighty, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to respect the fans and CHILDREN at the opposing teams arena. Any other player in the league (besides maybe avery) would have gone to the other door or directed his snow to the LEFT of the door.


  13. zozotheclown says:

    Theres something to be said for getting in the zone, I realise each player has their own routine, and some need to follow it perfectly to feel comfortable performing at the highest level. But the thing is alot of athletes need to consider why they get to be in the zone, why they get to follow any routine they want and make millions doing it. Its for the fans, sports are a form of entertainment, they only get to play for money because people want to watch it. That said, I think as entertainers they need to do a little more then just perform on the ice (and I realise they all do), which is why I’m not a fan of players who don’t sign autographs in general or in this case do something like this, because is it really that hard to skate slightly diagonally instead, and snow the boards right next to the kid?

    Anyway I don’t feel bad for the kid, he probably loved it lol, but it still looks bad, even though no harm was done.   

  14. Storm Man says:


  15. Big Ted says:

    You can say all you want about how he does the skate every game, but even then, it doesn’t take much to stop three more inches to the left and not spray the kid. There is no doubt in my mind that Ovechkin saw that as an opportunity to get away with angering the fans a bit. After all, we’ve seen how he waves and jumps after his goals, we’ve seen how he tried to make a controversy out of Halak’s wavering hand. If the guy had any respect, he wouldn’t have done that to an 8-year-old kid. Imagine if someone had accidentally left an American flag at center ice so that when the other kid went to light the flame before the game, it had gone up in flames. You don’t think Americans and Boudreau and the caps would be upset? We could say, oh sorry, we light the center ice before every home game in the playoffs, I guess it’s a shame your American flag was there… Ovechkin knew perfectly well what he was doing, and as someone else pointed out, that doesn’t explain why he squirted water at the kid too. As I said before, he is a good hockey player but he is classless and unsportsmanlike. I hope someone from the Habs actually saw this and challenges him on it next game.

  16. Bob Barker says:

    It’s too bad Price didn’t hit Backstrom harder, like Clarke on Kharlamov hard. Price gets suspended maybe but they lose a huge part of their offence and coming back from 3-1 seems less daunting. 

  17. Instant Karma says:

    He looks like a crazy MFer .. that would be great on the habs

  18. Storm Man says:

    Join the club

  19. Storm Man says:

    He is the one that does the lineups how much icetime one gets and the game plan, Cammy was 3 for 5 on faceoffs lastnight you would think JM would have kept him taking faceoffs, Im not just pointing the finger at JM alone dont even get me started on Hammersuck, The Molson bros need to clean house over the summer PB PG and JM need to go and get some new fresh hockey people running the team.

  20. Le Jadester says:

    Ya, hard days ahead if we have to talk about this.  I hope JM really gets put on the hot seat this summer cause it seems like all his bone head moves and coaching philosophies really kept this team from realizing its potential. I believe we underachieved under his leadership.  I would bet that we would overachieve with Boucher if a miracle was to happen and he was named the coach next year.

    Anyways if you think Ovie was bad , check out what Stevei Gerrard does to a little kid wearing a Chelsea Jersey.  Too Funny !


    Habs, OLE !

  21. ColRouléBleu says:

    Perhaps someone forgot to tell Ovechkin that there are doors at both ends of the bench.

  22. ColRouléBleu says:

    “But imagine if Ovie had slipped. They’d still be taking the kid off the boards with a spatula.”

    So this is like hits to the heads no injury so all is cool?  Sure the kid is probably a hero in school today but what Ovechkin did is still careless, classless, dangerous and stupid.  He can make a show after every goal if he wants to or even have at it with adults spectators during a game if he wants to but , you know, messing around with kids is something else.

  23. Barts says:

    I was at the game on Monday night, and the kid on that side appeared to wave the flag in Ovechkin’s face as he attempted to get on the bench, so this may have been a reaction to that…

  24. HabFanSince72 says:

    Off topic, but if we need a goon for next year this joker from the Bulldogs isn’t the answer:



  25. PeterStone says:

    Maybe put the kid on D….couldn’t be any worse.


    Perhaps the organization should just focus on putting a better product on the ice?


  26. Storm Man says:

    JM Dinosaur I think as a man you should stand up and do the right thing and step down in the summer. I for one think todays game has passed you by, You will still have a job with the team for the next 3 years but not as coach or GM thanks for your time this year all the best to you.

  27. nunacanadien says:

    Hey, we all know Pierre Gauthier and Bob Gainey can do way worse, we’ve seen it time and again, what get rid of Plekanec so Gauthier can scout a small forward thats smaller than Gomez or Gionta?

  28. nunacanadien says:

    Hey, we all know Pierre Gauthier and Bob Gainey can do way worse, we’ve seen it time and again, what get rid of Plekanec so Gauthier can scout a small forward thats smaller than Gomez or Gionta?

  29. nunacanadien says:

    I thought it was Scott Gomez, or in fact it could be any of the Habs in fact, with exception of a few, considering 6 feet tall in the NHL is small now a days, no wonder the west usually wins the stanley cause the playoffs have become the classic struggle between brute might and talent.  The exception would be well very few in fact.  Of course this doesn’t stop Gainey’s scientific experiment to see if he can win with might mites.

  30. SLONCOLD says:

    ovi was being playfull with the kid. you guys would complain if he skated by without saying hello to him as well. i’m sure the kid was like” omg ovi skated right by me !!!!”. not what an a*s*s…

  31. HabFanSince72 says:

    Marleau has no goals and one assist in 4 games so far. Last year: 3 points in 6 games

    He makes Thornton look like Mr Playoffs.


  32. 123456 says:

    good one. i’m a big gionta fan bc he’s from my hometown.

    secret mod

  33. SportsDude says:

    Why no mention of RDS reporting that Ovi also sprayed water on the kid from the bench… or is that part of his pre-game warmup as well? If a Habs player did that to a kid in another city we’d be ripping him as well this morning.

  34. Frank2468 says:

    Classy reply, kind of expected from a Laffs fan.  Say what you want jaw back and forth that’s OK but when it comes to kids all bets are off jerk.  Your response is the kind of thing that happened to my daughter when she was wearing her Habs jersey.  My kid was waiting to get on the ice to skate and she was just talking about hockey and happy to be wearing her new jersey when some stupid ignorant Laffs fan turns to her and says well guess we can’t be friends then because I’m a Laffs fan.  My kid just looked at him and me and I said in return was don’t worry honey you wouldn’t want him as a friend anyway, he’s a Leafs fan and they haven’t won a cup since daddy was your age, their just jealous. 

    I don’t understand why people have to be mean to kids I don’t get it.  Kids have told me they are Laffs fans when I was wearing my Habs jersey and all I ever said the kids is.  That’s OK your a Laffs fan and I’m Habs fan.  I hope your team does well.  By the way I never use the term Laffs with kids I use the proper term Leafs.  So mickygrabovskiiiiilz guess your response here is the kind of thing you would say to a kid.  My advice to you my friend is not reproduce your gene pool has been found lacking.

  35. SLONCOLD says:

    is JM creating turn overs? he’s doing the best he can with the lineup he has. lots of people talk about adding this or that person into the lineup but we’re talking about 3rd and 4th liners being scratched or played, not exactly deal breakers…

    although i have to say mab and his icetime is a bit strange

  36. Chuck says:

    He certainly cringed.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  37. Olay Olay Olay says:

    Ha ha, I can only imagine how big the kids eyes were when he say Ovy coming at him 100 mph.

  38. Olay Olay Olay says:

    Ovechkin may be a lot of things but a boor is definitely not one of them. I would put Crosby in the superstar boor category.

  39. Caballero says:

    I wonder if the new players had a hard time adjusting to the pressure of playing in our building during the playoffs?

  40. Olay Olay Olay says:

    LOL. Little G is awesome.

  41. punkster says:

    Ah the children on here Ian, the children. Let’s just focus on the hockey.

  42. Dave Stubbs says:

    And if he played in Montreal, he’d be eccentric, intense, and one hell of a talent.

    Don’t worry about it. The kid survived and he’s a legend in school today. He’ll be telling his grandkids about this.

    Dave Stubbs
    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
    • On Twitter: twitter.com/habsinsideout1

  43. smiler2729 says:

    Ovenchicken is a classless boor, no matter. And OV is a bad beer.

  44. jimmy shaker says:

    That was a good site, thanks! 

    And if I added up all those players salaries that we are on the hook for next year (not sure if all the guys that are in Hamilton count or not, but I added everyone who has money owing to them next year looking off this list).  Basically we have 9.05 mill left aside after all the boys under contract are paid, we pay laraque his 1.5 mill (or does he only get half)?  We have 9 roster spots still available.  7 forwards and 2 goalies to share 9 or 10 mill.  Our D is all tied up and it doesn’t look good.  Markov, O’Byrne, GIll, Gorges, Hammer and Spacek.  All signed and locked for next year….OUCH, not a good start for next season in my books.  So can PG spread out 10 mill over 9 players?  Don’t think so.  After he signs Pleks, and a goalie that number goes down to about 3 mill left over for 7 roster spots.  Man we are in trouble next year, unless we get 5 rookies that all come up here and have unbelievable seasons.  Man now, I’m even more pissed!  Thanks Laramy!


  45. CoachJoe says:

    Not a bad name to toss out there..except I still don’t think money spent on Plekanec would be wise…but Moreau might fool people around here with the family name into thinking he is from chez nous

  46. DraftBeer says:

    You make too much sense. Why are you on this board?

  47. PeterStone says:

    I dont think he is tradeable .. i am going to guess he spends next season in Hamilton.  We need the cap space, and he uses too much of it for what he brings to the party.  At this point I would rant about who brought him here, but, I guess I will eventually have to let that go.  Maybe its time I do that now.

    We also need to make a move at C.  I think we have painted ourselves into a corner with our 2 tiny Centers .. I guess it could be worse, we could still have Grabovski on our team. 

  48. DraftBeer says:

    Little cheese with that whine?

  49. DraftBeer says:

    The kid should sell the socks on eBay.

  50. DraftBeer says:


  51. SLONCOLD says:

    as quick as naming a captain lol

  52. Ian Cobb says:

    Slower days are coming! is this our only news to gripe about?

    How about the way we play in Washington. I would have prefered to play all our games there instead of the Bell.

  53. jimmy shaker says:

    Frustrated is the word of the day!  THese guys have had a shot every single game, but Washington comes down the ice and score almost at will it seems.  Where are guys just haven’t been able to bury there chances.  Knowing that we’ve played well enough the last couple of games, arguably our best hockey of the season and it still isn’t enough is another source of frustration.  And the last cause of the frustration is that we are stuck in mediocreville, not bad enough to get high draft picks and not good enough to be a continual favorite year after year.  Since most teams are built through the draft nowadays, and we are usually picking in the middle of the pack, we haven’t been able to catch any big name kids in the draft.  I’m not sure what the answer is….. For the Price/Jaro angle, I want them both back……but if one is traded, I hope it’s done quick and not speculated in the media for days and days for me/us to all ponder.  I would let Poulliot go, if he’s not under contract and let PATCH have a shot at that line next year.  Hopefully this year in Hamilton has done the trick for him.


  54. Mr_MacDougall says:

    Ha, Marleau? I watch a lot of west hockey, and he doesn’t wow anybody.. and 6-7 million could be spent in a much better way.. hewll, we may be able to resign Plex and get Ethan Moreau (who I like a lot) for that price

  55. mickygrabovskiiiilz says:

    waving a disgusting flag like that, the kid was asking for it.

  56. Mr_MacDougall says:

    We wait one more year. Sad, but true..

  57. CoachJoe says:

    Why sign Plekanec?  I like the guy and he is a very crafty player…but we have a center in his role under contract in Gomez.  We do not need two “number 1 goalies” and we do not need two “number 1” centers unless they are different body types.

    IMO, Patrick Marleau has to be the #1 priority of this team in the off-season.  Woo him, clear spce for him (Hamrlik), and get him under contract.  Gomez and Marleau I can live with.

  58. craz11 says:

    Poor Brian Gionta. That’s him holding the flag right?

  59. Caballero says:

    Ask yourself if Crosby would have done that, how about the Great One, how about Lafleur or Jean Beliveau. I think he should have given the kid a little tap or something.

  60. topher5468 says:

    Shaker, how are we this Morning, Me, Im sooooo depressed. I really believed this team could win. I guess this team has zero margin for error and we make to many of them. Hamr must go, I want Price to be our Goalie, I think halak is good but I own 2 Price Jerseys and I cant afford to buy another one. I was down on Pouliot and most of the other Posters were against me, Mr Boone especiallly. I guess I was just real frustrated. I like Pouliot but I guess I was expecting him to be a goal scorer. I think he will get better.   

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  61. Say Ash says:

    All season long, I thought those were two of our players. Kids, eh? Go figure.

  62. craz11 says:

    That kid got hit with an Avalanche! And we’re not even playing Colorado!

  63. HabFanSince72 says:

    I think the bottom line, roughly speaking, is that after we sign Plekanec and one of the two goalies, and a coupe of cheap forwards (Moore, etc …) we will have very little left to work with.

    Count on more or less the same team next year with a few rookies thrown in.

  64. jimmy shaker says:

    Hammer was the “Monster” for the Caps 3 wins and the TSN turning point in for the habs in all 3 losses.  How can we get rid of this 5.5 mill waste of skin?

    2nd question:  the cap is going up by 900,000 next year, so what does that bring it to?

    3rd question:  can someone give me all the guys who are under contract for next year and their respective cap hit as well?

    I probably could do the digging on my own, but I’m going to pull a Hammer and let you guys do the work for me!


  65. Fansincebirth says:

    Everything is a scandal in Montreal :o)

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  66. Tis Himself says:

    Perhaps the organization should just focus on putting a better product on the ice?

  67. secretdragonfly says:

    Perhaps not a scandal, Dave but meanspirited and unnecessary all the same.  Kind of set the tone for the rest of the game, didn’t it?

  68. Dave Stubbs says:

    Ovechkin does this in every similarly configured NHL rink. He’s not going to change his routine because the Canadiens have a kid waving a flag. He’s so jacked in a darkened rink he probably doesn’t even know the kid is there.

    (However, Game 6, if there is one, perhaps the kid could shove his stick out and send Ovie flying 100 mph into the boards? Nah, just kidding.)

    Dave Stubbs
    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
    • On Twitter: twitter.com/habsinsideout1

  69. BJ says:

    Now I know how the other NHL teams felt vs the Habs great teams of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. We played with heart but talent ends up being #1 most times. I think the Habs #1 priority is finding a new home or pasture for Hamrlik. I liked what he brought to the team but this last month has shown he’s out of gas and at 5.5 million we’ll need some of those for Plekanec which should be resigned. Also we really are not tough and big enough. I wonder if Pittsburgh would consider Staal, Letang and Godard for Markov?

  70. Drive4twenty5 says:

    Low class, bullcrap if you tell me he didn’t see him.

    “Well, he’s a thoroughbred, and maybe your wife doesn’t recognize that, but then again, I can’t bake bread all that well. We all have different skills.” …Bob Gainey “Classic”

  71. Fansincebirth says:

    Now, that would be refreshing

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  72. JVF says:

    Mediocre season, mediocre playoffs, mediocre team. And it ain’t gonna get better just by wavin’ some magical wand.

  73. kakey says:

    The kid did not seem to mind, nor fazed of it at all. Imagine the thrill as a 7 year old having Ovechkin coming at full speed and brake right in front of you! He’ll be the coolest kid at school this morning.

    With the speed that he was going at, it’s either brake hard and avoid collision, or crash into the kid if he decided at the last second to not offend people and create another hockey scandal by spraying ice on the kid’s socks as soon as he saw the kid in his sight.

  74. HabFanSince72 says:

    I have no idea what happened to Hamrlik. Anyone have a clue?

    He really stepped up in the first half of the season when Markov was injured. But since the Olympics he has been absolutely dire. It can’t just be an injury, because the problem is his decision moaking more than anything.



  75. mrhabby says:

    he is 35/36..a long season, played well but now worn down. playing against a much faster and stronger team..seems to me he is exhausted not to mention a few other players looking ready for a nap…reality.

  76. HabsFanInTampa says:

    Age. He’s gotten old.

  77. nunacanadien says:

    Probably so jacked on some stimulants too according to the recent sports story about steroid use among the capitals, not to say Ovie is one of them, but he’s definitely juiced as they say.

  78. nunacanadien says:

    Probably so jacked on some stimulants too according to the recent sports story about steroid use among the capitals, not to say Ovie is one of them, but he’s definitely juiced as they say.

  79. wmarcello says:

    Well, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but for a guy that sees the ice like very few in the league, I find it hard to believe he can’t see a kid with a flag waving right there. I can understand not seeing a stray cable on the ice, but a waving flag that’s just as big as he is?

  80. C-Dawg says:

    I’d rather see the kid take a defensive stance with the flagpole next time and let the dumb, classless A-hole impale himself on it…all the talent in the world, but not an ounce of class or brains.

  81. DraftBeer says:

    Maybe put the kid on D….couldn’t be any worse.

  82. Chuck says:

    Ovie’s played in this arena before; he knows the routine. At the very least, show some respect for the kid and stay out of his spotlight… which makes the “darkened rink” excuse less than reasonable. I mean the kid is standing in the only light in the rink.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  83. DraftBeer says:

    Cry me a river Chuck. If the Habs had won, this wouldn’t even be a story.

  84. Chuck says:

    Win or not, it was still disrespectful to the kid.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  85. DraftBeer says:

    Yeah, I’m sure he feels disrespected telling all his friends the story today. Give your head a shake man.

  86. Chuck says:

    It’s considered disrespectful to snow the goalie during the game… so why would this be any different, regardless what the kid thinks?


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  87. DraftBeer says:

    To paraphrase…”He’s a bum!”

  88. Storm Man says:

    Why are we talking about what OV did in the pre-game, OV is the bully in the school yard and there is nothing that can be done about it, I for one would like to see someone show him some manners. Right now he owns the Habs

  89. jimmy shaker says:

    Here is our reality…..going forward next year our 6 D we have this year minus MAB are all signed.  Which is a very bad thing for us fans.  We have potentially 9 roster spots open, 7 spots at the forward position and 2 in the tenders.  With only around 12 mill to work with, we are to say the least in a boat load of trouble.  Figure pleks and a tender are going to eat up about 8 mill of that 12.  So that leaves 4 mill, actually 3 because you want to give yourself some wiggle room in case of injuries, call ups and trades.  So…..3 mill to be spread out over 7 guys is the way I see it!  SO goodbye, Metro (would’ve loved to keep you), goodbye Moore, Laps, Poulliot, MAB.  It’s going to be a long summer and an even longer season next year, with a lot of rookies up here.  Oh well, maybe a bottom of the standings finish might turn into a great/high draft pick that can be an impact player we’ve been waiting on for years now!


  90. wall2bay says:

    I can’t see them letting Pouliot go but bang on with the other stuff.  I believe Gorges is a RFA but the main problem is Hammer’s contract. 

    In a perfect world I would like to get rid of him (even for a bag of pucks).  Subban should be ready to go next year and should be a huge upgrade.

    Brian Burke = Overrated Loud Mouth POS

  91. wall2bay says:

    If only the kid speared him with the flag!  He could’ve been the 1st star of game……taking that A-hole outta the game!

    Brian Burke = Overrated Loud Mouth POS

  92. Bugs says:

    Kid shoulda taken out his Steyr Aug, flipped it to full automatic and kneecapped that Ovie bastich is what he shoulda done.

    As long as we’re gonna make a big deal outta this, you know?

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward: http://habsbros.blogspot.com/

  93. Keith says:


    I know no-class Ovie has his routine in every NHL arena, but what you failed to mention was the fact that after he did that to the kid, he was high-fiving his teammates on the bench afterwords (Big Ted who was at the game mentioned it in a post last night), so he knew exactly what he was doing. I don’t give two S**** if he likes Montreal, I would take Sydney Crosby (Maritimer) over Ovie any day. Ovie is an ugly, classless excuse for an athlete. He proved it in the Olympics and he’s proving it in this series.

  94. Shublips says:

    While I don’t think this is AT ALL a scandal, I also don’t think it is innocent as Dave is suggesting.  Saying it is innocent is like saying that when a player sprays ice in a goalie’s face after a whistle, is innocent.

    It is the same action and both a jerk moves.

    If this was innocent or a joke or anything along the lines of levity, wouldn’t it make sense of Ovie to smile and maybe tap the kid on the head or on his shin pad?

    Again, this is NOT the end of the world but it bothers me that some are suggesting it is nothing.  This is a kid, afterall, and you have to be careful with that stuff.  Who knows how he will feel?

    Habs Addict.com http://www.HabsAddict.com on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Habs-Addict/293450486615 on Twitter: http://twitter.com/HabsAddict on Hockeybuzz.com: http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blogger_archive.php?blogger_id=137

  95. jennifer1984 says:

    i don’t know if this was posted already but it’s on the Sympatico homepage even! At the top with a picture. And then it goes into an article from the cheap seats and mentions HIO!!


    how thrilling.
    anyway, if its something you do on a regular basis or not, watch out for the kid.
    He might have been scared sh*tless!

  96. sidhu says:

    In other words, we shouldn’t get upset that Ovy showered snow on a helpeless kid because it’s his routine to skate hard to the bench?

    Would you get upset if a player constantly showered snow on a goalie even though it’s his routine to always skate hard to the goalie?  Of course.  Now, replace the goalie with a poor kid who has nothing to do with the game and has no way of avoiding the snow or has any prior notice about what’s going to happen.

    Just because it’s a routine doesn’t make it right.


  97. Josh says:

    So Ovechkins pre-game ritual is to snow shower little kids in the face? Ovechkin is pathetic. He could have put on the brakes a few feet to the left.

  98. kakey says:

    Of all the times Ovechkin plays in the Bell Centre, there has always been the two flag waving kids besides the Habs’ gate. Out of all these times that he plays here, if he always does the same skating hard and brake to the bench routine, how come only this time that people started complaining? Out of all these times, has he spray on the kids, or has he respectfully avoided them and gently goes into the bench? If he did always spray, then means nobody cared in the past. If the latter is what occured mostly then should we give kudos to him for being a gentleman?


    This is just misdirected anger toward an opponent that we would LOVE to have.

  99. Drive_For_25 says:

    Ovechkin is a DOUCHEBAG!!!!  That’s just pathetic.  I don’t care what your ritual is stop the other way or stop a few feet away from the kid so you don’t snow him.  He did it on purpose the dirty rusky!!!  I don’t think I hate anyone in the world more than Ovechkin right now.  Not just because of this either, this just adds to it.  And as stupid as this sounds, I don’t think he’s even close to the best player in the league.  I’d take 10 others before him unless I’m picking a fantasy team.  Talk about a one dimensional player, he’s useless unless you let him get those shots off and he got two off on a bad change and a lucky bounce right to him, other than that he was invisible out there.  Josh Gorges must be the best defenceman in the league if he’s the best player in the league because Gorges didn’t let him get a shot off all night.  F U OV!!!! 

  100. The Cat says:

    I agree, I dont for one minute believe it was accidental.

  101. Rush says:

    If the Habs can force a Game 6, maybe they can bring BGL back, and have him hold the flag by the Caps’ bench.

    Of course, the question then becomes, would BGL drop the gloves in response to getting snowed…

  102. Corio says:

    What Ovechkin did was undoubtedly on purpose and simply put was rude and
    immature. He may be one of the best hockey players in the world but
    exposing his simpleton small town Russian upbringing for all to see =

  103. Malreg says:

    Hahahaha that would be awesome!  They don’t have to dress him and put him in the lineup, just make him one of the flag bearers.  Would be the funniest thing ever.

  104. sidhu says:

    This is definitely not a scandal, I mean, it’s not newsworthy like a “PG” looking like “76” on a water bottle

  105. wmarcello says:

    Regardless if it’s a cool story for the kid, it doesn’t make Ovi any less of a jerk if in fact it was intended. If Chara punched me in the face for no reason, that would make a pretty good story too. Wouldn’t justify the action though.

  106. wmarcello says:

    I would pay good money to see that. 😀

  107. Big Ted says:

    Some people might say we’re just whining about nothing, but truthfully, even if we had swept the Caps, I would still be upset about what Ovechkin did last night. It’s not like it was Joe Sakic or Steve Yzerman who snowed a kid, where’d you have to believe he didn’t intend it unless proven otherwise. This was the same ovechkin who has shown he loves being the center of media attention, who has shown no respect for opposing players with his flagrant hits the past couple of years, and who celebrates every goal by goading the fans at the bell center. If this had been paul kariya’s pre-game ritual, you better believe he would have stopped two feet to the left and avoided the kid. you’d better believe he wouldn’t have sprayed water at the kid. And you’d better believe he wouldn’t have high-fived his teammates after. The whole thing was quite sickening, and i am disappointed none of the habs were on the bench/ice yet to see it occur cause they would have bene thinking the same thing: that it was a deliberate attempt to snow our flag and disrespect our team and fans. if he didn’t mean to do it, why hasn’t he apologized for the gesture yet? Sorry Stubbs, but although the action itself was quite benign, the intent was not. It was a childish gesture from a childish hockey player, and the NHL should have more guts to step in and fine or suspend an act like that.

  108. Rush says:

    Not  sure that Stubbs et al. deserve the sarcasm, or the zinger –

    He and his HIO colleagues are busting their humps to provide us Hab fans w both information and a forum [no pun intended] which would not otherwise be avilable.

    The whole PK / water bottle bit clearly appears to have been done tongue-in-cheek, while, in the same breath, stoking discussion about bringing up PK at this late juncture.

    All of which to say, I’m most grateful to Stubbs & Co. for providing us w the opportunity to have a little fun while meaningfully following our team, and as such, humbly suggest that they deserve more of our respect, and less sarcasm… 

  109. Fansincebirth says:

    Well, without watching the video, I gave Ovie the benefit of the doubt. After watching the video three or four times, Ovie, YOU ARE A DOUCHBAG of the highest proportions.

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  110. Dave Stubbs says:

    Thanks for the support, Rush. But I learned long ago on this site that familiarity breeds contempt. I can tolerate the sarcasm for the good folks who are part of the HIO community.

    The water bottle item, for those who missed it, was done to illustrate a slow news day. I always suggest to people, if you don’t appreciate an item, just move to the next.

    Dave Stubbs
    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
    • On Twitter: twitter.com/habsinsideout1

  111. Big Ted says:

    Stubbs, I disagree with you on the Ovi snowplow issue. I clearly think he did this on purpose and should be disciplined for his juvenile behavior. But I agree that there’s no reason to personally attack you or other people on this site. Everyone has a right to their opinion and we all appreciate your keeping us up to speed on even the smallest details of habs life. That’s why fans is short for fanatics, cause we care about the small details too.

  112. Big Ted says:

    Well looks like Ovechkin just admitted he did the snow job on purpose. I guess he is now using the excuse that he thought the kid would enjoy it, but look at the kid’s reaction after it happens. He is inching his way back to the Habs bench. He must have been terrified Ovechkin might have hurt him. Then the caps come out with their press release that maybe the Canadiens should respect Ovechkin’s pre-game ritual and not put a kid near their bench. What about the Habs pre-game ritual of having the kids wave the flags. It’s our ice, if anyone should be adjusting, it should be up to Ovechkin to not threaten a child. I will re-iterate what i said before, especially now that Ovechkin has confirmed it was on purpose, that this is exactly what the NHl should be trying to get rid of. It has bene letting Ovechkin get away with too much for too long and this act, as benign as the consequences were, is what should be suspended.

  113. Chris B. says:

    Back in the days of Nilan, Kordic, Ferguson or Dickie Moore, there would have been a beat down of epic proportions for such a show of disrepect. Sadly, this bunch seems to have neither the punch nor the inclination to do anything.

  114. light_n_tasty says:

    The kid shoulda dropped the gloves,  “OK Ovy, let’s go”.  Unfortunately, some dumbass from the Capitols would have jumped in.

  115. KenD29 says:

    Or he could have yanked on his pant laces that always dangle to his knees!
    Then give him a shot to the mid section!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  116. COPOKA HA KOPOBE says:

    I guess if Habs had won last game kinda 5:0 this lame story would never appear.

    So pathetic. Not saying more.

    Some people around the Bell centre really need to get a life.


  117. KC64 says:

    Ovechkin is a lowlife waste of space. The NHL is such a joke having this caveman as its poster boy. Sidney Crosby would never have shown such disrespect. I guess Sid got the upbringing to go along with the talent, which is twice what Ovechkin’s is.

  118. Just A Guy says:

    Another kid in a habs jersey that will shy away from the boards from now on… curses!

  119. dudurules says:

    Ovechkin is a showboatn’ idiot.  Reminds me of Victor Drego’s wife. I wish someone would two hand him Mcsorly style.

  120. LeopardSeal says:

    If Ovi were your player, you would be defending him.  He was messing with the kid, both with the ice spray and the water bottle.  Ovi is a great guy in DC, great with fans, great with kids, very generous with his time and money, very kind and approachable.  But he is a proud Russian through and through, and that Canadian flag brings back bitter Olympic memories for him.

    As for me, its actually kind of fun to have Darth Vader on my team for once.

    Check out what they say about him in Pittsburgh:  http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/sports/s_673742.html

    For a Caps fan, the glass always appears half empty.

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