Opinion: Old rivals head in opposite directions

The Canadiens honoured their rivalry with the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday night, but Roy MacGregor of the Globe and Mail writes that the game was no contest.

He writes: Outstripping the rest of the league again this season, the Wings are headed for another 100-point year, which will mark the eighth consecutive season for such an accomplishment and, rather appropriately, will tie the record set by the Canadiens a generation ago.

The Canadiens, on the other hand, are simply one more Canadian NHL team seemingly in free fall these days. They had lost four of their five previous games before Tuesday night — and now five of their past six.

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  1. Mr.Hazard says:

    Ouch… What about our feelings?

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  2. Habs_008 says:

    Turned out just as I said, not enough shots, Det is just too good for us. We are not in the same league as them.

  3. habsgod says:

    there is and was no effort nast night!!we got beat and should’ve!!we were lucky price played as well as he did because it would’ve got ugly and fast!!!gainey needs to shake this team up and make adeal ,a major trade!not calling up guys from the farm!! this team needs a finisher ala kovalchuk and badly!!!gainey get off of your ass a make a deal to shake this team up they’re becoming pathetic!!!get ri of ryder!!it’s obivious he doesn’t wan ‘t to play or be here!!git rid of that sorry excuse smolinski!!too what a waste of money on this bum!!!buy him out already!!!

  4. Gilles Poisson says:

    I think it is time for coach Guy to dwell on the positive. We hung in there against a superieur team. We beat them in the hits so we are tough. Ryder had another shot. I’m not sure what his penalty differential was but I bet it was good. He is working his butt off out there. Coach Guy just has to give him a chance. Things are going good but maybe now is time for coach Guy to tinker with the lineup. Next game he will put in Tom “Le Bombe” and that will make a big difference for us. Maybe now Bob will start working too. He does not want Maxim here until he learns how to win the faceoff and hit and play smart defense like Smolinski. But there are many other great forwards. Maybe Siarhei K. can be as good like his brother. He was pick 200th and Andrei 5th. Timmins and Bob are a genius. But if they phone him up that means they have gave up on Grabs and I know one hockey analyst here who will be very sad and might have to find a new nickname. I cant wait for the game against the Bruins. I am guaranteeing the win. Bob is making a special cake for us and first you have to eat the dinner before you eat the cake. If the cake has a funny taste that is Bob’s special ingredient. Bon appetit. Thank you.

  5. habsguy says:

    habsgod…so what should Gainey do, dangle Ryder and Smolinski in a trade for kovalchuk or someone of his caliber…LOL, do you think it would be that easy. To get someone in that class it would take a couple of our best young players, one or two of our best prospects, and some high draft choices…….I personally don’t want to give up on our prospects just yet… I am in agreement that Carbo should set some lines together and keep them for a bit, just lastweek Lats was promoted to the #1 line, got (i think ) 3 goals, then was dropped to the 3rd line.

  6. Habs64 says:

    Grabovski to Hamilton, O’Byrne & Lapierre called up per RDS!!

  7. Gilles Poisson says:

    I think this is good that Bob wake up and is going back to the future like everyone know he should have in the first place. Also now we have 9 defense and like they say you can never have too many defense. Thank you.

  8. Gilles Poisson says:

    I forgot to mention that also we have the best goalie 1-2 in the ligue but everybody already know that. Thank you.

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