First blood!


A shutout for Carey “Jaro Halak” Price.

Two goals for Brian Gionta.

Two assists for Scott Gomez.

Brilliant game plan, executed to perfection.

GREAT start


  1. boris420 says:

    thats amazing

  2. Ian Cobb says:

    Worn out my new chair seat cover already! And having a ball!

    That Martin coach guy, can’t coach, he is useless!

    Get rid of Gainey and Gauthier.

    That Gomez guy is killing our team with his big contract and no goals.!

    Our smurfs are way to small!

    PK is all mouth!

    The Hab’s are so lucky all the time!

    Game 2 COMMING UP.!

    Hab’s only need 3 more!

  3. dre1744 says:

    Anyone else think Horton looks retarded with that helmet he wears for some reason?????

  4. savethepuck says:

    Very insulting to see the Carey “Jaro Halak” Price comment. Give your head a shake. As I’ve said all along we kept the better goalie, not the goalie who played better for a few months last season.

  5. Propwash says:

    Hopefully the Habs can stay out of their own zone for heart attack inducing lengths of times.

  6. Richrebellion says:

    First off this is why we traded for Gomez because when the games really matter the guy is on. He now has 61 pts in his last 62 playoff games. BOOM

    Now did PG/BG put a hell of a team together or what? Its only the first game of the series but they implemented the same style that saw them win last year. Better yet even though most of you didn’t think it was possible we got an even better goalie in nets this time around! Boone never compare Price and Halak again, after this season we can clearly tell that Price is consistently amazing where Halak cannot maintain that level of play. Price and Halak are on different levels, you wouldn’t compare Cammy to Ovechkin would you?

    Great game and a huge win, all the haters who predicted the habs would lose will be proven wrong.

  7. habs001 says:

    spacek and sopel had some hold your breath moments but they played well…this is the type of game that shows that we need to keep the wiz and with pk and markov some of our scoring problems would be solved..

  8. SOSOHABS says:

    Who got the three stars? Thanks!


  9. tony d says:

    Carey! Carey! Carey!>>>> some crap your pants moments but Carey
    came through. Nice for our cappy to pot 2. Bravo!

  10. habs001 says:

    gomez and gion showed why they won the cup…i remember i hated gion when he played the habs as he beat many of our bigger players many times…gomez woke up last 2 weeks of the season

  11. Gorges_the_great says:

    Simple as this: Bruins can’t keep up with the Canadiens in an actual hockey game. They can only win with the sandpaper but with the Habs powerplay they have to be careful. The words sandpaper and careful make for a bad combo.

  12. Dunboyne Mike says:

    For 1 1/2 periods I’m thinking, “Almost as good as Gio’s opening goal was that Richard-Head Marchand blowing an open net.”

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