One-on-one: Plekanec basks in the spotlight

Tomas Plekanec wears a turtleneck under his jersey, but he’s no slowpoke.

In today’s one-on-one, The Gazette’s Kevin Mio sits down with Canadiens forward Tomas Plekanec, who has settled into his role as Alex Kovalev’s centre and proven he is up to the task after a shaky start last season. The Czech forward exploded offensively during the second half of last season, finishing with 20 goals, and that has carried over into this season. Through 35 games, he has 11 goals and 16 assists.

In this week’s feature, he discusses topics such as why he wears a turtleneck under his equipment and how he has adjusted to playing with Kovalev.

Here’s a sample of his answers:

You spent three seasons in Hamilton, which is a long time for some players. Looking back, do you think that was a good thing for you in the long run?

"For sure. When you’re a young guy, you don’t
really like it down in the minors, but if you go about it and think it’s good for you, it’s going to help you for sure. It helped me a lot. When I look back, I think it’s a great thing for me to have played there."

Who was your idol growing up?

"It was Jaromir Jagr all the time because he is from the same city (Kladno, Czech Republic) and he was the closest star to look at."

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