One man’s view: Koivu for Jokinen

And Ken Campbell of The Hockey News explains why this trade would put the Canadiens over the top in their bid for a run at the Stanley Cup.


  1. Stephen York says:

    I’ll have to disagree with you here, REB.

    Streit is an integral part of the Habs power play; he’s our quarterback. He’s a big part of the reason we don’t miss Souray very much.

    If Ryder is back for real, do we really need another forward??

    I like the team the way it is (save for Smokes and Breeze-By)…and I think we can go all the way with this lineup.

  2. arcosenate says:

    I saw Macphee last summer in St. Peter’s, CB, we were at place called MacBouch for the best club sandwiches in the world. My sister’s son is 7, lives in Quebec City and is a HUGE Habs fan, should have got an autograph for him. He couldn’t believe that someone who played for the Habs would be having lunch in such a small place! Anyway, MacInnis was one of my favourites too, except for the year he won the Conn Smythe! Enjoy the game tonight, I can’t wait for to see the ceremony.

  3. Ed says:

    He was a good player too. MacInnis was fantastic, and our son’s favourite player when he played with Calgary.

  4. arcosenate says:

    i use it. because we find it funny. yes, he’s from port hood. mike macphee is from cape breton too.

  5. Ed says:

    Or you might be flogged.


  6. B says:

    Are you trying to tell us “if you don’t like it, don’t read it” or “if you don’t like it then don’t comment”? I actually read something first before deciding if I like it or not, so it is kind of difficult for me to not read articles I don’t like or disagree with. As for commenting, I don’t do that very often so I may not be up on the rules for it.

    It does not seem that HIO needs to “press nerves” in order to get readers and replies. I can see where some folks might see it as gratuitous trolling and don’t blame them for hoping this site is above that kind of easy stuff. Oh well, it’s not a big deal (certainly not hell breaking loose or anything like that).

  7. Ed says:

    OK, I accept your explanation. As for Cape Bretoners, I have never heard that line, and I sure would not use it. Cape Bretoners are generally very friendly, hard working people, who mostly have had to carve out a living under very difficult circumstances. Isn’t Al Macinnis from Cape Breton?

  8. Ed says:

    OK, you are a senator from the old Roman Empire. So what does that have to do with Ryder, and a Russell Sprout from Newfoundland? Is it supposed to be some kind of dig at Ryder and Newfoundlanders? You should clarify why you use them both in the same sentence.

  9. arcosenate says:

    I’m actually Roman…

    “I am glad that you are much more tolerant than some of us.”

    You shouldn’t call people vegetables…

  10. habsguy says:

    LOL…your welcome dave. I always enjoy your well thought out posts..keep up the good work…:-)

  11. Moey says:

    In all due respect 24, what is the title of this thread? There are other threads about BG’s retirement tonight.

  12. Dave Stubbs says:

    Folks, I don’t take any of this personally. If I did, I’d be typing these words in a room with padded walls. I know some of the things we post here touch nerves; that’s what being a Canadiens fan is all about. Our hope is only that readers here enjoy the variety of what’s being served up. Just push the brussels sprouts to the other side of the plate!

    And I’m in total agreement that we all enjoy this special night for Bob Gainey. There’ll be more games next week, and the week after that. The Canadiens tonight will honour a gentleman who for many years was – and to many, still is – the heart and soul of the organization. I hope fans at the Bell Centre tonight save the trouble of hoisting his banner to the roof, and instead bring the roof down to his banner.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  13. Josh says:

    Koivu isn’t going anywhere.

  14. nightmare_49 says:

    Nice post , the trouble with the Jokinen deal is that GM Martin needs established players in return as he has 7 players on the IR and must make the playoffs or he might be gone and prospects and picks won’t get him there. The Saku deal is rubbish.

  15. Moey says:

    You’re so eloquent Dave, that’s why you’re the professional and I’m just the frustrated poster that would have been flagged trying to convey the same message.

    The funny thing is, it was a sensible viewpoint for a speculation. I saw nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

  16. Ian Cobb says:

    Sorry Dave, I went off in error.

  17. Lafrich says:

    Hey Dave,

    Don’t let the few idiots even phase you for a second. This site is AWESOME! I don’t even bother checking the Gazette or TSN for articles anymore. Anything worthwhile will be pointed out here! I love reading your posts, all the links and pics, and Boone’s insight.

    Great link, and keep’em coming.

  18. Ian Cobb says:

    That is why I was Exited to get on here to read about also 24, and I was hit with trading our Captain. But all is fair in love and war. Ian

  19. Ian Cobb says:

    Chuck v and Moey, Thanks for setting me streight, sorry Dave I’m a little over protective at times.

  20. von says:

    I know myself and I’m sure alot of other fans enjoy reading these articles. This site truely is “Absolutely everything about the Montreal Canadiens.”

    Thanks Dave and co.

  21. von says:

    Man, Jokinen would be sweet… But I would cry to see Koivu go :(

  22. habsguy says:

    YA YA YA …I bet you are one of the MANY who boo’ed Ribs out of town..LOLOLOL…

  23. Dave Stubbs says:

    It is kind of funny, how visitors to our site link in their comments to all kinds of sites, and to blogs which are written by themselves or by others, many of them featuring outrageous points of view, mindless rumours and nonsense that’s hip-deep. But one link here to one writer’s viewpoint and all hell breaks loose and we’re torched for linking to it.

    We do advertise this site, a little immodestly, as “Absolutely everything about the Montreal Canadiens.” If you don’t like a post, please, just skip it?

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  24. king ddd says:


  25. 24 Cups says:

    The Habs and their fans have lots of time off before the trade deadline on Tuesday to dialogue back and forth about possible trades. Today is Bob Gainey’s day and I feel we should focus on that – as well as defeating Columbus tonight.

    The Original 24 Cups

  26. habsguy says:

    On a happier note..I was handed “for free” tickets to the Habs Laffs game March 29th at the ACC..

  27. habsguy says:

    WOW, with all the trade talk that goes on here after a loss, I don’t think Mr Stubbs thought his little “what if” would cause such a commotion…
    Think back a week guys, when Captain K’s line wasn’t scoring, 90% of the posters here wanted to give Saku away for a bag of pucks… fickel Hab fans are, worse than the leaf fans…..

  28. usversusthem says:

    What? Maybe I’m a little out of it, but his proposed trade of



    Koivu, Halak, Grabovski, a pick, and Perezhogin

    Am I the only one that sees that as being a little one-sided? I know Jokinen’s got better numbers, and that the Panthers are more in the driver’s seat for a trade like this, but wow. Maybe I’m just missing something?

  29. OldGrover says:

    Gotta add my voice to say this is rubbish – I can’t see Koivu going at all. Should he go, he definitely wouldn’t go anywhere else other than another contender – and that sure ain’t Florida. It is his choice and I can’t see him leaving Montreal to play in the tropics. He’s shown he can take the heat here!

  30. sadave says:

    Re: Odber’s post below and others with the same sentiment: “Koivu’s our captain and he isn’t going anywhere . . .”

    I agree; I really don’t like when we trade away our captains.

  31. REB2 says:

    I would love Jokinen in a Montreal jersey for the next 2 years – Ryder and Streit for Jokinen, straight up,

    1. Salary hit on both sides should be similar (FLA might pay a little more)
    2. Jokinen is older than Ryder, younger than Streit (who isn’t over the hill yet), so both fit Fla needs.
    3. Although he’s played well the last several games, Ryder appears to need a new team.

    Having siad all of this, it has to tempered with the Kovalev experience…everybody was ready to trade him last year, for a bucket of pucks; he has reallt rebounded – will Ryder do the same thing next year, and could he do it here?

  32. howtathor says:

    Gainey would never trade Koivu to a backwater like Florida. Anaheim, maybe. Gainey has a commitment to Saku Koivu as a man and as a player. That commitment is to make Saku Koivu a champion whether it be in Montreal or elsewhere. If we were in 14th place then there would be no question, trade Koivu and rebuild but we’re contending and Saku is an integral part of that contention.

  33. Lafrich says:

    This is nuts. Trade Koivu? No way. When playoff time comes, he is as good as it gets. His intensity level picks up, and he becomes even more clutch.

    Just look at his playoff point totals every year we make the playoffs:

    Year Ga G A P +/-
    2005-06 3 0 2 2 +1
    2003-04 11 3 8 11 +1
    2001-02 12 4 6 10 +2
    1997-98 6 2 3 5 +4
    1996-97 5 1 3 4 +1
    1995-96 6 3 1 4 +2
    Totals 43 13 23 36 +11
    Pro rated 82 25 44 69 +21

    I’d say those are pretty good numbers for playoff hockey (mostly pre-lockout officiating!).

    It would be a MAJOR mistake to trade him.

  34. arcosenate says:

    as a cape bretoner i hardly feel qualified to make any digs at newfoundlanders. the line is cape bretoners are just newfoundlanders with their brains blown out isn’t it? russell sprout is a funny name, isn’t it? that’s all.

  35. Rogie30 says:

    Dont care what Koivu is doing, what have we won with him? Jokinen, YEEEEES.

  36. Rogie30 says:

    When I saw this, I was the one jumping up and down in glee.

  37. 1010 says:

    Agreed. And if we get Tanguay we’re going to find out that he won’t do a damn thing to improve this team. I mean really: has anybody seen what he’s contributed to the Flames’ this year. This from a guy who says he’s happy.

    GO HABS.

  38. king ddd says:

    to be honest with you man.. i always like ribeiro..most of my friends wanted him to leave MTL..but i actually didnt want him to leave, beacause after kovalev he was one of the most skilled player we had

  39. Bill H says:

    24 if you feel “we” should be focusing on BG’s day, what are you doing in a thread about a THN article? And who are you to decide what “we” should be focusing on? LOL

    Nice post Dave. Keep up the great work. And promise us all that if and when a trade does happen, even if it is a teeny weeny one, that I won’t have to go anywhere else to read about it.

  40. OldGrover says:

    Well, other than the fact it doesn’t consider Koivu’s NTC at all :)

  41. 24 Cups says:

    Bill/Moey/Dave/and others! – Wow, I now know what it feels like to be ForFactsSake:-) I think if you follow most of my posts over time you might have an idea of who I am and where I come from in terms of posting and being a Habs fan. I certainly wasn’t being critical of anything or anyone and I can assure you that I didn’t mean to dictate anything in terms of how the site is run. The intent of what I wrote(and meant) and how it was interpreted seemed to go astray. Somehow, things kind of got totally blown out of proportion. I’m not sure what else I can say.

    I’m really looking forward to tonight’s ceremony and a Hab victory.

    The Original 24 Cups

  42. arcosenate says:

    How about a subject change? My girlfriend knows a guy from Newfoundland named Russell Sprout. I wonder if Ryder has ever heard of him?

  43. The Teacher says:

    What are so bad about Brussel Sprouts, Dave? You’re giving them a bad name. I thought journalists were supposed to be impartial here :(

  44. Josh says:

    Koivu isn’t the reason we’ve been losing all these years.

  45. Ed says:

    Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? I don’t get it. Why don’t you tell us some more about Russell Sprout, since your girlfriend knows him so well.

  46. arcosenate says:

    What are you implying Ed? Do you know something I don’t? Or is Ed really just an extremely clever alias for the one and only Russell Sprout?

  47. Ed says:

    Ask your girlfriend.

  48. arcosenate says:

    i can’t she’s shopping for vegetables.

  49. Ed says:

    Is that why you have the name senate in your handle? I hear there are a lot of vegetables in the senate.

  50. Forlando says:

    I think if there is any big move we have a good chance of being one of the teams getting the big fishes. Here’s why: Any team with a shot at the cup will not trade a good roster player, after all you are trying to improve your team’s chances…so you need to ADD to your team…not replace. That is exactly what Bob said yesterday and I agree 100%. What will the teams trade then? Picks and prospects. Not many teams have better prospects than we do IMHO. I trust Bob. He will catch us a big fish.

  51. johnnyhab says:

    I can’t see any team going into the playoffs and getting rid of your team leader. on the flip side I can’t see Fla. trading for two ufa’s for a guy under contract.

  52. Sulemaan says:

    This trade will never happen. Kind of like any potential Sundin trade.

    Speaking of Mats Sundin, I thought you might get a kick out of this ‘version’ of the classic hockey sweater:

  53. J.T. says:

    This article is ridiculous and pointless. There’s no mention of Koivu’s NTC, or the fact that he said LAST WEEK that his years of futility in Montreal are turning around and he’s happy to be part of the revival, or the fact that there’s no logic in a veteran player going from a playoff team to a bubble team. Reading that was a waste of time.

  54. Ian G Cobb says:

    I am a little disappointed in Dave Stubbs putting this total fabrication up.

    Running out of headlines Dave. How about Gainey going to T.O. as per phone call from Fletcher. He is going to hang his sweater up in there barn instead.!!

  55. N.B.habs fan says:

    The way I see it is if we do pick up players that we need I want them to( want to play here).Not to play here because they have a chance to win the cup.The team we have now worked hard and are excited to play here to get where we are.I know Bob will do the right thing..

  56. Chorske says:

    I’d like to think that we’ve most past our previous tendency to trade our captains willy-nilly.

    That said, I’d really like to see Jokinen in a CH, locked up for 4-5 years.

  57. Bill says:

    I know the grass is always greener, but Habs fans have an amazing ability to overrate other teams’ good players, especially so when comparing them with Saku. Jokinen is a better goal scorer, but he’s not as good a playmaker and in my opinion not as good a leader. Is Jokinen a better player right now? Yes, but he’s only on pace for 75 points, exactly what Saku got last year. Koivu’s on pace for 59, but we all know the problems his wingers have had finishing plays.

    I’d rather have Saku than Jokinen, or Briere, or Richards, or a lot of other overrated centers. I like Jokinen, but don’t pay the moon.

  58. Moey says:

    Hi Ian,

    In defense of Dave, it’s not a fabrication or rumor, it is simply one guys’ opinion, basically if ifs and ands were pots and pans. IMO, if Saku wanted to go, what he is saying makes sense. But that’s not the case, and I’m glad, I want Saku to hoist that cup above anyone else.

    He’s only speculating, and you know as well as I do that’s what mostly goes on here anyway.

  59. Chuck V. says:

    Ian he’s only linking to another story by another publication, as this site has been doing since its inception. I don’t really see why that would be a problem. If you (like me) don’t like what the Hockey News guy has to say, then fine, but I’d rather have a link and be able to read the stuff in case it did interest me.

    If anything, be thankful that we do have a site where complete rubbish isn’t written all the time and where our writers at the very least have some common sense!

  60. Peter Young says:

    I’d be astonished if it or anything like it happened. But thanks, Dave Stubbs, for keeping us informed on what is being said elsewhere about the Canadiens, even if it’s nonsense. I don’t have time to scour the web for what’s written elsewhere about my team, and I’m grateful when those who post here–both blog staff and readers–keep me up to snuff. I want to know what kind of attention we’re getting, even if it’s misinformed or way off base. The Canadiens have largely been ignored the past few years, but we’re going to get more and more attention very soon.

  61. 24 Cups says:

    Dave – In fairness, I believe that all Ian and I were saying was that the trade deadline overload was going over the top and maybe it could take a rest on this special day. I don’t really see ‘all hell breaking loose’ or any sparks flying. To be honest, I was a little taken back by your reply.


  62. jew4jah says:

    we should be going for gold every season, not settling for an early playoff exit.
    i was talking about your attitude not the team

  63. arcosenate says:

    i wouldn’t exactly call this team mediocre after what happened this week.

  64. Hossa is Coming says:

    Hey Guys Dont Worry! I am coming soon.
    ANd answer your questions, if you want, I will play net for you too. But I must admit I sometimes let in two goals a games, if this is alright with you? Ok! And…yes, I hope you have chilled some Wadka for me because I am ready to play for you guys and try the famous smoked meat sandwhiches, yes, yes.


  65. jew4jah says:

    ahead of schdule? whose schedule? i want the cup THIS year and every year after that.
    why would you want to continue to strive for mediocrity.

  66. N.B.habs fan says:

    There have been many of times that I read some post on here and was going to give them old heck,but some things are BETTER LEFT UNSAID.No need to jump the gun and start the critising or name calling.I have had comments made that were rude to me, my culture, my friends on here, and my team the HABS. If everyone thought like Sulemaan ,this sight would be less arguing. Iam not refering to everyone just a few.

  67. HKisses says:

    Their always room for improvement ….. either way they will be bound to lose some young players …. they have so many players to sign i nthe offseason…I wanna se a blockbuster deal for Hossa or Joki…..Jus don trade away Koivu

  68. arcosenate says:

    you know, if this team is one year ahead of schedule as far as cup competition, why not stand pat, give these guys a chance to prove what they can do, get some experience playoff-wise and do some free agent searching in the summer?

    no loss of prospects or young players…plus you will have a much better idea of where we really stand as far as winning the cup goes.

  69. jack waisberg says:

    Well said and written.I am in total agreement
    and with that say Amen.

  70. cautiousoptimist says:

    Darn right. You’ve got to do what’s best for the team, within the confines of acting like a decent human being. To give Saku a bunch of career second-liners as linemates for ten years, then get annoyed with him for not playing like a star with minimal support, and then add insult to injury by dealing him to a team in the Eastern Conference gutter just when the Habs are finally approaching greatness – that’s just wrong. If we want Jokinen, we’re going to have to find another way to get him.

    Some players are rentals – mercenaries that play for the highest bidder. Koivu has given us more than that – let’s not reward his loyalty to our team and our city with a slap in the face.

  71. N.B.habs fan says:

    Thanks Timo,and I allways liked your opinions because you are honest.and you really do love the habs.How was your sking trip,I use to ski but had to stop because I had heart sygery a few years ago.

  72. arcosenate says:

    wow, lucky i’m not on the team. i get the impression montreal is going for gold this season. all i mean is that there’s no need for a blockbuster for a rental, and there’s also no need to think this team needs one at the moment.

  73. N.B.habs fan says:

    yea I know what you mean,all I do now is woodworking and i love it.

  74. smiler2729 says:

    Saku Koivu will never be traded and will retire a Hab… he is too revered in this city to be cast off. He is the captain, he is a class act (he bought the children’s hospital an MRI for crying out loud!) ‘Nuff said.

  75. mbplekfan says:

    Thanks for the link Dave. Keep them coming.

    Im more leaning towards a Ryder-Higgins-Grabovski for Jokinen deal.

    Two proven players, one signed, one a UFA and a top notch prospect in Grabs.

    Second line would then be Koivu-Jokinen-S Kost.

    We would lose depth but gain a big scoring second line forward. And Gui could move up to this line in case of injuries.

    Might be overpaying but this could give us a good run at the cup.

  76. arcosenate says:

    Carey Price gets the start.
    The club did not run line rushes on Saturday morning. The projected scratches are Mathieu Dandenault and Patrice Brisebois.
    Steve Begin will be a gametime decision due to a groin injury he suffered just before Alexei Kovalev’s game-tying goal Tuesday versus the New York Rangers.
    The Blue Jackets will wear #23 on their jerseys during the Bob Gainey sweater raising ceremony on Saturday as a show of respect. – TSN

  77. Vecs says:

    Koivu can’t be traded. He’s coming on right now. Nothing can ignite the Bell Center like a Koivu playoff goal. As good as Kovalev is right now I don’t think there’s any player I’d rather have on the ice during the playoffs than Koivu.

  78. Rogie30 says:

    Watch the attitudes after a win and a loss, its amazing, decency should be all the time, and hello Timo, you are such an inspiration to many on this site. Happy celebration, Bob Gainey, you make being a Habs fan a great thing again.

  79. Rogie30 says:

    We love you, Marian, think we thought your brother was you a few years ago, we picked the wrong Hossa, now we can get it right.

  80. Rogie30 says:

    Hey, its me.

  81. Ed says:

    Did Marcel get his gloves yet?

  82. Vecs says:

    Unless he’s taking a hooking penalty

  83. moser17 says:

    “Perhaps a package of Koivu, Jaroslav Halak, a first-round pick and a prospect would be enough. Gainey could also include Alexander Perezhogin, who is having a fine season in Russia this year, but whose contract rights are still owned by the Canadiens.”

    Honestly?!? Does that sound like a good deal for us?

    Koivu, plus Halak, PLUS a FIRST round pick, mind you, PLUS (still going) a prospect… for Jokinen?

    Now I don’t disagree that Jokinen would be a help in the playoffs, but that seems like more than a steep price, it seems excessive. And a little crazy. Jokinen has only 14 more points than Koivu this year, and he had only 16 more last year. Koivu is a proven leader and very coachable, and Jokinen is having coaching problems. There is more in our favour in such a trade than giving away all the rest just to land Jokinen.

    A Koivu/Jokinen trade might be feasible and it might happen, but not like this. Lay off the extra sweets.

  84. The Teacher says:

    He has been taking hooking penalties since he came into the league. It is about time people lay off of him for jeepers sake!

    Most of them are of the BS variety also IMO

  85. Vecs says:

    I don’t know if that’s any reason to lay off!

    That’s what makes them so frustrating

  86. HotHabs says:

    Not so sure about that idea. Koivu has always been a center, so putting him on the wing could spell disaster. Jokinen, also a center, is more flexible than Koivu.

    I don’t think Olli will come to Mtl. if Koivu remains here. It’s one or the other. But, who says any of that will happen?

    enjoying the high’s & enduring the lows of being a Habs fan

  87. The Teacher says:

    Would you rather have someone whose intention is to stop the other team or would you rather have someone who just watches them skate away? You have to take the good with the bad.

    The former far outweighs the latter IMO

  88. Rogie30 says:

    Just was watching the New Jersey-Islanders game, and their announcers said that Hossa is on the way out, and there are TWO teams in the forefront for his services. Thats all they said.

  89. HotHabs says:

    I like Sulemaan’s posts, too. But, if everyone thought like him this place would be boring. We’re not all alike. Differing opinions about the team are what makes this place buzz and keeps the posts coming. A little healthy controversy is good for the blog. The problems arise when people turn to personal attacks. But, I’ve often seen HIO members get angry and label Habs fans as Leafs fans or ‘bandwagoners’ simply because they thought differently or vented their frustrations. People say these things because they’re fans and hate it when the team doesn’t show up, not because they’re secret TO lovers looking for attention! Please. Aren’t we all arm-chair GMs anyway?

    enjoying the high’s & enduring the lows of being a Habs fan

  90. Vecs says:

    I’d rather have someone whose intention it is to stop the other team but realizes when he’s beat and doesn’t take unnecessary penalties. I’m a huge Koivu fan and I’m definitely taking the good with the bad. I’m not holding my breath but I can always hope Koivu will start keeping his stick down.

  91. skoehn says:

    trade koivu you nuts….. he needs a consisted line and wing man he has chemistry with… you don’t trade your talented player for another one you get guys to compliment youe talent… koivu is very talented just watch him… he makes great plays the problem is there is no chemistry and the linemates are not where they should be… the reason he takes peneltys is cause he is frustrated and has twice the workload because he isn’t clicking with his line… We need a player to play with him and that will make him happier and he will make the plays and get the goals… He said before he isn’t staying on a team that just rebuilds forever he wants to win a cup… BG get him a wingman and watch them fly…

  92. Hossa is Coming says:

    I’ts ok guys, you wanted us both to play at the same time, like your famous LEBEAU brothers


  93. skoehn says:

    look at why he is taking them he has nobody on his line to compliment him or get the puck to him… or that he has chemistry with to make plays.. instead he is battling for the puck hitting and taken hits thats not his job but no one else is doing it

  94. HotHabs says:

    “He’s coming on right now.” is also rationale to trade him. Think about it… I’m not saying to trade him, but it also gives a player more trade value. Just looking at that from the other side of the coin.

    enjoying the high’s & enduring the lows of being a Habs fan

  95. Hossa is Coming says:

    That’s right guys, my bags are packed and I’m ready to go…wings are on La Cage on tuesday, courtesy of me, and not that Oily guy


  96. Rogie30 says:

    Love your idea.

  97. Hoegarden says:

    re Jokinen;
    Jacques Demers, who’s been around the NHL for more than 25 years, said on RDS the other night that he would not even consider trading for Jokinen. He hears from many NHL insiders that he is, in his own words, a “méchant moineau”. I’ll translate that to a “bad cat” although a moineau is a sparrow.
    The hear/say crowd also claims that Jacques Martin’s blood pressure goes up at the mention of his name. So what is it that is so special with Mr. Jokinen.

    re Richards;
    picture the 8 million dollar man with the worst +\- in the league in the Habs dressing room at this time. No thanks.

    re Tanguay;
    If he said that he would not play for the Habs and Keenan appears to have no time for him then why would the HABS want him.

    The last thing the team needs is some hot shot to come in and “disturb” what this team has worked on all year with Carbo, the “all for one, one for all” chemistry.

    I would only consider Gratton if the price is right.

  98. skoehn says:


  99. Rogie30 says:

    Thats more a reason NOT to lay off him.

  100. Rogie30 says:

    Do you have your tickets,we, re waiting. Tell Marcel to stay in New York, he has hands of stone.

  101. Hossa is Coming says:

    No, I sent them UPS and they didnt arrive..It was in the same shipment as one of your Hamilton Bulldog’s hockey gear


  102. N.B.habs fan says:

    Great read,I agree with you.

  103. Rogie30 says:

    Lets see how we fare in the first round of the playoffs, if its one and done, and in rather quick fashion, do you really think standing Pat is such a good idea?

  104. moser17 says:

    Well, I’m not much of an ideas man. I’m more of a garbage man, taking out the trash ideas and getting rid of them. Like Michael Clayton.

    For example, there should be no war, no economic instability, and no sick babies. Those are bad.

    Now, it’s up to someone else to figure out how to keep these from happening. I shall shoot down poor suggestions. :)

  105. Hossa is Coming says:

    Yes I told my brother that this time they want a different M.Hossa, so instead of playing with my brother I will instead play with a Kostitsyn brother, Yes? Is this ok?


  106. Ed says:

    Yes, you must mean Corey Locke’s. That got lost too, but that was a long time ago.

  107. Rogie30 says:

    Yes, what did happen this week, a win and a loss. Whats your point, we are great or something, huh?

  108. skoehn says:

    layoff him he has no winger that can play with him that can feed him the puck to get the goals to be in front for him to make the play.. he is out there trying to do everything good wingers wold be getting the puck to him for a scoring play instead he has to play in the corners get the puck himself and then try and go to the net cause there is no one out in front to make the play to…he needs a talented winger to compliment him and he will be unstoppable you don’t trade you talent to get the same or less talent you make trades to improve the talent you have

  109. otter649 says:

    Mike Milbury traded Jokinen years ago based on his so-called attitude
    but it turned into a terrible trade for the Islanders as Louongo went as

  110. nightmare_49 says:

    First of all the summer crop of free agents isn’t the best and there’s more competition in the summer as more teams are involved and now some teams will stand pat cuz they don’t know whether to buy or sell (parity).

  111. arcosenate says:

    my god, the rangers game? ring a bell?

  112. Rogie30 says:

    Alot of good players have an attitude, some even want to win, I would have an attitude playing for Florida too.

  113. Da Hema says:

    These proposals to trade Koivu and Ryder concern me. I would find it very sad to see the Habs trade Saku for, say, Jokinen. There is no question at this stage of their careers that Jokinen is objectively a superior player. Yet what kind of message does this send to the other Habs? The Habs should not be an organisation that sends its most distinguished players packing to a team like Florida unless they agreed to the move. If the organisation wants loyalty from its players, it too must demonstrate loyalty to its players. There is something quite wrong with the idea to ship out Saku at exactly the point where for the first time in his career he is part of a solid team that could win it all.

    I think the Habs would get a better deal with Edmonton and Jarrett Stoll. Stoll can play a two-way game, win face-offs, and give them a little more size at centre. He also can score, and it sounds like he could use a change of scenery to a team that has a realistic chance of winning the Cup. I think in the longer term Stoll would be a better addition to the team, and give the Habs some cap flexibility down the road. Whatever the case, a trade for Jokinen would require the Habs to give up one or more of their established players to Florida–especially if it is true that Martin was ordered to make the playoffs this year. Martin ultimately will want too much for Jokinen.
    “Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.”
    –Clint Eastwood

  114. Rogie30 says:


  115. Rogie30 says:

    We,re used to it. Just hurry,the waddkas on ice.

  116. N.B.habs fan says:

    Teacher you are right lay off him for taking penalities at least he works and can skate out there.They can have their say, but Kiovu is the best captian and leader on this team.To lose him is taking the heart out of the team

  117. mickjam says:

    Seriously, do you think Gainey would trade Koivu to a non-contender like Florida? He has suffered too much, Gainey is too classy and loyal a guy to do that.

    Besides, doesn’t Koivu have a no-trade? Why in God’s name would he go to that hockey hinterland?

  118. G-Man says:

    That s**t you’re smoking must be good.


  119. Bill H says:

    Good post. The team must demonstrate loyalty to its players, especially its key players. To trade Koivu now would be extremely disloyal, and it would come back to bite them in the ass when they try to extend players like Komi, Higgins, Pleks, Kosti, etc. Why would they show any loyalty towards the Habs if we traded Koivu?

  120. Bill H says:

    Exactly. So the trade Koivu talk is moot. It won’t happen because the key people involved, BG and Koivu, don’t want it to happen.

  121. Bill H says:

    Sundin has refused to waive his NTC. So that is one less high profile UFA in play.

  122. G-Man says:

    Koivu has been looking for a “winger” for 12 seasons. Sometimes,people overlook this fact. When is the center the problem and not the wingers? Never? Sheesh. He was never “that” good.


  123. N.B.habs fan says:

    Great to here from you,I figured it out. I stated we should think like Sulemaan because he put alot of thought in his post,dosent mean he is always right and you are right about it would be boring if we all thought the same,but what I was talking about was some things should be left un said,rather than insulting someone,or name calling.We as fans do need variety,but with respect for each other.

  124. PattyBoy31 says:

    5 More years of lousy hockey for Toronto!

  125. N.B.habs fan says:

    What part of N.B. you from.Iam from Florenceville area.

  126. showey47 says:

    So the laffs fired ferguson and hired fletcher to take out some overpaid trash, i don’t consider sundin to fall in this category but the following do. Mccabe,tucker,blake and kubina and none will waive their no trade clauses or no g.m. wants these overpaid bums. So essentially this team may pretty much look the same going into next season. Looks like they will be in the tavares sweepstakes along with the stamkos also.

  127. nightmare_49 says:

    I basically thought along the same lines as you but when i seen what we have offered roughly a deal doesn’t sound that bad. I don’t think we can land Hossa and Jokinen cuz it would cut into our core but the Richards deal may work. When we got Kovy many people said it would disturb the chemistry but after being eliminated from the playoffs that year Kovy was a god. Richards +/- would be easy to rectify with decent wingers. Demers (on Jokinen) is an ex coach and will always back a coach and if you played the same defensive style game in and game out for years you may be very vex also. Keenan liked him. Tanguay can stay in Calgary.

  128. N.B.habs fan says:


  129. Hossa is Coming says:

    Its as good as wearing Denis Savard’s old number 18 and his “A” my friend.


  130. The Teacher says:

    Reply is posted as a new post. Up at top of the page.

  131. The Teacher says:

    Reply to a post on the second page.

    If you can seriously go back for the last 12 years and please find out if Koivu ever had what we would call first line wingers? The problem is, he did have that talent, until that sunny afternoon in Madison Square Garden all those years ago. The knee injury he suffered that day took that “upper echelon” offencive talent away from him.

    In my opinion, Koivu has always been miscast and expected to do things on par with Guy Lafleur or the Rocket, or even Bob Gainey. He is a solid 2nd or at absolute worst 3rd line center in this present day and age. He has also been with our team since the beginning. He was named Captain of the Montreal Canadiens at quite a young age. He has carried himself with utmost dignity, class and a respect for the community. His work effort on and off the ice exemplifies the Montreal Canadiens to a T.

    So he gets hooking penalties. He has done it his whole career and obviously all of his coaches don’t seem to mind THAT much as he continues to play the way he did. Why? because he brings the intangibles to a team that say MUCH more than his stats do. He had the best offencive output of his career last year. I think you guys are being a taaaad unrealistic regarding Koivu is all.

    We all agree that our youth is the way to go. However if they become great players, why would they stay with us and not go for the almighty dollar if you don’t show them you will keep them around even if their skills are not on par as they were in their primes? Koivu has a no trade clause so the point is MOOT.

    Can we stop discussing Koivu trade PLEASE? It is pointless and serves no purpose as it will NEVER happen.

  132. The Teacher says:

    ugh double post

  133. Hossa is Coming says:

    It is me, wise Teacher, Marian Hossa, I liked your post, so much, I even read it the second time. I wish to play with Captain Saku.


  134. Hossa is Coming says:

    Yes, I told my new friend Bob that when I play in Montreal on tuesday, I did not wish to play with Mats, as I do not not wish the poison that has infected Mats, called the Maple Leafs, to infect me in Montreal.


  135. Bouleau noir says:

    Thanks Dave for the link to the article.

    The trade however, as proposed is a fantaisy,… jokinen would cost more then what the article is suggesting if Martin’s job was on the line for not making the playoff as a result of such a transaction involving the Panther’s center.

    Boston’s center Marc Savard + a good UFA to be player… would give him more of what he needs if he doesn’t want to lose his job over trading Joki.

    I dont see us having the right pieces for Florida.

    We have enought good pieces to get any other impact players though…. Hossa, Richards, havlat, Tangay or whatnot.

    Gainey didn’t do enought during the lock-out,… we had so much LNH ready prospects in our organization at that point…. all was needed of Bob then was to get us an extra impact player to complemente Kovalev on our top lines and to foresee that the use of our rising youth as formidable depth lines players as being the way to go in the new salary cap era.

    We didn’t capitalised and biffed up our top lines during the exceptionnal UFA bounty that the lock-out had made avalaible ( UFAs were like 3 time the usual numbers when including bought-out players) and while the Selanes and all were passing by Bob was re-signing the Dagenais, the Sundstroms while keeping innapropriate players to play in role they couldn’t (Zednick,Bulis).

    I give alot of credits to our players because they have done alot with very little help from Gainey,…
    last year’s critical comment from Koivu towards our organization had weight and was entirelly supportive of my point here.

    Had our GM’s initiatives and aquisitions matched the level of quality prospects that he inherited from the previous organizations,… we would have been in the driver’s seat from year one in this newNHL…. without even a single lost from our pool of prospects of that time.

    Had it been that way Gainey wouldn’t have been confronted to the same resistance to come and play here from the UFA pool of talents the way he has been in the last two years.

    Having been a step behind from day one,.. makes it extremelly difficult to acheive a clean move forward today by Gainey… I whish Koivu had spoken his mind to Gainey when he started here as a GM…. of course Koivu had to give the runner a chance first…. he did just that until last year at season’s end.

    Can Gainey bring more impact to his club than he has thus far…. I will see it if it ever happen.

  136. The Teacher says:

    Imagine this. If Sundin felt slighted by the request and leaves for another team in the off-season. JFJR will become the most vilified Maple Leaves ever, possibly beating out Ballard!

  137. Rogie30 says:

    Jokinen and Hossa are the two players I would love. Richards contract scares me, greatly, he isnt worth it, and Havlat may as well retire.

  138. Rogie30 says:

    Hey Marian, you seem well informed in spite of the Vodka, what hve the Canadiens ever done with Koivu as captain?

  139. N.B.habs fan says:



  140. Rogie30 says:

    I agree, but how do you know for sure?

  141. N.B.habs fan says:

    This guy is high on something,LAMO.

  142. Rogie30 says:

    Man, are you funny, where,s my asthma pump?

  143. Rogie30 says:

    Marian is Coming is a God.

  144. Rogie30 says:

    Makes the shooping days more interesting to me, more needs and less goodies to choose from. Now, where,s my librium? Oh, Mats, expect a whole lot of booing from your fans, as well as being villified by your press. Now you will know how we feel.

  145. Rogie30 says:

    Funny how some get rewarded for being so bad.

  146. Ian G Cobb says:

    That’s why your the teacher.!!!

  147. Ian G Cobb says:

    For all those outside CBC area. Ottawa comes back in overtime to beat Pittsburg 4 to 3. They stay in 1st place.

    Now Its the Gainey show in 10 min.

  148. Girth says:

    Why would Saku agree to leave now? … All those years of work and effort is just about to pay off… besides, we’re as much of a contender as ANYONE in the east.

    My feeling is that Saku is probably one of the least likely players to move.


    As a Habs fan, I want good players on my team, and to be competitive etc…etc… but it is also important to have good human beings.

    Bob is one and so is Saku.

  149. teamplayer says:

    i remember a day when two teams tied with you go into overtime and tie and they each recieve 1 giving us a chance to take the conference lead. Now im cursing as I watch the game go into ot and the 3-pointer comes into play

    I wonder how nba fans adjusted to the 3point shot when it originally came into the league and i wonder if they had their don cherry style guy who would say “this 3-pt will cost some team a championship!”

  150. Ian G Cobb says:

    3 point games are a stupid setup.

  151. Rogie30 says:

    But all the good players attainable are all on bad teams.

  152. carmine007 says:

    This would be a really bone head but not too suprising trade for our Canadiens.

    We are getting lousy goaltending by both of our netmiders.

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  153. The Teacher says:

    The ice is also crappy.

  154. Infanteer says:

    This is crazy:

    “Koivu, Jaroslav Halak, a first-round pick and a prospect would be enough. Gainey could also include Alexander Perezhogin, who is having a fine season in Russia this year, but whose contract rights are still owned by the Canadiens.”

    5 players (including the team’s captain) for the Yokester!? What “prospect” is he referring to? Carey Price? How about the team’s logo, in addition?

  155. cautiousoptimist says:

    Aside from the ridiculousness of trading Koivu, it seems a little silly to deal Halak since I can’t imagine Huet re-signing to play 50 games here next year. Do we really want a goalie tandem of Price-Danis?

  156. Hossa is Coming says:

    Yes Dave, If dont become a Hab Dave, I will need a special Vodka/Morphine cocktail and you can send it to me on Tuesday before the game


  157. Ian G Cobb says:

    Dave. Gee I take things so serious, I read so slowly. At first I thought, O MY, is he ill!! after I asked Andree how to say that word.

    Have a great evening, I wish i was there, but I’ll be glued to the TV.

  158. Moey says:

    LMAO, and shame on you Dave, you’ve started a food fight down below, people are arguing over vegetables. Is there a full moon tonight?

  159. Ed says:

    Moey, where have you been? There’s been a beautiful full moon all week, and a full lunar eclipse on Wednesday night.

  160. Moey says:

    That ‘splains it.

  161. Ed says:

    Nah, it’s always like that around here.

  162. Moey says:

    I know Ed, and I have a tendency to stomp, snort and shake my head. But I’m in a good mood today, had a nice lunch of oats and hay, looking forward to tonight’s ceremony and game.

  163. Ed says:

    LOL. Enjoy them both. I hope the game is 1/2 as good as the ceremony.

  164. Ed says:

    I just got around to signing on for today, and read the article. I found it interesting, and then started scrolling down through the comments. Wow! Poor Dave Stubbs got smacked over the head for giving us a link to an article on possible trades. I’m sure Dave does not mind the criticism, but all he is doing is giving us access to some of the information being written about our Canadiens. Isn’t that what HIO is all about? These articles are no different than the trade speculation that we see on TSN, Sportnet, The Score, etc. We read or listen, and take it all with a grain of salt. Nobody, other than the GM’s, know what might happen, so we all have to wait until a trade actually takes place. It’s not fair to criticize Dave Stubbs because people out there actually want to speculate, and he is giving us the chance to read what they are saying.

    Just a few days ago, Mike Boone posted a trade rumour from a French newspaper, which was based on equipment purchases. It turned out to be a pair of gloves for Marcel Hossa, and not Marian Hossa. I scoffed at how silly it was to base a rumour on equipment being purchased, but all the posters had their say. The funny thing was that no one lambasted Mike Boone for posting the link. Why are so many people in an ornery mood today?

    Keep up the good work Dave Stubbs, and all the crew at HIO. We, the posters are free to post almost anything, but apparently you have to watch yourself. I am glad that you are much more tolerant than some of us.

  165. Dave Stubbs says:

    Ian, after the trade deadline has passed, all you’ll be buying me will be morphine.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  166. Ian G Cobb says:

    Now I’m not the sharpest tack on the floor, but I learn every day. I thought Dave was just throwing up some ink to see a trade reaction from us. Anyway i now know what a link is after people talking about THE LINK. I went back to the headline and clicked on to the blue highlighted words, ” Eh voila “!! I now understand and read the article on hockey news.

    I think Dave & Inside Out should hold a training camp next fall for all of us old farts to catch up to all you computer literate people. Then I would not make such a fatal mistake again.

    Dave, next we meet, I’m buying.!!

  167. WestHab says:

    Technically, sure it makes some sense. But it won’t happen, for one the writer just jinxed it.

    3 weeks ago this trade was closer to comprehension, but i feel that Koivu has been getting his mojo back and wearing the smaller c with the pride we were used to. That shoot out goal against the rangers was a trophy he has been working hard for. I was there and I was also pleased to see the way he celebrated the goal, even though jagr hadn’t yet skated the biscuit in the other direction. I was so happy for Saku. Keep him. Getting rid of him will surley get us a great player in return, but I don’t think it will get us the Cup.

  168. habsguy says:

    king ddd ..LOL…me too, I always thought he was out best powerplay playmaker. There were alot of crap I didn’t like about him, but the man could put points up !!!!

  169. Bill H says:

    As always, you are just so darn sensible Sulemaan. Hey, I sent you an email with my phone number. Give me a call and we can hook up at the Bulldogs game.

  170. Sulemaan says:

    If people disagree with a linked article there should be nothing wrong with it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (pro/against) so long as it’s done in a courteous and professional manner.

    To take personal shots at the journalist/poster putting it up is not acceptable. I for one, like the links as it’s gives me access to information that I wouldn’t have otherwise read.

    This website/blog is interesting not only for the articles, stories and information but the opinions and posts as well. I don’t always agree with all of them and I’m sure people don’t always agree with me but that is the beauty of this place. The one commonality is people here love the Habs.

    Lastly, I find people to be very reasonable in here. If people do cross the line (in most cases) they often apologize shortly afterwards. You see it time and time again after many flameouts.

  171. Rogie30 says:

    Gretzky was traded, Messier was traded, Roy was traded, should I go on, and THEY won.

  172. HABZ 24 says:

    bob seems to never make big deals,i cant see him trading away younger players or draft choices which is what other teams would ask im sure.our rebuilding process started when gainey came here, hes doing great so far and were almost at the promised land.true sakus been the heart and soul of our habs for years and he is running out of rope, if he and say smolinski could get us jokinen, go for it.but unlikely.breezer can skate off into the huey at some point when price is ready, keep halak as a backup. some probs as mcguire points out bout commin to mtl are high taxes, the french situation, getting there kids into english schools etc.tonites a gauranteed win for the habs miso fanns. go habz go!!

  173. Blitzen says:

    I think Jokinen will command more than what this guy is offering.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  174. coutNY says:

    Why would Koivu waive his NTC to go to a non-playoff team! He’s already stated he does want to go…. so it does not matter want Ken thinks about Trading Koivu!

  175. Forlando says:

    Yep, I mean the guy suck it up while our team was in ruins…why would he leave when the grass is getting greener…he has NTC so let’s stop dreaming.

  176. Blitzen says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if some teams stay “stuck” with top players because they’re asking for too much.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  177. Chuck V. says:

    Yes, this would be an unbelievable trade hockey-wise, except for the fact that Koivu deserves to be on this team after all he’s given to the franchise his entire career and the fact that he has a no trade clause.

    That said, if I were Gainey and this deal were offered and Saku wanted to go, I wouldn’t have to be asked twice

  178. N.B.habs fan says:

    Isn’t going to happen.Koivu is the heart of the team.We need Koivu to hoist the cup when we win it.

  179. CH1909-2009 says:

    Campbell’s not taking into account that this organization is far too classy to deal away the only consistent bright spot of the darkest decade and a half in their history, just when they’re finally surrounding him with quality.

    That said I really want Jokinen. But Martin wants to make the playoffs this year and would want Pleks, Koivu or Higgins in the deal and that’s no good IMO


  180. odber says:

    Koivu,s our captain and he isn,t going anywhere ,besides the fact that he is an amazing human being that should have his number eleven retired when he decides to hang them up.

  181. Hot_Pie says:

    Well, let’s be realistic here. Why would Koivu wave his NTC to play in Florida of all places. This trade doesn’t make any sense.

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