On to Boston

Where the red-hot Bruins await.
The Canadiens board a charter Sunday afternoon for the beginning of their longest road trip of the season.
Boston on Monday, then Chicago and Winnipeg back-to-back at midweek before a break for Christmas.
Then it’s Ottawa on the 27th, followed by the traditional end-of-year trip to Florida.

The hectic schedule means Randy Cunneyworth doesn’t have much time to tweak the system or install a new one. The only full-out practice the team has scheduled is Friday morning in Brossard.

Maybe it’s a good thing the Canadiens are getting out of Dodge.

They have slipped to 12th in the Eastern Conference and have lost a mind-boggling 13 of the 18 games they’ve played at the Bell Centre, where it’s beginning to dawn on fans that a 25th Stanley Cup is not viewable on the near horizon.

Stu Hackel on the sacking of Jacques Martin

Allen McInnis photo gallery

Pierre Ladouceur’s report card on the loss to New Jersey

Bertrand Raymond makes the case for Patrick Roy

Hockey Story of the Year!

And on the day Jacques Martin was fired, world music suffered a greater loss.


  1. The Cat says:

    Man no wonder some people think my idea of Price and Weber for Pavelec and Big Buff is stupid if they believe Hal Gill will fetch a 1st round pick this spring! Price will fetch Rinne money …

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  2. Sharks9 says:

    Not sure if anyone has posted yet but it’s a good article about what Cunneyworth’s trying to do.


    Best part is his willingness to play young guys instead of under-performing veterans

    25 before 14

    • habstrinifan says:

      Thanks for the link. Most positive I have felt about things for a LONG LONG time. I like the insight and foresight that RC is showing.

      Once again thanks for the link.

    • TommyB says:

      Thanks for that link. It sure underscores what many Habs fans have been saying all along regarding Martin’s bench management and treatment of younger players. Very encouraged to read that Cunneyworth views things a bit different than Martin did.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Yes thanks for the link. Verry Interesting and gives a better insight into RC. coaching style and the changes to come. You never get rid of someone unless you can replace them with an upgrade. If some of the younger players do play better than the older more expensive ones, then out they go and maybe we can get some value for them.

        Mr. Biter

    • JF says:

      Thanks for the link. A good piece on the changes Cunneyworth might implement. While I don’t expect the coaching change to get the Habs to the playoffs, the positives that might come out of it would be increased ice time for the younger players and more stable roles for everyone.

  3. JF says:

    I’m stunned to see that there will be no supplementary discipline for Cole. I was fully expecting three games. I’m even more stunned that Shanahan used the same reasoning he used not to suspend Malone – Larsson moved his head just prior to the hit.

  4. cshannon says:

    Every one still bads mouth Kaberle. He has a point in every game so far with the habs. Also seeing yesterday we could see that Randy Likes to play Eller and leblanc

  5. Neutral says:

    without injuries these would be my permanent lines for the remainder of the year.

    Cammy – Pleks – Cole
    Max-pac – Desharnais – Kostitsyn
    Moen – Eller – Gionta
    Nokelainen/Darche – Gomez – Leblanc

    • Mr. Biter says:

      If or when White returns where would you put him?

      Mr. Biter

    • solomio says:

      Neutral..that is a screwy line up you got going on.
      First of all why would you break up DD/Maxpac & Cole. They are on fire! Thats your first line
      Second of all Kots and Eller have demonstrated chemistry together. So lets look at Kots/Eller and Leblanc. Thats your third line
      Cammy / Plex and Gionta is your second line.
      Your fourth line is Moen/Nokelainen/Darche

      “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

  6. tote-road says:

    Big surprise, someone pooping in a glove in MA. Anyone care to guess the favorite NHL team of this fecal freak?

  7. habsnyc says:

    Montreal has the 29th worst record in the NHL when scoring first. Montreal does not win even 50% of the games where they have a 1-0 lead. The powerplay may be lousy, but teams do not give up leads by not scoring on the powerplay. Despite playing a defense first, shot blocking style, Montreal cannot preserve a lead.

    The GM has made more moves out of weakness midseason than he made out of strength during the off-season. That is how teams end up with problems down the road.

    Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

    • G BO says:

      you sir, nailed it on the head.

      gainey did the same thing before his resignation, he made sound draft choices, his FA/Trading/Coaching choices on the other hand, have brought us to where we are today.

  8. MilaKunis says:

    It’s pretty obvious the number one line is the trio of Deharnais-Cole-Pacioretty. Plekanic’s line isn’t even playing like a number two so I would drop them to number three. Except for Kostitsyn though. I’d like to see him reunited with Eller and with Leblanc become the new number two line. Third line would be Plekanic-Moen-Gionta. The fourth would be Gomez-Nokia-White/Darche.

    Cammaleri? I don’t think he’s happy since Gionta was awardedthe captaincy and I think he should be traded for draft picks or prospects.

  9. TommyB says:

    Lots of over-reaction to last night’s game, IMO. Not just from the posters here, but from Mike Boone as well in his About Last Night. The door had not even completely shut with JM heading out of it, when Cunneyworth stepped out for his debut as head coach. The Devils, among the hottest teams in the league lately, should not have been expected to be affected one way or another by this coaching change in Montreal. The Habs, on the other hand, will need a bit of an adjustment period.

    Was I the only one who saw a more entertaining game last night? Was I the only one who saw a head coach actually speaking to his players on the bench, and giving little encouraging pats on the back? Was I the only one who saw a head coach, with clipboard in hand, diagramming plays? Was it just my imagination, or delerium, that made me think the Habs played a more spirited offensive game last night? Did I not see lines stay pretty much intact for most of the game?

    Blaming JM for all the Habs woes of course would be ridiculous, but it was clear he had hit the wall. He had nothing left to offer. Sure, he could have been kept until the end of the season, and probably with the same end result that Cunneyworth may be left with….out of the playoffs. But there is a chance that the team may respond differently to Cunneyworth, and they just might, I say might, squeak into the playoffs. With one game under the new coach, we’ll need to be just a little patient to see what differences, if any, occur. And it’s way too early to start thinking about next year’s roster. Who should/would/could be on it. The key right now is for the GM not to over react with trades. I get a sense that he has one hand tied behind his back now anyway, and that any trade of significance would have to be run by someone higher up first. Some posters here were calling for Geoff Molson to do something, and I get the feeling his fingerprints were all over the dismissal of Martin. And I, for one, am not sad about it in the least. At the very least, I think we will see a more entertaining brand of hockey.

    • Barts says:

      Are you kidding? It’s an inability to play 60 mins. Same team, different coach, and he ain’t going to fix this bunch.

      • TommyB says:

        The inability to play 60 minutes of hockey might have, at least in part, had something to do with J.Martin. Maybe that will change to some degree. Nowhere did I say this coaching change is going to be the trick that saves this season. But I am willing to sit back and see where this thing goes with a new coach before I jump to any conclusions. In the end, it comes down to the players and how they perform. They just might come to the rink with a different attitude.

    • montreal ace says:

      I agree with what you say, and as far a Cunny is concerned, he did not have a chance to formulate a game plan. I thought he was under a lot of pressure last night and he handled it well. I think Cunny is going to do well, Martin was not relating to the young guys and his dog house was getting old

  10. Duracell3 says:

    The difference in hearing Lucic’s description of his hit, and watching the actual video makes me think the man has zero grip on reality.

  11. Mike D says:

    Random thoughts:

    I didn’t expect us to win last night just because we had a new coach. I expected us to win last night because NJ was playing their 2nd game of a back-to-back. Really no excuse for les boys to lose that one at home.

    RC should not be blamed for the loss or even how the team played. That one’s on the players.

    Budaj needs a start and Carey needs a rest. Since that won’t happen against Bos or Chi, it needs to happen right after.

    If anyone thought they were going to see drastic changes last night because of RC, they weren’t being realistic. He had 9 hours of tenure before puck drop and it’s impossible to implement real change with that kind of notice. Had he tried that, the team would have been in total disarray the whole game. The best course of action was to stick closely to the system that was already in place and hope for a win while making only minor adjustments (ie Eller’s line getting more ice time).

    With only one full practice on schedule for this road trip, we won’t see RC’s true vision for a while. If it looks similar to JM’s game plan, be patient. Also remember that the players need time to adjust as well. It’s not reasonable to expect even pro’s to adopt a new system or even execute substantial changes to an existing system seamlessly overnight. We’ll see some changes for sure and saw some already, but it will be at least mid-Jan. before we start seeing RC’s big picture.

    RC may or may not be the answer or part of the solution. JM may or may not have been THE problem. Either way, I think a change was needed as some players were not being utilized properly. For example, Cammy should not be on the PK, and Eller needs better wingers and some leeway to make mistakes without being benched so he can develop we can see what he’s got. Also, a double-standard seemed to exist under JM for the vets.

    Another thing I like about the change is that it removes coaching as an excuse for the team’s dismal play so far this season. If JM was responsible, then the team should start doing better. If they don’t, then we’ll know there’s more to it than that and those problems can start being rectified.

    On that note, it has become apparent that problems of some kind exist in the room based on the players audio clips that have been posted here over the past few days. I don’t know what they are or who they involve, but they exist. Maybe it’s because of JM and now they’ll resolve themselves. Maybe not.

    I respect and appreciate Boone (and the rest of the HIO staff for their work and this website), but I have to strongly disagree with the statement made yesterday about how 29 other teams can hire the best coach, but it’s different for us because we must have someone who’s bilingual. I think that’s bullsh!t. Results are what count – not language. This is a sports franchise, not a political vehicle for nationalists or anybody else. If people want to criticize the team for an apparent lack of franco content, they should also point the finger at franco players like Briere and Lecavalier for not wanting to play here. The days of the flying frenchmen are over. They proved their point to the whole world, but now it’s done. We as Habs fans are all grateful for what they accomplished. That said, we need to move into the modern era to bring glory back to the franchise.

    So far, Erik Cole is the best FA signing this team has made in a very long time.

    I hated the Kaberle deal for four reasons:
    1) His contract
    2) We lost the ability to clear 3.8mil off the books this summer
    3) His level of play since leaving T.O. (for the most part)
    4) Because it was done out of desperation.
    Now, if he continues to play well for the rest of the season, not only will he be tradeable come the dealine or summer, but we’ll be able to get a good return for him. If we decide to keep him and make other moves to free up the necessary room required to re-sign Carey, P.K., and the others, then we’ll get good value from him…again IF his level of play continues.

    Many are calling for PG’s head but I’m not so sure I agree. He’s done a lot of good things as GM. Maybe there’s a better person for the job, but there’s definitely a lot worse. I think he’s drafted well for us (with a lot of credit to Timmins), and if we remain low in the standings that will be an important skill to have since we’ll be selecting earlier than we’re used to.

    Is Gomez really injured and did he really suffer a setback, or is there more to it than just that? Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist here either, just wondering. Either way, I’m convinced this is Gomer’s last season with us. If he’s not traded, he will be sent down. Heck he might even retire. If the new CBA allows for a penalty-free buyout period then that is another option.

    – Honestly yours

  12. Propwash says:

    Stupid question…
    I read Jack Todd’s article on the firing of JM, but correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he want Martin fired as well?

    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

  13. WestHab says:

    lotsa panic out there. I would say let’s just let some of the dust settle on the coaching change, give it a chance. Yikes the new coach has one loss after being in charge for what 8 hours at the most? Before they sell off the Prices and the Subbans give it little bit of time, at least a week maybe?

  14. SmartDog says:


    1. What’s the one biggest coaching difference you saw on Saturday night?
    2. Would Martin still have his job (and the Habs a better record) if he had just been a bit more tolerant of rookies learning curves and less tolerant of under-performing veterans?
    3. Where do you put the odds that we make the playoffs this year?
    4. Would Price be a better goalie with Auld as his back-up and mentor?
    5. If we aren’t likely to make the playoffs, name 2 players you’d like to see shipped out and what you want back.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • TomNickle says:

      1. Players were playing a north south game, not east west.
      2. Yes.
      3. Bad Question
      4. No, because Auld couldn’t mentor Price in any way. Completely different paths to the NHL, different careers once in the NHL, different styles of play, different expectations.
      5. Cammalleri and Weber. Can’t speculate on a return.

    • WestHab says:

      1. The head coach was talking to his players during the game.
      3. About 45%
      5.Gomez and Weber or Diaz for picks.

    • habstrinifan says:

      1) more involvement from all player sin transition game.
      2) NO! Whether he increased his tolerance level or not JM’s approach to hockey did not foster long term team development. No one was getting better and thus the team wasnt. This has not been a one-year deterioration.
      3. Very slim. I am losing hope.
      4. Price would be a better goalie if the team practices were more demanding offensively. From the videos I have seen they are not.
      5. Pervese answer here. I would like to see Subban and White shipped out. I think those two players would become benchmarks for the HABS (and their fans) on how inept our nurturing of players is. Whom do I want back… some wizened old veterans who says the rght things.

    • Rad says:

      5 ANSWERS:

      1. I saw some signs of passion and fight (as opposed to dead and dying.)
      2. Not even. Martin’s inadequacies were far greater than just his intolerance of rookies.
      3. Unfortunately, greater than 50%. I say unfortunately because it would be nice to have a lottery pick this Summer. Also, “just making the playoffs” isn’t good enough for me or any other true Montreal Canadien fan.
      4. Moot point.
      5. Gomez if possible, and Weber, also Campoli if Markov comes back healthy. Return for Gomez? I haven’t a clue what we could get for him from a desperate team. In general, what I want to see coming back this way is size and truculence, especially on D, but also at forward.

  15. ont fan says:

    After reading some of the last posts I realize how crazy it is to read the posts. Most of our players are over priced just to get them here. They aren’t preforming for us but you think we can get 1st round draft choices and people like Richards and Johnson for them. PLEASE

  16. Mr. Biter says:

    We’re all bitching about the lack of a PP (correctly so), however for the last 2 years the PP’s sucked then magically PG finds a PP specialist in MAB and Wiz and the PP catches fire for the rest of the year and we make the playoffs. Then when the year ends lots of posters come down on these same players complaining about their liabilities (MAB no defense, too small etc) and Wiz (to big expense ,defensive liabilty?). We let them go for nothing and expect the PP to suddenly come alive. Oh that’s right AM will be back. His agent tells PG no problem DR. Boris Badanoff from Russia has x-rays showing everything is okay with AM’s knee. Dr. Badanoff has never been proven wrong in a court of law or gone to a Gulag so his word is like gold. Great says PG here is $5 M contract for 3 years. The good Doktor sees his 10% comission and is now neighbours with JM in St. Marteen.

    Mr. Biter

  17. PeterStone says:

    i’m going to go out on a limb, and assume things just keep going as they are … so, we are out of the playoff race, and need to make deals.

    I think its obvious Gill and Moen are traded. I would also trade AK, and Cammi. I think you get a solid package for AK and Cammi. Gill and Moen can get you a prospect or a decent pick. As a matter of fact I think you can turn Gill into a 1st and Moen into a decent prospect, 2nd. I see no reason to bring Budaj back ( of course I saw no reason to sign him either ) , so, get a decent 3rd/4th liner with size, grit and energy for him. Gomez, well, if he isnt loaned to some Swiss team next July 1st ( as he should have been last July 1st ) then it proves, once again, Molson isnt serious about his desire to win.

    On Dee, if you can move Kaberle, who is picking up points with us, and MAY become movable, you definitely move him to a contender. Weber has no place on this team either. Campoli wont be back, so trade him at the deadline.

    One thing I would definitely do is trade one of Pleks, Eller or Desharnais. Since I am going to guess you wont get much for Desharnais, and therefore you wont trade him, i think its obvious you need to trade Eller. There is no way this team can compete for a Cup with Pleks, Desharnais and Eller as your top 3 Centers. Sorry, its a fact. Pleks is the only one of the 3 who is established, so he isnt movable unless someone blows you away. Leaves Eller.

    I am going to daydream for a little, and throw this out there …. Eller, Weber and Cammi to LA for Richards ( assuming he is healthy ) and Johnson. If not, I try to get Carter out of Columbus.

    I build around my core .. MaxPac, PK, Cole, Emelin, Price .. and I dont trade another captain, so Gionta is definitely part of my team.

    I know, i am dreamin’ BUT the idea remains .. no way do I start next season with those 3 as my top centers, and no way I start next season with such a soft Dee.

    • Favorite Son says:

      Nobody’s going to take Gill or Moen when their contracts are expiring in July. Also, Gill can fetch a 1st?? No way.

      Trading Eller would be stupid because he’s the only big centre we have right now in terms of current roster players and prospects (maybe Leblanc).

      You could maybe, maybe trade Plekanec but I’d be reluctant to have DD and Eller as our top 2 centres at this point in time.

      Sorry, but your suggestions are in no way realistic.

      • JasonM says:

        I stopped reading when you said Gill for a 1st.


      • PeterStone says:

        well, Gill brings a very special quality. He is a PREMIER penalty killer, has leadership qualities and has won a cup. Do I think its an easy first rounder, no, but, if you create an auction for him, i tihnk you can get a low first round pick. You have to remember, we got Josh Gorges AND a 1st for Rivet, under similiar circumstances, so saying No Way … well, i am going to say maybe.

        Eller is 6’2″ so, yea hes ok size wise, but I care more about skill than size. Nokeleinen is big, so … ? Get me skill, get me determination, get me a # 1 center. Eller is a 3, MAYBE a 2. Pleks a 2. Desharnais a 2.

        I told you I was dreamin’ … of course, on the other hand, Burke turned Ian White, Matt Stajan, Jamal Mayers and assorted trash into Phaneuf and Keith Aulie …. he also turned Beauchemin into Lupul and Gardiner and he made Cody Franson appear from NSH out of nothing. I am sure you would have stated that was unrealistic as well, until it happened.

        Anyways, point is, down the middle with those 3 will just lead to years of pretending instead on contending.

        • vivsterjuve88 says:

          i would venture so far as to say eller has the softest hands on our whole team, he hasn’t clicked just yet but you see it in the way he moves and the creative plays he actually attempts that the rest of the team won’t bother. Add that he’s one of our biggest, youngest fwds, and he needs to stay. Tiny high-skill centers litter the AHL, they’re easy to find, if one of our centers goes it should be desharnais. Have we even checked to see how good eller is at center when he has two sizable skilled wingers at his sides like DD has? Nope.
          Gill fetches a 3rd pick at best. He’s useful in very limited scenarios (rivet was effective on 5 on 5, not nearly as easy to burn along the boards), old, and his contract is expiring.
          And to think Budaj would fetch any pick at all is ridiculous. Name a team where he’s a notable upgrade in any part of a goaltending lineup. We only signed him to play 10 easier games/yr. He doesn’t add anything at all to a playoff bound team and goalies of his calibre are dime-a-dozen come July 1st for 800k-1.2mill/yr. So why would any team give us a pick to have a goalie they have no use for?
          I wouldn’t mind if u threw Gorges into that core to build around btw, he’s proven to be a very reliable shut-down guy, still young, great in the room, and his lack of offensive flair will keep him relatively affordable.
          And u should consider giving the C to someone else and just trading Gionta out. Ya he’s small, but he’s also getting older and looking pretty beat-up when he hits the ice. He makes very similar money to jeff carter, corey perry, bobby ryan. That’s what 5mill can buy u. That tells me we should save the cash for a guy who’s really able to earn it.

    • mrhabby says:

      you make some good points.

      down the middle has been a sore spot for years. iam not sure we trade Eller ..one bright spot who looks like a keeper but for Richards hmmmm. on the flip side i can’t see LA doing that deal after getting him from Flyers a few months ago.
      Budaj signed a 2 year deal..so he does not go anywhere.
      if were out of the playoffs..iam sure other teams will be calling and i can see moen, gorges, campoli, gill and others peddled away.
      team needs a ruthless GM who can get these type of bold deals done.
      of course if the habs win the majority of games by the end of the year all will be forgotten. something tells me this will not be the case..teams sense were in a bit of panic mode.

      • PeterStone says:

        I want to be clear, I like Eller, and if I dont get what I need I wouldnt trade him, but I would be open to doing so. As for budaj, he adds no value to our team … how much longer he is signed for to me would be irrelevant. We signed Samsonov for a few years than traded him after 3 months … thats just an admission of the fit not being there.


    • The Dude says:

      Plecs and Gomez ,Cammi and Gomez….you want one you must take the other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • habstrinifan says:

      You lost me when you reasoned Gill could fetch a 1st rounder pick.

      • PeterStone says:

        again, i said i could happen, and I base it on the fact that he is the premier PK guy in the league. Also, Rivet fetching a 1st and Gorges indicates that , yes, it could happen. Now, i dont think PG gets a call offering him a 1st for Gill, but if he played teams against each other, I could see him fetching a late 1st round pick. I stand by that comment.

    • vegas says:

      I’m for trading Plekanek
      He is the only one of the 3 that has any true value
      if packaging him up with a Gionta or Cammalleri would give us the # 1 centerman we are looking for, just do it

      However when I look around and think of who would be availabel I scratch my head.
      WOuld you do Plek and Cammaleri or Gionta for
      26 year old Eric Stall 8.35 cap hit and slumping?
      25 year old Paul Stastny, 6.6 cap hitslumping and not really big?
      26 year old Jeff Carter 5.275 cap hit and often injured
      26 Year old Mike Richards, 5.750 party animal
      20 year old John Tavares, 3.750 cap hit (in my dreams) will add for him
      23 year old Anisimov 6’2″, 1,875cap hit for 1 of the 3
      20 year old Brayden Schen for 1 of them

      no oher centerman interests me (well there are others but i am 100% sure they are not available)
      and would any of the teams be interested in what we have to offer?

  18. doogie says:

    If I were running the Canadiens!

    First thing I would do, call the Detroit Pistons athletic trainer Arnie Kander and offer him $2 million to become the guy for the Canadiens. He is without a doubt, the best injury avoidance guy in all of sports. Worth his weight in gold, so hire him at any cost and watch injuries go down, performance go up.

    Injuries are an annual issue on this team. New Coach, GM, amateur Scouts and Therapists. Now we’re heading in the right direction.

    • Norm0770 says:

      Hiring Arnie Kander is a good thought, but basketball and hockey are completely different… The potential to catch a skate across your foot as Markov did a couple years ago is nil. So I’m wondering how much effect it would have.

      • doogie says:

        True true Norm, but their general conditioning is got to be questioned. yes freak injuries continue on this team but every single year, they’re at the top of the list for “games lost to injury” Time for a little reflection.

  19. Psycho29 says:

    I was flipping through the channels before, and on LCN news they were discussing that the Habs have a unilingual English coach.
    They did a ‘man on the street’ interview where everyone basically said that it’s not right and its an insult that the coach doesn’t speak French.
    Then they had the PQ language rep on who pretty well echoed those feelings and that it’s a disgrace that the coach cannot address the media and fans in French. The interviewer asked what if Cunneyworth learns French? The PQ guy said he doubts that will happen, that we had a captain who was here 10 years and supposidly took French lessons but never spoke a word of French to the media.
    They also reported that there’s a language group pushing for a boycott of Molson and the Habs because of this.
    I hope I’m wrong, but I think this whole situation is going to really snowball out of control….

    I believe that it’s preferable that the coach is bilingual…..but sometimes as in this case you have to bring somebody in who’s close to the team and can do the job on an interim basis…

    • kakey says:

      Let’s look at our last two captains:

      Koivu, who learned French (his wife and kids all speak French), was blasted for years just because he did not feel comfortable enough to speak it in public. PQ spew the same BS about the Habs as a branch of French language heritage institution.

      Gionta, who I presume has no prior French knowledge, spoke some broken French to introduce the team during last season’s opener, and was praised for it. Since then, the French media left him alone, even when he is underperforming lately.

      So all Conneyworth has to do is learn some Québécois sport clichés, spew them out from time to time, and he’ll be left alone.

      The problem is not the average man on he street, but the constant refrains from the likes of Michel Bergeron, Réjean Tremblay and Bertrand Raymond about the lack of Habs’ Francophone identity that is influencing and making people repeating that same opinion, thus making it seems like a bigger deal than actually having a winning team.

      Once the team starts winning, all is forgotten. When Kovalev and Koivu led the team to be 1st in the conference, those people were on the same olé olé bandwagon. They didn’t dare to be contrarian. Now the team is not hot the same BS comes out in drove.

    • Malreg says:

      The best thing that could happen this summer is for Quebec to get the Nordiques back. Hopefully that would shift much of the language situation away from the Canadiens.

    • habstrinifan says:

      And to think one poster chided me when I said that the team must face ithead-on and with all hands on deck. If not they are letting the hounds control the discussion. Imagine.. it’s only a couple days old and it’s gotten to this.

    • nickster13 says:

      It makes me sick!

  20. HardHabits says:

    Price and Subban should be let go if they receive offer sheets in excess of their value. If not the only move that should be made with them is for prospects and/or picks. Or maybe they should just trade them both straight up for Lecavalier or some other washed up over the hill and over priced veteran.

    Habs fans should get used to the rude wake-up call that is approaching. This team has two choices; suck hard and fast now with a renewed life after the fall, a chrysalis, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, a rebirth indeed… or suck slow and long for eternity.

    What kills me is all the missing the play-offs is unacceptable BS. No wonder the Habs are the laughing stock of the NHL.

    But nobody will offer sheet Subban and Price. Better to just wait until the Habs panic again and pilfer them for nothing or a salary dump.

    Habs fans will turn away in droves from this team soon if the Habs don’t wake up to the reality of building a team in the salary cap era, not because the Habs are losing but because fans will start realizing that they are being conned and swindled.

  21. At least, till the next year Randy Cunneyworth doesn’t need to speak French.

  22. jmsheehy19 says:

    Things are not nearly as dire as many are making out.

    The two and a half men line is great, Price gives us a chance to win almost every night, Eller is showing more promise, AK produces with whichever line mates he’s given, we’ve actually gotten some production out of Darche-Nokia-Blunden, and Leblanc hasn’t looked out of place.

    The D is a work in progress, but not nearly the atrocity they are labeled as. We’re 10th in GA/G and 5th in SA/G. Subban is playing top pairing minutes with the perennially solid Gorges, Emelin is a pleasant surprise, and Kaberle has helped the PP.

    Cunnyworth was coach for all of 8 hours before the game, give him time. While we aren’t where we want to be, the season is not lost. One win streak and we’re in a playoffs spot.

    Does anybody believe we are going to be worse with Markov, Gio, White, and/or Moen back in the lineup?

    The only two major problems I see are Cammy’s lack of production (must lead the team in goal posts though) and I can’t believe I’m about to type this but, Plecky’s recent slide (1 G, 4A, -9 in the last 13 games). Turn these two around and we’re fine. Everybody back away from the cliff.

    • twilighthours says:

      You don’t see being 26th in the league in wins a major problem?


      • jmsheehy19 says:

        Like I said, not where we want to be, and I’m not pretending we’re the Detroit Red Wings or anything, just saying it’s not as bad as many of the “blow-up-the-team” Doomsday prophets are claiming. But given the parity in the league and the amount of games that came down to the wire, I think we can turn it around.

        • HardHabits says:

          Blowing up the team is not the answer. Rebuilding is. Keep the youth. Shed the contracts. Don’t stress on missing the play-offs, even if it’s for two seasons and snag picks rather than throwing them away. 2015 could be the Canadiens renaissance. Instead it looks like continued Dark Ages.

  23. rhino514 says:

    Price is not top five in the world. He is a good goalie. Definitely top ten at this point. Given that he is so young, He COULD become top five if he continues to mature and develop his game. Rinne, Lundquist, Thomas and a two or three others are still ahead of him.

    • Strummer says:

      He needs a competent back up to mentor and push him.

      Like what Torts does with Lundqvist and Biron on the Rangers.

      Limit Price to 60-65 starts so he doesn’t burn-out and have a guy backing him up that will win games -not Budaj-

      He needs a Turco or Guigure who is experienced, makes about $1 million/ year and can support/mentor/relieve pressure


      • habstrinifan says:

        Another bone-headed coaching out of fear move by JM so far. Price’s workload should have already been reduced and Budaj should have been given a chance to ‘grow’ into his backup role.

        It’s coaching base don negatives so far. Hope RC changes that.

    • Malreg says:

      Considering those three you mentioned are all at least 5 years older than Price, I can accept that they are currently better than him.

      I don’t think there’s a goalie in the NHL that I would trade Price straight up for.

  24. rated_R says:


  25. The Cat says:

    How about this for a trade: Price and Weber for Pavelec and Byfuglien? Pavelec is a fine young goalie and well Buff is physical and offensively minded.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  26. homerbowen says:

    It’s almost Christmas and here is how I see our team so far;
    – JM fired…good news
    – PG will be fired at year end……good news.
    As for our players;
    Pleks; Gorges; Blunden; Desharnais; Patches; LeBlanc; Cole; Emelin; PK; Eller; Moen; Kostitsyn; Price; Budaj; Diaz

    MOVE AT OR NEAR DEADLINE (if possible)
    Cammalleri; Nokelainen, Gionta; Gomez; Campoli; Kaberle; Gill; Darche; Weber. Move for prospects and/or draft picks and no one under 6’2″.

    While I doubt any team would be interested in Gomez I would surely assign him to Hamilton next year to get him off the books.
    If I forgot a few it’s because I’m still PO’d from last night.

    • Favorite Son says:

      Gill and Darche will be extended one more year and rightfully so.

    • city center says:

      Agree with all of the keepers and those to be moved except I would switch Gionta and Kostitsyn, even if the captain is older and more expensive. Think Gionta gives a more steady effort and clutch when it counts, especially in the playoffs. Love AK46 when he’s engaged, but there are games where I watch him glide about and it reminds me too much of another winger we had who was often awol despite the great talent. Would also likely hold onto Darche as a #12 forward: works hard, gets an occasional goal and big. Suspect he is also liked in the room. Just no need for any PP time.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Lasat year I would have given AK away for free but this year he is playing well ( that move the the devil d-man last night , just could not seal the deal with a goal). Darche is on the bubble and I don’t see him coming back.

        Mr. Biter

  27. longtimehabsfan says:

    Now that I’ve had some time to think about the recent coaching change I’ve been able to curb my optimism. This doesn’t make any sense. In a period of 6 months, PG has dissolved the coaching trio that produced a great deal of success with very little to work with. JM, Pearn and Muller are all gone. RC, with no NHL coaching experience [remember the knock on Carbo] is in and with an assistant GM [without any coaching experience] at his side. I don’t know what the assistant GM is supposed to do, perhaps act as RC’s French interpreter. This season has turned into a disaster. It has fire sale written all over it. Only problem is, will there be any buyers?

    “It’s a moo point. Like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

  28. Mattyleg says:

    With a new coach should come a few player changes, I think.
    I would suggest moving one of our mobile d-men to a team that’s having trouble in that area, in exchange for a hard-hitting third or fourth-liner.

    Any suggestions of what team/player might fit this bill?

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • HabinBurlington says:

      You pose an interesting question, I always felt JM didn’t seem to like abrasive styled players, will PG bring more grit to lineup now with RC in charge?

  29. twilighthours says:

    Prediction: habs squeak out a win in Boston, but get drubbed in Chicago, Miami, and tampa. Close losses in Winnipeg and Ottawa.


    • Habsolutely says:

      Panthers don’t play in Miami anymore, they play in Sunrise.

      • twilighthours says:

        Semantics. It’s a suburb of Miami. All one big city.


        • Habsolutely says:

          Miami is a city, Sunrise is a city,
          Sunrise is actually a lot closer to Ft. Lauderdale than it is Miami, and is no way a “suburb” of Miami.
          Miami = Dade county,
          Sunrise = Broward county.
          Not semantics, facts.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            So when do the Coyotes become the Glendale Coyotes?

          • Habsolutely says:

            What are you talking about? Isn’t Glendale a city in Phoenix? Hence the name the “Phoenix” Coyotes.
            Sunrise is a city in Florida, hence the name the “Florida” Panthers.
            Guess you guys didn’t pass geography class.

          • Danno says:

            Then there’s the Kanata Senators


            “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

          • Habsolutely says:

            lol, Glendale is a city dude. look it up.

          • twilighthours says:

            You feel passionate about this don’t you? If I was to drive from sunrise to Miami, would I notice where one ended and the other began? No.

            Man people will argue about anything over the Internet.


          • Habsolutely says:

            I’m not arguing anything. I simply stated the facts of the matter. why are you so hurt about admitting you are wrong? once again Sunrise is not Miami, it is not a suburb of Miami, and it is not even in the same county. if you drove from Sunrise to Miami, yes you would know it, you would see several signs saying now entering dade county, or welcome to the city of Miami. Have you ever even been here?

          • twilighthours says:

            Listen bud, I’ll give you one more response because you seem to be enjoying yourself and I’m in a giving mood – Christmas and all.

            Yes, I’ve driven thru it once. What difference does county make? If Kansas city can be in two different states then I’m sure Miami can be in two different counties. It’s just one big urban sprawl, and if you dropped the average bloke in miami and got him to drive to sunrise then he wouldn’t ever think he had left Miami, road signs be damned. Further, how many of the players live in sunrise, do you think? I’m betting most live in what you consider Miami.

            My original point was that it’s essentially the same geographic location, which is defined by more than where someone arbitrarily drew a line on a map.

            But since you’re such a “stickler”, you better make mention of the fact that Montreal won in Glendale and has a game coming up in kanata, as mentioned above.

            Don’t be so sensitive about the place where you live. Don’t be so “butthurt” – whatever that means.

            Are we done arguing yet?


          • Mr. Biter says:

            Was taken to the woodshed by Habsolutely and he (and I) were correct that the Panthers are way closer to Fort Lauderdale than Miami but he gave me a geography lesson as I also thought that Sunrise a subarb of Fort lauderdale but actually is a city and the arena is next to one of the worse Malls( Sawgrass) to be stuck in on Black Friday as I am dragged there every year and it makes Boxing Day seem like a walk in the park.

            Mr. Biter

          • Habsolutely says:

            Miami = Urban sprawl
            Sunrise = farm lands and gated communities
            come on down here. I’ll drive you to Sunrise. I want you to go around telling the people there that they are actually living in Miami. I want to video tape it and put it on youtube so everyone can laugh at the responses they give you.
            and you’re the one being sensitive, I’m just providing you with the facts of the matter. I live just outside of Miami in a town that you could technically call a “suburb” of Miami. But by all means, continue to wallow in your ignorance.

    • derfab says:

      Realistically, we can win on any given night, but if the rinks remain as they are we need at least one goon and another big man to compete with Boston beyond that. Call me a dinosaur but in the long run I don’t like our chances against any of the tougher clubs, including the Laffs.

  30. WestHab says:

    Looks like Cole could be out for 3 to 5 based on what we saw with Pac. I had to leave the game just after new jersey’s 4th goal, did Cole sustain an injury? I remember that the went to the “vestaire” earlier in the game. So my question is if a player receives an injury during a game that he also committed a foul that is punishable by means of suspension, does the suspension start after the injury is healed? Or are the games he misses with injury count against the suspension?

    • ooder says:

      actually i think cole just had to use the washroom lol

      The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

    • derfab says:

      imo Cole’s hit was worse than Pacs on Letang. Ironic, perhaps, since if I remember it right, Cole, of all people, had hust lifted Letang’s stick from behind, an instant before Pacs finished the check. I think they were very different plays because Cole had time to recognize the situation while Pacs didn’t. I am still puzzled by the suspension.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        To bad if Cole gets suspended as I am really impressed with his play espically in front of the net on the PP and he plays every shift like it’s his last. One of PG’s few good offseason pick-ups this July.

        Mr. Biter

  31. ooder says:

    yes we lost the game.. but at least we watched hockey.
    Randy gave our young guys a fair shot to play, which resulted in leblanc setting up eller beautifully.
    gave our top line a ton of ice time and limited the 4th liners to a reasonable amount.
    also finally he took of 13 from the PK.
    We lost due to a few defensive lapses.. and i honestly think that after a few game Randy will turn this ship around.
    it was sooo nice to see a coach talk to his team
    The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Your correct! we lost but we watched a hockey game for a change. It will get better i feel.

    • dasbooth says:

      I was not a JM hater, thought he did well with what he had. I do remember AK’s comments over the summer when he mentioned that the coach and him never talked. Not good for a player that was used in many situations because of his talent to think he was being short changed. Communication is key, if RC is talking to his players then I think we will see a large improvement.

      “Shutouts are really more of a team stat” – Carey Price

  32. derfab says:

    Cunneyworth might be stuck for now but one good move would be to give Cole to Plekanec. This balanced attack crap is just that. Balanced teams may defend well but they don’t force the play, which is what makes the difference at any competitive level. DD is doing his best but that doesn’t make him the best. Put your most talented, hardworking players together with the most deserving of the remainder (right now that’s probably Kostitsyn). Also, Gill’s mentoring work is done. As good as he is on the PK, he should probably be moved for a pick at this point so that Emelin can play.

  33. HNS says:

    Gauthier is next. I hope Geoff is losing his shite over this.

  34. Shiloh says:

    Out walking the dog. First attempt to comment from Blackberry. Testing, baby!

  35. Ian Cobb says:

    You Know! you might be on to something there Danno! How about hiring the best European coach we can find? There is no doubt in my mind that Gauthier will be gone at the end of this season. So this will give us a chance to bring in the very best GM candidate from anywhere, and he in turn will bring in his best coaches.

    The communication and explanation of the game to players is all done in English, regardless of the 5 or 6 different languages that are spoken by the players.

    If your business wants to be # 1, you bring in #1 from where ever you can find them. Why limit yourself choosing the best personnel available in the industry. Unless you are comfortable staying at mediocrity.

    Cunneyworth might just be the ticket! Who knows.
    The one thing I do know is that we have enough good talent to make a noise, given that someone can reestablish confidence and team work.

  36. adamkennelly says:

    if all our players play up to their potential – this team does have enough talent to compete – problem is that will never ever happen – wrong make-up, no character, no fire and too many mediocre players getting high reps because of injuries. Would be great to have everyone healthy but still need some leadership, physical, character guys to make this a real, competitive, NHL team.

    • 24 Cups says:

      AK – I’m confused. Three years ago, Gainey fired a close friend to only go behind the bench himself and discover that his team was made up of dysfunctional malcontents.

      He totally cleaned house and went on a shopping spree to bring in solid veterans who were team players who displayed character and determination. Gionta, Gomez, Cammalleri, Moen and Gill would help rebuild the team along with other pros such as Gorges, Cole and Pleks. Now, just two years later, there’s no character or leadership? What gives?

  37. habstrinifan says:

    Reading Stu Hackels’s article has me more convinced than ever. All the collective navel-gazing by players. ENUFF! ENUFF! Geez it’s even so contagious that HIO is now infected.


    Next time someone speaks tell me how they have worked on some tic-tac-toe passing and some ‘pinpoint passing to the slot and pulling the trigger’ wrist shot to the corners.. high then low.. high then low.. based on gut feeling where the goalie is reacting due to the preceeding play pattern.

    ENUFF LOSER CLICHES! Practise specifically and hard and with urgency.

    And then go out and skate for the other guy.

    I am going crazy with all the pansy-arse proclamations of players caught in a spin-cycle of cloggy incompetence.

    I want someone to say we skated our arses off in practise today, we dug deep for winning combinations and plays and NOW we are gonna go out and kick some butts with our game and see what happens.

    STOP looking at your freakin nervously pulsing navel aperture.

  38. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Boone, do you think Eric Cole will get suspended?

    “Hate the Ole song like a sickness”

    • Danno says:

      There is a NJ reporter, Tom Gulitti, who claims that Cole will not get suspended. This of course is unconfirmed.

      From Twitter:

      TGfireandice Tom Gulitti
      Not official that there’s definitely no supplementary discipline coming for Cole, but it’s very much looking like that will be case.


      “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  39. mrhabby says:

    what would you do if your Geoff Molson.

    1. strip the team down and start acquiring pics and build through the draft.
    2. do some more tweaking without hurting the future and sqeak in the playoffs in the hope of getting some playoff revenue.

  40. RetroMikey says:

    No surprise the team is playing very poor with basically a roster which has been intact for almost 3 years assembled together.Even if Toe Blake were alive today to coach this team, we would still be bottom cellar dwellers with the nucleus of players assembled for our 2011-2012 team. We have too many small players on this team for the past 3 seasons and a very weak D….too fragile IMO.
    Have we really improved this team in the past 3 years?
    Yup, the coach is the first to go, now let’s start wheeling and dealing and Gauthier admit this team is not the team they hoped for.
    This team ain’t going far this season, let’s just rebuild and start from scratch by wheeling and dealing and that includes shuffling the front office staff and the scouting department.
    Santa are you listening to me?

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  41. mrhabby says:

    lots of interesting comments the last few days. the debate will rage that pg has clearly been desperate to shake things up.
    Perry P was let go, Kaberle was brought in and Martin was let go. next is more personnel moves if team continues to slip…the next 2 weeks will determine the season i think.

  42. jo_maka says:

    Some thoughts:

    I don’t mind Cunneyworth. I say let’s be patient a little and give the guy a chance to put his imprint on this team. It’s obvious he’s gonna start with what JM did in terms of system, here’s hoping he gets creative with it and holds everybody accountable, regardless of contracts

    I think the 4th goal was a holding on Campoli, and Lee was in zebra so…….you know how it goes, but it kinda stoned our kids a bit. Nevertheless, I think PK, AK and Eller played like they were actually unchained, and that provided nice plays

    I’m neither a born french-speaking nor english-speaking. I’m one of those “others” but I speak both language. I think the interim title means first of all that RC doesn’t have to be held accountable for language issues. If anything the press can translate. As much as we’d hope, he won’t have to answer to us but to his boss. And it’s not that important to get a francophone right now, the first order of business is winning. After that, we’ll see. If there should ever be another team in La Belle Province, then it makes sense that it’ll be one of the team’s priorities. Forget about that “they owe it to give local coach a shine” bs, if that was the case, the Randys won’t be where they are when we just snatched Jodoin this year, all while Benoit Groulx is still in the Q, but that’s for another post.

    The other meaning of interim is that PG is on the hot stove, for real. Molson must’ve said look, you fix this, but I don’t want anything to mortgage the next years any more than it is now, so no new coach with a contract until we see the light. If we don’t, you pack your things.

    I can’t wait for the injured to get back so we can move the expendables of this team so we can upgrade. I’ll let you speculate, have at it.

    And last point, we know for a fact where JM will end. As a fired Habs coach, we’ll see him on the regular as a panelist on L’Antichambre in about 3 years from now, notepad and all. I for one look forward to this exchange:

    SL: Alors Jacques, que penses-tu du nouveau porteur de ballon des Alouettes ?

    JM: Premièrement, je trouve que c’est un individu. Deuxièmement, je trouve qu’il bouge bien les jambes, ça lui permet de courir. Ce qui est un avantage quand les adversaires essaient de courir après lui. Si vous avez fait vos recherches, vous verrez que le gazon ou il a fait un touché est plus vert après l’entracte. Mais c’est un jeune qui fait aussi des erreurs…..
    Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

  43. Tis Himself says:

    The Bruins are just waiting for these Clems to show up. They have even started the pregame promos altering an old tune to “When Suck Comes to Town!”

  44. billylove says:

    With 6 games remaining before the end of the year, the boys need to get 10 points to avoid having the lowest point total by years end since the lockout. Good luck.

  45. ed lopaz says:

    with Markov out, Price is our best player.

    Price was beat badly on the 3rd goal and the 5th goal.

    Clean snap shots that just beat him.

    He was deep in his net and down, not his usual confident play at all.

    The Habs made mistakes – yes.

    But when their world class goalie does not play up to his standards of excellence, the Habs will not beat anyone in this league.

    Price needs to pick up his game immediately.

    There are many, many goalies playing much better than him right now, and that should not happen.

    I expect that when Price begins to play like Price, the Habs will win a few games in a row.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Your comments are correct, is a shame however, that this team is so reliant on its goalie.

      The team really needs to have some its injured vets come back in the lineup also, but not just as passengers as it seems so many have been this year.

      • billylove says:

        The only concern I have about Price’s future is exactly what you said. The team is so reliant on Price I worry that his development will be affected. He’s still young but he’s no fool and I’m sure he knows he has to be near perfect just about every game or the team won’t win. A lot of pressure!

      • ed lopaz says:

        every team relies on its goaltending

        Price is top 5 in the world.

        we should and we WILL make the playoffs

    • Jordio-oh says:

      We are 10th in the league in team GAA and 21st in goal scoring per game and you take aim at the goaltending.

      Maybe Cammy can earn his salary and score more goals so Price doesn’t need to get shutouts or have one-goal games in order for us to win.

      What you said may be true, but your priorities are flawed.

    • christophor says:

      To think any goalie is expected to stop either of Zubrus’ or Clarkson’s goals is very silly. Both are goal-scorer’s goals. I agree with the spirit of your post, that the most direct way for this team to get wins is for Price to play better, but I wouldn’t say Price needs to play at an NHL rather than AHL quality; I’d say he needs to play at an elite rather than average-to-above-average quality. He’s spoiled us for the last year, and some, to the extent that we get upset when he doesn’t stop legitimate scoring chances. We’ve come to see those as routine stops, which they definitely aren’t.

  46. Ian Cobb says:

    The Randy the Dandy era! Starts in a large hole!

    Here is where we place today, with the other 30 teams.

    Goals Against 89, Hab’s in 14th place. Last week 12th with 77 GA.

    Total Points— 33, Hab’s in 21st place. Last week 19th with 31.

    Goals For—– 85, Hab;s in 22nd place. Last week 18th with 74.GF

    Can Randy get this club out of this hole, using only English to get his point across to the team? Or should he learn Russian? Danish and Chinese.

  47. keepthefaith says:

    See you later Nordique fans. Lots of room on the wagon today folks. You’ll be back.

  48. BKAK72 says:

    Over the last ten years three (former) HABS coaches have gone on to the Stanley Cup final, two won. Does that then suggest we made a poor decision to let them go b/c they didn’t do the same here? I don’t think so. Alain Vignault, Michel Thierrien and Claude Julien did what they could with mediocre rosters.

    What does this mean?

    The finger pointing should always have been directed to the General Manager for his leadership (or lack thereof) at the draft table, RFA/UFA contracts signed, trades placed and coaches hired/fired.

    Rejean Houle opens the chapter as an imbecile and the fools that follow (Andre Savard excepted) like Bob Gainey and now Pierre Gautier simply add fuel to the fire. These three specifically are most responsible for the steady flow of .500 hockey and inconsistent performances in the playoffs with an aberration in the 2009/10 season b/c of a goalie that was nearly unstoppable.

    Shame on Ronald Corey for the fire of Savard (hire of Houle), shame on Pierre Boivin for doing no better with your own hires to put us in the spot today. Maybe he should have simply stuck to what he seemed to know best: event planning at the Bell Center.


    • Danno says:

      You what they say about pointing a finger at someone…

      When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that three of his fingers are pointing at himself.

      Mr. Gauthier take note.


      “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

    • The Dude says:

      It means that the Montreal Canadiens have turned into the Montreal Expo’s ! This once proud Team in now in the game of breaking -in prospect players and coaches for other teams! “or just breaking”. Again…. Les Canadiens du Montreal used to have the best record in Pro Sport for Championships followed by The New York Yankee’s.These are Elite Teams but only one is treated with respect from within”the best Coaches,Players,Scouts ,Trainers ,Doctors etc” and it ain’t the Habs ! And any G.M. or Coach or Player…heck even Owner that don’t understand the Montreal Canadiens are the Creme du la Creme then TAKE A HIKE ! WHEN WAS THE LAST TRUE SUPERSTAR on the C.H. and tell me I wrong!

  49. HNS says:

    Effin BRUTAL. Forget the playoffs. The end of season needs a going out of business sale.

  50. hansolo says:

    I didn’t want Martin fired. I know microstats aren’t necessarily thought highly of in this forum. To me, they are one measure of how the coach translates his vision into reality, and I liked the puck possession (manifested in good microstats) that the team had since Martin was coach. They hadn’t had that for a long time, not since Jacques Demers. I also agreed with Martin that process was important; I won’t dispute there were hiccups but the process to improve the team’s play seemed to be in place.

    I agree no coach is perfect and there are always things we can pick apart about philosophy and tactics. Yes, Martin certainly had reason to have his detractors, too.

    I hope RC, who’s got solid coaching credentials, does well, despite having to bear the hopes of all of us who’ve been starved for a Cup since ’93, and despite not being able to speak French. I fear the latter may be his undoing, as the French language media will not continue to look kindly on him till the end of the season if the team continues its current ways.

    I can’t help feeling this was an emotional move. I would have preferred it had PG reassessed the team after the injured ENTIRE SECOND LINE from last year of Gomez, Gionta and Moen had come back. As for Markov, waiting for him has become like waiting for Godot.

    If this was an emotional move, that worries me. Emotion cannot be your driving passion if you aim to build something long-term. Emotion can be a useful catalyst for change but isn’t sustainable as a driver of long-term success in the absence of calm, rational thought. The latter would have dictated Martin be kept until the end of the season. What can Cunneyworth meaningfully accomplish in 50 games? To me, this smacks of 1995, when Savard and Demers were replaced by Houle and Tremblay. We all know where that emotional move took us, because we’re still picking up the pieces.

    For all our sakes, but especially the team’s, I hope I’m wrong. If this was an emotional move, count me firmly in the “Tank to win” camp. HH , you may have yet found another recruit.

  51. Timo says:

    Anyone else thinks that Pierre Ladouceur is a bit too generous with his game grades? I mean, other than Gorges I wouldn’t have given a single above 5.

  52. Timo says:

    So was this Bobo’s plan all along? After 8 years, we are at the point of having to rebuild – again? Great visionary.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      I wonder why you keep referring so disrespectfully to Bob Gainey as “Bobo”.

      He’s a Canadiens’ great whose number 23 hangs between 19 (Robinson) and 33 (Roy) on the most famous ceiling in hockey.

      You are a loser spouting shite on the internet.

      • citizenSanto says:

        Ah Timo’s ok. Just a merry prankster (crankster).
        But his disrespect towards MR. Gainey bugs me too.
        It’s like calling Santa, SoSo Claws.

        Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.
        — Augustine of Hippo

  53. CranbrookEd says:

    Stop getting your nickers in a twist about a game being played by guys who are making way too much money. It is entertainment, albeit at times with the current edition of the HABS, not exactly a riveting must keep watching type of entertainment. The Count’s system has been in place for several years . . . it cannot be dramatically altered overnight, nor should it be since there still needs to be a system(of some sort) to keep the Prima Donna types (#13 as an example) in check, while actually thinking about the team before themselves. (Listening to some of the audio/video clips from after the practice yesterday, it seems obvious that some players were intimating that not everyone was on-board with the team/system.) There is (obviously) much work to be done. Unlike some, I feel that there is a great deal of talent on the team. One of the issues has been that the current pool of players/talent has not been properly managed.

    – Here is a good article on the HABS, before the dismissal of the Count: http://tinyurl.com/d4eeqdk
    The Count was a good coach . . . but just could not drag himself into today’s game . . . just as he insisted on looking at what a player had done in the past, his system was never updated or allowed to adjust for changes in the game.

    – Society is so messed up when we accept that someone playing a game can be provided with obscene amounts of money. Then on top of that, it becomes acceptable (to a point) for them to experience slumps that can (at times) stretch for weeks or months. While this is a bigger problem than just the situation with the HABS, it is one that we as member of society in general, should not be happy with.

    – Halak is gone, deal with it. Price was the better choice for the longer term.

    – Subban will be just fine . . . if Markov was not injured (!) then PK would have spent an extra year in Hamilton. That obviously did not happen, so watch and let him continue to develop with the big club.

    – Eller is going to be an excellent player. Yes, he should have been in Hamilton last year (and perhaps even this year), but for a couple of reasons (Gauthier was not going to lose face after the Halak trade AND the truth be told, we had no other forwards to take his place) he has been with the big club from his start with the organization. As with Subban, just watch and let him develop – most of all, let him play with better wingers.

    Mr. Beliveau: “Pure Pak mais oui”! . . . What ever happened to Johnny Jelly-Bean!?

  54. Timo says:

    What, no interview with Cammalleri? I mean, he talks so pretty.
    Game in Boston will probably be a close one with Bruins holding Habs away at arm’s length and not letting them within a sniff of victory… but won’t be a blowout.

    My prediction – there will be an audio with Cammalleri’s interview where he will say that “we all share responsibility for the loss”

    • CranbrookEd says:

      11 and 13 are reasons for instituting a base salary coupled with performance incentives . . .

      Mr. Beliveau: “Pure Pak mais oui”! . . . What ever happened to Johnny Jelly-Bean!?

  55. G BO says:

    Random idea…..

    If every Habs fan donated 5 dollars. Could we collectively buy out No-Gomez?

    Come on, Molson, it’s free!

  56. Habbu says:

    A fire sale at the deadline, will be the decision of Geoff and will mean the termination of PG and the beginning of another rebuild. Gonna be a bumpy ride for a few seasons.

  57. HabinBurlington says:

    Have a hard time believing the current poll question is high on peoples cares presently.

  58. Ali says:

    Holy hell, i just watched the post game media scrum with RC and the media. I never saw the media like that with JM.

  59. habs001 says:

    Plecks,dd,eller,nokia and gomez have a combined 16 goals..that is very poor goal production from our centres…most of the top teams have one centre who is in this goal scoring range…most posters last year down played the boston pick up of peverley and kelly while i felt these were the type of players you need to add to help your scoring…

  60. cashbagg says:

    The Canadiens haven’t been fun to watch since they went to the 3rd round in ’10.

    If they’re gonna keep stinking it up, I demand a more entertaining brand of hockey. If they’re gonna lose (which it appears likely they will do quite often this year) how bout some more 6-5 games? Or maybe even some 8-6 losses here and there?

    Ok that’s me being selfish. Not fair to the one player on this team who actually is a star: Price. He deserves better than what he’s getting.

    But like Clint Eastwood said: “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

    • habs001 says:

      The misconception on this team is that they were so much better before..the reality is that this teams majority of the last 200 games have looked the same.. the difference is we are not winning the o/t games and the one goal games…if we would have won lets say 5 o/t games people would be happy but in reality the team would not he any better….

      • cashbagg says:

        yup. the stat I always dwell on is the fact that besides Kovalev’s 84 point season a few years back, our scoring leaders put up pop-gun offense numbers.

        Scoring 65 points on the Habs makes you some sort of sniper big shot by this city’s standards. That’s sad.

        The LEAGUE standard for a bona fide superstar offensive player is 90+ points.

        I seem to remember a time where the league aspired to meet Montreal’s standards of excellence….not the other way around.

    • kakey says:


      I was a big fan of the late 90’s Oilers, when I used to hang out late at friends’ place before clubbing and ended up watching some west coast games just before leaving. They did not make the playoffs often, but every night it was entertaining, much more than Habs’ games in the same period (especially post-Roy). The Edmonton local fans were always behind their team even when they played under .500, since it was ALWAYS entertaining. Speedy forwards like Todd Marchant, Dean Mcammond, Mike Grier, with toughness from Bill Guerin, Jason Arnott, Georges Laraque (who fights AND scores), Ryan Smyth putting in garbage goals parking permanently in the crease, puck moving Dmen Hamrlik and Niinimaa (yes he used to be good), Curtis Joseph playing his best, all contributed to my enjoyment of the game regardless of the outcome.

      I always wish that the Habs, while forced to try to make the playoff every year, overpaying UFA so they will play here, never have high 1st round picks, will be at least be entertaining to watch even if they will lose many high scoring games like those you described. They have the similar elements like the late 90s Oilers to be entertaining. At least make the fans feel they get their money’s worth with the high price tickets.

  61. Mr. Biter says:

    Not to much Randy can do to the JM’s system in 8 hours so we gotta give him some time even if time is now our enemy. 1st 2 periods were fun to watch. Drawback was a couple of defensive errors cost us dearly. Good point , no too many men on ice penalty. BTW who is paying Cammy $100,000.00 for every post he hits. He’s getting rich.
    My only concern is there may be a “sence of panic” decending on PG. Adding an assistant coach who has never played hockey (according to Devils announcers) makes no sense unless his job is to take everything to PG. This worries me. Also I’m sure someone will post back did PG ever play in the NHL or has he allways been a “numbers” man?

    Mr. Biter

  62. The Dude says:

    Well looks to me Old Veteran Brodeur told his team mates that if you want to beat the Habs you have to beat Price and to do that you pull Carey to one side and then pass across to whomever and pop-it in,not like the Hab D can stop it …boom goal!
    Gauthier and Gainey really sh!t the bed and now it’s a stinky load that won’t come clean and even if it did,you wouldn’t feel good using it. BLOW IT UP ! Bye-Bye Gauthier ,Gainey and Tiny Timmons….beat it!
    Seeing Larry Robinson behind the Jersey bench MADE ME SCREAM….W.T.F.!!!! Lemaire for G.M., Robinson for Head Coach and bring back the Flying Frenchmen !

  63. gumper says:

    Posted this on the previous thread, and no takers.

    “All right, so, moving on, because “on” is the only direction we can ever move…optimistically (or pessimistically, or realistically or delusionally or any other “ally” you choose) where do you see our stalwart, erstwhile team sitting upon their return from the upcoming six-game road trip? (Hey, on the plus side, we can always switch to the junior championships over the holiday season.)”

    So, thought I’d offer my own opinion…

    Boston = Loss (probably convincing)
    Chicago = Loss (ditto)
    Jets = OT Loss
    Senators = Win
    Lightning = Win
    Panthers = OT Win

    Result, 7 of a possible 12. Probably a good thing to get Brewns an Hawks out of the way early. Gonna conclude by saying that I can just as easily see them going O’fer the six though. Fragile team in disarray with key injuries and possible Cole suspension. Do not envy Cunney.

    • Mr. Biter says:

      Didn’t see the post before but if we can get 8 points on the trip we should be happy (espically not an OT loss in Wpg. as my life will be hell for a week and my pocket book lighter)

      Mr. Biter

    • G-Man says:

      The transition to uptempo RC hockey will expose the D. IN other words, Price and Budaj will be lit like Xmas trees on the trip. They’ve scored 3 the last 2 games and it wasn’t anywhere near enough.
      3 OTL points on the Roadtrip from Hell™ that begins tomorrow night.

  64. ProHabs says:

    If I was Randy Cunnyworth, before tomorrows game in Boston, I would walk into the dressing room and say

    “Anyone who is not interested in playing hard for the Montreal Canadiens, then the line up starts right over there behind Mike Cammalleri. You guys can get the h$ll out of the dressing room.”

  65. Neutral says:

    Price will go to another team, win a cup than you’ll all be complaining about another brain dead decision.

  66. Rickly33 says:

    You morons still talking about Halak, get over it and support Price, or start cheering for whoever he went to.

  67. HardHabits says:

    What is Price worth on market? Subban?

    The best thing that can happen to the Habs would be for Price and Subban to get offer sheets in excess of their value and the Habs don’t match them and take the draft picks instead.

    Imagine 3 or 4 first and 2 second picks on top of the high picks the Habs could get for missing the play-offs for two years. 2015 could be the start of a major rebuild that sees the Habs become a power house.

    It could be 6 first round picks in just two years.

    That’s the way a championship team is built. The Habs are not champions. Chumpions is more like it. Why? Because they would rather trade one of their 5 WJC entries for a quick fix make two measly play-off home revenue games.

    Price and Subban could be future all-stars. Not if they languish with this club though.

    The most unbelievable thing is that people like Gainey and Gauthier actually believe they can build a championship team via free agency in a salary cap system. Hilarious.

    • ProHabs says:

      That would be the worse thing that could happen to this team. Nonsense.

      • Propwash says:

        It’s exactly what HH wants. He wants the team to fail so he can prove a point.

        Being negative has its advantages,
        you’re never disappointed.

      • HardHabits says:

        The worse thing that could happen is already happening cher ami. The Habs and their fans are living in the once you make the play-offs anything can happen denial.

        By turning Price and Subban into a plethora of draft picks the Habs could turn around the franchise. Price and Subban cannot carry the team alone. The veterans apart from Cole have bailed. Too much is on those two kids’ shoulders. Let them shine elsewhere and have this team dig deep for a change and build the right way.

        Gainey’s summer blow up bonanza is all the proof needed. The Habs went to the ECF after a 47% and 88 point season on the backs of otherworldly goal-tending. Sh!t luck. It’s been regressing to the mean time and by that the league mean. As it stands for the Habs to make it to the mean they’d need to progress.

        The Canadiens organization has always had a very short sighted point of view. They see everything as this season. They are constantly putting all their eggs in their baskets every year with the result being too few eggs, small eggs, crushed eggs, no chickens as they’ve been traded for old eggs with a short shelf life.

        HIO has it’s Chicken Littles though. 😀

        • ProHabs says:

          Price and Subban are the 2 guys you want to build this team around. 2 young stars at the goalie and defence positions are a nice thing to start with. You add guys like Pleks, Eller, MaxPac, Emelin, Leblanc and you have a decent core. You add solid leaders like Gorges, Cole, Markov (?????) and then you just need to be smart and creative as a GM and add some solid pieces to the puzzle. Unfortunately, mistakes were made and guys like Gomez and this year Cammy are a waste of money. It would be very painful to see Price and Subban lighting up the NHL with the Bruins or Leafs HH.

          • HardHabits says:

            Keeping them is going to be difficult for the Habs to do. There is 38 million tied up in Gomez, Gionta, Cammy, Kablerle, Markov, Plekanec, and Cole with only Cole producing and playing up to par. The Habs are up against the cap. They will either need to shed salary, trade players, gut the system or bury contracts to keep Price, Subban, Eller, Emelin and Gorges next season and then Desharnais and/or Pacioretty next.

            The big mistake seems to be the Gomez, Cammy and Gionta acquisitions and of course the Markov signing. That is 24 million that could be much better spent IMO.

    • Mark C says:

      …Or Montreal could keep the two young stars, make a few good salary reduction moves, bring in a few good players via free agency or trade, continue to draft well, and graduate a few of their top prospects to become a contending team.

  68. Habsssssssswin says:

    Hey Pierre, with enough faith all you need is a pep talk ………


  69. Neutral says:

    As long as management keeps bringing in other teams has been’s and draft players that never seem to pan out – keep the memories of the 24th stanley cup – the Montreal Canadiens will never win another one – wow – I can’t believe this is happening to such a storied franchise – the players – the montreal forum – once the best – now one of the worst – hard to imagine – for the exception of a few – they’re overpaid bums……

  70. HabinBurlington says:

    Re: Hockey Story of the Year Link above:
    Anyone surprised a story that reeks like that would eminate from Boston?

  71. New says:

    I get confused with Pierre Ladouceur’s game report and the NHL stats. For now I think I’ll rely on the graphs and totals at NHL com to determine who had shots, from where, and the statistical “why” of a loss or win.

  72. Captain aHab says:

    Fitting that Cesaria Evora, possibly one of the least charismatic on-stage singers (despite being an amazing singer) would die the same day one the league’s least charismatic figures was fired.

  73. Lafrich says:

    One of the few things that makes me happy about the hockey season is the fact that even though the Habs are having a dismal season, and it seems like the team is in such disarray, they are only 2, count’em TWO, points back of the Leafs.

  74. Dear Montreal Canadiens

    Christmas is coming. Besides peace on earth, could you possibly play a full 60 minutes and in that 60 minutes if you are going to make mistakes. Make mistakes that my a 11 year old wouldn’t make.

    Like man coming out of the defensive zone should move the puck up as fast as he can.

    Or having control in the offensive zone, and then taking a penalty.

    Oh I like this one. (Cammalleri and #51 pay attention here) when you see the puck, go get it. Don’t let it come to you, only to have it taken a way because the player on the other team understands how skates work (push left, push right, push left, push right).

    PK I’ll leave yio alone today. I’m sure your ego is still telling you how to play hockey. Remember when you made beyond rookie mistakes and then sat for it. Well guess what, That will still happen…..as soon as we have someone to replace you back there.

    Am I angry after watching that joke of a game last night?

    Yeah, I’m taking my boy to hockey, he doesn’t make 7 million bucks, but I guarantee you this. He and his team are way more entertaining than what I saw last night.

    The straw for me was broken.

    Management Must Be Sellers Now, not later.

    God Bless Us Everyone 🙂

    And God Bless Our Infantry

    Carey Carey Carey

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

    • sane hockey fan says:

      Jeeze a little melodramatic, no?

    • CalgaryHabsFan says:

      Agreed we should be sellers but I would like to see a new general manager in place before that happens.

      My fear is Gauthier will make a trade and give up some of our promising young prospects to try and squeak this team into the playoffs.

      Far better to take advantage of a bad situation and accumulate some draft picks and prospects and build something for the future.

      • New says:

        Gauthier has shown little interest in the value of a second round pick onwards (31st choice up).

        Cole and Kaberle seem to have been good pickups.

      • DorvalTony says:

        I think Geoff Molson has stepped forward a bit, witness the decision apparently to not let Gandhi Gauthier make a decision on a perm head coach choice. To me Gauthier is out this spring. I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

        ‎12th in NHL Jaroslav Halak 2.27 GAA
        17th Carey Price 2.38 GAA
        “Trading Jaroslav Halak was the brain dead decision of all time.” Red Fisher

    • HardHabits says:

      What’s that rumbling I hear in the background?

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