Oilers seem very hot on Hossa

Hate to throw cold water on a hot rumour, but the Edmonton Oilers seem to have fantastic interest in the Atlanta Thrashers’ Marian Hossa, who some in Montreal practically have en route to the Canadiens at this minute.


  1. T-roy West says:

    I hope that does the trick and he leaves. The picture of you holding the glass is still showing up. It could be worse you know, lol!

  2. Jonnyboy says:

    Taking pictures of ovech. and his g/f. Anyone else see that. It made me laugh.

  3. Jonnyboy says:

    Ian Cobb = Ian van Gogh

  4. Scotty90 says:

    yes… I put back my mad dog pic. I thought maybe it would scare buddy fake fact away!

  5. Wayne says:

    I don’t mean to get crusty here and don’t want to single anyone out but, please Capitalize and punctuate. Oftentimes, posts become part of the ongoing dialog and when I come across posts such as this one, I move on.

  6. REB says:

    They do look similar. don’t they? but Hossa is smarter than the Hilda-beast!

  7. jew4jah says:

    i have no idea what your voice sounds like but i bet you’d be great on the puckcast. i’d love to hear you as a guest.

  8. T-roy West says:

    Yes, why did you try to change it?

  9. Proudones says:

    I think you are right on the money.

  10. kirbhabs says:

    I can not see Lowe making a deal for Hossa, they are clearly in a rebuild and have awesome prospects but Hossa is not likely to resign with a rebuild team… he has been there in Ottawa and Atlanta… he is ready for the big time paly off push.

    The other blog on hockey buzz makes the most sense for the Montreal trade for hossa for Streit, Ryder + 1st round (maybe swap Halak)… I just can not see us giving up Higgins, the rest of our chemistry is just too good, we are deep in D and they are UFAs.


  11. Ian G Cobb says:

    Ya him too.

  12. Hoegarden says:

    Not that I care but Hossa has been saying all along that he wants to go where he has a chance at winning the cup. Are the Oilers currently in that category or soon to be ?

    In any case, he’ll show his true colours if he chooses to sign with the Oil (money talks, it does strange things; JJ Cale).

  13. Vid says:

    The only very minor concerns I would have about a trade like this, is who plays the shooting point on the pp with Markov? Either you have someone with a good hard shot to replace him or someone who’s a good passer and you make Markov the trigger man.

    Also Ryder is our only “scoring” forward who’s a right handed shot. We have very few right handed shots on this team (lapierre, kosto, smolinski, dandenault and I think that’s it for forwards). Despite his lack of goal production Ryder has a better shot than any of those guys.

    Still I would make that trade for hossa, ufas for other ufas. That NY game sure makes it tough, it makes you curious to see what the team in its current state can do in the playoffs. I think the next two games will reveal more about the type of team we have. I give credit to the Habs no doubt for the amazing comeback but luck plays a part in games like this and I hope they don’t rest on their laurels too much and tank in their next few games.

  14. Ian G Cobb says:

    I’ve got two, I’ll send you one.

  15. Ed says:

    Money, money. Now there is a good incentive for many players. If he is interested in playing with a winning team, then it would make sense to go to Montreal.

  16. Habs_008 says:

    the BIG problem last year was Samsonov. He got in Kovy’s head that the habs were against Russians. blah blah bla…i think Kovy will welcome a star player if it means bringing us closer to a cup win. He won one when he was a young player. He wants one bad now.

  17. showey47 says:

    LMAO, ian you are priceless, i sure hope i get the chance to shake your hand one day.

  18. Ian G Cobb says:

    Very good point, and absolutely correct. He and Koivu last year was the problem, for sure.

  19. Alirio says:

    Nice find…

    Interesting to see Yvon posting at Hockey Buzz

    I’ve made a huge mistake…

  20. Ian G Cobb says:

    This just in, nobody is going anywhere, management say’s that they have spent millions growing and developing this chemistry throughout the organization and are not going to dismantle anything.

    I just got off the phone with Gillette, he was having a shave at 12000 ft.

  21. RS says:

    And Lecavalier was on the plane too! Straight up for Dandy!

  22. Habs_008 says:

    No way, Kovy is a man on a mission this year.

  23. RS says:

    Hossa to Edmonton is really unlikely.

    The Oilers are not buyers! Why would they pick up a rental? Unless they are that desperate not to finish in the bottom 5 of the league, which would give Anaheim a shot at Stamkos. With Mike Milbury, oops I mean Kevin Lowe, any stupidity is possible.

  24. Scotty90 says:

    you make me feel better Habs-Kat… tks

  25. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Tanguay scored a beauty last nite.

  26. aungthwin says:

    Ed – good follow up link. Personally, I don’t think the Hossa to Edmonton rumour makes any sense. Yes, Waddell would ship him to the Oilers if that’s where the best offer came from, but why would Lowe offer anything unless Hossa agrees to a contract extension… and why would Hossa do that?

    If he doesn’t want to sign with the Thrashers because he wants a chance at winning the Cup, he’s not going to make a sideways move to Edmonton. Unless, of course, this is all about money for Hossa… the Oilers will probably be throwing it around during the summer…

  27. Habs-Kat says:

    I don’t think so. It didn’t stop him from having his best seasons behind Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr in Pittsburgh.

  28. Scotty90 says:

    probly taking pictures of the player’s wives!

  29. Scotty90 says:

    Are you still seeing my holding a beer pic?

  30. T-roy West says:

    Mybe consider switching up the beer for a little JD. Less chance of it freezing. Love your pic Scotty, puts a smile on my face.

  31. Scotty90 says:

    One of the things I fear most is that if Mtl does bring in an impact player, Kovi doesn’t revert back to his on-again… off-again style of play. I think its important for Kovi to be seen as ‘the star player’ of the Habs. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  32. krob1000 says:

    Where are the hockey paparazzi????

  33. Naila Jinnah says:

    And now that I’m keen on Hossa, you’ve burst my bubble.
    This is why I don’t get excited until the trade actually happens πŸ˜‰

  34. Blitzen says:

    I never listen to them but I’ll make an exception today.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  35. vive_les_habs says:

    although i agree that chemistry is definately very important to a teams success i think to contend for the cup we must have an impact player i mean just look at the world series as an example colorado reached it with team effort and chemistry but were wiped away by boston who had superstars who when needed elevated their game and with that their team to new levels with that said i still dont think hossa is what we need due to his tendency to disappear come playoffs i hope we can get jokinen to come here and between him and kovy we have the stars we need to lead our team to the cup sorry for the long post just had to get it out of my system

  36. cautiousoptimist says:

    I don’t think we can all agree on that at all. Hossa’s a 80- or 90-point guy. I like Kovy a lot, but this isn’t about him or his salary, and he’s a big enough boy to deal with his piddling $4.5M. In Ryder and Streit, we’d be trading two good UFAs for one much better UFA. Hard to argue with that.


  37. Alirio says:

    I am so sick of the Team 990 between 10:00 and 3:00

    Couple of ignorant ineloquant boobs.
    And that’s just Marinaro πŸ˜‰

    I’ve made a huge mistake…

  38. Scotty90 says:

    yeah… flu! flu out of Atlanta airport :)

  39. Blitzen says:

    Now they’re saying Hossa isn’t playing tonight…flu.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  40. Habhopeful says:

    I posted this before on the pens game thread and ill do it again…

    03-04 Ottawa- 7GP,3G,1A,4P,+2
    02-03 Ottawa- 18GP,5G,11A,16P,-1
    01-02 Ottawa- 12GP,4G,6A,10P,+2

    These up here are the only times hes made it past the first round, mind you 03-04 was still only one round, plus last year atlanta got swept by the rangers and even kovalchuk only had 2 points also…

    all together in 55 playoff games he has 35 points (13G,22A)which isn’t great but isn’t a disapearing act, the guy wants to come to a stanley cup contender and obviously wants to win, hes a competitor and will be willing to play hard to finish his dream of winning the stanley cup and i think he can help, obviously hes a very talented player and i guess well find out if he does come…

    Hossa: 58GP,26G,27A,53P,-13,8PPG,2SHG,4GWG,2OTG,224Shots,11.6 Shot %

    “IF” Ryder gets his touch back, is the question, hes played 2 good games out of 61 Games, everyone was calling for his head and now he has 2 good games and everyone loves him again, I’ve always liked ryder and never once knocked him but for Hossa, im willing to let him go, what we’ve signed him 2 or 3 years in a row to just one year contracts…and i love streit and commented on the other thread btu i think its a good deal

    “Like, you can’t get a girl pregnant when she’s on top man, I mean, its gravity…Just can’t happen.”

    -Jason Segel

  41. Habsrule1 says:

    Check Hossa’s career playoff stats.
    Actually, here they are:

    Total NHL 55 13 22 35 -9 24 175 7.43

    35 points in 55 games. Ok, not amazing, but not that bad. The -9 is a bit ugly, but Streit & Ryder for Hossa would be an absolute steal for BG. I’d do it in a second.

    Go Habs Go!!


  42. Ed says:

    Trade rumours depend a lot on who spreads the rumour. Here is an opposite point of view in which Edmonton’s Director of Hockey Operations says there is little chance of Edmonton doing any trading.


  43. Scotty90 says:

    I have to disagree… imagine the impact Hossa would have when we play Ottawa…. If we were ever to meet them in the playoffs, Hossa could be the difference between our moving on to the next series or getting the clubs out.

  44. nick says:

    PP Line.
    Kovalev, Pleks, Hossa, K1, Markov,

    Are we having fun yet? Haha

  45. Habs_008 says:

    No, but i will be ther on Saturday nite, Driving 2morrow morning to MTL, cant wait!

  46. Scotty90 says:

    I know, its crazy….its exciting though. I imagine you’re doing a lot of overtime these days following up on all these unconfirmed reports :)

  47. nick says:

    HAHA… thanks for the laugh this morning.

    BTW- They were having Tim Hortons with Sundin. Who told me he got traded straight up for Brisebois.

  48. Rogie30 says:

    Hossa, Hossa, Hossa.

  49. Blitzen says:

    He won’t sign here next year and I don’t think Kovy would mind seeing a proven scorer this year.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  50. HKisses says:

    Who’s gonna be at the game tonight? I AM:) Anyone from here going IF so what seats?

  51. Blitzen says:

    They played a song called Sweet Dreams of Sundin. Pretty funny.

    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  52. Habs93 says:

    Hossa will be a disappointment in the playoffs. He always has..last year and when he was with Ottawa. You can keep Streit and Ryder for the price of a Hossa. If Ryder gets his touch back you’ve got a 30 goal scorer, a rare two way man. How many Hosdssa scored this year ?????

  53. Blitzen says:

    Pretty funny…guy just called 990 and said that a buddy of his saw Hossa and Recchi in the airport and Hossa told him that they were both going to MTL in return for McDonaugh and Emelin. Now that was just stupid.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  54. Habs_008 says:

    Really? I hate when they say “source” who is their “source”! did Waddell see em? was it Gainey? was it a 10yrd who thought it was Hossa but it was really Hilary Clinton?

  55. Dave Stubbs says:

    So this is what’s called a feeding frenzy, I guess.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  56. Habs93 says:

    Keep ’em all. Forget Hossa. The guys we have now are on a tear and a huge high. Let’s ‘Ryder’ it all the way through the playoffs. It’ll be a blast . Not a time to tinker…

  57. MikeL says:

    Hossa to the Oilers makes absolutely no sence at the Deadline.

  58. Richard B says:

    Please, Please, Please,
    Keep Streit here. He has been a valuable part of the Cog that has got the habs where they are.

  59. Habs_008 says:

    I totally agree 100%, as for the “weather” being a reason not to sign on a team, It’s total BS. This is Canada, where ever you go its COLD. Hockey is played on ICE, ICE is COLD. haha. Weather would not be the reason Hossa doesnt sign in EDM. There is nothing like playing for the Montreal Canadiens, now thats a reason to sign with the Habs.

  60. Scotty90 says:

    This is worth what its worth…. Team 990 reports that a source in Atlanta reported seeing Hossa boarding a flight…. no word on the plane’s destination!

  61. Scotty90 says:

    I agree T-roy, the humidity here cuts right through you, so it makes it feel even colder.

  62. T-roy West says:

    People who don’t live in Edmonton should come here for a winter then give there opinion of the weather. In Edmonton today +2, in Montreal today -11. Also Edmonton’s air is dryer than in the east so if it’s -20 in the east than you feel -20 but in Edmonton when it’s -20 it only feels -10. We’ve only had one week of really cold weather of -30 and that is really rare. Yesterday it was +4 here. What was the temperature in Montreal? I’ve lived in most places in Canada and lived in Alberta for the past ten years and I can tell you that it’s colder on the east coast than in Edmonton.

  63. cautiousoptimist says:

    The Oilers would be left at the end of the year with no Hossa and mssing whatever they traded to get him. I can’t see Lowe doing that.

    Mike Boone’s “Hossa?” thread has Hossa coming to Mtl for Ryder, Streit and a pick. I’ve been arguing that we shouldn’t trade the future for the present, but if this is the deal, it’s hard to say no. I like Ryder and Streit – especially Ryder – but they’re both UFAs, and I can’t see a) Ryder re-signing here after the year he’s had or b) Gainey paying Streit what he could fetch elsewhere. Add that to the fact that Streit has said he prefers playing D to forward, and it looks like a good deal for everyone involved. And Hossa beats the hell out of Tanguay.


  64. Ian G Cobb says:

    This is only to get people going in circles. They can fantasize better than Mickey Mouse & Minney

  65. Rogie30 says:

    We could use a big name, get Hossa and next year package him for #4 in Tampa.

  66. POPS says:

    The temptation is there, trade away youth for today!They need to step back and add a couple of pieces that will not cost everything.Players like Holik, Stoll and Fedorov at centre would certainly make that 3rd line much stronger.What about adding a Foote or a Brad Stuart from L.A.?We need championship experience this year and in the summer we make the huge deal for Lecavalier!

  67. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks Jonnyboy. I appreciate that but Habs I/O is good for me.

  68. Rogie30 says:

    aDD jOKINEN, as well as trading Huets salary, and we go with Price and Halak. Love it.

  69. Rogie30 says:

    Rumor Central,and this is still another five days more, where,s my valium.

  70. Habs_008 says:

    It would be great to have Hossa for saturday’s game. I hope we get him. Ryder/Streit for Hossa is a no-brainer. Both teams win out in that one. Waddell gets 2 players that can help out the cause, we get Hossa who can light the lamp. I dont get why some posters dont see this as a goodthing, Hossa would be a great addition.

  71. HotHabs says:

    I think Hossa would be a great acquisition for the Habs. But, not for rental, only if there was at least a contract of 3-5 years in the works (without a no-trade clause).

    I’m not so sure of shipping out Streit. He’s such a versatile player and has been pretty good for most of the season. I think it would hurt the team to lose him.

    Send out Ryder, Smolinski, and a prospect plus some cash. Anyway, Gainey is a smart GM and if a deal is made, it will surely benefit the Habs.

    enjoying the high’s & enduring the lows of being a Habs fan

  72. Habs_008 says:

    Smokes has a No Trade, thats why he signed with us. He wont be moved. If its another player, its Higgins and i dont want the habs to trade Higgins.

  73. Sulemaan says:

    It must be a slow news day because everyone is concocting any possible rumor that can be thought of. Next thing we know, CKAC, Cyberpresse or the Fan will announce Montreal will trade a first round pick to the Phoenix Coyotes so we can sign Rick Tochet to a deal as a power-forward. I stand corrected. Toronto just made that move. Let the Leafs rebuilding begin!

    Here my few cents from the peanut gallery on various players:

    (1) Tanguay – Apparently, he was asked before and said he had no desire to play in Montreal. I guess the pressure of being a french player/media scrutiny is too much for him. Just like Briere.
    Well we did fine without Briere and we will do fine without Tanguay. We don’t need players who don’t want to be here. End of story.

    (2) Richards – He comes from where I’m from but there is a reason why Tampa would trade him. Not because he doesn’t deliver, is a detriment to dressing room morale, fights with coach, etc. His salary is almost $8M per season. If Tampa is dealing him why would we want to take that kind of salary on? One player takes up 16% of your payroll? Is that smart when youngters such as A.Kostitsyn, Higgins, Komisarek need to be resigned next year or the following? I don’t think so.

    (3) Hossa – He might be a good acquisition but one proposed trade was exchanging him for for UFA’s like Ryder and Streit? Why would Atlanta not keep Hossa then? There is no guarantee that Ryder and Streit would resign with Atlanta as UFAs. And if Atlanta wanted players like Higgins and prospects for Hossa – would you make that trade? Besides, if you resign Hossa and he will command near $8M in salary. (Remember the taxation issue in Quebec.) So with $8M in annual salary it’s the same problem as Richards above.

    (4) Sundin – He could be a good rental but Sundin has repeatedly said he does not wish to leave Toronto nor will he waive his NTC. So why keep beating a dead horse. He isn’t going anywhere unless he wants to. He doesn’t.

    (5) Jokinen – Definitely could use a big centreman like him but I’m wondering what the price would be. I suspect if I was Florida I would ask for Higgins, Kostitsyn (one of them), O’Byrne and a draft pick. Would you make that trade? Forget about a package deal of Smolinski (he has a NTC), Brisebois and Dandenault. That might work on NHL 2008 but it doesn’t in real life.

    (6) Fedorov – He’s gotten older and slower but he has delivered in the playoffs. I’m just hesitant that the doesn’t dog it like Samsonov did. As another poster correctly noted, Samsonov tended to bring Kovalev
    down and once he left the team, Kovalev was a completely different player. He is a UFA this year so perhaps he warrants a roll of the dice. He is a former Selke trophy and Hart winner as well. I don’t think he would cost much.

    (6) Peca – This is my own addition. I think that Montreal has good depth and chemistry. The area where we are lacking is a solid shutdown defensive centreman who is solid on faceoffs. Smolinski does not fit the bill. A guy with a couple of Selke trophies and came close with the Oilers to win his first Stanley Cup would be a good addition. His cost would be negligible and would fit in until Chipchura took over that mantle of being our premium shut-down guy.

    I’ll be happy if Gainey acquires a good player so long as we don’t mortgage too much of the future. In the mean-time I’ll get a chuckle out of all the potential trades? I could remember when we used to be a seller but now we are a buyer and are in the running for almost every major name that is being bandied about. Nice.

  74. showey47 says:

    Excellent piece, i agree about picking up a good player without selling the future. I would love to have jokinen, he is the only player i would consider trading higgins for any player that is rumoured to be available. I have also thought about either federov and peca as a player for a third line center. Maybe even both since federov can also play wing.

  75. habs12345 says:

    i really like peca i think he would be perfect for the habs needs and would definetly help the pk and faceoff problems which is our worst area as a team

    the other player is holik i think of him as another peca if they could add one of the two id be the happiest habs fan

  76. aungthwin says:

    Sulemaan – nice roundup. I’d have to agree with most of your assessments (although the price you estimate for Jokinen does seem a bit high).

  77. nick says:

    Probably BS… but our dear friend Mr Eklund has put Federov to Ottawa as E4. Now i know he’s usually full of it…

    If theres any truth to this, it looks as though Ottawa is putting together quite a group of guys who have alot of experience.

  78. Habs_008 says:

    Nice Post, Peca would be a welcome addition, I dont know about Fedorov, i think he is done. Richards costs too much, If what you are saying is true about Tanguay then i wouldnt want him. Sundin would be something, he can win faceoffs, he is a BIG centre, but he is a LEAF! I still think the best player/fit for the habs is Hossa. We would have 2 scoring lines that can match anyother teams first scoring line in the NHL. Our PP will get better, and we will score more. Like i said before Hossa can flat out PLAY.

  79. Cable Guy says:

    I guarantee you whereever Hossa ends up it will be with the guarantee he signs long term with that team.

  80. T-roy West says:

    I would love for Montreal to go after Jarret Stoll. He is tough, gets invovled in the play, good on the faceoff, can score and Gainey said he is looking for a player like this. He would be a good pickup and I think he would perform well in the playoffs because you need a good faceoff man.

  81. T-roy West says:

    Hey Chris, what do you think about mybe Montreal picking up Jarret Stoll?

  82. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks Chris. I think the price for Jokinen is high but if you were the GM for Florida you would ask for the moon too, right?

  83. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks 008. My only concern about Hossa is that his playoff statistics are not great. I also wonder if ice-time will be an issue for him because the #1 line right now is Plekanec, A.Kostitsyn and Kovalev.

  84. A. Berke says:

    Very good post as usual Sulemaan.

    I agree with you and frankly I don’t see why we should mortgage our future for a “big name” right now that’ll cost us an arm and a leg.

    Besides these 7, 8 or more million dollar contracts that we have seen last year and continue hearing now are pretty soon (next year, if not this year) bound to become “history”. Simply because no team can have a solid and continuous success while paying one (or two) players 16 to 20+ % (to each) of their cap space and have a decent team with the leftover money. Besides who says that the cap space will continue going up? With the current economic downturn in the U.S., an increase in the cap is very questionable IMO.

    On the other hand, I like Peca, he can be had for a very reasonable price and would cover our PK and face-off needs nicely (much better than Smolinski anyways).

    Otherwise, I say, we keep our core young players and continue developing them. After all, when the team started this season, we weren’t expected to be in the playoffs. So, what’s wrong with going as far as we can this year with what we have?

    Hoping for a good game against the pens tonight.


    Ali B.

  85. aungthwin says:

    I think he’d be a good pick up. The trouble is that Stoll would be a good pick up for several teams. The fact that he’s not a Hossa or Jokinen means that we could get him for a reasonable price, but other teams (maybe the Wild, for example) might be willing to pay just a bit more. It depends on what Lowe is looking for though. But yeah, I think Stoll would have a good impact on the ice and be a good presence in the locker room.

  86. Sulemaan says:

    Holik would be another good addition. Although my concern is that he might have lost a step or two but he has great experience.

  87. T-roy West says:

    My thoughts exactly. The thing that makes me not worry is that if we do lose Ryder, Streit or Higgins(I hope not) it would open up a roster spot for Chipchura and also a player like mybe Stoll in a trade. This team this year is so versitile that so many different things can happen to only make us better than we are now, which is pretty good!

  88. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks Showey. Perhaps both would be good but that might mean a logjam of players. Unless of course we dealt Brisebois, Dandenault in the other direction…

  89. Habs_008 says:

    I dont think ice time will matter that much, We are going for the cup, i think he will check his ego at the door. He will get so much ice time anyways, he will be on the PP for sure, he will get enough minutes. The playoff stats dont concern me much. I think he will break off of his playoff slump. Last year the whole team played bad. I dont think his numbers are that bad anyways(playoff wise).

  90. krob1000 says:

    THIS PLAYOFF STAT STUFF IS A MYTH. His stats are fine. Please post them or at least look at them with an objective opinion……they are better than o.k. His only rough patches were when he was a kid deeing kid ice time and one round last year. I agree with several points in your post but a guy like Hossa only becomes available every so often…..if we can get him…get him. Whose playoff stats are great (Anyone who played for a dynasty excluded)???

  91. Rogie30 says:

    My choice too, him or Jokinen would fit nicely with us, gives us some size and skill at the same time.

  92. Habs_008 says:

    kroby is on my side! I thought i was one of the only ones backing the Hossa Deal. He would be a great addition!

  93. RS says:

    Yep, Hossa took the heat in Ottawa, but it was way overblown. At least one of those years he was their best player in the playoffs. Sens had goaltending problems among other issues.

  94. Sulemaan says:

    Well Krob, I guess we’ll agree to disagree.

    Hossa’s playoff stats are as follows:

    55 Games Played: 13 Goals 22 Assists 35 Points -9 +/-

    His first three season hes had a grand total of 4 points in 14 games.
    So perhaps that is a rough patch as a kid.

    When you look at the Thrashers last year in the playoffs (for a player
    in his prime) he had a grand total of 1 point in 4 games and was -6.

    Not great stats for someone who would command in excess of $7M per season.

    Saku Koivu hasn’t played on a dynasty and his playoffs stats are as follows
    as are Kovelev’s (with Habs):

    Saku Koivu 43 Games Played: 13 Goals 23 Assists 36 Points +11 +/-

    Alexei Kovalev 17 Games Played: 10 Goals 7 Assists 17 Points +5 +/-

    Both of them have a better point per game ratio than Hossa. So I stand by my original position and do not think the playoff stat thing is a myth.

    Having said all that, if Gainey makes a deal for Hossa, I hope he proves me wrong and I will gladly eat crow.

  95. Barts says:

    ‘Eklund’ and ‘full of it’ are four words that go together well. The guy makes claims about trades that ‘are going to happen today’ constantly, and low and behold… nothing EVER happens.

    As far as Hossa goes… I don’t know about him coming to Montreal, but he defninitely isn’t going to Edmonton. The guy wants to play for a contender. Oh and in case anyone hasn’t been paying attention lately; no one wants to play in Edmonton. Except Sheldon Souray of course-who had no choice after the ‘big money’ offer he was expecting never materialized-and we all know how that worked out.

  96. RS says:

    I’m a little surprised that no one has started a Martin Lapointe rumour yet, so here goes. Sure he’s old and over-rated, but he’s French! He’s also a pending UFA and he’s been a healthy scratch recently, so he would probably be available fairly cheaply from a Chicago team that should be dumping guys. Just in case we don’t have enough third and fourth line guys. If Montreal wanted to add muscle Koci should be available too.

  97. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks Ali. Indeed, here is to a good game tonight…

  98. HAB-PROFESSOR says:


    it will happen AFTER the deadline…a fellow named CHIPCHURA…ever heard of him? ….you can take it to the bank my friends, he will be back for the playoffs.

    so there you go…our trade activity…KYLE CHIPCHURA from the Bulldogs to Montreal..


    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev…..at his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  99. krob1000 says:

    We’re all on the same side here. I would personally be ecstatic if we were able to land Hossa or Jokinen. In fact whatever Gainey does is going to be just peachy by me. What he has done has shown everyone around the league that he is looking to win and the Habs have been restored and deserve their rightful respect once again. He will not overpay but there is a great difference of opinion (on here) abuot what exactly overpaying is though.

    To not consider this year one of our best chances at winning the cup is very arrogant and naive in my estimation. Next year we could have tons of injuries, our goalies could play brutal, Kovy could disappear,etc. This year the top contenders are teams with issues surrounding them (Ottawa is in trouble everywhere except their top line….even it has shown itself prone to slumping). Detroit has several injuries and Hasek is hit or miss this year while Osgood is believed by many to be playing over his head.

    This is the absolute best possible time to make a move it means getting an impact player who will be around for the next couple or three years. Everyone ignores the fact that this may be the best we ever see Kovy play (he is no spring chicken), Koivu is aging, Hamrlik is as well. This year and next in particular (I admit I would have thought our youngsters needed another year but they clearly don’t). We may very well bomb and go out early but it is definitely worth throwing what is reasonable at an attempt to land an impact player sooner than later. Reasonable….regardless of what we think that is …only the most trustworthy man I could possibly think of (with an honorable mention to Larry Robinson if he worked for us) is going to be the one to decide what reasonable means.

    If Tuesday goes by and we have the same guys…..I wouldn’t count us out but why everyone is afraid to admit we should and are looking seriously is completely mindboggling to me. As mindboggling as it was at the before the season to me that people thought we were not a playoff team. Anyone who has been on here since the late summer knows that I have always considered us ready for prime time (I said we were a top six forward away and a d-man at the onset). We got Sergei K, O.B. and Hamrlik and Komisarek both bested expectations. Noone could have predicted the vulnerability of the Sens and Red Wings and other top teams. Parity is here and we were fortunate enought to have a g.m. with the foresight to understand the workings of a cap based system and the changing game.

    His only lacking piece to our future is another legitimate scoring threat…..I have repeated myself as much as anyone on here and likely more but you build from the back out…..our goaltending is in great shape, our defence 10 players/prospects deep is the envy of the league….the next step is the forwards…..it is Bob Gainey’s masterplan taking shape one year earlier than perhaps he expected…..so he is trying to adapt and add the missing piece. How can we possibly criticize that?????Seriously….How????

  100. RS says:

    Hossa’s two best years in the playoffs:
    2001-02: 10 pts in 12 games.
    2001-03: 16 points in 18 games.

    Now he isn’t the second coming of Maurice Richard or Claude Lemieux, but he’s had some decent playoff runs. And I still say that his team mates were not much help.

  101. krob1000 says:

    The whole Thrashers team was AWOl….Then it continued to the beginning of this season……I have a sneaking suspicion the rift that existed between the teams top players and the coach(Kovalchuk especially) was the reason the team tanked last year and early this year. Suuleman you always make well thought out points so I know you are not just ranting and you truly believe that Hossa is an underperformer …I will polietely agree to disagree as well. No need to eat crow try Red “Wings” or Penguin instead.instead

  102. coutNY says:

    I saw somewhere Flecther was asking for 2 Players and to Picks…. I guess you can ask but not sure theirs too many will to give that for a rental… Except maybe Toronto. At least Jokinen has a year left under contract.

  103. krob1000 says:

    One more thing for all you folks worried about disrupting the chemistry and somehow think a minor pickup does not do the same thing…….could you please explain how that works????? It still means someone loses ice time…it still means another personality in the room…..it may or may not mean someone leaving the organization……I just don’t get it. If you make a deal….any deal….it has to be the absolute best possible deal you can make for the best palyer or else you have cheated yourself.

  104. Sulemaan says:

    You might be right Krob. I think Hossa is a very talented player but he just frustrates me and leaves me wanting more. But perhaps he may come to Montreal and prove me wrong. Besides, I don’t mind eating crow my friend – we all do at some point but perhaps you are right – it goes down better with wings or penguin. :-)

  105. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    I think you have to come to the conclusion that we are NOT in a desperate situation, therefore BG will not trade several players for one….even if it means getting a “superstar”…Jokinen/hossa etc.

    But I am ALL FOR DEALING WITH UFA’s in the summer….then we can deal with our own terms and not addressing another teams weakness.


    any trade now (unless its one for one) will be about OTHER TEAMS PROBLEMS.(thus giving them drafts, dogs etc)

    anyway, i could be wrong, maybe BG is going to pull the trigger.

    as for your ‘urgency’ on not letting this season slip by without making an effort to trade for the cup run….True..BUT, ask the “1993” coaching staff what they think about that BIG PLAYER…
    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev…..at his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  106. Rastaman says:

    All this talk about Hossa, Sundin, Tanguay…I don’t buy any of it and to be honest I don’t think any of those guys address what I feel is our most pressing need. We don’t need scoring…we are 3rd in the league and with Ryder seemingly back, we have 3 lines that can score. What we really need is a #3/4 defenseman to play with Hamrlik and as insurance if one of the big 3 go down. As it stands now, if one of Komi, Markov or Hammer go down, the ripple effect is potentially disastrous. It forces Bouillon or Gorges to slip into the 3/4 role (neither of them are 3/4’s but are both solid 5/6’s) and even worse, it makes Brisebois our #6…not good as evidenced by the slide we experienced when Hamrlik was out for 3-4 games. I would pursue Dan Boyle big time and would even look at Campbell. If we can land one of those 2, we become favorites to come out of the east in my opinion. It does force O’byrne into the pressbox though, but he’d be a much better fill in than breezer if someone got hurt.

  107. The Teacher says:

    I agree we will need a #3-4 D going forward in addition to another 2nd line forward due to Ryder being gone after the season.

    Boyle and his wish of an 8 year deal really scares me away from him.

    Campbell wants 6 mil? Might be a bit more than I want to pay.

    Don’t even talk to me about rentals if we give up anything of substance.

  108. Blitzen says:

    I honestly don’t think we would need to mortgage our entire future for one guy. A couple of prospects or picks won’t destroy the accumulated depth we have.

    That being said, at this point, I’ll support whatever Gainey thinks is best.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  109. Rogie30 says:

    I think that great comeback game against New York made us think we are some kind of front runner for the Cup, people, we still have holes to fill, just remember everytime Ottawa beats us 6-1, and then say we have no needs on this team.

  110. coutNY says:

    I think that would be a mistake… Yes we could use one but we can be making trades “Just in case someone gets hurt”. Yes its devastating to lose a top guy for any period of time but we can’t tie all our salary room on D. O’Byrne is fitting in well as our #4 man. Streit is a very capable back up as he shown that he has great versitility.

    God forbid, What if one of our top Offensive guys… When Kovalev held pointless this year we’ve gone 6-14-1. The only reason people worry about losing a top defenseman because it has happened to us this year. We’ve have been exceptionally bless none of our top forwards have been out for any period of time.

    If anything we need a forward that can play like Komi…

  111. 1010 says:

    Watched Tanguay play what some are calling his best game of the year last night. Watched Ryder play what some are calling his best game of the year the night before. Not even close. Ryder and Tanguay swap. I sure hope not.

    GO HABS.

  112. Jonnyboy says:

    “I would pursue Dan Boyle big time and would even look at Campbell.”

    For a 3/4 D. Both those guys are going to want more then the top 3 on the team.

    Going for a D would be nice, but I don’t think we need it. Komi is the quickest to come up for contract the other 2 we have for 4 more years. For this year and maybe next another D would be nice. However I think our young guys are going to be able to step up.

  113. Jonnyboy says:

    I see where you are coming from. I think at lot of it has to do with the fact that when a 3 or 4 liner comes in, he is just another guy in the room (to a degree) where if you add a top 6, they are typically expected to be in a more leadership role and thursed more into the spotlight.

  114. Y says:

    Why would the Oilers want him? They’ve already got 2 high-priced duds in their lineup and adding extra salary certainly will not help them make the playoffs or even contend for the cup. They are still rebuilding and definitely do not need Hossa.

  115. Scotty90 says:

    you have my vote as well! I am in Ottawa so followed the talk on Team 1200 very closely… let me tell you its hard be a player in Ottawa because they will crucify you just as quickly as they do in Montreal. When talk of the trade was going on I would say it was 50/50 as far as fan happy with the deal. Hossa was a star in Ottawa but the team had a reputation for coming apart in the playoffs…. goaltending and lack of toughness were mostly to blame. I would welcome Hossa on our team.

  116. Rogie30 says:

    Think teams have to be careful about players doing their best just before the trade deadline, similar to players having great seasons the year their contract expires. Personally, I like effort all the time.

  117. Jonnyboy says:

    the best trade movement, i think would be gratton for a 3rd rounder.

  118. Jonnyboy says:

    lets say for example some of the rumors ryder + 2nd or ryder + streit + 2nd for some of the mentioned players.

    I personally don’t see either of these trades (not that these will, or would happen) effecting us negatively.

  119. Jonnyboy says:

    You should have your own website.

  120. Jonnyboy says:

    (7) Gratton – big, 3rd liner, 54% faceoff. willing to fight.
    Exactly what the Habs need.

  121. cautiousoptimist says:

    That really is interesting, but Higgins and Grabovski for two months of Hossa? I’m sure Gainey’s looking further down the road than that.

    If Gainey’s sure we could sign Hossa during the summer, he’ll wait ’til the summer rather than sacrifice two budding stars.


  122. cautiousoptimist says:

    If we do ever want to have a marquee Hossa-like player in Montreal, we’re going to have to be prepared to pay the going rate. The folks on here who lust after Lecavalier, Jokinen et al have to face that same fact. So far, Gainey’s approach has been to put together a team of good and very good players across the board, rather than one fantastic line and a bunch of filler that he picked out of the bargain bin. I think his approach is a good one.

    But we have $4M in cap space, and Ryder’s $3M won’t be here next year. That’s Hossa’s $7M right there.

    Plus, Smolinski’s $2M isn’t coming back either, and neither is Brisebois’s $700k. I can’t imagine that Dandy ($1.8) will stick around either – he’s making way too much to sit in the press box. And we won’t be paying for the buyouts and waivers for Salmalainen, Garth Murray, and Cullimore – that’s another $1M right there. So that leaves $5.5M in raises for Streit, Lapierre, Gorges, O’Byrne, Halak, and – the only expensive one – Andrei. Subtract maybe $2M for calling up Grabovski, Chipchura and Halak, and we’re still sitting pretty at $3.5M

    As well, Huet may use his UFA status to head to a team where he’ll be the #1 guy he deserves to be. If he does, his $2.75M go with him, giving us $6.25M in space – after signing Hossa. With a team as good as ours, that’s a wet dream for most GMs.

    We’re in great cap shape here, with an owner who’s willing to spend some cash. Why not go after a big name?


  123. cautiousoptimist says:

    Incidentally, tell me you don’t like this picture:

    Higgins – Koivu – Hossa
    Andrei K – Plekanec – Kovalev
    Latendresse – Grabovski – Sergei K
    Begin – Chipchura – Lapierre

    Markov – Komi
    Hamrlik – O’Byrne
    Bouillon – Gorges


    With $6.25M for free agents and other goodies!


  124. Habs_008 says:

    It makes no sense for the Oil to go get him now. If I were lowe i would wait till the off-season to sign him. Why give up young players for Hossa now. Your team is not going to the playoffs anyways.

  125. doug says:

    nowhere in the article does it suggest they’re doing anything other than attempting to convince him AFTER the season. this has very little ramifications with regards to who goes after him right now – just drives up the price once UFA, which is already assuredly ridiculous. that’s probably my real problem with the trade – you exchange rentals for some talent and then you have to sign him to a briere or souray or vanek or drury or gomez or whatever inflated contract. $8M per for 6 years. we dodged many bullets on the ufa market last year – souray chief amongst them – i’d like to say that we learned from our attempted mistakes. the market is crazy – just wait it out and let people spend their cap money and then step into the vacuum year after this. trade only for guys with value deals out there. we’re cup contenders now with this team, so what’s the rush?

  126. nick says:

    i wish the dead line was today. i’m tired of all this he said he said.

  127. The Kid says:

    same, haven’t slept past few nights…….
    just trade already!!

  128. 24 Cups says:

    nick – I agree 100% Dave Stubbs is ruining my life right now!!!

    The Original 24 Cups

  129. Alirio says:

    I had a dream that we traded Higgins, Ryder, Paccioretti, and McDonough for Jarome Iginla!

    Should not have had those frozen bananas last night.

    I’ve made a huge mistake…

  130. Rogie30 says:

    Thats a nightmare, but love Iginla, but not at that price.

  131. G-Man says:

    LMAO! πŸ˜€


  132. Shiloh says:

    It makes sense only if Lowe is driving up the price for other teams with no intention of ever getting Hossa. Otherwise, you’re right – they’re not going to the playoffs anyway.

  133. Habster101 says:

    there’s no way Hossa will go to Edmonton…

    For what? to completely freeze with a losing team?

    Its much colder in Edmonton than in Montreal…

    Edmonton is not a contender…

    The money isn’t going to matter as much because he already has it…

    But the main reason He’d rather come to Montreal is….He can revenge Ottawa…the team that dumped him on his ass and quickly forgot about him….He’d love to come here now and help us knock Ottawa on their asses and say “hey, remember me, the guy you got rid of for Heatley, well Im back…” something along those lines.

    Hossa would be perfect in Montreal…I can sense a cup this year, and when we also pick up Lecav for next season will be another cup to go with our centennial year…a mini 2 season Dynasty to mark our Anniversary.

  134. T-roy West says:

    I disagree with you about the weather Habster101. See my remarks about the weather in a above post.

  135. odber says:

    the new owner probably wants to make a splash to show the fans that he is for real.

  136. Blitzen says:

    But again, why would Hossa sign there? The guy says he wants to play on a Cup contender. Getting him as a rental would only weaken the Oilers for the following year. I agree that this makes little sense.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  137. showey47 says:

    I don’t see it, why would the oilers want a ufa when they are not a contender? Hossa would not resign there, he wants to compete now not 5 years from now. Unless this turns into a 3 way trade which just complicates the hell out of everything.

  138. RetroMikey says:


    What’s your opinion on what Bob should do?

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  139. RetroMikey says:

    Keep him in Edmonton….we don’t need any old baggage! Hossa will not do us anything in Montreal as far as I’m concerned.
    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  140. showey47 says:

    Honestly, i would like to see bob add a big third line center who can win faceoffs and someone who can make the koivu line somewhat of a scoring threat on a consistant basis. We do need secondary scoring if we want to compete come playoff time because if pleky’s line gets shut down we are in trouble. We can’t expect the lapierre,ryder and streit line to put up that kind of offense every night. That being said, i wonder if ryder should be tried with koivu again while he is hot.

  141. RetroMikey says:

    Ian, when do you want me to call you?
    Tonight or perhaps tommorrow night (Friday)

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  142. OldGrover says:

    I think one of the reasons Ryder got hot is that he had a lot more space playing on the third line – the 1st two lines got a blanket thrown over them, but that left the third to score :)

  143. Richard B says:

    I think if striet has to play fwd. then they should try streit – Koivu – Ryder.
    Let Higgins muck on the third line for a change.
    He likes to spend the full game in the corner anyway, and thats sounds like a third line role.

  144. Habs93 says:

    Do nothing. He’s way ahead of where he wanted to be.

  145. Ian G Cobb says:

    Anytime Mike– but I was just giving a smart alec answer to the question, What should Bob Do.? I said call Ian.!

  146. nick says:

    Yeah between RDS, Eklund (i know he’s full of crap but whatever it’s fun to read) getting my hopes up, TSN smashing them a sledge hammer, and the boys here just stirring the pot… i recall the same thing happening last year… and look what happend… NADA! haha.

  147. Rugger says:

    That wouldn’t be the end of the world if nothing happened.

  148. nick says:

    Ok – so, i guess it’s a little early to order my Canadiens Hossa jersey πŸ˜‰

    Just outta curiosity, if you were picking up a snazzy new jersey this afternoon who’s name / number would you get?

    1 – 27 Kovalev
    2 – 74 Kostitsyn
    3 – 23 Gainey

  149. Blitzen says:

    How about:

    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  150. Habs_008 says:

    Gainey and wear it to the bell centre on Saturday nite.

  151. nick says:

    So are all the other teams πŸ˜‰

  152. Blitzen says:

    Now 990 is saying Hossa to Boston for Kessel, a 1st, a 2nd. Hossa apparently has a 5-year extension. I missed if this was just someone pulling it out of thin air as a joke.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  153. Trakman says:

    Getting a little nuts out there.

    I do not think Atlanta will take anything less than a roster player AND a 1st rounder so I think montreal is out of the Hossa lottery.. I doubt Gainey will give up a first rounder in this very deep year for the draft.

    In my humble opinion of course….

  154. Blitzen says:

    Hilarious!!!! PJ Stock just said that he pulled the Kessel rumor out of his derriΓ¨re but that he laughed when he saw that hockeybuzz has a link to it saying that it confirms what they’ve been seeing. Eklund has 0 credibility.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  155. mjames says:

    If the Boston rumor is true it is a very steep price but at least it is not a rental. In my view the Habs offer of Streit, Ryder and a draft choice is better than Boston’s. I assume BG can get his name on an extension or else there is no point getting Houssa.


  156. Alirio says:

    PJ Stock has no business being on the air.

    He constantly confuses contradiction for argument.

    I’ve made a huge mistake…

  157. Trakman says:

    Eklund is a complete joke.

    I told him so and got banned from his site. He is all about crazy made up stuff with no basis on any fact just to create site traffic for himself. He profits from stupidity.

    Stock is hilarious…

  158. Blitzen says:

    I agree but what does this say about hockeybuzz…
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  159. krob1000 says:

    I don’t doubt that hockeybuzz lacks credibility (understatement) but I think their theopry is if they throw every rumour they hear out there….once a deal happens they can say they were right. These rumours all start soemwhere and only the ones with some sort of truth survive for any length of time.

  160. Blitzen says:

    Eklund says he’s trying to get on 990 to “discuss” this with Stock.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  161. Blitzen says:

    Here’s another bucket of ice water on that trade:


    RDS is saying that Warrior, the company that makes the gloves for the Hossas, has said that the gloves sent to MTL last week were for Marcel’s game against the Habs. Their gloves have very similar colors than those of the Habs. I heard a guy from Warrior say that they have made gloves for Marian but in a variety of different colors in preparation for an eventual trade.

    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  162. HABZ 24 says:

    GOOD, glad to hear. we need a hard nosed playoff performer, that bumm hossa is not it for sure.

  163. Rogie30 says:

    Exactly, a real net crasher.

  164. Velavok says:

    Looking at the possible deals out there does anyone think that BG is looking at Brad Richards and the kind of fit he would be on this team. You have to think the biggest names available are hossa, jokinen and richards if he is truly available.

    Apologies if this was already brought up here, i didnt read through the whole thread… yet.

    Have a good one.

  165. lemess says:

    Ecklund just reported that….

  166. Blitzen says:

    So that’s why the moon was red yesterday. It all makes so much sense.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  167. T-roy West says:

    I think the majority of the Montreal media can be very childish at times.

  168. Sakus Evil Twin says:

    I’m sure this has been covered, but is there a Habs fan that would like to see Hossa in Bleu-Blanc-Rouge?

    The Habs success has been all about team, and I can’t think of a player who is less about it…

    For the record, I still like Brian Campbell. I think he’s hugely tradeable – and he’s already intonated that he doesn’t want to stay in Buffalo by not signing. They’d be fools not to get something back for him…

    Streit or Dandy plus a pick.

    I’m just not convinced we’re THAT light up front! Especially if Mickey Ryder has found his scoring gloves.

  169. Blitzen says:

    Streit or Dandy plus a pick for Campbell? I’ll have some of what you’re having…
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  170. G-Man says:

    Campbell wants $6 million. He’s no Markov. Take a pass on that trade. Now, if you were talking Boyle from Tampa, well….


  171. Habsrule1 says:

    Classic….I DARE you!

    Go Habs Go!!


  172. nick says:

    They won’t let me use 3 numbers :(

  173. Sakus Evil Twin says:

    You mean you’d have him?

  174. habs12345 says:

    he means your offer for campbell wouldnt go far

  175. nick says:

    Pass it over this way when your done.

  176. Habs_008 says:

    Make sure you pass it on your left hand side…..pass the ..on your left hand side.

  177. Sakus Evil Twin says:

    OK… I’m hearing that you think it’s nuts – but I still don’t understand why…

    You think Campbell is worth a lot more?

    You don’t think that the Buffalo management are not terrified to end up with another Briere/Drury situation?

    You don’t think that Streit has done enough to match up alongside a draft pick?

    You don’t think we could use his services?

    Help an evidently delusional Habs brother out!

  178. Habs_008 says:

    I dont think Campbell is worth more, but Buffalo does. They can get so much more then what you are offering. Honestly, i dont think we even need Campbell.

  179. Jonnyboy says:

    Why do we need Campbell?

    He wants more money than any of our current def. do you think he is that good? I dont I would stick with our current D.

    If anything I would like to pick up a 4th D man.

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