Oh, brother: Clarifying siblings of the Canadiens

One of my favourite people with the Canadiens is Carl Lavigne, the team’s manager of history and archives. We share a love of the game that was played long ago, and often we share notes on our research.

We ran an item Thursday, furnished by Carl in a Canadiens press release, on the brother acts of the club, linked to this week’s arrival of Sergei Kostitsyn, alongside his brother, Andrei. See that post here.

A few comments appeared with the post, questioning Carl’s research, so on Friday he sent along the following to clarify things. Add another pair of brothers…

Thanks to some feedback from your website and other sources, I was able to review the brother pairing information and check all information with the NHL. I’d think that our records are now accurate.

First, in response to the gentleman who wrote the following on your site:

My apologies Mr Stubbs, but the Habs historian referenced missed some Habs siblings in his list. In a post at my site from June 20 of this year, I detailed not only the 15 Habs siblings, but all other Canadiens relations within the Habs and other NHL teams.

I checked the list he posted (using the link he provided) and have the following comments:

Keith and Bill McCreary both played with the Canadiens, however not together. Keith played a total of 10 games over two seasons (1 playoff game in 1961-62 and 9 regular season games in 1964-65) while Bill played 14 games in 1962-63. So they’re off the list.

The brother combo that was overlooked, by me as well as the NHL, was that of the Bourcier brothers. Conrad and Jean-Louis Bourcier played 5 games together in 1935-36

Another person (Sports Lab) had the Pronovost brothers. Problem is, Claude was the brother of Marcel and Jean (and not André), both of whom never played with the Canadiens.

Our release dealt only with brother pairings who played together, not those (like the Turgeons and Rousseaus who never played together).

So when all is said and done, the Canadiens have in fact 14 brother combinations in team history who played together.

Thanks to you, Carl. Here now is the definitive list of the brothers who have played together for the Canadiens:

Georges & Pierre Vézina (1911-12)

Odie & Sprague Cleghorn (1921-22 / 1924-25)

Billy & Robert Boucher (1923-24)

Aurèle & René Joliat (1924-25)

Pit & Hector Lépine (1925-26)

Sylvio & Georges Mantha (1928-29 / 1935-36)

Conrad & Jean-Louis Bourcier (1935-36)

Ken & Terry Reardon (1941-42)

Maurice & Henri Richard (1955-56 / 1959-60)

Frank & Pete Mahovlich (1970-71 / 1973-74)

Larry & Moe Robinson (1979-80)

Claude & Jocelyn Lemieux (1988-89 / 1989-90)

Stephan & Patrick Lebeau (1990-91)

Andrei & Sergei Kostitsyn (2007-08)


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