O’Byrne, Kostopoulos ‘celebrated’ in song

Singer/songwriter/entertainer Daniel Iorio, who regularly produces songs for Tony Marinaro on Montreal’s The Team 990, whipped up this ditty on Canadiens defenceman Ryan O’Byrne, forward Tom Kostopoulos and their Florida purse woes. Think Johnny Cash’s classic Folsom Prison Blues, and enjoy Dan’s tune, shared by Tony.


  1. Gormdog says:

    *points upward*

    Wet Blanket

  2. Lee_D says:

    How is this even funny? There are no jokes at all. He just says what happened. “O’Byrne’s thumb must be better because he and Tom Kostopoulos got caught stealing a purse. And not they’re in prison somewhere in Tampa Bay.”

    Wow. That’s hilarious! Stop posting stories about this!

  3. johnnyhab says:

    Great laugh!

  4. Berge says:

    To all the Fish:

    Even though this incident has made good fodder for selling printed rags and running rumourmills, it’s kinda funny (but not in a ha-ha way) how RB was immediately tagged (even by so called journalists) as quite possibly being guilty until he could be proven innocent…or until the charges were dropped as was the case.

    At least his teamates knew enough to stick up for him in the interim.

    Did it occur to anyone that the “Lady” in question might have actually ASKED him to hold her purse as she went to the washroom before leaving ( Meet you outside…wink…wink)…and then she just found a chivalrous bouncer to believe a rather common and very distressed claim of a stolen purse, and then tacked on her added claim for a lousy 20 bucks in order to make the (unpressed) ‘charges’ more material in the eyes of the police ?

    So much for balancing a story based on conjecture, and a single bar patron’s claim….huh

    Here’s another possibility: Does anyone think that perhaps some chick in a club might actually be capable of stirring up trouble for someone…With a high profile pro athlete no less?

    How does that possibility compare to (let’s say) a hardworking rookie defenseman who’s pulling down a half-mil, suddenly deciding that risking a blossoming career for 20 bucks, and a free phonecall, while OPENLY/VISIBLY sporting a non matching purse…is somehow all worth far more to him…than his entire future.

    Aren’t there enough journalists and fans out there who could at least mention that something smells fishy about that whole scenario…If not actually dig in and investigate before making (self) rightous moralistic statements…In print no less?

    Hmnnnn….Maybe the players in question were all blind drunk that night at the start of a regular season roadtrip, and the fairminded bouncers were just looking out for a distressed patron with nothing to gain from such an act of defamation…Hmnnnn. The local franchise certainly would benefit from having a fan cause such trouble…NAhh….That would be as reprehensible a concept as commiting petty (not “grand”) theft.

    Is it really so much more beleivable that top rung NHL players are going to be out drinking with each other until they are beligerent and stupefied, and then pulling teenaged pranks in front of the rest of their teamates? Perhaps even picking fights with otherwise benevolent bouncers and the non-egotistical types of career law enforcement officers that normally pull night shift duty in a bar district…You know…Those same hyper-intelligent, power-tripping meatheads who enjoy flexing their authority at the doors of bars, and the slightly more intelligent types who finished highschool in order to become gun-toting police officers in the state of Florida. I’m sure that those types of fine, mild mannered self-satisfied authority figures would never have any desire to assert their ego’s upon succcesful pro athletes…at any chance they get. I’m sure that Florida cops and bouncers are far more even headed and judicious at 3AM than any pro defenseman who’s out with team-mates and peers.

    Hmnnn…Funny how many people simply assumed that the chick in the bar was telling the truth, without so much as a hint of a hidden (victimizing?) agenda ….and then those same people simply bought the ensuing drama…hook…line…and sinker

  5. doug says:

    awesome song; thanks for posting

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