O’Byrne, Kostopoulos arrested in Tampa

Police mugshots of O’Byrne (left) and Kostopoulos

The Gazette’s Pat Hickey reports this morning from Tampa that Canadiens defenceman Ryan O’Byrne and forward Tom Kostopoulos spent last night in a holding cell in the Tampa jail after they were arrested outside a South Tampa night club early this morning.

O’Byrne was charged with grand theft, while Kostopoulos was charged with resisting an officer without violence.

Both were freed shortly before 9 this morning after posting bail. O’Byrne’s bail was set at $2,000, while Kostopoulos has to pay $500. Read the full story here.


  1. Morenz7 says:

    Doesn’t explain the missing $20 (if indeed $20 was missing; not sure who gets the benefit of doubt on that).

  2. mjames says:

    Your comment seems very plausible. The alcohol had everything to do with it. He did not steal the purse he was drunk and being a smart ass or something. Speaking of alcohol what were Tenders, Price and SK74 doing? They are twenty and are underage. Management should explain that any rookie funded parties have to comply with the law. I am assuming these three were drinking cokes. Yea right!

    Maybe Carbo should call up O’Bryn’s mom and dad.


  3. RH says:

    ‘so i guess we dont look as bad now! maybe they were scared a big black guy was going to come for them next so they grabbed the first phone they could find to call komisarek to come save their asses.’

    I really want to laugh but, I’m confused. What black guy? Do you mean the basketball player was going to come after them next? Why would they call Komisarek if they know how fight, themselves?

  4. idle says:

    Doesn’t take much to poke those feelings out of you…

  5. HabsFanInTampa says:

    Hey Pete, don’t forget about the two Carolina Panther Cheerleaders “assisting” each other in the bathroom stall at Banana Joe’s :)

  6. idle says:

    I don’t know, what purpose would ‘go steal that ladies purse’ serve towards rookie initiation? I can’t imagine a handful of players, drunk or otherwise, would think it was funny to go along with that.

  7. idle says:

    It could be that klepto thing. I know he has been injured lately but earlier in the season he was stealing ice time from Breezer.

  8. idle says:

    But you don’t know the facts yet, so how can it be funny and how can it be a good thing for Tom to stand up for his teammate in any situation until we do know the facts. If it comes out that there is no reasonable excuse or even if it was just a prank I don’t think stealing or getting arrested is funny. This is not a frat house and you can argue that those things aren’t funny in a frat house either. And if it comes out that Tom was drunk and causing a fuss with the cops then that seems less about standing up for your teammate and more about being an idiot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting those things happened, because we don’t know the story yet but it goes both ways, we can’t be too hard on them yet but we can’t just laugh and shrug it off either.

  9. RS says:

    Like I said, “drunk and stupid” “poor judgement”!

    And it would be interesting to find out who else was there.

  10. HabsFanInTampa says:

    The unfortunate “Rule of Thumb” is that if you’re a northerner, and you live or are visiting anywhere in the Eastern USA south of Virginia……You’re guilty of something!!!! :)
    Hey Bubba, the Civil War is over….You lost….Get over it already!

  11. habitual says:

    Maybe not, RS, but O’Bryne is charged with a criminal offense nonetheless. I doubt the judge who hears the case will think it’s a judicial knee slapper.

    Beyond that, what are players doing out at 3:00am, obviously pissed as billy goats? This speaks to a lack of judgment from those involved. It’s not like you can’t drink if you are a professional athlete, but remember how demanding the NHL schedule is and how hard some players train to keep themselves at the top of their game (think Higgins & Komisarik).

    A brand new rookie and others who should be taking him in hand should have a more professional approach to keeping themselves game ready. I like Kostopolis but he should have his butt kicked.

  12. HabsFanInTampa says:

    Damn it! My beloved Canadiens are partying it up in my humble town and I’m at home watching TV?… I definitely need to get out more! Whiskey Park, mons freres!?! C’mon guys, What were you thinking!?!? You coulda (or shoulda?) taken the Greek to Tarpon Springs and have him surrounded by the largest Greek community in FLA has to offer. O’byrne shoulda went to “Hattricks” and got his head screwed on straight by some true hockey fans. Stealing a purse? Grow up OR take off that Hab’s jersey you friggin’ idiot, you don’t deserve the Bleu, Blanc et rouge!

  13. otter649 says:

    Tampa seems a popular place for Habs to have fun…Back when The Habs played Tampa in the playoffs – Riberio & Dagenais broke curfew down there
    with Dagenais getting benched….

  14. downeast hab says:

    Sounds like he is being pegged as guilty already. This is not a goverment agency, so he is INNOCENT until proven guilty. Until I hear is statement, I will not draw conclusions.

  15. planet habs says:

    total morons! have to steal a woman’s purse? your salary of $590,000 not enough for you? what a piece of work! resisting arrest? maybe that’s why you can’t follow directions from your coach on the ice! selfish act! screw up your team, as if things aren’t bad enough for this team!

  16. TC says:

    Apparently, from reading the report, O’Byrne is outside at the bar’s front entrance, waiving the purse in the air for all to see. Doesn’t strike me as somebody trying to get away with stealing a purse. It sounds to me that things got out of hand quickly and escalated.

    As I said before, sounds like a prank gone horribly wrong. At the very least it shows poor judgement.


  17. projectpete19 says:

    on another note, an ex-NBA player got arrested 20 mins earlier for punching a guy out and kicking out the window of a cop car as stated in the tampa tribune http://www2.tbo.com/content/2008/feb/11/tampa-police-net-2-pro-hockey-players/ .

    so i guess we dont look as bad now! maybe they were scared a big black guy was going to come for them next so they grabbed the first phone they could find to call komisarek to come save their asses

  18. Richard B says:

    too bad Higgins, Ryder and Breezer wern’t there to get tazered. Might have done some good.

  19. RS says:

    Hockey players getting drunk and stupid. Now that’s a first!

    As stated below, it does sound like the Corson-Chelios years. Poor judgement, but hopefully Gainey doesn’t over-react. Sounds like a practical joke gone wrong. OB was probably set up by one of his teammates. Probably Kots.

    Not exactly Dany Heatley, Craig MacTavish or Rob Ramage material.

  20. showey47 says:

    its essentially not listening to an officer when he tells you to back away, thats all, nothing physical.

  21. Richard B says:

    I would love to know what other players were there with him.

  22. nick says:

    Unfortunately you really don’t have to do much in the states to get arrested… To be perfectly honest i’m surprised they weren’t both tasered 😛

  23. HabsInBlood says:

    LOL – you got that right!!

  24. habitual says:

    Kevin, pls feel free to delete my previous post.

  25. habfan53 says:

    It’s not standing up for a teammate when the police are involved. It’s stupidity.
    When I was readind the story and They caught him on the phone I thought he would say I was trying to reach her or a friend from the phone list.
    I guess he’s not that smart.
    He’s been rumored to be one of those being traded, this will just hasten it.

  26. habitual says:

    This isn’t even close to being funny. But what in God’s name does “resisting an officer without resistance” mean? Surely a classic oxymoron.

  27. Kevin Mio says:

    Guys, the Kostopoulos charge was actually “resisting an officer without violence.”

    The story has been corrected.

  28. Jim M says:

    The only thing I don’t want to hear is that he thought it was his! (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

  29. 1010 says:

    Hope you’re right TC, that this was some sort of initiation gone bad.The more I think about it’s the most logical explanation.

    GO HABS.

  30. TC says:

    At first glance, this doesn’t appear to be too good, but we should wait a little bit before jumping to conclusions. From the sounds of the article, it seems that a few members of the team were there. Hopefully, this is a rookie prank gone horribly wrong. Maybe we’re lucky that more guys weren’t arrested.

    It’s starting to seem like things are turning against the team this year, I hope not but ….


  31. 1010 says:

    Only two possibilities here; although I’m having a hard time believing you would actually steal someone’s purse and find that even remotely funny.
    Or the guy is some kind of klepto’.
    If all this is true then you know Gainey will not tolerate it… nor should he. This-again, if it’s true-is insane.

    GO HABS.

  32. 24 Cups says:

    Let’s not jump to conclusions here. This happened at 3am in the morning so you would have to think that some of these people might have been half in the bag:-) I wouldn’t assume that O’Byrne stole anything and that maybe a situation that could have been rectified unfortunately got out of hand. The cops can be different down in the southern states. There are a lot of details that need to be filled in here. What kind of charge is “resisting without resistance”? Regardless, this won’t sit well with Gainey.

    Get ready to see Brisebois in the lineup for Tuesday and Wednesday.

    THe Original 24 Cups

  33. Naila Jinnah says:

    Agreed. DUI would have been much worse.
    This is unfortunate and irresponsible, but definitely laughable.

  34. Naila Jinnah says:

    Benched or simply fined?

    Now this is a rookie dinner gone bad… $2000 bail after he had to pay for dinner? lol.

    It’s unfortunate that this incident won’t teach anyone any lessons. Nice (ish) to see TK standing up for his teammates in all situations. I wonder how everyone else reacted…

  35. HabsInBlood says:

    Guys … chill out and let the details come. I’m sure there’s some kind of explanation for what happened. I’d much rather have him arrested for “stealing a woman’s purse” as opposed to fighting or pissing on the street or impaired driving.

    Think about it … you’re the opposing team in Tampa. When people find out who you are at a bar … who knows what happens, what tricks might be played to get you in trouble.

  36. nick says:

    Nope not smart at all. I’m sure it had to be some kind of prank or rookie hazing. I mean why would you bother stealing a womans purse if your making x hundred thousand a year.

  37. Exit716 says:

    Gainey isn’t going to like his explanation. What can it be? Sorry Bob, I was drunk?
    They’ll bury him so deep you won’t be able to find him with the Hockey News.
    They were probably getting too cocky with the cops as well.

  38. Norm0770 says:

    It had to be some kind of prank, bet or dare. Not smart by any measure.

  39. nick says:

    Haaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha… i suppose it better then re-breaking his thumb on the officer. In the end i don’t suppose it’s all that funny cause they’ll both most likely be benched.

  40. drecha says:

    This is in the “I do not beleive it” catagory. How the hell is this possible. O’byrne buddy I hope you have a logical explanation for this.

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  41. showey47 says:

    are your f@$king kidding me? So a guy making half a million a year steals someones purse? Something is not right here at all, it just doesn’t make any sense.

  42. idle says:

    Things don’t have to make sense when there is alcohol involved.

  43. Revolution No. 9 says:

    Ahahahaha! Geez, stealing women’s purses… It’s like a bad hockey movie!

  44. Guy21 says:

    Sounds like Chelios and Corson-They had a couple of incidents when they were with the Habs…Management does not like this type of headlines and changes may be made…Keep your eyes on the trade pages …….

  45. ZepFan2 says:

    Why in the world would O’Byrne do something so stupid?

    WTF was he thinking??

  46. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Just when you think that things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

  47. Corio says:

    HAHAHAHA, there has to be a good reason for this, seriously!

  48. Hoegarden says:

    Just what the Habs need right about now.
    These guys make in a year what most of us make in 15-20.

    A broken thumb after one fight and a stolen purse in a bar. Is he ever going to get it from the rest of the league players whenever he’s on the ice.

    Dumb, very dumb…so much to lose so little to gain.

  49. HNS says:

    Maybe O’Byrne had the shoes to match that purse.

  50. showey47 says:

    I don’t know, if he was there with his girlfriend like the story says, it could of been an accident. The last thing this teams needs after a bad loss is a distraction like this.

  51. Exit716 says:

    It will be interesting to see how the organization handles this one. I don’t think Gainey’s particularly thrilled, nor should the veterans be either.
    This is the last thing they need is a media feeding frenzy.

  52. Bean says:

    This is one rookie night no one’s ever going to forget.

    So bizarre! I’m inclined to believe the story – a stupid drunken mistake, he thought it was his girlfriend’s purse. It’s just too out there (read: completely inplausible) to think he’d actually rob a woman in a bar in front of his fellow teammates.

  53. Naila Jinnah says:

    A girlfriend whose name he can’t remember?

  54. habsguy says:

    ya think you guys are taking this a little lightly, I’d love to read your posts if it were 2 leafs !!!!

  55. RS says:

    No one accused Tlusty of a crime, so it’s quite a different situation, but I thought there was a total over-reaction to his controversy earlier this season. Some poor judgement, but hey he’s a kid.

  56. HABZ 24 says:

    lets see now 3am, im guessing he wasnt sober.he’ll learn a lesson from this jackass behavior i hope.

  57. Exit716 says:

    Kostopolous and O’Byrne get summoned to meet Gainey at his hotel room.
    Guy lets them in.
    They are sitting nervously waiting to talk to the GM.

    Bob enters the room…stares them down and says four words.

    “You can be replaced.”

  58. Sulemaan says:

    Your post is very to the point. Love it.

    Let’s see how this plays out before passing judgement. At a minimum, O’Byrne should be careful as he can go down to Hamilton very easily. There are a lot of young and impressionable players on this team and in the system.

    Remember what happened after Carbonneau (as a player) gave the photographer the one-finger salute? He got shipped off to St. Louis pretty quickly.

    They don’t look upon this kind of thing favorable. Provided that these two were indeed in the wrong.

  59. Hoegarden says:

    He may also swith the can with a will.

  60. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Damn, this means Breeze is back in the lineup…

    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev…..at his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  61. Fer_hab says:

    Please lets try to keep postive here.

    As a previous post already said this smells like Breezby switched purses to get O’bryne in trouble what a f’en rat piece of shit.

  62. RS says:

    And the trading of Carbo was a mistake!!!

  63. ZepFan2 says:

    “Remember what happened after Carbonneau (as a player) gave the photographer the one-finger salute? He got shipped off to St. Louis pretty quickly.”

    The big difference here, Carbos salute was in the off season.

    An absolutely idiotic thing for OB to do when we need a big D-man like him for the stretch.

  64. Sulemaan says:

    Don’t disagree with you at all. Carbonneau for Montgomery was one of the worst trades ever.

  65. Sulemaan says:

    Not sure I see much difference between off-season and during the season. A stupid move is a stupid move. However, I’m going to reserve judgement before deciding these guys are guilty. They could easily be spoiled, rich, drunk hockey players. They could also be the target of over-zealous police. I’ve seen the cops in Tampa in action and they are not always saints either.

  66. ZepFan2 says:

    “Not sure I see much difference between off-season and during the season.”

    Well for one, we’re in the middle of a playoff hunt and these are not the type of disruptions a team needs. In the off season, it can be dealt with without really causing a disruption.

    Carbo being traded for giving a reporter the finger while he (Carbo) was golfing was ridiculous!

    That being said, I agree on the waiting for more info. I think I might have been too harsh in judging before hearing the whole story.

  67. G-Man says:

    This is what happens when alcohol and young people mix. It’s stupid and inexcusable. Just what the Habs need, drunks on the team. Or should I say in Hamilton?


  68. RS says:

    Drunks on the Habs?!? Unthinkable! Please don’t force me to start making a list!

    Actually, drinking at 3:00 AM might mean you’re drunk but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are a drunk.

  69. krob1000 says:

    Tommy K loses to another policeman……oh well….I still don’t want a goon.

  70. Tobiass says:

    People need to chill. I really doubt Obyrne would have stolen a purse. Drunken mix up, I’m sure. Hats off for Kostopoulos for being the enforcer on and off the ice.

  71. Habs_008 says:

    Sounds like Kosto was just sticking up for a Team mate, like he does on the Ice. But you cant do that in the Real World, it will be interesting to see what the Habs do about this situation, not like you can just sweep it under a rug with the MTL Press. I am guessing Kosto will be scratched for the 2 games in FLA and O’bryne will be back in Hamilton for another week or so.

  72. cournoyer12 says:

    Did we win the fight, five minutes each , steal a wallet next time, those purses are lethal.

  73. HAB-PROFESSOR says:


    “Several associates, who were identified as National Hockey League players/members, crowded around the officers and police car,” the report states. “They were told numerous times to get away from the police car and not to interfere.”

    this scene reminds of the ROCKET in Boston, when the Boston police wanted to arrest Maurice and the team stood up and made a wall…thats a brotherhood that wins Cups.

    just maybe there was a hint of that here…..

    and thats the only positive thing you can take from this.
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev…..at his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  74. Naila Jinnah says:

    I think everyone needs to relax a bit. Reporters are notorious for just getting the basic facts and trying to publish right away. We don’t know the time frame of the incident.

    The woman might have misplaced her purse earlier and gone around searching for it before going to the bouncer and declaring it as stolen. O’Byrne might have stumbled on a purse that looks like it belonged to no one – or maybe to a girl he was talking to earlier.

    And he took it to be able to give it back to her, checking the cell phone for a home number or recent calls, etc.

    There’s no reason to pass judgment before knowing what actually happened. No matter what sources you check, we can’t know what truly happened until EVERYONE involved in the incident has their say. This seriously could be a big misunderstanding that was amplified by drunkenness, ie, not being able to properly explain what happened or defend yourself properly.

    Bref, let’s relax, sit back and wait for the facts. We won’t know much more until 4pm anyway.

  75. Shobud says:

    Does anyone stop to think that it might be the end of of O’Byrne getting into the USA, depending what the charges are.. If it is his hockey days are over in the NHL

  76. RS says:

    Not if he gets Heatley’s lawyer.

  77. Naila Jinnah says:

    Seriously? Have you ever heard of someone not being able to travel because of a third grade robbery charge?

    Last I heard, being charged with something doesn’t prevent you from traveling.

  78. habscup25 says:

    I definitely would want to know more details to the story. If O’Byrne’s GF was actually there, who were the other players (or any other Habs personnel there). How much alcohol was served at these rookie-paid dinner parties. Apparently, these parties cost the rookies thousands…

  79. hyfyarse says:

    Well I think with the Police State that America is in its not that hard to see this being blown way out of proportion, the police are trying to make an example out of someone that is all. Just think of this, all police officers must have an IQ under 100 to be a police officer, this is main stream news and its been on all major US TV news stations. Remember the media only writes what makes a good story weather its fact of fiction. O’Byrne was probably outside with his hand in the air saying is this anyones phone and purse, trying to be a good Samaritan, and the egocentric police had to make him out to be the bad guy. Remember America is under a Police State and soon just before the election Bush will declare Martial Law. O’Byrne and Kos are innocent and decent guys, Gainey will talk to them, get the real story and have them in the line up tonight, simple as that.
    Through the good the bad and the ugly I will never lose hope in my HABS!!!!

  80. Xtrahabsfan says:

    When detained and questioned about why he “O’brian” took the purse he stated it just goes so well with my skates,lol”joke”

  81. Shobud says:

    I am not blaming him . I don’t know the story, but it does not take much these days to can you from the US They have gone overboard as always I think we will find its a kid that was drunk and screwed up, but it can still be hell I can remember going to a party and not been able to find my car after The mind does funny things to you when you are drinking

  82. projectpete19 says:

    in the tampa paper they say 20 mins earlier an ex-nba player got in a fight, so the cops were there already, and that ex-nba player kicked out a window on a cop car.

    that kind of stuff gets the cops out of their good mood if they are in one and usually anything you do can get you arrested

  83. MikeMcLaren says:

    When I first saw this, I thought that Brisebois had tried a citizen’s arrest on O’Byrne for stealing his roster spot.

    I don’t blame O’Byrne here at all though. I’m sure the purse matched his shoes. How the hell is he supposed to resist such an opportunity?

    In all seriousness though this has “DROPPED CHARGES” written all over it.


  84. fun police says:

    police state? professional athlete at 3:00 am holding a ladies purse and lying to the cops. what are the cops supposed to do?

  85. Steiner says:

    somehow i doubt that O’Byrne’s actual girlfriend was there.
    And in terms of how much alcohol was served… I’d imagine a fair bit. I’ve seen the Habs many times on St. Laurent after games – often with nothing to celebrate – and they can do a pretty good job drinking.
    This is really not what we need right now. And I just feel bad that a story comes out about Mark Streit on the same day this happens. Poor guy is always getting overshadowed!

    I guess we just have to wait for further details.
    Let’s hope this isnt going to get too ugly.
    I can just see Gainey’s face right now….

  86. HKisses says:

    Yup Habs know how to party…. Was at CLub Med on St.laurent few times and even had drinks with Higgins and Komi……As for this people are jus taking it to far…Wait for details and then discuss the consequences…..Cheers

  87. Xtrahabsfan says:

    U.S.A. =0 tolerance

  88. the_larry says:

    I have a feeling some drunk-ass girl who O’Byrne has been buying drinks for, asked him to hold her purse while she went to the washroom. 5 minutes later she returns screaming and crying saying that someone stole her purse. She sees O’Byrne with it and immediatly blames him.

    I’ve seen stupid stuff like that happen sooo many times at clubs and bars. Im sure Ryan and Tom did nothing wrong.

  89. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Relax Fans,they are human too,eh.

  90. HKisses says:

    Heatly was on probation and he was still able to travel between the two countries ….im 100% positive that this won’t affect them from playing with the team…..but the rest is in Gainey’s hands

  91. mjames says:

    I do not think O’Bryne was tring to steal a purse.
    The alcohol had everything to do with it. I think he was drunk and being a smart ass or something. Speaking of alcohol what were Tenders, Price and SK74 doing? They are twenty and are underage. Management should explain that any rookie funded parties have to comply with the law. I am assuming these three were drinking cokes. Yea right!

    Maybe Carbo should call up O’Bryn’s mom and dad.


  92. RS says:

    C’mon, everybody knows Higs and Komi are a couple of zen yoga saints!

  93. HKisses says:

    hahaha yeaaaaa right!!!and then you woke up…..

  94. Rich B says:

    I agree. I think it is very plausible that a professional athlete might forget the name of a girl at a bar or his girlfriend for the evening.

  95. ZepFan2 says:

    “Relax Fans,they are human too,eh.”

    Yup, with enough money to NOT need to steal a womans purse.

    I’m hoping there’s a logical explanation as to why this happened. One that makes us smile at the end of the day. (crosses fingers)

  96. krob1000 says:

    They throw some mean yoga parties.

  97. RS says:

    I was kidding. Somebody else mentioned these two guys as examples of upstanding citizens unlike OB and Kots out drinking. I don’t buy it. Let’s face facts, hockey players generally don’t shoot people, but they drink like fish and sometimes do really stupid things (Heatley, MacTavish, Ramage) or kinda goofy and dumb stuff like this.

  98. RS says:

    If you didn’t smile when you read the story, then someone should check for a pulse.

  99. HKisses says:

    lol yea i know u were….but agree’d with you….Hockey players do drink like fish …but hey its betetr then doing drugs or steroids or wtv….to be honest i rather hear this kidna story ,rather then one of the Habs doing drugs or something…

  100. jew4jah says:

    smile? i’m already laughing!
    what else can you do when you wake up to news like this?
    tom can’t-stop-police & ryan “5-fingers” o’byrne. let’s just be happy that price & SK made it through the night without getting arrested.

  101. coutNY says:

    What are these F’n idiots thinking?

    No wonder we can’t get a win on Saturdays with these guys partying ’til 3:00 in the morning. Could only imagine what they do on Fridays… It was Sunday for Cryin out loud! I guess every days a Saturday for an NHLer…

    Update after the initail shock… HmHmm ha ha… I’ve done some stupid sh@#t in my day, (well never stoled a purse???) but Who am I to talk. Well at least Hamrlik’s back in Tuesday to help out, Not sure if O’Byrne will be after this stunt?

  102. coutNY says:

    Not sure “Grand Theft Auto” is a third grade Robbery Charge???

  103. ZepFan2 says:

    “If you didn’t smile when you read the story, then someone should check for a pulse.”

    Why would I smile at the thought of an overpaid hockey player stealing a womans purse?

  104. krob1000 says:

    No Auto…..it was a purse.

  105. coutNY says:

    Tenders, Price and SK74 were there also?

  106. showey47 says:

    grand theft purse? lmao

  107. Infanteer says:

    If it wasn’t so sad, this would be hilarious.

  108. krob1000 says:

    I bet they’re working on a video game as we speak.

  109. Infanteer says:

    I can just imagine the conversation at the bar . . . in fact, let’s imagine the conversation at the bar . . . it goes like this:

    A Greek and an Irishman walk into a Bar . . .

  110. Norm0770 says:

    I’m sure it wasn’t for the money. It was probably a prank, bet or dare of some sort to try and get the woman’s number, or something.

  111. coutNY says:

    My bad sorry Naila, I read too much into it… Anyway With the grand theft it means he did steal over $2000, so they must be including the potential amounts on her Credit Cards?

    Maybe the rest of the team had an initiation ritual and the purse was the last prop?

  112. habjay93 says:

    LOL…. Got to love Tom, always coming to the aid of a teammate, even a teammate that stole a purse.

  113. mjames says:

    I thought it was the rookie dinner where the rookies pay for the dinner. If that is the case I assumed they were there. My point is that mnagement needs to caution the players about the laws regrading underage drinking in the States.


  114. G-Man says:

    They put the toga in yoga…


  115. G-Man says:

    Hate to lay this on ya, but alcohol IS a drug. Why do you think there are so many alcoholics?


  116. showey47 says:

    As rediculous as this story sounds i guess i really shouldn’t be surprised. When you add pro-athlete+alcohol+money+ego’s the results are sometimes mindboggling. During the lockout in 1994 when brian savage had his 4 on 4 hockey game in sudbury, i got to see first hand what happpens when you gets these guys in one room when booze and women are involved. But the one name i will say is Ron Tugnutt because i talked to him for about half an hour and is a class act and of all the associations i’ve ever had with pro-hockey players, he was by far the nicest and down to earth.

    I really think the obyrne thing was an accident or a prank gone bad, but none-the-less, if ryan lied to the police that was definatly his first misktake. T.k. was probably trying to explain what was going on and got arrested for being persistent

  117. G-Man says:

    Play O’Byrne, a young up and comer surrounded by Tampa police… coming soon to an X-Box 360 near you!


  118. ZepFan2 says:

    I hope so.

    And to think, alcohol is legal and look what it does to an educated Ivy leaguer. :)

  119. HKisses says:

    Well…..Alcohol doesn’t have the same affect as Coke or Marijuana would have on a hockey players performance. My opinion.

  120. REB says:

    Hmmm, couple of things….

    1. Isn’t that a picture of Gorges? So why does if feature prominently on this page?
    2. “Drunks on the Habs”…can anybody say “Lafleur, early morning, car accident, nightclub”?

  121. Infanteer says:

    Police: Sir, you’re going to have to come with me.

    5 Fingers: Wait . . . her name’s Donna. Yeah, Donna.

    Police: Too late.

    5 Fingers: Too Late? Her name’s Donna. Or Jill . . .

    Tommy Boy Kostopolous: [falling down drunk, exiting the club] Dude . . . what a paaarrrty . . . did you see the rack on . . . who the hell are you?

    Police: [To 5 fingers] Sir, you’re going to have to come with me.

    5 Fingers: [to Tommy Boy] I don’t know. Listen, a serious question . . .

    Tommy Boy: Annythng, Burny. You’re the best bud evver.

    Police: Sir, get into the car.

    5 Fingers: What was her name?

    Tommy boy: Who? the waitress?

    Police: [To Tommy Boy] Sir, you’ll have to come as well.

    Tommy Boy: Where are we going? Dude, I got her number. There’s an After Party there.

    5 Fingers: Sure, we don’t play til Tuesday.

    Tommy Boy: [now into the police car] Nice seats. Wow, taxis suure are better down here. There’s even a cage to protect you from the driveeer . . .

  122. TC says:

    Wanna bet, that this never goes to court. This will eventually, all be dropped. There’ll be a cheque written to a charity and it will be all over.

    The police get their 5 minutes of fame and we all get to jump to conclusions about O’Byrne’s future. I have full confidence that Gainey and co. will deal with this properly.

    On the bright side people worry all the time about team unity. Maybe last night was a way to blow off some steam after the last couple of games; for the guys to have a good time.

    Remember the big fuss this summer over the Staal’s??


  123. Infanteer says:

    This story keeps getting better and better:

    “They [the police] approached him and asked him what he was doing with her cellphone and her purse. He said it was his girlfriend’s purse. They asked him what his girlfriend’s name was and he couldn’t provide the name of his girlfriend,” Tampa Police Department spokesperson Andrea Davis told the CBC.

    Police: Excuse me, sir. We’ve had a report of a stolen purse.

    Five-Fingers O’Byrne: This old thing?

    Police: A purse was stolen, sir.

    5 fingers: Just wait a sec, I absolutely have to answer this [to cellphone] Hello? Who is this?

    Police: These are serious accusations.

    5 Fingers: Cathy? No. This is Ryan.

    Police: Who owns this purse, sir?

    5 Fingers: [still on cellphone] Yeah, it’s busy here too.

    Police: Sir, Who owns this purse?

    5 Fingers: [annoyed at the interruptions] What? It’s, uh, my girlfriend’s.

    Police: And what is your girlfriend’s name?

    5 Fingers: Umm, I don’t know.

    Police: Excuse me?

    5 Fingers: [to cellphone] Yeah, I’ll have to get her to call you back.

    Police: Sir, these are serious accusations. What is your girlfriend’s name?

    5 Fingers: I don’t know


  124. Ian G Cobb says:

    Some nut bar says he stole the purse, wait until you find out what really happened before you start mouthing off about someone’s character.

  125. smiler2729 says:

    A drunken Irishman in a bar thinking some other woman’s purse belonged to his girlfriend and wouldn’t let it go. And this results in arrests? Only in the U.S. where a cop’s ego can be as big as any ordinary superstar’s.
    Hopefully this is a non-factor in the performance of the team and hopefully O’Byrne still plays in place of Patrice Breezeby… hopefully.

  126. Infanteer says:

    Lame is saying a purse belongs to your girlfriend . . . and then not knowing her NAME!?

  127. Habsrule1 says:

    That’s not Gorges.

    Go Habs Go!!


  128. CHsam says:

    LOL!!!! Citizen arrest.. Until Bernie turns around and the show’s over

  129. HKisses says:

    That too….

  130. RS says:

    Are you really a Zep fan?

  131. showey47 says:

    Maybe not being local had something to do with it. The police may not of arrested them if they were one of their own for such a petty thing. Just a theory.

  132. Scotty90 says:

    hyfyarse….. i think police deserve a little more respect. I am sure the boys were being wise guys to some degree, and the police have seen it all before and don’t have much patience for it. And no its not a police state in the U.S., its just that they have a lot more crap to deal with there than police in Canada do…. so they put up with very little BS.

  133. ZepFan2 says:

    “Are you really a Zep fan?”

    Why, because I don’t drink I can’t be a fan of Zeppelin?

  134. idle says:

    Ask Pelle Lindburg what kind of effect it had on him.

  135. idle says:

    2 of my family members are retired Police officers, so on behalf of them I thank you for your opinion of them.

    You can call them what you like but I would rather be a simpleton cop then a lousy thief. (not that I am accusing anyone of being a thief yet)

  136. Angry Almond says:

    Hey, I think a little ‘tongue in cheek’ was required in reading that last post! Don’t be so sensitive…it gets people in trouble!


    Music is the best. FZ

  137. ZepFan2 says:

    Who’s sensitive?

    I just asked a question.

  138. Habifax says:

    Funny thing is if this had happened in Montreal you wouldn’t even have heard about it.

  139. showey47 says:

    yeah but tsn, sportsnet, hnic and the rest of the pro-laff media will be talking about it for weeks.

  140. CHsam says:

    Yeah that’s all they’ll talk about when the Laffs don’t make the playoffs. Stupid Leafs media.

  141. Habifax says:

    Yes it will be a running joke of sorts for a while. I can see lots of email jokes going around on this one. Time for some of the leaf fans to get some revenge now for all the Leaf jokes that have been going around.

  142. Habhopeful says:

    jesus, some poeple are freaking out on this post, definatly had to be a misunderstanding, if he stole a purse, why would he still be standing in front of the bar holding it for everyone too see, i highly doubt burnsy is a klepto, and plus its 3 a.m at a bar in hot tampa bay and this girl is probably pretty hammered and thinks he stole his $20.00 but she probably spent the whole 20 on some expensive drink, lets wait till we get a clear explanation after practice today, before everyone goes haywire on them

  143. Habhopeful says:

    ***thinks he stole her 20***

  144. nick says:

    probably wasn’t expecting to pay for the rookie dinner HAH!

  145. NightRyder says:

    Good lesson for the kids. Since when does an alleged purse snatching equate to felony grand theft? Kosto was likely only trying to save the kid’s bacon. Nothing will likely come of this, but it puts them all on notice.

  146. Pat8987 says:

    Not uncommon, I see several Habs at clubs getting wasted……Which I perfectly fine they are also human… This was probably an initiation prank gone wrong, not a big deal at all!!!! But it’s going to be fun to hear the media comments on this subject, as well as some incoherent fans!!!

  147. G-Man says:

    Maybe if Guillaume and the boys drank less, they would skate a little harder. They can party in the off-season. It’s at least 2 months long.


  148. Blitzen says:

    Unless there is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more to this story – like the whole thing was made up – the only word to describe this is P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.

    If he was set up like some of you are saying, why did he leave the place with the bag? Why didn’t he tell the cops he had been set up? If it was the veterans telling him to do it as a stunt, then that was one hell of a stupid stunt. Part of me is hoping BreezeBy and Smokes made him do it and there’s photo evidence somewhere.

  149. nick says:

    Nope… i gotta admit, since the All-Star break Smokes has been doing alright. If anyone set him up… It was Breezer and Dandy… sneaky buggers.

  150. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Cops in the U.S. exaggerating is nothing new. We need to chill out and wait for the truth to come out.

  151. rogus says:

    Maybe it was Jim Lahey and Randy that arrested them???

  152. piche says:

    LMAO!! “Why don’t you run along, Gut Cassidy and the Sundance Cheeseburger. Don’t look into my eyes like I got candy for you.” J-tothe-ROC

  153. Woah_Dana says:

    I don’t see this as a reason to get too worked up until we get details but.. I mean, I know the OHL kids have a pretty strict curfew, as do NHL’ers. Do they have off nights where they can go do whatever they please? If this is the case, & they were on an “off night” sans curfew, I’m not too worried about it. They’re human, young & just having a good time. We’ve all been there – so long as they don’t start to pick partying over their career – but then they will get what they deserve anyway because as we know, the association won’t tolerate it. However, if they were supposed to be on curfew & out until 3am.. that’s a different story & I hope they get their asses whipped by Gainey.

    GO HABS!
    ~Sergei Kostitsyn, marry me!!

  154. Peter Young says:

    Perhaps the U.S.A. is not yet a police state, but I’m more worried that it’s Tampa Bay, a red neck town if ever there was one. Certainly it’s jail first and ask questions later. Let’s see what comes out in the wash–in the sober light of day.

  155. Les-Habitants says:

    Well, there’s the secondary scoring they wanted in Stillman.
    I’m amazed that Carolina choose to trade those 2 veterans…Stillman’s on pace for a career year, while Commodore is one of their lockeroom leaders.

    While the Sens did have to give up Corvo and Eaves, who has a bunch of potential, for 2 rentals, this is a great trade by the Sens…they got tougher on the blue-line, and now have a proven playoff player in a secondary role.

    I wonder if this is the trade that will break the dam, cause now it’s on the other teams (in the East anyway) to step up to the plate.

  156. TommyB says:

    Innocent until proven guilty!

    However, this is not the kind of publicity the Habs management will look kindly on. This is the type of thing that can get you a ticket out of Montreal. It’s worse when you consider one of the players involved is one of our best future prospects.

    Anyone who is shocked to hear pro hockey players are out until 3 am in bars really needs a reality check. I’m hoping there is a more reasonable explanation than we have so far, and as I stated…innocent until proven otherwise…but holy smokes, if there is any truth regarding the purse and the missing $20 then this is one sad story. I’ve read on here what a field day the media will have with this…screw that! What about the effect this is going to have on this player? and secondly, the rest of his team mates.

  157. Les-Habitants says:

    Bah, I have a feeling this just got blown out of proportion. O’Byrne gets accused of stealing, he denies it and most likely gives the cops attitude. They ‘cuff him, and a bunch of his teammates start yelling at the cops, TK among them. TK gets loud, so the cops decide they’ve had enough and cuff him too.

  158. Gormdog says:

    If i were an NHL player, making that much money, having just been re-called up to the team, and just celebrated my official “one of us” moment by hosting a big rookie dinner… I would be out partying my brains out too!

    It’s a real shame things turned ugly, but these guys are human, especially O’Byrne, and you can’t get angry at him for going out and having drinks to celebrate.

    I’ve seen nuttier stuff in my day than this whole purse fiasco (and obviously it was a massive prank / drunken psyche out retribution, both strictly vanilla bad judgement), give the kid a break!

    The fact that he is (insert title here) and gets paid (insert number here), doesn’t mean he can’t go out and have fun, especially on a night in Florida dedicated to him Price and S.kots.

    This whole “we as fans count on you to be in tip top shape, how could you dissapoint us” theory is ridiculous. Three quarters of the posters here have been “purse stealing” drunk before. Or “picking fights with the bouncer” drunk. Or “kissed the wrong sibling” drunk. We all have responsabilities, and I bet the lot of us can still perform admirably in life regardless of a night or two of trouble.

    We should take from this incident a sense of pride and nostalgia, as in, looking back when this organization didn’t have much of either. It wouldn’t suprise me to have read a few years back that Pierre Dagenais got “arrested” at Buenna Notte for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The difference? Instead of having his team (or some decent amount it seems, “crowding around”) there to defend him, It would just be Ribeiro outside flirting with the ladies while Three-or-more was in the mens bathroom checking out his hair.

    This is a team that sticks up for eachother, albeit lacking size and grit. Be proud that purse shennanigans don’t get between this team and it’s goal of a cup.

  159. doug says:

    Innocent until proven guilty is correct, but I must say that O’Byrne looks cocky in his mugshot!

  160. Gormdog says:

    Maybe it was BG’s plan all along.

    Sick and tired of hearing about trade rumours, Carbo bashing, toughness issues, goaltending duels, streaks, inability to hold leads, Breezer on the ice, Ryder off the ice, Smolinski on the team, line juggling, secondary scoring, and S kots having bigger balls than half our veterans, Gainey instead calls up O’Byrne to take some fans/media focus off the team on the ice and throws us a red herring.

    O’Byrne drew the short straw so he was he one who had to get arrested, somehow. Maybe get some former basketball player to put the cops in a sour mood as is, so not much effort needs to be put in to get to the papers. Get our “enforcer” Kostop to step up for him, but make sure that gets out in the media too so there can be a sense of brotherhood on the team given out with this news…

    Send the troops out to the rookie dinner and… Action!

  161. planet habs says:

    so Ottawa just got much better by trading Corvo and Eaves to the hurricanes for Stillman and Commodore. How come sens have an aggressive GM doing what’s necessary to make their team better, and we’re stuck with the most conservative GM in hockey, who would rather sit on his hands, than help his team! and fans wonder why the habs never improve? lok at LAME DUCK GAINEY!

  162. 1010 says:

    The Sens trade adds even more credence to the rumour about Murray trying to unload Reddan. Obviously this deal has been on the table for a while and Murray was getting a tougher ‘D’ and trying to get a little cap space back.
    Interesting: the two ‘D’ considered the cornerstone of the franchise just two years ago. One signed elsewhere, and now their trying to get rid of the other.

    GO HABS.

  163. doug says:

    and kostopoulos looks more like an eastern european smuggler than a hockey player.

  164. Gormdog says:

    Who are you trading on our current roster, who would you get in return?

    We aren’t knee deep in affordable, talented veterans like the Sens. We have the young guys who everyone wants, and the old guys no one wants.

  165. showey47 says:

    i just hope ryan is pissed for spending the nite in clinker and gets the chance to play tomorrow night to take it out on vinny and co. This shouldn’t be a distraction, gainey is probably pissed, carbo probably has to look like his is pissed for gainey but on the inside is laughing his ass of. The players are gonna rib him for the rest of the season.

  166. idle says:

    When did they become human Dana? I don’t think they get half of this kind of support if they make a mistake on the ice!

  167. 1010 says:

    How many cups does Murray have on his resume?

  168. Habs_008 says:

    I think Gainey has done a great job, We dont want to give away our young talent for a rent-a-sucka, and the Older guys we have either have a no-trade or are not producing enough to warrant anything in return. The only player I think we can get Max value for is Higgins, and he isnt even producing like he should. I dont even know what Gainey could get right now. It is better to wait and see then do anything drastic that might ruin the team/chemistry.

  169. Gormdog says:

    Could you imagine if O’Byrne actually needed that 20$?

    I can just picture him, credit cards maxed out for the night, bank limit reached, no more reachable cash after paying for (a third of?) the Habs rookie dinner. Skots and Price bail early since they don’t want to risk getting carded at the club. All the boys at the club expect O’Byrne to keep buying drinks even though he’s out of cash, so he has to resort to petty mugging to fill out the tab. The end of the night comes, he survived his rookie dinner, Brisebois turnes to him and says “one last Sex on the beach please, O’Bytch”, and the rest is history.

  170. showey47 says:

    who would u recommend we trade?, carolina dumped two aging vets who are ufa’s for 2 younger players. Maybe bob did talk to him and offered ryder. Would you part with any youth other than possibly ryder for a 35 year old winger and a slow dman? I wouldn’t. Mike Commodore! why? So we can boost smolinski’s and lats confidence because they would no longer be the slowest players on the team.

  171. Smart Dog says:

    Assuming it was all pretty innocent – just drunken shenannigans – glad they were having a little fun, get into a little trouble… shows some attitude! Now take that onto the ice!

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  172. Woah_Dana says:

    Ask those who get their panties in a twist when the team makes a mistake on the ice. I’m not one of them, so I can’t answer that for you. I can get frustrated as all hell, yes, but at the end of the game I refuse to drive anyone of their names into the dirt (okay, unless it’s Brisebois).

    GO HABS!
    ~Sergei Kostitsyn, marry me!!

  173. Smart Dog says:

    YOu’ve got quite an imagination!

    Good post below – “vanilla bad judgement” Taht’s exactly what it sounds like. The guy is young – goofball, college-prank age. He was probably trying to get the chicks phone number and just being a bit of a jerk. Not condoning it, just not worth the press.

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  174. TommyB says:

    You can explain to me about Ottawa’s depth in their farm system while you’re at….oh, you can’t???

    Two rent-a-players signed instead of even one promising rookie prospect coming up through the system. Is that the way you would like to see the Habs run?

    Ottawa has been in the league for 15 years…they wear a “O” on their sleeves. That’s “zero”, the number of cups they have won in those 15 years. Montreal on the other hand is celebrating 100 years next season, and has 24 cups to their name. Do the math!

  175. G-Man says:

    O’Byrne will be in Hamilton the rest of the season for this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kostopoulos is traded, as well. Habs management will not look at this through rose-coloured glasses; they will be seeing red.


  176. showey47 says:

    Same here, it was frustrating to watch the habs go down 3 so quick, but even more frustrating watching us miss so many chances to get back in the game. But when the game is over, its over. But like you said, the breezer knows how to bring the worst out of all of us.

  177. 24 Cups says:

    ph – The Sens got better for the next four months, after that we’ll see how this trade shakes down. Murray went to the final last year with great expectations only to have some of his players lay down and die while Anaheim kicked their butt. Hopefully, this trade will change that and who knows he may not be finished yet. Murray has to win the Cup or else this year is a total failure for the Sens.

    Montreal is a long shot to win the Cup and right now is basically still trying to make the playoffs. Making the playoffs and winning a round would be considered a success in Montreal this year. Gainey isn’t going to do anything to upset his long range plan just to flirt with the possibility of short term gain. Right now a few teams are going for the homerun while we are trying to advance the runners into scoring position. I think we have to be patient and accept the fact that any Hab moves in February may be minor.

    The Original 24 Cups

  178. G-Man says:

    Stillman and Commodore an improvement on Corvo and Eaves? You gotta be kidding!


  179. G-Man says:

    So, getting pissed out of your mind is a good thing? There’s more to wearing the logo than pulling a jersey over your head. There’s pride, tradition and being family as well as fan friendly. This is a black eye for the organisation. The Habs are sure as hell not an NFL franchise.


  180. 1010 says:

    I’m guessing they figured it was a little easier to stumble around hammered and unrecognized in Florida than Montreal. At least, I hope they were hammered.

    GO HABS.

  181. planet habs says:

    Stillman has 21 goals, not bad for an aging player. let’s see….wow only Kovalev has more goals for us. upset our chemistry? what chemistry? we have only line! you don’t think a winger with over 20 goals wouldn’t help? are you idiots or what? you’ll see. Gainey won’t do anything to improve this team. And when the habs don’t make the playoffs because Gainey did nothing, talk then!
    BTW, no playoffs= Carbo and Gainey gone!

  182. TC says:

    Totally agree.

    1 – Young people (20 -25) tend to like to stay out at the bar till closing time. Hockey players are no different.

    2 – To say that the team going out to dinner in Montreal together would create a stir is an understatement. By going to a place in Florida they’re guaranteed to not have fans “bothering” them the whole night. Ironically, most of the other team’s use Montreal for their “rookie” dinner.


  183. 24 Cups says:

    G-man – I think for Ottawa it’s more a case of certain individual players to fill certain individual roles for a finite amount of time. Just like Carolina realized that they wouldn’t be able to resign their guys so they picked up a couple of assets that will be around for a few years. Plus even with this trade the Canes can still make the playoffs and get the 3rd seed. Welcome to the new NHL!

    The Original 24 Cups

  184. Woah_Dana says:

    Boys will be boys – we shouldn’t expect them to turn into drones the second they are brought up to the NHL, though again, getting arrested isn’t exactly something we want on our records but I’m sure, as many have stated, it’s a misunderstanding. & so long as they play by the rules when they do have a curfew, on their spare time, can they not go out & have a good time? I mean, as long as it’s good clean fun, why not? I still close the bar once in a while.. & I mean well, I swear!

    I’m sure they both learned a valuable lesson here, anyway.

    GO HABS!
    ~Sergei Kostitsyn, marry me!!

  185. showey47 says:

    Its hard to say what will happen because we all don’t know the circumstances of what happened. Prank? Accidental? If he did lie to the cops it isn’t gonna help his case though.

  186. Woah_Dana says:

    Aboslutely. When I was at the game Saturday night, I’ll admit, I was yelling for Price in net after the third goal & I was shaking my fist at Huet. But it later sinks in, you remember that he was in fact distraught when he skated towards the bench to sit for the rest of the night & it’s evident he felt like a sac of shiat. It’s hard to hate on him while he still cares. It’s not like he’s purposely doing a half-assed job, like some people have in the past & possibly are presently.. (I’ll stop there.)

    GO HABS!
    ~Sergei Kostitsyn, marry me!!

  187. Blitzen says:

    If I’m Gainey, I look at this trade and hope that the Sens trade a whole chunk of their future for another rental. The Habs weren’t going to win this year anyway and if the Sens trade away their future, it’ll clear the way for us.

    Gainey won’t move.

  188. HKisses says:

    “The Habs weren’t going to win this year anyway”……If im not mistaken since when was this season over? Just wait till 26th(trade deadline) and then make assumptions.. Besides that i can see the Habs doing damage..Its all about mental preperation, the team we have now is capable of doing alot of damage if they put the work into it meanign a full 60 mins every single game. I bleieve Gainey will make a move ,but just because the Sens added more”depth” ,doesn’t mean these guys will instantly click with the team.

  189. HKisses says:

    If u ever been out in MTL….then you’d know that all these players support Montreal buisness. THEY LIVE IN MTL…of coruse they support us enough……I’ve my self been out and seen Higgins,Koivu,Komi all partying it up at CLub MED on st.laurent…and they were drinking and having a good time…. Sometimes its good to get away from MTL and have dinner elsewhere…..These players alll live in MTL,so how are they not supporting the buisnesses around here?

  190. Woah_Dana says:

    Agreed. Gainey is a genius & is planning for something that will make us proud. I never doubt that man.

    GO HABS!
    ~Sergei Kostitsyn, marry me!!

  191. showey47 says:

    Look at happened to tampa bay. Win the cup one year(which calgary should of won in game 6) and haven’t competed ever since.

  192. ebk says:

    Not sure trading away a 30-year old Dman and Patrick Eaves takes a whole chunk out of the Senators future. Hope so but seems like a pretty small price to pay for Stillman and Commodore. Even if they are rentals for this year only.

  193. Woah_Dana says:

    Never improve?? LOL. You have got to be kidding me! We didn’t even make the play-offs last year, & earlier this week we were competing for first place. That’s not improvement?? Clearly you’re one of those delusional fans who want results right away & if you don’t see them, we’re toast.

    If you paid any attention to hockey at all, you’d realize that it takes, patience & careful planning to craft a good hockey team.

    If you want to see a GM get impatient & throw money around like a total goof, go throw on a Laffs jersey & enjoy!

    GO HABS!
    ~Sergei Kostitsyn, marry me!!

  194. Blitzen says:

    Gainey is looking at this and thinking: journalists had us headed for 14th spot and out of the playoffs. If we stay where we are, we’re already waaaaaay ahead of where we were supposed to be. So I’ll stay the course and if by any chance we manage to win the Cup, that’s gravy. But if we don’t and still finish strong, I’m still ahead. We would have to tank tremendously to get where the reporters said we would be.

    I say he doesn’t move.

  195. Blitzen says:

    That’s why I’m saying that Gainey is hoping that this move is paving the way for another bigger move where the Sens trade away their future for the present.

  196. G-Man says:

    That’s the other thing that has bent me out of shape this season. I think conference standings should outweigh divisional. The whole south east deserves to miss the playoffs this season.


  197. showey47 says:

    Agreed, as long as they take the laffs with them

  198. planet habs says:

    habs are only 7 points out of 9th place, and not playing well. That doesn’t bother you? For me, I’m worried, because I saw this whole thing unravel last year, the same way. Habs are a small team, and that’s probably why they run out of gas this time of year, every year. They’re fresh at the beginning of the year, and then little by little, they fade. they need an infusion of new blood, who can score. And please NO BREEZER THE REST OF THE SEASON!

  199. Gormdog says:

    You’ve never gotten drunk and done something you regret?

    Tradition -> Rookie dinners where everyone gets to have a fun time as friends, not coworkers.

    Pride -> Kostop and the rest of the boys standing up for O’Purse

    Fan and family friendly -> It wasn’t a DUI, or anything violent of the sort. It’s most likely a prank or just boozy misjudgement, and most fans will realize that.

    It’s not ideal, agreed, but tons of athletes (check that, i mean people under 30 in general) go out and get hammered and have a good time with their friends.

    I’ve run into a plastered Komisarek more than once since i live on crescent, and he has been rowdy and cocky himself. It’s the nature of the people in the sport. Is he a giant black eye too?

  200. showey47 says:

    It scares me because #7 is way to close to #6 for my liking, personally a second digit like a 1 or 2 in front of the 7 makes me feel better.

  201. HKisses says:

    Ok….but they live here on a yearly basis,meaning im sure they eat out alot and so on…So to me thats supporting buisnesses around MTL….Last year their Rookie dinner was in Montreal so…i don see this as a big issue

  202. Blitzen says:

    We’re getting O’Byrne and Hamr back…which will make us bigger. Playing Streit at F will make us better as well. At some point rolling four lines will begin to pay off as other teams will be overtaxing their top players.

    Someone said that perhaps rolling four lines is why we haven’t had too many injuries this year. Perhaps.

  203. Gormdog says:

    #1 Because that’s what normal people do when they go out to party in celebration… Players can’t be human too?

    #2 Would you rather party in a place swarming with media and fans, the same town where you can’t walk down the street without being congradulated or heckled? Or party in the hot sun, with way more privacy, with the possibilty of swimming in the ocean…

    I just don’t get how anyone is suprised by or critical of the fact that these guys like to party. Maybe we should be like the soviets and lock our players in little dungeons between events.

  204. Hockey11 says:

    When u do that, Breezer is #7 and OB has 11 career NHL games, 0 playoff games. Aren’t we rushing things? Are u happy with Breezer as #7, frankly it scares me.

  205. The Teacher says:

    LMAO “lock our players in dungeons”.

    Such a dumb incident is leading to a lot of humourous posts today. I think it’s because it’s such a unreal story that we are all hypothesizing which is quite funny.

  206. HKisses says:

    Yea i guess,theirs different ways to approach it. But everyone does have their own opinion.You from MTL F-F-S?

  207. Gormdog says:

    Line of the day

    Tom cant-stop-police… classic!

  208. Blitzen says:

    If #7 means he’s on the bench, then that’s enough for me.

  209. Les-Habitants says:

    I doubt it.

    They may go after another top 6 forward, but I really think this is the Sens team that we’ll be seeing come playoff time. Their 2nd line, to start, will probabley look like this:

    Vermette – Fisher – Stillman

    not too shabby

  210. Blitzen says:

    We’re five points from the top spot so by your logic, we’re closer to winning the East than to not making the playoffs.

    Fess up now: you had no idea the Habs would be where they are now at the beginning of the season. Win or lose, they have brought the entertainment this year. Ride the wave.

    Another point about the Sens. Murray has seen just how much the Habs have improved in one short year. He may be fearing what will happen next year and hopes to win it all this year. The Sens won’t have a series of 1.1 picks to replace what they lose through trades and they face the same problem as the Habs in attracting UFA talent north of the border. I think he’s sweating a little right about now.

  211. NightRyder says:

    Why is it that after two losses, everyone is predicting doom and gloom and no playoffs, and after two wins, it’s planning time for the parade route? If Gainey and his pals freaked out like some of the bandwagon jumpers here it would be a fiasco. Stay the course. Build with young guys. Don’t panic. And trade Ryder.

  212. New says:

    Not too shabby?
    Actually kinda scary on Ottawa.

  213. A. Berke says:

    The same way as the current management is handling it.

    Ali B.

  214. HKisses says:

    Just to have a little fun….Check this Pic out LOL..U HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT….. Markov INSIDE

  215. Cable Guy says:

    Where did you find that picture? lol Ovechkin looks totally out of it.

  216. HKisses says:

    hahaha….a friend sent it to me… Ovy looks Trashhhhed

  217. NightRyder says:

    Good lord. It’s disrespecting the fans by going out and having a good time on their day off? Are they supposed to mope for days because they lost a game? O’Byrne allegedly did something stupid. Something not akin to dogfighting or mowing down people when he was liquored up. It should serve as a good lesson to the team, but it is far from the epic problem it’s being made out to be.

  218. Tobiass says:

    When you have a bad day @ work on Friday, do you go in to work on the weekend or do try to do something to get your mind off it?

  219. Jim M says:

    According to a Habs’ press release, no suspensions or punishment for O’Byrne or Kostopoulos.

  220. HKisses says:

    where did u see this press release?

  221. Woah_Dana says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say they don’t give a crap, but I do see what you’re saying. Even the best of us need to disengage ourselves sometimes after a crappy time at work. Being otu until 3am & running into the po-po isn’t exactly what we want to hear about, but I’m sure they weren’t our for beers, looking for hookers & bashing their careers in the NHL.

    Aagin, hopefully they both learned a valuable lesson here & it won’t happen again.

    GO HABS!
    ~Sergei Kostitsyn, marry me!!

  222. piche says:

    LOL – was that picture taken over AllStar weekend?

  223. Jim M says:

    Mitch Melnyk read it on 990 sports.

  224. Woah_Dana says:

    Eeesh excuse the typos.

    GO HABS!
    ~Sergei Kostitsyn, marry me!!

  225. CHsam says:

    Hilarious. Looked like a good time to me =). I guess Ovy earns enough now to buy a great pair of cut up jeans to show off his thighs after all those squats he does.

  226. TommyB says:

    So, they should just go and sit in their rooms and brood over the last game, rather than put it behind them? All in the name of respect to the fans, of course.

  227. CHsam says:

    Wonder how Scotty Bowman or Pollack would have handled that one.

  228. HKisses says:

    lol i have nooo idea…ididn’t ask my friend ne questiosn about it…i laughed for a good bit and then felt liek sharing it with fellow you Habbers

  229. HotHabs says:

    What a stupid story! Let’s move on with life! The team will deal with the issue. All that’s being talked about on the blog today is speculation. Nobody knows JACK – even the media! Was La Presse in on this one????

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  230. Jim M says:

    The same way as they handled all previous ones. With discretion and a warning.

  231. showey47 says:

    we have the second most points in the eastern conference and are top 5 in the league in offence. Did you think we would be in this position right now? hell no. We are 7 points out of 9th, so what, we are 5 points out of first. I know all about the collapse from last year, but this team is alot better this year. Are we not better in net? Are we not better on defence (especially with no breezer 15-4-3 or something like that)? Our 5 on 5 is much better than last year. Powerplay still top 2, pk, not as good but it is improving. Do we need some more help? yes. Is stillman the answer? Probably not. He is a left wing, we have alot of depth on the left side. Who’s job should he take? a.k. 46, higgins, sergei’s, or a 4th liner? He also had to waive a ntc. Maybe he didn’t want to come here. Just like you i want to win also, but look how far we have come and how many “hockey analysts” we made eat some crow.

    We are 7 points out of 9th as we both have stated, welcome to hockey parity and the result of the 3 point system

  232. Chuck says:

    Komisaurus? You’re kidding, right?


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  233. Chuck says:

    Meh. This sort of thing happens all the time in towns and cities all over North America when people get together and have a couple too many. If Tom and Ryan weren’t professional athletes, the cops would have given the purse back and told them to go back to their hotel. The fact that the bail was probably less than their bar bill should tell you something.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  234. Sulemaan says:

    Completely agree. Although in private Pollock would have been a lot more tough, just as I’m sure Gainey will be if the situation warrants it.

  235. The Teacher says:

    Haha, nice edit, Gainey’s no slouch either eh Sulemaan 😉

    P.S. How are the first days going?

  236. t1tan5 says:

    “They’re fresh at the beginning of the year, and then little by little, they fade.”

    I disagree with that statement. We played like junk in November yet amazingly in January. That’s not possible by your logic.

  237. showey47 says:

    no, you made “fecal facts”(made up facts you pulled out of your ass) about how many times the habs played a team who played the night before. I proved you wrong, yet again. Don’t worry it doesn’t get old.

  238. The Teacher says:

    Not when the Team Dinner has been planned for months. Timo, you’re being a tad unrealistic.

  239. Sulemaan says:

    Can’t get anything by you Teach!

    First days are good thanks but with 2 now, it’s going from a zone defense to man on man coverage. Not much sleep either as I suspect many other posters here can attest…

  240. The Teacher says:

    Boone did! I don’t know what he said about Ryder!

    Man on Man?

    isn’t your new one a girl 😛

  241. Scott in Montreal says:

    Hey, congratulations there! I have two young’uns myself – both boys. The oldest will turn four in the Habs’ second or third round of the play-offs, and the youngest will be almost 11 months when I take him to his first parade! Well, one can dream, eh?

    I can tell you what my experience was. I found the first few months with the baby, I was spending a lot of time with the oldest – partly because Mummy and baby had to spend a lot of intense time together, and partly to make sure he didn’t think he was being pushed aside in any way.

    Good luck, and steel yourself because I have learned that logistics with two kids is roughly four times as tough as just one (like, getting the family out the door in the morning – feels like a military operation at times).


  242. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks for the advice Scott. Much obliged. If there ends up being a parade in Montreal, I’d be happy to bring mine up to watch it with yours. Consider it a play-date!

  243. Ed says:

    Don’t NHL teams have curfews anymore? Remember the stories about coaches having players’ rooms checked at a certain hour to ensure they were complying with the curfew.

  244. The Teacher says:

    It was their Team night out!! We should be happy that they are bonding and not fracturing a la les 3 goofballs

  245. The Teacher says:

    I bet OB and Kostops didn’t even look Gainey in the eye, they just looked at the floor and said “Sorry, Mr. Gainey, it’ll never happen again”

  246. planet habs says:

    Too bad the season isn’t 50 games. We would win the division every year. I’ll reserve my judgment until game 82. seems like alot of hab fans are ready for a parade at game 50, and crying at game 82. just wait and see, because we’re running out of gas, same as last year. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I doubt that will benefit anyone.

  247. Ed says:

    Teacher, team night out at 3:00 am? I thought these were over before this, especially when there is a practice the same day. I guess I am a few years (decades) behind the times. Is this why they have afternoon naps? Have there been any media reports as to how many players were still bonding at 3:00 am? And who are the 3 goofballs? Are you referring to 3 current goofballs, or are you going back a few years?

  248. The Teacher says:

    Going back a few years of course 😉

    Practice was schedule at 4 for a reason. They had 2 full days off between games. It has been planned for months and I am not in the slightest annoyed that they were out. what do you think players on opposing teams do when they come to Montreal? Stay in their hotel room? I don’t THINK so!

  249. Scott in Montreal says:

    These guys are not playing professional hockey so they can sit in their hotel rooms watching old Doris Day movies on the tube. They are young hot studs with money and the girls hang off them wherever they go.

    And they go.

    They go out to the most expensive, trendiest places in town. It is pretty standard, and it is nothing new to hockey! Like, for generations. No joke. Many Habs are known to go out and get mighty plastered on a regular basis. Most of them are professionals in another respect of course; they can hold their booze and keep their heads screwed on straight. For example, I have it on good authority that Higgins is a most pleasant fellow in the wee hours of the night, still very thoughtfully considering each question posed by fans when they recognize him outside the bar.

  250. PattyBoy31 says:

    When I read this i was shocked, stunned…then I read the full story it seems like a misunderstanding that got out of hand…hopefully thats all it was, why the hell would o’byrne steal someone’s purse on purpose?

  251. sidhu says:

    Can we clarify what happened please – OB was holding on to Brisebois’ European carry-all, the police mistook Brisebois for a girl, and OB understandably forgot Brisebois’ name.

    Kosto attempted to explain to cops that the girl was in fact Brisebois, but the cops didn’t believe that Patrice would still be in the NHL so they took in Kosto.

    All pretty logical in my opinion.

  252. Leclerc1965 says:

    Dude, that is funny. Yes, like a clown funny.

  253. yehaken says:

    As a Cornell grad (Dryden, Niewendyk), I find O’Byrne’s conduct…absolutely hilarious. I know it’s wrong, but there is something very crack-hoed out about a pro athlete stealing a woman’s purse and claiming it was his girlfriend’s. Standard fare after a night a Rulloff’s? Too funny. Remember kids: these people are all spoiled!

  254. idle says:

    When exactly did stealing become funny? Your response sounds like you accept the story that he was drunk and stole some ladies purse and you think it is funny and crack-hoed. If he did do it then there is nothing funny about it. If that makes me not cool or ‘jock’ enough then so be it.

  255. Yeats says:

    Wasn’t Ryan “Purses” O’Byrne a member of the notorious North Side Gang in Chicago during the 1920s? I think he came to his end as a result of the St. Valenine’s Day massacre, but I’m not absolutely sure.

  256. yehaken says:

    I find it funny like I find David Lee Roth getting busted for buying crack in washington square park funny. Schadenfreude, sir, please don’t confuse it with respect or perceived coolness. I don’t think Britney Spears is cool either. It’s utter stupidity. I feel bad for kids who might look up (figuratively) to the guy. And for the lady who got robbed. Because they probably aren’t laughing as hard as I am *at* (and not “with”) this.

    Purse theft too. The ultimate coward’s crime, perpetrated by a 6’5″ ivy league grad pro athlete making, say, a league minimum of $500k? No one else finds that funny? What next? Bill Gates mugging children in the Bronx?

  257. idle says:

    Well if you meant funny in an ironic way then I see your point.

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