Nothing to talk about in NHL lockout … really?


It’s hard to believe, but as the NHL lockout reached its 62nd day on Friday the two sides had nothing to talk about.

And, with no new labour talks planned, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has suggested to players’ association chief Donald Fehr that they take a two-week break from negotiations. The two sides haven’t met and have barely talked since last Sunday and frustration is mounting, along with some anger.

“I think what you have seen is disappointment with where we find ourselves in the process,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said Friday in an email to The Associated Press. “I don’t think it’s a case of personal animosity.”

Daly said Thursday that he is more discouraged now than at any other point in the process.

“Gary suggested the possibility of a two-week moratorium,” Daly told The Associated Press. “I’m disappointed because we don’t have a negotiating partner that has any genuine interest in reaching an agreement. Zero interest.”

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