Nothing personal, Kovalev says

Former Canadien Alex Kovalev, now an Ottawa Senator, was just on a conference call from Russia. It was over in 7:48 after three reporters – Marc Antoine Godin from La Presse, myself and Abe Hefter of CJAD – asked a few questions. There was a call a few minutes earlier with Ottawa media, but audio quality isn’t good enough to post here.

Kovalev said Bob Gainey’s decision not to re-sign him forced him to move quickly to find another NHL home. He didn’t go into much detail about contract negotiations and suggested it was nothing personal, merely business. He thanked Montreal fans who ralled Sunday on his behalf, friends having emailed him images and reports of that.

Here’s audio of the Montreal end of the conference call. There’s a short bit of dead air at the beginning of the file, a technical problem at the operator’s end. Just let it run.

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