Non-Olympic Habs get back on the ice in Brossard (with video)

While Team Canada was wrapping up its heart-stopping 2-1 Olympic quarterfinal win over Latvia Wednesday in Sochi, the Olympic vacation was coming to an end for Canadiens players who weren’t at the Games.

The non-Olympic Canadiens hit the ice in Brossard Wednesday afternoon for the first time since a 4-1 victory over the Hurricanes on Feb. 8 in Carolina that extended their winning streak to three games.

Alex Galchenyuk (photo above), who had been sidelined since breaking his hand on Jan. 6, was on the ice Wednesday and looks ready to play, as does Travis Moen, who was sidelined with a lower-body injury. Davis Drewiske, who has yet to play this season while recovering from a shoulder injury, was absent from the practice for family reasons, while Michael Bournival didn’t skate because he is still suffering from concussion-like symptoms.

“It’s my first practice with the team and I feel that I’m on the right path,” Galchenyuk told reporters in Brossard after practice. “I am still looking to get more speed and flexibility back into my hand, which would help me on moves like toe-drags, since I was in a cast for three weeks. The movements have to become natural again.”

With seven players in Sochi – Carey Price, P.K. Subban, Max Pacioretty, Andrei Markov, Alexei Emelin, Tomas Plekanec and Peter Budaj – the Canadiens needed to recruit some players for the practice. The goalies were former Hab Jocelyn Thibault and former minor-leaguer Martin Houle, while former Habs defenceman Patrice Brisebois laced up his skates along with strength-and-conditioning coach Pierre Allard.

“I’d really like to thank (general manager Marc Bergevin) for giving me this opportunity,” Brisebois, who was part of the Canadiens’ last Stanley Cup winner in 1993 and now works in player development for the Habs, told reporters after practice.

The Canadiens will continue to practise in Brossard with a depleted lineup through Saturday. They will enjoy a day off Sunday and the entire team should be on hand by next Tuesday at the latest.

The Canadiens will play their first post-Olympic game next Wednesday, when the Detroit Red Wings visit the Bell Centre. The Habs will be in Pittsburgh the next night to face the Penguins.

If you’re in need of a non-Olympic hockey fix, the Hamilton Bulldogs will be at the Bell Centre Friday night to play the Binghamton Senators in a 7:30 p.m. start.

The Gazette’s Brenda Branswell spent some time in Hamilton during the Olympic break. Below is a link to her article on Hamilton’s Big Three on defence – Nathan Beaulieu, Jarred Tinordi and Greg Pateryn – as well as a video shot during a Bulldogs practice.

(Photo by Dario Ayala/The Gazette)

Habs enlist Thibault, Brisebois to fill out practice roster, by Pat Hickey

Hamilton’s Big Three developing on blue line for Habs, by Brenda Branswell

Habs Notebook,

Mike Boone’s take on Canada vs. Latvia game, Postmedia News

Complete Olympic hockey coverage, Postmedia News


  1. Habs4LifeInTO says:

    That was a nice win. Ok boys your turn next!

    24 cups and counting….

  2. habsfaninboston says:

    Yesss! Gold for Canada!

    • scamorza says:

      just hugged a couple from Edmonton and at a bar with a lot of peeved off Americans don’t care if that was a non-call we won GOLD FOR THE GIRLS!!!

      come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

  3. Cal says:

    The quadruple-reverse whammy worked. I may take Boone’s spot yet!

  4. habsfaninboston says:

    How is that not a penalty shot? Cross-checking on a break away?

  5. habsfaninboston says:

    Nice to see things evened up.

  6. Habcouver BLEEDS MAPLE SYRUP says:

    I would hate to see the game end on account of a PP for US!

    Waiting excitedly for GOLD

  7. Plekasuares says:

    Who won?

  8. Habcouver BLEEDS MAPLE SYRUP says:

    Pardon my naïveté on the subject of trolling, but having read some of the recent posters’ views on this matter, I would like to express my humble opinion.

    I am grateful to Mike Boone and HIO crew for giving me the opportunity to meet other posters with a common interest of cheering on our favorite team.

    It’s common sense to me to treat others opinions with respect (including fun and humor). When that line of respect is crossed, and a poster or responder is being abusive with a personal or malicious attack an individual or a group of people, I hope the majority of us will concur and discourage such foul play.

    Yes, I agree that trolling is subjective, but online bullying is and has been well documented. I admit to being hesitant at first to join in the HIO site on account of being shot down or criticized by the few (or perhaps more) posters. Instead, I am lifted by the spirits of most of group here. Your views, experience and stories inspire me.

    Can the HIO moderators do a better job? Maybe so, maybe not.
    I the interim, when I read a post that I feel is offensive, I have simply ignored a response to not feed the fire. Perhaps it is time instead to stand up and express the objection to distasteful or hurtful commentary on a personal level.

    Okay… it’s 2-2 OT for our ladies!
    Go Canada!!!

    Waiting excitedly for GOLD

  9. Cal says:

    You know I have to say this, right? The American women’s team is looking really good right now. In fact, they’re fit to be tied.
    One more for Hayley, ladies!

  10. Buzz Lightbeer says:

    Jenner should play for the men’s team,show them how it’s done.

  11. scamorza says:

    sitting at a bar in Ft lauderdale finally found a place that is showing the game didn’t think NBC was showing the game live joined in with 7 minutes left woo hoo friggin Canada!!!

    come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

    • D Mex-iCanadian says:

      LMFAO … please tell me Lambert didn’t really say that 😆

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

      • scamorza says:

        its a classic the first commercial had poor Yvon saying come to Dorion suits ( big factry outlet on the west islandback then) wer you het no hassles of course it came out differently so we all peed in our ants for a good year or two when they changed the commercial w/o any changes until the very end where Yvon looks in the cameras and says come to Dorion suits where you get – pause – no problems !

        come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

        • scamorza says:

          er sorry for the auto correct damn IPAD

          come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

          • D Mex-iCanadian says:

            Got it – just snuck back in from the next thread.
            Thanks for the laugh – I thoroughly enjoyed it !

            ALWAYS Habs –
            D Mex

          • scamorza says:

            you’re welcome . Quickly typed the last post while watching Canada win…the beauty was Yvon looking at the camera with a smile on his face that said ok you frockin anglos you have been laughing at my accent for 2 years so the switch was priceless between that and the classic overtime goal Yvon is my hero for his going to the net and self deprecating humour not bad for a guy that didn’t start skating until he was in his early teens?

            come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

  12. D Mex-iCanadian says:

    Fantastic effort – way to go girls ! 😀

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

  13. habsfaninboston says:

    Yesssssssssss! Tie game!

  14. D Mex-iCanadian says:

    Officiating – uggh !

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

  15. scarboro_habitant says:

    jenners been the only canadian to take it into the middle while driving the net. canadas D has been brutal on the breakouts too.

  16. Cal says:

    Not looking good for the Canadian women. A silver will be okay from what I’ve seen of their play. The sport needs an upgrade.

  17. jols says:

    American goalie going for the SHUTOUT!

  18. Maritime Ronn says:

    @ 25 stanleys


    Just curious.
    Who were you addressing your post to, as you used the word, “You” on several occasions without mentioning a posting name(s)

    Hopefully it was not ‘Gentleman Jim’ and his posted concern about the overall direction of HIO moving forward.
    Jim is an ACE!

    Then you ask, ” How many posters here are part of the boys club…”

    To be honest, I don’t really know.
    I have never met anyone at a Summit, nor have I attended one to date – I do not know anyone personally on this site, yet that has never been an obstacle to exchange with some really good and decent, nice, real, (cyber for me) folks on this site.

    Do some of the HIO gang, friends/buddies/family share some inside stuff-experiences and similar Habs feelings – and are they of one thought pattern on many items?

    Of course they are – Habs passion does that sometimes, yet I have never come across anyone here that will bash or disrespect a comment/post that has merit and is well thought out…even if it questions some Habs player’s play, or philosophy.

    On several occasions, I have noticed posters come to conclusions to ‘Agree to Disagree’ …and have some fun doing so.
    There has been several Mea Culpas (Mea Culpa)

    At the end of the day – and only a humble opinion, I just don’t see the “Bullies” you allude to.

    What I do see are some very strong cyber personalities, yet when presented with optional thought and ideas, will gladly look at this new information – yet there will be no guarantee of agreement.

    Hang in there….

  19. Habcouver BLEEDS MAPLE SYRUP says:

    Our women are putting up a great effort.
    Big 3rd period expected…
    but I have to watch this Korean woman skater first. 🙂

    Waiting excitedly for GOLD

  20. jols says:

    #27 Watchorn to the box again. Her 3rd penalty. The first 2 didn’t cost her. Will the 3rd?

  21. monmick is Canadian says:

    Ron McLean while interviewing Patrick Sharp: “Lots of plyers get lost on the big ice.”

    Maybe that’s what happened to PK…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  22. Mavid is a Canadian fan and thinks they should free PK says:

    its so hard to get a read on the game listening to it on the would think they would let us stream just these big un patriotic..those of you that are do the look, sounds like they are dominating…

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  23. Cal says:

    1-0. Canadian women making poor decisions with the puck all game long and have only generated a few decent scoring chances. Looks like the American women will get their first gold. They are better organized on attack and are taking good shots instead of the flubs the American goalie has to stop.

  24. Mattyleg Won't Change His Handle For The Olympics says:

    Canadians seem to have a bit of ‘forward-itis’, as in skating forward when they have the puck in the o-zone rather than pausing and looking around.

    Lots of opportunities lost because we’re skating the puck into their corners.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  25. Captain aHab says:

    Next time it’ll be a penalty?

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  26. the twilight hours of a Canadian winter says:

    Love watching the women for the passion. Hate it for the decision-making.

    Why not give that puck up 20 seconds earlier and get a longer 5 on 3?

  27. Mattyleg Won't Change His Handle For The Olympics says:

    Should get two penalties there!
    One for too many (wo)men, one for goalie interference!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  28. Captain aHab says:

    Goalie doesn’t have the puck anymore…gets bodychecked…no body checking call, no interference call.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  29. Mattyleg Won't Change His Handle For The Olympics says:

    Canadians playing too indiviudalistically.
    Gotta be a team!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  30. Captain aHab says:

    The lesson there for Team Canada is the same as for the Habs: have someone in front of the net, not to the side of it.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  31. jols says:

    The slapping of your stick on the ice so every defender knows where you are and that you are expecting the pass always baffles me. Have faith that your teammate is talented enough to find you if you are open.

  32. Captain aHab says:

    Well that sucks…

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  33. Captain aHab says:

    Can anyone explain the body checking rule in women’s hockey? It seems to be totally random to me.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • Mattyleg Won't Change His Handle For The Olympics says:

      The rule is that it is totally random.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • CJ says:

        The rule is straightforward. However, the application is totally random. IMO its like offensive lineman getting called for holding in the NFL. It happens every play. I guess its just the severity that determines the call?

    • PsyCONADIAN29 says:

      Here’s an article from 2009, don’t know if it helps or if it’s relevent today…

      “Anyone who watches international women’s hockey sees plenty of body contact along the boards as players battle for the puck. But bodychecking in open ice isn’t allowed and incurs a minor penalty.”

      • Captain aHab says:

        So Watchorn should not have been penalized in the first then.

        Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  34. Prop Is Canadian says:

    I guess Team Canada’s lack of scoring so far has to do with their goaltender.


  35. Sportfan says:

    More heart attack hockey

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  36. monmick is Canadian says:

    The d-women don’t appear to have a lot of lateral mobility at the blue line to avoid getting their shots blocked…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  37. ClutchNGrab says:

    A few days ago, Melnick ask Pierre McGuire if any kind of rule could be put in place to prevent team to play a passive style of hockey, mainly the trap. Pierre answered the only way would be to make hits illegal, which will never happen.

    Would you be ready to have that kind of hockey in the NHL? I would be ready to give it a chance in the pre season, just to see.

  38. jols says:

    She’s also not as chubby.

  39. monmick is Canadian says:

    Amanda doesn’t look as chubby as Phil…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  40. D Mex-iCanadian says:

    Question about awarding of Olympic Medals :

    Just caught a glimpse of the medal ceremony for women’s curling ~ five (5) members of the CDN Champions were recognized on the podium despite only 4 of them participating in the Gold Medal game.

    Does anyone know why, in the medal ceremony for women’s short track, only 4 (of 5) CDN team members were on the podium ?

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

  41. scarboro_habitant says:

    great game so far by team petro canada and team union pacific.

  42. 25 Stanley Cups says:

    Theres a difference between “trolling”, and having a different opinion, seems to many others that this distinction has become blurred, or grouped together.

    • Mattyleg Won't Change His Handle For The Olympics says:

      When your opinion is vastly different to that of the majority, is negatively biased rather than positively, and you repeat it in nearly every post, that looks a heck of a lot like trolling, 25.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Mavid is a Canadian fan and thinks they should free PK says:

        People can pretend they don’t know what it is, or the lines are blurred..but I don’t me trolling is fairly obvious..

        Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  43. frontenac1 says:

    These two teams have already had a couple of very entertaining Line Brawls this season. They don’t like each other very much. Go Canada!

  44. Ron says:

    Ovechkins father has had a heart attach and underwent surgery. Ovie may delay his return to the Caps according to McPhee.

  45. CJ says:

    Had to step out of the office for a few minutes and as I’m driving around, listening to the gold medal hockey game, all I hear is Keseel to Bozak, Bozak to Kessel….

    Well, I originally didn’t really have a significant vested interest in the outcome of this game, however now…. Go Canada Go! Bring back the gold ladies!

    • B says:

      FYI, if you can’t make it to Montreal for the Dogs vs Binghamton tomorrow night, you might be able to make it to the Bob to see Hudon, Grégoire and the Drakkar vs Reway and the Olympique.

      –Go Habs Go!–

      • CJ says:

        Hi B. Funny, I was just looking at that this morning. I will be going to one or the other for sure. Given the chance for ice rain, it would make more sense to swing over to the Bob. Cheers, CJ

  46. Prop Is Canadian says:

    Was that Bettman in the stands?


  47. PsyCONADIAN29 says:

    Katie Carrera‏ @kcarrera ·10 mins
    Caps GM McPhee says Ovechkin’s father had what is believed to be a heart attack, underwent surgery but is stable. Not sure when Ovi will be back.

  48. Sportfan says:

    LOL Thibault was the practice goalie

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  49. 25 Stanley Cups says:

    EXACTLY what I thought would happen, refreshing of the page after posting something not part of the boys club policy.

    Seems thats another issue with this site, are that some posters are moderators. Might be time to think about not having any BIAS in the position of authority.

    With that said, i will repost, so that others can read why I say, which is the purpose of this site.

    The definition of a Bully, is to try to control or intimidate with fear.

    What do you think you are trying to cause another to feel when you say the word TROLL to them.

    Exactly that, you want to bully that individual into submission, for his opinion is not of mine.

    Bullies are people in fear of others, something to think about also.

    The overuse of the word Troll, as it pertains to someone’s views you don’t agree with on this site is perverse.

    How many posters here are part of the boys club, who feel a sense of entitlement to begin with, that it’s their responsibility to control others comments or views, and bully them for it.

    Many particular bullies seem to think someone expressing an opinion that differs from the boys club, is considered below them. First off, who are you. Are you a judge, or a fan. Are you someone that feels is your responsibility to control, change, or set others straight. Were you given the book on what is fact, and what’s not. Or do you just have an opinion like anyone else.

    Seems what the bigger problem than someone saying – whatever they want to say – is people like yourself and many others from this boys club, attacking others for it. You, nor anyone on earth are going to change someone else’s opinion. So either respect and debate, or move along. Bullying is not the answer, your not going to bully someone into thinking like yourself. NEVER has happened, and never will. So take the advice of much wiser posters then yourself, and walk past the comment if you feel like “reacting” instead of responding.

    The bullies MO has always been to control. So I ask again who are you?

    Regardless of your opinion, we are all equal here, perhaps only in your ego, do you feel you’re the voice of reason over others.

    Get a job in politics, and stop standing behind your own computer, and leave it to the MODERATORS to sort what they think is acceptable or not. If you need to feel the urge to control, move along.

    Stop the chain, let others say what they want, its not your responsibility, and that goes to all the boys club members. Your fans with opinions, nothing more then the rest, park your egos.

    Whenever I hear the word Troll from now on I will think of that poster as a BULLY!


    • jols says:

      Lol, the mods are going to start a new page again, they must have it out for you.

    • Prop Is Canadian says:

      You’re fully entitled to your opinions, as incorrect as they might be.


    • says:

      Your post was not modded though, it’s still there in the older comments, and you got a reply there.

    • Cal says:

      A new page shows up every 200 posts or so.

    • Et le Canadian but says:

      A new Canadian study found online trolling is a technological form of sadism. In other words, its practitioners just enjoy being mean on the Internet.
      Researchers from the University of Winnipeg and University of British Columbia had 1,215 people complete surveys about their online commenting style.
      Online trolls post comments or messages meant to start arguments or get an emotional reaction from others.
      “Trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism,” the study, titled Trolls just want to have fun, says.
      The same correlation didn’t exist for users who liked other activities such as chatting or debating, and the strongest association was with trolling and sadism. Thus, cyber-trolling appears to be an Internet manifestation of everyday sadism.
      “We found clear evidence that sadists tend to troll because they enjoy it,” the researchers said.

    • Mattyleg Won't Change His Handle For The Olympics says:

      I said you were trolling yesterday, because of the tone you were using in your posts, and your focus on one or two issues, which is what trolls usually do in order to get a rise out of others.

      I’ve been on this site for a long time, and seen a lot of posts and posters, and yours seemed to fit the bill.

      Moderators generally only get rid of posts/posters who use bad language or who are disrespectful, or who REALLY do a lot of trolling. It takes a lot for mods to get rid of trolls.

      Perhaps rather than pointing the finger at people for calling you that is not the best way of dealing with the situation. Maybe looking at what you are saying, the way you are saying it, and why you are saying it is a better way of reacting. Why would so many people think the same thing?

      Sorry for saying you were trolling, but you should look at yourself too.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      up above

  50. JUST ME says:

    Good first 20 minutes .Lots of action. Both sides need to be careful not to waste energy. Canada needs to continue with small passes,team rushes and try to take the lead. Last meeting between those two the americans tried the long passes when they fell behind in the score thus wasting precious energy

  51. Cal says:

    0-0 after 1 period. Americans getting a few more good chances than the Canadians. Power play passing for Canada could be better- everyone is cradling the puck before shooting, giving too much time to defend and for the goalie to get set.

  52. jols says:

    Great 1st period. Lots of skill on display by the women. Fairly even period. The Americans look a little quicker on the fore check. Canada’s D has to move the puck quicker. Great game.

  53. Timo says:

    Seriously, a british ref?

  54. The_Truth says:

    No vision from Canada’s left point. Ward I think?

    Spooner looks like a cut above.

  55. jols says:

    What a game! Love it!

    • Ron says:

      Awesome game. Lots of everything hockey..

      • Mattyleg Won't Change His Handle For The Olympics says:

        Yeah. Very intense.
        Lots of pride at stake on both sides.
        My worry is that Canada seems to be playing a much more individual game than the States.
        (I’m watching this with the sound off, so apologies if that’s something the announcers have already been saying!)

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • monmick is Canadian says:

        At least 2 good passing chances by Ouellette and she shot and got blocked…

        ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  56. Max says:

    Penalty fest and a British ref.Doesn’t look good.

  57. The_Truth says:

    2 mins for playing hockey

  58. 25insight says:

    As upset as I am about the Tavares injury, I still think NHL players should go to the olympics. This injury could have happened with or without the olympics. Players get hurt. At least he got hurt trying to win it all for his country, instead of some meaningless game for the isles who didnt have a shot at the playoffs. Most people will agree with me, but It’s the guy paying his salary that we have to convince

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      You said, “It’s the guy paying his salary that we have to convince.”
      Exactly. Big business usually rules at the end of the day.

      In this case it’s Charlie Wang, yet imagine if it was a Habs, Rangers, Leafs, Hawks or other BIG Revenue producing teams, losing their key guys.

      Ovie, some other Russians, several former East bloc and other Euros players made a big deal about these Olympics.
      That is their dream.
      Next time out in South Korea 2018, you can bet there will be no similar sentiment.

      A World Cup/Canada Cup $$$ in NA prime time will take over…
      You can bet on that.

  59. habsfaninboston says:

    Looks like she sold that one.

  60. jols says:

    Is that Watchorn or Emelin in the #27 jersey for Canada?

  61. B says:

    Some current ppg stats from the CHL:
    Mantha 2.13
    Drouin 2.11
    Duclair 1.75
    Grigorenko 1.62
    Hudon 1.55
    Reway 1.53
    Poirier 1.41
    Archambault 1.28
    Grégoire 1.24
    Nevins 0.8

    Brown 1.98
    McDavid 1.75
    Bennett 1.67
    Domi 1.61
    Vail 1.3
    Crisp 0.84
    McCarron 0.53

    Petan 2.0
    Reinhart 1.83
    Bjorkstrand 1.6
    Leipsic 1.58
    Descheneau 1.47
    Bozon 1.08
    Thrower 0.93

    –Go Habs Go!–

    • D Mex-iCanadian says:

      Appears you have them grouped according to league :
      If I’m reading it correctly, not one player from the currently top-ranked team in the CHL is named here – does that sound right ?

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

      • B says:

        I listed the Habs prospects and some of the leaders for comparison (and a couple others I find interesting). Can’t list them all and Kelowna didn’t have any leaders or Habs prospects. FWIW, Bell at 1.18 is their only guy with more than a point per game average. In many leagues, it seems that a balanced lineup is often better than a top heavy but with a league leader one.

        –Go Habs Go!–

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      Thank you!

      24 cups and counting….

  62. jols says:

    Wow, this is an amazing first period. Up and down the ice. High skill and great goal tending by both sides so far.

  63. RC-51 says:

    I’ve been watching Canada’s games and the one question I have is why a guy like P.Sharp is playing the point on the PP versus a player like P.K? I know P.K is young, inexperienced compared to other D but why sit a player with his ability to create offense and his shot? Even if he’s primarily used on the PP. Your team needs goals and he’s the type of player who can contribute. Maybe I’m just bias cause I watch him every game being a HABS fan. I know IF NHLers play in the next Olympics he will be a regular so I guess the whole experience can only benefit him. Hope he comes back next week with a vengeance!

  64. Mattyleg Won't Change His Handle For The Olympics says:

    This women’s game is INSANE.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  65. monmick is Canadian says:

    Why are they all so irritable before the start of each period?

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  66. Max says:

    Why is body checking not allowed in female hockey?

  67. monmick is Canadian says:

    I would give anything to get a hip check from one of the Canadian d-women…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  68. The_Truth says:

    How is this hockey, when you are not allowed to touch an opposing player? Don’t watch much Women’s hockey, but really think they should look at changing this.

  69. jols says:

    That one was a brutal call though…let them play like B said.

  70. B says:

    Canadian gal squeezes out an American against the boards and gets a penalty for a “body check”. Let ’em play.

    –Go Habs Go!–

  71. The_Truth says:

    Huh? you are not allowed to bodycheck in Women’s hockey? Pretty dumb.

  72. jols says:

    Whoa, what a beauty hit by the Canadian defense women. Too bad body checking is illegal.

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