No rest for the Canadiens

Coach Jacques Martin likes to give his players a day off on Sunday but with the Phoenix Coyotes in town tomorrow night, they were back on the ice in Brossard today. The players gathered for an 11 a.m. meeting and hit the ice a little before noon.

The one absentee was Hal Gill, who took a therapy day. All the indications are there will be no changes from the lineup which shut out the Senators Saturday night in Ottawa. Andrei Markov and Ryan O’Byrne both spent some time working with Josh Gorges, while Dustin Boyd, who joined O’Byrne in the press box Saturday, was the extra player on the forward lines.  


  1. habsguy says:

    HA HA HA…looks good on (should I retire or just send some pics of my @#$ around the internet).  I hope they lose all their remaining games !!!!

  2. fbkj says:

    halak wouldnt have gotten us perron, the goaltending market was about to become flooded and gauthier got a return for halak, while he was able to

  3. fbkj says:

    “Gauthier wanted to do things fast and quiet”

    because time wasnt on his side

  4. fbkj says:

    what makes timeline important was free agency

    lets say the habs pussyfoot and not adress their priority (pleks) and focus on halak (who was easier to replace than plelks) pleks walks come july first, and suddenly other teams start fielding offers for halak

    it wasnt out of the realm of possibility that we could have lost both, for nothing, management knew this

  5. SmartDog says:

    Originally from Barrie Ontario so not born at the Grace. 

    Now living in Saint-Sauveur actually…. but grew up in NS.   Went back and forth NS-Quebec the last 20 years the most recent move out of Halifax this time this summer.

    You know Halifax?   I agree with your favorite all-time player.

    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  6. Bill J says:

    1) Gomez is NOT a bad player.  Get that idea out of your head.  His salary does not define him as a player.

    2) As a fan, you should not worry yourself with the Cap situation.  Salaries is not entertaining business, you should really focus on the entertainment and not how it got to be on the Ice.

    3) What would you do with 7-8$ Cap room now ?  Sign MAB to a 6 Million $ per contract ?  There is NO Kovy2 or Brad Richards on the market right now, so what prey tell is your grandiose splash you dream of ?

    4) Quit saying “we” when referring to Managerial decisions – you are not involved in ANY decisions made by the Habs, your only lying to yourself, making yourself believe your Managerial thoughts have merit. 


    I am happy with this team, Yes they will lose a few, but are you seriously expecting them to win 70 games this season ? 

    Relax dude.

  7. Bill J says:

    I coulda told you that ManApart is beyond help a few posts back…

    I thought there was reason for hope a few days ago, but he reverted back to “Crackerjack ManApart”.

    BTW Chuck excellent points you made, even if ManApart does not understand logic… I am sure others who read your posts will have benefited from them.



  8. Bill J says:

    Brad, you can seriously be a donkey sometimes.

    No it was NOT the stupidest comment ever posted here, there have been far worse posts and you know it!

    And YES – when you have TWO #1 Goaltenders (no matter what your opinion of Price was, HABS MANAGEMENT saw Price for what he was before you did) therefore a surplus of #1 Goaltenders was had.

    Get your head out of your <you-know-what> and recognize that Habs Management knew what they where doing.

  9. NoTinFoilCups says:

    Thanks Robert, ignore this query. I just came across your more recent post.


  10. NoTinFoilCups says:

    I only watched a few minutes here and there. Didn’t see Avtsin. Did he play? The IHDB shows him with just two games so far.

  11. Clay4bc says:

    His worst moves as GM were (in order of poorness) taking on the Gomez contract, and then letting Koivu walk without so much as an offer….the pajamas are a distant third.


    Fighting Ignorance since 1970 (It’s taking longer than I thought).

  12. G-Man says:

    The shootout is the equivalent of baseball going to a “home run derby” to decide games. Just because soccer is stupid enough to denigrate their “team” sport doesn’t mean the NHL should. The shootout is as gimmicky and anti- team play as it gets.

  13. Clay4bc says:


    Good GM’s keep the best goalie, and trade the other one. The jury is still out on whether our GM got it right.


    Fighting Ignorance since 1970 (It’s taking longer than I thought).

  14. nightmare_49 says:


       On Nov 3 we will have a better picture on how our season will go. These next 5 games are where we should add some important points in our drive for a playoff berth.

       Our start has been fine but it must be noted that with the exception of Marky and the Hammer for a bit we have been injury free while many of our contenders have not been so lucky.

       On that point i was impressed by our prospects in the Hamilton Bulldogs game on CBC yesterday. IMO our depth has improved at the forward position as many played a solid two way game which you look for when bringing one of them up, an improvement say over a Corey Locke a few years ago.

       Our D depth seems stable but only for a band aid situation.

       What i really am hoping for is the security these points will bring us as the long season progresses and i am also thinking of Ian’s summit the following weekend, Nothing worse than having Steve Kerley (24Cups) crying in in his Harps for two nights at Hurleys. You know how negative Old Crusty can be. Go Habs Go.


  15. SeriousFan09 says:

    He’s still with the Bulldogs but out of the lineup after his first goal and assist a few games ago, apparently shoulder/wrist issues but no reports of anything that’s going to have him out long term. Kid’s still lacking meat on his frame, 6’3″ but 200 pounds so he should probably add some muscle on to protect his body.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  16. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …REALLY value Your prospects updates Robert
    …do You have anything on Avstin ? …is He injured ? …still in Hamilton ? …has He played a game yet ? …is He having problems adapting to North America ?
    …He is The One I was hoping to be Our under-the-radar future superstar without the necessity to Tank
    …would appreciate hearing anything You know

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  17. howtathor says:

    I agree, if Gauthier was so sold on dealing with the Blues we should have targeted David Backes, David Perron, Brad Boyes, Andy Mcdonald etc. Halak was an established star in our organization and should have brought the same in return. How good would any of those player look playing with Gomez and Gionta. Instead we give Pouliot no chance and have a revolving door of grinders on our second line wing. Yeah, I like David Perron!

  18. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …REALLY value Your prospects updates Robert …any data available on Avstin yet ? …what is His situation now ?
    …Avstin is The One I have been hoping to be that Superstar We covet though gained under-the-radar at the draft …yet seems He may be having problems adjusting to North America
    …would appreciate to know what’s happening
    …and keep up the good work

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  19. SeriousFan09 says:

    Isles will be an interesting test I think, Coyotes will be the most trouble but the Islanders, despite missing a lot of key personnel are still scratching out wins and the Habs have had trouble with teams that just relentlessly forecheck.

    I think they’re due to run out of gas soon, seems they’ve had some good luck on their run but the Islanders are still a team that is badly outmatched for overall depth.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  20. ManApart says:

    obviously i can’t prove that he could have gotten more, that is why I used the word “believe” in my statements. After seeing PG’s targeting one player method and not telling every team he wants to trade Halak, it’s not a big stretch to imagine if he did let all the Gms know what was up and tried to create an auction atmospere, he could have gotten more.  You have to trade Halak before arbitration yes, but there was still plenty of time.

    IMO it was the wrong move, it should have been Price. If you were going to trade Halak, Gauthier was dumb about it and he definately didn’t get good enough value. The Blues won out big time. Just supports my feeling that Gauthier is not a good GM and should be fired as soon as possible, before he does some other dumb move that hurts the team further.

  21. rogus says:

    Not a bad idea, I would also like to see Spacek sit once in a while. What happened to him iver the summer?

  22. ManApart says:

    Whatever the case the Gomez deal was a great move by Sather. Forget Valentenko, McDonagh is still a good prospect. Obtaining Gomez for what he brings, even though I like the guys attitude, is just plain bad management by Gainey. It was brought on by bad drafting, that left Montreal’s cupboard bare of Top 6 centers during the previous 10 years. I agree the goaltending market was not strong, but as I said, I believe we could and should have gotten more if Gauthier would have handled things better, like letting everyone know Halak was available for starters.

    Halak does need to play the season as he is to be considered the best, but he sure looks like he’s on his way watching him since the Olympic Break last season.

  23. Chuck says:

    I wouldn’t take any of thiose teams lightly. You’d think that the toughest of the three would be the Coyotes, the the Isles have been playing very well, too.


    Centre Hice: A New Approach to NHL Scheduling.

  24. emann_222 says:

    I could see that … but knowing this team – they get lazy after 2 wins. So barring that – you hit the nail on the head. If they play as per the past – I see a 2-1 record in the next 3.

    For more views on the Habs … please … Visit me at

  25. Chuck says:

    You contradicted yourself by saying that you believed that we could have gotten more in return, but also admitted that you had no idea about the negotiations; thus there no way for you to know that we could have gotten more in return.

    Regardless, there’s no need to drive up the the return for a guy if you’re already getting back the asset that you want, and to be able to do it before Halak went to arbitration. If he won a large arbitration award, not only could he have been priced outside of trade value for another team, but then we would have also been on the hook to pay him.

    It was the right move at the right time.


    Centre Hice: A New Approach to NHL Scheduling.

  26. ManApart says:

    How did I contradict myself? I said I believe we could have gotten more, but I can’t tell you who specifically, because I was not able to go through the negotiation process personally, with potential trading partners. All I know is that if there are potential trading partners out there who never even knew Halak was on the block to begin with, then there’s some serious problems with Gauthier’s management skills. I mean how can you create a market to drive up return for a guy, when not everyone even knows he’s available? It’s just completely mickey mouse.

  27. SeriousFan09 says:

    Teams that hang ‘For Sale’ signs and say they’ve got the best guy ever but I want your best prospects and a roster player for him don’t always do that well, see the Kaberle adventure from last summer. The GM’s in the league who were not contacted might not have had anything the Canadiens wanted either. Goaltending market proved to be weak, Gauthier got in before the Blues were in a stronger negotiating position.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  28. Chuck says:

    “I don’t know. I mean I’m not privy to any inside info on other teams. I definitely believe we could have gotten more.”

    You’ve officially cornered the market on contradicting yourself.


    Centre Hice: A New Approach to NHL Scheduling.

  29. Chuck says:

    Great. Then come back to me after Halak has played one or three NHL seasons as a starter, then make your argument.


    Centre Hice: A New Approach to NHL Scheduling.

  30. rocketsglare says:

    I say the Habs have the ability to win the next 3 games ( Phoenix, Isles twice) and collect 6 important points

    if and that’s a big if, they play like they did against the Sens. Phoenix plays solid D and has a good goalie and

    the Isles have enough scoring to make always their games with the Habs very competitive. But, if the team

    can remain focused and play like they did against the Sens, then I can’t imagine this team not sweeping the

    next 3 games. What do you guys think?


    Go Habs Go!

  31. ManApart says:

    I don’t know. I mean I’m not privy to any inside info on other teams. I definately believe we could have gotten more. I mean there were Gm’s in the league who didn’t even know Halak was on the block. They were very surprised according to McGuire. Gauthier wanted to do things fast and quiet and targeted Eller and that’s it. If PG wanted to stay with Price and trade Halak, I believe he couldn’t have went about any worse and I think the result of that will look very bad for the Habs in the near future.

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