No June swoon for HIO

New numbers from Google Analytics, passed along by David Klimek, the Gazette’s marketing stats wizard:

Page views in June: 1,618,680

In June, 2009: 1,273,783

Thanks to all you wacky fans, we were up 31 per cent during a month when the Canadiens weren’t playing hockey.

And the mobile version had 78,719 page views.


  1. crabvader says:

    But the cap is 10mil.

    Why wouldn’t he at least try to attain that money if he can? Does he owe anyone anything? No.

    I mean, I HATE agents. I think they are a blight to any sport but Kovalchuk is doing what most people with his talent would do, fetch the most money they can.

  2. novahab says:

    Is there a team that has the room to pay Kovalchuk 10mil a year with out tearing their team apart. I say he would have been signed yesterday if there was so I thinking his price better come down.

  3. aemarchand11 says:

    I just get the feel that he thinks hes above any team. IMO nobody should make more money than the premier players like Ovi or Sid. I know they have support staff but they’re the ones making all this new revenue for the league.

    He’s arguably the BEST pure sniper in the league, just wish he would know his place and take an 8M dollar/yr contract so teams can afford to get him the support he needs to win.

  4. JSP1990 says:

    I know what ya mean about the baseball players, but let those idiots get those contracts. $10 million in the NHL is ALOT of money. Well it’s alot of money anywhere, but especially in the NHL salary cap era. It’s insane for him to think he can make more money then Crosby or Ovechkin.

  5. SeriousFan09 says:

    Why should he throw his NHL career away in Atlanta? It’s a dead-end team with no money that isn’t going anywhere. I don’t see why he owes that club the rest of his life. I hope Jarome Iginla jumps ship when his contract runs out in CGY so he can go play for a Cup Team while I’m speaking on the subject.

    Teams that are too weak to survive or are self-destructive but too well-financed to die don’t deserve eternal loyalty while the clock runs out on the careers of guys who often have to quit the game before they’re even 40.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  6. Curtoph says:

    Yeah, but from 6.4 million a year, to 10 million a year? For what he didn’t up his skill or anything, he’s just still as good as he was. I would think to pay him most 8 million, but who knows.

  7. crabvader says:

    I dunno why everyone is hollering about a 10mil contract. Have you seen how much baseball players make?!?!!

  8. c.robillard says:

    So the guy passed on 100 million for 10 years in Atlanta. The guy may not play anywhere at all, all because he didn’t want to stay in Atlanta. I hope no one gives him a contract. I hope he yelps back to the KHL where he has to deal with the mafia.

    Good Riddance Kovalchuk.

  9. Storm Man says:

    Yes it is, Last year it was 127 mil should go up this coming season.

  10. crabvader says:

    Kovalchuk is a top 5 talent in the world. I mean look at other people’s salaries who haven’t even come close to Kovalchuk’s numbers.

    Blame agents, not players.

    Kovalchuk is worth that type of money if you compare to a lot of other inflated contracts. Why should Kovalchuk be the guy that says “Let me be the first to take a pay cut to make an example”.

    It’s like if I said I would like you to be a desk clerk instead of CEO of your company, would you do it? Of course not.

  11. TripleX says:

    But the NFL is a cap league isn’t it?


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  12. crabvader says:

    More like there’s no offence in Jersey.

  13. Robert L says:

    Hamrlik has a no movement clause. He can’t be traded, minored, or bought out. He can be asked if he would okay a deal, that’s about it.

  14. avatar_58 says:

    Agreed but if he keeps up this money-money-money stuff he’s bad for the UFA market and russian players in general.

  15. avatar_58 says:

    There’s no ‘I’ in team but clearly Kovalchuk thinks so. I bet the flyers were sure afraid.

  16. Storm Man says:

    Franchise tag is for a player who is going to be a UFA it could be a exclusive and non-exclusive. It gives the team the right to match any offers from other teams, If not the team that makes the offer and the player goes to that team the payment is 2 1st round picks so you dont lose that player for nothing.

  17. crabvader says:

    Lol, even though Atlanta never got really far, Kovalchuk was pretty much a one-man team. Teams fear the Chuk.

  18. punkster says:

    Absurd amount of money. Let some dumbass GM pony up that kind of cash and watch his team wallow in the depths of bubbleness for years.

    No wait…


  19. crabvader says:

    In a perfect world, all we and GM’s can do though is go with the flow, lol.

    Kovalchuk needs to stay in the NHL. He’s good for the sport of hockey.



  20. avatar_58 says:

    What the hell is wrong with this guy? Just take a regular salary and get over yourself. He’s good but not 1-man team good. Why wouldn’t he take a little less to go on a good team and get himself a cup or two?

  21. Mark C says:

    Just as an FYI: in the NFL a “franchise player” counts against the cap. It is a means of protecting one player a year from leaving as a free agent. If you franchise a player is salary for the next season is the average of the top 5 players at his position, unless of course he re-signs under an extension.

  22. SeriousFan09 says:

    Kovalchuk is a brilliant goal scorer, if there wasn’t Ovechkin he would be the best goal scorer in the NHL. However his getting that cash just makes the whole FA market situation even worse by handing out another inflated contract. Too many guys are already earning above what others of the same ability are getting, need some more sanity and balance right now.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  23. Mark C says:

    double post

  24. habs fan from stonyplain says:

    yes you do unless he clears and goes down to the minors and gets called back

  25. crabvader says:

    But Kovalchuk scores more than 40 goals EVERY SINGLE YEAR HE PLAYS.

    Since 2004 he’s scored more than 40 goals every year!

    People are just losing interest because he had a bad stint with a terribly defensive team that can barely generate any offense.

    Kovalchuk scored a load of goals for a TERRIBLE Atlanta team. That has to mean something.

  26. Storm Man says:

    That is not what the Franchise tag is about in the NFL.

  27. punkster says:

    Someone on here will 😉


  28. aemarchand11 says:

    No way he makes more the Crosby or Ovechkin. IMO he shouldnt make anymore then Rick Nash or Iginla. They put up pretty good numbers without anyone to work with as well.

    Enjoy the weather in Russia, thats rediculous! Espicially since he hasnt proven anything, except regular season stats!

  29. crabvader says:

    Kovalchuk can command that salary here and wear a tutu for all I care.

    That guy is crazy good.

  30. habs fan from stonyplain says:

    someone should drug test mr. sutter, you think we are against the cap there are over the cap with the two slugs they signed

  31. Shiloh says:

    Do you have to eat the entire 5.4 million if he is picked up on waivers?

  32. aemarchand11 says:

    Oh dont get me wrong, I would ONLY grab off re-entry for half the salary. Not a chance at the 5.4M, thats worse than Hamrlik’s!

  33. TripleX says:


    From the Twitter account of James Mirtle:


    Before fans get too excited: LA Times: “…Kovalchuk is aiming high – think $10 million a year for 10 to 12 years…”

     via TweetDeck

    No wonder it is taking so long to get a deal!


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  34. Shiloh says:

    I’d like to see Souray back.

  35. habs fan from stonyplain says:

    yes but he is a 5.4 cap hit and as slow as gill

  36. crabvader says:

    Nobody on that young Avalance team is a playmaker.

    Remember when he played with Sakic? Over 25 goals.

    Pleks and him with Cammy would light it up.

  37. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    I like this roster a lot more than current one, haha. Even though it’s 1 more player added.

  38. crabvader says:

    The colder, the better!

    I hate warm weather, haha!

  39. crabvader says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of:












  40. aemarchand11 says:

    Souray + Markov = Magic

    PK Subban + Spacek = 2 Amazing Powerplay Units.

    If Hammer could get moved, I would make the trade. We have enough defensively responsible defencemen now. Gorges, OB, Gill even Spacek.  Unlike before with, Dandy and Breezer.

    Only 2 years left, and for 2.7 his 15 goals a year will be greatly appreciated. Not like he has to be a top-4 at that salary. He will be UFA when Subban is up for his contract renewal!


  41. Kingofswing74 says:

    as do i. i also like reading other people’s opinions, they can be interesting.

  42. Curtoph says:

    Yeah and he’s much more injury prone than Hammer is, I remember seeing him fight iggy then he ended up breaking his hand in the fight. Not a good idea!

  43. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Hamrlik only has 1 year left on his contract.

    Instead of taking on a long contract to just give up a veteran, why not wait 1 more year until you have 5.5 M cap space freed up for next season. You can get a Hamhuis-Michalek type of young defenseman with that money.

    I would wait a year, let’s be patient.

  44. pmaraw says:

    i cant imagine a way to correct you for being wrong about what you think lol

  45. mike g says:

    I’m not high on Svatos…

    Appart from his injury issues, you must analyze the fact that he struggled on a very vulnerable Avalanche team this year. No roster spots were guaranteed during the year, and Sacco coached to win with his hardest working players. Those who baught into that style, played big minutes and contributed to a surprising playoff birth. But then you had talented guys like Svatos who just couldn’t cut it on a very young team, and one where he should have had top 4 minutes solidified. He registered 11 points, 4 of those for goals.

    Were coached by JM, so I don’t see how he would fit here.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  46. Curtoph says:

    Can’t wait till feburary when our Habs take on the Flames in the Herritage Classic game! I was fortunate to be at the first Herritage Classic game in Edmonton!! Habs won the game too, but it was minus 35 degrees out or something terrible like that!

  47. Smartypants says:

    I think that Habs should trade Roman Hamrlik for Derek Morris so just correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think I am.

  48. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    I would thrive for a Moen/Lappiere/Boyd-Eller-Svatos line.

    Young blood.

  49. crabvader says:

    Tanguay should play true to form with Calgary so I don’t mind that signing. The jury is DEFINITELY still out on Jokinen and that one is a huge head scratcher, but I like the additions of Tim Jackman and Raitis Ivanans.

    Sutter is still psycho in my opinion, but I don’t think he’s as bad as Glen Sather, lol.

    Sutter was one of those GM’s that desperately needed to do something for his blue line and he didn’t sign any D-men. Bad Sutter! Bad!

  50. Smartypants says:

    kingofswing74 we the habs fan like this site.

  51. crabvader says:

    Ok, I want Marek Svatos, I am decided! PG, make it happen! (Under 2mil/per plz)


  52. SeriousFan09 says:

    Darryl Sutter was quoted as saying the Canucks are the team to beat.

    Terrible misquote, I’m pretty sure he meant to say his team is getting ready for a tough struggle this season with the Calgary Hitmen.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  53. Say Ash says:

    If you’re making me pick between Souray and Hammer, then Hammer. Taking back Souray would make us look worse than the Flames.

  54. crabvader says:

    I agree. 

    Their agents are probably asking for too much as of right now and they will have to wait to see that no team is interested in them at that price tag for a few days.

    It would be foolish to nab up a guy like Eric Belanger at around 3mil/per.

    If Belanger’s price tag drops below 2mil/per, I think it would be crazy not to pick him up. Although there are a few players I think would be good for us.

    Joe Corvo or Shaone Morrisonn, Ruslan Fedotenko (If the price tag is 1.5 per or under, which I doubt), Aaron Asham (what can I say, I love native grit), Ilya Kovalchuk (just wishin’), Raffi Torres (only if he’s cheap), Robbie Earl (just like what I saw from him when I got to watch him play), Marek Svatos (maybe injury prone, but he can score. He needs a good playmaker a.k.a Tomas Plekanec, good chemistry (both from Czechoslovakia, Marek being from the Slovak side).

    I’m kinda high on Svatos being a dark horse if we can get him for under 2mil/per. I think he would bring stability for Plekanec and good chemistry (at the expense of repeating myself). He’s not the biggest listed at 5’10 but he’s got great hands and hasn’t played with skilled players in a long time, more notably any skilled playmakers. He’s a guy who can fetch around 30g a season with good linemates. 


  55. SeriousFan09 says:

    Dynasties died after the 80s I would say. You had the Canadiens and Red Wings splitting the 50s, Canadiens and Leafs went at it in the 60s, Canadiens owned the 70s pretty much, then it was the Oilers and Islanders in the 80s. Following that, I would say the 90s as the league expanded created the mini-dynasties when talent became further diluted by expansion. Penguins in 91-92, than you had the Red Wings, New Jersey and Colorado, all 3 of those teams became constant contenders but the Avs would end up with 2, Devils with 3 and Red Wings with 3, than the lockout hit and only the Red Wings managed to handle their talent well enough to make it back to the show following it, 1 win and 1 loss in the Finals.

    I think the NHL needs to allow teams more leeway in signing their own players like a 10 M cushion like you suggest. With the 30-team Free agency situation, it’s too easy for teams to become trapped in earlier deals and have no money left to sign a prime talent that keeps the team going but can’t compensate him like he would earn in FA.

    It is ridiculous what CHI just had to do, Stan Bowman has given up on a repeat and is stocking the shelves so the Blackhawks can go for the Cup in 3 years or so by acquiring as many picks and prospects as he can.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  56. Smartypants says:

    I agree with signing Souray in a heartbeat, but I would then ethier put Hamrlik on waivers, put him with Hamilton Bulldogs, or sit him on the bench til some D is injured and can’t play.

  57. TripleX says:

    The NFL I believe allows each team one “franchise player” who I think does not apply to the cap.

    Perhaps can use that formula to allow teams to keep at least ONE player.  The NHL is becoming too much like the MLB with players changing teams every few years.  Fans become attached to players and it is a negative to have so much movement.

    Personally I would have a cap on the minimum a team can spend and let the teams spend as much as they can.  Reward the successful teams as logic dictates.  Maybe the only way the Cup will ever come home.


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  58. Say Ash says:

    Correction: NOBODY likes that place.

  59. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Eklund reporting that he’s hearing about a possible trade that would follow a Kovalchuk signing involving an Eastern team and the Kings.

    I know it’s Eklund, but he’s been somewhat accurate the past 2 days (which is an accomplishment for him). He’s on a run!


    “Kovalchuk and Kings Closing In on Deal”

  60. The Cat says:

    Since traffic keeps increasing, lets hope that translate to some tickets giveaways :)

  61. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Keep Hamrlik. We need defensive dmen not offensive dmen especially Souray, who’s prone to injuries.

  62. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Blues opt out of Kovalchuk race.

    ESPN says in the end it’s going to be either NJ (not gonna happen) or LA.

    Maybe NYI, but FA’s don’t like that place. 

    So really, it’s either LA or KHL.

  63. crabvader says:

    Problem with Souray is that he isn’t really good defensively. Hamr just had his first minus season in a LONG time last year and he was bouncing back after a bad start to the playoffs.

    Also, Souray still has 2 years on his contract as opposed to Hamr, who is on his last.

    Hamrlik for me.

  64. mike g says:

    I think it’s because those guys that are left aren’t really the players that will take you over the top…

    Appart from Kovalchuk, your talking about 50 point players. I’m not saying they’re useless, but the names still available are not known to be big difference makers.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  65. nickster13 says:

    Souray is on waivers (as mentioned by others too dont worry), so if he is on re-entry waivers, would you take him? I would in a heartbeat, would you rather him or Hamrlik? So if a hamrlik trade is possible, you pick up Souray i say at half the salary

  66. SeriousFan09 says:

    Chris Higgins close to signing a deal in FLA, 1.6 million for 1 year.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  67. crabvader says:

    I’m guessing free agency is going much slower today due to the fact that the players who are left are probably asking for too much what with all the ridiculous contracts yesterday.

    I’m guessing bits and pieces will be signed by next week.

  68. crabvader says:

    Lol, your sig sets you up perfectly to counter one of your arguments by saying “Never go full retard.”


  69. jimmy shaker says:

    So what is the cap situation as of now and how much do we have left for Price and a couple other spots?


  70. Ian Cobb says:

    Yes! we are all waving goodbye!

  71. mike g says:

    I don’t see anyone taking him, unless he’s on re-entry, and even then…

    It’s too bad he’s a one-dimensional player. MAB can be signed at less than 1 mill and have the same effect as Sourray.

    That said, he still has a rocket like this guy:

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  72. krob1000 says:

    Souray on waivers

  73. Bugs says:

    I notice a massive discrepancy between amounts in month of May. What’s THAT all abo…

    Oh, yeeaah…

    Keepin it real, I be chillin as

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Brotha to the Man with the Plan, Product-runnin Lead Houndogg with the Voodoo Flannel Posse, and Pimp Extraordinaire of Habsbros Mama Jones Snow Cones, muthafugga:

  74. mike g says:

    The word “dynasty” has officially been taken out of the NHL’s vocabulary…

    No longer will we see teams repeat championships in this league. Winning the Cup once is hard enough, and to do it twice in a row is extreamly difficult. But, teams were able to do it for the past 100 years. Now, all we can do is remember how great those teams/franchises actually were. To elaborate, a dynasty IMO is a team that wins minimum 4 championships in a row. Mini dynasties are those who win 3 in a row. I won’t even hesitate to say that no franchise will win 3 Cups in a row for at least another 20 years. There are so many reasons why; 30 teams, the salary cap, free agency, etc…

    Out of all those reasons, the salary cap is the #1 reason why teams won’t do it. We see this offseason how the Hawks went from the best team on the planet, to a good team. They’ve gotten rid of so many key parts of that team, simply because of the cap. We all thaught Anaheim would be the next dynasty, largely on the shoulders of Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan, Pronger, Niedermayer, etc…That didn’t work out, once again because of cap issues. The Pittsburgh Penguins, a team with more holes on the wing than swiss cheese, were called “the closest thing to the Oilers of the 80’s” when they made 2 Cup Finals apperances in a row.

    That statement alone can describe just how desperate this league is for another dynasty. I’m not old enough to remember those Oilers, because I was born in ’88. But I’ll tell you one thing; if making the Cup Finals 2 years in a row is all that is needed to award you the title of a dynasty, the measurement of standards of success in the NHL have dropped lower than the last place Oilers of 2009-2010.

    I can go on all day naming teams that should have/could have been potential dynasties. All of them however were braught down by the salary cap. While most will argue the cap is good because it allows all teams a fair chance to win and compete for marquee talent, in the end it just sticks the finger to the most successful teams.

    So I ask you this today: Should the NHL remove the salary cap completely, or allow all teams something like an extra 10 million dollars per year to re-sign their own players? That extra available 10 mill would not count against the cap, it’s purpose would be to allow teams like MTL this year to re-sign Pleks at 5 mill without it affecting their overall cap. It rewards/encourages teams to grow and devellop/draft their own players and keep them for as long as possible.

    Your take?

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  75. STZA says:

    The livin’s easy in the summertime. 

  76. mike g says:

    If any are interested, here’s a link to some jersey/logo changes some NHL teams will adopt next year….

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  77. mike g says:

    Bobby Ryan rejected a 5 year, 25 mill$ contract……WOW.

    and the Jackets are apparently shopping Nikita Filatov.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  78. likehoy says:

    filatov could be interesting…what kind of assets do we have to deal!? next year’s 1st?

  79. TripleX says:

    Apparently the little brat wants 5.25 on a multi year deal.  So he is crying over 250,000 a year?  

    Will it make that much difference in his lifestyle?  I have a feeling his long term career prospects have take a sudden downturn.

    RFA’s should not quibble over such insignificant details.  I HOPE we are not going to get a similar stance from Price.



    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  80. Propwash says:

    Hopefully the mobile site will include comment reading/writing ability.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  81. likehoy says:

    souray on waivers

  82. TripleX says:

    I wonder if he has anything left in the tank?  He still has that cannon of a shot and we have no replacement for MAB.

    Does that mean any team that picks him up only pays half his salary?  Does that apply to his 4.5 million cap hit as well?



    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  83. smiler2729 says:

    If it came down to Hamrlik or Souray, who’d you rather have?

  84. notbigbird says:

    So, now we can afford to upgrade the comment software?

  85. says:

    I’m just going to add my own symbols.

    -1 means disagree, then any comment by other members just add on to the minus.

    You get a

    + 1

    for good comment

    They Call Me Shane

  86. Mike Boone says:

    Not after the bonus payouts to me, Stubbs and Hickey.

  87. mike g says:

    I don’t think we have a nice enough package filled with youth to give them.

    Apparenlty VAN is offering Bieksa +, so…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  88. likehoy says:

    filatov is an unproven headcase talent.

    see: sergei kostitsyn

    usually these type of players won’t get more than a draft pick + prospect…

    but kevin bieksa would help the BJs a lot and i would even consider it a bit of an overpayment for filatov…but the deal would help both teams.

    i still think we should work out a way to steal it! webber + 1st!

  89. likehoy says:

    have to wait for him to come back up on re-entry waivers…but i wouldn’t go back to that boat.

    souray is known to be someone who blames other people”as part of his leadership”

  90. Ian Cobb says:

    We replaced MAB with, see you later alligator! Thanks for coming out.! PK is now in town.

  91. says:

    There’s something seriously wrong with that guy.

    1.  He’s married and hates his life.

    2.  He’s a Nordiques fan turned Canadiens.

    3.  No personalty, does not understand how to communicate on internet forums

    I truly believe it’s all of the above.  How can one man come on the internet and complain, whine, and down right hate players he doesn’t even know? 

    I feel sorry for him now, it must suck in life never being able to see the bright side of things.

    They Call Me Shane

  92. smiler2729 says:

    Sounds like he’s really Tony Marinaro. A never satisfied know-it-all Habs putz.

  93. says:

    That would explain everything :)

    They Call Me Shane

  94. adam76 says:

    How sad is it, that you need to tear down another poster.  Tony is upset with the direction of the franchise (like many others).  while he may not be the best communicator – me thinks that English is not his “first” language.


    Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one.  Tony has as much right to post here as you.  If he upsets you, its easy to skip over his posts.

  95. Propwash says:

    Everyone expects the Habs to be stocked with superstars………aint gonna happen these days. It’s not management’s fault, its a question of $$$ and salary caps.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  96. Bugs says:

    No, Sholly. He’a a leafer PRETENDING to be those things. This is not a lame swipe at him. No. He’s an actual leafer.

    You’ll notice it too because he can’t help comparing whatever we do to the genious of the Burke plan in Toranna and how the leafers are gonne be so much better than the Habs this year. He can’t help it.

    It’s a leafer troll on the loose. Playing the part of one of us.

    Keepin it real, I be chillin as

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Brotha to the Man with the Plan, Product-runnin Lead Houndogg with the Voodoo Flannel Posse, and Pimp Extraordinaire of Habsbros Mama Jones Snow Cones, muthafugga:

  97. Robert L says:

    Posting here is a privelege, not a right. It has to be done with a modicum of respect towards others. His grip of the language seems good enough while thrashing commenters. All said, when you dish it ignorantly out in a forum you can expect to get it back in spades, and that’s what is happening. It’s one thing to be upset at Habs’ direction, it’s a whole other to divide with offensive remarks and moronic comments.

  98. aemarchand11 says:

    Don’t defend him, he has warn out his welcome with excessive ranting.

    You cannot skip over a post when people are trying to have logical and positive debates about the situation and then have responses to every post by Tony whom feels that he must point out that “Our GMS” are the worst, yadiyada.

    If Tony wants respect from people, he must earn it. But instead he decides to aggravate everyone on this board unless they express negative feelings towards the team.


    Go Habs Go!

  99. crabvader says:

    You’re just defending him cause you can’t get over the fact that Halak is gone, just like Tony.

    You also have common ground with him by continuously bashing Price. You are both pretty damn annoying… Although Tony takes annoying-ness to the next level.



  100. aemarchand11 says:

    Among the Majority, and what about you?

  101. crabvader says:

    Lol, demi, you’re pretty much in the same boat as Tony.

  102. HardHabits says:

    It’s so sad that I am crying crocodile tears. Tony is obtuse. If you look up troll in the dictionary you’ll find one of his posts as the definition. He has nothing to add to the debate. His posts are the same monotonous droning over and over again. He’ll say something like no way Boyd signs here and then when Boyd sings he’ll complain about that.

    Tony242 = troll. The problem with HIO is that people don’t read the “Don’t feed the troll” signs. Your’s truly included.

    If I was a mod I’d have axed his account long 7 weeks ago. But HIO wont because for all his obtuseness he’s actually generating more traffic. I think Tony242 is actually Boone.


  103. HardHabits says:

    This coming from the other little girl who’s hearts been broken by the
    Halak trade. Man up!!

  104. smiler2729 says:

    +2, to make up for the Demigod’s -1

  105. likehoy says:

    well remember when ryan smyth was dealt over a mere 250k? 

  106. SeriousFan09 says:

    The issue from what I understand has been term, Ryan wants a 3-year deal, the Ducks want him for a 5-year term. I would imagine his agent is advising him to set his deal so he hits UFA as quickly as possible for a bigger deal later, while the Ducks would like to retain him longer at a lower cost.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  107. TripleX says:

    I remember that one yeah.  All the crocodile tears then it turns out it was over nothing.  

    But I can’t remember who was playing hardball Smyth or the Oilers.


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  108. showey47 says:


  109. Habhopeful says:

    That “Little Brat” wants a shorter term as per Bob Mckenzie:






    TSNbobmckenzie: Hitch in Ryan negotiations, BTW, is that he wants three-year deal and Ducks want 4 or 5. Ducks have offered $5M per year but want term.


    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  110. avatar_58 says:

    He’s going to regret it when he has a slump year or two and his value goes down

  111. says:

    Yikes that’s a tuffy.

    The Souray has the Bomb, but he takes more stupid penalties.

    and Hammer looks like he’s 50 years old at times.

    All said and done, I really like watching defensemen score from the point so Sheldon would get one year contract from me.

    They Call Me Shane

  112. Ian Cobb says:

    The Hammer for sure!

  113. Habs fan in SF says:

    speaking of tony marinaro…i’m personally not a verry big fan. he comes off being a little arrogant. he keeps on tooting his own horn when he gets “scoops” … and wasn’t he the one who broke the BREAKING NEWS when price and markov supposedly had their behind closed doors squabble? I much prefer mitch melnick

  114. Tremblant Habs Fan says:

    Melnick with his man crush on Pierre Maguire, I’ve never heard him dissagree once with the all mighty Pierre! And his even bigger man crush on Bob Dylan, can we transfer MM to CHOM, he’d have a much better audience there.

  115. Bill H says:

    Congrats Mr. Boone on the boost in hits in June.

    Looking at Feb/March, 2009 was the better year.  Does that reflect the Carbo firing? 

    Another interesting stat – July 2009.  No mid summer slump.  Was that due to the Sundin watch?  You might have difficulty matching those numbers.  Unless Gauthier packages AK46 and Hamrlik and/or signs Kovalchuk.  Nope, don’t think that is going to happen.  Better hold off on buying that BMW.

  116. Puck Bard says:

    Second day of Free Agency and the Big News is Higgins to Florida:

    Wow… just wow.

  117. mike g says:

    With the recent 1 year deal signing of Chris Higgins in Florida for 1.6 mill, I have to say this…

    Anyone else notice how the former Habs players have absolutely no impact on their current clubs. All the players we “loved, had great upside, and would be future captains”, are pretty much all spare parts on their teams:

    Higgins, just signed a contract that screams DESPERATE.

    Komisarek, busted up goods who’s now in Phaneuf’s shadow.

    Souray, placed on waivers because he’s overpaid and unwanted on a team that can actually afford him.

    Kovalev, had a season of 40 pts. Enough said.

    Ryder, paid 4 mill to be a 3rd liner and an expensive spare part in Boston.

    Tanguay, had less than 40 points last year and just returned to the dumbest team in the league for peanuts.

    Ribeiro, on the block apparently because he’s out-lived his tenure in Texas.

    Huet, he’s just 6.25 million problems.


    The only guys who’ve left and had decent impacts on their team without causing trouble have been Koivu and Streit. They’ve both been worth the money an term they were given so far. I didn’t count Guillaume Poutine in the post, because he hasn’t played long enough with a new team. Maybe the boys upstairs knew something we didn’t, and went out shopping last year for players they knew would have an impact for another 5 years instead of keeping those bums?

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  118. Dintrox says:

    Add Souray to your list he was waived today by the Oilers.

    December 4, 2009 – Elmer Lach’s jersey took its rightful place with the Rocket’s in the rafters.

  119. Max_a_million says:

    There were some dark days of no playoffs and no talent here for sure. 

    Was koivu good for anaheim last year? 

  120. BKAK72 says:

    The media + fan passion here in Montreal creates a “great” player out of an ordinary talent.  An honest assessment of even this current roster would suggest one (true) all-star in Markov and a lot of solid 2nd liners that are turned into “all-stars” by the media/fans e.g. GOMEZ, GIO, CAMMI, PRICE.  

    Don’t get me wrong, these guys (like KOIVU) are fantastic 2nd line players.  The problem in a cap-world is that when you pay them like 1st line players there ain’t much room to correct after the fact.

    — I will not apologize for being a delirious HABS fan! —

  121. Ian Cobb says:

    Mike you are spot on. We have great hockey men in management now, unlike 5 years ago and more. It is a very slow process, one team player and piece at a time.

    Get rid of the fringe players that play for the name on their backs, their agents greed and keep the players that understand what it is to play for your mates. We are getting there with solid moves and development.

  122. Dintrox says:

    Saku had 52 pts last year. I believe it was his 7th straight 50 or more season.

    December 4, 2009 – Elmer Lach’s jersey took its rightful place with the Rocket’s in the rafters.

  123. likehoy says:

    koivu had something like 25 points in his last 30 games

  124. SeriousFan09 says:

    19G, 33A in 71GP with a +14, including 6 GWG and some SO winners. When a kid called Dan Sexton was called up for the team, they put him with Koivu and the guy started scoring quite a bit, the Koivu effect came through again.

    Ducks got him for two more years at 2.5 per, they got a great deal.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  125. Max_a_million says:

    Thanks guys.

    I mainly watch the east, and don’t have a feel for many of the western teams. 

  126. SeriousFan09 says:

    Same here, but I kept an eye on the Ducks this year because of Saku.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  127. mike g says:

    Well said..

    Best example…..AK.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  128. LEAF KILLERS says:

    Habs will likely keep Hamrlik till trade deadline and try and replace him with Emelin next year. i would love to see his contract gone sooner but dont see it happening. hope i am wrong. wouldnt mind a player like Asham for under a million. someone that will fight and score about 10 to 15 goals.

  129. likehoy says:

    i agree..we could use the grit

  130. Robert L says:

    Hamrlik has a no movement clause – can’t de traded, demoted or bought out. He can only be asked to accept a trade.

  131. mike g says:

    Good stuff Ian.

    Maybe it’s all influenced by the Molson’s now. Those boys own a well structed beer company and seem to know how to take a company tot he next level.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  132. HardHabits says:

    This blog has become a cheap version of Sunday morning TV in America, Tony242 the evangelical pushing his dogma on the HIO atheists. I just can’t wait until he starts asking for money so that he can build his Maple Leaf cathedral.

  133. TommyB says:

    …..which is exactly why I stick to the specialty channels Sunday mornings and watch The Three Stooges reruns.  You know, I’ve seen every one of them at least 500 times.  Oh….wait a minute.  That’s kind of like this site some days, isn’t it?

  134. Max_a_million says:

    We have been to the playoffs the past 3 years straight.  We have had the best regular season record, and made it to the Eastern Conference Finals once.  We have won three playoff series in the past 3 years. 

    How does that stack up with the rest of the Eastern Conference?

    The list is team name, number of times in playoffs the last 3 years, number of series won, and the number of times with the best regular season record. 

    • PIT: 3-8
    • PHI: 3-5
    • MON: 3-3-1
    • BOS: 3-2-1
    • CAR: 1-2
    • WAS: 3-1-1
    • NYR: 2-1
    • NJD: 3-0
    • OTT: 2-0
    • BUF: 1-0
    • ATL: 0-0
    • TAM: 0-0
    • NYI: 0-0
    • FLA: 0-0
    • TOR: 0-0

    5 teams haven’t made the playoffs including toronto, 8 teams haven’t won a series including New Jersey, and only TWO teams have won more series than we have Philly and Pittsburgh.  We are one of the teams to have the best regular season record during this time. 

    Really it hasn’t been bad at all, actually kind of the third best eastern team in that run.  Why the heck are people always on here talking about tanking.  I know it’s not Guy Lafleur’s Flying Frenchmen or the Rocket in his heyday, but come on people have a little sense and stopped acting so spoiled.  We all want to win yes, and the Candiens are supposed to be the all time best team in hockey yes, but it really has been quite exciting having the best record and making the conference finals.  It has been pretty darn good. Shut up with the tanking business in July!  Have some pride in your team, and what they are accomplishing you negative nancies.

  135. Robert L says:

    Kudos for this, Max!

  136. matmacat says:

    Thanks, those are cool stats. It’s kind of what I am asking in my post above. We’ve had a decent team. Meaning, we could have been doing much worse.

  137. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Great post, Mark – that’s a good evidence to prove your point! Great stats!

  138. mike g says:

    Good stuff buddy…

    Nice post, and what you’re trying to prove is exactly why some of us with a head on our shoulders aren’t going nuts about every single decision regarding the Habs. They’ve been managed properly over the past 3 years, even though their rosters been shaken up drastically..

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  139. avatar_58 says:

    A F’n men and I want this saved for future reference.

  140. JIMVINNY says:

    Good post.  It’s nowhere near as gloomy as some think.

  141. Bill H says:

    Great post Max.  Individual players drafted, traded, brought in through
    free agency etc can always be debated and criticized.  People forget to
    take a step back and look at the overall picture.  Clearly Canadiens
    management have made some mistakes.  So has every other GM and coach in
    the league.  People around here feel entightled to a Stanley Cup.  News
    flash: its not the ’70s anymore.  It takes time to build a winner.  The
    amount of criticizm Gainey, Gauthier, Carbo and Martin get around here,
    you’d think we were in that bottom 5 of your list.

  142. punkster says:

    Good job man. I’m sure at some point someone will take a run at this post with excuses, “yea but”s and “you’re nothing but a Pricebot” idiocy. That’s the nature of this place. In the meantime I would like to commend you on your level headed approach.


  143. yathehabsrule says:



    Ya! The Habs Rule! now on Twitter!

  144. matmacat says:

    We all read comments that complain about our management, the current roster with overpaid vets, lack of young player development, you know the usual… Any negative comment really, goalie debates, whatever you want. So what I want to know from the smart minds we have here that rival and often top paid hockey expert, what current nhl team (management and roster) would you rather have here in Montreal. There are some obvious ones of course, but what I’m trying to figure out is if we’re not in a pretty good spot anyways? Thanks for commenting!

  145. aemarchand11 says:

    Anybody think that Edmonton would be willing to let Dustin Penner move?

    AK + Hamrlik(Former Oiler) + Webber


    Penner, 3rd Rounder

    The Hamrlik contract wouldnt be much of a burden on a rebuilding team and would bring some stability to the backend for the oilers. Souray being released on waivers will allow them to retool their top 6. Penner would give us the scoring big winger. AK would likely be very dangerous on a youth line with a Taylor Hall and Gagner or Horcoff.. Webber is the added skill, they have foster already mind you.

    Could work???

  146. matmacat says:

    That’s just insane. They would be stupid to let go of Penner for unproven AK and aging Hammer, and possibly never NHL ready Webs. …but that’s the dream isn’t it?

  147. aemarchand11 says:

    nevermind, they have 7 signed d-men for next season already!

  148. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Good deal for Oilers – Habs would be overpaying though.

  149. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    last time I checked Edmonton was trying to get younger.

  150. TripleX says:

    Leafs resign 23 year old winger Nikolai Kulemin for two years at 2.35 million a year.


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  151. Ground Chuck says:

    Was the track record of the other 241 Tonys so poor that they had to try again?

  152. Ground Chuck says:

    Lately it’s been the 242 Stooges.

  153. TommyB says:

    Why soytanly!  The Breezer….nyuk, nyuk.

  154. TommyB says:

    Tough to argue that one.

  155. aemarchand11 says:

    2008-2009 they wanted to get rid of him. But after last season I guess he has earned his spot there.

  156. SeriousFan09 says:

    Lebrun of ESPN says the Sharks will approach Joe Thornton about a contract extension this summer, they really have no interest in the Cup do they?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  157. TripleX says:

    Really funny what is happening in Calgary.  The main excuse the sports radio guys are using is that Sutter really wanted Savard, the deal was done but Savard exercised his NTC.  Sutter went to a panic Plan B and that was Joikenen.

    Does this sound at all familiar to last July1 and Bob Gainey.  LMAO



    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  158. SeriousFan09 says:

    No, Gainey went out and signed the best of the UFA class that would perform to their best in the post-season. Sutter has just gone off his rocker and signed two giant disappointments.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  159. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    If Gainey was like Sutter, he would have tried to claim Ryder and Samsonov.

    Can you imagine the reactions of Habs fans, if Gainey gave them another chance?

  160. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    According to Eklund, Frolov is close to signing with the Islanders.

    Let’s see if he is right.

  161. TripleX says:

    The rumor was that Gainey had Lecalvalier but it was stopped by Bettman because of ownership trouble so Bob went for Gomez.

    That is the similarity I was attempting to highlight.


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  162. Max_a_million says:

    I might start sounding like Tony242 if they signed Samsonov, Ryder, and say Higgins.

    OK I couldn’t really be that jerky, maybe more like Timo

  163. Ground Chuck says:


    Left winger led the Rochester Americans last season in penalty minutes with 187

    HAMILTON, ON – Hamilton Bulldogs General Manager Julien BriseBois announced
    today the signing of forward Jimmy Bonneau to a one-year contract (2010-2011).
    As per club policy, financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

    Bonneau, 25, played in 46 regular season games with the Rochester Americans
    last season recording six points (four goals, two assists) while leading the
    club in penalty minutes with 187. The 6-foot-3, 220-pound left winger played in
    15 games with the Bulldogs from 2006-2008, recording one goal and 64 penalty
    minutes. The native of Baie-Comeau is a veteran of 118 AHL regular season games
    with Hamilton, Portland and Rochester recording 13 points (five goals, eight
    assists) and 373 penalty minutes. Bonneau was drafted by Montreal in the 8th
    round, 241st overall in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

  164. HardHabits says:

    If anything, this Summer has proven that Timo was not the end of the spectrum for negativity and repetitive posts. Yep, T242 has lowered that bar far lower than anything any of us could’ve ever imagined.

  165. Bill H says:

    double post

  166. SeriousFan09 says:

    I honestly do feel like sending a sympathy card to Jarome Iginla right now. 3 more years contracted to a team that’s doomed over that period. I seriously hope he bolts to a Cup squad when his contract ends, he shouldn’t have to put up with that garbage for the rest of his career.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  167. TripleX says:

    It gets better in Calgary.  Sutter said during his press conference that the Flames are currently OVER the cap.


    ps the fact that Sather and Sutter still have jobs renders the argument we have no right to question our betters is mute



    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  168. c.robillard says:

    The Canadiens are in promising shape. There’s a definite plan to get
    we have a general manager who is not shy to make the moves he believes
    are correct and a lot of guys are on pretty awesome
    “show-us-what-you-got” one-year
    contracts.  I think we’re in a good position to start improving as a team because we’re done looking for our identity. We know who we are. We’re the Canadiens.

    Can’t wait til October.

  169. GrimJim says:

    Could you imagine if Tony242 were a Flames fan? Given what he thinks of the Habs moves in the past few years, I suspect his head would explode trying to figure out what Sutter is thinking

  170. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Matthew Lombardi to Nashville! $10.5 M over three years.

  171. JIMVINNY says:

    Ghana hits the bar on a penalty kick with only seconds remaining in extra time.  WOW.

  172. nightmare_49 says:

     Excellent signing.

  173. nightmare_49 says:

    via Marc-Antoine Godin’s Twitter ……………. Bulldogs sign F Jimmy Bonneau to an AHL contract.

  174. LEAF KILLERS says:

    i think his NTC ends in February

  175. Robert L says:

    I did not know that!

    I checked capgeek and it says this for Hammer:

    KNOWN CLAUSES: NTC (full NTC until Feb. 1, 2009; from Feb. 1, 2009, to Feb. 1, 2011, can designate six teams in each conference he will accept a trade to; no NTC beyond that)

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