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Patrick V. went to the football game last night.

Max Lapierre looks toward third-line duty

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You be Stan Bowman

• It’ll be a great induction speech: JR to the U.S. HoF

Jannik Hansen (Who?) scores in arbitration

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Today’s video: The 2010-’11 Team (mash-up features Eminem track, so Strong Language Alert!)



  1. lenny says:

    if heaven for bid the HABS are off to a 3-10 start, and Price starts all 10 games. I think the city will implode and HIO will recieve overa billion posts calling for his head….

  2. SeriousFan09 says:

    IF L.A. is dumping Frolov for the primary reason he’s unreliable, I doubt they’re salivating at the thought of AK. THe organization needs scoring wingers but they’ve got enough D prospects in their system that they can probably horse trade as necessary.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  3. SLONCOLD says:

    pro sports = money not loyalty

  4. 24 Cups says:

    “Is Frolov worth that risk?”

    No.  We already went down that road with Kovalev and ultimately found out it was a dead end.

    The prime directive for this new team is that we will not accept or tolerate any haff-milers or malcontents.

  5. Cookies says:

    I’m actually glad that the negotiations are being held after the Halak trade.

    Giving the upper hand to Price and his agent, we can see what kind of person they are/mentality they have in regards of fairness loyalty.

  6. Bill J says:

    Well I dunno about your assessment.

    Yes for US Habs fans, it started at anonymity.

    But Eller up to that point was touted as a Top-6 for St Louis.

    Doubtful he gets that with MTL this season, making him a reasonable choice for Top-9 …

    It is funny though that of all the players the Habs have let go in the last few seasons, none of them really had spectacular seasons on their respective new teams. (bring this up because, your right, the mythical powers of Montreal seem to be like Spinach for Hockey players)


  7. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Since we seem to be in a better head-space today allow me to restate my potential solution to the Top 6 problem.

    If I was to play Fantasy GM I’d trade Kostitsyn to LA (who are in need of scoring wingers now that Kovalchuk is likely out of reach and the FA market is obscenely thin) for a prospect (somebody like Centre Loktionov, or Defenceman Voynov and use that money (plus that which should remain left over from Price contract) to sign Frolov.

    Frolov struggled last year, that’s true. But Lebrun pointed out that he put up those points with 3rd line minutes. Is he an upgrade over Kostitsyn? Probably. Plus there’s the added incentive of his already having performed well with Cammalleri. Would I prefer taking my risks with Frolov and Pouliot rounding out our Top 6 instead of Kostitsyn and Pouliot? I think so.

    The major caveat I have is that it would effectively take us out of the running for a higher priced UFA next season (Gagne for example – remember, he was rebuffed this year not because Gauthier didn’t like him, but because he didn’t have the cap space – which won’t be the case next season).

    Is Frolov worth that risk?


  8. Bill J says:

    The site will blow up – due to Tony being banned 50 times & having posted a cumulative amount of 5000 posts, in the span of 12 hours.

  9. secretdragonfly says:

    Most comments will be by Tony’s combined aliases and will exceed a gazillion.

  10. likehoy says:

    i find it funny that since we acquired eller a month ago…he’s gone from anonymity to a good AHLer, to now guaranteed roster spot for the canadiens (3rd line no less!)

    talk about classic canadiens fan overhype!

    (i’m not slagging you in general, but i’m just pointing it out)

  11. pic1983 says:

    Dont get too worked up over it, it’ll probably be 2-3 years between 2.25-3 million per year.  Some people will think its too much and he hasnt earned it, but its not like were going to sign him to a deal that will seriously handcuff us. 

  12. Bill J says:

    I think getting the Price-Boo-Patrol up in arms without first knowing what the $$$ amounts is un-necessary.

    IE depending on who you ask, Price & his agent do NOT have the Habs by the B@lls.  He is a RFA after-all.

    Once the deal is signed, I bet there will be quite a few discussions about the contract.

    Anything prior to that is pure speculation, and often leads to negative talk.

  13. pic1983 says:

    What are we pegging the over/under at?


  14. punkster says:

    Boring as in tiresome, dull, uninteresting, slow, and tedious. 

    Meanwhile, the Price watch continues. So here’s two questions for you. The day a Price deal is announced how many comments get posted on HI/O and who posts the most comments?

    Time to go for a swim.


  15. Bill J says:

    I didn’t really think you meant to say Price was ruined (thus why I only talked about Avstin).

    Nor did I say Avstin will crack the Habs lineup, just saying… IMO he has the best shot, if things fall into place.

    Likely he goes to the AHL, the Habs seem to have learned something via PK Subban.  And my bet is they will keep Avstin in the AHL for as long as they can afford him to be there.

  16. lenny says:

    So i guess trading Halak and then negotiating with Price may not have been the best idea……

    I guess Price’s agent knows he has the HABS by the B*LLS!

    Price’s contract should have been signed before the trade….but what do I know…

    Another great move by Habs management…Still scratching my head on this blunder….

  17. Malreg says:

    Campbell isn’t going anywhere.  He can’t be traded because of his contract, and they would never send him to the AHL.  He has a terrible contract, but he is still very useful to the team and their defense.  Campbell – Hjalmarsson are probably the best 2nd line D pairing in the league.

    Also, there is a reason why you almost never see big contracts being placed in the minors.  No matter how rich the team or owner is, no body wants to be throwing away $5.5 million (Huet) for nothing, and no GM wants to have to ask their boss if it’s ok to throw away $5.5 million of his money so that he can go out and spend even more on other players.

    The only option I see for Huet is to go to Europe.

  18. TorontoHabsFan says:

    If Eller struggles I’d be very surprised if he isn’t sent down. I don’t get the impression that Gauthier is the kind of guy that makes decisions just to save face.

    If that’s indeed the case, then Lapierre would likely get moved back to C and someone like a Pacioretty (or Maxwell, or Palushaj, or Trotter etc etc) would be called up to take the open spot on the wing.

  19. petrov14 says:

    Guy Hebert

    ______________________________________ Gionta for Captain.

  20. Morenz7 says:

    Huet and Campbell? Eeek. You’re a ruthless man, Steve. But that’s what Bowman probably should have done. Instead he shipped out Versteeg, Ladd, Byfuglien et al who did a great deal to soften up the opposition for their scorers.

    PS capgeek says Campbell has only a limited no-trade clause, allowing him to name eight teams he’d go to. That’s assuming Bowman could find any to take his contract. In short, the Rockford Ice Hogs could still wind up with one heckuva power-play QB this season.

  21. 24 Cups says:

    Bob & Bill – I didn’t really mean to say that Price is ruined in terms of it being a final outcome.  What I was really trying to say is that these three players weren’t developed properly.

    Avstin being the best player to get a shot at a roster position deosn’t mean he’s ready.  It jsut means that we lack depth at forward.  MaxPac got the call when he left school too early and then had to join the Habs due to a bad string of injuries.  He looked great for about five games and then fell apart because he wasn’t ready. 

    One last point.  Let’s say that Eller isn’t ready to play in the NHL once camp breaks.  Do we send him to Hamilton for another year, or keep him on the roster so G&G can save face on the Halak trade?

    One more thing.  The only young player in the organization who could probably make the jump directly to the NHL is Emelin.  I say we pencil him in to replace Hamrlik next summer and use Hamrlik’s salary to entice him to come to Canada as well as pad Markov’s contract.

  22. Bill H says:

    Some interesting speculation on the line up this coming season. 

    I don’t see Avtsin making the team this year.  He’ll take a full season in Hamilton, except maybe a few games call up to fill a spot.

    AK46 will come to camp in shape.  JM had him blacklisted at Schwartz’s and got him a personal trainer.  Seriously though, its his contract year.  Maybe wishful thinking, but there is some serious money on the line for him.  His brother is gone, so no distraction there.  He’s a year older and hopefully he is maturing.  I’m hoping for 25G for him.  Still not to his potential, but 10 better than last year.

    I saw a suggestion for Markov to be paired with Hamrlik.  I don’t like to see Hamrlik with first pairing minutes.  I think the secret to a good season for Hamrlik is to manage his minutes.  I’m not sure what to suggest in this regard.  Perhaps dress O’Byrne as a 7th dman and rotate him in for Gill, Spacek and Hamrlik.

    Gill has taken a lot of flak at times.  He elevated his game during the playoffs and was amazing.  He’s a year older now.  I don’t expect him to sacrifice his body for 82 games like he did in the playoffs.  So he’ll gets lots of opportunity on the PK, but hopefully fewer minutes 5-on-5. 

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Eller have a good first season in the NHL.  Mostly 3rd line duty with some filling in on the top 6.


  23. SeriousFan09 says:

    I thihk regardless of his playing KHL, the team will likely be giving him a year in Hamilton to bulk up and get used to heavier minutes, he was playing as a 4th-liner in Russia while likely he’s a Top-6 guy in Hamiltson so they’ll want him adjusting to taking on that kind of duty.

    Slow-cooking the prospects like DET does is probably best for the Habs, too many backfires from bringing them up early.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  24. Bill J says:

    reposted – so on both threads as well ;)

    Ed – just want to touch on ONE thing…  Please take time to consider it…

    “What is posted on this web site is not relevant compared to the feeling on the street.”

    this I ask, where do you think the feeling on street comes from ?  In
    this day & age you should not knock what the power of the internet
    does for the average fan.

    The folks in Montreal ARE swayed by the local media (RDS, Red Fisher, the internet, etc) and it must NOT be over-looked.

    Perhaps the thinking that Positive folks are trying to muffle the negative folk, is backwards.

    Perhaps, after this past season.  The positive folks have had it, and are making a stand!

    Either way…. Why the hell would you want to be on the negative side of things ?

    And trust me, I am far from believing everything is rosy when it comes to the Habs. 

    fact remains, we as fans are pretty much clueless right now as to the
    reality of the state of affairs when it comes to the Habs.  We do not
    know ALL the facts, nor do we know that Gauthier’s days are numbered.

    Not yet at least.  Because the puck has not dropped yet.

  25. Bill J says:

    Have not noticed anyone posting this yet.

    Some Development Camp Footage from this year has made it to Youtube.

    P.K. Subban

    Jarred Tinordi

    Alexander Avstin

    Ian Schultz

    A few others, but these are the ones I was most curious about.

  26. 24 Cups says:

    Charlie – Niemi has only played one year in the NHL so it will be interesting to see if the arbitrator goes with the regular season or the fact that Chicago won the Cup. 

    The Hawks have cut a lot of depth out of the team even though they still have great building blocks at forward and on the D.  I thought they would have been much better off sending Campbell and Huet to the minors and blame it all on Tallon.  It’s a very risky move due to the fact that you basically close the door on any new UFAs wanting to come to your team.  I also don’t know if these two guys have no movement clauses in their contracts.

    Regardless, Chicago probably won’t have enough left to repeat as Cup champions.

  27. gauver says:

    I like this lineup more.  I think Lapierre is better as a centre on the fourth line than as a winger on the third.  Hopefully, Lapierre can be trusted on the PK again next season as this will provide a little rest to Plekanec.

    We will battle again for a playoff spot and will likely finish somwhere between sixth and tenth.  We need reliable goaltending (I am hoping that it will be Price), a reliable shutdown defenceman, a large man with skill as a number one centre and a reliable power forward (Kostitsyn is not it) in order to be a true Stanley Cup contender.  I don’t think it’s going to happen this season but hopefully within the next three.

  28. C3P1 says:

    I dont know how many soccer fans we have here, but this commercial comes from a long line of funny ones by Geico. Among questions asked: Does a former drill sergeant make a lousy therapist? Is a snowball fight with randy johnson a bad idea?



    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  29. Mattyleg says:

    I think that just damaged my screen.

    Or maybe it’s my retina…

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  30. SeriousFan09 says:

    They should just tell Niemi to cram it up his rear for the money, sign whoever’s left on the goalie market for 1-1.5 million and say “Keith, Hjalmarsson, Seabrook and Campbell are what make our goalies great and Niemi should appreciate that more than he does.”



    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  31. christophor says:

    you’re a real world changer.

    ed is the odd man out on that list. you misunderstand his posts.

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