No Crosby

The Kid is not alright.

Pat Hickey reports that Sidney Crosby did not practice today and will not travel to Montreal for tomorrow night’s game at the Bell Centre.


  1. The Teacher says:


    HAHAA Watching that CTV report made me all giddy again. and it’s not Fey Mike!!

  2. The Teacher says:

    Ahahaha, CTV and Lloyd admitting the Leafs suck.

  3. Ed says:

    I echo both of your sentiments.

  4. The Teacher says:

    Awesome ūüôā

    The heavens are aligning for us !

  5. The Teacher says:

    Can only be 80 pixels wide.

  6. 24 Cups says:

    Ed & Teach – I am also watching the lunar eclipse on one of the most clearest nights of the year. The heavens are full of stars and the moon is a reddish-orange colour. It’s so great to sit back and pause and marvel at one of the intangibles that life has to offer. What a wonderful world.

    Steve Kerley
    The Original 24 Cups

  7. Ed says:

    Teacher, you reminded us today of the lunar eclipse. It’s a beautiful clear night here in St. John’s (very unusual), and the eclipse has begun. It’s supposed to be in full effect in 1/2 hour, or 11:00 pm local time. We have a great view of it. It reminds me of the one I saw in Mississauga a few years ago.

  8. 1010 says:

    Good read Robert L… but one has to be a little concerned about the idea that the Habs aren’t fussy about what they get in return for Ryder. The last time the Habs didn’t care about what they got in return was when? Oh yeah, the Ribeiro deal. I didn’t blame Gainey for moving him at the time but that did blow up in their faces. Even given Ryder’s contract situation, if it’s for certain he’s a goner, I hope something of value comes back our way. This guy could go elsewhere and pop forty goals next year.

    GO HABS.

  9. RudeMood19 says:

    i cant change my displace picture for some reason, any ideas why?

  10. The Teacher says:

    Wow, what the heck?

    The Philadelphia Flyers have made their second trade in as many days, sending defenceman Jim Vandermeer to the Calgary Flames for a 2009 third round pick.

    A 3rd pick!!!!???!!!!???

    Ryder can get us two firsts then!!!

  11. Ed says:

    Even without Crosby, this is going to be a tough game for the Habs. The Penguins have been 6-3-1 in their last 10 games, while the Habs are 6-4-0. The Habs are on a 4 game win streak, while the Penguins are on a 2 game win streak. Malkin is hot with 21 points in his last 9 games; Gonchar has 13 in 13; and Conklin has a GAA of 1.50 and a save percent of .955 in his last 2 games.

    For the Canadiens, Kovalev and Markov have 5 points in their last 2 games; Kostitsyn has 4 in his last 2 games, while for some reason Plekanec has only 1 point in his last 4 games. However, I think he has still been playing well.

    Let’s beat them as payback for the last time when they beat us.

  12. Robert L says:

    Since the Canadiens are doing so fabulously well lately, eyeing down both an early playoff confirmation and a legitimate shot at first place, there is an abundance of news, stories and opinions to read. The recent spike in attention paid to the team has made it difficult for even an avid reader of everything like myself to keep up on all the happenings going about. I’m thinking that this will only increase as the days to the trade deadline wind down and the playoffs approach.

    With that notion in mind, I thought that I would attempt to round up the newest of news and takes on the Canadiens in one tidy little place, provide a quick glance at what’s being said and written from sources ranging from media outlerts to my favorite blogs, and the name the pieces “Eating The Habs For Breakfast”.

    Each day I’ll be scanning my usual reading places for the latest links to the stuff I believe readers would be interested in. I’ll post links to places such as the Gazette, Le Journal De Montreal, La Presse, RDS, TSN,, and the national Canadian media outlets such as the Sun and Globe chains. In addition, pieces from my favorite blogs – Habs Inside Out, Habs World, Four Habs Fans, Lions In Winter, Theory Of Ice, The H Does Not Stand For Habs, All Habs, Hockey’s Greatest Legends, Sisu Hockey, and others – will also be featured. The pieces will be no more than a day or two old, and should be everything relevant that readers could want to catch in both official languages.

    In order to properly get caught up, here is the first official edition of “Eating The Habs For Breakfast”… it the “evening edition!”

    Eating The Habs For Breakfast – 2008-2-20

  13. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Crosby or not, the Pens shut us out last time on HNIC. It’s payback time and it starts with the drop of the puck.

  14. WindsorHab-10 says:

    May be the new line did. Most effective line last night. (Ryder, Streit & Lapierre)

  15. rogus says:

    I also like Ryder. It is unfortunate how he has played up till now…however it wouldn’t be Montreal if there wasn’t at least one distraction. Glad to see him have a good night, hope that helps us get Hossa.

  16. Rogie30 says:

    Wondered if the coming trade deadline has anything to do with Ryders invigorated play. Heard somewhere that often happens.

  17. Habifax says:

    Makes no sense to sit Ryder from any angle. If you are going to trade him you need to play him. If you are going to keep him you need to play him because he is hot. I agree it was his best game by miles last night. He looked confident and had lots of jump. Things he did worked unlike his other games where he has struggled. He looked like he had all the pressure off and his game flowed. Hopefully he can figure out why he played so well and keep it going. I like the guy regardless if he gets traded or not. I will cheer for him even if he is traded. He has been through alot this year and I am happy to see him finally have some success. Best of luck in the future Micheal no matter what happens over the next few days.

  18. habsguy says:

    don’t ya just love it when someone writes “I read somewhere”…….LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  19. Propwash says:

    Even if Crosby isnt playing, the Habs cant get complacent. Pittsburgh is still a dangerous team.

  20. Mattee. says:

    hmmm tough question. He scored twice, got the first star and played his best game of the season. soo… that equals a pressbox visit.

  21. downeast hab says:

    Is Ryder playing, or sitting. Never can tell with coaches.

  22. mjames says:

    This is rather disturbing . I read where some Swiss based hockey sheet is stating that Gainey has offered Higgins, Streit and a first rounder for Houssa. If this should ever transpire this would be the beginning of the end for our short lived dynasty.

    Gainey knows that rentals don’t work!!


  23. Jay in PA says:

    He’s skating and taking some contact, but there’s no way he’ll be back anytime soon. He’s still at least a week away.

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No Crosby?

No problem.

"You have to give them credit, they played a good road hockey  game," said birthday boy Mike Komisarek after Pittsburgh hung a 2-0 shutout on the Canadiens.

Without their captain, the  Penguins played a "simpler game" Komisarek added.

"They were solid in the defensive zone, they protected the slot and their goalie played well. We had a tough time getting in front of him and creating havoc."

Dany Sabourin made 31 saves for the shutout. Komisarek felt the game might have turned if the Canadiens had "one play, one spark, one shift to get us over the edge."

The win moved the Crosby-less Penguins into first place in the Atlantic Division for the first time this season.

"If you have the second most points in the Eastern Conference, you have to be a good team," said Saku Koivu. "Sometimes it happens when a team loses a key player. Everyone wants to show they’re more than aa one-man team."¬†

Pittsburgh  was a three-man team: Sabourin, Evgeni Malkin and Georges Laraque, who set up Jeff Taffe for what proved to be the winning goal.




  1. Moey says:

    Right, for one season only, and that wasn’t for his team, it was for his wallet. He concentrated on getting as many points as possible to drive up his UFA value, in his own words. Breezer came back because he loves the team, despite the fans who don’t love him back.

  2. J.T. says:

    AND he compensated for his defensive crappiness with 26 goals. That helped.

  3. Ed says:

    Mike Boone has to take credit for that rumour.

  4. Habs-Kat says:

    Umm… Conklin’s not starting. Where did that rumour start?

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