Nice win!

Martin lauds Weber

About yesterday afternoon …

Gomez as a checker?

• Tim Thomas was amazing, but Leafs helped Habs

The greatest player in the world is on fire

Michael Farber remembers Jim Kelley

And because we are fans of the greatest goaltender in the league and can afford to be magnanimous, check out Thomas’s miraculous save

And then CP’s on Chad Larose



  1. Bob Dobbs says:

    Thanks for all the replies! I hear what you’re saying 24 Cups, but I still wouldn’t mind swapping Gomez for Richards. I still have a few questions though…

    Can Gomez be sent to Europe mid-season?

    I assume if a team snags him on waivers and forces us to pay half his sallary, this is only when we call him back up, not if we send him down in the first place?

    And Malreq you say anyone with a NMC can be sent down, but I thought you couldn’t send down a player if he was a certain age at the time of signing?

  2. notbigbird says:

    I fail to understand. It’s not all that speculative since it was what was actually done in the game. Gomez did gets lots of ice time and did play that role. I didn’t read the article as being negative, but to each his own slant on the world.

  3. Chris says:

    Salary can be relevant, as in the case of Brian McCabe, where a small-market team struggling financially needs a player to get to the salary cap floor.  Players whose actual salaries are dramatically lower than their salary cap hit represent a financial boon for those teams, as the team can appear to be spending to the floor while in fact spending markedly less.  Less money for salaries equals smaller operating losses.

    In a league where something like half the teams are seeing operating losses, that can be an important factor if the team looks to deal Gomez in two years’ time.

  4. Psycho29 says:

    I had CKAC on in the car last night, the subject that the host Marc Bryson put out there was what moves (if any) should Pierre Gauthier make now that there’s cap space available due to Markov’s injury?

    Most callers said none right now, no need to panic with the club doing so well. Some said try and unload Gomez….

    One guy said trade Subban to the Leafs for a “pur laine” like Francois Beauchemin. He didn’t last long on the air…

    A few mentioned signing M-A Bergeron….The host alluded to Michel Bergeron’s statement that MAB “wasn’t well liked in the room last season”. Had anyone else heard that before?

  5. Bugs says:

    No spread. Straight-up. Who wins?

    Tragically misunderstood, please bite

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  6. Chris says:

    “If Mr. Basu the professional, and the rest of the amateur Gomophobes here, don’t get this, then they’re beyond reach of fact and logic.”

    Or they, quite simply, have a differing opinion than you do.  That does not make them beyond the reach of fact and logic. 

    Let’s state another inane syllogism:

    • P1:  We are winning.
    • P2:  Scott Gomez has been struggling mightily in the role he was expected to play this season while the team has been winning.
    • C:  We would be winning more easily if Scott Gomez was not struggling mightily.

    Not that I believe that that is necessarily true, but it is an equally valid conclusion based on “fact and logic”, as you describe them. 

  7. diehardhab says:

    Dressing 7 defencemen might not be a bad move but who sits out? Darche has been awesome lately and pyatt is a key penalty killer on the top ranked pk unit in the league.

    The torch be yours to hold it high!

  8. Bugs says:

    I’m not saying that. I pointed that Poolio thing out to SHOW I wasn’t saying that. YOU’RE making this into “if he does this, then he should do this”. I didn’t say that.

    I said, and always say, “production is production”, no matter who, what, where. Gomie has more than Eller. That ain’t MY fault. It’s got nothing to do with ME.

    Therefore, EVEN with “Eller on the way up and Gomie sideways at best”, if Gomie produces more or just as much on the 3rd as Eller above on the 2nd, it won’t stick. Cuz it’s ONLY about production. And vets takes precedence. That’s how it works, Pup. Not my fault.

    Tragically misunderstood, please bite

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  9. habs365 says:

    Credit to the Habs..they earned their three goals from sharks turnovers and by their forchecking..let’s just say there was enough offense to get the win.

  10. Tremblant Habs Fan says:

    The Titans have mailed it in, Jags should easily win especially with 3.5. Bills have been in so many close games lately playing real competetive football, I’d take them with 5.5 and besides, I heard on Twitter that God was taking them this week too.

  11. SeriousFan09 says:

    1. Get PK back in, he needs to play to develop and as 24 Cups mentioned, we are facing a Markov-less future for the time being so he needs to built up. Rotate the 7 Ds for now, test resting the elder defencemen for alternate nights so they can have something in the tank for the playoffs.

    2. That’s a load of crap, I don’t think has had such a talented, motivated defencemen to work with since he had Zdeno Chara under him in OTT. I think JM gives too much leeway to his veterans making mistakes, but he’s shown more patience and better understanding with his rookies this season. JM just wants Subban to play the defence portion of his position more.

    If I might digress…

    PK is a player who since his later days in the OHL has been one of the best players on the ice each game, either side, excepting situations like the WJC where everyone was a star. He’s become very used to being able to take control of a game solely on his talent, he was one of the best defencemen in the entire AHL last season and became a playoff star as nobody really knew how to deal with him in the WSH/PIT games. He is used to his talent getting him out of trouble, but now that he’s in the NHL, JM wants him to play more responsibly because at this level, PK is still a special player but he’s not one of the five best defencemen in the league either and can’t bail himself out each time on a high-risk play that goes wrong.

    3. Whatever is good for the team.

    4. Eller, he’s the more talented player and Halpern while an effective checking center, is older and his best days are behind him.

    5. I’d give the edge to Carey.



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  12. adam76 says:

    He has had a couple of bad games, but overall he has played well.  In fact, the while defensive core is a plus 6, just outstanding team D.

  13. showey47 says:

    When your team spends to the cap actual dollars being paid is pretty much irrelevent. It has everything to do with actual cap hit. For example,he is making 8 million this year and 7.5 next year but his cap hit is 7.357 because in the last 2 years of his contract he makes 5.5 and 4.5 respectively.

  14. likehoy says:

    roman hamrlik = this years unsung hero

    he’s been effective and hasn’t made any mistakes…and he’s scoring at .5 ppg

    – Gomez is holding down the suck button

  15. Chris says:
    • 2010-11:  $8.0 Million
    • 2011-12:  $7.5 Million
    • 2012-13:  $5.5 Million
    • 2013-14:  $4.5 Million

    The cap hit for all of those years remains the same ($7.357 Million), as the cap hit is the average salary over the lifetime of the contract.

  16. Tremblant Habs Fan says:

    If you’re getting 5.5 with the Boys, that’s who I would take, Colts are banged up, they’re really missing Bob Sanders.

  17. Chris says:

    With just over a third of the season complete, how many of the knowledgeable hockey experts out there had Alexander Ovechkin tied for 17th place in the NHL with 11 goals.

    He’s on pace for 30-35 goals this season.

    His last three seasons: 65 goals (on 446 shots), 56 goals (on a staggering 528 shots), 50 goals (on 368 shots).

    Anybody else thinking the Russian Bear is going to wake up soon and Washington is going to get real scary?  I keep reading that Canada showed in the Olympics how “easy it was to defend Ovechkin”.  Somehow, I think he will prove those people wrong…how’s that for going out on a perilous limb?  🙂

  18. K-hab25 says:

    1. Plekanec 2. Halpern 3. Darche

  19. Bugs says:

    If Rusty “Deer in headlights rook” Smith is QBing the Titans, it’s game over. Broken Kerry Collins starts? Eeeenh…could be trouble. Still goin with Jags either way. Jones-Drew, man. And they have the luck’o’the devil. Fuhgeddabowdit.

    And asking the Bills question is answering it, Showey. Plus, the new Vike coach is taking NOOOO chances. He understands that to win, you must GIVE THE BALL TO ADRIAN. Vikes. Easy win.

    You don’t think the Colts are questioning themselves? And that they can get it together to pull it off with no running-backs and without half his WR corps against a resurgent new-coach Cowboy squad? I dunno…tricky.

    Tragically misunderstood, please bite

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  20. tintin says:

    does anybody knows how much Gomez makes next year?

  21. SmartDog says:

    A. We are winning.

    B. Gomez is sucking.

    C. We are winning because Gomez is sucking!  Yaaayy!!


  22. 24 Cups says:

    The answer is yes but it’s not a clear cut move.  He would have to pas through waivers and if he did so, then he would have to stay in Hamilton for another three years.  If we brought him back up, we could lose him on waivers and be stuck with half his salary.

    However, that’s really not the point.  Sending Gomez to the minors would probably destroy the chemistry on the team.  The other signed UFAs on the team might rebel and there would be little hope of bringing any other UFAs into the fold.  Besides, G&G would never do it so it’s a mute point.

    The team has done so well after playing 1/3 of the season.  Not to mention that they have done so without theri best Dman and one of their top six forwards.  That’s cause for celebration.  It’s a hard pill to swallow, but we really have no choice but to accept the fact that Gomez is here and wait for him to get back on track.  That will bode well for the future of the team and also act as an insurance policy in case one of our regulars gets hurt.

    Losing Markov for the rest of the year is a much bigger issue than Gomez’s crappy play.

  23. blu3chip says:

    ok, are you so sure that the Habs would win more games if we shed Gomez? Are you confident enough to bet all your money into it?

    Bottom line is, Gomez would be a solid 2nd line centre in all teams, if not the 1st line. 8 mil is a lot, but there are bad contracts in every team, and Gomez’s is the one we have to deal with.

    I would say Gomez worth around 4 to 5 mil. So we are essentially wasting 2 to 3 mil (remember his cap hit is 7.357 mil, not 8).

    Losing 2 to 3 mil cap space is significant, but definitely not the end of the world.

  24. SmartDog says:

    A thought from the conversation below about line changes.

    Which forwards this year are tops in making the players around them better (or producing regardless of where they are)?  For me it’s

    #1. Plekanec

    #2. Pouliot

    #3. Kostitsyn


  25. SmartDog says:

    As green as Eller is, I agree with you in 4. I don’t see Halpern as a 2nd line center… but I wouldn’t want to break up Eller-Pouliot-Darche… so I thikn I’d prefer Halpenr as an experiment first. He sure looked good with Pouliot.

  26. SmartDog says:

    Pouliot’s not a rookie. He’s also a high level first round pick. Like you, I’m a big fan of his.  But you can’t say he has more points than Gomez so Eller should too.  There’s no logic there Bugs.  Eller admitedly is still green and it would be a gamble but unlike Gomez, Eller IS GETTING BETTER.  Eller’s on the way up. Gomer… sideways at best.

  27. showey47 says:

    I’m taking the colts. What your take on the jags/titans and buffalo”these guys screw me every week”bills/vikings?

  28. showey47 says:

    Darche is on pace to put up about 30-35 points this year. Who would have thought?

  29. Malreg says:

    Yes, anyone who does not have a NMC (no-movement clause) can be sent to the minors.  The player has to be put on waivers first, and if they clear the team can assign him to the AHL.

    That being said, I doubt it would EVER happen, and if it did, it would be in the offseason.  No matter how much money your franchise makes, owners do not want to have to pay a guy $8 million a year to not even play.  It wook 3 years of Wade Redden playing like crap before Sather managed to convince his boss to let him send him down. 

  30. blu3chip says:

    We can send him to Europe, like how Chicago did with Huet. Cap hit will be off the book.

  31. Bob Dobbs says:

    Is it *possible* to send Gomez to the minors and have his salary removed
    from the salary cap? This is a suprisingly difficult fact to check, I
    search for an answer…

  32. Bugs says:

    So why does my boy Poolio have more pts than Gomie? He also gets “half the time”, is also “getting better quickly”, “plays just as much a defensive role” as Eller does and “doesn’t play with the quality of guys Gomie does”, no?

    Production is production, Pup. Eller HAD some chances on the top lines. Did you miss that? He had some shots. Didn’t work out to be better than Gomie’s production at the time. Yes, he got better since and no, I have no problem with promoting him upwards. What I’m SAYING IS: if he DOESN’T produce at the rate Gomie produces BELOW HIM, Gomie CAN’T be left on the 3rd. Cuz he’s a vet. That’s how it works.

    So PUT Eller up. Fine. 3-5 games (max you can expect in rook vs vet position assignment test). If he PRODUCES more than Gomie produces on the 3rd, keep’m there. If not, Gomie goes back.

    That’s how it works, Pup. Ain’t makin anything up here.

    As for WHO will actually do WHAT playing with WHO, I can’t see the future, so cannot categorically state with “no question” what the rook will do with the vet’s tools.

    Tragically misunderstood, please bite

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  33. LA Loyalist says:

    Ok. Now we’re asking for him to become a next-gen Bob Gainey, Guy Carbonneau, Brian Skrudland… IF he were willing and put his heart into it, I would be for it. We have to pay him anyway, no one is going to trade for him. He’s a good skater. He has to commit to it.

    And the upside is we would be done with the pretence that he is an offensive force. We would all be THRILLED out of our minds to have any one of Gainey, Carbo or Skrudland.

    Finally a pinpoint of the light of hope. 


  34. C3P1 says:

    that is literally the exact same save that price made on laRose


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  35. light_n_tasty says:

    e) is paid $7.125 million less than Gomez.

  36. 24 Cups says:

    1. A semi-rotation is the answer for our D.  With Markov’s career on hold, how can we not develop Subban as an offensive defenseman?  Playing Dmen on the 4th line is a questionable coaching tactic.  I can only see it if the guy is 6’4″ and 225lbs.  Otherwise, forget it.

    2. False.  Not really.

    3.  Gomez is here for three more years so Martin has to find the right fit for the overpaid player.  In this day and age of UFA and cap restrictions, every team seems to have one of these guys.  We have no choice but to wait for Gomez to catch on fire.

    4.  Halpern can not be a 2nd line centre.  He doesn’t have the offensive tools to make that happen on a long term basis.  Give Eller the ice time and let him develop. 

    5.  Thomas’ style of play always makes some of his stops look better.  It’s Johnny Bower revisited.

  37. light_n_tasty says:

    Yah, but he plays for BOSTON so automatically he’s worse than our goalie.

  38. light_n_tasty says:

    How about, we are winning in spite of Gomez and it’s frustrating to imagine what the potential of this team could be if $8million wasn’t wasted on this hack.

  39. SmartDog says:

    Interesting to watch Stock and Hrudey talk about Gomez. They did it for a long time – twice.  Also interesting how Stock showed that Gomer is cutting corners.  And when Stock said “if Gomez steps it up” and then said “if he can”… Hrudey said “oh yeah, he can” and Stock said “I’m not so sure”.

  40. VancouverHab says:

    That’s right: it was pure speculation of ‘what if” and the “what if” was “what if we change what’s working for the team because negativity about Scott Gomez is the emotional issue of the moment among journalists.”

    We had a similarly-speculative “what if” yesterday from an H-I/O poster: ‘let’s trade Gomez and a 2nd round pick for Sean Avery.’ Same negative attitude, same [adjective] speculation.

    Except the commentor did it for free and in three simple sentences….

  41. Bugs says:

    Be that as it may, LT, top numbers in the League, he must be doin SUMTHIN right while “outta position”, no?

    Tragically misunderstood, please bite

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  42. Danno says:



    A : We are winning

    B: We are winning with this Subway commercial being played during every game

    C: The Douze Pouces – Cinq Dollars song is contributing to our glorious……………


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  43. SmartDog says:

    With respect Bugs, your suggestion that Eller doesn’t have as many points as Gomez holds about as much water as sprinkler connected to a fire hydrant.


    Eller has fewer points but he’s a rookie who

    gets HALF the time on ice Gomer does

    b) is getting better and better quickly

    plays a largely defensive role and

    d) doesn’t play with the quality of
    guys Gomez does. 

    Give Eller Gomez’s time and line mates and he’ll have
    more points, no question.



  44. light_n_tasty says:

    TimmyTom had to strech out more and do the horizontal cross-crease dive because he has absolutely no ability to move laterally in the butterfly and is always out of position.

  45. LA Loyalist says:

    I take no pleasure in the cipher that is Gomez. And just because there is criticism doesn’t mean he is being “bashed” unfairly at all. 

    My problem with his defenders is there is no specificity to the defense. “oh the team is winning”, “oh he’s providing intangibles”. He is covered in the glory of everyone else’s hard work. And if he’s so great on “intangibles” why does everyone who plays with him do worse?

    So bring your “fact and logic” – we’ve been waiting for it all year and it has yet to materialize.

    It’s like “hope and change” – much smoke and mirrors signifying squat. Sorry Shakespeare.



  46. VancouverHab says:

    Well, if your “C:” is that “We are winning in part because of Gomez” then, again, it’s as true as any statement can be….

    (Oh, and I do indeed love the Yay!! ;–)

  47. SmartDog says:

    Given the options it might not be a bad thing.  Gomez would have a lot to prove and might step it up.  If he fails at that, the Dogs could have an AWESOME first line center!

  48. notbigbird says:

    Did you read it? It involved giving Gomez lots of ice time and playing against the top lines.

  49. VancouverHab says:

    OK, done! See above.

  50. SmartDog says:

    C’mon, just cut to the chase.  It goes like this:

    P1. We are winning.

    P2: Gomez is on the team

    C: We are winning because of Gomez!!!!!! Yaaayy!!


  51. light_n_tasty says:

    There are 8-million reasons why he shouldn’t be a checker.  Either he starts scoring or we have no use for him.

  52. Bugs says:

    One question left:

    Cowboys or Colts?

    Honestly. Ain’t as easy as it looks. All sortsa torn up about it.

    Tragically misunderstood, please bite

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  53. light_n_tasty says:

    1.  Put PK back in and rotate 7 D.  Don’t put any of the D on forward, just let the 7th D man take some minutes away from Spacek, Hamr, Gill, and Georges.  Scratch Gomez and let the forwards eat some extra minutes.

    2. False. Gomez.

    3. I’m against Gomez, both as a scorer or checker.  If you are going to play him as a centre might as well waive him out of the league and put Laps back at centre.

    4. Halpern.  I think Eller will stay with Poulio & Darche.

    5. Price. Just ’cause.

  54. SmartDog says:

    I have an idea.  Why not discredit a really good sportswriter as a hack because he says something you don’t agree with. 

    Even though his inspiration for the story is based in the coaches own line changes. LOL

    And Bugs isn’t saying that it’s a terrible idea… he’s questioning it based on some reasoning.  REASONING. Try it!  But see my rebutal above.

  55. VancouverHab says:

    To add to my dismissal below of Mr. Basu’s airy nothings on Scott Gomez, I’ll add that he should have read Mr. Hickey’s article today. JM (because he has to make decisions that are substantive and has to actually win games) doesn’t like mucking about with a winning lineup.

    Let’s state the obvious syllogism, shall we?

    • P1: We are winning.
    • P2: We are winning with Scott Gomez playing solid minutes (more minutes yesterday than Pleks)
    • C: Scott Gomez is contributing to our glorious, wonderful, enjoyable joyous Winning.

    If Mr. Basu the professional, and the rest of the amateur Gomophobes here, don’t get this, then they’re beyond reach of fact and logic. They are free, of course, to be ruled by emotion, and let their emotional negativity produce immiserating distortions of Scott Gomez in a time of great happiness, success and bright future.

    It’s a free country. But do understand those of us who stand off and utterly refuse to join in with those who find perverse pleasure in devising bitterness and dark in a time of sweetness and light.

  56. nfldanchor says:

    Subban is our future ,one of the best draft picks in years. Wake up Martin and put him back in the lineup! Also I have to admit Carey Price is an awesome surprise and is the best goalie in the entire league this year.

  57. SmartDog says:


    1. What do you do with PK? How about leave Weber in and put PK on the 4th line.  If not – what?

    2. Timo has suggested that JM doesn’t like PK.  True or false?  Is there anyone JM treats unfairly or preferentially?

    3. Gomez as checking line center. For or against?

    4. If Gomez IS moved to the 2nd or 3rd line, who’s a more likely 2nd line center: Eller or Halpern.

    5. We know which goalie is better, but which spectacular save was better, Price on Larose or Thomas on Beauchemin?


  58. SmartDog says:

    Just as signifcant Ian, our goals FOR position rose by four places. 

    Nice to see.  It’s the missing piece in our  becoming a dominating team.

  59. SmartDog says:

    Basu makes a good argument.  There’s another good reason for Gomez to take up checking line center duties. Then he might learn to support the D better.  PJ Stock was all over him for not coming back last night, and if you look at his +/- it shows he’s not doing his job at either end.

  60. Habscore says:

    Definitely not impressed by Timmy’s save…Price had to actually stretch his body out to make his miraculous and talentuous save 😉

    PJ Stock actually mentioned smtg interesting yesterday..if Gomez was the player he was last season, the Habs would be at a much higher level..can you imagine???
    Yet I still believe that Gomez is not to be blamed for Gio’s lack of scoring



  61. VancouverHab says:

    Thanks a million Bugs — having you on-side on the two big questions of the moment is really rallying for the chaps.

    I too thought that Mr. Basu expended a large inventory of Words of Speculation to say nothing more than “Hi! I’m on the Gomez-bashing bandwagon.”

    Keep it comin’ O Fluently-Bilingual One.

  62. Timo says:

    He is saving himself for the playoffs. This is when the real Gomez power will be unleashed. Combined with MAB’s presence on the point, this team is going places in the post season.

  63. habitual says:

    Yes.  I also think that a good indicator is the difference between a team’s goals for and goals against.  I haven’t ground out what they are for everyone but we are a + 17 in that category, behind Pittsburg and Philly, but tied with Washington.

  64. Bugs says:

    That one was extraordinary, and the save on Larose was sorta like Thomas’.

    But Timmy stretched out more, horizontal cross-crease dive (more so than the Larose one) made it look more desperate and more elegant at the same time. AND he caught it (not so on the Crosby one). PLUS, it was a GAME-saver (even though they didn’t ultimately win).

    Thomas’ best of the year. Can’t see how it can be topped.

    Tragically misunderstood, please bite

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  65. j2w4habs25 says:

    Is Gomez playing on the 4th line?? I think JM gots to pull a Gainey and send him home for a few days and think whats up!!! because with the money he is being paid he should be better than that. Hes gotta find himself soon.

  66. Danno says:

    With Price it’s getting to be like a box of chocolates. Personally, I like this one.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  67. ZepFan2 says:

    “Don’t know how it can even be topped.”


    Cause I seem to remmeber Pricey making that same kinda save before old Timmy Tom?!

    Maybe you missed it?

    Enjoy…Price robs LaRose


    “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.”

    ~Serge Savard~

  68. Ian Cobb says:

    We do have a contender ERIC. Not over the top for sure, but we are in this thing all the way.

  69. dre1744 says:

    I also like Prices save off LaRose better

  70. Ian Cobb says:

    Here is this weeks report on where we place in this 30 team league and compare to last week.

    The 1st most important statistic is goals against, for it measures the total team play.

    The second of course is total team points in the standings. So here goes.


    Goals Against–53.   We are in   2nd place.   Last week we were in   2nd place.

    Total Points—-36.   We are in   4th place.    Last week we were in   4th place.

    Goals For——-71.   We are in 15th place.    Last week we were in  19th place.


    The total point stat is very solid this year, particularly in the era of 3 point games as seen last night with Boston and Toronto.

    I did not mind Toronto beating Boston, as Boston is closer to us in the standings. But what bothers me is that Boston still gets a point for losing.

    So it is very difficult to gain much separation between teams in the standings with 3 point games in play now.

    But our record of winning in regulation time, preventing the opposition from acquiring a point is very good so far this year.

  71. Bugs says:

    Greatest save of the year for Thomas. Don’t know how it can even be topped.

    Don Cherry is a character. That’s all. Gettin all bent outta shape for what he says just seems so…well, whatever. Me, I like the guy. And I’m French! No clichés ever from this guy, just his friggin opinion like anyone else’s and a coupla goon stories from 1948 peppered in here and there for good measure, that’s all. He’s not burning a cross in the United Nations, ferpetessakes; he’s talkin about HOCKEY. And big, blustery old-timers are entertaining, no matter how you cut it. I think he’s great, actually. Go figure. 

    Gomie as a checker. Let’s examine: Halpie as 2nd. How long could he sustain it? Eller? He has less pts than Gomie and if Gomie starts producing more on the 3rd against lesser opposition, you won’t be allowed to keep him there. My boy Poolio? Hmm, maybe… Anyway, interesting to see how this all plays out.

    On Soobie: We won the game. Weber played good…at his natural position (playing him 4th-line forward is COUNTER-productive; we’ve seen with OUR OWN EYES that he’s NEITHER Streit nor Bergeron, he’s Weber, a defenceman and ONLY a defenceman). And he got another point. Can’t take’m out. Can’t take Picard out. Best +/- on the D. Can’t take out a veteran who ain’t injured or who’s playing well. You don’t change the sauce when you’re winnin.

    Soobie can sit another.

    Tragically misunderstood, please bite

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  72. JohnBellyful says:

    While speculation will mount whether or not PK will continue his learning curve by sitting out another game, you gotta feel sorry for Dustin Boyd (forget, for the moment, the pay cheque he’s receiving). You remember Boyd, right, the plain-clothes ‘member’ of the team? Geez, you’d think he’d stub his toe, try to catch the flu or eat two Double Downs cuz it can’t look on his resume being a healthy scratch so often.

  73. coachdoug says:

    I love Arpon’s articles…but he is killing me with the Gomez as a “checker” stuff…If it gets to that Arpon the Habs need to buy him out (Sell a few more brews Molson’s) and create something called Cap Space…

    Between Gomer and Markov you got a top six Center…5-6th D-man…plus a good checking line forward…Eastern Conference “fire-sales” will be happening soon…

    This team is for real this year…a few pieces of the puzzle and we got a shot…

    “Six more years…God Bless You Turtleneck Man!”

  74. twocents says:

    Even those of us who were optimistic about this season before it began, and I stated this was the best team this franchise has iced since ’93, have to admit you couldn’t predict some of this. If someone were to look forward at the schedule and say the Habs would beat the Devils and the Sharks in these early December games… without Markov or Subban in the lineup… they would have come off a bit… over excited?

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