NHL’s Daly more discouraged now than ever about labour negotiations


With no new talks scheduled in the NHL’s ongoing lockout, fans can expect another round of game cancellations soon.

Asked on Thursday by The Canadian Press if the labour dispute had put the entire year in jeopardy, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly replied “I hope not.”

Then he added: “But I’m more discouraged now than I have been at any point in the process.”

The 61-day lockout has already claimed 327 regular-season games. 

Read more by clicking here.

Aubrey Kent, PH.D., a Canadian associate professor of sport management at Temple University in Philadelphia and founding director of the Sport Industry Research Center, wrote an interesting column for The Gazette explaining why he believes both sides are wrong in the lockout. You can read his column by clicking here

Tom Jones of the Tampa Times wrote a column calling everyone responsible for the lockout “pinheads”, adding that it’s time for Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr to both leave the room and let others take over the negotiations. Read his column by clicking here.

Gazette sports editor Stu Cowan wonders if Mario Lemieux, representing the owners, and Bobby Orr, representing the players, might be able to hammer out a deal if they were allowed to negotiate instead of Bettman and Fehr. Read more by clicking here.

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  1. otisfxu says:

    I think all this Bettman hating is all misguided. The owners if they wanted to play would be playing. And if it is only a minority of teams that do not want to play, and if league rules give a minority the power to shut the league down then so be it.

    Owners are businessmen, still doing business somewhere. The players are the ones who can’t do what they normally do to make a living, they will never come out ahead in this.

    I agree contracts should be honored, but for players to think they are anything other then “employees” is wrong.
    If you want to make a good living playing hockey, then you have to play hockey. Fighting over whether or not you are a free agent at 27 or 28 is foolish. For every player that wants to test free agency for more money because they had a great couple of years, there are ten players praying to just get signed again by their same team.

    Times a wastin boys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. AceMagnum says:

    My mom loves Tom Jones!



  3. HabFab says:

    ISS updated Prospect Rankings;


    Noticed some earlier Prospect talk, if this was included, my apologizes.

  4. frontenac1 says:

    Been trying to understand my irrational hatred of Bettman to no avail.I do understand it is visceral, primevil and animalistic. It all started to make sense the other day when I spotted my dog outside with a still live rodent in his mouth.There was no hatred or animosity in his eyes,just a pure understanding of what he was on this earth for.. And yes amigos, the rodent”s fate was sealed.

    • HabFab says:

      It is funny! Puzzled by your getting it early, article written December 3rd, 2012. Are you an alien or just have found a strangely souped up DeLorean? We hang on for your answer….

      • HabinBurlington says:

        What else does Timo have access to in the future?

        • HabFab says:

          Stock tips would be nice, a glass of beer better.

        • neumann103 says:

          It is the year 2031. Fifteen years have passed since our robot overlords seized power. They placate their human slaves with spectacles and contests of the strong. The fleet. The brave.

          Into this arena steps a man who promises the cyber kings a glorious rush. A booming shot. A cavalier disregard for coverage in his own end.

          The robots led by Timobot-5000 think he may be their champion. But could he be the hope and salvation of humankind?

          Into the arena steps…

          MAB Jr!!!!!!!

          “Et le but!”

  5. HabinBurlington says:

    In real news that is relevant, I feel bad for Gomez I can’t believe how he must be feeling finding out that a basketball player got the nod for Alaska’s Sexiest Man. Don’t they know he scored last night?

  6. HabFab says:

    I read in the previous threads the argument that only a few owners support Bettman in the negotiations. I’m sorry but I find that idea incredible. All the owners support 100%;
    – larger share of HRR
    – fixing real and perceived loopholes in the contracting system
    – preventing a PA victory

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      I missed that discussion, but here’s how that argument would make sense. The cost of locking out the NHLPA in an attempt “defeat” the PA and gain concessions on the split of revenues, and on the structure of contracts may, or may not be offset by the more “owner friendly” terms of the new CBA.

      It’s plausible that one or some owners are of the opinion that the league will not make enough gains in the next CBA to replace the money they’re pissing away by imposing a lockout.

      In that case those owners could be said to “not-support” Bettman in these negotiations. The option to take the best deal possible at “this particular moment” has and will always be on the table and some could see that as the best option.

      To “support” Bettman would require a belief that he can eventually get what he’s asking for and that it will still be worth it by the time he does. It’s not at all unreasonable to think that at least some owners Don’t believe that.

      • HabFab says:

        Not getting a larger share starting today and not getting certain changes to the contracting system would not be acceptable, that decision was made prior and at what point they have pegged as minimum has obviously not yet been reached. Fair will be what the optimist claims afterwards.

        • Sean Bonjovi says:

          “at what point they have pegged as minimum has obviously not yet been reached.”

          The only things we know for sure is that the owners haven’t approved a deal, and that something like a 4/5ths* majority is required to approve a deal. That the owners haven’t accepted the players “best” proposal does not in any way prove, or make it “obvious” that zero of the owners would be in favour of singing a deal that has either already been proposed by the players, or at least is something less that what Gary Bettman himself would be willing to accept.

          * I’m sure I’ve heard that any new CBA 22 of 30 votes to be approved, but “The NHL” (i.e. Gary Bettman himself) control the Phoenix Coyotes which means a deal that Bettman the hardliners don’t like would require 22 of 29 available votes 3/4ths), and I think the league might control the New Jersey Devils’ vote too which would be 22 of 28 (about 4/5ths), but that’s just a guess on my part. Either way the first thing we will ever know for sure is when most owners like a deal, and we can’t know much for sure until then.

      • wjc says:

        Bonjovi, now say all of that putting Fehr and the players in place of Bettman and the owners.

        The last paragraph: To “support Fehr would require a belief that he can eventually get what he is asking for and that it will still be worth it by the time he does. It’s not at all untreasonable to think that least many PLAYERS don’t believe that.

        Second paragraph:It is plausable that many of the players feel there will not be enough money in the next CBA to cover a lost season for the players.

        How many players support Fehr at this point…answer, who the hell know’s. We may find out soon enough.


        • Sean Bonjovi says:

          That’s works too. Let’s say that leadership of neither side can be believed to have 100% support of the group they represent. I was arguing that none of us can say, with absolute certainty that the owners aren’t divided as a response to that specific claim, but it definitely works both ways.

        • Sean Bonjovi says:


  7. JF says:

    Somehow I don’t think the situation is as bleak as this article makes it look. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if these doom-and-gloom comments are more tactical than anything else, the purpose being to ratchet up anxiety levels so more players will be asking Fehr to get a deal done. And I think today is the day the players would normally have received their third paycheques, the absence of which will also feed their anxiety. I just can’t believe the NHL is not going to make a serious push in the next week to reach an agreement. We know they want to play some kind of a season, and I don’t think they’ll abandon that stance after only four or five days of serious negotiation in nearly five months. This time last year, there was a similar period of gloom and silence when the NBA negotiations reached a critical stage – to be followed a few days later by the announcement of an agreement in principle. I’m still hoping that’s what will happen here.

    • HabFab says:

      Renaud shares your optimism.

      RenLavoieRDS – November 14 2011 in the NBA. David Stern warns the season is “now in jeopardy.” 12 days after a deal was in place.

  8. commandant says:

    Collberg with an assist as his Swedish Club returns to the ice after the international break.

    Nygren with 3 assists to give him 15 points in 22 games and a +7

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  9. commandant says:

    Daly’s discouraged. How do you think we feel?

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I don’t follow their comments anymore. It is like listening to school kids fight over cookies & pudding in their lunches.

      Who is up for a dogs game soon?

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

      • shiram says:

        After seeing the Bulldogs at the Bell, I bought some tickets for the other game in February. Although the Bulldogs got beat up badly on the ice, it was a great opportunity to get excellent seats and enjoy a hockey game more viscerally.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I had hopes to go tomorrow Kooch, but can’t make it. Maybe the next Friday night game will work.

    • wjc says:

      I am not discouraged, I am revitalized….pumped… for an end to the season.

      This is actually more fun then another depressing season of negativism from the greatest fans in the world.


  10. frontenac1 says:

    Tom Jones called Buttman and Fehr “pinheads”? Frontenac always did like Tom.” Delihla, Its not unusual,just help youself” great tunes. Way to go Tom!” Think I”ll Pour myself a Single Malt and enjoy some Tom.

  11. New says:

    The Tampa article by Jones is right. The ray of sunshine (blowing out of which end) was brought to an end when Bettman rejoined the discussions. That sour look turns everyone off. Fehr? Yeah right, as long as he’s paid. There is a reason Bettman is booed by fans around the league, not by one or two, but by everyone. They don’t want him associated with the trophies their team has won or fought for. It diminishes the accomplishment. Same thing would happen if Fehr tried to present the Cup.

    The owners and players may like these guys and I doubt either cares what the fans think. But I’m here to tell you I spent my life identifying A******s immediately and was never wrong. I’ll bow to many peoples judgement on hockey but not on AR (A* Recognition).

    Thanks for the links.

    • Lizardking89 says:

      Right on. A part of me hopes the NHL folds and/or Bettman loses his job. He is a supreme arsehole and as far as I’m concerned the reason why we’re going thru another lockout and more than likely another cancelled season. I’m so fed up with the NHL and the players that I don’t know if I’ll feel the same way about the league once games resume. I love the Habs with all my heart but the league can go to hell.

    • Timo says:

      Identifying a******s – is that a certified trade? Or a vocation? And where do you have to go to school to do it?

      • Sean Bonjovi says:

        It’s neither a certified trade, nor a regulated profession, and levels of education and professional experience vary greatly from from one so called C.A.I to the next, so you really need to be careful who you hire. On the bright side there’s a lot great resources on the internet for Do-it-Yourself-ers.

      • wjc says:

        C’mon Timo, tell the truth “it comes naturally, you are born with that ability.


      • New says:

        No Timo. It is a calling. Something speaks to you and suddenly you realize “Hey…man, I can identify a******s just like that!” Then it is up to you to decide whether to follow the calling. Brad Marchant? Yep. Bettman? Yep. Lucic? Not an a******. See you don’t have the gift.

    • wjc says:

      Clarence Campbell used to get boo’ed, that is nothing new. It is not a popularity contest. He is paid well to take a little heat, I’m sure they have a good laugh about it behind the scenes.

      Don’t worry his feelings won’t be hurt. Rocket Richard and the french fans hated Clarence Campbell, par for the course.


  12. jols101 says:

    Big tiLt(lol) for Galy and the Sting tonight. Going up against a very powerful Barrie Colts team led by Mark Scheifele, Zach Hall and Anthony Camara. All 3 of these guys are in the top 13 in OHL scoring. It will be a tough test for Sarnia and Galchenyuk. Should be a good one…Go Galy Go.

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